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August 16, 2017



Ryan is Speaker and McConnell Majority Leader because of their cowardly "better him than me" Congressional peers, not voters. Unfortunately, I don't see a reasonable scenario where they get the boot. Ryan got the spot when heir apparent Kevin McCarthy-CA suddenly became the focus of infidelity rumors. No such luck with Ryan and McConnell.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!

Frau Logisch

Praise Gaia! Overnight Baltimore is free! --not of murders or murderers but of Confederate statues.

“It should have happened sooner, I’m pleased that the city made a move,” Christine Manganaro told WJZ’s Amy Yensi.

“It’s not an erasure of history,” Manganero went on to say. “There’s lots of places where we learn about our history —
libraries, archives, public school. This is actually not the site of any significant activity during the Civil War so it’s not a historic site.”

Makes sense in a New School kinda way. Rachel Jeantel would certainly agree.


The LEFT created the violence in Charlottesville, they planned it, they paid for it and they REPORTED it. All designed to gin up their base. DOESN'T WORK. Only fucking morons and SJW's buy this horseshit.
Our mentally ill troll even admits it was a set up. How has this changed the political balance in America?? It hasn't. The left has created more shit stew in their own midst. The left is going to be eaten by the Crocodile of their own device. LEFTISTS stirring up trouble ends in death. They'll end up dead, but at what price.


I think it is fair to say that this sort of operation was planned long ago, and it was most likely planned with the assumption that Hillary would win.

This kind of direct provocation using false flags events--and this is most definitely a false flag event--coordinated with complicit state and municipal governments, the media and street thugs, would be used as one front to roll up opposition with the full force of government behind it,

Much of the Russian narrative, and the "fake news" agitprop had the same original assumptions and goals.

Like much of what we have seen since the election all of these fronts have merely (hastily?) been repositioned now that Hillary lost,

(and it seems that even now some Clinton Foundation monies have been openly thrown at this seditious nonsense; the whole conception of operations like this has the arrogant ,inept and overconfident stitch of Hillary all over it.)

These all textbook Marxist Leninist/Maoist strategies and tactics.
The only thing new here is that they are tired openly on the street in the USA>

We dodged one with Hillary, but we are in a Civli War. It will get worse.

And, of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with "slavery" or "The Confederacy".

Time will tell just how "woke" the American people are. Surprisingly, what we are not seeing thus far is the usual somnambulism. I think that the mid terms will be the key indicator.

There will be much more confrontation. There will be blood.

Trump has it in his power to decisively roll back this "Cold Civil War", but to do so some high profile people need to face charges and go to jail. The Left have certainly thrown caution to the winds and are wide out in the open now.

The real problem here is that the Left have to be removed from some of our core institutions. This is hard indeed.

In any event, Trump's comments show that he is no fool and that he knows what is going on. There must be enough people like Bannon in the inner circle to shine a light on what is really going on


It is most definitely an erasure of history.
How interesting that she felt the need to say that it wasn't.
It was done in the dead of night so no one could stop it or object to it.
Deb in Ga.:
In a rare disagreement we dishonor soldiers who fought for their states in a historical time very different from the present.
Les Nessman:
Excellent post.

Jim Eagle


Not to gin up their base so much as to delegitimize the Trump presendency. Russia didn't work and with the DWS and Paki IT thing they knew that they needed another plan to corrupt his credibility.

I call it sedition. And it is being practiced within the Alinsky model. The fact that CBS devoted 100% of its news (sic) to the subject tells you that the "resistance" things they have finally found the lever that will remove Trump to show others his type will never be allowed to rise again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They have been swearing that since David Plouffe tweeted that sentiment.

They may think this lever will work, but I am not so sure.

Trump has more tools at his disposal.

If that DOJ thing shows lefty collusion with the Nazis, that would be a game-changer.

Also, someone with money who ACTUALLY had the best interests of the nation at heart could buy one of the networks. Fox is lost, I am afraid.

The campuses are terrible, too. My grandson got together with 3 friends and rented an apartment so they would have a safe haven from the BS in the dorms and in many of the liberal arts classes. He only gets minimal scholarship money for living expenses since he is living off campus, so he has worked 4 jobs this summer in order to be able to afford it. That is how terrible it is.


GUS, your 1:23 is perfect.

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