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September 11, 2017


Jim Eagle


FPL V.P. for distribution on Varney & Co. just said East Coast restored by end of weekend. But since SW Florida took the harder hit, all restored by Sept.22.

I would think using end-of-the-line model, Naples comes on first.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

I know Clarice, but it's just 3 more days and probably not worth the hassle. I can't even remember the name of the 2nd prescription.

common man

Gas Buddy has a tracker. If you use it and imput a city, I used Vero Beach, you can see that stations that have no power, no fuel, or power and fuel. My eyeballing Vero Beach says about half the stations there have fuel. I assume it varies by city up and down but I think there is fuel available.


Thanks Jack. Trying to figure out how to get mom to a/c sooner than that. Issues are gas, power at end and hotel availability.


and new thread

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mike Huckabee cracks me up:

Gov. Mike Huckabee‏Verified account @GovMikeHuckabee 2m2 minutes ago

Good move @POTUS to name Hope Hicks Comm Dir; almost as brilliant as picking @PressSec Hope is smart loyal and keeps confidences.

Janet the expert 🚬

How does Mother Nature compete?”

“She finds a weakness and competitively evolves to exploit it. Strengths do not protect from what finally undermines competitors.”

Who is mother nature? Do you mean human nature or the physical world, nature.


Janet, you gotta love how they can't help but assign a persona to the supposedly godless universe.



After listening to a one hour call in (On Point) on Equifax hack--which "proves" "corporations are evil, so we need more government regulations," I now listen to a report on the alleged "news" at the top of the hour about the presidential voter fraud commission--which spins it that there's no voter fraud, couldn't possibly be any cyber attacks, therefore it is a complete waste of taxpayers' money.

Come on guys--pick a position and stick to it from program to program.

And what about Russia's interference??? Hmmm???

Janet the expert 🚬

Yeah, Porchlight.

Janet the expert 🚬

"corporations are evil, so we need more government regulations,"

Have there been many stories in the MFM on all the businesses that are helping their employees?

My nephew in Houston works for the Texans & they have been wonderful. His wife's employer is helping them too. Above & beyond.
Do those stories get any play?

When Louisiana flooded my son's employer shut down & the employees formed teams to help with the cleanup. They helped any that needed help, not just employees of the company.

Captain Hate

Janet, you gotta love how they can't help but assign a persona to the supposedly godless universe.

Their tiny unscientific minds can't imagine a string of causes and effects without there being a sentient entity processing it; like ManBearPig saying global warming was Mother Earth having a fever. STFU dunce.

Captain Hate

I'm pretty sure the subject of this comments at Althouse:


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