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August 16, 2017



Meaningless first!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Baseball is only interesting in October and even then it's a pretty close thing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Aren't they all, lyle? :)


Billy Martin was #1 too Lyle. Hey!! Are you FRICK or FRACK, I can never remember.
You must be FRICK, because you're #1, BUT BUT BUT, isn't BEASTS......Frack?? He was #1 today or yesterday, I think.

Ralph L

We were watching the PONY League world series earlier today. I guess they're 15-16 y.o., but the website and announcers never said. Mostly American city teams, but one each from Seoul, Mexico, Taipei, and the Netherlands.

Ralph L

I wonder if Sara is still hung up on Mitt.

If unwoke people only watched and read the MSM, and that occasionally, would they even know about the violent left? That's the only excuse I can think of for people who should know better.


Ralph, the Sports broadcasters are all MEDIA SJW Virtue Signalers. They are no different that the BUBBLE HEADED BLEACH BLONDE news readers. SAME SCHOOL, DIFFERENT MAJOR.
Nah!! Same major.


Ralph, as I talk with my beloved 16 year old, I always try to explain what the MFM or specific reporter or Network talking Head's motives, ideology, personal feelings derive from. The LEFT and their BIASED ridiculous University educations, BELIEVE what they've been TAUGHT to believe. Very little of their EDUCATION is based on FACTS, LOGIC, HISTORY or TRUTH.
It's about BEING MORALLY SUPERIOR and STOMPING the THROATS of those morally inferior to THEM.

When Focking Hell, did Donald J Trump become a Nazi Skinhead, or a Russian ally/dupe???

In LIBTARD classrooms and MFM.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I surrender to the NE baseball bums and drag my last comment along with me from the last thread;

Romney and McCain are stunningly clueless in those tweets. The last two Rep nominees before Trump view openly communist, anarchist thugs with baseball bats as defensible or somehow better than Nazis because "they oppose racism".
No dumbshits, they oppose white racists who are their competition in the maggot games. They love and are themselves the most virulent and despicable racists of a slightly different hue.

As of tonight I'm no longer a Republican.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'd punch that slick ass Romney in the goddamn throat if he was standing in front of me right now.
I bet the asshole did torture his dog on the car roof.


whoa ... guess I should read the other thread to catch up.


Ig, you'd get his TOGA dirty if you punched him.
McCain and Romney, WILLINGLY allowed the DIRTY LEFT to SLIME THEM once they won the GOP nomination. They were such "Gentlemen".

How did that work out for America??

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'd shove his toga up his ass and pull it out his mouth so his insides were as nicely polished and squeaky clean as his buffed and brilliantined outside.

I haven't been this mad at politicians in many years. Who the hell do they think we're fighting; a particularly virtuous and quiescent Campfire Girls troupe who just happen to go around in black masks swinging baseball bats?

I'm struggling to even comprehend Romney's statement.
Trump states an obvious undeniable fact that even a few slightly less than insane lefties admit and Mittens leaves him twisting in the wind.
Nobody can be that stupid and I don't think he's particularly corrupt.
We have to face the fact every Republican except a very, very few like Trump or McClintock are the most craven, hollow, pusillanimous, pussyfied, principless cowards on God's green earth.
They defend as virtuous the openly communist sons of bitches who would string them up and/or cave their and their delightful, wholesome families' skulls in, in a heartbeat if they could get away with it.

I hope their goddamned party dies and one worth joining arises from the ashes. As it is, it's a suicide cult.
Include me out.


all of that was depressing-the catch up and all.

At least the Nats won tonight.

25 games above .500 and a 14.5 game lead in the NL East.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I've got a nice lamppost picked out for Ron Radosh too.
I won't link his latest Cleveland steamer over at PJM.

Good night.


whoa again.


this is the steaming pile mentioned above ...


was it just my imaginings, but weren't there a couple hundred blackbloc thugs in masks and with bats?

from the article

>>>On the Democratic side, Bill Clinton did this during his presidential campaign when he criticized the rap singer Sister Souljah for making an anti-white statement.<<<

Is there a political event more puffed up and poll tested than this one? Bill Clinton wasn't really brave, and criticize say, Ice Cube-he picked a little known MC [she did background lyrics for Public Enemy and had a few unremarkable albums] who had made inflammatory remarks in her lyrics and in previous interviews. But ever the politician, he saw an opportunity to distance himself from the more radical fringe of Jessie Jackson (a dog whistle perhaps). The whole genre of gangsta rap-from Ice T (Cop Killer{this was more metal than rap})to Ice Cube (Black Korea, just as an example)-and he picked out of the hat, Sister Souljah.

And his comments were hardly remarkable in themselves either.


and all he depressing news and cowardice brings to mind a moment when leadership shown through: 1987 when Chief Reuben Greenberg, of Charleston SC, read the permit rules to the KKK grand wizard and then walked in front of the march to make doubly sure there was no trouble.

Too bad some of that leadership wasn't exercised in Charlottesville these last few days.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

An explanation of virtue signalling and social media. Quite good:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I missed this doozie. Terru McAuliffe said the right wing had caches of weapons around the city.

Virginia state police said that was not true when reporters contacted them.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Not official yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

As I have said:

Link for tablet and phone people:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh look:

Here's Donald Trump being praised by Jesse Jackson:



Our local ADN paper, currently in its death throes, continues to pile on Trump, but a new story out on the paper's financial state is eye-opening:

Owner/Editor Alice Rogoff:

--- "paid $34 million for the Daily News and its building in 2014.

---it had net operating losses of $5.8 million in 2015,

---lost $4 million in the first six months of this year. The business is hemorrhaging roughly $125,000 in weekly losses,

---owes $2.5 million to a long list of vendors.

---ADN's print circulation has declined since the purchase in 2014, with annual losses of between 7 percent and 10 percent

---it's being sold for $1 Million. Rogoff would get nothing in the sale, the documents said — the $1 million would be used to pay some debts and finance the operation going forward.

I sure hope SBW is doing well in Rome, but boy do I hope the NYTimes is suffering the same financial bleeding and loss of readership as Rogoff's ADN.

And the WaPo, and the LA Times, and the Seattle Times, and etc.

Man, how did Rogoff looking at the books in 2014 think buying the paper for 34 Mill was a good deal? What's that old line, "A fool and her husband's money..."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 5m5 minutes ago

Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt - many jobs being lost!


Today is going to be a good dau. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Congratulation to Roy Moore and Luther Strange for being the final two and heading into a September runoff in Alabama. Exciting race!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

zerohedge‏ @zerohedge 4m4 minutes ago

4 replies 15 retweets 11 likes

Miss Marple the Deplorable


daddy on iPad

Morning Miss M.

I am not heartened by the winner of the Repub Primary in Utah to take over Jason Chafetz's vacated House Seat. The reason I'm not heartened is that the winner, Provo Mayor John Curtis, said he did not vote for Trump in November, and look how the competing ABC and CBS headlines describe him:

ABC: Moderate mayor wins Republican primary to replace Rep. Chaffetz in Utah

CBS:. Moderate mayor wins Utah GOP primary for Chaffetz's seat

Obviously the important talking point put out by the alphabets is that first word that David Brooks loves so well---"Moderate."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

And it's time to unfollow Dana Perino, who is retweeting Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson this morning like they are political sages.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The virtue signaling in Utah is strong.

WE detailed yesterday how from Romney to Egg McMuffin, all of the GOP political people in the west are Mormons, and that includes Flake and Heller, and they all are Never Trumpers.

Why would this be so? I have 2 theories: 1 is that the Mormons have made a big deal over the years of putting on a virtuous public face to demonstrate how wonderful their church is and to avoid public criticism.

The second is that the Mormons have unseen investments in globalist corporations, and reining that in is a big problem for church finances.

I don't know if they get money from the fedds for refugee resettlement, like the Catholics and Lutherans do. If so, that could be another reason. )It's why a lot of US bishops are all upset about immigration changes.

Captain Hate

Any of the GOPe apologists want to defend the gutless pussyboys Romney, Ryan and Rubio?

daddy on iPad

Well Miss Marple,

The Mormon's refused Blacks the right to be Priests in their Church from 1839 until 1978, so good luck to them on pushing the meme that Black Lives Matter and Trumps a racist. When BLM/Antifa decides to start bonfires around the Salt Lake Tabernacle tell us where to send matches.

Another Bob

Anyone else noticing who has been strangely silent through all this?

Someone who, in this sort of topic, showed no ability whatsoever to keep his trap shut?

Thing that hat make you go "hmmm ".

Another Bob

(I've come to hate typing on touch screens.)

Captain Hate


Captain Hate

Another Bob,

Trump has effectively shut him up with that one tweet about putting him under surveillance. I'm sure he has even more just waiting.


daddy-this is the "first chief innovation officer" for Anchorage http://www.routefifty.com/smart-cities/2017/08/jennifer-pahlka-what-works-cities-code-for-america/140273/

The local and goals are how the revolution is supposed to occur.


This morning's NYT headline: "Trump Again Says Two Sides at Fault in Rally Violence." I have to think the average bloke reading that would say, "And...?" as in, "Isn't that kind of obvious?" Yet the nuts at the NYT and their readers want to push the idea that it's saying "Both the Jews and the Nazis were at fault." I don't think anyone but the far left really buys that.

Janet the expert 🚬

MM's 5:13 link is very good.


I would love if some reporter asked Sen.McCain to define 'alt-right'.
What a virtue signaling doofus.


Good Morning! Well,it has been 40 years and Elvis is still dead.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor had a good thread last night about how easy it is to get injured or killed at one of these demonstrations.

Having been caught in the Mothers of Invention riot in West Berlin in 1968, I have to agree with him. He says people have a false idea of their safety in violent situations from movies and such.

If you are thrown to the pavement, you have a good chance of having a head injury which leaves you dead or paralyzed.

I personally think that demonstrations are becoming pointless. The media never covers pro-Trump demonstrations except in cases where they expect violence (probably ecause they received a heads up from the democrats) like in Charlottesvill.

If that alt Right demonstration had instead been just a bunch of Trump supporters in their red hats and full of pretty girls and senior citizens, they wouldn't have given it one minute of coverage.

I think for a while that we should only go to rallies which are in stadiums with security. When Antifa doesn't have people to beat up, they will run wild in the streets. What will be the justification for their existence, then?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


His last concert was here in Indianapolis.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 7m7 minutes ago

Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!
15 replies 2 retweets 10 likes

Janet the expert 🚬

a comment on FB - "The other night I turned on one of the major "news" networks and for half an hour they gave no news, just Trump bashing, One thing right after another. It literally made me ill. I turned it off"

I don't know the person that made the comment.
Interesting though.
How many others are responding the same way?

Jim Eagle

Staying on topic: I have never seen a triple play live but I was at Crosley Field in Cincinnati to watch Joe Nuxhall strikeout 4 batters in one inning.
It was 1959 against the Milwaukee Braves. They had Warren Spahn pitching on their side. My mom, sister and I were back in the USA since my dad was in Thule. No dependents there.

Listening to Fox Business on the radio during the dog ride, it is obvious that we've run out of fainting couches and we better order more if this continues. Its now the "equivalency" argument.

Okay, I'll bite. Everyone is saying there is none between the alt-right Nazi's and the alt-left Commies. That the Nazi's wiped out the Jews in Europe and the KKK tried to do the same thing to black people here. But no one then wants to compare the left (Communists/Fascists) and their history of genocide like the Mao trail of death or Stalin's purge and pogrom.

Plus this guilt by association is a slippery slope that will work against the left as they are doing to the right. Of course, there is no place for the likes of neo-Nazis (whatever that means) or KKK types and what they believe. However, if you are a young white man and all you hear about is your "white privilege" and academia having special classes on how to put you in your place, etc. what the hell do you expect from that onslaught. That you are now considered an off-species if applying for university or a job, doesn't necessarily make one happy for the other guy.

No, this is all an orchestrated political upheaval of a duly elected President but one who will not toe the PC line when it comes to 3rd rail politics. Have no idea where this is headed but it won't end in a series of kumbya chants.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This guy didn't think to delete his Twitter account before organizing this demonstration as a supposed Trump supporter.

IF you are going to go to one of these types of rallies, look at who is organizing and check their backgrounds. Also, look at which groups are going to be participating.

The possibility of false flag operations is not something to be discounted.


MM,Elvis was scheduled to appear in Portland (Maine) August 17-18. My aunt had tickets and planned to drive from NH. I felt so bad for her,she loved Elvis.


OT, but the New York chapter of the American Bar Association passed a resolution to allow illegals to practice law. WTF


On topic: Red Sox Suck.

Otherwise, send butt salve to the WSJ. They are upset that "Trump blames both sides"


peter-how is your son doing? Any signs of tendonitis from restricted mobility? That was what red developed about 6 weeks out.

She ended up using the college sports trainers to help.


This is interesting...Jonathan Bush,Sr. hosted a fundraiser for Mary Mayhew at his North Haven Island home. He is the younger brother of President George H.W. Bush. Mayhew was the DHHS secretary and enforced Gov. LePage's policies. DHHS in Maine was recently audited by the feds and some irregularities were found. She is already being excoriated by the media. Her likely opponent will be Susan Collins,if Collins decides to run for governor. Collins is a favorite of the Kennebunkport branch of the Bush family. They have held fundraisers for her Senate races. Fun fact: Jonathan Bush,Sr. is the father of Billy Bush of p*ssygate fame.


For OL and any other consumers of Internet of Things tech for their home.



I will make a point of coming to see you on the UWS! As Jimmy pointed out, that's his turf and he will know the best meet-up joints.

daddy on iPad

the New York chapter of the American Bar Association passed a resolution to allow illegals to practice law.

But of course. Who needs Law School in a Lawless society.


The press defines and resists definition as it darn well pleases, What's the 'alt-left'? Experts say it's a 'made-up term'


In other news:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Daily Devotions!?


Got to be kidding.


jimmyk, peter, Tonto, thanks so much! I am really excited.

Any place you all like will be great. I get in to LGA just before 2, so I think I could be available by 5 if we can meet fairly close to Lincoln Center. Can't wait!


Trump blaming the leftist thugs was not the planned narrative. Middle America was not supposed to learn about Antifa and their MO. No wonder the media is going nuts.

Good for Trump for not backing down and I agree with Iggy about the noxious GOPe.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My friend Jan called me this morning and said that Fox and Friends had 2 black kids on talking about the statues, and they were CRYING.

As Gus says, they've gone Full Commie.

I think I will see if I can find a live feed of Fox Business.


I will let jimmyk pick the venue since it's his neighbourhood. Is the Empire Hotel rooftop bar any good?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump rally in Phoenix! Right in the heart of McCain-Flake country! Tuesday, August 22!


Back in March, some liberals were advocating "alt-left." Liberalism Needs the "Alt-Left" | New Republic. Contrary to CNN claiming no connection with the Democratic party platform, "goals of the "alt-left" are not too different from that of a New Deal Democrat."

Old Lurker

Janet "How many others are responding the same way?"

Why did that poster watch the news for 30 minutes before figuring it out? Even accounting for the one or two minutes I might give Bret Bair just to see which bash he will lead with, I don't think we have seen a total of 30 minutes - probably only 15 - of news, total, since June 1 when we arrived on Nantucket. No TV news. No newspaper news. Period.

If it is not important for JOM to link it, or for Clairce to summarize it on Sunday, then I don't know it.


Oh, now Antifa promises to get violent. They were so peaceful with their bike locks in the past.


Here is a thread on The_Donald from last night where former leftists/libs/Dems talk about how they've seen the light and become conservatives/Trump supporters.


This has been a frequent topic on T_D since I began reading there in January 2016.

Trump really has enlarged the tent. It's almost as if the NeverTrump people don't actually want the bigger tent they're always talking about, isn't it?

Old Lurker

Porch! Jet Blue JFK to Nantucket is a 12 minute flight...you guest room awaits.

Just saying.


I haven't voluntarily watched TV news or read mainstream newspapers since the Bush administration. Except election nights and not even always then.

Old Lurker

Cap'n when you arrive. So far you owe me two nights sleep I have lost to "The Great Upheaval". Only reason I got any last night is my iPad battery went dead, and my backup Kindle makes too much light and Mrs. OL chews me out for still being awake...


OL! Does that mean you'll come to NYC? :) Seriously, thank you. I would absolutely love to visit if I could. My first and only visit to Nantucket was actually thirty years ago this month. It was lovely. I wish I wasn't tied down by friends on this trip.


Trump really has enlarged the tent. It's almost as if the NeverTrump people don't actually want the bigger tent they're always talking about, isn't it?

I am ashamed to admit that I had great hope for anchor-baby Big Tent Bobby Jindal's party of stupid going full 100%.


OL, do you use the Blue Shade feature on your Kindle? I really like it. I turn the brightness down, too.

Captain Hate

Thank you for reading it, OL. I'll bring you one of my barrel aged craft brews and we can discuss it on The Ledge. Isn't Winik a wonderful narrator, which Clarice and narc already knew.


Could someone post the brand of liquid magnesium that Kevlar Kid recommended? I saved the information somewhere but now I can't find it.(of course.)
My spouse has been complaining of muscle cramping lately and I hope this will help.
Thanks in advance.


Radish is taking heavy fire over in the comments section, or as one put it galluimifrey


Speaking of baseball, Joey Gallo is a beast. I saw him on a pre-game show a couple of weeks ago and he said he gets drug tested after almost every homerun. So far he's clean. And a beast. And Yu Darvish seems to be fitting in quite well with the Dodgers.

Ralph L

Has anyone heard from CNN's Jason Kessler? Looks like he would have publicly denied he was White Kessler by now, if they aren't the same person.


Yes, time for challengers to D senators in 2018 to get active. I don't know much about Nicholson. Vukmir is solid (and has a copy of rse's book some CEO in Brookfield gave her).

Old Lurker

Porch "OL, do you use the Blue Shade feature on your Kindle? I really like it. I turn the brightness down, too."

Not sure what that is? Do I have it? I read my iPad in bed because I can use dim white letters on black background...but my Kindle is black letters on white and even dim it makes more room light than we like.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Back in March, some liberals were advocating "alt-left."--

Wretchard used a clever phrase I hadn't seen before the other day "alt-right/ctrl-left".
"ctrl-left" was coined by some Brit ex jihadi whose name escapes me and who now runs some anti extremist org. A lib but an apparently not completely insane one and conflating "control" and "left" in that context was fairly brilliant.

daddy on iPad

CNN:. What's the 'alt-left'? Experts say it's a 'made-up term'

CNN sounds "woke."


OL, if your Kindle works like mine, swipe from the top and it should appear as an option to click. It blocks blue light turns the background into sort of a golden yellow. You can turn the brightness down to dim the screen further.

It's supposed to help with transition to sleep and I think it does.


David, Internet Deplorable

First of all, allow me to apologize in advance for all Mormons on the stupidity of our co-religionists Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin. Honestly, most of us are not that stupid.

Second, today is National Airborne Day. Have you hugged a paratrooper today? It takes a certain blasé belief in your own immortality to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with 200+ pounds of equipment with people shooting at you. In Grenada, we didn't even have reserve chutes, because we jumped at about 85 feet, and there wasn't time for the reserve to deploy if our mains failed. To all my crazy brother and sisters in the military who jump out of airplanes, today is your day.

For once, I am even going to link to the Huffington Post, because they have an excellent article on this:



On a standard keyboard, the alt key is to the left of the ctrl key.


I don't think we have seen a total of 30 minutes - probably only 15 - of news, total, since June 1 when we arrived on Nantucket. No TV news. No newspaper news. Period.


I had a conversation with someone a couple of days ago about this same thing. When I told him that I don't watch TV or Cable news, he couldn't believe it. He said where do you get the news. (He's a liberal primarily because he strongly disagreed with GWB.)

Anyway, I tried to explain to him how the Internet contains an abundance of information on all issues of the day from every imaginable perspective. I read this information, analyze it and make up my own mind without having to go through the filter of an increasingly biased and manic media. Silence.

I think the left fears the Internet for obvious reasons. We read far and wide and view actual events without spin. That isn't to say that everything on the Net is perfect. But the Blitzers and Tappers and neo Goebbels of the media have a tougher time managing the message. This upsets the left tremendously.

Taking it to the streets to try and change the dialogue is their only avenue. Obama supported that tactic either by uttering inflammatory comments or through silent acquiescence. President Trump, on the other hand, gets in their space and doesn't let them drive the story. And he uses the Net to do it! No wonder he drives them crazy.


Has Trump tweeted a pic of Antifa thugs beating the citizenry yet?


Ah yes maajid naawaz of the quilliam foundation, he was fmr Egyptian Islamic jihad which should go e you street credit, shockingly you still get called an islamophobe

Old Lurker

Cap'n, what I like so much about that book is for me, it pulls together so many threads of history and thought which perhaps I knew but stitches them all together into the sort of big picture than I prefer.

The only "intellectual" observation I had is that, as he traces the various deep thinking that went on in the hundred years before the Upheaval, he made a statement that his thinkers, collectively, had more impact than even Martin Luther's theses nailed to the church door. I think that what Martin Luther did was free common people from the chains of having to accept what God wanted them to do only as told by a small handful of controlling priests who, we all know now, were just men wanting to control other men for their own enrichment and power, not unlike the princes and kings of the time who did the same but with brute force (exaggerating to make my point). By freeing thinkers from the yoke of knowing God only through the filter of other men who might have their own agendas, the ground was prepared for the enlightenment thinkers who came along after Luther.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think the thing that pisses me off the most about what Romney said is that it's like the 20th century never happened.
100 million people not only died at the hands of the communists, their deaths were completely in vain because they are now down the memory hole so weak kneed pussies like Romney can virtue signal to their pinko friends that they would never be so gauche as to equate communists and nazis.
The entire conservative movement arose in large part because the left was pressuring the Dems to go soft on their kindred spirits around the world.
Now when the Dems have largely absorbed or been absorbed by those same commie kindred spirits and now run and elect operational if not openly Marxist people and we need leaders who will stand up to and call out these murderous anti American thugs the dumb sunovabitch and his pals are, inchoately and infuriatingly, actually praising them.
Remember this historic and proper equivalence Mittens?


Grassley Asks Plaintiffs in Emoluments Suits to Explain their Narrow, Partisan Focus


As an intro i recommend 'on the brink' the other real history on the end of the cold war and the Reagan adminstrstions part in it.


My keyboards have two sets of Ctl and Alt keys, one set on each side of the spacebar. The sequence (excluding windows and other keys) is
Ctl Alt Spacebar Alt Ctl


All keyboards here have the ctrl key to the left of the alt key on the left and the ctrl key to the right of the alt key on the right with the space bar in the middle.

Ctrl - Fn - Alt Space-Bar Alt - Ctrl

Obviously this means the center space is contained by the alt keys and the ctrl keys are at the extremes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--On a standard keyboard, the alt key is to the left of the ctrl key.--

Except on the left where it's on the right.
Which is as it should be for mirror image ideologies.


Kave the is the Mg Kev recommended.


I see there is another Carolyn Dean, who JIB referenced the other day, recommended. For some reason I can't post that one but you can search for it on Amazon.

daddy on iPad

Last night the copilot showed up at the Canadian Pub riding a rent a bike you see all over Paris and he showed me the mystifying secret of how to check the things out. So I tried it myself this morning and it worked. What a great way to see the city! Shorts, flipflops t-shirt, and just spent 2 hours doing a nice lap around all my usual haunts, and practicing turning the bike back in and checking it out again at those electronic locking locations they have all around the City so I'll have no trouble doing it the next time.

Highly recommended for anyone in half decent shape. The bike was very durable, had 3 easy to operate gears, and the City streets have tons of Bike Route signs so you become an expert in no time flat. I weep to think how much more room I could have created for beers if I had been peddling around the City these last 5 years instead of riding the Metro:(


mm-they are crying because of what they have been told those statues represent. What do we expect when history becomes a matter of role playing what it was like to be x in a given time period.

Ignorant and aggrieved is an effective way to create agents of change ready to act on a vision of what the world might be.

Since I attend plenty of these Prog conferences I can tell you they honestly (and I mean professionals and associated with major universities) seem to believe that all whites in the US are descended from former slavewoners.

The fact that slaveowners were a small minority and most whites here now descend from post-Civil War immigrants is simply not something ever contemplated. I pointed that out at a round table one time. Astonished reactions because it's in the way of the justification for the planned revolution.

They really do intend to use preschool through high school to rewire brains to try to make people believe, values, and be willing to act on whatever ideas justify the planned revolution.


Yes rse


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