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August 28, 2017



Several Houston fake news stations flooded.

A good start.


Still raining. Reservoirs getting lowered, flooding thousands more houses. I haven't looked for any news beyond checking in with friends there to confirm their feet are still dry. I hear more and more "voluntary evacuation zone" responses. Ugh.

Luv The Don

"No Shame: MSNBC Whines That Trump Is Going to Texas Too Quickly"


So it Trump goes tomorrow its too early. I'm guessing if he went they day after tomorrow it would be to late.

These are the same media clowns who gave Bush crap for flying over N.O. after Katrina but not stopping by for a long visit.


This really does toad the wet sprocket.


You spelled "cretins" wrong, Luv.

Jim Eagle

They really don't think America is watching and listening and consider them more than "cretins" or "clowns" but are starting to adopt DJT's moniker: "evil". And when you think about it, they are evil.

All they want is mayhem, deadly floods, hurricanes, riots, death of the innocents and life in paradise for the guilty. Only Satan or Lucifer or The Devil wants that. You can see the glee in their reporting especially if it somehow casts a shadow of anything on Trump or Conservatives or any red blooded flag loving Christian or Jewish American.

There is no doubt in their soul. They are dark and dangerous and Trump has their number. Yes, Mr. Tapper and Mr. Todd, you are part of the evil we face everyday. Trying visibly in open sight to bring down a duly elected President from day one.

Its not journalism its sedition.


Yes indeed, Jack. They are evil. So evil, the light of truth is not allowed to penetrate the darkness in which they scurry about.

mike in houston

OK here is Otis the Dog's story


Dave (in MA)

A NH caller reported that he heard a public radio show with a call-in topic, Is Trump Going to Texas Too Soon, or Too Late?. In other words, they decided in advance that he's doing something wrong, but which one is it?

Dave (in MA)

(Howie Carr caller)

Dave (in MA)

Democracy Dies In Darkness Behind A Paywall

Captain Hate

This is CNN:


Jim Eagle

I have to bring this over from the last thread. Posted by Clarice, but it is Michael Crichton, who I miss for one. One of the true patriots of science. Read this and you will understand how the left thought that through fake science disguised as real science they could change minds and behavior to their controlling ends.


Thanks to Clarice for finding it and posting it. SBW may even want to keep it handy for that day when everyone in Rome goes nuts.

Dave (in MA)

Did Don 'puckered orifice' Lemon get consulted on that, CH?


This is CNN:

Punch a vulva costume in the right spot, I guess.


Ok the indians over the Yankees 4/2 is that one of this signs?

Louise believing there was a grand marshAL of the supreme court, that's like zuur of the Kosan armada.

Jim Eagle

Not only are they evil they are as stupid as turnips. Much like those idiot Heiniken commercials.

I some time suspect that Madison Avenue is suffering over employment and under achievment.

Jim Eagle

So, if RG is here, tell me why at UF we can't find a way to keep our top guys out of trouble? Probably some of the wealthiest and enthusiastic alum in college football. Enough money to hire a whole shitload of security and minders. Yet every year we get trouble. I include that ganster Hernandez. How Meyer missed him doesn't say much about Urban's mental acuity, does it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Some great comments at that Ace story.
One of the relatively "cleaner" ones;

15 I'm not going to bother crediting Ekdahl anymore. This should be a part of the National lexicon by now:

What a stupid fucking time to be alive.


Heilein write about at least a quarter century ago, the crazy years.

Jim Eagle

So, the money men of Tennis are allowing Sharapova to come back and win her match against No. 2 Halep? Tennis is no better than the NFL, The Tour De France or the Olympics. Drugs and performance enhncement is good and you can just pay a few years and we will love you again.

The great game of Tennis will never be the same to let drug cheats back in like this.


This is the same carp mantes Bradley was speaking about in spain



tell me why at UF we can't find a way to keep our top guys out of trouble?

Stay away from their sports and thugs. My (female!) friend and colleague in the UF Chemistry department has never gotten into trouble. Not much, at least.


Well consider how they treated someone who stayed clean and out of trouble, Tim Tebow.

Jim Eagle


The UF Community trearted Tim like a god hero. But they also treated creeps like Hernandez the same way. Go figure.

Tim Tebow was home schooled by the way.

Frau Pfadfinderin

"There's only one group I can think of who is likely to be ignorant that clitoral stimulation is a good and nice thing: pre-teens."

A new badge for the Girls Scouts?


A new badge for the Girls Scouts?

No, the Boy Scouts. :)


Well its in keeping with David simons next project for HBO, can you guess what its about.

Frau Pfadfinderin

DrJ - that is soooo Old School.


Another day ending in y


What happened with the unmasking?

Jim Eagle

Off to dreamland. Slaap lekker, tot morgen.

This damn 0530 wake up is taking my toll. When school starts he takes a bus and I have to pick him up because of practice but at least I can sleep until 0600.


Seems like something out of game of thrones:

Clarice Feldman


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am heading to bed, too.



Watching the Houston livestream right now:


People are being hauled out left and right. It is incredible. Giant dump trucks are bringing people to a staging point where they appear to be transferring to furniture trucks to continue their journey to dry land.

Boats keep pulling up and dropping off more and more people.

I am praying for all of them.

My goodness.


Most of the interviewed people say they have been waiting for 5 hours for pickup. One guy said that the boats and trucks are heading out 3 miles to pick up the stranded.

Beasts of England

'A new badge for the Girls Scouts?'

Frau!! :)


Good Morning.

Here's an interesting big picture column on Trump by Victor Davis Hanson. Apologies if it's already been posted: Trump—Compared to What?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Muslimish dude who coined "ctrl-left" is also suing the SPLC for defamation.



Starting to pour again.

People of all races are helping people of all races. Exactly how I grew up and thought of this country until the last 8 years brought to the forefront the ugliest of people creating and inciting the ugliest incidents.

A quote from pager is ringing in my head.

"Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?"

Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller took apart the NR complaint about Trump's pardon of Arapiao sentence by sentence and then calls it a poor editorial and a further indication of their stubborn small mindedness in not being able to get over their Trump hate. I doubt that the idiots at Poop Scoop will link it but for anybody listening to Levin's podcast from tonight, it starts just after the 19 minute mark.


That story Iggy links shows what the ginned-up Charlottesville fake news is really all about: Fundraising for leftwing charities. The SPLC has made out like bandits, thanks mush-minded fools like the Clooneys and Tim Cook.


Patterico's guest nitwit thinks the pardon was a rating stunt to bolster Trump's insecurity issues.

Captain Hate

One thing Levin hammered on that the NR cabana boys got the vapors over was that Trump didn't use the pardon bureaucracy to do this. The Constitution doesn't say a fucking thing about procedure, only that the pardon ability exists in the President who can implement it any GD way he wants.


New thread. I'll look for the Levin segment, CH. Thanks.



Captain's: Mark Levin link

The 8/28/17 link at the top.

I started at 19 minutes and am enjoying it.

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