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September 09, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks, Jack!

Glad to hear about your son and his preparations. I wondered about him because I had remembered he was involved in seafaring-type stuff.

Trump is not only at Camp David but also has the VP and the entire cabinet up there. My thinking is that not only do they have to contend with Irma and the aftermath of Harvey, but they have to worry about Jose AND the looming anniversary of September 11, which might attract terrorists thinking they could pull something while the government is looking to the South.

Thank goodness this is hitting this year and not last year with that incompetent hack Jeh Johnson in charge of Homeland Security!

Moving those navy ships is a sign that Trump has all hands on deck for the Irma rescue and relief.

Clarice Feldman

Thnx, JIB. I'm afraid I can't keep up with all the personal messages. I wish everyone stays safe.I feel confident the administration is putting every resource to that end.


I am also praying for Eric Bolling's family .
You can be at the top of the world and then suddenly the bottom falls out.
Yes ,he was very proud of his son.
I remember the "Five"s road trip to the Repub convention.
They all had such fun together.
The replacement show at 5:00 has been cancelled.Your whole life can change on a dime and with one phone call.


Cape Coral has the fire department going door to door to evacuate people.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Anyone have any thoughts on this? My first thought was a tsunami coming, but this is supposedly the Bahamas and I don't think there has been any seismic activity near there.

(Video at link.)

Captain Hate


I'm sure he knows his stuff because iirc they are very sensitive to the water pH.

The Penn State Cult was built on football and, by Satan, they won't let a large number of molested boys get in the way of that. I still hold out hope that signing that asshole Franklin to a long term contract will blow up in their faces but the forces of evil are very strong and may prevail if ESPN has anything to do with it.


Getting ready to head to campus.

Go Bucks!

Old Lurker

JOM Prayer List at 4PM Sat:

Henry's Mom
Henry's Brother
Narc & pup
Jane's place (Kiwi is on the road out of state)
Clarice's place west coast
Clarice's lot east coast
JiB's place east coast
Marlene's place west coast
Maryrose's Brother in Ocala
Anonamom's MIL in Cape Coral
Lurker Haystack in St. Pete
PD Detroit Aunt in Bradenton
RG in Tallahassee

Old Lurker

We so often forget this, from Maryrose: "Your whole life can change on a dime and with one phone call."


Good Morning! Loved Miss Marple's 12:09 link to the woman helping the Cajun Navy. Boy was that uplifting.

Good luck RG and anyone else still in Florida. Keep us posted, please.


So sorry to hear about bollings son.

Ralph L

I would think it would be too difficult to grip a fish to throw it very far.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, OL..


The news about Bolling's son is just awful.


Pitt playing Penn State:
One of Pitt 's players is a local boy from Bedford High School.


Oklahoma could surprise the Buckeyes.


MM 3:54PM

Not sure this is the same, but my parents lived on the NC coast on a strait across from Harker's Island. When the wind blew at any strength off shore, the water was pushed out, when the wind was on shore the water was high but calm. I can easily imagine the water disappearing during a hurricane.

Belated HB, MM. And prayers for all the JOM being affected by this storm. Stay safe.


Got migraines, lower back, and asthma under control back in May. Since then, we have been very busy:

1. Sold my mom's house for the maximum amount the real estate CMA's listed as.

2. Distributed the money from the trust to all siblings.

3. Put in a 21'x21' vegetable/herb garden, had to till it 4x as it was never farmed before and added 5 yards of top soil. Vegetables - Corn, Cucumbers, Bush Beans, Onions (Red, Yellow), Tomatoes (Early Girl, Sweet 100 Cherry, Home Slice, Big Zacs, Roma), Mixed Greens, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Banana Peppers, Bell Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange). Herbs - Sage, Oregano, Chives, Cilantro, Sweet Basil (Green and Purple). Herb garden was around the inside fence line to keep the deer out (4 foot fence surround).

4. Completely re-did the corner hill (we have a corner lot). 2 - 50' Colorado Pines died and had them removed, 1 is still hanging on. I tilled the hill 4x, broke the tiller 4x - sheared cotter/lynch pins 4x on rocks/roots, some roots 8" in diameter (crazy roots). Broke my chainsaw 2x on the roots (Stihl MS285 Farm Boss). Put 7 yards of dirt on the hill to reshape, used landscape fabric on the entire hill, planted all kinds of decorative grasses (Japanese Blood Grass is my favorite), had a 10' Blue Spruce planted, and 8'x20' area where we planted Burpee Wildflow Mix (still playing the weed or wildflower guessing game).

5. Took out all kinds of bushes from the front yard - 4 Burning Bushes, 9 yews, 3 IDKWhats. You could actually see the house afterwards.

6. Had 17 windows replaced by Wallside Windows (Lower Front - 6 casement and 1 picture; Upper Front - 3 double hung; Back - 7 sliders).

7. New roof: architectural Atlantic Blue Shingles with ridgeline venting (previously reddish brown).

8. New vinyl siding, gutters, trim: Removed shutters, Pacific Blue Siding (4" Oak wood-grain, Gables are offset shake), white octagon decorative gable vents, Concord Blue soffits (breathable for ridgeline venting), White Gutters with gutter-guards, White and Concord Blue Trim. House was previously Beige and Brown/Tan.

I have lost 28 lbs since May and am off pop for a month now. I celebrated 28 years clean/sober on August 28th (10,227 days). Feels really good to be alive.

I did a new injury to my upper back, breaking up clay chunks with a shovel (clay didn't move, but my back did). It is throwing migraines and upper/lower back pain. The chiropractor is helping me to stay out of pain until I can see my pain management specialists on the 15th and 27th of this month.

I guess I will have to upload some pictures for everyone to see...


Well I see I got that backward -- on shore wind blow the water out. Off shore wind and the water returned but was calm.

Captain Hate

College football just isn't the same without BIG GAME BOB STOOPS on the sideline. For as much as I ragged on him for his high exposure collapses, he was a great recruiter with the capability of dropping the hammer hard on anybody if properly prepared.


We just had a rain shower here,with the sun shining. Sure enough, there is a rainbow in the sky over the treetops. By the way,some of the leaves are changing color!


PDinDetroit, thanks for the update. You certainly sound as if you are keeping busy. j-i-b congratulations on the Mercy win!


I would think it would be too difficult to grip a fish to throw it very far.



PD in Detroit:
Sounds like a total makeover!
Be sure to post some pictures.
You sound like Stephanie with all those projects.


TCU always comes to play.


Good luck Haystack in St Pete.

Interesting to recall that back in 1528 the first Spanish Expedition to try to establish a colony along Western Florida gets clobbered by a Hurricane near what becomes Sarasota. Cabeza De Vaca's bunch. Of the 600 in the fleet only 4 people made it back alive to Spanish Territory a decade later, and sadly 3 of the 4 sold the 4th, a Black guy who had been their good companion for years and saved their collective lives many times, as a slave when they got back to Spanish territory in Mexico. Amazing brutal tale.



What did happen to your shoes and sox and clothes on the cruise? Were you throwing your shoes at David French's speech or something and they sailed overboard?


Here is that link again that someone posted several threads ago. You can certainly see the wind picking up although the storm is about 12 hours away.

Live feed from Key West:


Jim Eagle

Love Mallory Square and Sloppy Joe's.

Saw my first trained cat's show there. An eye opener. You could train cats. Hear that James D and Ralph L. You can make they do all kinds of tricks.


DHS Secretary Duke Signs Jones Act Waiver to Secure Fuel After Major Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

Good. I recall Obama playing politics with this during the Gulf BP Oil Rig fire, refusing to let foreign ships that were relatively nearby and willing and able to help us fight the fire and clean up the spill. What a difference in common sense leadership from the top.

June 16, 2010: President Obama's Refusal to Waive Jones Act Hampers BP Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

For a person who stresses international cooperation and deliberation in matters such as terrorism, climate, trade, and nuclear proliferation, and Israeli-Palestinian affairs, one might wonder what took President Obama so long to ask our foreign allies for assistance with the tragic BP Oil mess in the Gulf.

It is not like the rest of the world is cheering at our apparent inability to contain the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. history...

...why hasn’t Obama waived the Act, like President Bush did after Hurricane Katrina?

Instead of talking about passing a law that amplifies BP oil spill liabilities, perhaps a simple executive order suspending the Jones Act would be more productive. An Executive Order signed by Obama could waive the Jones Act in about 3 minutes, even less time it would take him to fill out an NCAA Final Four bracket.

Clarice Feldman

Now--here's a dilemma--trapped on a cruise ship with 3,999 others and free booze.


Yes daddy I threw my sox at French and then he hit me with my shoes so I threw them away. The clothes are a whole different story.

Tom Maguire

"A thesaurus rex"

I'm not waiting for grandkids to steal that one. That is a 'dad joke' instant classic.



Firefighters in the southern Swedish city of Malmö were forced to let a building burn to the ground after they were violently attacked by locals who threw glass bottles at them. The fire, which occurred in the city’s suburb of Kroksback, initially started after two cars in a car park were set on fire Thursday at around 9 pm. Police and fire crews were called and arrived on the scene shortly after, whilst another fire started at a nearby building on Sörbäcksgatan street, police said in a press release.

As the firemen tried to put out the second blaze, glass bottles were thrown at them and at their vehicles. The attack forced the firemen to abandon the blaze which engulfed the building and burned it to the ground.

Police who arrived on the scene were also attacked with glass bottles though the police report does not specify what damage was done to their vehicles or any injuries sustained by the emergency personnel.

Authorities also added that they do not know if there is any connection between the two fires, though both are suspected to be arson.


New thread

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Checking in...

Decided to stay in Gulfport as the winds aren't forecast to pick up toward Tallahassee/Panhandle til Monday morning. Still doesn't look like anyone chose to head westward this far for hurricane relief. The pool is crowded and the skies are finally showing some cumulus clouds coming in from the SE - probably outer ones generated by the spinning of the hurricane 500? miles away. Prior to these clouds it had been weirdly cloud free both inland and out to sea - probably the hurricane sucking all the moisture out of the air for hundreds of miles around.

We drove through Dennis back in 05 heading down 75 and across Alligator Alley heading towards the Keys for vacation and you couldn't see the front end of your car with the wipers at full max and the hurricane was already up north of Tampa when we left Tampa that morning. The night before, we were probably one of about 20 families riding rides at Busch Gardens between rain bands. Hard core coaster riders r us.

When we got to the Keys, the worst damage from the storm was pool furniture and coconuts in the pool. The daughter had a big time diving for coconuts that afternoon.

We've been shopping for property in the Port Charlotte area for several months now - scouting for the perfect fixer upper. Now we'll probably have way to many to choose from unfortunately. :(

The brother in Sarasota in a condo right next to the causeway on the inland waterway finally got some sense last night and boogied out on the first available flight to where ever. Ended up in Chicago. He's about 3rd or 4th floor up in his condo building but he's stubborn as a mule and has many developments going in Sarasota and in the Caribbean Islands right now. He's waiting to get a report on how much damage they suffered. He can't get in or out to check on them. So far a few look to be total rebuilds in the VI. :(



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