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September 26, 2017



"without and end to ACA and real tax reform MAGA ain't"

The GOPe seems to believe they can wait out 1 Trump term like they waited out the Tea Party.

Something needs to change that belief before ACA and tax reform can happen.


Exactly Boris. Maybe Moore is part of the required lesson.

Captain Hate

Mctutrtle needed to be sent a message, he seems to have gotten too,

RINO campaign coffers are lower; suck it, Gas Chamber.


OL is a wonderful and humorous poster!

"Jim agrees with Boris and thinks it would be good if Trump voters showed solid support for him no matter what has transpired since the election."

Yes, I think DJT mostly pushes the Nation in the right direction.
Yes, he faces fierce opposition.
Yes, I'm a Ledge dweller by temperament but strongly believe it's worthwhile to feign optimism, and to celebrate even small victories.
Yes, it must be useful to DJT to be able to frame the argument "you think I'm bad? I'm holding those pitchfork guys back by sheer force of personality!"
Yes, it isn't about DJT it's about the Swamp. Thus Moore's victory. Still, that's AL. That level of RINO repudiation won't happen elsewhere.


I love you OL. No worries.

But I agree with RG, the strategy behind Trump backing his friend and McConnell's guy Strange (who remember was trailing Moore the whole time and needed Trump's help just to get past Brooks - he was probably never going to win) while allowing his outside attack dogs (Bannon, Gorka, Palin, Farage) to campaign freely for Moore seems clear to me.

Others have phrased it better, but it's essentially "Thanks for the support, Luther. You have mine as well. [Trump rallies for Luther. Luther loses.] Good game, Luther. See Mitch, I did it your way, but it turns out the people aren't with you. Have at it Roy, we are behind you." How is that not smart and canny politics?

Perhaps we look at things differently. To my mind, we're in a war, and Trump is our general. If the country were not in an existential struggle I would be okay with detached observation. As it is, I think hindsight pronunciations from the perfectly manicured conservative Ledge high above the battlefield while sipping cocktails are not only beside the point, but counterproductive.

You once compared Trump unfavorably to Patton, to which I took great objection, in part because Patton had his country's full support, unlike Trump at that time. Hell, Trump didn't even have his party's support. And still doesn't. How do you think Patton would have viewed the Ledge and its occupants? How do you think Third Army soldiers would have viewed it?

You said Trump was our last chance, right? So then why hang back on the Ledge? It makes no sense to me.

When there is no other choice but to win, "just win, baby" is not politically nor morally objectionable. If we are fortunate, a big if, we will have time later to argue about the details. Right now we must charge the field.


Full speed ahead!
Damn the torpedoes!
Change is happening as we speak.
I have both faith and patience.
The only area where I have a deadline( 2 weeks) is the unmasking situations and the FISA warrants.
I want to know WHO, HOW and WHY.
I want each person called in to tell their part in this.
Only one person appears to be serious about this.
Grassley is the one I have faith in at this moment.


Free Devin Nunes!


Bill OReilly on Hannity has it right in my opinion.
Progs want a new Constitution not written by slave owners like Jefferson and Washington.


Glad you agree, maryrose. :)


Pakistani-Saudi connection to Rohingya attacks in northwest Burma.


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