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August 29, 2017


Beasts of England

Melania in her 'FLOTUS' cap!!


Why would the leadership have to agree to put Harvey relief funds in a standalone bill? Why not tell them to go pound sand?


(The thanks of a grateful world go with Steve Bannon)


Posted by: narciso | August 29, 2017 at 09:34 AM

Thanks, narciso. That's a good read from Spengler. In the piece he references a couple of prior articles he wrote that are of note:

[1] Digital Age Produces Binary Outcomes; Spring (February) 2017 Issue

[2] A Path Out of the Trade and Savings Trap; Fall (August) 2017 Issue

The path out?

First, the U.S. government should fund basic research into new physical processes and technologies under the aegis of the Defense Department and NASA

Second, the United States must refocus education subsidies on STEM training

Third, the United States should use a range of measures to force parts of the high-tech supply chain back to the United States

Fourth, the United States should compete head to head with China for predominance in the communications and information revolution now underway [special partner focus: India and Japan]

* * *

I think the President is clearly moving on that agenda, don't you ???

Always Winning

Bundling Harvey Relief with the border wall in a CR or budget bill is pure genius. Will the Dems vote against relief for American citizens in order to support MS13 gang bangers to continue to cross the border freely. The best part is not a single Dem vote is needed.

Of course the bad news is we have to count on the GOP to do what is right. Give the Rinos a few goodies to help ease their pain.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Thanks Rahm!!!

matt, deplore me if you must

Where does it stop? Just got the newsletter from the Barnes Foundation, a museum in Philly.

In it are the following:

A discussion of Sanctuary City issues by a Penn prof

Artist Bash - Drivers of social change

Urban Riders - From Paris to North Philadelphia, go along for the ride as cowboy stereotypes and social barriers are surmounted in this critically acclaimed exhibition.

I thought it was an art museum. Membership will be cancelled.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Amazing that the reporters focused on this. They really are marginalizing themselves.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

FLOTUS hat!!


Professor: Some Calls For Reparations Don’t Go Far Enough

A British professor argued in a Monday op-ed that many of the calls for reparations don’t go far enough when addressing the history of slavery.

Birmingham City University Associate Professor Kehinde Andrews wrote in a Guardian op-ed that proposals for free college education for black people and canceling debt in third world countries aren’t good enough calls for reparations.

“In many ways the calls for reparatory justice do not go far enough. Caricom includes a demand to cancel third world debt, and the Movement for Black Lives for free tuition for African Americans,” Andrews wrote. “Both of these are examples of removing the knife from our backs, rather than healing the wound. Third world debt was an unjust mechanism for maintaining colonial economic control and allowing free access to a deeply problematic school system will not eradicate the impacts of centuries of oppression.”

The best way to solve the issue of reparations would be for developed countries to transfer their wealth to less developed nations, Andrews argued.

“Nothing short of a massive transfer of wealth from the developed to the underdeveloped world, and to the descendants of slavery and colonialism in the west, can heal the deep wounds inflicted … But real reparatory justice would allow the developing world to build strong, sustainable economies that could eradicate global poverty,” Andrews wrote.

The professor also said that reparations are still necessary because the wounds of slavery have not healed yet, as evidenced by conditions in sub-Saharan Africa and police brutality against black people.


Where would that money end up, most likely in the hands of the same tribal chiefs that enabled the trade,


How many generations back do the sins of the father adhere?

Are blameless families forced to pay too?

Make Islam pay, the slavery is in their stupid life manual.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I love Texas.

For those on tablets:



I love Texas

You aren't alone as TX attracts more Americans on the move than any other state, followed by FL and SC. States losing the most residents are blue hells NY, IL, and much of New England.


Only one of these pictures is real ...

You have to click here to see the humor

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fox seems to think their job is to run a critique on the President's statements and visit in Texas. Now Ari Fleischer is on saying what the President should say.

I am getting annoyed.

Frau Pangaea

Miss M - the word "beclown" was made for fools like those critics.

btw - Mr. Frau who went to grade school during WWII was taught Wegener's tectonics theory. International resistance to his *odd* ideas starting in 1910 until the 1960s, coupled with unfortunate translations, kept his theory from receiving merit.

the hypothesis was initially met with skepticism from geologists who viewed Wegener as an outsider, and were resistant to change. The one American edition of Wegener's work, published in 1925, which was written in "a dogmatic style that often results from German translations",[**] was received so poorly that the American Association of Petroleum Geologists organized a symposium specifically in opposition to the continental drift hypothesis.(wiki)

** "Deutsch Sprak, schwer Sprak"

Miss M might appreciate this quote:
His brother Kurt remarked that Alfred Wegener’s motivation was to “reestablish the connection between geophysics on the one hand and geography and geology on the other, which had become completely ruptured because of the specialized development of these branches of science.”

Frau Pangaea

I'm beyond annoyed and ready for pitchforks.


From the last thread:

4 cities in Canada

As hard to believe anyone in the US really wants to hear from her, why would anyone in Canada? Or maybe these are all the people who said they would flee to Canada after Trump's election? (Of course none of them actually did.)


Strassel was always a bit more level-headed than Bret Stephens and some of the other WSJ #NeverTrumpers. I don't think she's fully warmed to Trump but at least she can write about him honestly and give credit where credit's due, and recognizes the opposition for what it is.

Steve Earle Song Ideas

So the British are finally talking about reparations to those with Irish heritage for Oliver Cromwell and the rest, thank goodness.....oh, that's wrong, I see it's about Brits telling America how to handle reparations to our black citizenry. Never mind.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is really interesting. As I said, noticing the shapes of the continents in grade school and then reading about how Wegner's theories were finally accepted,when I was in college, sort of bookended my education, and I was pleased to see he was vindicated before he died.

Geology and geography have really become separated. All you have to do is look at National Geographic. The shift in geography to cultural and social studies from physical geography has been a major fail as far as I am concerned.

A gal I went to high school with always insisted that we should teach more geography. It helps later in life when you read "Indonesia" and know it is not populated by fur-clad peoples with Malamutes.

I once worked for a supervisor at the furniture store that didn't realize Switzerland was in Europe.


the previous unwillingness of Texas Republicans to vote for Democrat-sponsored Sandy relief in 2013.

TM, I believe that's fake news. Gabriel Malor was all over that on Twitter. The opposition was because there were funds in the bill going to non-Sandy-related items (big surprise).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My ancestors were driven out by the Clearances in Scotland and then the Stuart Uprising.

The only reparations I want is for the Brits to quit giving us advice.


That seems ridiculous because geography shapes culture, not the other way around.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


True, but if you look at the textbooks the physical surroundings seem to be treated as simple background.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Concrete barrier on highway washes away due to flowing water. Amazing video.


This is the tweet referred to in my 1:56.



I realize I might be signaling


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So once the reparations are doled out we will see the conquering tribes giving their share to the remnants they conquered and/or enslaved and/or sold into slavery, right?

Perhaps all modern men should burn all their wealth as tribute to the Neanderthals we displaced.

When are mammals going to give birds back the planet the dinosaurs rightfully ruled?

Ralph L

geography shapes culture, not the other way around.
In the Nat Geo magazine, climate change shapes everything.


McCarthy asserts pardoning Arpaio was improvident
Trump’s Unmerited, Unnecessary, Impulsive Pardon of Sheriff Arpaio

Predictable defense of the judiciary.


that is some concentrated evil narciso. Saddam Hussein, Oil for Food money, and the three stooges Blago, ValJar and Odumbo. Oh yeah, the Saddam Oil for Food guy funded the Clintoons too.

Why aren't their 50 people in jail for that?


That fellow is just one of those 'criminals who operate above the law' like these characters here:

Yes stranahan didn't credit the original researcher,


Ignatz - I got thinking that fire is the root of global warming. Burning stuff is what releases the carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. Burning up the wealth will warm the globe, so better to just let the wealth rot.

Ralph L

Cboldt, that releases gas, too. Bury it.

Dave (in MA)

Democracy Dies in Darkness Behind Paywalls


Yes, Andy McCarthy's judgment seems questionable sometimes, but obviously he's getting paid by NR, so it's somewhat understandable. Doesn't he still vouch for Mueller's impeccable reputation?

Ralph L

Dave, I can't get through, either. I tried turning off adblocking to no avail.


The surprise! Judge dismissed Palin's lawsuit vs NYT. So claiming you're stupid lets you say anything about anyone.

The judge has sexual relations with hamsters. /moron

let's see if that works.


Hamsters are more discriminating, so I'm lead to understand



Extraneous - I don't know McCarthy on Mueller, but based on McCarthy's general bent, I can't see him coming out against Mueller's reputation.

He has said that
the appointment of Special Counsel is flawed

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Hamsters are more discriminating...--

Richard Gere may not be. :)


Henry - heheheheh. well, Clarice can modify her defense of judge Rakoff. The reason he gave for needing a hearing telegraphed his intention to spike the compliant. On to the Circuit Court of Appeals.

Captain Hate

Gabriel Malor was all over that on Twitter. The opposition was because there were funds in the bill going to non-Sandy-related items (big surprise).

Malor, when not talking about the topic that makes him and others batshit insane, usually makes sense; unfortunately he can't not address THE TOPIC.

Just finished watching Secondhand Lions with Mrs H; all the thumbs up were richly deserved. Very touching and perfectly cast.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

Unlicensed rocket surgery being practiced:



So in my past there were some slave owners, and if my nephew's DNA test is to be believed, probably a slave or two in my lineage.

Does that mean I can just move my shekels from my right pocket to my left pocket and call it even?


McCarthy is a lawyer trapped in Lawyer-World and he is most definitely not alone. They think everything is subservient to legal process. They are wrong.




Those are outrageous assertions and objectively false in Political-World. Honestly, how anal-retentive must you be to write this: "Consequently, the president’s issuance of a pardon, which aborts the appellate process, is inexplicable."

Oh? Inexplicable ???

Bull Scheiße !!! That's' an insulting write-up.

One of the things lawyers of all stripes need to be much more attentive to -- the country is sick of lawyers and judges, too. And I don't mean a little bit.


MM's link at 3:05

The only thing that would have made that CNN interview better would have been the mom pointing out that if CNN really gave a shit they would share the proceeds from the next ad they ran.


McCarthy is a lawyer trapped in Lawyer-World

That's exactly right. The legal process he views as infallible, even if it is misapplied or used politically. Usually he is worth reading, but you have to keep his viewpoint firmly in mind.

Captain Hate

I don't know if Levin pointed this out last night because he hit so many bases it was hard to keep track, but a fellow Moron pointed out this morning that the pardon of Arpaio (which I've been consistently misspelling previously) is exactly the sort of political agenda driven prosecution tailor made for a Presidential pardon


I told you that Judge Rakoff was no good. Appeal,Sarah!
Following up on a topic from previous thread my record collection is 88% homo show tunes, 11% spoken word/documentary.


McCarthy and others critical of the pardon cast it as a systematic attack, rather than a one-off. And DrJ, you are right, McCarthy rejects that a judge can be a partisan hack. I think he wants to be nominated for a judgeship, and is burnishing his credentials.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

LOL, peter.


Palin v. NYT Opinion and Order, SD NY 1:17-cv-04853

Bypass the reporters, here is the court-issued material.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


On Conservative Treehouse I suggested we find her name and start a GoFundme page for her. Honest to God, as broke as I am I would send her 20 bucks!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Was McCarthy going to chip in for the attorney fees for the appeal process? How about the fact that the man is 85 years old and has a wife with cancer? Is he supposed to spend another year and a half spending money and worrying? What about his wife?

Bloodless creep. THIS is why the National Review guys are not understanding Trump voters.

They have hearts of stone.


By Rakoff's logic, NYT can defame people all day long, as long as no living, breathing human being author is named.


Careful iggy, hate will accuse us of being on pornhub (what do you know autospell completed that? )


Good lord:


“Floodwaters will not drown fire ants. Instead, their colonies emerge from the soil, form a loose ball, float, and flow with the water until they reach a dry area or object they can crawl up on,” explains Paul R. Nester, a specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. “Floating fire ant colonies can look like ribbons, streamers, mats, rafts, or an actual “ball” of ants floating on the water.”

If you have to get in flood waters, make sure you’re dressed for it: cuffed gloves, rubber boots, any protective rain gear that will prevent ants from getting on your skin. “If you are in a row boat, do not touch the ants with the oars since they can ‘climb aboard’ via the oars,” warns Nester.

Sheesh. Guess I'm going to have to quit bitchin' about the 100F heat we're experiencing today...


New thread.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

LOL 2.0, Peter.

Buford Gooch

CH @ 3:07

I'm surprised the didn't get Sandy Koufax mixed in there as well.

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