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August 09, 2017


Jack is Back (Again)!


The sound you hear when Kim goes nuts.


I think McTurtle is exhausted too --- especially in terms of credibility.

Jack is Back (Again)!

As a Floridian, temporarly a Yankee, I am embarassed by the post-Governor Jeb Bush. How far the mighty have fallen.

There is a bitter soul in the Bush family and I wonder if its in the Mother's gene?

Miss Marple


Barbara is not as sweet as she was portrayed when she was First Lady.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Just when you thought your vacay couldn't get any better.....


Captain Hate

My first hint that there was something really off with the Bushes was how welcoming they were to the Clintons but treated the Palins like trash. If you're a high exposure family you just can't do that and expect people to not react to it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Exactly. I didn't miss it at all, and I never thought the same about them again.


The Anne frank center has a blazing hot take on the Korea matter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


If this is all they have, Trump has already won.

Clarice Feldman

Narciso, if that center isn't parody, what it?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Speaking of the Bush family, it makes me happy that Lee Greenwood lets President Trump use "Proud to be an American." I bet it steams Barbara Bush.

Video at link with some great pictures. I left a note because the first reply I saw was nasty.

daddy at a sports bar


daddy at a sports bar

Jeb Bardon (born 1973), American politician
Jeb Bishop (born 1962), American musician
Jeb Brien, American music television producer and director
Jeb Corliss (born 1976), American BASE jumper
Jeb Flesch (born 1969), American football player
Jeb Hensarling (born 1957), American politician
Jeb Huckeba (born 1982), American football player
Jeb Livingood, American essayist, short story writer, editor, and academic
Jeb Loy Nichols, Americagn musician
Jebediah Jeb Putzier (born 1979), American National Football League player
Jeb Sharp, American radio journalist
Jeb Stuart Magruder (1934-2014), American businessman and civil servant convicted of conspiracy in the Watergate affair
Jeb Stuart (writer) (born 1956), American film director, producer and screenwriter
Jeb Terry (born 1981), American football player

I think I speak for the majority in saying that the nicknamed Jeb Stewart was the best of the bunch to wear that moniker.


Unfortunately not I was musing on another thread, how ignatius used to tell truths in fiction, say about the formation of the Lebanese militia in agents, but he hid some facts like when he refenced a mentor to salameh, named ramlawi in the book, about an old man figure, which had to be haj amin husseini


Jeb is younger than President Trump and is exhausted.
Jen is no longer ready for prime time.
He peaked about a decade ago.


Jen is Jeb




Good evening! Somewhere on the internet today,I read about the influx of migrants flooding an obscure area on the NY/Quebec border. A young woman from Congo,who had been living with her family in Portland,said "we aren't wanted in Trump's country." People are going by bus,taxi and Amtrak to northern NY. The Olympic stadium in Montreal is going to be used to house the migrants. There haven't been reports of migrants trying to get across the Maine border,but it would be more difficult to get to northern Maine.

Captain Hate

Marlene, they're probably going across where Thousand Islands are; once you're off the interstate you're pretty much immediately in the sticks.

Captain Hate

Jeb Bishop (born 1962), American musician

Outstanding trombonist


Yes, Marlene. There's apparently a road in Champlain, NY, that is a dead end near the border, where the distance between the end and Canada can be easily walked.

Somebody needs to put a free lemonade stand there.


TK - Malkin may be right in her H1-B suspicion but why, then, did Awan's attorney state, on the record, that his client is a US Citizen?
I also think it's suspicious that (a) Pakistan changed its law to permit dual US/Pakistani citizenship just 6 months after 9/11, and (b) the Awan's appeared on the US scene not too long after that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Porch in almost every other example we can think of where an abuse might occur, the government agent doing the abusing cannot be financially enriched by that act of abuse.--

Does that mean bribery, extortion, malfeasance, embezzlement, etc do not occur in government?

daddy at a sports bar

Somebody needs to put a free lemonade stand there.

Hope they sell Kinder-Eggs.


For those who missed it on the last thread:

I get a kick out of people reposting their comments because they are afraid people won't read them as a new thread is started.
Yes you are all memorable and brilliant but reading the same post twice can become very repetitive.

Posted by: maryrose


The Hall Monitor strikes again.

Captain Hate

Welp that broke my irony meter.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My understanding is civil forfeiture requires the state to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that the seized asset was the product of or used in criminal activity, so technically the state does have the burden of proof even though it's a low bar, no?

That said, seems to me customs cases and foreign nationals are who it should be limited to and no citizen should be deprived of his property except by conventional due process...or the IRS sending him an envelope to fill with money or be arrested.

daddy at a sports bar

the stuff u learn on catch-up....

I called one of my son’s friends and was like, ‘who the hell is Edward Buck?'” LaTisha Nixon said, speaking from her home in Spring Texas during a phone interview. “And my son’s friend was like, ‘oh my God, that’s that white guy, that wealthy white politician guy… he was like ‘oh my God…’

Buck, a one-time Republican, came to Southern California from Arizona several years ago and gained a reputation for making generous donations to the California and L.A. County Democratic Party and chair of Stonewall Democratic Club’s Political Affairs Committee.

LaTisha Nixon says she learned that her son, who was unemployed, had recently been doing sex work. She told the WeHo Times that her son’s friend was also engaged in similar activity—and that they had a client in common.

The youth’s death reportedly occurred just hours after he left his family in Texas in order to join Buck.

Hopefully this will not be mentioned anymore in order not to cause pain to the family of the dead kid like the pain that has been caused to the family of Seth Rich.


Jeb Clampett?

Just a small cheat ...

JM Hanes

Porchlight (reposting from the tail of the last thread:-)

"You're saying we shouldn't have civil asset forfeiture because it can be abused."

The argument I've been making goes well beyond the fact that such abuse is, in fact, occurring on a regular basis, and that such confiscations are, in fact, viewed as money making propositions by police departments more widely than you may realize.

I certainly don't concede that civil asset forfeiture passes constitutional muster at all. Unfortunately we probably have years to wait before the perfect Supreme-Court-ready combination of victim & resources can lay that question to rest officially. What I am arguing is that unlike other powers that can be abused, the entire raison d'etre of civil asset forfeiture is to deprive a target of the resources needed to defend himself from the state, while simultaneously relieving the state of having to make a showing of even suspected wrongdoing, or facing penalties when they get it wrong. It is difficult to conceive of any more fundamentally dangerous grant of empowerment.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

I love the Bush family and thank them for their service. I think they are full of honor.


I have an unfinished birther topic to repost from a thread in 2011.

Should I?


Turns out Poppy Bush and his yellow son were responsible for Tupolev on the Potomac reconnaissance freebies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Pretty sure SCOTUS has already signed off on civil forfeiture more than once, based partly on its long history, and it would take an unlikely combination of justices to overturn that precedent, IMO.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They're full of somethin.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I was going to ask where JM and anonamom were today and here they both are.
Now, where's Kevlar?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am talking about Barbara, who has a strong streak of snobbishness. I read her book and there is no doubt.

And there is no doubt that they snubbed the Palins, probably due to Barbara's influence.


Welp that broke my irony meter.

Hahahahaha! Just got it, CH.

I'm glad I figured this out within half an hour. I've been slipping lately.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



The specialist were musing about this, mostly removing all doubt, it just inspired cold anger a little like rorschach in watchmen


To hear mchottie tell it, she wee the one that came up with the concept for the five, address on complaints to her.

daddy at a sports bar

I'm on pint number 5, "Coastbuster" IPA from Bloomington. A question for you for next election. If the choice in 2020 is between Jeb and Bernie, who do u pull the lever for?

!Jeb, but the choice would be exhausting.

Pyongyang Casino Bid.

"Pretty sure SCOTUS has already signed off on civil forfeiture more than once, based partly on its long history, and it would take an unlikely combination of justices to overturn that precedent, IMO."

Or...my dog ate my homework, again.

Jack is Back (Again)!

I know they are not the same by a mile but it is interesting that cboldt shows up as Kevlar leaves??!! One guy leaves and the other shows up both times.

Funny, I haven't watched any thing on Fox News since right before the election. Fox Business, yes. The news, no. And there are some on FBN that have become irritating to a degree, especially Cavuto and Gasparino since both have lost their close sources being critics of Trump. Funny how that works.

Old Lurker

Porch and Maryrose. I left you both notes at the end of the previous thread.


Qurlle surprise


Dave (in MA)
I'm on pint number 5, "Coastbuster" IPA from Bloomington
Sure it's not a "Mosquebuster"?

I just noticed that it is dark outside already. Next thing you know,the leaves will be turning!


OL, FWIW I agree with your comments at the end of the last thread.

Old Lurker

Thanks, DrJ.

daddy at a sports bar

I somehow learned how to read at around 3 or 4 years old. Nobody knows how, but I think it was looking at milk cartons and cereal boxes and stuff like that,

I recall specifically in I think Kindergarten that the word "Invulnerable" came up. Teacher asked if anyone knew what it meant and I raised my hand and said "immune." She said yes, but what does that mean and I told her. That had to have come from my secret reading of Superman comics and from knowing about his vulnerability to Kryptonite but his immunity to stuff like bullets.

Clarice Feldman


McCarthy on the Manafort raid.

Dave (in MA)

Democracy Dies in Predawn Darkness.

daddy at a sports bar

Dave, you have me and the bartenders trying to cypher that one out:)


Yes I got mine name wrong:


The sub Ukrainians admitted those supposed secret ledgers didn't exist. Everything was above board

Dave (in MA)

Here you go, daddy: https://www.google.com/search?q=bloomington+mosque&oq=bloomington+mosque

sammy small

I would like to hit them with non-nukes to take out their programs before they hit us with nukes.

Posted by: Porchlight | August 09, 2017 at 03:33 PM

North Korea has most of their major weapon systems embedded in deep tunnels bored into the side of mountains. I'm not sure how much damage conventional weapons will cause. But then again, its been 40 years since I had to study Nork targets in prep for the delivery of a surprise sunrise. So things may have changed since then.


Picking up that pillow:


Jack is Back (Again)!


Pre-dawn raid on Manafort. Dies in pre-dawn Darkness.

Key word: Democracy.

Tomorrow starts the PGA and all eyes on young Mr. Spieth. Then Friday through the weekend, the BPL of English soccer comes back. All is well in the JIB household since from now on - Monday begins two a days for Frederick football team practice. Up at 6, leave by 6:30 for 7-10:30 first pactice then back at 5 for the rest of it. 1/2 hour drive each way to Riverhead.

Dave (in MA)

Jack, I think daddy was confused by my earlier post.


Another ending in i:


I think the inky way people will notice if geiger coubtersxare involved, ie cesium 137

daddy at a sports bar

My bartender here in Indy says there are 2 lottery drawings tonight---one is for some 358 Million and the other is only for 307 Million. We don't have such things as lottery drawings in Alaska since the govt gives us money, so i am a rookie. Should I buy the 358 Mil tickets or play it safe and go whole hog on the 307 mill tickets?


Recall fordow that site the French had uncovered. By Obama did reveal until after that spirited debate was inside a. Mountain.


Unsourced rumors are not stories:


daddy - do like my ex-wife and spend it first


As if this was really a downside:


Clarice Feldman

Buy both, daddy, and if you win get JOM it's own private jet.

The Gipper Lives

It was so thoughtful of President Trump to make sure Jeb got a permanent vacation.

He's always thinking of others like that.

Clarice Feldman




I feel like I don't have enough time left to hate that many people. I think the Bushes did the very best for this country. often I disagreed with them, but I believe they were honest and honorable.

There enough people on the planet who I hate, most of them Democrats, and I'm not in the mood to add anybody on the list if I don't have to. As far as I'm concerned, if Barbara Bush is snobbish that's her problem. It's not like she's my neighbor.


One interesting detail which seems out of a silva novel:

I don't recall if the recent research downplays this event

Old Lurker

Iggy 6:49 "Does that mean bribery, extortion, malfeasance, embezzlement, etc do not occur in government?"

Where Iggy decides to just be argumentative to obfuscate the point by inventing some sort of moral equivalence where one does not exist. All those things you name are felonies and if caught can send you to jail. A wrongful civil forfeiture which happens to pay for a new grill at the lodge and "training ATVs" just before deer season not only has probably never resulted in a cop being charged, I wonder how many if any have been admonished.


What narcs post doesn't say is that Obama knew about the nukes in 2013.

Old Lurker

"Pretty sure SCOTUS has already signed off on civil forfeiture more than once, based partly on its long history"

Good thing SCOTUS is never wrong about such things, especially when those things have been going on for a long time. Too bad the Founders never figured out how we might correct mistakes we might have baked into our affairs.


You think clapper or Brendan kept it from him;

How many things were covered up with a pillow in the last four years?

What is surprising is the Medici, rove learned nothing from their past experiece, he wee silent a a church miuusr when it came to Obama.


The brainslugs in the MSNBC water cooler have gotten to max boot, poor brainalugs


After akmost most the entire front bench has been purged at fix, bit says its trump central!


How is he still employed at the journal


Miss Marple the Deplorable

daddy, buy them both. Get the option which doubles your winnings. I think it's a buck more per ticket.

That way, if you get 4 out of the 5 numbers you will get double what the prize normally is. With the jackpot that large, you might win something!

Sorry we never got together this time. I have been rather under the weather and am probably going to have to go to the (ick) doctor. Enjoy the pub and the nice weather here!

Clarice Feldman



Levallois reninds of a similar incident in house if spies, which has significant inpact

Jack is Back (Again)!

After 3 narciso comments in a row, my Enigma machine needs a drink. While I get the gin, I wish you all sweet dreams.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.


I explain the second one, the third refers tie a reporter who bought every sad sack tale if wake from a detainee, even mist were proven fakes.


Coast buster?

I'm about 8 miles west of Uplands brewery and here I am stuck with Coors light.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Anthony Scaramucci‏Verified account @Scaramucci 1h1 hour ago

.@RyanLizza is the Linda Tripp of 2017. People know. And he is up at night not being able to live with himself.


Well. Sometimes you run across the most interesting things on Twitter. Preet Bahara seems to think this is beyond the pale and is wondering what BANNON thinks about this.


I think I will re-follow Ryan Lizza and see what's going on.

I don't think I would like to have Scaramucci mad at me.

Frau Argwohn

Re: Mueller - "Ethics official found no conflict of interest in his finances and the investigation"

...as far as we are allowed to know.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bought at the Arab market in Old Jerusalem for 40 shekels:


It's gone world-wide! HA!

matt, deplore me if you must

That KSM is still awaiting trial is a farce. They've got the goods on him and rightfully he should have been executed at Leavenworth 12 years ago or so.

However, the whole martyr thing with the Islamist Radicals (there, I said it)might persuade a few more to drive their Renault Sank clown cars into police trucks.

I just love how Google is feeling the blowback on their wholly clueless hypocrisy. Is there a grown up there? Getting a bunch of high functioning autistic engineers and other geeks to understand common sense is difficult enough as it is,

That they layer it with diversity police is just gasoline on the fire. When you have people drinking red bulls and monster energy drinks and staying up for 36 hours straight noodling just the right bit of code, regardless of personality, you are encouraging antisocial behavior.

I am amazed that women would willingly do this type of job surrounded by geeks who like nothing more that playing World of Warcraft for another 36 straight hours before crashing.

I had several very smart women working for me, but even they burned out eventually on the grind and pressure. High pressure engineering requires an obsessive compulsive streak with a little masochism thrown in. When you are trying to keep a production line going that feeds 10 other plants with parts that if they don't get them JIT shuts them down and idles thousands, it's just not that much fun as a full time job.

Having said that, the engineering group manager at our biggest account in Mexico was insanely hot and insanely smart. She knew how to rule those machos. But down there it is even harder to advance because of that BS.

I don't know how anyone could work for people like Ellison in the first place. The behavior is a known Si Valley trait. Coders are part Martian.


The kids Obama never had:


Frau Argwohn

John Dewey guided the elementary schools in my day and I learned to read with "Dick and Jane."
That makes me able to read narciso's posts; however, some of the metaphors go beyond "The beast at Tanagra" or "Lynch on the tarmac with Clinton."

Ralph L

JiB, it's the American PGA.

Jeb must be pissed that first W got to governor in 94 and he lost, then W ruined his chance at POTUS.


From three threads back and terrible off topic:

I don't think anyone can underestimate the grave harm Hillary Clinton did to attacking Libya and letting (or causing, if you ask me) Ghadaffi to be murdered AFTER he had voluntarily given up his nuclear weapons.

Thank You Miss Marple for saying this!!! Have felt that way since Ghadaffi's death. He was a terrible man but look at the disaster Libya has become since.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OK. Guess I'll call it a night...or two.


I wee making the point on a subsequent thread that passage in house of spies left out a great deal of context, yes quadaffi wee executed by amibion of quaradawi the Egyptian islamust Billy graham, bel hadj sprung from jail after one of those sob stories proceeded to go game if thrones on almost all his ipponents

Frau Argwohn

TK - Finally some good news @ 9:58--hardy Choom Gang material.

Ralph L

Maybe someone here remembers the details: In Morris' Reagan bio Dutch, there was a funny scene when the Bushes gave RWR a side table with his boots for legs. Barb was put out by their reaction. Nancy put it in the barn.


Gotta fix my signature. Stoopid smart phone.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Once again I will repeat myself, and it is purely for emphasis.

When I saw Hillary say that "We came, we saw, he died! Cakcle, cackle!" with tossing her hair, MY hair stood on end.

It is absolutely the worst thing I have ever heard anyone in the American government say in my lifetime. I knew then she was pure evil. By the time she gave that statement it was known that Ghadaffi had been murdered in a degrading and brutal way. And she was LAUGHING. It brought great shame to our nation.

I would hapily send her to Geneva to stand trial for war crimes.

Oh, and the REASON she pushed for going into Libya? Sidney Blumenthal told her it would burnish her credentials for commander-in-chief in the election!!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is an interesting Wictor Twitter thread.


1. I had never heard of the Rods of God.

2. I didn't know the Arabs have satellites.

I learn new stuff every day.


Oh yes they are a non nuclear kinetic weapons platform? They were demonstrated under a dufferebt name in gi Joe retaliation. The satellite part is a bit of a surprise.

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