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August 24, 2017



well don't bother looking at the memorandum feed or drudge ... all rather depressing.

The Yankees won 10-2 last night so cheer up.


The coffee is hot. /end of good news

The Infamous Ignatz

Are you guys kidding?
When has politics been this fun since Reagan?
I think it is extremely good news that Trump has made it impossible for our "liberal" opponents to pretend to be liberal opponents any longer and are in fact far left lunatics who will undertake any evil including common cause with and defense and mainstreaming of their long time secretive allies, outright communists and anarchists.
Donald Trump, to expand on an eclipse theme, is America's They Live sunglasses. We finally get to see the disgusting freaky aliens who have been screwing us for the last 50-100 years for what they are.
Socialism doesn't have a human face; only masks that sometimes slip. And when they do the people either run away from it or kill it.


I'm not remotely depressed. Iggy hits all the points.


This morning I agree w Ig above.

That ZeroHedge link about the Charlottesville citizen CNN panelists failing to hold Trump accountable, or even agree with the moderator that what he said was inappropriate in the least, has cheered me up all morning.

I do want to keep my ledge options open though.

Captain Hate

Iggy FTW.

At some point, the inability to fire federal employees has to be addressed.


OK, here's something at least amusing: Hulk as Fitness Guru. I can hear the complaints about "fat shaming" already.

Captain Hate

We're all post-Drudge, rich; including me who hardly ever went to the dweeby jackhole's site unless someone here advised me.


Paulie Clean Toga Ryan said, that NO ONE wants the Fed Govt to shut down.

Au contraire Paulie!! You, "are not who WE are"!!!


I'm here for you, TM

Washington (CNN)The White House has prepared the paperwork for President Trump to pardon former sheriff Joe Arpaio when he makes the final decision to do so, CNN has learned.



Here's something:

Buford Gooch

Iggy wins JOM for the day.


Original source:


damn, I need to get with the times Captain Hate.

henry had the right sentiment.

Jack is Back!

We have a Great White shark pup named Finn just off-shore from our Dunes beach area.

Good news? He is only 4 foot 79 lbs so far.


Source for that poll, that is.

Here's the CNN segment anonamom referenced:

And more good news: Alt Left activist who sucker punched Trump supporter has been arrested:


and Massachusetts authorities are happy ... one lucky person won the powerball there.

Man Tran

Ok, try this again:

Anonomom, if you are still around, some local folks out here are doing something amazing. PADs for Parkinson's is training dogs to detect early onset of Parkinson's so treatment can be more effective. Our past mayor, an old USNA grad has advanced Parkinson's and they wipe him down and put samples in canisters the are mixed with others containing placebos. It reminds me of stories from years ago of dogs sensing certain cancers.

Stinky Joe

"dogs sensing certain cancers"

So if a dog shows a keen interest in sniffing my butt, does that mean I have colon cancer? Or crotch = testicular cancer? I'm screwed.


Reposted: Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


Menendez jury selection starts today.

Frau Steingehirn

OK - I'm still in the afterglow of yesterday's Mr.Pepper Ball's day of celebrity and enjoying Hillary!'s caterwauling which gave us all the creepy-crawlies.

...and my McClatchy newsrag can't keep up with DJT:

President rages in Phoenix, then calls for unity and love in Reno.

Our first Black Swan president keeps their heads spinning.

Eric in Boise

1) Hillary Rodham Clinton will never be President.

2) Trolls now are being flushed on a somewhat regular basis, making the comments much more readable.

#2 is a bit of a hint. :)

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Wasn't Menendez indicted because he crossed Obama on some issue? Not saying he didn't deserve it, but no other democrats who deserved it got that treatment.


Fall-type weather, you say? Try 100F forecast early next week for EiB and me. Me no likey. EiB can delurk more often to speak for himself...


I think Menendez was a critic of the Iran deal, then went silent. His indictment, along with Salomon Melgen, was 1 April 2015 (the corruption is alleged to have happened from 2006-2013). The deal was released 2 April 2015.

Not saying the two are related, but you know, just putting it out there.


nice to see you back Eric in Boise.

Comanche Voter

I'll go with Eric in Boise--with a slight modifier. Hillary Clinton is not our President--for this term. So I am happy.

But we still have to keep a watch--she may rise from her political grave like a freakin' zombie in 2020.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Is it true that Celtics fans are burning Isaiah Thomas jerseys? If so, that makes no sense. He was traded and had no say in the matter.


JiB, we get them around here too. This guy's lucky.

Frau Ringelnatz


Hello, E. i. B!
Greet Capt. Haiku for me
If you see him soon.



I don't think so Captain, least I hope not (language warning)

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Hurricane in Glenda's region has been upgraded to very bad. They are saying it will be blocked into Texas, they could get 26" of rain, and it could continue for days.


Repost to repost, MT!

Man Tran, back in the day, physicians diagnosed by smell/odor too.

Tell those PADs people to read Plant Paradox. Maybe those people diagnosed early can reverse their disease, like kev and Dr. Terry Wahl.

BTW--kev, Mt2---updates, please.


Good Morning!

Here's an update on that squelched Rotterdam Terror attack, where the police found that van near the planned Concert venue loaded with gas canisters: MAN ARRESTED IN BRABANT FOR ROTTERDAM TERROR THREAT

A second suspect has been arrested in a pre-dawn raid, but the Islamic Mayor of Rotterdam tells us this:

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said in a press conference on Wednesday night that investigation must reveal whether the Spanish man and his gas bottles have anything to do with the threat. He also warned against jumping to conclusions, saying the man could easily be a plumber who happened to be in the area.


Silver lining?

I count my blessings whenever the shower is hot and the refrigerator cold.


glenda posted yesterday that she was prepared. Stay safe glenda!

Captain Haiku

Lyle, 100F
Nobody's idea of fun
But it's a dry heat


I'm looking for some cheery, upbeat news...Suggestions welcome

See my post above, TM. The dozens of explosive gas canisters in the minivan driven by some unidentified Spanish guy in Rotterdam who's name, age, and religion are withheld from the Public, may simply indicate that he was a plumber, not an Islamic Terrorist. You'll have to look hard to find any news cheerier than that today.


Here's more cheeriness. Newt was on with Tucker last night talking about Confederate sportscaster, Robert 'Yee' Lee and ESPN.

Newt calls ESPN, "The Especially Stupid Political Network."

Jack is Back!


BS. Most plumbers in the Brabant, including Antwerp, are Polish. Never heard of a drunk Spanish plumber in those parts.

But Rotterdam is wear a muzzie stole my umbrella as I was walking through the train station. I considered that an act of terror since he started to rain as I walked outside.


45 this morning at 6:30 at the lake in the northwoods of the mitt. A big 59 now.
I wore my gardening gloves when I did my morning four mile circuit!

Just not feeling it for the outdoor fundraiser this evening---they already have my I have to go?

Captain Hate

Haven't there been tv news stories in the past about dogs detecting cancerous tumors in their owner?


Waking up is a pretty good way to start the day.

Captain Hate

Thanks, Rocco.

A-mom, it's like early autumn here but not that cool.


I have good news,I practiced driving yesterday! Yay! My next feat (get it) is to walk up the loft stairs. My foot is very tender,but boy,does it feel good to walk!
The other good news is the dog escaped from his fenced play area yesterday,but he didn't bolt for the woods. He walked into the garage where hubby was working. Hubby grabbed him and put him back into the play area.

Captain Hate

Delusions of anybody caring about him:

“Behind the scenes, White House aides have begun informally monitoring the political activities of an ever-expanding group of Democrats... — a roster that includes veteran officeholders like Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown…”
- Politico, 8/21


Two different reports came out saying the Trump administration is monitoring us.

Politico said "White House aides have begun informally monitoring the political activities of an ever-expanding group of Democrats," including me.

According to the New York Post, "Steve Bannon asked consultants to scour the backgrounds" of a group of Democrats, including me, as early as this February.

I hope they look really carefully Captain. Trump and his allies could learn a thing or two from us about how to fight for things that matter -- like affordable health care, ending Citizens United, or investing in our workforce.

And they'll see something else -- a grassroots campaign that they can't stop, no matter how many millions of dollars they spend.

We work together and build our strength one small-dollar contribution at a time. Match our $27 average online contribution, and let's prove to Trump (and whomever he has watching) that they are no match for Team Sherrod.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Express Donate: $5

Express Donate: $10

Express Donate: $27

Or donate another amount. As you know I'm the biggest whore in the Senate and have tried to pimp my fatassed second wife but got no takers.

The Trump administration is worried about me because I'm outspoken about opposing his reckless agenda. I have to say -- I'm OK with that.

I'm not afraid to take action against Trump's agenda when it hurts Ohio families. That's why I fought so hard to save the Affordable Care Act and keep millions of people on their insurance. That's why I won't let tax reform that makes the rich richer while leaving the middle class trailing behind become law.

I will not back down when the well-being of Ohio families is at risk. I was elected to look out for your interests, not special interests.

But you know I can't do this on my own. I can handle Trump's scrutiny -- but I can't fight millions of dollars in spending from right-wing groups by myself. That requires a response that I need your help with.

Let's show Trump and his allies what real grassroots power looks like. Give what you can today.

With gratitude,

The Restraining Order


The MSM will report this big time:
"There is an "active shooter situation" in a popular touriest and commercial area of downtown Charleston, according to police spokesman Charles Francis. King Street is currently closed between Calhoun and Morris Streets.
They said a man came from the kitchen with a loaded revolver in his left hand and announced "There's a new boss in town.""

Oh wait, nevermind:
"They described gunman as black man in his late 50s. Patsy said he looked like "an ordinary grandpa, but he had a crazy look. It was very crazy."


Mantes bradley noted the seeds of events like Barcelona began here:

James D

When has politics been this fun since Reagan?

I get what you're saying, but that's not how it feels to me. Discovering how much more unhinged and delusional so many of my acquaintances, and even friends and family are, than I had imagined in my worst nightmares, is not in any way my idea of fun.

Jack is Back!

Excellent article on Indiana and where the term Hoosier came from or didn't come from:)


Yrs its like you walked onto resident evil,

There Re three Interesting observation, 1) it was always related as an attack on El torrejon air base and attributed to hezbollah, a ship organization

2) Felipe Gonzalez made the same mistake initially attributing to eta

3)this cat was exactly the fellow bob baer wanted to recruit against assad and iran

Barry Dauphin

Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy controlling interest in Twitter by using GoFundMe, so she can kick Trump off Twitter. Surely, there is JOM comedy gold in them there hills!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Anyone with legal expertise please weigh in on this document which someone posted on 0Hour1's Twitter feed:

1. Fake or real?
2. Civil or criminal?


This Howie Carr column on the latest pair of Kennedy's going to jail is awful cheery!

“She responded (to the Cop) by telling me her name was ‘Caroline Rose Kennedy.’ She continued, ‘I went to Brown and I’m a teacher — sweetheart!’ She stuck her tongue out and repeatedly told me to ‘bleep off’ during booking. She cried and now asked if this would affect her job.”

---The family that burps together, perp's together.
---The family that hellions together, felon's together.
---The family that addicts together, Chappaquiddicks together

The family that ____________ together, __________ together.

Frau Ringelnatz

annonamom - that aspect of medical diagnosing came up in the movie "The Madness of King George."


Seems real but it was dismissed last year, seems to be a serial filer.

El cescanso seems to have been the first attack by a sunni terrorist perhaps working with mugniyeh, preceding aq by almost a decade. The location resembles the opening scene in the latest dewy andreas


The family that swills together, kills together.


Silver lining:
My son turns 31 tomorrow and he remains the same wonderful young man he has been since his birth. Red haired and freckled he would be a perfect Norman Rockwell subject.
He hasn't lost that joy in the simple things in life.
Hillary's attempt to slam President Trump has backfired tremendously.
The coverage of it has been brutal reminding everyone of how glad they are that she isn't in any position of power where she can cause further loss of life.


Wonderful maryrose.


Kennedy gal should be fired from her teaching job for conduct unbecoming a teacher who has students to show an example to in their everyday lives.
However, her last name will save her and if she has tenure.

Captain Hate

Discovering how much more unhinged and delusional so many of my acquaintances, and even friends and family are, than I had imagined in my worst nightmares, is not in any way my idea of fun.

Was pretending that a thin veneer of sanity was totes legit better? Meanwhile the country was being sold out. The day of reckoning was dragged out as long as possible by our Repuke betters so if you have any complaints with how bad it's become, telling them they're worthless piles of enabling shit might be a good first step.


Daddy, the IZZZZZZLAMIC Mayor of Rotterdam should be HANGED by the BALLS until dead.
He "knows" the "man" was Spanish, but he tells people, he "could be" a "Plumber".

What a steaming pile of Izzlamic bullshit.

He is the fucking Mayor. He knows the guy is from Spain, in fact he KNOWS who the guy is, yet HE his ANTI-PLUMBER and slanders THE LICENSED CONTRACTORS of PEACE.

and the MEDIA doesn't call him on his OBVIOUZZZZZZZZ dodge of the truth.


Excellent, Henry! And it's cheery:)


Love the Kennedy truths you posted.
I will never forget how Ted got his nephew William off .
His own murder of Mary Jo never even went to a prosecutor.
Clintons have many lives on their hands as well.


James knows all that, captain, its just a chore to keep brandishing the iris knife to overtone you thought you knew.


Ackers v. Brazile - PACER Monitor.

Separately, I read about a RECAP web service supposedly mirroring PACER, but for free.


other good news: WI is about to end a tax, the state portion of the property tax.

MacIver: Joint Finance now beginning at 1:30pm. Biggest issue up today: historic elimination of the forestry mill tax.


That Kennedy dude looks like the missing 4th BEE GEE........I believe his name was METH KENNEDY GIBB.

Captain Hate

Oh bullshit. It's like those Penn State fans saying I wish we could go back to when we could pretend that Saint JoePa ran the cleanest program in the history of the world. It was a huge lie that got thrown in their faces and the way they reacted to the truth made them look like monsters themselves.

Dealing with adversity reveals the content of one's character and it isn't always positive. To the credit of most non trolls here, people reacted well in 2008 and 2012.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

The doc looks real to me, MM but I only could see the first page.Who is the plaintiff and does he have standing?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Alas, it's not me.


Ackers v. Brazile Complaint

Defendant has filed to have the complaint ruled "frivolous." It's a live case at this moment. Not quite as far along as the class action against the DNC for rigging the primary.


Capn. The Refuxlicans sent a clean REPEAL bill to Lady Obama. He vetoed it.
Why are they not sending the same bill to Mr Trump.

WE ALL KNOW WHY. They are frauds. Anyone here is welcome to make the case for a SINGLE PRINCIPLED REPUBLICAN. I'm willing to listen.
Gohmert? Rand Paul? Ted Cruz.

Help me out here.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't know. I will keep looking around.


MM - Real case. Civil case. Details on the face of the document match the docket the named court. Complete 6 pages of complaint linked just above.

Old Lurker

Cheerful news?

We went from six occupied bedrooms for the last two weeks to just the two of us as of last night. The maids fixed it all back...Mrs. OL is doing her 13th load of laundry as I am (hide here) writing ... and I removed baby gates and all evidence of high chairs and outlet covers, and any bike I cannot ride myself is hanging from the ceiling in the garage, with wagons and beach toys and tricycles. Boccie Ball, Badminton, Croquet all removed from the lawn so the grass guys can repair that Friday. Grown children and their friends can do a number on my liquor supply so that trip is on my list later today.

Yes, of course we miss them...but we are both exhausted.

Dave (in MA)

Howie was giving an online discount to buyers of his Kennedy Babylon book with the discount code "Max".


Does anyone point out, restraining orders josh brolin/ Chris brown tendencies


James D, you need to hang out more at The_Donald. :)


Plaintiff is on the face of the page you linked, Gregory Ackers. See Ackers v. Brazile Court Docket Sheet which includes a brief description of action.


Guess which Democrat former Speaker's father dedicated the Lee and Jackson statues when he was Baltimore's mayor?

Did I hear Nancy Pelosi's?

You're right!


Enjoyed this cheery bit on Jeff Flake from Anonamom's link to Kurt Schlicter on the previous thread:

Through all this Tea Partying and Trumping, we normals got a taste for power, and we like it. We're not just going to just shrug our shoulders when the guy we picked gets deposed in a coup. We’re going to get mad. Really mad. And you're going to get primaried. Just ask Jeff Flake (Dork-AZ). Have you seen his approval numbers? There are strains of the herpes virus that poll higher.

Captain Hate


As I say about my children, it's good to see them come and better to see them go.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As far as I am concerned, the answer is Trump, who seems to be the only politician in my lifetime, even including Reagan, who is keeping all of his promises.


Thomas Wictor had a long thread on Twitter last night about how being able to "see" is a gift in a way, but it also leaves you isolated.

This has been my experience. I have one friend who is interested in the ins and outs of the Trump Administration and understands the Uniparty concept. That's just about it.

You can't talk about most of this stuff with a large segment of my family because they would think I needed medication.

On the other hand, Captain Hate is right. Once you understand what they were up to, it makes clear why we were repeatedly disappointed over one issue or another. They never meant it, whether lowering taxes or defunding Planned Parenthood.

Captain Hate will tell you that for years he tried to convince me of the Uniparty and I remained resistant because of my reluctance to see things for what they were. I made excuses for why something couldn't be done, usually because of political reasons.

Trump has stripped the masks away, and I think it's a good thing. Who would have thought that a staunch Trump ally would be Mike Huckabee? And who would have thought that the Bushes would turn out to be such snobs and Clinton pals? Who would have thought the election would have been won with the help of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Bobby Knight?

It's fascinating. Trump is making unlikely allies and revealing the frauds. It's really quite wonderful, as far as I am concerned.

Captain Hate

narc, he has more layers of irritation than TK suspects Zippy's birth certificate of possessing.

Captain Hate

To be clear, most of my nutjob friends about politics were either known or strongly suspected of being that way before 11/8, and in only a couple cases have they done anything to change my attitudes toward them. Life is more than politics. My blood relatives are all conservative but I just can't stand to be around one of them because of her self centered personally.


Love you Miss Marple. Capn' is the reason I am here. I wouldn't know Henry without Capn. He's also a fellow Terp.
Friends, I am going to the USAF/VMI game next Saturday. I have a BIGLY agenda in Colorado next week, including Pike Peak.


Love to hear the sound of “Flush!” in the morning!


When you dial down the ambient noise he has some interesting insight:

Brolin plays a thug, mire often than not.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple, for whatever reason I don't recall you being that resistant to the concept of the Uniparty but if you say you were then obviously that was the case. You usually went along with my rants so if we differed on that I probably thought that it was normal for two individuals to not agree on at least something.


You will love Pike's Peak.
Colorado is one of my favorite states! Have fun on your vacation and at the game.
So many things will play out in September in Congress.
I will wait and see.
I never let politics interfere in my personal relationships.
Many hard working people in Congress trying to do the right thing.
Price had a Healthcare plan but some people in the House didn't like it


Sucks to be Antifa. Judge allows warrant for user data of the website antifa used to coordinate Inauguration violence.


Perhaps the JOM Jeff Sessions Fan Club can make sense of this?


Maybe the problem is this. Sessions was the first Senator to recognize how smart Trump was, as is evident in that video that Miss Marple frequently links where during Senate questioning in I think 2005 Trump revealed his amazing ability to explain how a mega structure could be built and much it would cost in time, money and materials. That obviously blew Sessions away, so Sessions became a strong fan from that point on. Trump, understanding that Senator Sessions legitimately recognized Trump's brains, probably then took it as a given that if Senator Sessions was sharp enough to recognize Trump's intelligence, he was smart in other ways as well.

That second part is where I think Trump erred. Sessions was savvy enough to recognize Trump's intellect because Sessions had worked with Senate doorknobs for a generation and in comparison with those dolts Trump's initiative and intelligence was phenomenal. But that didn't mean that Sessions was as sharp as Trump assumed he was, not knowing the Senate. So tho' Sessions could recognize greatness, he did not possess it in himself. A decent guy, a dignified guy, a sharp guy I suppose in his field, but nothing out of the ordinary. He has revealed himself to my mind to be easily cowed by the majority "feelings" of his former colleagues, so we are where we are. Sessions lacks the toughness that we crave from the head of the DOJ at this moment in our Nation's history. Oh well:(

I continue to hope that Sessions may someday surprise me and do something I can stand up and cheer for, but 7 months into the Administration I'm certainly not expecting it, and if the Awan Imran thing gets swept under the rug I think it's heads on pikes time for pretty much everyone in Congress and in the FBI and the DOJ, including Jeff Sessions.


Antifa is going to be exposed and the big losers will be the Democrats who support them and those that take part in their acts of violence.
A battering ram with a ladder attached and the cops were powerless?
Heads need to roll including the mayor's.

Captain Hate

Remember all the privacy concerns when the MFM was asking for volunteers to go through Palin's emails? Too bad, Antifa.

Dave (in MA)

The MSM is salivating at the prospect of a major hurricane hitting a large urban area while a Republican administration is in charge.


Thanks, henry.

This is indicative of how long it takes to investigate and prosecute these things. While DoJ is working on inaugural crimes, with reluctant judges and well-funded legal teams on the other side, Antifa is busy wrecking sh*t elsewhere. Let's hope that "chilling effect" is for real.


Dave, it'll get Houston wet. The press doesn't care what happens to Houston.

Dave (in MA)

At this point it looks like it's going to hit Corpus Christi, but they didn't care about New Orleans, either, until they figured out how to use it as a way to hit Bush.

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