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August 18, 2017



So, scotch is off the table?


This is the "fiasco" Appalled is butt hurt about. His "moderate / centrist" team gets exposed as a bunch of violent fascists whatever their label.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let me be the first to say;
stop with so many new threads already!
I spend a half hour thinking up some profound thought and by the time I post it there's nobody left to appreciate my profundity. :(

Captain Hate

Trump exposing Antifa upsets Repuke doormats like Romney, McCain, Corker and seemingly everyone else but Hatch.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Does the "far right" they're willing to club include all those bronze Democrat agrarians they're knocking over?


"far right" is NYTspeak for "white skin"


part of the "white privilege" lunacy they push.

Im sure they would expand it to anyone not keeping up with the SJW lurch left.


What's the Russian phrase again:


Captain Hate

I spend a half hour thinking up some profound thought and by the time I post it there's nobody left to appreciate my profundity. :(

Oh please; Clarice strokes you so hard it's like a branch of PornHub.

"You need violence in order to protect nonviolence," Ms. Nauert added.

Works for me. Rule of law and rule of jungle both work in every direction. "All's fair."


And yet more of the curriculum miraculously ready to go. http://knowledgeworks.org/worldoflearning/2017/08/charlottesville-talking-students-traumatic-events/

The Gipper Lives

That "reporting" is how the Professional Liars in the #Half-Truth Media do it. That's why they are professionals.

It's not just fists and there is no equivalence between a bastard fringe and a protected #Resistance that includes their veep nominee's son.

Those weren't the KKK that were attacked by Antifa in Berkeley, Portland and elsewhere. They were College Republicans and Trump supporters. When they scream "Punch a Nazi!", they mean you.

Remember--they defined George W. Bush as Bushitler. They defined Rep. Scalise as a Nazi--CBS said he brought it on himself. That's what the Black Lives assassins said about the cops they killed in Obama's War on Cops.

If that Nazi kid ran over people for their politics, it is domestic terrorism.

And if Antifa mobs started smashing his car with baseball bats before the ramming occurred because of politics, that is domestic terrorism also.

And if Democrat officials conspired to enable a riot because of politics, guess what:

That is domestic terrorism, too. To wit;

Zero Hedge: "‘Unite the Right’ organizer Jason Kessler (possibly a CNN Assignment Editor!) was reportedly an Obama supporter involved in the Occupy movement as recently as November 2016, before establishing his white supremacist group “Unity & Security for America” in January, 2017."

What else happened in January, 2017? Hmmm...oh, I remember; Donald Trump took office!

And this guy suddenly decides he needs to quit Obama & Occupy and start planning race riots. Wow--what a coincidence!

When Obama and MacAuliffe plan their next riot, they should really use a cut-out with less of a paper trail next time.

Frank Sabate said. "Their existence itself is violent and dangerous, so I don't think using force or violence to oppose them is unethical."

The beauty of this is, we all get to pick who "they" are!


It was tom Wolfe for new York magazine that covered the souree for the panthers but at the time they were just planning things no direct action had been carried out, since history rhymes when do they graduate to car bombs and other paraphernalia associated with urban insurgencies

Captain Hate

I'm hoping this whole event flushes McAwful's political future away.


With the new haven case, the one that jordana brewsters grandfather decided the panthers could get a far trial they actually murdered someone, this was red queens writing debut bow.


Romney, Rubio and Mccain are Antifapologists!

Here's Kessler being initiated into the ProudBoys gang. Note the MAGA Hats and Make America Great Again chants at the end.

IMO, a total set-up to associate Trump with these clowns...white nationalists.

(note the chatter in the background at about 46 seconds in)



I'm waiting for clarice to thwap Cap'n!

James D.

I am, too, CH, but i think it's a vain hope. There is never any real cost for Dem/prog crimes, regardless of the damage or death they cause. And the GOP leadership doesn't have the slightest interest in changing that.

Ralph L

So there's
left/right Kessler
CNN Kessler
NC campaign manager Kessler [Snopes: we discovered that the Jason Kessler listed there was: a) a North Carolina resident ]

How many Jason Kesslers are there, and why are they all involved in politics?

Ralph L

From the Gavin MacInnes? Proud Boy video I saw, I suspect these fringe group leaders spend a lot of time People's Front of Judea-ing.


Comments following Romney's "unraveling of national magic underwear fabric" facebook post mock the snot out of him. LOL. Well, at least Romney has the press in his corner today.


Here he is flashing the ProudBoys Gang sign


Old Lurker

"I'm hoping this whole event flushes McAwful's political future away."


Captain Hate

Romney's just acting in the family tradition of his father trying to shortsheet Reagan.

Judean Peoples Front Communications and Outreach Office

The People's Front of Judea are splittists. They are the sons of dogs and not worthy of mention.


The Proud Boys were formed as a defense in the face of the Antifa violence against Trump supporters and free speech supporters.


Make every single Democrat answer whether he/she supports Maria Chappelle Nadal's call for Trump's assassination. Ask them if she should resign. Ask them if she should be prosecuted.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That's always the excuse about someone caught in nefarious actions.

Back in the Clinton years it was "there are two John Huang's." Yes, TWO people by that ame supporting Clinton, one a bad actor and one merely a donor.

I have a long memory.


(reposting from prior thread)
There is absolutely nothing to "debate" here.

The democrats not just enabling but actively encouraging--in fact actively pursuing--armed attacks in the street against anyone that might potentially disagree with them or stand in their way. Is there any doubt that if the funding for this was fully exposed it would not lead directly to the top Democrats and their patrons?

It is a completely specious argument to talk about "the other side" or "moral equivalence"; it is beside the point ask whether or not some people were "duped". This is not a "debate" that is going on--this is an assault on people's fundamental rights.This is the Democrats in open, lawless revolt.

Yes, Sessions must act, but, more importantly, Trump needs to clearly articulate just what exactly is going on, and what is exactly at stake here, and the GOP needs to back him. The Democrats must be called out on this.

Yes the whole this is a completely contrived pysh-op; the the real issue here, however, is where is it coming from, and what exactly is the intent.

Again, this is not some plot cooked up in a vacuum. The entire thing is coordinated by the Professional Left, and they are sitting in news rooms and, statehouses, town halls, in Congress and in the Alphabet agencies. This not just Soros spending money--it is far beyond taht,

They are waging war on us. Let us understand this: the BoD and the executives of companies like CNN and Google are involved one way or the other in outright violence against the political opponents of the Democrat Party, which is to say that they are waging war against America.

They have thus far succeeded in normalizing this sort of street violence.

It has to be stopped. The people ultimately responsible need to face charges.

If not we face either a real civil war or tyranny.

We are rapidly descending to the level of Venezuela here. That is not hyperbole either. Agin, this is not "kinda" or "sorta": we are there. We are at the similar initial point where Chavez came to power (or Mao, or Lenin).

This is a deeply serious matter, and the Democrats must be held to account, and held to account across their entire Nomenklatura.

The GOP and the Never Trumpers should be deeply ashamed of themselves. That they are not should be constantly pushed in their faces.

We are on the verge of a complete break down of the laws and norms that hold us together.


Hyperbolic, but...

matt, deplore me if you must

Yhe Alexandria shooter was antifa. The Dallas, baton Rouge and NYPD shooters were BLM types.

This is all a load of complete bullshit. Pure propaganda masking itself as virtue signaling.

These Republican Senators and "leaders" disgust me more every day.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Oh please; Clarice strokes you so hard it's like a branch of PornHub.--

I was ridiculing the idea I have anything profound to say but thanks for that image nonetheless.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--and the GOP needs to back him--

It's not exactly a specious argument but it seems a pretty forlorn hope.


Ayers working with Antifa. Maybe he can thin them out by teaching bomb building.

Old Lurker

I'm thinking we should just draft 535 graduates of Hillsdale College and run them in every primary until the mission is accomplished.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If the neo Nazis would drop their pro white shtick and default to their anti Semitic abnormality they could very quickly make common cause with their antifa enemy's fanatical anti Israel obsession.
Would make wiping them all out at once much easier.


the business behind the left's pay to protest scheme.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am absolutely certain that if we are aware of the machinations of the left, President Trump and his team are aware.

I have noticed the Trump sons have been pretty quiet on Twitter for a while. I think they have been told to not post and instead to just read. Don Jr. maybe for the investigation, but Eric is quiet two. Ivanka ahsn't posted much, either.

Bannon HAS to know what's going on.

I find that national security meeting very interesting, as Pence was called back early to attend it.

I think something is going on that is being kept very hush-hush.

We will see.

Manuel Transmission

Following Iggy's comment on the previous thread about the political spectrum, I did this about a decade ago, because I was frustrated about all the blather distinguishing nazis and commies.

You could add Libertarian above Anarchy, but it is still too little government.

BTW, that is a Rayleigh curve. Lots of nature follows that pattern.

Old Lurker

Squaredance: "This is a deeply serious matter, and the Democrats must be held to account, and held to account across their entire Nomenklatura.

The GOP and the Never Trumpers should be deeply ashamed of themselves. That they are not should be constantly pushed in their faces."

I think many of us are past allowing the GOP to be in its own softer paragraph. The more clear things become, the more it is obvious that the GOP is just as guilty as the left, and to me more so because they were pretending to be otherwise. At least the Left was always known to be the scorpion. Who does not consider Benedict Arnold more vile than just regular British soldiers?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ginger McQueen‏ @GingerMcQueen 5m5 minutes ago

Republicans who have joined Antifa and support their violence:
- Mitt Romney
- John McCain
- Marco Rubio
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ginger is pretty good at cutting to the chase.


To the extent that Republicans are not Democrats, and that they are not actively advancing that horrid agenda even if they enabling it (in places) behind the scenes, I give them a pass.

And it must be said there are many good elected Republicans at the national and especially state and local level.

And there are no good Democrats.

That's it.


Freedom Curve w/discussion - because photobucket sucks pond water.

Old Lurker

Oh Porch, there you go again...

"not actively advancing that horrid agenda even if they are enabling it (in places) behind the scenes, I give them a pass."


Old Lurker

Lets make a list of "good republicans" who honestly and sincerely are focused on restoring this country to its Constitutional roots and rule of law.

You may write on both sides of the sheet...but I doubt you will need to.


The secret to how I was ahead of the curve on GOP-hate:

Any Republican politician that rejected looking into Obama's eligibility scandal can suck it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heh. President Trump just retweeted 2 posts by Hugh Hewitt.

Hugh Hewitt‏Verified account @hughhewitt 12h12 hours ago

#NeverTrumpers elite MSMers and virtue signalers are persuading themselves that @realDonaldTrump supporters are deserting. They are not. 1.

Hugh Hewitt‏Verified account @hughhewitt
Replying to @hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump

I spoke to a group of influential CA GOPers tonight, long time activists, bundlers, influencers. Support for @realDonaldTrump has increased

Since Hewitt has been a NeverTrumper, imagine his consternation.

Old Lurker

TK, happy dances in the end zone have been banned. Behave yourself.


There Is Evidence Fusion GPS Was Paid by Russia While Compiling Trump Dossier

Senator Grassley debunks WaPo "fact checker"


I think Hughsless ended that Tweet-stream with a suggestion that Trump supporters are hick or hillbillies.

Or, I didn't get his nuance.


OL: I do not disagree. What they have to see is that there is a sea change. They will not skate out of this one.

If the Democrats get back into power, this recent nonsense will look like a school picnic.

Again, it has to be pushed in their face.

We are quickly coming to a point of a breakdown of the political process.

Should that happen we will enter another wold, and it will be hard to turn back from that path.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Cyber command has been elevated to a Unified Combatant Command. He just tweeted the link to this announcement.


My goal posts never shifted, OL. That is why finding the end zone is so easy.




Rocco, I’m a gonna steal that! Thanks!


Hewitt looked pretty happy on election night, despite his NeverTrumperness. Of course, he was sitting next to Rachel Maddow so it might just have been the contrast I was noting.

I also might have been slightly hammered by that point in the evening.

OL, I'm just trying to trigger you. :)

But it's true. I will take the GOPe backstabbers and the many, many governors and state legislatures over the full frontal Democrat assault on all sides any day. And so, I venture, will you.


"Antifapologists" is fantastic, Rocco.


0hour, list of Antifa members. Anonymity is not what it was advertised as.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back in the old days on Ace's site, Captain Hate was the first person I read who ever said there was anything like a uniparty.

Back then, I thought that was really paranoid. (Sorry, Captian.)

I freely admit I was a naif. This last 2 years has certainly opened my eyes.

Man Tran

Oops, my photo bucket account got smashed.

Ralph L

they could very quickly make common cause
See the Iowahawk tweet on Twitchy.

Old Lurker

Porch "OL, I'm just trying to trigger you. :)"

Not possible. My peaceful oasis here on Nantucket was invaded by YL & Hubby & Baby Max (3) and the Twins (9mo) ten days ago, and YL2 and her guy parachute in on weekends to check my pulse and tweak my meds.

To say I am numb to noise and outside stimulation would be an understatement.

Ralph L

What was it that caused Ace to be flooded with commenters? Who has time to read all of it now, no matter how funny?


Man, those antifa people sure do take on strange names.


This is from the local rag on a rally in Bloomington, IN on the campus of I.U.:

“We’re just here to support our students and make sure they are safe,” Lori Reesor, vice provost for student affairs and dean of students, said before the rally. “We support their right to demonstrate and gather and speak.”

The protesters then marched through campus, past the Sample Gates, around the courthouse square and back to Peoples Park, chanting slogans including “black lives matter,” “goodnight, Alt-Right” and “any time, any place, punch a Nazi in the face.”

So the 'vice provost' at I.U. wants to make sure the students are safe so they can punch nazis in the face?

I can't believe I'm paying tuition to send my daughter there.


aloha snackbar in effect, Wuppertal, Germany


Congratulations on the full house, OL. Enjoy an extra cocktail or two.


aloha snackbar in effect,
The looming eclipse must be stirring the modern day cavemen.


Navy relieves USS Fitzgerald officers of command.


State Department email outage. too many copies of bleach bit running at once?


Henry: That was pretty much a foredrawn conclusion. It is rare that CO of ship stays in command in collisions like this, though there are no doubt exceptions.

The actual facts behind this incident appears obscure to me but if the accounts we are given are true, it is hard to understand how this happened.


The actual facts behind this incident appears obscure to me but if the accounts we are giv=The actual facts behind this incident appear obscure to me but if the accounts we are giv


Fox reporting Steve Bannon's firing is imminent
per one website.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


WHICH website?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump landed in Hagerstown, MD en route to Camp David.


Has anyone seen Dave? Stay safe my friend!


Texas Liberty Gal

lurkersusie & MM - Axios is reporting it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks but I need a better source.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Larry Schweikart has some pertinent stuff to say about Newt's comments about Trump being isolated.

There are 17 tweets. Scroll down to #1 and read from bottom up.


Frau  Steingehirn

BTW Dr.Wes, the two policemen were monitoring the crowds in Charlottesville until Gov. McOffal's en route motorcade called them away from the situation in town. Why was the unindicted crook traveling to Charlottesville before things heated up? Probably he needed to coordinate his message with Mayor Signer, get ready for his photo ops and plan his church visits the next day.

Texas Liberty Gal

mm - I'm justing giving you the link which I believed you asked.

Texas Liberty Gal

mm - I don't think its being reported by anyone else.



Thanks, Fox kept reporting but finally gave website.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Sorry, I wasn't criticizing you. Fox reports "a web site" and everyone assumes it is some reporting that's accurate.

I appreciate the information, since it allows me to evaluate Fox's reporting.

Could be accurate and could be more rumor. We will see.

I am still concerned about the north Korea comment Bannon made. Could be something they weer putting out to create confusion, but I don't think Trump would do that with something like that.

Dave (in MA)

Follow-up to my toying with some locals who are trying to organize a "peace" rally, 24 hrs later they still don't realize I'm talking about going to a Sox/Yankees game tomorrow, the same day that a "free speech rally" is happening in Boston, supposedly organized by "white supremacists" but nobody knows who the real organizers are as far as I can tell.

Dave: The last time, people were getting liquids dumped on them and the police just stood there and let it happen.

Ellen: Well they were told to "stand down" by the governor.

Kathy: I'm nervous of the ones that bring mace with them and spray people....they had some of that out on the west coast a while ago....scary stuff.....the woman's march was peaceful

Dave: One time they drenched a female reporter from the media. The last time, they tried it with an African-American participant and an African-American media guy, but the media guy got out of the way just in the nick of time. And still the police let it happen


You might want to mention the racist slurs that get thrown towards Kenyans, Dave.


You might get rained out.


So it's being reported via anonymous leaks that Bannon will be fired because of being the source of anonymous leaks?

Beasts of England

'Oh please; Clarice strokes you so hard it's like a branch of PornHub.'

I'm glad I survived the night so I could savor that little gem. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Things are VERY interesting. Here is the list of attendees at the national security meeting at Camp David:

List from White House courtesy of Mark Noller of CBS Radio.

Beasts of England

lol, Rocco!!


Wuppertal wasn't that where the Berlin mashers recruiter was based.

Old Lurker

Since NOBODY on the left supports Trump. And since almost nobody in the so-called other party do either, then how could Trump not become isolated from the Swamp Critters...and take comfort in the certainty that most of us who voted for him would do so again in a heartbeat, and we cannot say the same for the GOPe Uniparty traitors we have elected time and time again.


Good Morning! Interesting joint OpEd in the WSJ by the 2 CEO's of competitors FEDEX and UPS:


Dave (in MA)

Adam Jones is a Kenyan?


Thoughts on Charlottesville has been posted.


Miss M, Bloomberg is speculating about Bannon too but I wouldn't consider them a better source.



Antifapologists is good.

I might suggest Antifappalled

Jim Eagle


At least they didn't ask for more funding of pilotless commercial aircraft.

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