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September 27, 2017



Big Luther is still a senator until mid-December. What was the best tactic for Trump?

The one he utilized.

I am taking a couple week break from politics. I hope nobody tunes in to Thursday's game.



Antifa dude gets 5 years. This one tossed a flare into a police car in Portland. Bike lock dude has a hearing today -- he faces 40 years.

Captain Hate

Before Miss Marple weighs in:

"Indiana still has a strong KKK influence here."

Utter nonsense. Maybe among a few hicks like where Larry Bird grew up but probably not even that.

Captain Hate

Going on vacation somewhere cool, TK?


Narciso, re Seth or Awan. I don't think Awan fits the profile of American patriot Sanders supporter like Seth, as far as exposing Hillary campaign emails.

But the Awan matter is huge in a different arena of espionage and possible extortion and control over Dems.

I do not think it was Awan who left the laptop in the phone cubicle. He wouldn't incriminate himself. The items left there with the laptop are of interest. Here.

"Alongside the laptop were a Pakistani ID card, copies of Awan’s driver’s license and congressional ID badge, and letters to the U.S. attorney. Police also found notes in a composition notebook marked 'attorney-client privilege.' "

That Pakistani ID card was not Imran's. It had the name Mohommed Ashraf Awan.

When searching "Mohommed Ashraf Awan," one finds this interesting article about Imran Awan in 2009, using his position in US govt for all kinds of shenanigans in Pakistan. Mohommed Ashraf Awan is reported to be his father.

So, it seems some party who wanted to expose Imran Awan is more likely the one who placed the laptop there to be found.


"He said Shirley is sorry for desecrating people's lawns but claimed her actions are not her fault. He said she has a traumatic brain injury and after gender reassignment surgery, can no longer control herself."

on the loose in Colorado Springs.


If the Dems are a losing party why are there so many still in power here in New York?

Asking as I sit in Brooklyn Supreme Court


Dealing with a non-health related calamity, CH.

It will be a time consumer.


Oh my, the attorney quoted above claims public pooping is protected first amendment speech.

Must be an Ivy League lawyer.

Barack Obama

A first rate legal mind, like mine, henry.

Captain Hate

Glad it's not health related, TK. Best wishes in resolving it.


Posted by: BR | September 27, 2017 at 12:48 PM

the offsite network that the Awan bros set up could have been, and most likely was, hacked. Pretty simple from there to get to the DNC (although I think the DNC was an insider).


Thanks, CH.

I'll be back as soon as possible.


Very funny comment.
Also I am thrilled Antifa miscreants are finally being tried and jailed.
Consequences for actions will send a message.
The Awan story is the most under reported.
I know when it unravels we will be astounded at the. Irruption and crime and cover-up by the Dems.
Hopefully right in time for the midterms._


Corruption is the word.

Old Lurker

Anything we can help with, TK, you know where to find us.


It is the result of the return of Boss Tweed politics in NYC and the great state of New York.
Republicans in New York need to take their state back.

Old Lurker

And we wonder why we get the label "Dumb White Men".



Yes, Rich and Maryrose.

Rich, besides the possibility of the Awans sending server content to Pakistan, I suppose they could have set up a bazaar for the whole world.


I heard the tax proposal gets rid of the estate tax for good, which is fair and great for the economy (would be even greater if it impacted me personally, but I'm not complaining).

Old Lurker

Not just the Estate Tax, Hrts, but the evil "Generation Skipping Tax" that goes with it. Baby Max and the Twins would be big winners.

Also the AMT goes away.


"goes away"

ahem. McTurtle. McCain. The usual suspects.

But Lucy teed up the football so lets get excited!!!



The point is not elite law schools, it is any proof at any point in her legal career that she had a first rate legal mind.

Then why would her not having attended an elite law school have come up at all? Either she demonstrated a first rate mind or she didn't. The law school from which she graduated should be no part of the conversation.

Old Lurker

That said, my very well connected tax lawyer told me not to redraft any estate docs since he hears it ain't happening. I told him he can listen to his Dem friends and I will stick with MM and Maryrose. You should have seen the look on his face!


From vacuums to vehicles: Dyson has been secretly working on electric cars for two years, planning to funnel more than $2.5 billion into developing the vehicles and solid-state batteries to power them. Most competitors, including Elon Musk’s Tesla, are using lithium batteries for their models, but Dyson promised a “radically different” car with smaller, more efficient batteries by 2020 or 2021. Founder James Dyson predicts electric vehicles will be the company’s largest revenue source within a few years.

Old Lurker

But Porch, Hillary Clinton was the smartest woman in the country and she flunked the DC Bar Exam right from Yale Law...

My money is on Clarice and Howard from some law school out west somewhere.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Founder James Dyson predicts electric vehicles will be the company’s largest revenue source within a few years.

Hope it doesn't suck.. :)


A-wan, a-two, a-three
Ripe melons today
Everything must go
Sale on US intel fruit
Special price...

How's that for a fast damage assessment.


And my neice recently passed the NY bar exam before graduating from Regent University in VA. (Pat Robertson's U.)

Say, how'd Barack and Michelle do on their bar exams? First time passes?

Old Lurker

Mitch Rapp, please call your office:

"South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters he supported taxing carbon dioxide emissions to keep the Highway Trust Fund from going under and to bail out ailing nuclear power plants.

“The Highway Trust Fund is falling apart,” the Republican lawmaker told reporters at the National Clean Energy Week event in Washington, D.C. “Somebody needs to do something about it.”

Graham told reporters a carbon tax could boost highway funding as electric cars become more prevalent, according to Axios. Electric vehicles and fuel efficient cars have depressed federal and state gas tax revenues.

Graham came out in favor of a carbon tax at a Yale university event hosted by former Secretary of State John Kerry. Graham said he was working on legislation with Democratic colleagues. Graham is the first sitting GOP lawmaker to endorse a carbon tax.

Graham is working behind the scenes, he told reporters, with power companies to get them on board with taxing carbon dioxide. This could dramatically raise the price of energy from America’s most abundant sources..."


EO for purchasing insurance across state lines?

Be better if ACA was repealed first.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate is right. I have seen no evidence anywhere, but in a few rural pockets there are possibly some nut cases, just like any state.

Back in the 1920's the KKK revival got started here due to a nefarious guy named D.C. Stephenson. He became very wealthy and powerful. having a mansion in the Irvington area of Indianapolis, which was a swank neighborhood then. (His mansion is still there, by the way. Very big house.)

Here is the Wikipedia article about him, which seems accurate from my memory of Indiana history:


He was thoroughly disgraced and the influence of the Klan here was ended. From what my dad and grandfather told me, it was as much an anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant organization as an anti-black one.

Some areas were more receptive to the group than others; Martinsville comes to mind, which is a small town about 40 miles south of me.

Nowadays I have seen no such influence, even in backwoods small towns. I think it safe to say if there had been a large Klan influence in Indiana, it would have made national news as a vehicle for smearing Mike Pence when he was nominated as VP.

It's all hogwash and liberal mythology.


Clearly the source of the breach has been misidentified, the size of it would suggest fi
Fremen using atomics, dewey andreas.

The blacklist is back, at 8 on a new night, and its a challenge to be stranger than truth.


If Miss Lindsey wants the Highway Fund to go farther, repeal Davis Bacon. A similar repeal of prevailing wage laws in WI did wonders.


Spending funds on highways instead of trolleys helps too.


Has anyone considered that Awans were running an operation for the Clintons? They might have just been gather intel for them so that they could control the Dem caucus.

True, they might have had an additional operation. They might have been opportunists, run buy someone else overtly or overtly, agents themselvewsor could have been hacked themselves.

I think they may be more to this than meets the eye. It is all pretty sloppy for a National Intel service to be directly behind it. Perhaps Pakistan, but I wonder if they are really that amateurish.

It certainly seems to have all the hallmarks of the Clintons: Inept, arrogant and ham fisted. DWS involvement is very odd, to say the least.

My guest is that the public know very little about what game was really being played here. I would bet that the truth is probably a lot worse than we imagine, and much different than the current speculation surrounding this mess--the culprits pretty high up in the Deep State.

It is really the second biggest scandal our of Washington in a half a century, the first one being Obama and Co. using the State to spy on Trump.

Sessions, where art thou?

James D.

Deb @ 11:49

Clearly, she has nothing to worry about.

That's not the point, though. The point is that somebody whose FIRST response to a Good Samaritan saving a child from a burning car is "you shouldn't have taken that fire extinguisher" is someone who has no business carrying a badge or possessing any authority of any kind.


Un-"conjoining" himself from McCain has made Graham much more palatable imo.

Captain Hate

Tammy is slattering just how bad MeAgain's show is.


Its like the last ten minutes of the lone ranger, from the people who brought you rock center.


One for pepe.


"is someone who has no business carrying a badge or possessing any authority of any kind"

I'd need more facts before going that far. The trooper may have been young and inexperienced. In GA they mainly write tickets and have relatively little interaction with people. The statement afterwards praising the female's courage was a clear indication to me she will be compensated in hopes she won't sue and then surely win.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I agree with you about the Clintons. Besides gathering information on democrat caucus members for control, they also could have been using the information to extract donations from foreign entities OR selling the information itself to foreign entities, the price being large donations to the Clinton Foundation.

I have no doubt that Bill Clinton sold some intelligence he retained when he left the Oval. He was pretty cavalier about things like that missile technology sold through Loral.

However, a lot of that stuff would have been old news after 8 years of Bush. Getting Hillary appointed Secretary of State opened the information stream again.

But when Hillary left after 4 years, they needed some other vehicle to get intelligence, and this sounds to me like an operation set up for just that purpose.

Sort of explains that "We'll all hang from nooses" comment she made after that Lauer interview, doesn't it?


"Spending funds on highways instead of trolleys helps too."



There is more than meets the eye wrt our Awan time of employment with DWS and Democrat congressmen.
It is imperative that all the truth comes out on this.
If all must hang so be it.

Old Lurker

Jim, I'd bet that if you could get a list of all the things and people paid for from the Highway Trust Fund you would gag.

Old Lurker

"Un-"conjoining" himself from McCain has made Graham much more palatable imo."

Says Deb about the guy who just proposed taxing the air?


Jason Whitlock seems ready to level 80 yo Lou Holtz for equating the Kneelers' grievances with the time he got an undeserved speeding ticket. LOL

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's Paul Ryan doing a lame job of selling the tax cuts, including talking about the damn post card again.

He has too much fake enthusiasm in his voice.

Sorry, I am supremely cynical about him.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Who has been giving Ryan the 'emoting' tips on his speeches... grates on me. He sounds like he's pleading not persuading. Moron.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Ha! MM. fake enthusiasm = pleading whiny ninny.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thank God, it's not just me!

Reminds me of Jon Lovitz's "I am an actor! (With flourish and posing.)


Paul Ryan doing a great job promoting the new tax cuts.


Not fake enthusiasm.
This is his bailiwick.
Probably knows more about it than most of us.


All the estate tax guys I know point out that Trump's giveaway on eliminating the estate tax is no more step-up cost basis at death.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's too dramatic and sounds coached.

See Stephanie's post.

I am sure he is enthusiastic. What I don't like is he sounds coached.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Proving maryrose's point, I have no idea what a step-up cost basis is.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

I don't know about you, but I don't want my taxes going through the mail on a postcard for all to read. (what I think every time I hear that pitch) Idiots.

Hatch "I was here in 86" THAT'S THE PROBLEM ASS!

Expanded child tax credit. What about a grandparent's child tax credit? Hmmm.. :) If you are going to give it away, give me some...before the merry go round stops. I feel like a sucker for not grabbing "my fair share."


no free lunch lyle.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The only deduction my kids will get will be a deduction when they have to hire someone to come babysit ME.

Old Lurker

Ditto Henry's 2:28, Lyle.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yeah, that post card thing is a stinker. Trump has the sense to say "one page."

Nothing like the postal workers union eyeballing a postcard and making copies before sending it on.


In your opinion he sounds coached.
He has presented this material many times before.
Just because Stephanie agrees doesn't mean I do.
Let us at least be fair with this roll out and see how it plays.
Killing the messenger in my opinion is not helpful.


Is Ryan stuck on the "revenue neutral" crap?


I like the postcard idea and others besides Paul Ryan have promoted it as such.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's a style, not substance thing. Brett baier says they seem to have their ducks in a row far more than in the ACA repeal roll-out.

Air Force One has touched down in my city!! Yay!!


It would be best if it was revenue neutral but I think that is one area where they will have to find compromise.
They have to pass a budget first.


You really need to listen to how this Steelers sport shop owner describes what happened Amazing).



"revenue neutral" means rearranging deck chairs and no net tax cut. useless bs as usual.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Pakistan and Saudi Arabia involved with Rohingya in Burma.


Old Lurker

"Proving maryrose's point, I have no idea what a step-up cost basis is."

She was right about the level of knowledge, that's for sure.

MM, to that one point, it's easy to follow. If you buy an asset (stock, house, shopping center) and it goes up in value and then you sell it, you pay Capital Gains Tax on the amount you sold it for over what you paid for it (its basis). But if you die with that asset, your heirs get the asset but for tax purposes "what they paid for it (basis)" is readjusted to what the asset was worth the day you died. The kids can sell it the next day and they have zero capital gains tax because they sold it for their new, stepped up basis.

It then gets more complicated if your estate is going to be subject to Estate Taxes, but these days that applies to married couples with assets at death in excess of about $11 million...at which point the States and Fed get a BIG chunk of the amount in excess.

So in those concepts (Cap Gains & Death Taxes and the basis in the assets) reside a huge amount of asset planning and tax motivation most of which is counterproductive to a free flowing economy. (By that I mean many of us have assets we should sell but won't because holding them to death saves so much tax.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thank you, Old Lurker.

I do not have those complicated estate problems so I didn't understand about lyle's comment.

Old Lurker

"Killing the messenger in my opinion is not helpful."

Perhaps. But ignoring how many listeners react to a messenger based on their past experiences with him is just good sense.

Old Lurker

not ignoring

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In case you all don't have time to listen, President Trump said he is signing an EO next week to let insurance cross state lines and they are working on another one letting people join voluntary organizations (I assume he meant for group plans).

Old Lurker

I know you don't MM, but as this discussion plays out those concepts will determine if the plan is "good" or not. So just keep that simple little explanation in mind as we listen to all the noise.


Slight edit, OL: heirs have the right to step-up day of death or any day within the next six months.


if they ended the capital gains tax it would be moot. but that would make too much sense. gotta tax the inflation created by the Fed after all.


I want OL's heirs to get as much of his estate as they can.
Less money for the government is always a good move.


Old Lurker, the SWINGER is from BANGOR MI.

You BANGOR, you brought her.

Old Lurker

Thanks Lyle, true that.

I was using crayons! :-)

The thing is taxes are so high on everything that every sentient individual knowingly or unknowingly alters their actions because of the tax ramifications of those actions. So if you monkey with a small corner impacting, you think, just a few, the macro economic long term impacts can be huge.

Just in my own little real estate world, my peers and I have gazillions of assets "locked up" because the tax burden of selling them is so big while we are alive. In a perfect economy, the more assets allowed to seek out their optimum allocations, the better for all the other members of the economy.

Old Lurker

Maryrose, my kids thank you for your thoughts.

Old Lurker


Miss Marple the Deplorable


All I meant is that I have had no occasion to run across that term.

I hope this plan benefits you and your kids, as well as anyone else who owns a business. The estate tax has caused many people problems over the years, particularly farmers and family businesses.


Excellent explanation OL, you're good for c something besides getting me depressed and craving cocktails

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Goodell runs up against the Law of Unintended Consequences:


David, Internet Deplorable

RG, your comment

Who said anything about princes or the sons of men?

Providence, my man. Providence is at work here. The result of this election was miraculous in the eyes of many and so is the agreement of such a strong team to work with a man reviled by so many, including the #NeverTrump crowd.


Faith and patience.

is right on the money, I think. Now the "smart" people will probably roll their eyes at my naïveté and gullibility, but I wanted you to know that this captures perfectly my feelings on the subject. The series of events that led to President Trumps' election are so improbable that I have to believe it was literally Divine Providence intervening on our behalf. I know that towards the end of the Obama administration, I was beginning to feel like something out of the Old Testament: the people of America were in bondage to wicked masters, and were crying out for relief in their prayers to God. And then, in a suitably Old Testament fashion, the Lord grants their prayers by raising a man to be their relief. As others have pointed out, the person he raised is not the man that any of us would have looked to for succor, but that is the way of the Lord. He uses flawed tools to do his work. The thing is, I really believe that President Trump knows that he is dependent on God and his fellow Americans for his success, so I am not afraid of him losing, because as long as he remains humble and doesn't try to elevate himself, he will continue to have the blessings of the Lord. And with the Lord on his side, how can he lose?


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Senator Donnelly on Air Force One. This is a big deal for Donnelly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dems already howling about tax benefits for wealthy.

Also, Senator Blumenthal is even worse at emoting that Speaker Ryan.

Janet 🚬

The whole country is being ground into leftist dust by graduates of elite law schools.

Wonderful statement!



Teams are settling on arm lock as the go-to gesture

Old Lurker

I know MM. I was just trying to help out those who never heard of the concept so they might realize how important it is to the formation of wealth and jobs in any economy. Any selfish benefit to me personally pales compared to the long term health of the country for all of us and all of our children. It ain't about me, that's for sure.


"In democracies, we the people get the government we deserve. We also get the celebrities we deserve, the artists we deserve, and the athletes we deserve. Because ultimately, we the people get to decide who and what gets our attention, and who and what does not.” — Mike Rowe, ‘Dirty Jobs’ star

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Clarice Feldman

Thanks, OL--My impression from that time is that Yale law school (at least when the Clintons went there) concentrated on everything but how to practice law. I was on our moot court team. The issue was a constitutional/criminal law case. we cited and discussed the relevant SCOTUA decisions. Yale, OTOH, thought cases from New Zealand were more dispositive. IIRC they lost in the first round.

Janet 🚬

MM's link again - http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/09/26/trump-admin-plans-crackdown-illegal-alien-parents/

"Illegal alien parents who smuggled their children across the U.S.-Mexico Border will soon be targeted for priority deportation, according to sources who are familiar with a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effort."

This old post from 2013 makes a great point -

"In the case before the judge last week, a 10-year-old girl whose mother, Patricia Elizabeth Salmeron Santos, paid a smuggler to get the daughter from El Salvador across the border and to Virginia."
"Immigrant-rights advocates now want the parents of the Dreamers to be spared deportation, arguing it is morally wrong to separate families.

But Judge Hanen said in the cases before him the illegal immigrants made that decision themselves, often years before. In the case of the 10-year-old, he said Ms. Salmeron Santos chose to come to the U.S. without her daughter years ago."



I am going to the Packers game tomorrow. I am not going to Lock arms. WHY WOULD I? What the FOCK is wrong with these ass holes?
I might start a chant of KAEPERNICK eSUCKS over and over again.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


You must like that hand-holding thing as much as I do.

It's bad when you are with total strangers.

Same with arm locking, even if it's for non-political reasons.


GUS, "USA" is always good.

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