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August 14, 2017


Dave (in MA)


At least the real Cat in the Hat never had an asshat.


Definitely not good news about Ukraine but representative of a serious problem going forward -- increasing incentives to sell to unscrupulous actors.

* * *

daddy, from our vantage point here in North Florida the flagship newspaper of Morris Communications used to be the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.


In that sale you mentioned, Morris sold their operations to an outfit with a heavy Florida presence -- with daily papers in Daytona, Gainesville, Ocala, Lakeland and Sarasota among others. But they do so much of their stuff out of Austin, Texas:


What will daily newspapers look like five years from now? I'm not sure anyone knows.


Well my local fishwtap is carp, but its thinner than mcclatchy.


So if both sides bus people in to Charlottesville to stir up crap, the Alt-Rightish side is more guilty than the Alt-Leftish side?

More PC crap being shoved down our throats by the press and the "elites".



Wait, isn't Ukraine who Hillary was collaborating with?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This entire Charlottesville thing is wheels within wheels.

How much of this is people like Cernovich encouraging the alt right demonstrations and how much funding does he get from Ukraine or Russia?

Who funds Antifa? David Duke? BLM?

I would like to see an investigation of funding for all of these groups.

I also want a law that you cannot demonstrate with your face covered.


Things that make you go hmmm. Kessler was an occupooper before setting up his alt right group. This is from the SPLC. Kessler set up the "Unite the Right" event. Former Obamabot until November.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


There you go. I am telling you, this is more complicated than the media is letting on, since they are happy to frame it as "violent Trump supporters and Nazis" while totally ignoring WHO is behind all of this, including Antifa and BLM.


Just another day ending in y. Re the discussion of volodya the napoleon of this last revolutionary eruption is interesting one of the worst is Richard louries (no relation) who happened to have been a consultant to red queen,
Stephen Myers of Carlos slims produced a relatively serviceable account.



If Trump cannot bring himself to name and shame the Nazis that claim to support him, then he has no real credibility attacking the AntiFi. And the other side needs attacking, because they are looking to run amok:



Yes but her group is new Ukraine, were speaking of Ukraine classic, although oligarchs involved in her foundation straddled both camps


Appalled... your failed memes have no power here.

Captain Hate

Forked tongues not wanted:



They don't want to pawn it off on the old regime



The activist groups in Maine were able to get the message out about rallies in towns all over the state yesterday. Many people showed up on a beautiful summer afternoon to attend. They must have a bat signal. We also have a history lesson in the Bangor paper about the klan's presence in Maine in the 1920s. The group was anti-immigration and anti-Catholic. The influx of French-Canadians and Irish upset Protestant sensibilities. The group was short-lived,because many towns created laws against large groups of people wearing hoods holding gatherings.


So its a mystery how putin and not primakiv made it up the greasy pole

A little backstory to that report



daddy, Gatehouse owns the newspaper next door that it bought from Gannett. IIRC, Gatehouse’s sugardaddy many years ago was a mid-west pension fund that had dreams of 20 percent returns. Newspaper returns went south and, debt-ridden, Gatehouse was basically sold to a new investor.

They tend to run ad-wraps dotted with the appearance of news. Too much ad and circ revenue is sent back to the main office for debt service. Ad reps are obliged to sell financial services and other business services that have nothing to do with news. Staffs are cut to the bone. Even ad production is often shipped out to centralized factories.

I do not complain. Many others do. I want to get up and read a good newspaper but don’t want to compete against one.

If you run across one of the new owners or publisher, tell them they are welcome to email me. They should be aware that not all journalists are journalists.

Happy to see someone interested in the success of local news.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

From Henry's link:

“Cultural Marxism” refers to a conspiracy that a group of Jewish leaders escaped Nazi Germany and have since sought to “erode Western values” through cultural influence.

Umm whut?


One wonders if general flymns department has noted this:



Yes they can't say Frankfurt school, whose lead proponent marcuse who was a student of heidegger (ht desouza) inspired the sods.


Stephanie... That is who the Occupoopers didn't like, who Antifa doesn't like, who KKK doesn't like. They are all allies with eachother.

Tom Maguire

As to Appalled's point about Trump being such a mush-mouth in condemning the neo-Nazi right:

1. I denounce the neo-Nazis. The Republican Party eventually ejected Paat Buchanan, who no one claimed was ignorant or inarticulate. WFB gave the heave-ho to the John Birchers. This has been done before and conservatives need to do it again.

2. Trump was famously forgetful about David Duke just before a Super Tuesday during the primaries.

3. That said, there is a 'Punch in your weight class" dynamic - Trump blasting McConnell is one thing; blasting D Duke is reasonable; but blasting these nobodies? Less clear Trump ought to, because...

4. These are life's losers. What about "Hate the sin, love the sinner"? If we (Who is 'we'? Don't ask, yet anyway) want to bring these guys back into the social mainstream we can't just cast them out.

5. OTOH, there are two defensible reasons for casting them out (as with most social norms):

5A: Deter others from crossing that line;
5B: Virtue-signal your own solidarity with the group norm.

For illustrative rambling let me contrast Trump's role with mine. I may as well virtue-signal on this because no one in my social circles is anywhere in or near the neo-Nazi line.

But Trump has a leadership role in rehabilitation as well as deterrence and self-puffery. So MAYBE his gut is telling him to play both sides of this.

6. Also annoying Trump is this asymmetry: the media and the left are pretty vague and abstract in "condemning" the antifa, the authentic voices of progressive rage.

Well. The neo-Nazis and the anti-fa need each other. Too bad various "leaders" on each side feel the same way.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's interesting to compare 2 papers in my area. The Indianapolis Star was sold by the Pulliam family to Gannett. You now have to PAY for obituaries, ad revenues have gone south, no local news except what the mayor (currently a democrat) and the black groups are doing. Circulation is dwindling. They cover little sports except the Colts and the Pacers, unless there is a big scandal. They emphasize SJW stuff ineverything, like the plight of single gay dads on Fathers' day, Kwanza celebrations while ignoring Christmas, etc. I think they all want to get hired by the NYT or WaPo.

On the other hand, the Daily Journal (based in Franklin, the county seat of the county just south of Indy) has a nice little paper. They make sure to cover local high school sports (with pictures), local church news, county commissioner and school board meetings, police runs, etc. They do carry national news, but their big emphasis is on local and state, which is NOT covered by cable. They have a robust letters to the editor column, too.

Daily Journal is slowly growing, while the Star is shrinking. There is a lesson here.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

When the left and the media scream at Trump for NOT calling out the white supremacists specifically what they're really mad about is that he insisted on INCLUDING the leftwing fascists.

How can the left play the victim card if people don't pretend they aren't violent?


They want the reader to believe that the Frankfurt School and Gramsci's March through the Institutions are just conspiracy theories, not that they are blueprints now being acted on.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm waiting for Charles Blow or Andrea Mitchell to say "you're more likely to be hit by lightning than be killed by a white supremacist."


The cynical side of me thinks "protesting" is a racket, paid for with under the table "walking around" money.

No risk to upsetting your disability or welfare benefits.


So who is actually supplying the north Koreans and the iranians



Your comment invites sarcasm, and I typed about five different wisecracks. But, seriously, all I offer is a point of view for consideration, and disputation that hopefully keeps both of us honest. If you think Trump is doing everything just about right, the I doubt I am going to dissuade you. It works the other way, too. I am surprised how little power the memes at play here have over me, and I am often pretty open to persuasion.

Thomas Collins

President Trump condemned bigotry on all sides, Appalled. The inappropriate comment for a Prez would have been to condemn a specific group when there were at least two organized groups, and perhaps more, at Charlottesville.

But help me out here, Appalled. I don't remember you excoriating President Trump for not specifically condemning the left side of the Dems for inciting the softball practice shooting effectuated by a leftist. I am sure I must have missed that post of yours. There was even more reason in that case for President Trump to single out one side, because there was only one side responsible for the violence.

I also don't recall your criticizing President Obama when he called a relative a typical white person. Certainly that is exactly the type of rhetoric that can foment violence against the group being called out.

How about all the white male bashing? Where are your comments criticizing both Obama and Trump for not calling out those groups responsible for that type of hate speech?


This Jason Kessler dude was an Occupy Wall Street/Obama supporter? Well that's just weird.


Thanks RG and SBW for the input on our new "News" owners.

Our ADN that just declared bankruptcy was nothing but a mouthpiece for WaPo stories, but what I hated probably as much was the censorship and browbeating in the comments. Very unfair, very one-sided. When we first got Fry 8 years ago I had to be careful walking him since he liked to steal newspapers in those plastic bags. Now I don't have to worry at all since our entire cul-de-sac has quit subscribing. I haven't seen a paper in anybody's driveway in easily 5 years.


I don't remember Appalled condemning Obama for not calling out the Ferguson rioters and the person who shot someone there.


Talking to an intern about journalistic responsibility, I described feedback loops: stimulus, response, and then recovery cycle.

We have lost the dampening effect of the recovery cycle that was built-in pre-Internet.

Journalists have an obligation to exercise dampening lest noise overpower signal.


MM, we give free death notices but charge for obituaries. That satisfies our responsibility for the historical record but allows people to write freely and to any extent about their loved ones.



Another item for your list:

There are people who think in following Duke or Kessler, they follow Trump. Trump should use his tweeting sklils to inform them, unambiguously, they do not.

In the meantime, I look forward to more of these disputes happening around the statues of the old Confederacy. That's unfortunate -- the people of all the communities that have these things should decide what to do with them -- not a howling batch of outside agitators.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

What I want to know is who thought the torchlight parade was a good visual. That seems to me to be as idiotic as if Black Lives Matters people demonstrated dressed up as Black Panthers or the Mau Mau.

That visual was carefully crafted to echo the Nuremburg rallies of the 1930's, and gee whiz, the press had comparison photos ready to go.

I have said for a long time that I am suspicious of a lot of the Alt Right people, particularly Lee Stranahan and Mike Cernovich. They are in this stuff for money and fame, and they are not above being bribed by the Left to stage some stupid event.

Where was the democrat party and Obama and Hillary when Antifa attacked Trump rally-goers? Did we hear one word from them? No. In fact, Obama INVITED Black Lives Matter people to the White House!

I reject categorically the idea that the President, without complete information, should have attacked one side while giving another a free pass. THAT is what the left wants. On top of that, if he attacked the Nazis and the KKK then the press would just criticize something else.

President Trump has many black supporters. All you have to do is follow people on Twitter and you will see. He has many black friends and has had them for years, although unlike the Left he doesn't parade them in front of cameras like they are pets.

His statement was thoughtful and eloquent and he even went out of his way to NOT blame Obama, which is far more gracious than I would have been.

When we discover the source of the funding for these groups, I hope to make a LOT of people eat their words!


This Jason Kessler dude was an Occupy Wall Street/Obama supporter? Well that's just weird crazy.

FIFY Sue:)


I want to get up and read a good newspaper but don’t want to compete against one.

Great line, SBW!

You ought'a write for a living:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I am surprised how little power the memes at play here have over me, and I am often pretty open to persuasion.--

Perhaps you should read [or reread] The Closing of the American Mind.

Take it from a guy who loves Trump's wrecking ball but isn't overly fond of some aspects of Trump himself, your viewpoint has changed markedly from preelection to post and I think it's safe to say Trump hasn't.
So perhaps your fantasy he would change for you didn't come true and now you're disappointed.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

and I am often pretty open to persuasion.

The lack of awareness is.... amazing. Propaganda has found its mark.

As a side note, I wonder how many As Seen On TV items Appalled has in his house? Or Gold Bullions?


Morning Joe: Al Sharpton Attacked for Refusing to Call Trump a Racist (Really)


No it is in the domestic sphere but not so much in the international sphere during the cold war,there was the trust, the polish win the anramchik network who pretended to be prowestern but in reality were soviet controlled


Antifa posters have been seen around Boston for this Saturday's Free Speech Rally on Boston Common. One of the Reddit boys posted pictures but I can't find them now.


Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”
― Joseph Goebbels


Via Narciso's 10:39. In addition to all the illegal bonuses Obama gave out to employees there's this: Administrator Scott Pruitt ended taxpayer-funded gym memberships for EPA employees, which cost roughly $1 million per year.


Google isn't helping me with this Jason Kessler guy. Only mention I can find is by NYMag quoting SPLC that he is a relative newcomer to the alt-right and then mentioning he might have been an occupy wall street/Obama supporter.

Tom Maguire
What I want to know is who thought the torchlight parade was a good visual. That seems to me to be as idiotic as if Black Lives Matters people demonstrated dressed up as Black Panthers or the Mau Mau.

Idiotic, attention-seeking, whatever.

As the saying goes, “The evaluation of an action as 'practical,' depends on what it is that one wishes to practice.”

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

May I suggest we consider not using the right/left meme when discussing these two groups?
They're no more opposite than Stalin and Hitler were and they can and will switch from being allies one minute to enemies the next just as Stalin and Hitler did and just as the left and Islam will.
If you read the "far right" stuff much of it is collectivist, anti-individual, anti-liberty, pro state and pro socialist drudgery with a racist and nationalist soupcon tossed into the brew, while the thugs they're competing with season their insanity with gender, diversity and internationalist spices.
They are flip sides of the same coin and on the same anti-freedom side of the political spectrum.

Let's demand the international socialists among us denounce the national socialists since they're literally blood brothers unrelated to any liberty loving American patriot.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's why psychos like Ben profess their hatred for Nazis; they're poaching on his territory.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Or, it could have been a deliberate false flag photo-op to invite the comparison.

As I said earlier, wheels within wheels.

That is why I want an investigation of both sides, who funded who, etc. Also the mayor and governor's actions and deliberate non-actions.

As I said earlier, I lived through the campus unrest of the late 60's and never could figure out why things got so crazy. Only years later did we find out it was all funded by the KGB.


I wondered how they get the label alt-right anyway? Who decides if they are left or right? The media, of course.


"name and shame the Nazis that claim to support him, then he has no real credibility attacking the AntiFi"

There is no moral equivalence here. Neo Nazi abuse is microscopic compared to AntiFa. As I recall Obama seemed to encourage AntiFa and fellow travelers and you voted for him. The cultural double standard applied between T-Party activism and Occupoopers and AntiFa etc is too obvious for equivalence scolding to be anything other than virtue signals.

Is the violent left attempting to strip the right of any ability to fight back by calling us all Nazis?

Yup, and Appalled plays along.



You're talking to me?

Trump was a President I didn't want, and didn't vote for. I had no idea if his Presidency would be better or worse than a Hillary Presidency (which meant I thought it was likely Godawful). I still don't know which would be worse. What we have is within the range of what I thought Trump might do -- but it was more in the "worst case scenario" range. What has surprised me is his inability to get all that much done. I thought he would be much more activist.


Antifa has instigated all the violence, going way back before most people on this blog had ever heard of Antifa.

When anyone on the left specifically calls out these violent leftist movements then MAYBE Trump can call out the non-violent OPINIONS on the other side.

Why do we always, always dance to the piper's tune? It's the same every single time.


What we have is within the range of what I thought Trump might do -- but it was more in the "worst case scenario" range. What has surprised me is his inability to get all that much done. I thought he would be much more activist.

What he's done is in the "worst case scenario" range for you but you're surprised he hasn't been able to get very much done?

What is "worst case scenario" for you, clipping toenails?

Man Tran


I deplore pedantry, especially as practiced in chat rooms, but your dampening rang bells in this borderline illiterate inguneer's head. We were summarily thwacked with a rolled up newspaper (heh) if we said dampening instead of damping. The damper in an old stovepipe is the perfect example of damping as a key element in feedback loops. Maybe just useful in that narrow realm. :)


Why do we always, always dance to the piper's tune? It's the same every single time.

Mostly because it is the only "tune" most of the media is humming.


So that freebeacon piece back when yanukovich was incharge and yuzhmash was funneling rocket technology to rogue states I'll take as definitive.


On our ADN going bankrupt, here's some competing opinions in stories by 2 posted our local TV stations:

KTVA: Edgar Blatchford is an associate professor of Journalism & Communications and Alaska Native Studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He said in a phone interview on Sunday, Rogoff did an “excellent job” in getting the news out to Alaskans...“I think the big names, The New York Times, Washington Post, the Alaska Dispatch News and even the television stations in Anchorage are incredibly important because they have credibility,” he said.

KTUU: David Kovac wrote the most popular comment on the newspaper's story announcing the bankruptcy filing and progress toward a sale: "When you publish nothing but leftist vitriol in a solid red state, that'll tend to happen," he wrote.

"For the first time in a quarter century, Anchorage may get a daily newspaper that doesn't slant hard to the left," added Suzanne Downing, a Republican Party official who writes the blog Must Read Alaska.

The sentiment that the editorial board of the paper of record may shift to the right stems in part from the fact that John Binkley, though not part of the ownership group, is a Republican and former two-term state lawmaker who is rumored to be mulling a run for governor.

John's son, Ryan, who is leading the ownership group, said that was not a factor in the decision to purchase ADN.

"As far as the editorial direction or the voice, we don't have any specific plan," he said. "We're motivated by the desire to see the newspaper remain viable. It really is as important to the community here in Anchorage, in Alaska, as any utility or piece of infrastructure, especially right now in these uncertain times for the state of Alaska."

The prospect of the Binkley family owning one of the state's major media sources if John does in fact run for governor raises obvious questions about how the paper could maintain fairness of coverage.

Off to work. Later.

Ralph L

Those of you who sign in with goolag, how often does it sign you out? It happens to me daily but at different times.


In addition to the nuclear freeze largely. Inspired by the bogus ttap nuclear winter study and the hystericism of Jonathan Schell and Helen caldicott.

Buford Gooch

I think "Appalled" should change that handle to "Appalling".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Appalled, you repeatedly hoped/urged Trump to smash the bad things you don't like, I guess assuming he could drain only that part of the Swamp you don't like. That's not how water works, even swamp water.

Now, when his own party in congress acts essentially on your mushy middle's behalf by refusing to turn the Swamp pumps on at all for fear of leaving the Swamp chilrun high and dry, you bitch about Trump.
His only method of forcing a profoundly recalcitrant congress to act is to threaten them with the same fire and fury he has NK. Presumably a Rod From God through the Capital building would be met with a separation of powers argument from you.

Hence Appalled = incoherent.


Appalled is a fucking idiot.


Well well well, look at the guy the MSM was all hot to interview in Charlottesville.

Brennan Gilmore. Deep stater.



Like I say only half kidding the fujimori approach is more appealing.

Ralph L

We’re not unifying. We’re moving in just the other direction. That’s the danger if he doesn’t move.
Gergen can't read. Trump was all about unifying in his original statement. Later Gergen wants Trump to condemn one side of the violence instead of both.
Some idiot at Althouse was posting the reactions of DC Repubs, trying to discredit Trump but making his look more sensible than RINOs.

Thomas Collins

Here is an analysis of how the Trump Administration is changing the NoKo's diplomatic posture.



Was this the thread:




dampening instead of damping.

This is so common these days that I nearly have given up pointing out the difference. Yes, the engineer in me always groans, but oh well!

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Any thought to the idea that this was a move by the dems to preempt the DOJ putting Antifa on the Terrorist list?

Sessions does that now in the wake of Charlottesville and the media will go insane.

Clarice Feldman

I read earlier that the parts in the NoKo lissiles were in fact from Russia, not the Ukraine. I cannot find it right now. If I do find it later, I'll post it,

Clarice Feldman



Craigslist ad in Charlotte, NC.


"Crowds On Demand" offering $25/hr to go to "rallies and protests." Posted 7 days ago.

Charlotte not Charlottesville.

Crowds On Demand has produced "concerned citizens" at meetings and town halls elsewhere:


Total astroturf.


But if is chuck, like bollowpoint at the horde, its just a day ending in i.

Buford Gooch

"Dampening vs damping". Reminds me of another set of words: Nauseous vs nauseated. The misuse has become so common that it is now part of the definition of nauseous.


Buford Gooch, that is one of my pet annoyances as well.

Also "disorientated" used in place of "disoriented."


My 10:39 link from searching yuzhmash and Syria seems to be most probative. Clarice previous accounts suggest they were closing up shop since 2005.


Citizen at birth vs Natural Born Citizen.


Brennan Gilmore, Mr. MSM Go-To Guy in Charlottesville as linked above, appears to be campaign chief of staff to Tom Perriello, a prog who just happens to be running for Virginia governor, who just happened to also be all over the MSM coverage of Charlottesville, especially Slate:


MSM now in the process of erasing Gilmore's name from coverage.

It's astroturf all the way down.

Appalled, any comment?


I guess that's why they call it the wilderness of mirrors:



Forget it, it's as fruitless as having a dialogue with Mark Waugh, good knows I tried.

Buford Gooch

Porch, I tend to think that when people say they are nauseous, they may be speaking literally.


Trump to speak on something. Live now.




My thinking was this...

Trump's President, whether I like it or not. I hope he does the things I like, and hope he does not foul things up too much with his mouth and his tweets. I hope he keeps himself focused on things required to drain the parts of the swamp he presides over, and does not follow his impulse to fight every single little battle to the death.

These were hopes -- or fantasies, if you like. These hopes have not been realized.


"foul things up too much with his mouth and his tweets"

He speaks a tweets truer than you.


I don't view the damper in a gas flue, or in a carburetor as a throttle, as the same sort of damper that appears in "spring-damped-mass" control system analysis. In vibration and control, a damper changes its resistance depending on velocity. See "shock absorber."

Just be pedantic.

Beasts of England

I assume they're discussing the RD-180 engine? We use it, too - for what it's worth...


"a damper changes its resistance depending on velocity"

Not always. In electromagnetic systems a fixed negative resistance can act as damper.



I'd be insulted if I understood what you were saying.


Do you recall accusing Trump of mocking a disabled reporter?

Beasts of England

Okay, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of avoiding political comments. Wine, guitars, golf and rocket engines are starting to lose their pontificatory appeal. Must. Be. Strong. :)


Some report said the same engine as used on SS-18. Google-fu says that engine goes by RD-263, RD-264 in a group of four.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Come back to the dark side. You know you want to.



Negative resistance is like a step above superconducting!


Actually that much more interesting, but how much of it is ts/cc/ noforn



I tried. It didn't work. Braves baseball and old movies can't fill the soul.

Beasts of England

That would be interesting, cboltd - those have been out of production / retired for a while. Maybe they're poaching those from ICBMs...

Beasts of England

Well, I was able to squeeze in another rocket engine post, Appalled - hopefully that'll sate me for the day. :)

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Space X just launched and the flat earthers and antifa types are out in force on their FB feeds of the launch.

I think I have now successfully crossed the streams for Beasts!

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