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August 27, 2017



Good Morning J O M

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good morning, boris.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From cboldt in the last thread;
--Whatever mess the country is in, don't blame Obama for it, because ALL of it is at the hands of Congress.--

Isn't that a little like not blaming the leader of the delinquents that all threw rocks through a bunch of windows on the theory they could have stopped him instead of joining him?
And Barry threw plenty of EOs and other executive rocks the worthless, useless, disgusting ::spit, spit:: congress didn't have a whole lot of control over.

Miss Marple


Point me to where Paul Ryan even SAID anything.

You are right about the EO's but they bear a huge chunk of blame as well.

Clarice Feldman

rocco from last thread:Maria Bartiromo‏Verified account
"This #AwanBrothers is going to get bigger. Wewere waiting to arrest to see who he was talking to @jasoninthehouse @SundayFutures @FoxNews

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My point, MM, is Barry doesn't avoid blame just because Ryan and company could have stopped him but joined in enthusiastically instead.
Hence ::spit, spit::

Miss Marple


It was Chaffitz who said that to her.

I wonder if he deliberately said that to light up certain phone lines and emails.


What say you now McCain, Romney? Defend them now you traitorous bastards!




http://flashamericannews.com/news/black-lives-matter-thugs-blocking-emergency-crews-reaching-hurricane-victims/ (From MountWeather/Reddit)


The grapes have been harvest, crushed and destemmed. We have 132 pounds this year.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Think I'll refer back to the original Latin from now on when referring to the antifa scum.
From now on it's antefa, as in they're precursors or, to use their terminology, the vanguard of total fascism.
"Anti" has taken on too much of an "against" rather than "before" connotation.

Captain Hate

cboldt is 100% correct that the GOP congress bankrolled the Zippy agenda.


Houston is home to two of the largest church congregations in America - Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church and Ted Cruz' Houston Second Baptist. Both claim over 20,000 members. MSM barely noted the great outreach to Katrina victims from AK Gov. Mike Huckabee and AK Christian churches. Probably did the same with Rick Perry and Texas Christians. They may try to focus on the misery and ignore the outpouring of love this time, but people are woke and that ploy won't succeed.

Captain Hate

According to the Horde, Rove joined in with Juan to blast the Sheriff Joe pardon. Rove should be the last to comment after his great advice to dunce GWB to hang Scooter Libby out to dry. Idiots.

Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

Super Pieces, Clarice, as always.
Touching on the tools of the Deep State/Open Society:
I hereby designate the SPLC as a hate organization. By their definition, they have determined that "Antefa" is not a hate group. Their place in the demise of our country was clear from the beginning, starting with their Orwellian name.

by Cate Carrejo
2 weeks ago
The now infamous Antifa movement made itself known to the country in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, counter-protesting, sometimes violently, against a white supremacist rally in the historic Southern city. The counter-protesters are attracting significant criticism from nearly the entire political spectrum, and many are saying the far-left activists are just as bad as the far-right ones. But there's one significant difference between Antifa and many of the other groups represented in Charlottesville right now — Antifa is not a hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center outlined its criteria for hate groups in a 2016 memo on why Black Lives Matter can't be classified as such. "Generally speaking, hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity," wrote Richard Cohen, the organization's president. That means that Antifa wouldn't qualify either, since the movement's focus is on ideology, not demography, just like Black Lives Matter.

Antifa hates the First Amendment, the freedom of speech. That is far more dangerous than a group whose focus is based on demography. The neo-commie thugs show up not to protect any group but to silent ideas *they* have chosen to eliminate.

Miss Marple

I swear to God I would pay cash money to see Trump pardon Scooter Libby.

Cheney would like it, for sure.


Actual headline in my local fishwrap (sourced from the NYT, natch):

U.S. Navy warships are hard for other vessels to spot

Yeah, you wingnutz!

Miss Marple


I didn't know we had perfected a cloaking device.


Well then, MM, you must not read Teh Slimes.

Jim Eagle

lyle & MM,

True in a fashion. Newest littoral style ships have lower radar profiles, much like our F-117 and B-2 aircraft. But that is not the issue or problem. Its the training, especially officers who assume deck watches and division control as well as sleep deprivation (skinny navy, more work for existing assets).

At least that is what I am hearing through my USNA-AT -LARGE net and other sources.


Reposting link to GOT locations around the world for the final episode tonight.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--cboldt is 100% correct that the GOP congress bankrolled the Zippy agenda.--

Yes, he is but he's wrong to say "don't blame Obama for it"; it being the mess the country is in.
Am I not saying "a pox on both their houses" [or I suppose in this case all three houses] clearly?

Gotta run.

Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

Didn't Scooter Libby get his law license back?

"Cheney would like it, for sure."
Prog heads would explode! I would hope Markos "Boots on the ground in a military repair shop in Germany" Moulitsas would be the first.


Ignatz - Obama couldn't have broken the windows without Congress. He said "throw the rocks," "jump off the cliff" and they did.

The new guy, Trump, is telling them to stop throwing rocks, and they won't.

Clarice Feldman

rocco, I think that last link is to a fake story. It's not reported anywhere and the article is strikingly lacking critical details--like where?

Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

No body gives a carp is right.

Jim Eagle

Good question.

Captain Hate

The Repukes got control of Congress by promising to push back against Obama. Yes it was Obama's agenda but the GOP had a chance to minimize it through the tools they had available and chose not to. Merrick Garland is the only exception I can think of and McConnell surely knew that he'd be out of a job if he caved on that.


the GOP had a chance to minimize it through the tools they had available

Which the Dems are taking them to school on since January. At this point there's no excuse for Republicans' failure to change rules to move appointments through.

Clarice Feldman


Insty on the Silicon Valley as Big Brother.

Clarice Feldman

Media lawyer Charles Glasser on the J D Kennedy Ministries lawsuit against SPLC and Amazon https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/the-hidden-religious-freedom-clash/

matt, deplore me if you must

What an utterly stupid comment above. FEMA did pretty good by New Jersey and New York.

Bradley Manning. Traitor. Pardoned. Marc Rich $100 million swindler and money launderer. Pardoned. Oscar Lopez Rivera. Terrorist. Pardoned. Hundreds of drug dealers and thugs. pardoned.

LEO doing his job. Misdemeanor conviction on bullshit charges. Pardoned. Total meltdown.

Screw every one of those two faced sanctimonious hypocritical bastards.


Yeah, I think you're right Clarice, I couldn't find anything else either. I should have looked first.


Time to spend some of the $1T in proposed infrastructure spending on Texas rebuilding after Harvey. Get GDP up. And so far, Trump has added about $10T less in debt than the effeminate community organizer.

I love the smell off troll sweat in the morning!


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


The Love Bus

Any illegals displaced from the storm should be provided free bus fare back to their homes in their country of origin. Note: any Irish illegals will be provided boat fare.


Harvey's a real monster, and itching to get worse:


Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

Amazon's Smile program can wither on the vine if it depends on direction from SPLC or the Washington Post's paid mischief maker David A. Fahrenhold ::spit:: whose only job is to bully charities to withdraw from using Trump localities.

Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

Pathetic neuropsychotic troll who brings carp to JOM used same tripe at Patterico with no takers.

Ben, this should be embarrassing for you. If you hope to ever escape your seat at the children’s table, you should fill in the obvious gaps in your knowledge. I hope you are able to find the appropriate remedial course.

A universal loser...

Jim Eagle
Texas Liberty Gal

JIB - Thanks for the GOT Virtual Tour - very cool. I'll share it with Mr. TLG & sons too. I know they'll enjoy it.


"Generally speaking, hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity,"

So an organization dedicated to vilifying - for example - law enforcement wouldn't qualify as a hate group according to SPLC?

Seems to me that if love is love, hate is hate.

Jim Eagle


By their own definition, SPLC themselves is a "hate group".

/pretzel making is easy if you are crooked to begin with

Another Bob

Re. that dumbass Chelsea's tweet of a WaPo link to a story of an illegal spending a "year in hell" at one of Arpaio's tent city jails?

It would appear that the WaPo's guest writer, didn't exactly tell the entire truth. A year in a tent city jail for a DUI?

Not quite: http://www.courtminutes.maricopa.gov/docs/Criminal/112014/m6586080.pdf

Frau Luegenpresse verrecke!

Strange, the videos I've watched had the Unite the Right group clearly chanting "You will not replace us." I've *read* that some were chanting "Jews will not replace us." Most all references now state that it was only the version with "Jews..."

Those sent FIRST to Hitler's concentration camps were journalists, businessmen and outspoken citizens who criticized the Nazi government. Opposition had to be silenced before the rest of the agenda could progress. The full horror came next.

Free Speech died FIRST in Nazi Germany, and it didn't require a law. Thugs with clubs can accomplish a lot in a short time.

matt, deplore me if you must

Wow, Soros must have done a Dutch Auction and bid down the hate rate to bottom dweller level. Pathetic.

In other news, POSdesta seems to have filed a bunch of amended disclosures admitting the work he was doing for Putin during the elections.

Sad panda face.

Anyone who gets their news from these pretend journalists is a fool.

Jim Eagle


Why qualify them with "pretend". Its the new standard.


Instead of dismissing this sheer foolishness


Jim Eagle

If you are watching The Northern Trust, is Jordan Speith the best putter you have ever seen? I thought Billy Casper and Ben Crenshaw and Brad Faxon were the best I had ever seen but Speith is like radar.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Fighting and bloodshed get headlines, which is what they want. So shut them down with lots of people but no violence."

Who are you quoting, Frau? Better to ignore them entirely, but the MSM won't allow that, being too intent on tying them to Trump.


Ah the solon just got his new jar of paste.


Max Boot? Really?

The NYTimes has completely erased the border between fiction and reality ... and doesn’t care. How #PostModern of them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a good thread with lots of information.

I learned the Cajun Navy left Louisiana today to help with rescue.


This is why legacy of spies will likely toad the wet sprocket, but this is the carp that they have bought in the UK, recall hannigan the dismissed ghcq is on 5he MOD tasjforce on cybersecurify in not making this up.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


From now on it's antefa, as in they're precursors or, to use their terminology, the vanguard of total fascism. "Anti" has taken on too much of an "against" rather than "before" connotation.
One of Clarice's Facebook friends has pointed out that the e-turned-to-i drift in spelling is the same thing that happened to "antipasto" which is the course before the pasta course. Whether you spell it antefa or antifa, it's the appetizer course of fascist takeover of the US.
Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr. Jill Stein🌻‏Verified account @DrJillStein 8m8 minutes ago

Our hearts go out to the people of south Texas, victims of climate change & the sold-out politicians causing it.


Just thought you'd like to hear from the Greenies.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TRUMP 24/7‏ @MichaelDelauzon

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Gov. Abbott urges Houston residents to flee the city! GET OUT! MORE RAIN, MORE FLOODS!

I think Governor Abbott has given up on the Houston mayor.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Indiana Task Force 1‏ @IN_Task_Force_1

#Breaking: INTF-1 14 member water rescue team has been activated to respond to Texas in support of #hurricaneharvey


Calling them antifa, just bolsters their self image, its the same crew of occupy wreckers

Jim Eagle

You don't think there is a f**king conspiracty by the left and all their donors, sponsors and enablers? Explain this:

Tomorrow on Stephen Colbert - Special guest Al Gore. Booked way in advance.

They really do think we are that malleable.


The interstates are under water. It's not clear anyone in Houston could evacuate at this point.

Jim Eagle

People in Houston elect their leaders. Their decision to leave or stay is the same as in the election for Mayor. If they were waiting for their choice to tell them what to do, its on them, not the Mayor even if he is a douche bag. Public education or as Neal Boortz called it "government education" has lived up to their proponents ideals and expectations.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Which is why Russell Honore was right; they should have started evacuating 3 days ago. All of the models showed Harvey stalling over Houston.

The only way to evacuate a lot of these people will be by boat or helicopter.

Houston mayor should resign, in my opinion.


Activate a Dunkirkesque flotilla of small boats.


DebinGA, where would those small boats take people? The entire coast is flooded.


The first time tragedy, the second time...sadly this was many who were in new Orleans 12 yrs ago.


Jake tapper being him self.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


15 nursing home residents in Dickinson, Texas rescued after picture tweeted of them sitting waist-deep in water.


Rescue by helicopter seems a very limited option. Why not many flat bottomed pontoon/John boats that skim the surface?


sadly this was many who were in new Orleans 12 yrs ago.

Well, they should know better, then.

Janet the expert 🚬

All of the models showed Harvey stalling over Houston.

Who believes THOSE anymore?

#ThanksAlGore #ThanksMichaelMann

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They have put out a call for bass boats, flat-bottomed boats, etc. to help. Louisiana has residents (Cajun Navy) heading to Houston with boats. Indiana is sending water rescue, as is New York. Coast Guard is sending both boats and helicopters.

I don't think Houston realized how devastating this would be. (Or maybe they did but were looking for the anti-Trump photo op).

The downtown area looks to already have about 4 feet of water. More is on the way tonight.

Janet the expert 🚬

Keith Olbermann retweeted hit!



Not all of Houston is flooded. The rescued folks need to be taken to dry land so they can be moved to shelters. I think boats are capable of that. The Cajun Navy is on the way per MM.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cajun Navy on the way:



Texas NG were prepositioned, with additional units ready to roll if needed.


1/4 of TX population lives within disaster zone. Whoa.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think I may be repeating myself, but I want to provide perspective.

About 8 years ago Indiana got a weird storm in which a huge amout of water was dropped on us in a 24-hour period. I am shaky now on theamount, but it wa somewhere between 6-10 inches.

What happened to me was that waer poured in through my basement window wells, flooding the basement rec room. My daughter-in-law got stranded in a parking lot and my son had to go rescue her with a work truck.

We had fish swimming down my street.

Note the rainfall amounts in that event (6-10 inches) vs. Houston which is already at 25 inches.

More rainfall and flooding is to come. This is a catastrophe. It is going to require fed help as well as Texas support.

Another Bob

Janet, not sure Olby retweeting hit is saying much good about hit.


We had a noname storm down in south Florida, in 2000, came up suddenly through the everglades, caused a fair amount of flooding in the main streets, it flooded my vehicle at the time.

Clarice Feldman


Janet the expert 🚬

Another Bob,
I know! I couldn't believe it.

Jim Eagle

Sorry all, but I have no sympathy for those who decided to stay and not leave even to live in their car 100 miles further away. Plenty of notice. You want to ride out a 'cane? Well you did it. How does it feel?

Been there and done that in Florida. Always leave, you never know how bad it can be.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"Hold the line."

mike in houston

Breaking news

Chris Christie was spotted walking along the
shores of Galveston with Obama for old time's sake, holding hands and
singing Glen Campbell's version of "Galveston."


Mike in Houston:
Post of the day!
The mental image is hysterical.

Captain Hate

I might be wrong (not being an expert on Twitter) but hit may have fallen for a fake account. Not a good look either way to be retweeted by the increasingly emaciated looking Bathtub "will broadcast for food" Boy.

Another Bob

Bingo CH..


newth read

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