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September 11, 2017



The Horde has a number of God squadders, ranging to the cool Janet types like grammie winger to an irritating scold who shall remain anonymous, and there was a recent short debate on whether or not Unitarians are Christians. I'm pretty sure the answer was "no".

Charles Darwin wrote a short biography of his Grandfather Erasmus Darwin, who was a quirky but very intelligent guy, friend of Joseph Priestly and Franklin and a number of other smart boys of that generation, and u=in addition to writing a Poem suggesting Evolution, Erasmus said this about Unitarianism:

Charles Darwin: “He [Erasmus Darwin] used to say that 'unitarianism was a feather-bed to catch a falling Christian.”


Anybody have an update on the Senator Menendez Corruption Trial?


Surprise, new thread.


Article today in New Jersey Ledger says his attorney Lowell putting up a good fight and trying to set up an appeal. I think he stays even if convicted until appeals run out .
They have 10 counts against him surely one will stick.




So in terms of beer I'm hearing sentiments that can be paraphrased "I love it anyway" and "other foods have those phytoestrogens too, so there" and "small price to pay".

Ran across this comment on another blog, fits this topic:

Vivian Stanshall, playing a character named Sir Henry Rawlinson
"If I had all the money I'd spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink."


Thanks, Maryrose. Much obliged!

Clarice Feldman

Wait a week--they'll be giving the out free with every dozen hot dog buns you buy:http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/amazon-walmart-slash-hillary-clintons-what-happened-40-before-tuesday-release/article/2634030


Was anyone actually rescued by helicopter from the towers on 9/11? I seem to recall that wasn't doable due to the heavy smoke and heat.

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