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August 16, 2017


Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire



I will restate a post that anyone objecting can scroll on by. It's a troubling commonality

henry-this is the lead-in to the major Ed Tech weekly newsletter today.

"Chronicling change—as historians or reporters—can be difficult when it feels like the worst of human tendencies has remained unchanged. People spew hate; countries wage wars. The past weekend’s odious calamity in Charlottesville makes it even more tempting to succumb to feelings of helplessness and disillusionment.

Yet doing so only fuels complacency. Silence is consent. The events that transpired have deep roots but can never be the new norm. It is a reminder that there are no final victories against violence, discrimination and prejudice, that the march of time and history does not inevitably lead towards progress. Gains can be reversed.

It’s a wake-up call to the constant vigilance required to learn, to listen, and to lead conversations. It starts with challenging ourselves and others, to find the humility to uphold humanity."

Because a politically steered society and economy that supposedly meets all human needs in the name of racial equity is now a given that no one has a right to reject.

Read the quote in the comments on my blog I put up this morning. No one gets to reject the Marxist Humanist assumptions that the uniparty has agreed to as well as the leaders of every religious faith I am aware of.


Also... thanks to ACA much of compensation is taken by coverage mandates instead of take home pay. That cost is rising faster than any push in wages from growth. But go ahead. Ignore the giant pile of donkey manure in the middle of the room. Enjoy the flies.


Well, they can try. But I will not make it easy for them rse.


I suspect they have a voodoo doll for me that they push pins into.

Captain Hate

No one gets to reject the Marxist Humanist assumptions that the uniparty has agreed to as well as the leaders of every religious faith I am aware of.



The Brookings Institute is complaining about trump and his charlottesville comments to explicitly advance its already existing Race, Prosperity, and Inclusion Initiative which is absolutely the MH vision.

I have heard bruce katz speak several times and read his books. I get to recognize what we are looking at.


Well, they got her killed, might as well shit on the funeral.

Captain Hate

Welp this didn't take long:



With the CEO's leaving DJT business councils the president is disbanding them.

The business community is embracing chaos and anarchy of progressive liberals whose marching arm is #Antifa.

I am so grateful I don't live in a big city..


Then Brookings ends with this quote:

"Racism is not just a psychological proclivity, but a tool of the elite, a deliberate system of legal, political and economic control...If the framework for white supremacy was deliberately built in this country, it can also be deliberately dismantled."
August 15, 2017 | Vanessa Williamson, FixGov

The actuality is it is the MH template that is a tool of the elite and a deliberate system of legal, political, and economic control. Allegations of racism are simply the means to mandate the MH theories as the only means to provide equity.

Or to call for it in the name of King's Beloved Community as I mentioned on the previous thread.

This is also why the bushes and the clintons get along so well. It is th MH vision of the state and what it can do that they bond over.


The UN agenda that big business is already signed on for calls for a new form of business as public-private partnerships around meeting human needs anyway. In the vision companies exist less to service customers than to provide good jobs to people who reflect the diverse tapestry of the nation's current population.

That was in a National Academy of Sciences white paper from about a month ago. I guess they need a new phrase for research reports on public policy.

matt, deplore me if you must

I think we need to ban cars. They are being used too much for violent purposes.

In other news some assclown of a pastor wants Chicago to take down Statues of Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson and rename the parks bearing their names.

We have reached peak crazy.

Dave (in MA)

How long before they demand that Rushmore gets chiseled into Four Obamas?

Captain Hate


This is profane, even by my standards.

You know, both during and since the 2012 elections, I have felt somewhat ashamed that I was known to refer to Mitt Romney as a duplicitous motherfucker when it came to political matters. I even wandered into the Mitt Romney may be the most decent person to run for President in at least modern times, if not ever.

So. I'm a fool.

Mitt Romney can suck my girl dick.

I do appreciate, however, that the existential question as to why the GOP never would defend the base when the base was being called racist being clearly answered. So that's nice.

Hey! We lied to you for 7 years about what we would do if you voted us control of the House, Senate and Presidency and you're all Nazis who deserve to be hit in the head with bike locks, have urine thrown at you, be tear gassed and be beaten up! Vote for us!

See re: Mitt Romney and his sucking of my girl dick.
Posted by: alexthechick - a manatee life for me at August 16, 2017 01:05 PM (mf5HN)


All of this is UNPOSSIBLE. Opie Von FusterCluck ended RACISM.

I've said it before. Racism can NEVER go away. When it does, LIBTARDS bring it back. For their own purposes.

If the scumbag wannabee Nazi girlieboyz marched in the woods, and their were no clubs wielding masked LIBTARDS. No one would pay attention.
Any Republican who joins the KUMBAYA CHORUS, willfully ignoring the ORGANIZED and PAID FOR MARXISTS who were EQUAL PARTS of this RIOT, should DIAF.

matt, deplore me if you must

Never bring a twink to a gunfight.


This is quite good.



so liz sly's sliming of Iraq vets, went almost unnoticed in some places. they think there is a shake and bake shabiha underway.


That some pathetic CEOs see an opportunity for virtue signalling is maybe no surprise, but it would be nice if there were others who showed some spine by not only not resigning, but actually stepping forward and defending the President. Silence is cowardly. Time to throw down the gauntlet.


Thanks, rse for your comments and link to the Sultan.


Joan and Iggy:

My husband, the conservative writer Harry Stein, is doing a piece for City Journal on Trump's press conference and its aftermath, and I forwarded him the terrific exchange the two of you had several threads ago this morning. For brevity's sake -- and with your permission -- he would like to combine your posts and refer to it as follows:

"As an astute commenter on the website Just One Minute observed: 'These antifa thugs are descendants of the Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army and other left-wing terroritsts. And we've reached the point where these Communist anarchists are eagerly enabled by a media that become enraged if anyone even suggests they might have played a part in the violence with their piss balloons, mace, 2 x 4s and baseball bats.'"

Please let me know ASAP if this is OK with you both as City Journal is waiting to post the piece. Doing this publicly because I don't have your private emails.



I would concur as well tonto, and they have analogues across the pond in the baader, the brigatte, I think action directe was a latecomer,

even the pound down scribe has to admit the obvious:

Jim Eagle

[From the last thread]


Not to gin up their base so much as to delegitimize the Trump presendency. Russia didn't work and with the DWS and Paki IT thing they knew that they needed another plan to corrupt his credibility.

I call it sedition. And it is being practiced within the Alinsky model. The fact that CBS devoted 100% of its news (sic) to the subject tells you that the "resistance" things they have finally found the lever that will remove Trump to show others his type will never be allowed to rise again.

[A post script]

The Germanic language has a fitting name for it: Volksverhetzung or "incitement of the people". An unexpected consequence could be the inverse of what the left expects.

Frau Logisch

Today's Hollywood where even the dead must be nervous.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery removed a monument commemorating Confederate veterans early Wednesday after hundreds of activists requested its removal and some threatened vandalism.

The move comes days after violence erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the city’s ordered removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The events triggered a national debate about similar monuments across the country.

Since 1925, the 6-foot monument has stood in the Confederate section of the cemetery, where more than 30 Confederate veterans, along with their families, are buried. The monument will be taken to a storage site within the next 24 hours, cemetery officials said, but the grave markers will remain.

"Lest we forget"

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

The Marxist ideology has always needed a boogeyman for their followers to unleash their cultivated hatred upon. Kulaks, Running Capitalist Dogs, Enemies of the People etc. This time they've chosen as their boogeyman white middle class Americans. For years now they've denigrated, slurred, maligned, and finally called white middle class Americans deplorable and irredeemable, who need to die off already, and having failed to do that fast enough, we now have Lefty professors and journOlists openly calling for the the open murder of "whitey."

Which goes to show how little the Left really understands of human nature. You can't hardwire away an emotional human desire to feel good about oneself and one's tribe. Attack an entire class of people's self-respect and they will gravitate toward a person/cause that gives that self-respect back to them. That is why MAGA resonated with so many and how we got Trump. Trump is neither a Nazi nor a racist, but destroy him, and what comes after him is not going to be pretty.

I think we've crossed a line from which there will be no return. There will be blood.


And we have charlottesville as the excuse for this.

TEACHERS SHARE RESOURCES ON CHARLOTTESVILLE: The hashtag #CharlottesvilleCurriculum has taken off this week, with educators sharing resources for talking to students about race, violence and social justice as millions of children head back to school this month. The hashtag was created by journalist Melinda Anderson after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., this weekend resulted in one death and more than a dozen injuries. The effort has inspired nearly a dozen pages of crowdsourced resources , including tips for talking about the white supremacist rally and the president's response, materials on the history of racism, and content for young children. The American Federation of Teachers has posted materials through its Share My Lesson initiative here. Chalkbeat and NPR have posted content here and here. Catch up on all of the resources by searching #CharlottesvilleCurriculum on Twitter.

- White supremacists in Charlottesville this weekend chanted, "You will not replace us." Wil Del Pilar, vice president of higher education policy and practice at the nonprofit Education Trust, writes that if white Americans "have been 'replaced,' it certainly hasn't been in the halls of government or in institutions of higher education, cradles of leadership, power, and privilege in this country." The majority of teachers, principals, college presidents, professors, students enrolled at public flagship institutions and students earning bachelor's degrees are white, he notes. "Diverse campus environments have powerful benefits for students - including, and perhaps especially for, white students."


The latest:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!

Understandable, but I'd like to have seen whether any of them would take up the challenge as in my 1:45.

Old Lurker

"There will be blood."

Ask the families of all those dead cops in the last two years about the blood flow, derwill.


Hoping and praying the OFA thugs push their luck a little too far.

Has anyone tracked the buses that run these assholes around?

Anybody know what cities they are from?

Won't be too long and "regular guy" will be ready to rumble.



Is there a corresponding monument in Hollywood Cemetery to the veterans of the union army?


gee rse, funny they had lesson plans already in the can for this.


Also, Antifa on "Heeb Masters". Which side was the Nazis?


Ok, we know the NYT has jumped the shark, but People's Cube has put together a remarkable medley to show how far gone it really is:


Old Lurker

About those statues. Even if we wanted to pretend that the entire civil war was about the right to own slaves (which it was not), and even if we wanted to pretend that every person in the South, and every soldier who died for the South actually himself owned slaves (almost none of them did), and then if we accept that the South lost the war to the north so that those wrongs could be corrected, and if we accept that the leverage gained by one group by lording over them the guilt of their whiteness in the 150 years since (not unlike a wife can recall the most distant of mistakes made by their dumb white husbands decades past)...then if all that is true, should not the left WANT those statues to remain so they can use them again and again over the coming generations to beat up on the groups they want?

Confused on Nantucket...


did tm address this in his update



Only one comment on the current sprawling unpleasantness. I keep thinking of this movie:


I have a feeling it will be coming to a theater near me, for an unwanted return engagement, courtesy of a certain group of our President's supporters.


OL, here is a list of Confederate Monuments for those scoring at home. 710 to go (although that is dropping hourly).


OL, also if their are no "Confederate" monuments... then the left can claim all white people are evil because without the Confederacy, there was no Lincoln and Union to win the war and emancipate anyone.

Frau Unruhe im Friedhof

AntiFa is shaping up to be Obama's civilian army. Every tinpot dictator needs mindless, ruthless thugs on call.

If the police stand by and let the thugs do want they want, civilian order is gone.

Iggy, Ctrl-left is used by Sarah Hoyt, too.


should not the left WANT those statues to remain so they can use them again and again over the coming generations to beat up on the groups they want?

OL, there will be no shortage of additional targets as the goalposts shift.


It will be like the 'domino theory.' Once the left sees they can take down these monuments, they will be emboldened to go further. I can only speculate as to what the next dominoes will be.


have you seen what happened in Portland, and Berkeley and sacramento, this week,


"These antifa thugs are descendants of the Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army and other left-wing terroritsts."

This is true as far as it goes, but you should really look farther back in time and father afield in place to find their antecedents. These sort of groups and these sort of tactics have been around ever since there was "The Professional Left". If anything, groups like the Weather Underground, etc. were more amateur middle class cadres. If you want a group form the 69s that might be more cogent, I would suggest groups like the SDS, so far as America is concerned. The real antecedents here though are manipulated mass movements like the Cultural Revolution.

There is nothing new about this sort of stuff--it is not a post war phenomena. The only difference in the groups for the '60s is the packaging. What is new here is that it is happening openly in the USA.

And remember, these are all coordinated front groups: they are not some sort of "organic" or ad hoc "movements". If you trace them back to the controlling core it will lead to the (mostly Democrat) controllers, politicians, and money men in the Nomenklature. Some of these will be found sitting in control of our major institutions, including state houses and the Federal government.

We really need to make that point: The Democrats are engaged in an open overthrow of our government. society and civilization.


sorry this year, I was keying off the weak, namely the contribution of matthew walter


via henry's link: "That list might also include Georgia's decision to strike Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee's birthday from the state's holiday calendar."

Good grief. Shameful that wasn't ended 100 yrs. ago.



No, I've never heard of this site and did not click (I lifted it from Insty's place) but I think the title is a bit misleading: there are millions of conservatives who won't accept the commies' "moral superiority." We just don't have any of these types in congress.

Jim Eagle

Has anyone come up the new proposed alternate name for our Nation's capital yet?


Next up, massive school renaming.


which is why this 'days of rage' planned for the anniversary of the election, worries me, the former is what preceded the weathercampaign, they
were trained via the venceremos brigade in cuba, like the brigatte were in Czechoslovakia, the baader in east Germany, the ira to a degree in places like Libya, after Kaddafi's rise,


They won't win in the long run.
President Trump will remain and he will be re-elected much to the chagrin of the Alt-Left.
They will have no one but themselves to blame.
Words by you published again. You have a literary gift.
I am happy for you.
Your posts are spot on. Thank you for expressing my thoughts so succinctly.


Get the police out with mace, tear gas and of course make sure they are armed with protective gear and weapons.
Break the law , pay the price.
Needs to charged with unlawful assembly and thug like tactics.


DC>Ismayville - in honor of the Titanic builder who hid among the women in the far too few lifeboats.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

--Is there a corresponding monument in Hollywood Cemetery to the veterans of the union army?--

Appalled--So what if there isn't? And if there isn't one, does that excuse in your mind the desecration of a monument put in place on the graves by the love ones of people who died over a hundred years ago.

My great-great grandfather--a dirt poor farmer from up in the hills outside Knoxville, TN, and with more Cherokee in his blood than white--fought on the Union side in the Civil War. Our family has his discharge papers to prove it, and yet I feel no desire to go around the country pulling down statues of RELee.

But none of this is about the damn statues or monuments, anyway. They're just a tool, a lever being used by the Left to get us to hate one another. And when they run out of statues to tear down and graves to desecrate they'll just find another tool and it will be deja vue all over again.

That you've fallen for the Leftist propaganda narrative yet again, however, is no surprise. It's who you are; it's what you do. The MSM is the organ grinder and you're the monkey. So dance, little monkey. Dance.

James D.

I'm sure they've got the lists drawn up, jimmyk.

It is truly amazing how effective the left has been, and how - at every single freaking step - the GOP has done nothing but surrender, over and over and over.

And now that we have a President who won't immediately cave in, they act like he's the devil incarnate.


I have a feeling it will be coming to a theater near me, for an unwanted return engagement, courtesy of a certain group of our President's supporters.

Your reading it wrong Appalled. This has nothing to do with being a Trump supporter, and everything to do with being freedom and truth supporter.

I am much less worried about Trump taking flak than I am about a fake, manufactured event to push a narrative.


0Hour with a good find, start as Antifa, switch to KKK. Paid agitators all on the same side-- just none on Trump's side.


For me, the more the left reveals itself as unlike a majority of Americans outside CA and the NE, the better for Trump. Ditto Dem mayors, Dem governors, and Dem police chiefs being proven to be unwilling to uphold laws, punish lawbreakers, and protect innocents.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Heebie Jeebies!


derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

An interesting little anecdote about my Union soldier ancestor. About 10 years after the war was over he got a check from the US Government for $37.50. It was to re-emburse him for the mule and other items the Union Army confiscated from his farm when they passed on through.

Apparently at one time our government honored its debts.

Captain Hate

They may as well bring it back, Appalled, because according to Tammy Bruce Whoreyweird's had a disaster of a summer despite all the money the Trump economy has put in people's pockets following the only President ever to not have the GDP grow by at least 3% for a year during his time in office in the nation's history.

Sucks to be them.

Jim Eagle


There is a name for that "Agent Provocateur". Why most leftwing jounalists don't want to read history because they reject the idea that history if not learned will repeat itself.


How about this to put Ryan, Romney, DrK to shame?

Predominantly Black Dallas Group Forms To Protect Confederate Monuments

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Hey, Appalled, Jor, Ben and other Leftist tools. Click on Stephanie's link and then come back here and tell us you're just fine with that sentiment.

'Cause when I read that antifa manifesto about the white race having to be destroyed I didn't see any exceptions made for lily white liberals like you, who voted for Obama, and who are always careful to think and parrot "right thoughts".

"If only Stalin knew," didn't work before and it won't work again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding the CEO's, they are probably responding to the following stimuli:

1. Multiple emails and Twitter attacks by organized leftists and race agitators
2. Pressure from universities and public school systems who buy their products
3. Hysteria from HR, advertising, and marketing departments (all filled with left-leaning types).
4. Probably pressure from Hollywood and others in entertainment.

In addition, CEO's have to answer to shareholders at shareholder meetings (often infiltrated by lefties who have bout a few shares and who make a big stink with cameras rolling) and boards of directors, which often have retired politicians as members.

I frankly was surprised any of them even joined to begin with. I think a lot thought they could explain to Trump why they needed to keep manufacturing overseas.

He's not interested in watering down his plan, so this provides a virtuous exit excuse for them.


What wonderful history you have in your family.
I will repeat an old saying:
" Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it
Every day we conservatives must inform anyone and everyone that the Dems opposed Civil Rights and that. Republican president freed the slaves.
We can't let them revise and rewrite history.
They will not defeat President Trump.


Should be Derwill.

Ralph L

Next up, massive school renaming
and most US Army forts.
Since so many were driven from yankeeland.



So much read into one little question!! I was actually just curious.


Modern Hollywood would remake the movie, spend 50 million on special effects with car chases, CGI to make Vancouver look like Alabama, and go through fifteen rewrites to decide if they could let the evil characters be that politically correct, even though they were evil.

Jim Eagle


LOL. Actually, Derailleur belongs our resident trolls since they are the ones who come hear to try and shift things around.


Fort Hood was named after a Confederate general. Maybe they could rename it Fort Hasan. :(


the resistance narrative went horribly off key with 'build the wall' which was written by the very incisive Robert shenkken, of 'hacksaw ridge' fame, it ruined homeland, it buried that kiefer Sutherland vehicle, then again they manage to inter 24, with the shymalan twist,


So true!
The Left's Achilles heel is how they underestimate us and under-poll President Trump's supporters.
Let them continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Captain Hate

At first I was having a hard time squaring being against the wholesale trashing of southern historical monuments with applauding the Eastern bloc countries knocking down statues of Stalin in 1989 and later until realizing he represented an ideology being imposed from the outside. Contrast that to India where Islamic sites from the invading Moghuls are still carefully maintained in a Hindu majority nation which still has a large Islamic presence even after the partition of Pakistan.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



I loved 24 and the scariest season was the Islam one.


re Richard spencer's category error, he is a uva graduate, and a dook postgrad, so abandon all hope ye who enter here,


History destroyed is to try and create a new reality.
Just not possible with educated minds knowing the truth and then tricking themselves into pretending it didn't happen


Jimmyk, I think you missed the MEMO or the MEME, but Izzzlamofascism is ALT-RIGHT. Just like Trump is a NAZI.

The NYT told me so.


The CEO's are nitwit cowards who don't have the backbone to stand up to their most easily and misguidedly offended shareholders. Trump doesn't need council sit-down's with these glorified paper pushers; the business of America will continue regardless, and now Trump won't feel so bad about tearing the business community a new one when it's warranted.

Dave (in MA)

Here's the memorial to 13 Confederate POWs who died while imprisoned at Fort Warren on George's Island in Boston Harbor.

Charlie "Tall Deval" Baker supports its removal.


The first rat leaving the sinking ship? One can only hope:

Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator


I see zero reason to remove Confederate memorials. Zero.


Imagine the LIBTARD CLOWN SHOW if 13 IZZLAMIC POW's had died at GITMO.

Sweet Mother of Gawd, imagine.


jimmyk, we haven't been talking about it much here since the arrival of the media's convenient distraction du semaine, but there has been some movement on the Russia narrative front. The left appear to be giving up and going back to their pre-Russia narrative that the DNC leak was a leak and not a hack.




Porchlight, violent Marxist animals want Confederate monuments removed for WHAT reason.
Answer: To get a meme established that YOU are RACIST and they are not.
The intended result? Fun frivolity, mayhem and Marxism, as REPUBLICANS hate BLACKS, JEWS and all REAL HUMANS.


you read between the lines, and strzok realized there was no there, there,

just like that book by a dutch atlantic council member, which is the body of crowdstrike's tentacle, that insists that apt 28, is definitely a gru apparat, yet gives no proof of same,

Captain Hate

Trump won't feel so bad about tearing the business community a new one when it's warranted.

Kicking Tom Donohue in the balls while saying the era of crony capitalism is over would be a moment Reagan would admire.


We live in NW GA, 30 min. from where my hubs keeps his boat at a friend's AL lake house. Recently on the way back from AL, he stopped to check out an "obelisk" ~15' high he'd noted earlier. Turned out to be a memorial erected in the 20s in honor of 200 Confederate horse soldiers capturing 2000 Union troops. There was a Confederate flag carved on the memorial's back side but not visible from the road. I laughed when he noted the plaque included the words "War of Yankee Aggression", which I'd always thought was a joke.


CH (at 3:07):

Keeping Trump out of it -- that's really the issue here. Statues and public spaces are an expression of what the local society thinks is important and needs to be memorialized. That really does change over the years. I mean, how many knew BALTIMORE (not a Civil War battleground, or part of the Confederacy) had so many CSA memorials. I can see why a majority black city would not have or want any connection with those monuments. One suspects the motives of those who erected them back in the day

The last thing any town needs is a bunch of people who don't live in the town trying to dictate what statuary it has, or ignorant mobs trying to rip down stuff it doesn't like. In Atlanta, a peace monument was vandalized, and the Antifa nuts tried to rip it down a few days ago, because a Confederate soldier was on the thing. (I don't think that really was reported). In Charlottesville, it looks like a lot of the neo-racist folks from out of town decided to insert themselves in a local matter, and the Antifa people showed up, seeing a target rich environment.

Dave (in MA)

When's the alt-Taliban going to get around to ripping down monuments to the guy who put Japanese-Americans in concentration camps while appeasing Hitler as long as he could?


As a lifelong Georgian, I find the generic town square statues honoring the Confederate dead to be long past due for removal.


I agree in principle with your 12:48 PM comment on the last thread. The desire to remove the vestiges of past, defeated governments and opponents is not a unique thing in history. What is unusual in America is the fact that while the South was defeated and under federal occupation for a time, the respect for those who fought for the Confederacy remained and Southerners were allowed to erect memorials to honor them.

Perhaps these memorials served to assuage the deep feelings that remained about the Civil War and the bitter period of Reconstruction. It is only in recent history that the horror and cruelty of slavery in America has been recognized. The impact of the institution of slavery on the American psyche and experience has been and will continue to be a lasting one. It is perhaps past time that memorials to those who represented and fought for a government that supported that institution be removed - peacefully - from the public square to more appropriate historical museums or sites.

All that notwithstanding, I do not for one minute believe that the removal of these monuments is the ultimate goal of the people who are protesting their existence with violence. As President Trump said yesterday, where does this stop? Which historical site, founding father or leader will be the next useful target of those whose real goal is the destruction of our system of government and the freedoms they purport to hold so dear? That is the real issue to be dealt with, and at the present time President Trump is the only public official who is addressing the matter honestly while working to restore and improve the American experience for all citizens of this country that we love.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

)Hour has found evidence that Cernovich was going to pay people from Anitfa to attack certain segments of the Unite the Right group.

The Nazis are a small group. KKK slightly larger but still a discredited and shunned group.

I remain convinced that this whole thing was caused by a false flag leader (Kessler) who created a magnet for the Nazis and KKK.

I also believe he did this in conjunction with Antifa and the mayor, and possibly the governor as well.

They gave advance notice to the press. That is easily demonstrated.

Then through police inaction and directions from the mayor, a situation was created which would lead to violence which the media would tape and broadcast.

As Jack said earlier, this is sedition, incitement to riot, and possibly accessory to murder. I want all of these asshats on both sides of the divide arrested.

I have liberals in my family. I manage to get along fine with them. They don't attack me with ballbats, though. Antifa is on their end of the spectrum just as ad as the KKK and Nazis. The entire mob mentality needs to be nipped in the bud and prosecuted. It's shameful.


Get FDR off the DIME.


GUS - Are you listening to Howie Carr?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A false flag leader is a leader of a false flag action, but I am sure you knew what I meant, Discredited.


And Musket Morgan, reminds us why we have to keep him on that end of the Atlantic,



For your enjoyment:

CNN head Jeff Zucker has all the integrity of a strip club owner. Maybe less. At least strip club owners don’t pretend to be something they are not. Zucker calls himself the head of a news network when in reality he is nothing more than a cynical, lowlife maestro of a 24/7 anti-Trump infomercial designed to maximize ratings and delight his corrupt peers.

Instead of "strip club owner" I might have gone with "crack whore pimp," but that's just nit-picking...

Captain Hate

I can see why a majority black city would not have or want any connection with those monuments. One suspects the motives of those who erected them back in the day

You realize the Mason Dixon line is north of Baltimore, no? And that Baltimore wasn't always majority black? Maryland was a border state with affinities on both sides.

I'd prefer not to treat people like perpetual children by sheltering them from the history of the city in which they reside.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Don't know if Joan answered Tonto or if it's too late, but Harry is more than welcome to use whatever he wants.
Not even sure much of that is mine anyway; mostly Joan's I think. :)

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