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September 07, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is interesting:

Ari Fleischer‏Verified account @AriFleischer 9m9 minutes ago

Trump's deal w Ds over debt limit is best thing that could happen to Rs. Brinksmanship, default & shutdowns are no way to run a government.

Captain Hate

Clarice, I probably don't see enough movies to match their reviewing requirements. It's a great site that I consult before seeing anything and the regular people like all of us often exhibit better taste than people who do it for a living; Secondhand Lions got an 80% from the audience compared to 56% from the snooty critics.

I think Hollyweird's on life support right now and this Summer's in the toilet attendance is a marker of things to come. As is usually the case, they deserve every fucking bit of misery that they're experiencing. If they exist, it will be in a very diminished form.


Clarice, not just power but the purest form of an out-of-control abuse of power.

Hard to believe the FBI (meaning: Comey and McCabe et al.) did this on its own. Multiple people at DOJ and the White House had to be pushing this.

Clarice Feldman

Sure, R.G., but I did they try to make themselves into public heroes fighting for probity as Comey did? Mr. Clean.

Maybe Andrew McCarthy should start having second thoughts about his character assessments.


He who laughs last...


Yeah, henry. I think people completely take in the cone, visually, in the wrong way.

If you think of its naval origin, and the need to talk about possible effects over a wide region, things become clearer.

We freak out far too much in this country, far too often, over the effects of weather. The overwhelming majority of Floridians will be able to safely hunker down. If we're without power for a period of days, hey -- good training, man. That's what I was told in the Army.

That didn't stop me from bitching last year when the rare hurricane came through Tallahassee and I was without power for days. It probably won't stop me this year if we have anything close to hurricane winds this far north and I'm without power once again for days.

That said, this does appear to be the rare 'Cane that merits tremendous alarm.


Jane,clarice...hurricane watch up to Anna Maria Island. :(


McCarthy is an interesting and curious study. To me he's something of a proxy for the entire legal profession. Definitely an interesting and curious study that require internal and, most especially, external review.

Something has gone wrong, and the profession is far too smug, far too narrow, far too governed by a blinkered Ivy League that has lost its way.


I'm trying to recall ... wasn't the first FISA application in June which would have been concurrent with the Trump server and the Carter Page speech on Russia?

I'm sticking with a previous formulation: Muller is investigating a failed FBI sting and the obstruction is that the Trump Campaign didn't take the debate.

Just look at how the Trump Tower meeting gets reported-Trump campaign members and "Russians"-however the only Russian in the room was that lawyer who was allowed into the country by Obama's own Justice Department.


Yes, surge warnings for Naples have me concerned. I expect mom will end up needing a new car, probably my brother too. The nieces from there are now here. They took up boxing and are enjoying my pair of heavy bags. The speed bag still has them flummoxed.


yikes ... didn't take the bait.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


H/T to Chitown Lurker.


and on it goes


>>>In his first response to a report this summer about his meeting at Trump Tower, the President's son claimed in a statement that he "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children" during his meeting with a Russian lawyer he believed to be connected to the Russian government. That claim was later debunked by multiple accounts of the meeting.<<<

Wha ... I thought that that was why the meeting ended? She started prattling on about Russian adoptions through a State Department contract translator and the Trump Campaign officials cut the meeting off.

And that is the sum and substance of their Russia collusion narrative.


Well there is akhmetchin, the ringmaster behind the dossier, they can't put those two things together

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Marlene, I just realized I will be going north with you neither shoes or socks. This is going to be ridiculous. Oh and I don't have a car either.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Not with you :-) . Don't worry I don't plan to visit. And freeze to death getting there

Clarice Feldman

I have land on the Palm Coast--and I mean directly on the coast. It 's in the dunes which have already been washed out once and just repaired and a condo on LBK but while it is on the Gulf it is slightly angled unlike another bldg in the complex so I'm hoping it won't get a direct hit. But that is peanuts compared to those who live in South Fla and were unable to move and the poor folks everywhere in the state in trailer parks, the many elderly and infirm hard to re-house elsewhere..
But the country seems to be hit with fires and floods in so many places.So much disaster , uprooting and loss.

And still I hear mewling from "true conservatives" about the debt deal. Those truly shrewd ones think this would have been a great time to :stand on "principle"
BTW MSN reports never in history did three hurricanes in a row head up toward Fla and it's all about "global warming" forgetting these three are follwing what appears to be almost identical tracks of the three n a row on Sept 10, 2010..

Clarice Feldman

Seems like just yesterday the media was telling us there was going to be a worldwide shortage of chocolate. well, we have a surplus it seems:https://twitter.com/tan123/status/905925781515370498
Just in case you need a bit of good news today,


My mom is on the coast (as in direct beach access), but on a floor above the "debris zone" by Venetian Bay in Naples. Her building does have a generator. My brother is several miles inland. His inlaws are in the Bonita Bay area. The older generation will stay put, my brother is prepped to evac but I think it's now too late. He survived his first hurricane before his first birthday, he'll get through this one.

Clarice Feldman

Get shoes and socks, Jane. Now. If you're in a hotel your concierge can help you. If not, find a shoe place, nearby and order some and hire an uber driver to get them if you must.Snap to it.

Clarice Feldman

Henry, be thankful she's not in the debris zone and not in a high rise where the elevator shut downs would make life unbearable. My parents sheltered in place in Pembroke Pines during a hurricane with the storm shutters down and the wind howling and no electricity, A lot more people will be in that situation who stay put.


Posted by: narciso. | September 08, 2017 at 08:16 AM

He's a naturalized US citizen from Russia if the reporting is to be believed.

I stand by my claim: 3 Americans and a Russian ... why aren't the 3 Americans in tow with the Russian lawyer getting their homes raided by the FBI at 3 in the morning?


Jane are you going to Sturbridge? We've been having crisp,chilly mornings,but during the day it is warm. If you want to come here,please be our guest. I've got lots of fleece jackets and the wood stove is warm and cozy!
I've been reading our Next Door site and the neighbors are aware of the elderly and infirm who need help. We aren't in a retirement community per se,so there are plenty of folks willing and able to assist the older folks.


Yes, the building storm shutters will lock down. But the elevators should have some power. The question is how long the generators can run if the grid is out for a week or so.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

I'm in Philly visiting my niece. Will go to Sturbridge Monday if I can't go home. Will deal with prescriptions, son and shoes when I get there.

Janet the expert 🚬

You are welcome to come stay here for an extended period if you need to. I've got an extra room & you can borrow clothes.

Jim Eagle


We will have someone drive by your lot and give us an assessment I can pass on to you. Do you get the bulletins from the home owner's association? If not, I will forward to you as we get them. Last one noted remindted us that the bridge will shut down with winds of 45mph. Also, no east bound traffic starting tomorrow. Will try to find it and pass on.

Our neighbor's rode out Matthew and will do the same for Irma.

Janet the expert 🚬

Kiwi is welcome too.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks. JiB.

Clarice Feldman

Sarasota is now beginning voluntary evacuations.

Janet the expert 🚬

Just look at how the Trump Tower meeting gets reported-Trump campaign members and "Russians"-however the only Russian in the room was that lawyer who was allowed into the country by Obama's own Justice Department.

Love your comments, rich.

Timelines & short observations or questions are the best for understanding.
I think the mess all bleeds together for most & all that registers is 'Trump-Russia'.

Jim Eagle

My oldest son is a charter fishing captain in Sarasota and is "hunkering down". These guys never leave their boats:) He launches out of Siesta Key before LBK.

Clarice, I can have him run by LBK if he can get access and give you an assessment of the the condo, if you want. Just email the address and I will have him take photos for you.

Captain Hate

And still I hear mewling from "true conservatives" about the debt deal. Those truly shrewd ones think this would have been a great time to :stand on "principle"

JJ Sefton at AoS, whom I like and almost always agree with, has been an annoyingly hectoring dickweed about this, even forming a post from some gasbag "this is what I wish Trump had said" screed that his trained seals were going "oh you're so smart, JJ" in the morning thread while smarter people were pointing out that having a government shutdown while hurricanes are raging is really bad look for the President.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, JIB, the condo association's managers are keeping us well-informed on that property,

Clarice Feldman

Honestly, CH, I can't get into the heads of these people. I can't imagine how they've survived to adulthood.

Jim Eagle

I can't imagine how they've survived to adulthood.

From my experience, by faking it.


Cannon tells 60 minutes stay puft lost out on a cabinet post, because he went to the fainting couches over the access Hollywood tape.

Captain Hate

Clarice, this is the discussion that needs to happen eventually:

The debt ceiling was historically set as a barrier by fiscal hawks
who felt there needed to be an upper limit to the debt. But it was
really an artificial barrier since it was was for money already spent by
the federal government or the byproduct of IGH obligations like social
security. Ergo it was actually meant more as a tool for fiscal restraint
during the budget process. The thinking goes "if you knew what you were
spending would exceed the limit, you wouldn't allocate that money.

But, you know, for Congress math is hard.

So we need to keep raising the limit to meet the every increasing demands the Congress puts into the budget.

We are really not running in regular order and the government has
been funded for some time now using continuing resolutions. That is
where this issue really needs to be addressed because it is allowing
debt to accumulate with a relatively increase inconsequential political
effect. The current fiscal hawks believe if we don't raise the limit it
will force people to the negotiating table. Frankly that faulty
thinking. It's the same thinking that gave us the debt ceiling and got
us where we are today.

Fix the broken budget process, you start to fix the debt problem.

Just one mans opinion from dealing with Washington for about 28 years.
.And it also allows the porkulus spending obama and the dems did to continue indefinitely. If they did a real budget it would shock everyone on how much we have spent since 2009 on continuing stimulus payments.

Captain Hate

Cannon tells 60 minutes stay puft lost out on a cabinet post, because he went to the fainting couches over the access Hollywood tape

Fat RINO Bastard is self obsessed even by DC standards. Surely DJT understood he couldn't trust him.


To watch the Weather Channel online Thankful we aren't dealing with a catatonic LA Gov Blanco or incompetent "Chocolate City" Mayor Nagin.

Captain Hate

Like clockwork:

Don't forget Lindsey Graham. He's teamed up with some (D) to create a bill to save DACA. The BRIDGE Act. No sh*t. Something like "Barring Removal of Individuals who are Dreamers who make our country Great Everywhere" or some nonsense.

If the Repukes fuck this up it is game over for the country.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Thanks Janet. I haven't seen Kiwi now in two weeks, and I miss her terribly but she's doing well and we will reunite up north if it comes to that. It's very hard to be this discombobulated.


..having a government shutdown while hurricanes are raging is really bad look for the President.

It's always a bad look for everyone. I wonder if there's a way for fiscal hawks to ensure that the sky doesn't become the limit if we actually did away with debt ceiling votes, as unlikely bedfellows Trump and Schumer apparently think might be a good idea. Just getting rid of the perennial posturing would be a huge plus.

I can't imagine how they've survived to adulthood.
I think Woody Allen was at least 80% right when he said that 80% of success in life is just showing up.

Cannon tells 60 minutes stay puft lost out on a cabinet post..
I should probably know, but stay puft must be Christie? It's ironic or something, I guess, but the Access Hollywood thing is where I turned pro-Trump. I truly did and do think it was awful behavior on Trump's part, but the way the media went apocalyptic over it, as if their heroes hadn't actually DONE worse things than Trump was prattling about - that's when the fog lifted from my eyes.


I haven't been able to follow everything, so not sure if this has been discussed, but it's getting curiouser and curiouser:

Luke Rosiak‏Verified account @lukerosiak

Capitol Police report: Wasserman Schultz's laptop found in phone booth at 3am w/ note to US attorney from Imran



McClintock at his finest:



I'll post some quotes in a bit, but I recommend watching or reading the whole thing.


Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

I read that yesterday on the train Jimmy. Seems they may be turning on her.

Jim Eagle


We discussed that yesterday on one of the prior threads.

I understand they are going to start reversing lanes on the Turnpike to get more people out of SoFl. Maybe 95 and 75 also.


Yeah, we discussed that a bit, Jimmy. The walls are closing in on the poodle. (Does she have a nickname yet, Captain?)


Captain Hate, I think everyone has got to suspect that Trump wants and expects Congress to produce a bill that protects current Dreamers. Unless I'm wrong, his specific promise on this was that he was going to rescind DACA - he didn't actually say he was going to deport current Dreamers. Except, of course, when he was talking about sending every illegal back home and then letting the good ones back in, a stance that he did not maintain AFAIK even for the entirety of the campaign. For me, it would be a shame if his supporters turn on him if he signs a bill that gets rid of DACA but offers a route for staying to those children of illegals who have kept their noses clean and are employed.

While I'm saying unpopular things, I'd note that Lindsey Graham has at least one good attribute - he's a constant attack dog when it comes to holding Dems feet to the fire for their various perfidies.


Yes it is box,


Took red up Ga 400 north of atlanta's perimeter this am for dr's appt. Saw three stranded cars with Fla tags abandoned on side of highway. I am guessing they drove through the night until they ran out of gas. I guess S Ga is running low or did not stay open all night to sell gas.

Grocery store next.


New thread.

Captain Hate


For whatever reason I never asked when the fog lifted so thanks for volunteering that. I've come to believe that what Private Eddie mostly learned while sitting on Barney's frank was the best way to keep the gravy train flowing endlessly is to never have a budget.

Account Deleted

Hey JOMerz!

Kev here reporting in. Surgeons gave me a clean bill of health yesterday. Spinal infection has cleared up. Surgical incision has disappeared. Pain from the intrusion lingers but it's manageable. From its high at eleventy 36 days ago (surgery day) we are at 7 today.

But I am moving and walking without restrictions or need for any kind of supports.

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

I'm going back to a limited work schedule next week.

Take care everybody!



For me, it would be a shame if his supporters turn on him if he signs a bill that gets rid of DACA but offers a route for staying to those children of illegals who have kept their noses clean and are employed.

Any of Ann Coulter's followers that aren't into her only for a chance that she tweets out an image of her skeleton key may continue their turn on him.

The Chick-fil-A crowd will side with a realistic approach that includes never having to hear about this again.

If there is no path to citizenship that allows cuts in the honest line and the threat to deport for something as little as j-walking is included, and social services dry up for them, I wouldn't care.

Captain Hate

(Does she have a nickname yet, Captain?)

Debbie Downer. Snaggletoothed Witch (or something that rhymes with it, although now we're in the Halloween season).

Captain Hate

Welcome back, Kev!

I agree with TK.

Clarice Feldman

New Thread.

Old Lurker

Yay Kev!

Clarice Feldman

Good, Kev.


Kev! [Thumbs up!]

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