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August 11, 2017




1. McCain better? Yes, but marginally. We wouldn't be living with an Iran deal. Other than that, not sure we would be in a much different place, except Hillary probably would be President.

2. I elected Obama? Heck, the electors from my state voted for the other guy.


One can be excused feeding on this minitrue gruel, but only up to a point.


Appalled assumes the "average voter" is an Obamaphile #NeverTrump like the clown in his mirror. recent elections show the error in that assumption set.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

New Thread!!!


Senate proposed "full repeal" was under S.Amdt.271 to S.Amdt.267 to H.R.1628 - 115th Congress

matt, deplore me if you must

The Beeb hit a new low again today. They must have these anti-American news stories in a desk drawer ready to run.

Today's propaganda was how afraid the nice Soviets were when Ronald Reagan joked about nuking them. Apparently, according to the Beeb the Soviets were quaking in their boots at American Imperialist Warmongering.

No sense of irony. No sense of balance. They even had some unnamed American official from that time with a nice thick Southern accent babbling forth.

Pretty soon they'll be camping outside of our bases in the U.K. again. As Corbyn becomes ever more fascismo.

Interesting that they have their own pay inequality scandal raging. "Do as I say, not as I do" seems to be the battle cry of leftists everywhere these days.



And I imagine that's what TK was going to get at -- that full repeal was not proposed in the Senate until July 2017, proving what I said about Mitch had to be wrong.

I didn't play, because a Senator is more than the bills he signs on to, and because the House has to be the initiator of this kind of legislation.


Full repeal was proposed many times, and even passed when Obama was president. It was proposed as S.106 in January 2017, sent to committee to die. The "must be initiated by the House" is practical BS. The Senate has a number of House bills it can gut and replace, and the courts will view this charade as "initiated in the House."

Repeal of Obamacare need not originate in the House anyway. An S.Res would pass constitutional muster. Reconcilliation Acts are the preferred vehicle because the Senate is dysfunctional and operates on what amounts to a minority veto basis. Majority does not rule.

All FWIW. The GOP is as invested in FedGov control of health care as the DEMs are. The only difference is the specific identity of the cronies who will benefit.


You imagine incorrectly again.

Here is what I am going to get at:

McConnell's first idea (repeal at a date certain) was a better one for replacing Obamacare

Did McConnell do any such thing in the Senate?

You have nothing to back up your assertion that this was "better."

Maybe you should post 140 characters or less and show Trump how Twittering irresponsibly is really done.



Don't really disagree -- I view the debacle of a few weeks ago as an across the board GOP fail. I run into trouble with some by grouping DJT into the mix.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


The only people whose names I know are Kristol (who doesn't work there) Sowell,(who doesn't work there) McCarthy , Charen who does work there, Bozell who doesn't work there, Erickson who doesn't work there, Haywood who doesn't work there, Loesch, who doesn't work there, Podheritz (who is a contributor and an ass) and Pavlich who doesn't work there. I've never heard of the rest. And it is weird they didn't add Jonah and Rich, who are actually editors - altho Rich appears to have softened his view.

It doesn't matter. No one here has to like or read NR. A lot of the people who work there are my friends, so I'm inclined to put that before their different opinions. Blasphemy - I know.


TK - McConnel did offer the Senate a vote on what amounts to repeal. I specified and linked to the legislative vehicle he advanced for that vote, some S.Amdt to another S.Amdt to some H.Res.

More legislative "stuff", much of which is literally funny.

S.147 - Obamacare Taxpayer Bailout Prevention Act

S.191 - Patient Freedom Act of 2017

S.222 - Obamacare Replacement Act

S.294 - Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2017

S.1147 - Collaborative Academic Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome Act of 2017

Plenty more where those came from


McConnel offered something that would have been better but he didn't get the votes?

How is that better?


cboldt, I have to run. I will peruse your links later and see if any of them bail out Appalled's assertion.

Ralph L

A lot of the people who work there are my friends, so I'm inclined to put that before their different opinions
This is sort of the inverse of some of the NeverTrumpers (as I understand it). They don't put Trump's similar opinions before the fact that they don't like him.
My biggest problem with Trump in 2015-6 was I thought he was insincere--it was all a publicity stunt.


TK - I'm not clear on exactly what the assertion is, but the Senate did vote in the last few weeks on full repeal, or something that accomplishes the same thing but with lots more words. That's the vote on S.Amdt.271 to S.Amdt.267 to H.R.1628 - 115th Congress (2017-2018)

art in newport

Derwill, yes, and my families' vacation rental business in Newport is doing its best year ever.

Just another anecdote, but still ...

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Well the Marines have grounded all aircraft for 24 hours. So no war until Sunday night.

Ralph L

Art, you in R.I.? Does the N. Creamery still have Awful-awfuls? I went to kindergarten at Miss Colling's school 52 years ago.

art in newport

Ralph, no, Newport Beach, Xalifornia :)

Ralph L

I went to 3rd grade in Los Alamitos. Dad had a ship out of Seal Beach NB. We went to a pizza joint in Newport Beach once. I imagine it's changed a bit since 1969.

art in newport

Small world, Ralph. Not that I've seen much of it, though :)

One of the things I like about JOM is hearing from all the people who have traveled in their lives, or who have travel as part of their lives.

And yes, much change and growth since 1969
(no smiley face for that!)


When people say "It's the economy Stupid", Appalled is who they're taking to.

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