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August 14, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Big day in Alabama. Vote for Luther Strange, he will be great!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


daddy on iPad

Back at my corner cafe across from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and just turning 2 PM. I believe it is the day when Mary is considered to have died and gone to Heaven so it is a big Catholic occasion over here. Security at the Cathedral is very heightened, so I will describe that.

The large courtyard out in front of the Cathedral that usually has many hundreds if not thousands of mingling tourists is almost empty. Large metal gates have ringed the entire area and funneled all visitors in a huge line stretching across the Seine River. The Bottle neck to enter is staffed by armed blue military guys with weapons who are carefully examining every entrant and what he or she is carrying with them, before allowing them to enter. I see easily 6 large white police vans, the size of medium sized school buses, are parked in a pattern to prevent any vehicle from penetrating the barrier and getting anywhere close to the Cathedral.

All the regular street traffic is now being controlled not by traffic lights but instead by white uniformed gendarmes with pistols holstered, blowing traffic whistles, and controlling the throngs. I have no idea if this is the new standard security precautions on Saint days, or if they have intel of something being planned, but regardless, I have never seen security any tighter from my ringside seat at the cafe.

Good morning!


daddy, if in doubt... duck.

TAPPER: There's seemingly no one who is immune to the president's ire. ... There are two exceptions, of course, Vladimir Putin and, it would seem, white supremacists.

The press is fully invested in false narratives. Tapper is a "mild one."

Congress is in on the scheme too. Worse than worthless, it actively cuts down "the good of the people."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hi, daddy!

The Feast of the Assumption celebrates the Virgin Mary's elevation to Heaven both spiritually and bodily, without death.

It is a Holy Day of Obligation, which means faithful Catholics must attend mass.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller‏Verified account @markknoller 33s34 seconds ago

Scheduled to hear from Pres Trump at 345pm after he signs order to ease environmental review process for infrastructure projects.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a touching Tweet by thee 6-time Junior Olympic hurdle champion, who started college at Mississippi State this week:


TAPPER: When ... the president comes out and says there's hatred on many sides, can you understand why people would be offended by that?

Heh daddy, how about that.

What fatuous waddle, all they have done is encourage a more resolute response

Miss Marple the Deplorable



I wee hating taper when he ran over my state in salon to get a publishing deal. That was the grishenko narrative then.

Janet the expert 🚬

Ralph's link @ 1 has good info.

again - http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/counties/durham-county/article167203777.html

“Tactics are changing, which means that our strategies need to change, our unity needs to escalate and our demands to fight back and resist domestic terror needs to escalate,” said Eva Panjwani with the Workers World Party Durham."...

"Alissa Ellis, of the Workers World Party Durham branch that was a participant in the Charlottesville protest, said people need to embrace multiple tactics because that is what kept her safe.
“We need to shun passive, white liberalism” that elevates whites voices over black and brown voices, she said."...

"Pierre Faulkner waved a sign in front of them that said “cops and clan go hand in hand” on one side and “Black Lives Matter smash white supremacy” on the other.
“If y’all aren’t going to help us, we are going to help each other,” said Faulkner, 27, a student at Durham Technical Community College. “You understand that. Do you understand that? You look like you voted for Donald Trump.”"...

James D.

TAPPEr: When ... the president comes out and says there's hatred on many sides, can you understand why people would be offended by that?


James D.

narc @ 8:36

I hated him when he was still writing for the Washington City Paper, and made his name with an article entitled "I Dated Monica Lewinsky"

daddy on iPad

Thanks for that info, Miss Marple, it is obviously a State Holiday. Clear and beautiful but at 75 degrees a bit of a scorcher for me and my bald head. BTW, many of the gendarmes are women, both the ones in white and the ones in the dark blue fatigues with heavy weapons.


Is this their card


So another accidental mauling just east of you, daddy, must have been ones of those remote cats

daddy on iPad

I thought just last week that somebody on the Left accused Tapper of being a member of the Alt Right. I was hoping it was true since now we would all actually know at least one guy who is a member of the Alt Right.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Once again, Democrats show how lousy & unprofessional they are on security:
open borders
unsecured computer systems
crowd/event control
Awan brothers " from Janet earlier.

Outlines the problem perfectly, imo. I do not understand why anyone ever votes for a Democrat.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry for the long cut and paste but seems trenchant enough to post not just refer to. Subotai at Wretchard's;

Actually, I expect that in Leftist controlled areas [coastal cities and environs] that Confederate graves will be desecrated soon, followed by punitive expeditions into the areas "beyond the Leftist Pale" to spread the desecration.

But that is probably not going to be the trigger point. For literally over a year, the Left has been physically assaulting anyone who is "not Left" and in those areas controlled by the Left, the forces of the government have been accomplices and at times actors in the assaults. The official political "opposition" has been silent or critical of those being attacked, even though in theory those targeted were the ones who the "opposition" represented. Even after a Democrat attempt to overturn the congressional elections with a mass assassination attempt, the Republicans sat on the story not demanding investigations and follow ups. They are perfectly happy being the submissive slaves of the Left, whose beliefs they really share.

While all details of what happened in Charlottesville are not out, we have some broad outlines.

1) The original protest by "Unite the Right" was based about the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Which in itself was incredibly stupid, but these are Leftists we are dealing with. Lee spent his life after the war trying to build a reconciliation between North and South, and it was his direct command forbidding it that prevented up to 1/3 of the Army of Northern Virginia from fading into the civilian population and fighting what would have been an incredibly bloody guerilla war that could have lasted for decades.

2) Now we have to be curious about the accuracy of the flags flying. The leader of the protest was one Jason Kessler. Kessler has an interesting background. Until late 2016 Kessler was active with OCCUPY, Obama's OFA, and was a reporter for CNN. Not exactly a conservative background.

3) "Unite the Right" sought a permit for a peaceful demonstration. This was opposed by Virginia Governor McAuliffe and the mayor of Charlottesville [name slips my mind and I don't want to stop and look it up right now]. They denied it functionally because it was those "icky" conservatives and the Constitution does not apply to them. A Federal District Court had a different view, and ordered the permit to be issued and appropriate precautions taken.

4) Now, while Kessler was quite likely a false flag, there were a lot of other people there. Certainly some were Nazi's. Some claimed to be KKK, which is interesting because most of the membership of the KKK seems to be FBI informants. I won't go into whether their presence is an assignment, or a choice. But a lot of people there were just people tired of the Left. It is important to note that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to everyone, even Nazi's and the KKK.

5) When the demonstration started, keeping in mind that the "Unite the Right" group was the only one with a permit and it was confirmed by a Federal Judge, there were both local and State police, and reinforcements from surrounding communities. And they were issued orders by both the Governor and the Mayor that under no circumstances were they to intervene in any violence without direct orders from the Governor and the Mayor. This has been denied by the State Police and Charlottesville police, but confirmed by the reinforcements from surrounding communities, and surprisingly by the Virginia ACLU which was there and who remembered amazingly enough what their organization is theoretically for. It is an anomaly for the ACLU to criticize anything done by Democrats.

6) Shortly after the demonstration began, buses pulled up and hundreds of Antifa, BLM, and assorted other of the Democrat street thugs disembarked, masked and armed. I note that under § 18.2-422 of Virginia law, wearing of masks in public is a Class 6 felony. It is part of their laws against, ironically, the KKK. They began attacking the "Unite the Right" while the police watched people being beaten. Also, the attackers used tear gas spray. It was not, of course, one-sided. But it could have been worse because a number of the "Unite the Right" demonstrators were armed and not one shot was fired. The official Virginia State Police excuse later was that they were afraid to intervene because the "Unite the Right" was armed. I would note in passing that I spent 28 years wearing a badge, and that while special tactics might be needed, only in a Democrat controlled area could I conceive of police ignoring public violence because of fear of armed rioters.

7) At 1152 hrs. local time, Governor McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and ordered the "Unite the Right" out. It is critical to keep in mind that they had a permit, backed by a Federal Judge, had been attacked, and their attackers had no permit and their very presence was a mass felony being deliberately ignored by the police. And the "Unite the Right" left, albeit a fighting withdrawal. The park where the demonstration was to take place was cleared by police by 1230 hrs.

8) After "Unite the Right" had left, the Democrat thugs began a celebratory riot over having "chased" the "Unite the Right" from the park. That riot included attacking the police, who were restrained in their response, with only a few people being arrested.

9) At 1340 hrs. the car driven by James Alex Fields Jr. apparently deliberately drove into a crowd of the Democrat thugs. I say apparently, because there are several versions out there, some of which say he was being attacked by rioters. I do not know and that is a matter for the courts. There was some confusion about who owned/was driving the vehicle. The license plate led to documents showing that it was purchased by James Alex Fields Sr. Apparently, it was given to James Alex Fields Jr. It seems Senior is a Leftist on social media. Junior is closer to Nazi. Which must make holiday dinners a joy and a wonder. But that led to confusion as to motivation, but it was Junior driving. One woman was killed, several other people seriously injured. Junior was charged with Second Degree Murder, which is not a death penalty offense. Although Virginia may make an exception in this case. Plus a lot of lesser charges for those injured

10) What is of note in this case is that once again it seems that Democrat controlled governments have conspired to violate or ignore the law in order to attack anyone who is not a Leftist. And given Kessler's background, the whole thing may have been a deliberate set-up between Democrat government officials and Democrat street thugs.

11) Anyone who is not a Leftist has to learn from this and the past year that the Left will violate the law, even if in government, to attack them. And that the Republicans will side with them. There is going to be a Federal investigation, but it is going to be of the "Unite the Right" and not the thugs that broke the law to deny them their First Amendment rights. Attorney General Sessions is apparently hell on civil forfeiture of property without a conviction of a crime, but cannot spare any effort to investigate Democrat crimes at any level or any violent and illegal attacks on what is President Trump's voter base. There is a lesson here. You cannot depend on the law, because it will be used against conservatives only.

12) Leftist thugs re-learned a lesson. They are above the law. They can do anything with impunity and will be protected by both parties in government.

13) Toss into that mix that we have learned since the election that an election can deliver the House, the Senate, and the Presidency into the hands of Republicans, and the Republicans in the House and Senate will devote themselves to protecting Democrat programs and how Democrats run the government. If voting does not change government policies, electoral politics becomes a waste of time.

14) There will continue to be peacefully intended and fully legal political demonstrations by those who oppose the Left. And they will continue to be attacked by, and what is legally deadly force used by, the Leftist thugs against them with impunity. Eventually, what I expect is that there will be drive by shootings by Leftists, and there will be no arrests or prosecutions.

15) Eventually, those who oppose the Left are going to respond to the incentive structure being created. They will arm themselves with firearms to defend themselves. And I suspect that the concept of overwatch will be employed. And when attacked will fire back and the full force of the State and both parties will fall on them.

16) At that point, those who oppose the Left are going to go on offense. And just like the Left does when it has power, there will be no civilians, nor safe spaces, nor "King's-X". And everybody's dance card is going to be full.

Wretchard is right that all people have to do is walk away from government structures, especially government structures that do nothing but attack them. But the walk away is not going to be peaceful, because in the absence of what is supposed to be an even-handed government protecting everybody, people are going to turn to whatever "tribe" shares their beliefs for protection from the other tribes.

Know who your friends are. Know who are not your friends. And don't even think of unbuttoning your codpiece.

Subotai Bahadur


Hahahahaha ...

Durham County sent out a statement at 12:23 a.m. ...

“We share the sentiments of many communities around the nation that admonish hate and acts of violence as we believe civility is necessary in our every action and response. Governmental agencies dedicated to public safety will continue to work collectively to ensure Durham remains a community of excellence where all of our residents can live peacefully, grow and thrive.”

This is an unacceptable statement because it does not single out nazi's and white supremacists. It appears to me that Durham County is racist. I'm not seeing the call for diversity through uniformity either.

And how about that excellent statue toppling, as the police guided the workers to the job site and made sure the work was not interfered with. Excellence! Grow and Thrive!


0hour found the online planning session for Unite the Right.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Of all the idiotic memes, the idea that race is a "construct" has got to be in the top five.
If Bjorn Borg dies of sickle cell anemia I'll consider the theory, otherwise...

Jim Eagle


In most of Europe, the feast of The Assumption is also Mother's Day. The gospel today relates Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth where the baby, future John the Baptist, gets a little excited in the womb:)

But what you are witnessing is Mother's Day.


Yesterday would have the wandering coma's 81st birthday. A deal the counterparts to workers world, the labor party noted.


henry - "discord" looks like an FBI honeypot to me.


Could be. That makes the entire Charlottesville mess a deep state op.


And yet people dispute lukes account, even though. He placed a many markers to establish the event

Jim Eagle


Planned, executed and reported by the numbers like those kitschy paintings.

Janet the expert 🚬

also from the 8:36 link -

a FB friend writes - " I find this a little astonishing. Apparently anyone can destroy public property without consequence. From the article >>Sheriff’s deputies recorded the event but did not intervene as a protester climbed a ladder and slipped a yellow, bungie-like cord around the soldier’s head and arm and a group pulled the cord."

Captain Hate

reported by the numbers

Amazing how this nothingburger of a local story attained instant national headlines.


The number of incidents of the left occupying and damaging public property are fairly numerous. Thy get preferential treatment and protection from the government, because they are doing the work that the government wants them to do.


Larger than a womprat



Elementary logic was nit a course O'neill audited



Surrender, Charlie next question:



"For literally over a year, the Left has been physically assaulting anyone who is not Left"

All these points are important. But many (most?) people don't attend demonstrations. They will be affected more by another type of action: the denial of web services by GoDaddy and Google. Can you imagine this being extended? I can. Will companies offer you a job if records show you've donated to Trump? Will phone companies sell you a phone if you oppose abortion? Will unionized letter carriers deliver your mail if you're a conservative organization? All of these are a bit down the road but the power of virtue signaling is growing while any sense of restraint or compromise diminishes.

Will Repub politicians stand up and fight back for their supporters?


cboldt,did you see that Gov. LePage is the only governor in New England who didn't disavow the events in Charlottesville?
*clutches pearls*


Meanwhile the real enemy of the people bides their time



And that they thong think google need nit be touched even after damores letter.


Yo Prez: if yer gonna pardon the Sherriff , throw one in for Scooter too. Both fought hard.


narciso, from Chitown:

Tell narc that not a lot of hazmat goes by rail.


Probably not, but considering Madrid, thalys path its a pattern

James D.

THat's a great comment that Ig reposted @ 8:47. I think is an understated point in that whole comment:

Even after a Democrat attempt to overturn the congressional elections with a mass assassination attempt, the Republicans sat on the story not demanding investigations and follow ups. They are perfectly happy being the submissive slaves of the Left, whose beliefs they really share.

And it's so true. They're just like the MSMers who were happy to continue worshipping Obama even when he prosecuted their colleagues, and when he sat on his hands and watched while terrorists beheaded their colleagues, and when he wiretapped them, and when he berated and abused and mocked them.

They are whipped dogs, and the Alexandria shooting really points that up.

To this day, the left continues to use Gabby Giffords' shooting by a mentally ill man (who was kept on the streets thanks to the actions of Dem officials) to bash conservatives.

But when a hard-core Democrat, who was in contact with Democrat Senators, is incited by Democrat lies and slanders, and tries to murder multiple Republican Congressmen, the GOP does absolutely nothing, and refuses to say a word about it.

We already knew they didn't care about the people who they claim to represent, and who pay their lavish salaries and pensions. But they don't even care about protecting their own lives, if it means that the NYT or the WaPo might say something mean about them.

Maybe it's too bad more of them weren't hit and killed. Then at least they could have been useful as martyrs, which is more productive than anything they've done or are ever likely to do in their elected positions.


Marlene - I didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing it out. I see the national Governor's association put out their version of the typical pandering platitudes.

Speech by white supremacists is violence.
Violence by the left is speech.

Perfect symmetry, who could complain?

A next step, as suggested by JimNorCal, is to label the expression of conservative ideals "incitement." More than one way to get diversity through uniformity.

Jim Eagle

Doesn't take much to derail a moving train. In fact, as MT will tell you, it is part of line personnel safety when working on tracks or signals to chock the rails in case a train misses a stop signal.


new thread


New thread. Pundit for the failing NYT has nothing intelligible to say

Janet the expert 🚬

If voting does not change government policies, electoral politics becomes a waste of time.

Redefining marriage really opened my eyes to that fact.

We won in state after state after state....even in California & STILL 'We the People' were ignored & marriage was redefined.


Could be. That makes the entire Charlottesville mess a deep state op.


As with the BLM and Antifa rioting last summer, this is a big miscalculation. Remember when those riots suddenly went poof! and disappeared? I think it was because polling showed it was bad for Hillary.


True, Janet. Disillusionment for a lot of people regarding the electoral process.

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