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August 25, 2017



Still need a hazmat suit for the dangerous levels of smug in those stores.

Miss Marple

Not interested. I can't get grits or Campbell's soup.

Miss Marple

I am waiting in the car while my sister shops at Michaels for some craft supples. We have already covered hHobby Lobby and my knees are sore.


Momma just went off on the morning dog walk but she told me that today she is trying out the procedure where she ordered groceries on line and later either she or I are supposed to stop at Fred Meyers (a local grocery joint) and pick up our groceries. I think it's part of that Amazon phone in plan. Guess I'll see how it works. I like my local Carrs/Safeway since I'm buddies with all their check out gals but Momma is into convenience so she wins and we'll see how it works.

Miss Marple

Daddy, I used Kroger for a whil BUT they would not substitute in a way that made any sense and they would not substitute dog food at all due to allergies. And you couldn't buy alcohol on line at all!


they would not substitute dog food at all due to allergies. And you couldn't buy alcohol on line at all!

I can't think of 2 more significant drawbacks than those Miss M!


And you couldn't buy alcohol on line at all!




fasting blood sugar last 16 days: 81 and hasn't risen above 112 since 8-9-17. hospital staff hair is falling out in patches from scratchin re "diabetes reversal."

kev, you show those people how to cure diabetes! Tell them to read a book or two.

I'm have no doubt that you are making sure to get plenty of fermented food in you to keep your gut happy while infusing those needed antibiotics.

Thanks for the update! Enjoy your family.

Captain Hate

Hmmm, buying alcohol online; trying to think what could possibly go wrong with that..

Tammy gave a parting shot to Rick Wilson appearing on that Ralph Maddow fella's show, where all good GOPe's go to make fools out of themselves, professing complete ignorance about the funding of the dossier. Welp he's the go to guy when it comes to most cases of ignorance.

Jim Eagle

King Kullen, America's Oldest Grocery Store (so they say), has phone in and internet ordering. Then you drive there pay and pick it up. I use the Bridgehampton store from time to time and there a constant noise on the tannoy for Number so and so your order is ready for pickup. It seems everyother shopper is an employee doing the shopping for someone else.

More of hands off anti-social lazy culture we are breeding. Unlike me where I give Frederick my card and list and send him to Citarella on his bike:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I bought a sketch pad and some raphite pencils. I have a full set of Derwent color penciils and I want to start drawing. O need something to do that leaves a product besides filling up the vacuum with dog hair. None messy craft with minimal equipment needed. My type exactly.

I think I will go check what's happening on Twitter. I will bring any news over here.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

I have spoken w/ @GovAbbott of Texas and @LouisianaGov Edwards. Closely monitoring #HurricaneHarvey developments & here to assist as needed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

White House Statement on Hurricane Harvey:




Gee, I wonder who the "source" was? If there's a more self-inflated idiot in politics (I know, I know...) than Kasich, I don't know who it is. Humorless, self-righteous, hectoring and tiresome, Kasich has zero chance of ever being president of the United States, even if his father was a postman, or something.

Throw in some choice epithets and/or other bawdy language and this could have been written by CH... ;)


And your feel-good-story-o'-the day:



Miss Marple the Deplorable

Shep is off today and John Scott is on, so if you want to turn on Fox for hurricane news, you are safe.

Shep is probably on his way to Houston where he can scream and cry on camera.


kev - so glad to hear from you! Sounds like you are making great progress. I'm sure having family visiting will add happiness which is a key element to getting well.

I thought of you and others here when the orthopedic resident poo-pooed my addition of Vit. D, calcium, and Vit. C to aid in healing my fracture. "Go ahead if it makes you feel better, but there are no studies that prove it does any good!"

So, I do plan to 'go ahead' because I do believe it makes me feel better.


Just started getting a headache -- I rubbed my temples, looked at my husband and told him "I feel Harvey coming closer" and laughed. He frowned. :)

Distance is over 500 miles.

Interesting, I think. Approaching cells of bad weather, especially bad thunderstorms, always have given me headaches. My husband never has been bothered in any way by weather -- no arthritis aches, either. I was so glad when a couple of women went to work at our law office, and they both got headaches when bad weather approached. One of my sisters is the same way, but I couldn't use that as confirmation with my husband. (He rolls his eyes, considering us too sensitive.)

We have The Osage west of us, and when bad weather blows in from there, I often feel it with a dizzy head.

I know this is way, way OT.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't get headaches, but my joints drive me nuts when bad weather is approaching. My sister calls me the human barometer.


No alcohol on line? Of course there is! All sorts of wine, spirits and beer clubs, gift baskets, and so on.

WalMart will do home delivery too. Dry goods and preserved foods, mostly. No produce, dairy, refrigerated or frozen. If I have to go to the store anyway, may as well pick up the stuff they won't send via UPS.

Tesla making news because their self-driving cars, don't. Flog the engineers harder! If we flog the politicians, will we all get free stuff?



Yes, sometimes my joints ache with bad weather. I used to tell this one woman (who had just moved to our town from Kansas City, MO) that had gone to work at our office, "My right hip is hurting -- there's a storm just west of The Osage." She'd shake her head and sort of sneer, but after about six months of working together, she told me she'd told her husband "Joan can tell a storm is coming with her hip." I laughed and laughed.

This headache thing is nuts. :) Sometimes I even get nauseated.

Clarice Feldman

I buy everything on line. Jet.com,Amazon, Instacart, Google express, fresh direct. I can't bear supermarket shopping. (I think wF--now owned by Amazon00actually had an interest in instacart.
I', sure I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like walking thru acres of cereal and soap to get to what I want. Supermarkets are joining in because it's cheaper for them than hiring clerks and renting a lot of expensive space. Outfits like Procter & Campell and such who've been paying for shelf space might grow to like it.


Cboldt: "If we flog the politicians, will we all get free stuff?"

Better not take the chance, start flogging!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Let me make myself clear. Yes, I know you can join wine clubs and such. However, being on a budget I usually buy cheaper wines sold at the grocery. Kroger is not allowed to take orders for wine, beer or liquor on their pick up web site. You have to physically go into the store to buy it, which sort of defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.

This is part of Indiana's archaic liquor laws, which are kept in place by a weird partnership between some protestant churches and liquor store owners.

Other weird stuff we have is no Sunday package sales, no serving of liquor in restaurants on Sundays unless they can demonstrate a certain level of food sales, no cold beer sold at groceries, etc. Liquor stores have to be closed on Sunday as well, and groceries (which just were allowed to carry wine, beer, and liquor about 12 years ago) also cannot sell it on Sundays.


Flogging? Start with this guy!
(Apologies for crudity)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am right there with you on grocery shopping. However, I go to Aldi's which is smaller than the mega Kroger (which I only visit now for certain items like grits, which Aldi doesn't carry).

Aldi is the lowest priced place I have found. Most of the on-line stuff is pricey and I am not really sure about ordering perishables on line.

cant touch this

"I can't bear supermarket shopping."

I'm ok with ordering paper goods and toiletries online, but I don't want anyone else touching my meat but me. Same goes for fruits and vegetables. Maybe if there are robots in the future doing the picking I will be ok, but I dont want some disgruntled minimum wage food picker who had a bad day potentially rubbing their naughy parts on my food.

(yes, i already pretend it doesnt happen in the stockrooms or in restaurant kitchens or in the fields in mexico)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Now they are saying 5 1/2 FEET of rain!

When did it get upped to that insane amount?


MM - I know Indiana booze law, or did as a younger man. HS and undergrad in Indiana. We knew to buy kegs in advance of the Sunday keggers.

NC has some weird liquor laws too, dry counties even.


My grandfather would be 130 today. Anyone top that? On the other side, the average is just over 40 years per generation for 300 years. I'm 56 BTW.

Posted by: Ralph L

Ralph L,

I can't top that on Grandfathers, but if we push it one generation back to our Great Grandfathers I may have you beat. My Great Grandfather was William Pumphrey Snead of Fluvana Virginia, born 1823-died 1903 The write up says that his first wife died in 1870, so he shortly after married his 24 year younger cousin, and in 1893 they had their last child, my Grandma, Lottie Moon Snead McDonough. (She died at 102.)

So I'm 62, and my Great Grandfather was born in 1823, back when Jefferson and Adam's were both still alive. Amazing, no?

Of other possible interest. My great grandfather, Virginia plantation type, had 2 other brothers and they all married 3 sisters. The 3 brothers were all too old to fight in the Civil War, but in the family History book, "The Sneads of Fluvana" (page78-79) we get this"

Seventeen of the twenty-one sons of the three brothers were in the Civil War. (Grandma Lottie said they were all on the proper side:) Long family history paste to follow.

One, the son of WilHam, Robert
Snead, was past forty-five; Burwell was disabled by ill
health, and one, named Peyton, son of William, had died.
At the call "To arms!'* they came from the marts of trade,
the halls of learning, and from home and fireside. Marcellus
was in Memphis, Tennessee, and went out from there with
the cavalry. Luther, with Gideon, who was scarcely out of
his teens, went from Charlottesville to Harper's Ferry.
Junius came home from the University of Virginia to join
the Fluvanna artillery with his brothers and kindred. They
used to drill on the church grounds here. They all enlisted
in the beginning and stayed to the close. Peyton Nash, son
of George, died after the war ended, as a result of exposure
in the Maryland campaign. Junius, who was Orderly
Sergeant, and Benjamin were imprisoned for two years.

Dr. George H. Snead was appointed and served on the
board for examining conscripts with Dr. Winston, of Farm-
ville. Captain Charles G. Snead, youngest son of George,
who went out as a private, returned as Captain of Artillery.
He filled every office in the company, showing decided mili-
tary gifts. He was detailed as a drill master while only a sergeant. At the battle of Winchester, on September 19th,
1 864, having the first and second guns, was fighting on that
part of the line held by General Rodes. When this gallant
officer was killed, his whole line gave away and fell back in
great confusion and disorder, when Lieutenant Snead rushed
his two guns up on a little eminence and opened a terrific
fire on the advancing columns of the army, and instantly
checked them, rallying the infantry around his guns, and
saved them from rout. Just as this was done, the General
commanding rode up to him and said, "Lieutenant, you
have saved the day."

Soon after this. Captain Massie was killed and Lieutenant
Snead was made Captain by order of General Lee himself,
an honor he has always highly prized. Lewis Brown, William Pomfrey, John Peyton, Luther Rice, Philip and Pomfrey Johnson were in Captain Roger's company of cavalry. Some of the time they did picket duty around Richmond. John Peyton rode up to a well to water his horse and was captured.

One of the three brothers, William, the oldest, was in
the war of 1812, and was in camp near Richmond, at Camp
Holley, General John H. Cocke in command of camp.
The wagon cind horses of Grandfather John Snead were
impressed into service as being the best to be got in the
county, and were sent to Camp Holley with drivers. John
Snead was in the Revolutionary War.

If the Sneads of ancient days were noted for their valor,
the same meed of praise should be accorded by the historian
of the present day. Many of the name had been in the
Revolutionary War; one, a Major Smith Snead, was a
member of the Society of Cincinnati.

And then there is this sad footnote added regarding LT Charlie Sneads valorous act stopping the damn Yankees at Winchester:

Note. — Later in the day the Confederates had to retreat.

Oh well. I think I was allowed to be proud of all this until last week:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh, gag, Chris Wallace is driving me crazy. I think that there is nothing more annoying that this little wizened weasel telling us how Trump MUST act.


Himmicane hype, MM. They'll be up to a ten foot rainfall and 40 foot tsunami, will get viewers. They a buried mea culpa afterwards.



Given rising retirement incomes, the Trump administration should reconsider its pledge not to cut Social Security benefits. The program is 25% underfunded over the long term, the Congressional Budget Office projects. Yes, Social Security should be protected for the poor, even expanded to dramatically reduce the number of retirees in poverty. Policy makers should boost 401(k) participation by mandating automatic enrollment for middle and high-income employees and allowing small businesses to form multiemployer retirement plans. But the data prove that providing adequate retirement incomes does not require Scandinavian-level tax rates or multi-trillion dollar unfunded entitlement liabilities.

Alternative title to this piece: Memo to Trump: please do this so you can lose reelection in '20. Signed, The GOPe faction of the Uniparty.

James D.


I would really like to see someone ask Jeff Sessions what he thinks about that. And if he's got anything to say to Mr. Manafort and his family.

But I guess as long as his toga stays clean, who cares what happens to anybody else who happens to get caught up in Mueller's dishonest witch hunt, right?



It's paywalled but you really don't need to read it anyway, it's all so utterly predictable. Here's one that isn't behind a paywall:



Here's some more utterly predictable tripe:


Quelle horreur!

Beasts of England

While lyle is around: I opened one of two bottles the younger Beastette brought me back from Italy - a 2015 Oniro Cesanese. It appears to be made by Casale Vallechiesa. It's incredible. Perhaps sensational. Haven't Goolaged it yet, so I don't know what she paid for it. If you can find it, please try it!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ran out to get a few things and Joe Bastardi was on the radio with Hannity. He said this thing was going to stall, move, and then circle around so that some areas will be getting heavy rain Saturday through Wednesday!!

That must be where they got the 5 1/2 feet.


Mr. Porch was laughing this morning about Whole Paycheck regular customers being horrified by Wal Mart and H.E.B. (our main Texas grocery chain) shoppers coming in for low prices.

And the employees will hate having to explain why they don't carry Skippy peanut butter or Orville Redenbacher popcorn or six flavors of Doritos.

Not trying to be elitist here. I love Wal Mart. I can't freaking wait to see this in action. I might have to go hang out at WF HQ on Monday.


BTW, MM, I think WF would have grits. At least here in Texas. Trader Joe's carries stoneground white grits.


Hurricanes don't often behave as predicted. I'm praying the stall-out doesn't happen.

Old Lurker

James I went ballistic on that raid yesterday especially compared to the handling of the Aswan gang. One was a nest of maybe crooks and maybe spies and were helped onto the planes with their boxes and wire transfers. The other was a senior white collar campaign guy for the winning ticket who was already cooperating with the government and his family was treated like a SWAT team drug bust of armed escaped felons on trash TV.

Both were done by the Trump DoJ.

But don't worry about the political optics or momentum.


Former Senator Danforth on Trump: There hasn't been a more divisive person in national politics since George Wallace.

So just so I get this right. This guy Obama:

You're telling us that Obama wasn't divisive. Everybody was A-OK with his promise "to fundamentally transform the United States of America." That was hunky dory. Everybody, including you and all the Reps, were onboard with that.

But Donald "Make America Great Again" Trump, he's the divisive one. OK. Got it.

...And the horse you rode in on.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Whole Foods here is way up on the far north side of Indy, about a 45-minute drive from here.
It's really not worth it to me to go up there, plus I don't care about organic stuff. I am your basic Midwest cook who learned in the last century. Gourmet around here is lasagna.

The Aldi's I go to is interesting, as there are a lot of low-income people (lower than me, even) and so while you might be able to find a few steaks, there is a whole bunch of chicken and bologna and ground beef.

The good thing is by buying their version of Rice Krispies, their version of marchmallows, and their cheap butte, I can make a whole tray of Rice Krispie treats for about $2.50. Heh. (I told you I am not a gourmet cook.)


I had to put up with Danforth's daughter when I was lifeguard at the St Louis Country Club pool. Dumb as a rock, but very impressed with herself.


The raid on Manafort was by Team Mueller, outside of DoJ control.

Buford Gooch


Please look into vitamin K2. Not just K, but K2. Studies I've seen show that it helps with bone health and heart health. I take it regularly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

As is Danforth, henry.

I swear to God I am going to end up like Ernest T, hiking along the road with a bag of rocks and throwing them at anyone who looks important.

Clarice Feldman

MM, my experience is that the shoppers who handle online orders do a fine job in anticipation of tips and when they fail, which they rarely do, my account is credited for the error.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Note to dumbass Danforth; it is preferable to be divided from punks with baseball bats.
Unless you have a gun.
Or a Dodge Challenger.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's probably because of where you live as opposed to where I do.

I often have to make last minute decisions on purchases because of sales, or not having enough money as I had planned, etc. I would love to have everything deliverred, but around here it adds about10% to your bill for the local shopping services, and as I said, the pick-up at Kroger seems to not be up to snuff yet.

Glad you have such convenience where you are, though.


Good afternoon! Here in the woods,we have limited choices for groceries. There is a Hannaford (New England chain) and a mom and pop grocery store. The mom and pop store has a bakery that makes delicious cookies. When hubby says he's going for a Jeep ride,I know he's going buy cookies. :)


Here ya go, Beasts:


I'll look it up on my Wine-Searcher app on my phone later. (For some reason my office has a really weak wi-fi connection.)


MM, I don't blame you. I never shop at WF. Occasionally I'll stop in for something urgent because it's on the way to work. The place irritates me. Although the salad bar really is terrific.


Clarice,do you have any suggestions for a bakery in DC that will deliver a birthday cake? The daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'd like to have a cake delivered to her office. She's going to be 40,yikes!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That reminds me. When my dad was diagnosed with diabetes, they put him on a strict diet, which, of course, he ignored.

He went to the doctor (I witnessed this) and they asked him if he was sticking to his diet. He LIED to the nurse right in front of me and said yes!!

The nurse looked over her glasses at him and said, "I believe I saw your face on a wanted poster at Roselyn (local bakery)."

Ralph L

Trader Joe's carries stoneground white grits.
I assume they're free range grits.
Are there grits of color?

Comanche Voter

My great grandfather would be 195. Born in Missouri in 1822--he went west with Fremont several times in the mid 1840s; guided some wagon trains on the Oregon Trail, was in the Texas Cavalry CSA--but had a "quiet war" keeping the Yankees away from Galveston Bay. Drove cattle up the Chisholm Trail after the war. My grandfather would be 165--born in Texas in 1852. My father was born in 1908--the last of six children. And he didn't die until he was 95.

Clarice Feldman

Marlene, I've never used them, but this place gets good Yelp reviews:http://www.cakeroombakery.com


They have grits, but call it polenta. Bob's to be exact. There are certain things only wf carries and so when I go that's what I get like frozen clams for chowder or linguine, severino gnocchi, grass fed beef since red has hashimotos and diet matters.

The bulk though I get at the normal grocer where I manage to go when no one else does and get the rest of the ingredients I cook with each week. I especially do NOT like organic onions, celery, or potatoes as they only have a long enough shelf life for the drive home.

6 minutes from the newest one that is clearly designed to cater to the takeout crowd on their way home.


Mrs. Buckeye sends me to the grocery nearly every day.

I'm free, and she never has to tip me.

That gal is a smart cookie I tell ya:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My grandmother's uncle had to leave Corydon because he was (according to my mom) involved in a lynching. (I have such noble relatives.)

Anyway, he got to Oklahoma right when they had the Oklahoma Land Rush. Since he had left Indiana in a hurry, he had a very fast horse, so he staked out a claim which came to be part of downtown Tulsa.

He came to visit us when I was very little, maybe 4. He had on a WhITE wuIT and carried a cane. Also had a white handlebar mustache. My mom had to take him to the State fair and I got to go as well. He mostly wanted to look at livestock. When he ket people, he would poke them in the chest with his cane and say , "Louis Mossler, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Who are you?"

My mother was mortified. LOL!

The Oklahoma relatives are long gone, as they didn't have many kids. I think he did help get my uncle into Oklahoma A & M vet school, though.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have got to learn to use preview. Sorry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tennessee‏ @realTEN_GOP 3m3 minutes ago

BREAKING: A man attacked a police officer with a sword outside Buckingham Palace


Thanks clarice!

Ralph L

Our Aldi closes for renovations this weekend for over 2 months--must go stock up.

I think we need DNA testing for some of these super late babies, just to be sure nothing hinky went on.


Given all the diet related info here, I need to shop at the local vegetable stands and the ammo store. I don't think I'm supposed to eat anything from a grocery store.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


For supper I am eating my leftover burrito bowl from lunch, as daughter has stuff to do after work.

While eating at Qdoba today, I found the cashier was the kid who grew up next to us in the old neighborhood - my daughter's age. What a wonderful chance meeting!

Old Lurker

cboldt "The raid on Manafort was by Team Mueller, outside of DoJ control."

Reporting to DAG Rosenstein and using FBI assets under the control of the FBI and through them, the DoJ.

Split hairs all you want...to the man in the street it was Trump's DoJ that did the hit.

Clarice Feldman

I can buy alcohol online at Instacart and Michaels is on google express. I can age in place as long as my IT connection holds.


Jim Acosta Attacks POTUS Over Hurricane Harvey BEFORE it Makes Landfall – Trump Supporters Pummel Him

On Twitter, of course, unfortunately.

Captain Hate

Regarding states with weird alcohol laws, including dry counties in McTurtle's state, I've still yet to understand Pennsyltucky's weird setup on buying beer to go. Whole Paycheck used to have really good growler prices but everything seemed uninteresting or cranked up in price during Beerstock 2017. Somehow I made it by... I used to drop unmissable hints to my children on beer of the month as a gift to dear old dad but it somehow didn't register. Now that I don't want one, they'll probably come through.

Whichever of Rupert's monkeys wrote that didn't say anything about clearing out the "disabled" deadbeats clogging things up.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Just arrived at Camp David where I am closely watching the path and doings of Hurricane Harvey, as it strengthens to a Category 3. BE SAFE!


Are there grits of color?

Hell no!

Texas Liberty Gal

I hate going into our Kroger's store but I love doing their clicklist & picking up the groceries later. So convenient. Wish it was free though but oh well.


Miss M, I was kidding about the diet. I would have to go to the bait shop too. ;)


Another machete guy in Brussels:


Yelling aloha snackbar.

Motives as yet unclear.

Old Lurker

Awww. She died at 112 "...Fenton was prescribed alcohol by a doctor for a benign tumor in 1943. She took heed, drinking Miller High Life and Johnnie Walker Blue Label daily for decades. When interviewed on her 110th birthday, Fenton credited the routine for her longevity..."

Girls Rule!

Old Lurker

Hey Porch what is the prediction for Austin? My Austin friends are in Maine and they seem undisturbed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

More on Spanish anti-terror incompetence from the incomparable Saul Montes-Bradley:


Texas Liberty Gal

MM - "I used Kroger for a whil BUT they would not substitute in a way that made any sense "

I always choose the 'no substitute ' option. I'd rather not get the item then have them choose a substitute for me.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, but you don't know what you aren't getting until you pick up your order. So then you still have to go somewhere to get the dog food, particular can of refried beans, spice, meat, etc.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My great, great, great, great, great grandpa would be really old tomorrow...but he's dead.



Pretty much just lots of rain and stronger than usual winds. We may be getting evacuees from coastal areas. I'm not worried except that I don't have that much beer. And if the power goes out and I can't watch the fight tomorrow night, I'll be bummed.

Other than that, just praying for the best for the folks on the coast.

Has glenda checked in?

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Frau Ringelnatz

Iggy, it's like the classical music stations reporting that today is the 478th birthday of Janos Paschtigowitz van Flohgelville. I don't think he enjoyed his day.

Jim Eagle

Late to all this.

1. Danforth is an ordained Episcopal priest.

2. I was an early WF shopper. My store was in San Francisco on the corner of California and Van Ness. Don't think its there anymore but it was okay for me. Did all my shopping on Sunday so I could pick up the NY Times, get a nice Latte and relax. I like there produce and cheese selections. Being from Southampton, I am immune to social constructs.

3. Jordan Spieth is en fuego at the Norther Trust, down island from me in Old Westbury. Close to -peter. Thought about going but Frederick's football practice put a kabosh on that.

4. It is disturbing to me that we have a very selective DoJ and FBI in re the Russian investigation and the Awans. Unless we are reading too much into the Awans there is no other reason they are not the no. 1 concern for investigation,

5. Shopping Citarella here is easy. Two aisles that wrap around and every thing you need, Butcher, fishmonger, deli, cheeses, coffees, breads, bakery, sushi, drinks, etc. all there. The foods and service are exceptional as are the prices:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr Paul Coxon‏Verified account @paulcoxon

Happy 99th birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/08/katherine-johnson-the-nasa-mathematician-who-advanced-human-rights/amp

Calculate BY HAND.…

Jim Eagle

One last point I wanted to make: Harvey will be a political dud. Abbott and Trump have this covered. Local responders, Texas NG, community spirit. Remember Nashville? No one does because true grit handled it not the Feds.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, looky here. Jason Kessler, organizer of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" and former Occupy and Obama supporter, has a byline on CNN:


mike in houston

Still just a few drops of rain in NW Harris Co.

Growing up in New Canaan,CT in the 60's my mom would only shop at Gristedes. They were way ahead of the times. They delivered (including liquor). Everything was charged and you paid on a monthly basis. Grocer would gather you order as you stood at the counter. They had wonderful produce and the best butcher in town. The deli guy would make us wonderful sandwiches and then call our mom to make sure it was OK to charge. Best grocery store ever,


Hey, maybe Trump gets a nice bump out of this hurricane. Bush was caught off-guard (and refused to defend himself). That ain't likely to happen now.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I predict Landrieu will try to pull a Mayor Nagin.

And Trump will nuke him from orbit if he does.


marlene, my DC source suggests Momofuku Milk Bar DC, but states it will be "ungodly expensive."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 28m28 minutes ago

Storm turned Hurricane is getting much bigger and more powerful than projected. Federal Government is on site and ready to respond. Be safe!

3,380 replies 4,632 retweets 17,656 likes



Clarice Feldman

Momfuku is supposed to be great. I didn't realize they delivered.





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