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September 03, 2017



Clarice's excellent Pieces was just linked by Insty. Congrats!

Honey Badgerette writing about "feminism".

What's not to like?

Jim Eagle

This Labor Day weekend was the official end of World War 2.

Been on a "40's Junction" listening binge on Sirius/XM radio driving Frederick back and forth to football. They are playing all the big band songs from 1945 and some of them are etched in my memory from childhood. What great music those guys like Ellington, Basie, Goodman,et.al. made.

Old Lurker

See how this works"

Congress was unable to do anything required by the Constitution and Law by the end of the fiscal year because: Harvey. Whatryougonnado? Wonder how Ryan & McConnell arranged a huricane?

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Harvey has scrambled the equation for Congress as lawmakers get ready to return to Washington on Tuesday after a five-week summer recess.

A daunting workload awaits, including funding the government by month's end and increasing the federal borrowing limit to head off a catastrophic first-ever default.

But the immediate focus will be on rushing an aid package to storm-ravaged Texas and Louisiana, and that bipartisan imperative has pushed aside talk of a government shutdown and President Donald Trump's feuding with GOP lawmakers..."

Old Lurker

Jack, one of my favorite CDs is "Songs that got us through WWII"

Ralph L

She has had to cancel engagements due to morning sickness
The GI tract of that social X-ray is so unused to food, of course it's going to come right back up. Plus, she doesn't seem to have a back channel.


Since he had insights on other places


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

It's sort of like how all of those people who claim to be reincarnated were someone famous or a king or something in their previous life. No one ever says "I am a reincarnated pig herder."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Since we still have Obamacare thanks to John McCain, at least the Trump Administration is going to get rid of some of the waste.

One navigator only signed up one person and yet they were awarded $200,000!! I bet that Trump's eyeballs shot fire when he saw that!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You have to read the whole article to understand what Cotton is proposing.

Old Lurker

So true, MM.

I once traced the meaning of my mother's family name and it went back to old German for "Lime Burner". Decided I would amuse myself in other ways...

Old Lurker

I read that Byron York story about Tom Cotton.

Raise your hand if you think anything Congress might do about immigration will be good for THIS country?

Thought so.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

What I find amusing is that Trump let them virtue-signal all over the place and is now dumping DACA in their laps.

Voters are paying attention. If they do something squirrely, they will be at risk of losing their seats.

Ralph L

O letter: ....without a clear blueprint for success [that I could find], so I don’t know that any advice from me will be particularly helpful.

Sure, just do the opposite.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They are refusing to participate because of the management allowing the players to kneel. I thought this headline was rather misleading.


Anyone who saw him interacting with the kids in Houston would understand his motive.

I think this goes a bit far, MM. If Bill Clinton had gone down to Huston and kissed a black baby, would you say the same thing? How about Obama going there to take a few selfies with some all-white folk?

Personally, I thought Trump seemed a bit wooden with a pasted-on smile (unlike Melania), but he brilliantly took the opportunity and hit a home run.

"Oh, you want compassion? Empathy? Don't you realize I've been a TV star? Ok, I'll give you more compassion and empathy than you can stand. Fools."



Old Lurker

Not gonna click, Ext. Not gonna.


Meanwhile on another coast


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I watched extended footage and listened to what he said. He's always the same guy, whether talking on camera or off. I can't do anything about it if you thought that was "wooden."

The point I was making is not that he hugged black babies (rather a patronizing way of putting it) but that he sincerely likes kids and is concerned about the country's future.

Also, I would point out that the kids and their parents approached him. No one was dragooned into getting a selfie with him. I am sure we would have heard about it from the press pool if they had.


Remember this was one of gunther grass's gripes, if they had been sold to Iran however,,,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Conan O'Brien visits Israel and loves it.
Antefa thugs on the way to his studio...


seemed a bit wooden with a pasted-on smile..., but he brilliantly took the opportunity and hit a home run.

Just like Bush when he gave his 9/11 rubble speach.


I'm not saying he wasn't sincere, and I think he was. Just that if Hillary had pulled of such an act, we wouldn't be convinced no matter how good it looked. (Not that she could, but Bill could.) Although, in support of your point, I liked how some of the lefty pundits grudgingly wrote stuff like "Wow, I'd have never believed he actually likes children. Amazing!" That was pretty funny.


Hubby has decided to call the hurricane "Sister Irma." She was the meanest teacher at his Catholic school. Ha. I said, she couldn't have that bad! He said,oh yeah? In fourth grade she shook me so hard my teeth rattled. I said,is that the time you threw your catechism in the river walking home from school? :)




Uniparty droid #90572 (Stockman) wants a VAT. Because all failing socialists systems have a VAT, and because it hides the tax rate from the rubes so they don't get mad about it.


So grunwald (journoliater) has found his level at politico



..he sincerely likes kids and is concerned about the country's future.

Just talking with Mrs. Hrt about that, MM, I agree completely - Trump has a common touch and people who meet him in person respond to it. At that Houston shelter, he took time to listen to people and made himself accessible, there was nothing forced or phony about it. Nothing shines a brighter light on how sincere someone is than the way they relate to kids, and Trump passes that test with flying colors. Just imagine Hillary's frozen smiley-face in such a situation. No, on second thought, don't imagine that, don't ruin your holiday.

Old Lurker

Henry "and because it hides the tax rate from the rubes so they don't get mad about it."

Worse. It not only hides the tax, it hides it inside the price we pay for things so we can hate those price gouging corporate pigs.

What's not to like if you are a Prog?

One pays the hospital $100 for an aspirin mostly because the government forces the hospital to provide free care to favored voters. Look Mom! No hands!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NYT article on the history of Indians in Yosemite (and elsewhere)
Not sure how reliable any of his numbers or accounts are considering the prof he relies on is revealed to almost certainly be a Marxist.
What's striking as it always is, is how gloriously impervious to their own patronizing, infantalizing and glossing over of the humanity in all its ugliness of their protected specimens they are.
They are more hopelessly oblivious and nostalgic for a people and a world that never was than the most dedicated Victorian Romantic.
They've traded the Noble Savage myth for the Noble Victim one.
The fact is, any Indian tribe we encountered was the latest conqueror in a line of brutal conquests fully as violent as anything whitey dreamed up. What whites did was horribly brutal on its own of course, but to pretend it was uniquely so or something Indians didn’t do to each other is not only false it denies their true nature and true humanity as much as the people the modern tongue-cluckers condemn did.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

David Stockman never met a tax he didn’t like.


He is fully crrdntialed though:

Even man own late thesis advisor want that deranged.

Captain Hate

Good Morning! The remnants of Harvey passed last night,with strong downpours. We needed the rain,it is very dry here

Harvey was almost nonexistent here; very little wind and rain.

That Cotton article makes me believe our Repuke betters are set to sell us out on DACA. Tom Donohue needs to attain Soros status in terms of enemies of the Republic.


Rickie Lee Jones remembers Walter Becker

It is September now. That fall will never come. I cannot tell you why his death has hit me so hard. I have seen a few friends go, but they are not close. People I go to see often. Something about this passing hurts.

Old Lurker

Cap'n "That Cotton article makes me believe our Repuke betters are set to sell us out on DACA."

Tru Dat. That was my exact reaction too. Plus they won't even get something in return for it.


Plus they won't even get us something in return for it.


They, on the other hand, will have their kiddie porn tapes hidden from view for a little while longer.


Uniparty droid #90572 (Stockman) wants a VAT.

If you could replace the income tax by a VAT it would be an improvement, as a VAT is essentially a flat tax. But to propose it in addition to the income tax (or in Stockman's case, replacing the only flat tax we have, the payroll tax) is madness.

Too many self-styled 'big thinkers' don't understand the dangers of giving government new toys. Charles Murray made the same mistake in supporting a Guaranteed Basic Income, naively thinking it could replace all income redistribution programs. Within a few years we'd end up with both the GBI and the other programs.

Ralph L

Nude skydiving violinist says "it's hard when I do it," that is, get naked in public. The fact that a guy was tied up behind him for the jump had nothing to do with it at all.

Kudos for holding onto the bow. Good thing it was cold up there.


How the the violin's f-hole hold up?




News you can't find ...

It appears that somewhere about 2009-2011, schools began to end the practice of 'school nurses'

les nessman

"One navigator only signed up one person and yet they were awarded $200,000!!"

I'd like to see them civil asset forfeiture THAT.

Make 'em fight to get 'their' money back for a couple years.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, ever wonder how what can seem so obvious to some of us can be so difficult for others to grasp?

Governments have nothing, save what they take from individuals. And by "nothing" I include money, power, control...everything that starts out on the individual's plate, which is moved to the government plate, is no longer on the individual's plate. Simple, huh?


We spend 1.5 TRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLION more each year than we did BEFORE OKIE DOKE.

I don't think a VAT changes that.


Oh wait..............


Simple question: Why doesn't our attorney general open an investigation of our ex-FBI director and the apparent corruption in investigation our ex-secretary of state?

Old Lurker

Love you, Joan, but I had to stop reading your post at "Why doesn't our attorney general".


Tom Maguire
I think I've mentioned that my son wrestled a blind kid in HS.... After it was over, my son said he almost let the kid win.

Not the same but back in the 70's in NJ we had a wrestler missing one leg below the knee. He went on to become state champ because in addition to hard work, talent and grit he head (a) the upper body strength of someone in a higher weight class,and (b) the element of surprise - he practiced against two legged kids all the time but he was always the a novelty for his opponents.

I guess being blind doesn't translate the same way.


Interesting link on the "s" holes, TK. Didn't get all the pics to download, but the ones that did were nice.

Old Lurker

Gus, to date myself yet again, every time you say something like "1.5 TRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLION more..." ($4T +), my mind flashes back to the very day in the early 60's, sitting at a lunch counter in the Quarrier Diner reading the paper, the headline in the Daily Mail was "JFK Budget first ever to break $100 Billion" and I marveled at how damn much cash that was.


Joan, I believe the preferred answer is "Because he's playing 3-D chess." Unfortunately, it seems he's playing against people smarter than he is.


Should have said "Unfortunately, he's not very good at chess."


Old Lurker, Since Senor Okie Doke, EACH and EVERY YEAR, we have spent an additions 15 JFK ERA budgets. No debates, no votes on the NEW SPENDING, just more Continuing Resolutions, and more DEBT CEILING INCREASES. And not a FU#$ING WORD from the REPUSSY PARTY.


Not gonna click, Ext. Not gonna.

Me neither, but you know, it probably makes it easier for a man to be sure the straps are adjusted tight and correctly.

Old Lurker

Gus, and to my everlasting chagrin, no Bright red Line from Trump, back when it might have counted on Day 1. (re CR's and debt Limits, and Reg Order Budgets.)

Captain Hate

Didn't Private Eddie promise us a real budget on 11/9?

Ralph L

How the the violin's f-hole hold up?
There was a wide strap around it called a thong. Some of the horsehair blew out of the bow.

Ralph L

Like Tommy, he wrestles by sense of smell.

jimmyk on iPhone

"I don't think a VAT changes that."

True, GUS, I think I've said here that all the tax reform machinations are just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We need spending reform, meaning drastic cuts. Including so-called entitlements, a term that should be stricken from the English language.


San Diego State University sent the following letter in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to President Trump:

September 3, 2017

The Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of San Diego State University, we write regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

San Diego State University, located at the international border with Mexico, is one of the most diverse universities in this country. This diversity is critical to preparing our students to work in San Diego's binational economy and a global workforce. Our students, regardless of their immigration status, are valued members of our educational community.

You have recently expressed your personal struggle over the difficulty of reaching a decision about retaining the DACA program. As you consider your decision, we urge you to give the greatest weight to the fact that these individuals who arrived in this country too young to have made the decision to come here, or to have understood any consequent impact on their citizenship, have in fact excelled as students and as good citizens.

We implore you to acknowledge these facts and urge you to retain the DACA program.


Sally F. Roush

Eric Rivera
Vice President, Student Affairs

Marcie Bober-Michel
Chair, University Senate



I appreciate your descriptions, Ralph.


Clarice Feldman

Thanks, Buckeye. It's been a bit of a hectic morning and i missed that.


Paul Ryan's website gives no indication he's Speaker of the House. Looks like he's entirely focused on keeping his WI seat, among the safest R seats of them all. Ugh

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

GUS, I love you but President Okie Doke is not the whole story;

As you can see the outlier was 09, Bush's last TARP-baby budget. By 2010 the Reps had reined things back in a little but if you extend the upward slope of Bush's budgets, even disregarding 2009, he would already have been spending Barry levels of money by 2012 or so.
Compassionate conservatism is indistinguishable from liberalism on that chart except that Dems have flatter slopes because they don't increase defense budgets.

What do you think the slope will look like if Trump gets his defense build up and infrastructure spending while not touching entitlements and only nibbling at the other spending margins?


Well there is no evidence he is speaker, its just an agreed upon hallucination, deb


Ryan seems to think "Speaker" means he needs to spend a lot of time speaking, which he takes to mean pontificating about "who we are," rather than about getting the President's program through the House.


Happy Labor Day! Hope all are relaxing :)


MM at 06:08 AM, well said re culpability for NK and Iran.

MM at 08:49 AM - haaaa, that's so funny. It's the downward spiral for the evil ones, how the "mighty" have fallen, once kings and despots, now they're pig herders and can't even remember their past existences. End of the line for them, no future reincarnations in any form, bio or AI.


On topic re DNC Guccifer 2.0 "hack" - Forensicator has since upped the ante. It's now 38Mb. Let anyone try to prove that was possible via internet between US and Russia in 2016! Plus, there are just so many other facts, like the amateur placing of "Russian fingerprints" by cutting and pasting DNC docs onto a template with Russian code already proven.

(Ha, like the impossible fake "IBM typewriter" computer-generated CBSgate 60 Minutes doc - 13th anniversary coming up this week.)

In-depth DNC/Crowdstrike hack=leak investigations links here and here.


Wow. My belief that Rep. Devin Nunes was one of a very few possible threats to Paul Ryan's Speaker gig was verified by Ryan's ending paragraphs here, expressing sanctimonious and insincere imo hope that the ethics investigation of Nunes would end well for him. Ugh.


Daddy at 06:19 AM re Awan's other still active secret gov email account. Isn't that just astounding how it was missed and a citizen investigator discovered it by looking at court records of and interviewing a former tenant of Awan re a house rental matter.

That's some sleuthing!


Comey and Clinton's Obstruction of Justice
At 3:47 a stunningly huge list of emails and devices deleted and destroyed.

Comey's Obstruction of Justice
while FBI Dir re Clinton
Jaw-dropping details uncovered by citizen journalist, Truepundit

As Dr. J linked on page 1 of this thread and Clarice, Iggy et al commented on (whatever McCarthy's spin may be, the exact quotes of Obama are important because it shows Obama, Hillary and Comey's conspiring):

Obama's Obstruction of Justice re Hillary Clinton investigations

They indicted themselves and each other.


I asked my son Ross if he were blind, would he want someone letting him win? He said no, I understand Dad.

IMO, wrestling is the greatest sport ever and I miss it terribly. That hard work wrestling commands teaches these kids a work ethic they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

My son didn't start wrestling until his junior year but that hard work brought him 5th place in The New England Championships his senior year. (a disclaimer: the New England states have a long way to go to compete with the great wrestling states like New York, PA, etc.)


My dh was a high school teacher/admin and wrestling matches were my favorite. That the team with the worst record could include one or more state champs in his weight class was super imo. I'm unsure about legless wrestlers, as grabbing legs is so integral to takedowns, and fear of being viewed as taking advantage of an impaired opponent seems an unfair burden to put on a 15 yo boy.


Ah, wrestling! Tried it as a college freshman after four years of 2-miles-a-day swimming in high school.

That lasted until my left knee went a little sideways during a practice. Recreational sports after that.


New thread.


Mine at 11:34 - it's 38MB MEGABYTES not bits.

The Forensicator Peak 38 MB Transfer Speed

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