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August 25, 2017



Just to keep in practice Last Page

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, perhaps Bannon is mistrustful of Mnuchin and Cohn, but they are the ones who know how to move the levers for the economic nationalism used in this excellent analysis:

I particularly recommend this to Old Lurker, who is fearful that Trump doesn't see the machinations of the Uniparty and is going to be stalled or thwarted.

Anyone who came up with this plan is not going to be outwitted by Mitch McConnell.

The Infamous Ignatz

This post makes my head spin.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Steve Harrigan on Fox now doing the obligatory standing out in high winds on the beach photo op.


MM, I know. It all seems so sad. Am watching Real Housewives in protest.

Michael ( fpa P4F [Patriot4Freedom] )

Hope that Glenda and mike in Houston stay safe and dry during Hurr. Harvey's wrath and reign of terror over South Texas . . .

and that Porchlight, Sue and Texas Liberty Gal also stay safe and dry.

Hang in there, Texas!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, clara, at least we aren't hearing about statues or the KKK.

It's a small win.

Here's Chris Stirewalt and Howi Kurtz to ask if the President is prepared.

Stirewalt (no real friend of Trump) says Trump has the right people in place, no political cronies. Kurtz is saying that we should wait to see what happens and if Trump strikes the right tone. (What a concept.)

Stirewalt warns dems will try to use this for attack.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

North Korea just launched another ballistic missile.

Michael ( fpa P4F [Patriot4Freedom] )

TC - re the Mayweather-McGregor fight:

I'm one of those that give him (Conor McGregor) a slight chance against Mayweather . . .

But only if McGregor attacks FM with an *absolute flurry* of MMA-style haymakers at the very outset of the first round. Haymakers that still land with boxing's "front of the glove" restrictions, of course.

McGregor is going to have to expose himself to a strong counter-punch, and hope that he can land successive *big* shots before FM starts retreating and slipping punches.

If I were to be visiting the NE anytime soon, I'd be willing to wager a drink (or two, or more?) on the outcome.

Sadly, I'm not likely to be your way anytime soon.


MM, Saying Stirewalt is no real friend of Trump is the understatement of the year!


A commenter to a story in the ADN, the local paper that as of a few days ago is no longer run by Alice Rogoff Rubinstein, Lefty Billionairess from DC, says this:

Richard Rhyner
1 hour ago
I was stunned today to see no front page story knocking Trump , after his name being mentioned in a negative story perhaps every day for the past seven months .

Odd thing is that he is 100% correct! See for yourself: ADN

I wonder where locals will have to go to get their daily dose of Trump hatred now?


Am watching Real Housewives in protest.

Well I'm watching the Mariner's-Yankee's Game, and since I have no urge to drop my pants to my ankles and go pass out naked in the next door neighbors bedroom I must be pulling for the M's.


The Alaska supreme court is still useless but still its a nice change of pace.


Patriot Prayer group cancels Saturday rally in San Fran, says security was a setup for violent contact.

News report on NK missiles are mixed, some say shorter range missiles, so not near as provocative as an ICBM launch.


porch, Charlotte is four hours inland from the coast, and we got hit with a category 3 hurricane when Hugo came our way, and were without electricity for 14 days.

Take care--don't be assuming you're all hunky dory there, like I did when Hugo was hitting Charleston. We ended up sleeping on the floor in our downstairs powder room, as trees crashed all around.

Looks to me like Austin is just about as far inland as Charlotte is.
Hugo stayed at hurricane force well into West Virginia.


Porch, I gather that Iowahawk is hosting Tim Blair in Austin. You really need to track down where they are and figure out a way to join them for a beer, hurricane or not.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



That move by our (Independent) Governor Walker is making him very unpopular, so my guess is the Dems will line up behind the candidacy of Mark Begich as you saw in the ADN.


Alice Rogoff was yachting over the weekend from Nantucket.

Did she by chance borrow any of your Grey Poupon?

Old Lurker

"Hang in there, Texas!"

Indeed. We might all become Texans before this ends.


A hot dog in a Rolls. ;)


What about this fellow, dunleavy is he any good?

Old Lurker

Different circles, Daddy, separated by lots of zeros!


But the Russian hacking is a fact:


He needs the attention:

Clarice Feldman

Too bad I no longer watch TV--I used to love to see reporters being twirled around lamp posts in storms.


Just joking, OL:)

Must be nice tho' to be able to pull an appearance in Court by telephone so as not to miss the sailing season:

The annual regatta week ended Sunday, just in time for Rogoff to appear in Anchorage bankruptcy court on Monday afternoon — telephonically from her Nantucket home.

Speaking of Hemingway, who knew he was separated at birth...

...from Conor McGregor?

Jack is Back!

Great thread so far.

Just got through watching "Shooter" with Mark Walhberg, a Bob Lee Swagger special where he gets set up and ends up taking out a corrupt FBI agent, a corrupt General and a very corrupt Senator.

My kind of movie and I wonder why we don't have the Swaggers of the world or Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson in Taken1, 2 and 3) of the world to settle this once and for all.

Now its KillJoys which is BS.


Thank you, anonamom. I hadn't considered that, but anything can happen. Fortunately Mr Porch is, shall we say, prepared in many ways. :)

jimmyk, if Iowahawk extended a general invitation, I'd consider it, but otherwise I'm in for the night. Holler if you hear anything about a meet up. Tomorrow nothing but power outage is going to keep me from watching the fight.

Thomas Collins

OK, Michael, we'll have a friendly drink wager on the outcome. If we can't coordinate the geography, the loser of the bet will simply give a virtual tip of the hat to the winner at JOM.

I agree with you on McGregor's best chance of winning. If McGregor employed the haymaker strategy, and got clocked with Mayweather counterpunches, I would still say it was worth the effort. Otherwise, I think Mayweather will be too quick with jabs and body punches, and McGregor will be a round four TKO victim.

If McGregor employs your strategy and knocks Mayweather out, it will I think outrank Douglas over Tyson as an upset.

By the way, I bought pay per view for Holyfield-Tyson 2, and convinced my wife to watch it with me. It's the only fight she has ever seen. I try to convince her that fight was an anomaly, but she still puts boxing and ear biting in the same category!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Texas lieutenant governor on Tucker Carlson says Houston could have $40 billion in damage.

Also says it might be there until Thursday.

Ralph L

Hugo took down all the old trees in the square in Old Salem, another 80 miles past Charlotte.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When I had my divorce hearing, my ex-husband was allowed to testify by speaker phone.

It was hilarious, as he said stuff which got him in trouble, as in complaining about how it was so hard for him to get a job that he went to the Congo, which he hadn't told his attorney about. The gal represnting me asked him how much money he made per month. $30,000.!

And he hadn't paid me my living expenses.

Then when asked about something else, he said he had no secrets from me. (Except the job, the money he hid in off-shore accounts, his current location, etc.)

Everyone in the court was rolling their eyes, including the judge.

Ralph L

says security was a setup for violent contact
So any blue city govt can prevent a non-blue rally whenever it wants to, with a little help from antifa or BLM.

Jack is Back!


Oh, boy, do you need to come to Southampton. Nantucket residents are pikers (sorry OL). Here we have more rental Lambos and Ferraris than they have owned ones on Nantucket. Why spend your life saving on cars when you can rent them for the weekend and show everyone you are better than those phonies on Nantucket.

Also here our clams are much better. On Nantucket they have to import their clams by trading their lobsters which we change the labels on to be from here. Plus you have to fly or take a ferry into Nantucket. Here we are a short chopper away or you can use your Lear or Gulfsteam if you are coming from Hollywood. Not many movie stars in Nantucket. The clams aren't good enough.

What is really interesting is the most popular shop here is Vineyard Vines. Go figure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump has pardoned Sheriff Arapio!

Clarice Feldman Arpaio has been pardoned

Clarice Feldman

Gorka has resigned:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Comment on the pardon by Scott Adams:

Scott Adams‏Verified account @ScottAdamsSays 4m4 minutes ago

Scott Adams Retweeted NBC News

The time President Trump made his critics look like heartless turds if they yap about this during a national disaster.


Yes, Stephen hunter was very dissapointdd with the treatment of point of impact into shooter.

What was he dealing with koltan, uranium to get paid that much?

mike in houston

MM you have to remember that Dan Patrick is a little bit of a showboat

Jack is Back!

Another "cranium explosion" even to take whatever is important to the MFM for now off their agenda.

Laser = Cat. Chase it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

mike in houston,

Yes, you're right.


Anyone able to confirm this:


Jack is Back!


wahlberg wasn't old enough and not the same build. Just like Jack Reacher, underdone.


That does toad the wet sprocket.about gorka, I want say I disagree with him. Honestly calling out the threat, a opposed to obfuscating and offering the taliban the prospect of a piece offering, as tillerson did.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tegarding Gorka,

Sorry to see him go as he was very good on TV. However, if he is in a snit about the Afghanistan decision, then he needs to leave.

I am unimpressed with drama queens, even if I agree with them on a bunch of issues.

You cannot have those sorts constantly agitating within the administration. That is reality.

I am sure this will set off the people like Cernovich. Gorka must still like Trump, since he chose to resign during the middle of the hurricane coverage. He had to know that would keep his resignation off the front pages.


Birthers confirm it, Daddy.


Well, the Arpaio pardon also is on the WSJ site, so I believe it is legit.


CNN is tweeting it daddy

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Preet Bharara is upset, says the pardon is against DOJ guidelines.

I asked him what guidelines were followed for Marc Rich or the Puerto Rican terrorists. No answer.

When I go back to check, he will probably block me.

Ralph L

Is Kim the only fat person in NK? Even the general? with him is scrawny.


In 2005, four hurricanes hit Florida, zipping this way and that, and much of the damage was well inland (say, Orlando). Sorry to see Gorka go; deeply happy about Sheriff Joe.

Captain Hate

Everyone in the court was rolling their eyes, including the judge.

It sounds like a comedy sketch.

I don't know the internal machinations that led to this but I'm sorry to see Gorka leaving because of how good he was at serving up a tall boy of STFU to annoying MFM turds. Also creeps like the Restraining Order will be glad.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

It WAS like a comedy sketch! My entire life is like some bad situation comedy.

I hate seeing Gorka leave because he was so good on TV. He apparently doesn't agree with the decision on Afghanistan. I am sorry, but if he feels that strongly it is better that he leave.

He says he will support Trump outside.

Captain Hate

Is Kim the only fat person in NK?

I think that's true.

Jack is Back!

He had to know that would keep his resignation off the front pages.


Not the way the MFM works. This is front page until somone dies, especially a single black LBGTQ mother with trannie kid in Houston.


Like Joe isuzu, is the image i'm getting, isn't there something like civil contempt for conceiling assets

Captain Hate

Huge number of suspensions from that Tigers/Yankees brawl.


says the pardon is against DOJ guidelines.

I wonder if the midnight "No Knock" raid on Paul Manafort was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if the unmasking of General Kelly was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if Comey leaking his confidential notes to the NYTimes was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if Mueller refusing to recuse himself from investigating his bosom buddy Comey was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if FBI assistant Director McCabe campaigning for his wife was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if Comey acquiescing to Loretta Lynch's command to call the Hillary Investigation a "matter" was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if Comey unexplanedly adding in the element of intent in the "matter" of Hillary's unsecured E-Mails was against DOJ guidelines?

I wonder if there is any action of significance taken in the non-prosecution of Hillary and the ongoing persecution of Trump that was not against DOJ guidelines?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

0Hour1 says Gorka couldn't pass his background check. Will look more on that, just reporting what I have seen.


MM - Gorka was a lightning rod, the left was pointing to Gorka as symptomatic of Trump "incompetence," and Gorka was also minimized as an adviser. No sense in staying around, and at least he left a coherent and substantive resignation message.

As for the president, actions speak louder than words. Much of what he puts in place foreign policy wise will take years to see as wise or stupid. I think he's doing a fine job so far.

Gorka, like Bannon, will have a better life having bailed out, than he would have had by staying in.

Ralph L

What did Forward say about Gorka's son that it deleted from its website? I'd never heard of him until the last few months on this site.

Looks like McGregor is prepared for pepperballs. Do all of us old farts here agree that amount of tattooing is a symptom of mental problems?


daddy - good list. DoJ and FBI are political branches when it comes to protecting the favored ones and hiding the chronic malfeasance.

Another Bob

Gorka couldn't get a security clearance due to his no contest plea from the gun charge earlier this year.


It is excessive, where has he been hanging out bel marsh?

So add to that the funding of unrwa (Shirley) and the contingent cutoff of funds to asisi and one what is going on?

Captain Hate

He apparently doesn't agree with the decision on Afghanistan

It was a hard decision to make with good arguments on both sides. That's why Trump is the one in charge. At least he doesn't sit around quibbling about it until any strategic element of surprise is completely squandered


Ralph, absolutely. His tattooings are awful, but then who expects a prizefighter to be particularly decorous?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


My sister and I had a discussion about that today. Back when the economy was really in the toilet, the only expanding jobs in my area (suburbs) were the tattoo and piercing parlors.

I just don't get it. I can marginally understand youngsters getting a tattoo, but when I see people in their 50's and 60's with them, I tend to agree with Wictor that there is a lot of mental illness in the country.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Also, I hate those nose things which are like mini barbells which go through the nasal septim. Saw a gal with those today and all I could think about was that they looked like permanent boogers.

Captain Hate

Do all of us old farts here agree that amount of tattooing is a symptom of mental problems?


Old Lurker

Before you go trashing Gorka, MM, read the link of his letter in Clarice's 8:17 re his concerns about the MAGA Agenda and tell me he's not saying what has gotten me so much pushback here these last few months.

That's that pesky momentum thing I've been bitching about.

Old Lurker

Tattoos...nothing is more sad than to see a really pretty young woman all inked up and ruined. Who would take them seriously on anything if they did that to themselves?

Makes me an Old Fart, right?

Another Bob

That makes you sensible, OL.

Another Bob

It's utterly unattractive. Repulsive in many cases.


Re killjoys when sci-fi channel was in its prime, it had great shows like farscape and first wave (roger cross on the next show, was the sort of gua villain) now its subcorman schlock.




Not to mention stargaze, although each iteration was worse than the first.

Janet the expert 🚬

that pesky momentum thing I've been bitching about. does our side no good to pause & explain or apologize.
Stay on the offense. If the MFM tries to amplify some idiocy, do 8 or 10 or 100 more things they don't want.
They can holler about tiki torches & we will dissolve the EPA.


Dear Bobby Mueller,

The next pardons will be for anyone you try to railroad in your Russian witch hunt.

Dear Preet Bahahaha,

Unlike Trump, Obama did not honor the Constitution, so who cares about "guidelines"?

lyle curmudgeonly

I've yet to see a "decorous" tattoo. And I've yet to see a single human on this planet even slightly enhanced by one.


How does the podesta get away with retroactively filing an fara, rhetorical.


WH aide Gorka criticized Trump during campaign: report (The Hill, March 2017)

"Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Trump, was a frequent critic of Trump on foreign policy issues during the 2016 presidential campaign, CNN reported Friday.

While the former Breitbart national security editor advised the Trump campaign in 2015, he later criticized Trump on several foreign policy issues.

"On the right, the Republican side, we have the New York real estate mogul who's very full of bluster, full of sturm und drang, makes lots of statements about how we're going to win and how the U.S. Army is going to be undefeatable, but there's no depth," Gorka said during an appearance on "The Georgene Rice Show" in April 2016, CNN reported.

"There's no plan. There's no strategy. So I can't judge him because he's really a black hole, so the last one that's really serious is Sen. [Ted] Cruz [R-Texas]," he added at the time."


Texas coast update :t

So far @ 3" rain--numerous tornado warnings--gusts stronger now--just had a 47mph--not sustained ..we are hoping for better days..
My doogie is anxious because they're smarter than humans 😉

Daughter2 on call for weekend and that's good for emergency patients needing pathology/ stat blood matches, but not for Mama Bears wanting her cubs at home.
We have battened the hatches, but will call my personal National Guard if the grandson needs me to bring him a What-a-burger!, 😉
We born-on-the-islanders appreciate all the info from "newsers" standing in Hurricane winds, lightning--but we also believe they get sensational.
The mental midgets driving by them-- out in the danger -- blind to the reality of Texas Gulf Coast realities--are definitely tourists !,
Hope to check in ( have power) in the coming days of threatening monsoons! I'm going to watch dvds or read, pray and try to sleep, now.


Trump just sent a 5 inch round over Mueller's bow.


Stay dry Glenda!


Stay safe Glenda!
I know you have candles,food and blankets in that order.


Skoot, Mueller subpoenaed Podesta's firm along with raiding Manafort. There may be more going on than we know.


Stay at safe Glenda.


Per NBC, Mueller is looking into Manafort's Ukrainian lobbying (which he did with Podesta). That puts Mueller outside the boundaries of Russian influence on this election.




Maybe Mueller doesn't want to tell the difference between Ukraine and Russia...the Russians, after all, would rather not.


Do all of us old farts here agree that amount of tattooing is a symptom of mental problems?

I do, but that is also what makes me shake my head when girls

as pretty as these gals are when they were young

fell for this tatted rock drummer, Tommy Lee.

So that is the great mystery of mysteries that has puzzled decent guys for eons. I can only make sense of it if I turn from conventional thinking and view it in terms of Dawkin's and others ideas of The Selfish Gene trying strategies to get itself pushed into the future, and nuttiness like what Colin McGregor and Tommy Lee do to their bodies is an expression of those genes, some sort of gene driven fitness statement of Male Sexual Display on parade like the Peacock's tail, that for whatever evolutionary reasons sends out a signal "I'm the one you want!" to the genes running rampant in the brains and bodies of knockouts like young Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson. It never has made sense to me viewed any other way, unless it's George Constanza playing up the "dangerous" angle:

And don't get me started on when the female does that tatting (i.e. Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie)

Those psycho's are beyond understanding on the genetic level or any other.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 7m7 minutes ago

At the request of the Governor of Texas, I have signed the Disaster Proclamation, which unleashes the full force of government help!


Hold fast, glenda!

If Mueller is focusing on Manafort it's more proof he's got nothing on Trump.

The_Donald guys are funny.

[–]south_florida_guy DTOM 195 points an hour ago



There certainly is overlap between tattoos and crazy, but mostly I think they're trashy.


Well he used the weirding modules certainly, did they run out of those Ukrainian made engines?



I am complete A-OK with Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio. Is anyone not pleased with that, or would anyone rather it be done at some different time or in some different manner? I think Arpaio was the target of a technically "legal"l railroading and I disrespect the tools of convenience the Legal system used to go after him.



Are you in Corpus Christi area?


In galveston last time I recall.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6m6 minutes ago

I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!


Obviously not on the defensive about the pardon.


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