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September 26, 2017



In the race to make corbyn seem sane:



My guess? Scrubbing away many decades of rot isn't done in an hour with garbage bought off an "as seen on TV" ad.

Posted by: Threadkiller | September 26, 2017 at 09:22 PM

Thank you, TK, and very well put. I'm starting to want to cuss some folks out here on this Jeff Sessions thing.

* * *

Any candidate that fails to win because of someone else's comments deserves to lose.

Posted by: Threadkiller | September 26, 2017 at 10:24 PM

Yep, yep. I think some people are far, far too concerned about his prior comments. Many more people are A.O.K. with them, or can see symbolic representation in his literal words that don't of necessity require him to be seen as something of a weirdo or a lunatic.

* * *

On those cheery notes, bedtime calls. Later, Gators.


What a night!

OL, you are mistaken.

Trump's support of Strange was obligatory. Strictly horsetrading. He would gain political capital with a Strange win, but little else.

Moore, on the other hand, advances the MAGA agenda and puts the fear of God into the GOPe. If anything the "message" of which you spoke is for them.

Trump is plenty happy tonight. Damn the torpedoes....

Frau Fragezeichen

You betcha, Porch.

The Infamous Ignatz

That DailyMail sidebar is strangely beguiling.
Royals, Kardashians and a bunch of minor league Limey brats I've never heard of exposing their ta-tas.
Strangely beguiling in the same way a smoking, five car pile up along the freeway is...you want to look away but can't.


Yes Alex from clockwork orange would say 'that's a bit much, aint it, even though burgess thought this is what a sovietized Britain would be like.


Oh here is an interesting bit, this film the foreigner is an adaptation of a Stephen leather, the china men, with Jackie chan and piers brosnan.


Once again FRAU and PORCHLIGHT are SPOT ON


Well I don't think they can be embarrassed:

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

For TK :)



The eloquent Nigel Farage supports Moore!
Nigel hits all the same points being made here on JOM.

Good luck, DrJ!


Good grief what is more ridiculous than snowflake?

Ralph L

Kaepernick hasn't been signed because they can't figure out how to get his hair in a helmet.


RACIST!!! Ralph, Kaepernick is DOWN WIT DA STRUGGLE


3.5 hour gap broken--or is there a new thread?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning, peterr!

Just got my coffee made. Going to grab some links. BRB!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

The NFL Players Union head, DeMaurice Smith, was mentored by former AG Eric Holder.

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that this entire kneeling fiasco was planned by Obama and Clinton as a vehicle for portraying President Trump as a racist.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Judge Roy Moore‏ @MooreSenate 6h6 hours ago

Great to talk with President Trump tonight about #ALSen!

I very much look forward to working with the President to win in December!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The President meets with Secretary Tillerson this morning, prior to his departure for China.

He will leave DC for Indianapolis at 2:30 or so, and is scheduled to speak at 3:20. He will be at the Fairgrounds on the northeast side of Indy.

No, I am not going. My joints won't take standing for a prolonged period and I don't deal well with crowds.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I still think people should keep an eye on him.

By the way, he's only 36.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One thing good about Roy Moore is that he triggers the left even more than President Trump.

James D.

Has anyone else in history done so much widespread, worldwide harm. At such a young age, despite having no discernible talents or useful skills?


James D, Louis XIV?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The author does a nice job of describing the disarray on two fronts (Hollywood and the NFL) but I do not know if American opinion would have turned as quickly if President Trump hadn't spoken out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

You make a good point. It encourages narcissism, envy, and TMI.

I only go to President Trump's Facebook page on occasion, and rarely stop by anywhere else. My own Facebook page is full of people bragging about their vacations, spouting off on celebrities, and generally being show-offy about stuff I don't care about. I check in once a month or so and comment on the weather in Indaina so people know I am alive.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Good advice from InstaPundit a while back:
"Instead of worrying about Trump, they should worry about what comes after Trump, if he’s stopped."

A commenter at PowerLine:
What Trump loses with a Moore win: others will say. What Trump gains with a Moore win--"Even I can't save you. And by the way, they still like me." That's what the entire thing has been about--"I was loyal to you guys, and...it's the voters who don't like you. Maybe you should stop thinking you know so much."

I say it neither approvingly or disapprovingly, just that I see the method behind the seeming madness. McConnell can't complain(Trump supported Mitch's guy), McConnell doesn't win, though ... "endorsements don't matter, fighting does, or at least being willing to buck PC stuff." ...

I've been not always supportive of the "Trump is playing 3D chess", but in this case, it is at least a 2D chess move--no matter what, Trump gets something.


Now that liberals favor the NFL, deplorable Don Surber offers them a primer on the sport of football.
There are 11 players on the field at any one time. Each team has 53 players on their roster, but only 46 players suit up for the game. You would think for all the money NFL teams have they could afford more than 46 uniforms.

But then again, each team must have road uniforms, home uniforms, throwback uniforms, and road throwback uniforms. The Pittsburgh team is so poor that for some games they dress their players in uniforms stolen from some prison.

Every October, the players wear pink shoes, pink gloves, and pink panties as part of Breast Awareness Month. This is their penance for beating up their wives and girlfriends in the off-season.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I can see that strategy being used in hindsight, although I am not sure Trump planned to lose.

However, Sundance on Treehouse said one time that"Trump always owns the downside." An example of this is when he was considering making a bid for Holiday Inn and bought up a lot of shares. He knew word would get out that he bought, so either he would manage to take control OR the price of the stock would go up and he would make a lot of money.

This may also be an example of his "owning the down side" strategy. MY concern is how many interviews Moore gives which cause controversy on the national stage.

Hopefully, President Trump has a way to deal with that as well. We will see.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Looks to me like Secretary Mattis visits should not be posted on Twitter until after he has left.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 8m8 minutes ago

Spoke to Roy Moore of Alabama last night for the first time. Sounds like a really great guy who ran a fantastic race. He will help to #MAGA!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Spoke to Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. Jerry is a winner who knows how to get things done. Players will stand for Country!


Here's an interesting thought. What if President Trump is trying to get rid of Goodell?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Judge Roy Moore‏ @MooreSenate 9h9 hours ago

Judge Roy Moore Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Thank you, Mr. President! #ALSen

Things seem to be off to a good start.


The boys over at The_Donald partied all night. Lots of great comments but I thought this one was particularly succinct:

[–]jammerculture 9 points 8 hours ago

It's official.
RINO hunting season has begun


Miss Marple the Deplorable

PlayTheTrumpCard Retweeted
Ryan Saavedra
🇺🇸‏ @RealSaavedra 12h12 hours ago

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin sides with President Donald Trump.

Says NFL owners shouldn't "tolerate" kneeling during the national anthem.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 20s20 seconds ago

With one Yes vote in hospital & very positive signs from Alaska and two others (McCain is out), we have the HCare Vote, but not for Friday!


Well, this is interesting.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6s7 seconds ago

We will have the votes for Healthcare but not for the reconciliation deadline of Friday, after which we need 60. Get rid of Filibuster Rule!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"The WSJ/THE rankings emphasize how well a college will prepare students for life after graduation. To that end, the overall ranking is based on 15 factors across four categories: Forty percent of each school’s overall score comes from student outcomes, including a measure of graduate salaries, 30% from the school’s academic resources, 20% from how well it engages its students and 10% from the diversity of its students and staff."

It seems to me that an insider's club full of people who make connections and get plum jobs due to those connections does not make it the best university. Also, 10% for diversity?

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Each team has 53 players on their roster

Steelers site has individual pics of their 53, and I counted 38 as clearly AA. That supports the estimate of the NFL as 70% black, which is pivotal in the current saga.


Which senator is in the hospital?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ralph L

That's a little scary that Rapone was radicalized in the Army in Afghanistan--at least he didn't turn Muslim. But why go to USMA? And publicize his noxious views?

Ralph L

JP Morgan link: the Bank chose to pay its lawyers' legal fees out of the estate account to defend claims against the Bank for violating its fiduciary duty.
That would make me furious enough to sue, but I doubt the $4 billion will stand.


Ralph, who appointed him? Bernie?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ralph L

Henry, I'm not sure they need Cong appointments when coming from enlisted ranks. There's probably a special quota & process for them.


His from Pennsylvania, where his father is a commissioner so the Casey schlub


Erdogan needs butt salve after Kurd vote. Says he'll invade and take their oil or something.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's the breakdown of Wesst Point Admissions requirements:


If coming from the service, the candidate needs a letter of recommendation from his commander.

Also, not only Senators but also Congressmen can nominate, as well as the Vice President.

Old Lurker

"OL, you are mistaken."

Getting to be a bumper sticker, it seems.

Boris wants me to hold criticism until Trump does something wrong. OK, thought I did, except for those who think he has done nothing whatsoever worthy of questioning since Nov 8.

Jim agrees with Boris and thinks it would be good if Trump voters showed solid support for him no matter what has transpired since the election.

MM thinks I want to silence her (!) so I can have free reign to spread doom and gloom across the land.

Porch thinks I was wrong to want a Moore victory to send a message to Trump then explains that Trump wanted Strange for political capital with Uniparty-R's in the Senate. (I believe that is the wrong way to drain the swamp.) Then she posts, with apparent approval, a tweet that with Moore's victory, "RINO hunting season has begun". Might that have been exactly the message I wanted Trump to get? I thought hunting season opened Nov 8, not eleven months later.

I was, am, and will be a huge backer of Trump and have said many times that I think he is our last best chance at restoring the American vision for my children and grandchildren.

But it is not in my nature to blindly trust that anyone elected to public office can be trusted to stay the course without constant nudging from one direction against the forces pulling him in the other direction.


OL, Trump already gets it. That's why he doesn't need your message. You (initially) suggested the message was for him. It isn't. It's for McConnell and the GOPe. He's way ahead of you.


"Boris wants me to hold criticism until Trump does something wrong. OK, thought I did, except for those who think he has done nothing whatsoever worthy of questioning since Nov 8."

I ask simply that you think about it. After all you did bring up the subject of unthinking support, which might be a bit of a straw dummy wrt to JOM.


Mctutrtle needed to be sent a message, he seems to have gotten too,


And OL, you are also wrong to suggest that RINO hunting season ought to have opened pre-inauguration. Trump had to give the GOP a chance to work with him and fulfill their campaign promises. When it was amply demonstrated to the voters that they intended to do no such thing, then it became time to take a different tack.

Sages on the ledge notwithstanding, Trump understands how things work.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

One of the benefits of the Moore victory is that it demonstrates the ineffectiveness (again - Trump was the first) of heavy advertising buys.

Moore was hit with a huge number of ads and they seem to have had no effect, just like Clinton's huge expenditure didn't help her.

With the obvious ineffectiveness of ads, the only reason for running them is to give consultants a paycheck, since the usual arrangement is a per cent for the number of ads placed. (I always thought this encouraged way too many ads and also encouraged a collusion between consultants and TV networks. The derision people like Rick Wilson , a GOP media consultant, had for Trump was partially based on Trump not having a media consultant.) I believe candidates will start thinking of different payment arrangements.

AND, if you don't need huge amounts of advertising money, then you don't need huge donations, which negates the influence of the Chamber of Commerce and the other big donors. You still need money to run, of course, but payments to polling firms, office staff, and GOTV efforts are not nearly as expensive as huge TV ad buys.

I said before that the Trump campaign was the first one I ever saw in which average citizens made their own ads and posted them on social media. I posted a few here, and there were tons of them on the Reddit site.

Part of this was the extreme loyalty his supporters have for President Trump (Hi, Old Lurker!) but part also is the grass roots movement to wrest control from Washington, which is demonstrated in Moore's victory.

Old Lurker

Porch, I must be missing something. Trump supported and put his weight behind the guy the Establishment and WaPo wanted, against the anti establishment guy running against him. And suggesting that was wrong is wrong, how? Do you really think supporting Strange would have clicked a light on with McConnell any more than giving Ryan free reign on healthcare for 100 days did?

Boris, the tiff I was having about "unthinking support no matter what", and surely you know this, was directed at one particular poster. The Straw Dummy is pretending I think that about everybody at JOM; were that the case I wouldn't be here.

Old Lurker

Porch "When it was amply demonstrated to the voters that they intended to do no such thing, then it became time to take a different tack."

And backing Strange because the establishment wanted him is different how?

Old Lurker

Hi right back at you MM. You and Porch sure do wear a guy out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hi, Old Lurker!

You directed that at me, and hence my comment yesterday.

Sorry if I irritate you, but I have waited my whole life for someone to speak for me in DC, and of all things, a Manhattan billionaire stepped up to the plate, risking everything to win the Presidency.

So, yes, I am loyal. It's my nature. I do not cut and run.

Will Trump make mistakes? Sure. He is able, however, to identify and recalibrate (hence the removal of Bannon, Gorkam, Priebus and Scaramucci).

Those mistakes do not sway me, because I am able to see that he is still pressing forward in his efforts to fix things.

Your premise has been that because he didn't do things right away, his presidency will be doomed. I profoundly disagree, and that's just the way it is. And you aren't fooling me by calling me "one particular poster" is a bit timid. You might as well say my name, since everyone knows you are talking about me.

I am sorry you think I am an unthinking supporter, but I can't help what you think. You very obviously wanted me to quit being positive about the President yesterday. Sorry, but so far, I see no reason to do so. Now if you ask me about McConnell and Ryan, I will be VERY negative about them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding backing Strange, Strange voted with the President in every important vote. They are friends.

Trump demonstrated that he will stick up for people who stick up for him, even if it is risky, which helps encourage wafflers in the House and Senate.

Moore's victory demonstrates that the movement will continue even without Trump's assistance, because the anti-establishment feelings are so strong.

That is what I think.


Trump's support of Strange was obligatory.

I would think in general a President could (and perhaps should, as a matter of principle) avoid endorsements in a primary election, and simply say, "I will support whichever candidate the voters choose." I suppose there could be an extreme case where one candidate vows to undermine the President at every turn, but in general, why get involved in a primary contest at all?


OL, Trump already gets it. That's why he doesn't need your message. You (initially) suggested the message was for him. It isn't. It's for McConnell and the GOPe. He's way ahead of you.

Posted by: Porchlight | September 27, 2017 at 08:39 AM

Thus . . . faith and patience. The man has clearly EARNED that much. It's just exceedingly odd to see comments that can't quite acknowledge that.

OL has (like many) been burned and is clearly on his last nerve with our state of politics. He recoiled (I think) at my earlier humorous (I thought) battered spouse tag. But there's something to the tag, isn't it?

My thing all along has been my giddiness at observing Trump (and Sessions, et al.) who very clearly have a plan, aren't going to be rushed, and are confident of victory.

Faith and patience has never been more politically warranted. It would pay, it seems to me, to use that as a default position and use the mid-terms in 2018 as a bright line to re-examine the situation.


Jimmyk, are you saying you don't clearly see the strategery involved in Trump backing Strange and Bannon coming out strongly for Judge Moore?


Old Lurker

MM, you misunderstand me. His mistakes do not sway me either. I think you and I see it very much alike, it is just that you never seem to express even among us folks that maybe something he did could have been done "better".

As Trump supporters you and I have different styles. You are Uber Loyal...and I am a Constant Nag.


Hmmm, Russian hackers, like Hillary, did not target WI elections. They tried to hack the Workforce Development system... maybe they wanted jobs?

Old Lurker

RG "But there's something to the tag, isn't it?"

Dammit man, stop making sense. I am fighting my favorite gals here just now and don't need you guys piling on!

Porch and MM give a hard punch but I would still love to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.

Hope they know that.


RG, I understand that it's a 'good cop, bad cop' thing, that's fine, I'm just not sure it's 'obligatory.'

I would think in general a President could (and perhaps should, as a matter of principle) avoid endorsements in a primary election, and simply say, "I will support whichever candidate the voters choose."
In some sense it's similar to the argument "Why does Trump always have to retaliate against every insult and attack when it is obvious responding hurts Trump just as much as his adversary".

Trump ISTM demonstrates a willingness to spend capitol he believes he can afford to exact payment from adversaries and give rewards to allies. Even if the ally is a "lost cause".

In this case the ally may not have been his 1st choice, but he risked it anyway.

It may be counter-intuitive, but it appears to be valid game theory to me.


matt-thought you would want to see this that just came out. http://www.frameworksinstitute.org/assets/files/mental_health/TCHD_MentalHealth_MTG_FINAL.pdf

As I have mentioned before a mental health emphasis is actually not really about aiding those with mental illness anymore than the ubiquitous bullying campaigns in schools are actually about bullying. It's the way in.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

One other thing that makes following President Trump so difficult for a lot of people is that he doesn't telegraph his strategy.

In the Bush administration, how often did we see Karl Rove out explaining how they were going to push for various programs, who was supporting them, how many votes they could count on, etc.

Kellyanne Conway appears on TV, but not to outline future plans, but rather to answer positions that the president holds (and also to snark about Hillary, which is very good).

No one knows his strategy on going after the NFL, but I would almost bet money it isn't simply about being irritates about those demonstrations. He's shining a bright light on the NFL, the lack of patriotism in segments of our country, and in the process we learn how many leftists have infiltrated the NFL.

It's a very different way of operating in the presidency, so it really does help if you have read his books.


Not obligatory? True, which makes it in this instance, jimmyk, that much different and effective.

We're at a very revolutionary moment, I think, and I don't say that lightly.

It's an incredible political moment right now.

I see something of a North-South alliance in Trump and Bannon that is a force to be reckoned with. Add in Pence . . . my goodness, we could be looking at a period that truly brings this country back where it naturally should be.

Center-right, extremely proud and unapologetic of American Exceptionalism.


See? It was all deeply thought out, well reasoned debate. When they were winning.


It is hard to remember a time when everything wasn't polarized, but it was not that long ago. There were, to be sure, differences of opinion, sometimes on topics as serious as war and sometimes fiercely fought. But never has partisanship spread so widely across the nation's mass culture.


Newsweek: "Barack Obama Offers to Help Puerto Rico, Making Case He Still Should Be President" ...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Because people can read me on line, you will never catch me giving ideas to anyone about a chink in Trump's armor. NEVER. Although trolls are pretty much negated from posting here, they can still read.

I saw too much of this during the Bush presidency. The minute he made a misstep, instead of people rallying around and trying to help, they immediately would jump into the "He's stupid! He's betrayed us! He should do this, this or this!"

An example of this was the purist attacks on Harriet Meiers for Bush nominating him to the Supreme court. Sneering about her degree from SMU, Coulter calling her noting but a legal secretary, Laura Ingraham sneering about her eyeliner, etc. When she withdrew, it got us Alito but I think she could have done just as well. In the process of driving her out in order to get their way, Bush's presidency was weakened.

So that is why I don't show weakness or criticize on line. Loose lips sink ships and all that.

I also don't have much to criticize, truthfully. I outlined yesterday morning the number of fronts Trump was advancing on simultaneously. From time to time you see evidence of progress, but you have to look for the clues.

Old Lurker

Thanks for explaining, MM. I get where you are coming from.

So later today when I jump of the Ledge for the tax plan and then yell at you for not agreeing with me, I will understand!


Packers request fans at Thursday's game lock arms in the stands to show solidarity with team standing during anthem with arms locked.

"The image you will see on September 28th will be one of unity. It will represent a coming together of players who want the same things that all of us do—freedom, equality, tolerance, understanding, and justice for those who have been unjustly treated, discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly."

James D.

Thus . . . faith and patience. The man has clearly EARNED that much. It's just exceedingly odd to see comments that can't quite acknowledge that.

I have faith in, and a lot of patience for, President Trump.

It's the people around him (hello, Mr. Attorney General!) that I have little faith in, and no patience for.


But it is not in my nature to blindly trust that anyone elected to public office can be trusted to stay the course without constant nudging from one direction against the forces pulling him in the other direction.

It is impossible to disagree with this.


Net, we still have Obamacare. That is bad for take home wages and business growth.

Tax reform? I'll believe it when and if it happens. Right now I expect the Ryan / McTurtle "Better Way" shuffle that "repealed" ACA.

There are many good things going on in the background, but without and end to ACA and real tax reform MAGA ain't happening.

James D.

Trump supported and put his weight behind the guy the Establishment and WaPo wanted, against the anti establishment guy running against him.

He did, but not in the same way that he's done in other races. Yes, he was supportive of Strange, but he never once (to my knowledge, anyway) attacked Moore, or mocked him, or said anything at all about him that I can recall.

Compare that to other situations (Jeff Flake comes to mind) where he not only praised the candidate he liked, but strongly attacked the candidate he didn't.

Old Lurker

James, I was thinking of you yesterday when I was reading the Nantucket news about fish and wildlife agents seizing a truck, trailer, boat and all fishing equipment from some guy caught with more than the permitted number of fish in his cooler.


I'll be surprised if they get the fans to do that, Deb. I know I wouldn't do it.

The Infamous Ignatz

Patience? Yes.
Faith? No.

Put not your faith in princes or the sons of men.

Old Lurker

James, I do agree with your 9:47.

James D.

That story is somehow not surprising in the slightest.

Faith and patience or not, I would dearly like to see the DoJ come down like a sledgehammer on some of these bureaucrats. I don't care where, I don't care what level of government, I don't care what they do - I just want the fear of God put into them in an aggressive and ruthless manner, the way they have been treating the citizens unlucky enough to fall under their power.

Old Lurker

Henry, I would add sealing the border to your two.


Fight in 'empathy tent' at UC Berkeley leads to 4 arrests

Left-wing activist Yvonne Felarca was arrested for battery and resisting arrest, police said. Three men were arrested on charges including possession of body armor, carrying a banned weapon and participating in a riot.

Berkeley's reputation as a liberal bastion has made it a flashpoint for the country's political divisions since the election of President Donald Trump.


David Marquis, who identified himself as a senior at the school, said he was tired of the protests on campus. Marquis was outside the protest area and described the scene.

“If you look at them, it’s ridiculous,” Marquis told the Los Angeles Times. “You’ve got a guy with purple hair with a f---ing lightsaber talking about Hitler. It’s hard for me to take any of this seriously.”

mad jack

so the packers want their fans to take a dump on the USA too. bleep that.


I know I wouldn't do it.

I wouldn't go to the game, and I'd demand a refund for their forcing me to be an unwilling pawn in a publicity stunt promoting BLM. This face-saving gambit is uber-offensive imo.


Meanwhile Milwaukee is making Chicago look safe:




Old Lurker

"...been treating the citizens unlucky enough to fall under their power..."

Won't bore you with the details but after dealing with four levels of Post Office "employees" the last month, I can honestly attest that the notion of customer/taxpayer and employee is upside down.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



David Marquis, who identified himself as a senior at the school, said he was tired of the protests on campus

David's very brave. Hope he's not targeted now.

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