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August 25, 2017



Certainly Trump will be subject to a deluge of Katrina comparisons no matter what happens.

Captain Hate

That's an incredible amount of water to deal with. It would overflow pink tennis shoes pretty quickly. Having Abbott in place probably is the best case scenario in dealing with it.


New Orleans will get 5-6" of rain out of it. And will be dependable for humanitarian disaster as their pumps couldn't handle a normal t-storm last month.

Captain Hate

For all my problems with Haley Barbour's GOPe ways, Mississippi did a fine job of dealing with Katrina unlike the state to the west.


If the state response goes poorly, Abbott should rightly get the criticism, not Trump. However, I doubt it will go poorly.

I'm still angry about Katrina. Bush did his job; Haley Barbour did his job; the Coast Guard mounted the most successful rescue operation in history, though absent the failures of Dems in charge, they would have had far fewer people to rescue.

Not only was the coverage of Katrina designed to damage Bush (obviously), it was also to cover up for the immense eff-ups of Blanco and Nagin and the corruption that led to the deterioration of the levees.


It would overflow pink tennis shoes pretty quickly.

Lol. Thank you God for that humiliating defeat. You could almost say it presaged a certain other humiliating defeat.


Also, I've seen a lot of hurricane predictions in my time in Texas, and not too surprisingly they often don't behave according to predictions. Katrina took a sharp right after landfall. Others that were supposed to stall out, didn't.

So I'm hoping Harvey will keep moving.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is calling on President Trump to close down his voter fraud commission in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., and instead said the government should work to “end the assault on voting rights.”



Right. The same people that commit vote fraud on a massive scale start knocking down statues and throwing rocks (among other things) at police, and the answer is to stop investigating their crimes? Chuckie should go back to exchanging pics with Carlos Danger.

Captain Hate

The Horde is having a field day with Schmucky:

Because of the Yankees-Tigers fight, Trump should shut down the voting investigation.

Because my fatassed cousin made a stupid joke, Trump should end the voting investigation.


If the state response goes poorly, Abbott should rightly get the criticism, not Trump.

He's a Republican, so he might. Along with Trump, and maybe Sarah Palin for good measure.


From a couple of days ago . . . .

Hi, RG...

I saw your tweet of the football team pix.

Question: Is the team getting chafed from athletic supporters or are they all, as a group, trying to send a manspreading message? ;-)

Posted by: sbw | August 23, 2017 at 12:44 PM

sbw, you gotta love my Gators!

Gator Football 2017

We be *real* men folk down this way and we manspread wherever and whenever we damn well please.

Plus, you may have heard -- every day, May through October, but especially June to September, 90+ degrees, bright sun, high humidity -- your man parts *need* to breathe, bruh!

Finally, Florida heat is a special kind of heat. And Gainesville is 60 miles from the Gulf and 70 miles from the Atlantic. Those breezes can get bottled up in that part of North Florida, taking the heat to another level my friend.

Because of ESPN, the FAMU Rattlers have a football game this Saturday at high Noon and everybody around here is wondering . . . are these freaking TV people crazy !?!


Most of us here spent 8 years wondering what might have been if Bush had the will to defend himself against his domestic enemies. Surely he could have commented on Branco's and Nagin's ineptitude.


Who is this twerp, anyway?

Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK.

That's Antifa he's talking about, right?


RG, I manspread when my body insists. And any PC clod that tries to shame me for that is no better than those who in the past bound the feet of Chinese women.

Love the way you support your team.


Was it here that someone posted a link that the LA Metro was going to start ticketing manspreaders? Maybe they should fine full-figured gals too?


Good news you can use ...

"Hardest Hit Fund" really does take care of the hardest hit

simply stupid

I am somewhat flummoxed at what is going on and why the looming showdown on the debt ceiling is portrayed as Trump wanting to get the wall done and shutting down the government if it is not included.

Is Trump capitulating to Congress as to the budget? He should say that we have had to do the debt ceiling Kabuki dance since Congress has not passed a formal budget for the past seven years and has been ducking its responsibilities by voting for Continuing Resolutions and sequestration. Obama took the off balance sheet spending on the IRAQ WAR and placed in the 2009 Budget as Stimulus adding a trillion dollars to budget. Time to cut some of that extra budget out. But GOPe will not do it since some of it filters back to them.
Trump should say , I will shut government down until I get a budget that is X amount less (lets say 10% than current forecast) and deal from there as to percentage cut.

That is what is going on in the background in the McConnell and Ryan spat with Trump currently as far as I am concerned. It is all about the budget for next year.See the last 45 seconds of this clip
for Corker putting down Trumps budget.


Pro-abortionists are outraged by this baby-scented candle. Unhinged rants against pro-lifers ensue.

Gushing Anti Democracy

Evanjellies reject agape love and make war on contraception, endorse Tower of Babble and Chaldean Kings.

What else is new?

Gushing Anti Democracy

working hard on voter suppression, and on limiting the influence of those parts of the electorate that inconvenience them by not voting for Republicans, just can't get it right. They keep designing new maps for the state's hundreds of voting districts, and the federal courts keep feeding those Etch-a-Sketch schemes into the woodchipper. This has happened three times in the past two weeks, most recently on Thursday. The Texas Tribune has the blow-by-blow account of this most recent bloodbath.

A three-judge panel in San Antonio unanimously ruled that Texas must address violations that could affect the configuration of House districts in four counties, where lawmakers diluted the strength of voters of color. In some cases, the court found mapdrawers intentionally undercut minority voting power "to ensure Anglo control" of legislative districts.

Mercy sakes, no! I, for one, may never rise from the couch again.

The Texas legislature keeps concocting these idiotic maps and stepping into a thick underbrush of rakes while doing so. This fandango has been going on for six freaking years.

The 83-page decision was the latest twist in a six-year-legal battle. The judges had already ruled that the Texas Legislature intentionally sought to weaken the strength of Latino and black voters while drawing the House map in 2011. But the 2011 map never actually took effect because the court drew temporary maps ahead of the 2012 elections. State lawmakers formally adopted the map in 2013 with few changes. Texas has used that map for the past three election cycles. In adopting the 2013 map, the court ruled on Thursday that lawmakers "purposefully maintained the intentional discrimination" found in the previous map. The ruling came the week after the same court invalidated two Texas congressional districts — CD 27, represented by Republican Blake Farenthold of Corpus Christi, and CD 35, represented by Democrat Lloyd Doggett of Austin — and ruled that intentional discrimination against voters of color required those districts to be redrawn. In both the congressional and state House rulings, the court ordered Attorney General Ken Paxton to signal whether the Legislature would take up redistricting to fix violations in the maps.
Naturally, the legislature will abide by the court's ruling, stop wasting taxpayer money on its six-year losing streak, and just get the damn job done, once and for all, right? Don't be ridiculous.

But so far, state leaders have signaled they have no appetite to call lawmakers back to Austin over mapmaking. Instead, Texas is looking to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep its political boundaries intact. "The judges held that maps they themselves adopted violate the law," Paxton said in a Thursday statement. "Needless to say, we will appeal." Meanwhile, the state and the parties that sued over the congressional districts are scheduled to return to court on Sept. 5 to begin redrawing the congressional map. In its Thursday ruling, the court indicated they should be prepared to also meet on Sept. 6 to consider changes to the state House map.
I will never understand how, after almost 40 years of the "taxpayers revolt" kicked off by Howard Jarvis and Proposition 13 in California, local taxpayers are not permanently enraged by public officials who waste their money on frivolous and doomed lawsuits defending laws that are either patently unconstitutional or obviously moronic. We see it over and over again, though, on the subject of protections for LGBTQ citizens, on the steady leaching of organized religion into the secular government, and, in the case of Texas, a costly exercise in getting your brains beaten in before federal judges because there are people that you'd rather not have even a modicum of political influence..


Hayden remarks ...

HAYDEN: I worry about that a great deal, David. Let me make this a little more personal. A lot of folks who have expressed concerns about the course of action of the Trump administration are from the intelligence community. It's Jim and John and me and Mike Morrell and Jeremy Bash and Phil Mudd, a whole bunch of folks, many of whom appear on CNN. And I fear we've created this impression that the intelligence community is at war with the Trump administration, and that's a very, very bad impression. [probably accurate though] ...

David, let's keep in mind now who Jim Clapper is. Now, Jim is known to practically every intelligence chief on this planet, and he's known as a somber, sober, serious professional. And now he goes and says this.

So what do you think these folks are beginning to think about the stability of the American government? And so, several things come to mind, come into play because of our current circumstances. I can imagine intelligence chiefs abroad now trying to tell their prime minister who speaks authoritatively for the American government. It's not clear to you and me, is it? That's one question.

What's the stability of the current administration? What are the possibilities for political violence in the United States given the events in the last two weeks? These are questions that not just our adversaries are exploring, but I think some of our friends now.

And of course, it is all Trump's fault.


Kev, it's great to hear your status!
Keep healing...


A bit of fun. Hunters vs PETA

"... PETA, launched ... A Facebook filter aimed at raising awareness about hunting and how "wrong" it is. The filter says, "Shoot Selfies || NOT Animals ... The filter has spread like wild fire through-out the Facebook hunting community. Men and women hunters from all over have been using the PETA filter on top of their kills."

From the comments: "We didn’t get to the top of the food chain by eating tofu."


Catching up from the last thread, my maternal grandfather was born in April of 1865. He would be 152.

He died when my mom was 4, she was an unexpected blessing and had 4 older siblings.

Ralph L

Jeez, Buckeye, is your last name Thurmond?
How old are you?


So is it still a tropical storm or is it officially a hurricane now?


Captain Obvious wrote this headline:

Blame junk diet




Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: Macaroon spent $10k per month on makeup and still looks like a drowned rat. Trump obviously wears makeup for the cameras and has gotten better at it. Curb Dive, if she even uses makeup, looks like someone suffering from depression.


It's officially a himmicane

Captain Hate

Tammy is blasting Poppin' Fresh and the rest of the Tepid eunuchs for pimping a Katshit/Hickenlooper ticket.


CNN throwing cold water on Mailman's son / Hickenlooper ticket.

Unless and until Kasich/Hickenlooper could prove that they were going to be more than just a spoiler, it's hard to see a movement building behind them.

1906, President Theodore Roosevelt created the Grand Canyon National Game Preserve to protect the "finest deer herd in America." He banned hunting and removed the herds natural predators. More than 60,000 deer starved a slow, agonizing death over the next two winters.


No one has posted this yet?

#HillarysNextBookTitle Guzzlers Travels

— Lizzy Lou Who🌸 (@_wintergirl93) August 24, 2017

From Insty.


Googal, caught again. Fake traffic to steal from advertisers.

Trust them to censor our news? How about forensic audits at there expense until hell freezes over.

Blame junk diet

Rocco probably thinks the human herd needs thinning.

Captain Hate

Sooner or later this info will get exposed:


California is like a while nother country



Anyone want tie take a look at this:


That link is from this:

Who quotes the author of the first link:

I, Adrianne Jeffries, am writing this week’s Letter. Thesis: The New York Times crossword is very old and very white, which is bad and also makes for a boring puzzle.

Confirming for those of us who have been suspicious of the recent dumbing-down of the NYT crossword puzzles.

Lileks sums it up:

So the crossword is old and white. So what? Well, it’s in the Times, and thus it should be inclusive, and that means abandoning terms that Young Persons of Color don’t get, or, if they do get them, don’t find them appropriate for the newspaper. Eskimo, for example. The term is no longer used - therefore it should not be referenced. Cultural literacy thus shrinks to only the common terms deemed acceptable by the Word Judges, until we have a generation unaware that the term Eskimo ever existed.

In defense of eugenics, Oliver Wendell Holmes famously thundered, "Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” One need not be a crossword junkie to see that the US is establishing apace the next couple of generations of imbeciles...

Old Lurker

I think Pat Buchannon follows OL:



Clemson University ‘Library Of Inclusion’ To Open This Fall

Dave (in MA)

There's a thing going around on Facebook suggesting that everyone should fill up their gas tanks today because Harvey slamming into Texas is going to drive up gas prices nationwide.

My tank's pretty full. Should spend tonight driving around until I need to refill my tank so that I can save money?


Yes, and please leave the dashcam on.

Clarice Feldman

I'm counting on that ticket being a spoiler and think we should encourage them.


So Kasich is the reincarnation of John Anderson.

Actually Anderson is still alive, maybe they could bring him out for another run. He's only 95, probably in better shape than Hillary.


new thread


Goolag russian anti-fracking : this story has been around for a few months, anyway.

From my point of view, it is disturbing that Congress cares NOT about Russian collusion in public policy making. How many investigations on that subject? In other words, why does the concern stop at "collusion in election," when elections don't directly make policy?

It's because once elected, the politicians colludes like hell with foreign governments.


Jeez, Buckeye, is your last name Thurmond?
How old are you?

RalphL, I am 64.

Dave (in MA)
my maternal grandfather was born in April of 1865. He would be 152.

He died when my mom was 4

Did you ever meet him?


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