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August 14, 2017



First but it isn't as special anymore...


Lyle, neither are the rehashed "Trump is evil because ______" media cycles. After 5 or 6 time through with no there there, why do they bother?

Captain Hate

Fire Sessions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know, I guess I had better denounce the KKK and the Nazis, just so all of you don't think I support them.

One can't be too careful, you know.

I haven't seen anyone else here denounce Nazis. What am I to think?

James D.

Of course, one thing that I am sure galls Trump is the asymmetry of the media coverage. The antifa share a tremendous responsibility for the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, but who cares?

It galls any decent and honest person. And it's why the media coverage should be ignored, and the only proper response to anyone in the MSM, or on the Left (as if there's any difference) is: eff you.


I think we need to take down the biggest KKK statue of them all-- the Democratic Party.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am going to go read a mystery set in Scotland where they mostly worry about the crofters having a bad year in wool prices.

Maybe Beasts could call me and we could talk about rocket engines.

James D.

I'm with you, CH.

If he's playing 4D chess, and sneakily, stealthily planning good things, he needs to get a freaking move on already.

Because in the real world, there's actual blood being spilled on the streets; his boss is being attacked from all sides; and there are midnight FBI raids and life-ruining Federal persecutions against innocent people who happen to be close to the President, and this crap needs to end, yesterday.

He needs to start either getting results and cleaning house at DoJ, or he needs to go.


This is weird (Sac Bee):

A hot dog restaurant in Berkeley, California, fired one of its employees after a photograph circulated of him reportedly marching alongside white nationalists during the unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left three dead [sic] and dozens more injured.

The restaurant, Top Dog, posted an orange sign on their front door that announced the firing of Cole White, who was reportedly photographed carrying a flaming tiki torch during a gathering of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

“Effective Sat. 12th August, Cole White no longer works at Top Dog,” the sign read. “The actions of those in Charlottesville are not supported by Top Dog. We believe in individual freedom and voluntary association for everyone.”

There are Nazis in Berkeley? Really?

FWIW, Top Dog is in the student ghetto just off of Telegraph Avenue. Small independent hot dog stand. Reputedly it is decent, and it has been there for over 30 years.

Jim Eagle

[From an overheard conversation at a Starbucks in DC]

"Russia isn't working, thanks to those those Berniebots at The Nation."

"Yeah and Mueller must be stuck on a very narrow rut (scope)?"

"I hear Schumer and other Dems not having great summer or polls."

"It's that stupid Washer Woman and her Paki tit lickers"

"What to do? What to do? Trump poll numbers up also"

"What to do? Good question"

"Can we play the race card? Not really. Not without the Nazi/KKK card. Can we?"

"Also, anyone got that guy Kessler's cell phone number?"

"We'll also need a Dem governor, Dem mayor, academia venue and close enough for the NE corridor papers and Networks."

"Anyone got any ideas?"

{sound of two fingers snapping} "Hey!"


What is a normal heartbeat for a dog?

If I satisfy AETNA by putting my Apple Watch on my dog, will they think I am the healthiest human alive, or near death :)

“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” the president said Sunday, during a conversation with Fox News at his club in Bedminster, N.J. “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

Trump said the pardon could happen in the next few days, should he decide to do so.

Arpaio, 85, was convicted by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of misdemeanor contempt of court for willfully disregarding an Arizona judge’s order in 2011 to stop the anti-immigrant traffic patrols. Arpaio had maintained the law enforcement patrols for 17 months thereafter.



There should be a serious consequences for police chiefs ordering their troops to stand by and watch mayhem. The Dem Asheville police stood idly by as families and elderly Trump rally attendees were forced to walk through a volatile, jeering gauntlet of lefties to get to their cars. That and the Dem Charlotte mayor allowing BLM protesters to block I-85 and drop rocks from overpasses on cars below, may have won NC for Trump. NC may be gone for Rs next time as people who work in Charlotte and don't want their children to be pawns of the racist Charlotte BOE move to nearby low-tax SC and commute.

Jim Eagle


Normal temp for dogs is 105F. Forget their low heart rate at rest (60). When active can go to(140).

Cats are worse.

Stick to you.


Russia has new invisible aircraft*. Lots of pictures at the link.

* maybe something was lost in translation.


Trump had a hard time with this during the primaries when he took a pass on denouncing the KKK and David Duke. This should not be so complicated.


Perhaps you aren't aware that the Friday *before* Trump's Tapper interview that drew so much press, Trump was asked about David Duke at a press conference and immediately disavowed him.



There are Nazis in Berkeley? Really?

Fake Nazis, it would appear.



The San Jose police did the exact same thing at the Trump rally last summer - forced Trump rally goers to walk the gauntlet of thugs. Many were attacked and beaten.


Berkeley too.


Google cancels domain registration for Daily Stormer

Google has canceled the domain registration for The Daily Stormer, a company spokesperson confirmed Monday.

“We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service,” the spokesperson told Business Insider.

Daily Stormer moved its domain registration to Google after it was canceled by GoDaddy Monday. The extremeist site published a critical story about Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman killed when a car rammed into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend. The story prompted GoDaddy to give Daily Stormer 24 hours to find a new host for its domain.

Daily Stormer registered its domain with Google at 7:51 a.m. Pacific. Google canceled the registration at 11:02 a.m. Pacific.


In other high tech news ... Surfacegate

Multiple senior Microsoft officials told me at the time that the issues were all Intel’s fault, and that the microprocessor giant had delivered its buggiest-ever product in the “Skylake” generation chipsets. Microsoft, first out of the gate with Skylake chips, thus got caught up by this unreliability, leading to a falling out with Intel. Microsoft’s recent ARM push with Windows 10 is a result of that falling out; the software giant believes that Intel needs a counter to its dominance and that, as of late 2016, AMD simply wasn’t up to the task.

Since then, however, another trusted source at Microsoft has provided with a different take on this story. Microsoft, I’m told, fabricated the story about Intel being at fault. The real problem was Surface-specific custom drivers and settings that the Microsoft hardware team cooked up.

The Skylake fiasco came to a head internally when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with Lenovo last year and asked the firm, then the world’s biggest maker of PCs, how it was dealing with the Skylake reliability issues. Lenovo was confused. No one was having any issues, he was told. I assume this led to some interesting conversations between the members of the Microsoft senior leadership team.


This Laura goldblatt:


Yes porch we are supposes to ignore what happened in the recent past


Mantran: damping

Well, I’ll be damped. Learn something new every day.

My Liberal Arts educational background is showing.


Is the Daily Stormer also a fake Nazi website?

Would a real Nazi website post that the dead woman is a "Fat, childless, 32-year old slut"?

Is this all astroturf?



*was* I should say.


Carrying over from the other thread, yuzhmash reminded me of this:

Which Steve shagan fictionalized in pillars of fire


1984. Is how to guide for them:


This carp was even a talking point on the blacklist



What eoild you consider a failure, mcawful?



Every word a LIBTARD says is a LIE.

The "Affordable Care Act" is not.

If Skinheads called themselves "Black Lives Matter"....who could argue with their SENTIMENT?

Tom Maguire
...the crofters having a bad year in wool prices.

The newest shoe craze will cheer them right up. Before you mock, the delightful daughter of close friends has two pairs of Allbirds and loves 'em. Don't fear the future.

Tom Maguire
Russia has new invisible aircraft*. Lots of pictures at the link.

Oh, sure, the PLANES are invisible but unless the pilot is Claude Rains we will see a bunch of Russian-looking men flying around the sky.

A real threat or a ploy for more funding from the military-industrial complex? I see right through this.


TM, I'm sure those are great in rain and snow. /sarc

Old Lurker

I have said before and will say it again. Jeff Sessions, a good man, was in the Senate long enough to destroy any ability he might have had to manage something as a goal oriented executive.

In the Senate, they can get away with hemming and hawing and announcing some investigation which will come to nothing long after the caravan has moved on.

In the real world, if you want to "investigate fully and bring justice to all", you put fifty FBI investigators and 20 DoJ lawyers on two buses and you show up in Charlottesville, a 90 minute drive, three hours after the event.

So. Ain't nuthin coming from this; the caravan will move on to the next mark. Dogs?...they can bark away.

Old Lurker

And don't be telling me that in 4D chess really good things are happening in secret; in the real world, "invisible Justice" is not justice at all.

Back to check the Ledge.

Tom Maguire

Perhaps you aren't aware that the Friday *before* Trump's Tapper interview that drew so much press...

Mentioned my old post to which I linked, but yes.



Omerta of lyle continues...


Lyle, maybe those plague carrying fleas in AZ will catch up to him.

The Gipper Lives

The President: “Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

President Trump just caved to The #OfficialNarrative(tm).

He should have trusted his first instincts and named ALL of the "many sides".

Those weren't the KKK that were attacked by Antifa in Berkeley, Portland and elsewhere. They were College Republicans and Trump supporters. By failing to mention Antifa and BLM, it makes violence more likely, Mr. President. Now they think they have impunity

Jeff Sessions: "It does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute."

If that kid ran over people for their politics, it is domestic terrorism.

And when mobs started smashing his car with baseball bats before the ramming occurred because of politics, that is domestic terrorism also.

And if Democrat officials conspired to enable a riot because of politics, guess what:

That is domestic terrorism, too.


Mentioned my old post to which I linked, but yes.

Thanks, TM. I hadn't seen it.


Wictor thinks and makes a good argument that the #antifa and #blm against the white nationalists is the left fighting the left.

Wish the MFM would investigate this idea..


Hi ~ JOMers! I had a close call on Saturday - a head-on collision (not my fault)! Car was totaled - I was taken to Fayette/Piedmont then to Grady Trauma unit (for the Atl people).

I'm still here - fractured C2 in 2 places. Spinal surgeons still debating whether to put hardware in my neck or not.. Grady trauma is great - the waiting floor is all you've ever heard about Grady. I'm ok though - my family is staying with me around the clock.

Lots of spinal stuff going on here lately! I can't catch up but sending good wishes to Kev and others who are healing. Thanks for your prayers!

Momto2 + Percocet, Dilaudid, & Morphine (not all at once!!!)

Old Lurker

This headline invites so many witty responses, I think I will just drop it and run away:

"Sex robots are being made to look like customers’ dead wives…"

Old Lurker


The best thing about your 3:56 is you sound just like Momto2. So yes, prayers for you, too.


No male sex robots? And "how would they know?"


Yikes momto2, prayers for you.

The black bloc are strictly organized along class and other elements, the more militant alt rughters are organized under race or ethnicity.
But their sourcrce point is state control of economy. As d'siuza points out re gentile who drew inspiration from sorel


Stay with us, Momto2!


Because in the real world, there's actual blood being spilled on the streets; his boss is being attacked from all sides; and there are midnight FBI raids and life-ruining Federal persecutions against innocent people who happen to be close to the President, and this crap needs to end, yesterday.

James D,

I agree with you and the Captain.

This has all gone too far, and we need someone strong who is prepared to get the necessary things done no matter how difficult and unsavory they may be.

BTW, I believe that the President's comments over the weekend as well as today were right on point. His opponents will never be satisfied. They really don't care what he says; they only want to divide us. Unfortunately, some people, thankfully few, are susceptible to these tactics.


Stepford wives 1973, the remake was a horror.

Jim Eagle


Damping is a shock and vibration absorbing process/technique in structural engineering. Where I first ran across it but it also comes up in air balancing of large HVAC installations.

Wait until you run across the word "quenching".



I'm praying for you! Sending all good thoughts your way.🙏


OMG M2M. Hope that you hall quickly and fully


Good heavens, Momto2! Sheesh. Best of luck.


maybe those plague carrying fleas in AZ will catch up to him.

Fingers crossed, henry.

daddy on iPad

Porch or Captain,

Who is the Zack Brown Band? I ask because they are touring Alaska and one of them is a friend of my Niece, so she texted me this a few minutes ago:

"We took our zac brown band friend up and over baldy yesterday. We had some blueberries and then fed him red and king salmon and I made moose curry. Solid Alaskan day for our visitor! He also tuned the kids ukuleles and played with them."

That sounded cool to me. She sent some pics of the hubby and kids in a boat last week loaded with a huge bunch of dipnetted Salmon.


Anyoneone heard of la forte son joaune.


One of the few dependable journal offerings



Goodness,Momto2! All the best to you for a full recovery. JOMers have been taking the good drugs this summer! I'm very proud of myself,because I actually ran to the door when the UPS driver left a package. The dog is a PITA and expects everyone to accept his kisses.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Zac Brown Band is a country group from Georgia. I'm sure I've heard their music on one of the college stations but nothing stands out in my mind. I'm sure they're good players.

Clarice Feldman

Best wishes,mom2--remember where to send any leftover percocet tablets. XOXO

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Best wishes, Momto2. You're commenting like you usually do so your grey matter must be intact.


Was this the piece you noticed clarice:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good heavens, Momto2! I am very thankful you are recovering, though it sounds like a real ordeal!

Prayers for a swift recovery!


Here's some more backstory on Charlottesville--


I hope Trump and Sessions use this bloody incident to finally bring to heel the Soros/Clinton/Obama crime syndicate. The Democrat party is the party of Satan, as far as I'm concerned.


Momto2..praying for you 🙏
Ask the laboratory director about their staphylococcus protocols/ orthopedic surgeries(implements used , Da Vinci instruments compliance). They are required to report, but most patients, don't ask.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


daddy on iPad

Thanks, Captain.

Mt Baldy is an Eagle River equivalent of Flat-Top. A decent climb that your muscles will definitely tell you about the next day if you haven't being during much hiking.


Get well, Momto2!


Yikes Momto2! Added to prayers list.


Unless Sessions does a Michael Corleone baptism scene pretty soon, I have to say he's a bust of historic proportions.

On the other hand, I wonder how all this current b.s. is playing with 2018 voters.

It would be pretty sweet if the left got what they deserve, both legally and electorally.


Mom2 - you and MM are my 'go to' commenters for independent thinking and great insight. Your plucky attitudes are always inspiring. My prayers for a full and quick recovery and a soon return to full keyboard expression!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Clarice Feldman

In response to Rabbi Schmueley Boteach's comments on confederate statutes not being worth fighting about, a FB friend wrote this:

why incidents like Charlottesville are all too inevitable in a nation with a hard left high command, an army of portable paid thugs, and a vast population of sentimental liberals who believe they stand only for truth and 'social justice.'
""The left could care less about this issue (Confederate statuary), as they could care less about any of their issues. "The issue is never the issue, the issue is always revolution". This is why they got gay marriage, then just moved on to Trans rights while shrugging off 50 gays getting killed in Orlando. When the transgender fight is over it'll be pedo rights or whatever.
... Very soon there will be a push to get rid of the entire American Revolution and all of the founding fathers. Jefferson will be first, but Washington won't be far behind.
Overriding all of this is the push to declare all of conservatism illegal. All religions not part of the cult of leftism are hate speech. Any support of the USA as a country is hateful, bigoted and evil. You supporting your own existence or political power is racism, nationalism and white supremacy.
The left has no limits. It's vital to understand that. No battle they pick is over the stated issue. Each is merely a step towards the goal of eradicating Western Civilization. They've set up a self reinforcing system of rewards, whereby SJWs out bid each other to come up with new ways to be offended. Thus it's become an ever more radical movement. It's not about the monuments. Of course glorifying slavery is bad. But should we not then tear down the Pyramids? Trust me, there is NO vestige of Western Civilization that could not be destroyed on the same premise. Every Castle in Europe occupied by a despot, every Church, every document, every classic of literature, etc. In world where a few degrees of separation join all things, guilt by association can be used to criticize anything, because its all a degree or two away from something that can be demonized. Look what's happening to Football; to the definition of family and gender, to every holiday. Anything can be destroyed if the standard is that it's related to something bad. Guess what that includes? Everything. SJWs in South Africa are going after Isaac Newton and Gravity as "western colonial science". Get it? Nothing is off limits. No. Single. Thing.
This is about enshrining the left as The One True Religion. They will replace everything with their own cultish iconography. They will likewise replace all ideas with their own. The fight over the Google memo is identical to this fight. It's about declaring all things non-leftist outside the scope of even debate. This is not about the confederacy. That's yet another in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long list of fronts. It's about the existence of anything outside of leftism. It's about eliminating debate and installing a global Religion of Leftism. And make no mistake, that religion plans on replacing monuments, books, science and facts, liberty, the white population, the concept of natural rights, the rule of law, free speech, Christianity, the USA, Europe and all of Western Civilization. In fact, if you defend any of those things, you are a Nationalist, a white supremacist and a bigot. You must go. You must be replaced.
Many many a totalitarian ideology goes under the banner, "Join or Die". This is no different. And the left has done this before, many times. Pol Pot, The French Revolution, Mao, Lenin. The push to erase history and start over as a means of revolution is not new by any means. And if you think they have some limit, look to these past revolutions to see that they just don't. The ideology is self-reinforcing towards runaway radicalism. The only thing that stops it is pushback prior to their take over or burnout after it takes over and fails. It has no internal limits.
So while I agree with the Rabbi and have zero interest in defending Nazis or the Confederacy, I know that this has almost nothing to do with those things to the left. Those just create convenient foils. The left is filled with strawmen - they paint all of us as Nazi, bigoted, white male oppressors. Finding the occasional real life one is great for the left and they will use it to pretend all their other strawmen are likewise real. Understand that Marxism does not study policy and governance the way that conservatives and libertarians do. They study propaganda, power and revolutions. They are masters of it. Which is why repeated failure at governance never deters the next revolution.
Leftism. The One True Religion. Join or Die. That's their goal."

daddy on iPad

Ughh, Momto2. So sorry.

I hope sweet young Darby is able to give you a puppy kiss.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire


Nice. Assholes.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Dang Momto2... if you need anything let me know. More than happy to come down and bring ya some Varsity or barbque or whatever your heart desires. Prayers!

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Can someone shove a sock into Wendy "I have a PHD" on Liz's show right now. Damn that woman is seriously annoying. Totally piled high and dry!

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Charles Waldie
18 mins ·
"Wow even NPR listeners are asking the same three questions. Why were the police told to stand down, why weren't the two groups separated as we did here in Anaheim years ago under similar circumstances and why are they calling the rally illegal? Even the ACLU made certain it was legal."
--Judy Gasik

Miss Marple the Deplorable

After this weekend I broke down and went out and bought a bottle of wine. For medicinal purposes.

In the car Mike Huckabee was on with Hannity and was very strong saying that the press is attempting a coup d'etat and will not accept whatever the President says. Also says they don't care about policy, just getting himmm out.

After reading that twitter comment Stephanie posted above, I am ready to do whatever is necessary to put CNN out of business.

James D.

Clarice @ 5:01

That FB comment is spot-on.


Prayers for a quick recovery.
I hope you. can move your head and don't have to stay too long in the hospital.


I think there is room for a new twitter hashtag:



Post of the day.
None of their ploys have worked.
The Left is now initiating and manufacturing violence
They are like the Taliban destroying our history.
Robert E Lee struggled deciding to fight for the Confederacy.
He was very high in his West Point class.
I don't even know if he owned slaves but so what if he did.
None of those people are alive now.
Just finished watching "Turn" and I am also fearful that our Revolutionary War heroes are next to be defiled They want to rewrite our history.
We can't let them.


M22. Hope that you heal quickly and fully sorry about the typos

Jim Eagle

Clarice, et.al.

If you read my little made up conversation from Starbucks its not that far from the truth. Even Mort Sahl would have a hard time making a mockery out of these incidents. Since this one worked so well unlike Berkeley, you will see more. They don't call them Progressive's for nothing.

Heard a guy in the City being interviewed about Trump and his remarks and he ended up by calling him a sociopath. You must be a specially educated psychiatrist to call someone that, but he ran a deli.


JiB, running a deli is over employed for a psychiatrist.


interesting how they made simcoe into a villain, since he is some kind of hero in Canada. I had a link about the major players including talnadge on Saturday.

Jim Eagle

I am remiss to not have sent Momto2 my best wishes first then post second. Sounds like a traumatic experience. Best of luck with any future ortho work. You are in my prayers especially tomorrow, which is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and in many countries, Mother's Day.

MM and Maryrose: Don't forget its a holy day of obligation. We are doing 12:00 mass.

Buford Gooch

Is "piled high and dry" the same as "piled higher and deeper"? As in, "First you get the BS, and we all know what that stands for, then the MS, which is more of the same, and then the PhD, which is piled higher and deeper"?


PhD, which is piled higher and deeper

Yeah, but their sh*t doesn't stink. At least that's what I'm told.


Even after death, they remove all doubt:


Keep in mind he is even more extreme than corbyn

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Yep Same. She was a real piece of work. On with Brunelle who was the righty and she was quick to trot out her credentials to buttress her narrative when she was losing.

Do that, and your worth goes down with me. If your argument ain't convincing and needs credentialed support, the credential announcement should be followed up with "and where did you achieve this, so I can make a note to my kids to avoid the miseducation."


xoxo, Momto2!

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


I'm so sorry. Hang tough!


Agreed and I would add when profanity is added you have then lost the argument.
How many puppies are still with you?
6:30 or 8:30 Mass for me tomorrow.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire


Push back. Prepare for the outrage.


MOmto2-so sorry to hear that. Grady really is great for trauma and the emory med students always say that is where they learn so much. I can be downtown and that exit in 20 minutes if something comes up. I could offer stephanie too but between us it would be best after you can literally laugh again.


I am totally ok with this because Obama had a tattle on your neighbor website.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Still got 2 MR. But 4 are currently in house. The hubs wants to keep the runt - I'm less than thrilled at the prospect of 4 dogs on permanent residence, and the daughter is taking hers home tomorrow.

Still have a boy and a girl left. The boy is all black with a small white area on his chest and the girl looks like a mini rottweiler in coloring. She's a real sweetie, and he is very laid back.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The left has no limits. It's vital to understand that. No battle they pick is over the stated issue. Each is merely a step towards the goal of eradicating Western Civilization...
...It has no internal limits...
...They study propaganda, power and revolutions. --

Exactly right.
And a "liberal" who at this point has not turned back from the direction the left and the Dems have headed should be considered an infected plague carrier who cannot be trusted because they well acquiesce to what is coming.
And it IS coming. To paraphrase Trotsky, you may not be interested in revolution, but revolution is interested in you.
The left is almost identical to Islam; the only time it is not at your throat is when it has been suppressed and has a boot on its throat. It is presently loose and feeling its oats. If it continues to fail at the ballot box it will become even more strident. It will suppress our heritage and us peacefully if it can via politics but should it fail at that and it will, it will continue politics via other means.
I know it's been 150+ years since Appomattox but...Santayana.
Para. Bellum. I don't know when but, para.

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