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September 06, 2017



It is a victory over the evil white moral people on a par with Stalin's.


So "White Christian" is a now religious identity?

And an epithet!


They must keep dividing us into smaller and smaller groups and then attempt to incite hatred against and between said groups.

Formerly, Christians were the designated category deserving of contempt, derision, etc. Apparently, that was too broad a category. Now it must be subdivided into color categories.

Captain Hate

Has any word been more debased since 1976 than "science"? The scientific method of rigorously testing hypotheses used to be the gold standard in not making outlandish and ridiculous claims; but now it's been taken over by untransparent alchemists resentful at having to reveal the underlying data supporting their nonsense.

Old Lurker

Iggy's discussion on the other thread about a movable object meeting an irresistible force is the same as a guy in a clean toga wrestling a pic in the mud. The toga guys gets dirty, and the pig loves it.


White Christians have been an object of particular leftist derision for a long time. Especially white evangelical Christians.

Christians of other races/ethnicities get a pass on that "weird Christian" stuff. Because they are "vibrant" and "colorful," which is code for "too dumb to know any better," according to the left. Whites apparently ought to know better, so they are targets of scorn.

Old Lurker

Cap'n : "but now it's been taken over by untransparent alchemists resentful at having to reveal the underlying data supporting their nonsense."

...which data might have been fabricated and still published as peer reviewed. Even DrJ says he does not take studies at face value any more until he reads all the names of the contributing scientists and hopefully has trust in them.

James D.

For now. Once whites are sufficiently beaten down, the leftists will get around to the rest of the Christians. They never run out of targets.

Old Lurker

Porch "...which is code for "too dumb to know any better..."

Actually I think the pass they get is not because whites should know better, rather it is a certainty from the Prog Masters that Christians of color are as dumb as you say, but they can be manipulated when needed as cannon fodder. BLM...Anitfa comes to mind. Use them and lose them.


Bastardi say Miami/ east coast of FL now the target.

Captain Hate


The secretive nature of the warming quacks regarding their data has triggered so many red flags that they passed the fraudulent line a long time ago.

James D.

The only way I consider a VAT is as a complete replacement for the federal income tax. Otherwise STFU.

I'd go further. No VAT except as a substitute for federal income tax, AND a constitutional amendment banning any future reimposition of one. AND a requirement that the VAT not be hidden in the cost of items, but charged separately at the point of sale, so that citizens can see exactly how much they're paying, every time.

Old Lurker

True, Cap'n, but, again as DrJ will attest, the water that scientists who went into climate stuff was the same water being drunk by other scientists in grad schools along with their grant seeking bosses such that the heretofore bedrock "honor code" underpinning the Scientific Method has suffered in the other fields too.


Gov.Scott is giving a briefing now. He said the hurricane is so large and intense that the whole state will be affected. They must be worried about where to evacuate people. By complete chance,the daughter's in-laws had planned a trip to DC to visit them this week-end. They are flying out of Naples tomorrow.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I saw a UK bulletin from St. Tropez that said even substantial buildings were being flattened.

Old Lurker

Marlene about DC, that might be frying pan > fire looking at the after-Florida tracks. I already alerted my subs to batten down my shopping centers and to clear all roofs and scuppers.

Beyond that, Nantucket might get what is left of it.

Or. DC and Nantucket might get nuthin.

Old Lurker

Waiting to hear from my oldest B'School friend who retired to Nevis...

Captain Hate

Well anything calling itself "social science" is an oxymoron, OL, particularly in dealing with things that aren't directly quantifiable.

Btw, according to the Horde, Katshit has invited all illegal aliens to Ohio. I'm ready to go French Revolution on that asshole.


Janet on the last thread:
Citizens of other countries are ALL great people but American citizens are xenophobes, misogynists, bigots, Nazis, homophobes, racists, haters, deplorable, irredeemable,...

All these posters I'm seeing everywhere ("Hate has no home here," etc.) are making that point too. Here's a new one from the Ad Council:

Probably too small to see, but there are statements "Rethink your bias" at the bottom. How much more patronizing and insulting can they be? They have a whole website lovehasnolabels.com full of this carp.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, look here. USA Today has been busy researching for names of Trump Golf Club members.

I am sure they meant no harm.


I hope they are sued for every last cent. I would like to see them bankrupt.


OL is right--that is the lesson we learned from Hugo, good and hard,
re: frying pan>fire.

The people who evacuated the SC coast and came to Columbia and CLT woke up at 1 am to trees falling, tornados ripping through, and transformers blowing.

Projections are getting better and better---but they are still best guesses.


I saw a UK bulletin from St. Tropez that said even substantial buildings were being flattened.

Wow! That is a big hurricane. Reaching the south of France?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


St. Kitts. Don't know where I got Tropez.

I guess I was fuming over the idiocy of Contress.


I love his down-home humor and common sense!

Charlie Daniels‏Verified account @CharlieDaniels 1h1 hour ago

Congress is like an eight cylinder internal combustion engine with five busted pistons
It don't move just sets there and makes a loud noise.


Has any word been more debased since 1976 than "science"?

That is so true, Captain. Try to have a discussion with any born again progressive, and you come up against this wall which demands that theory is now settled science. I blame it on the ridiculous cable TV programs that purport to prove supposition as fact.


Looks like the Ad Council is promoting Skeleton Christians.

Clarice Feldman

Any word on how many transgendered Samoan Christians there are in the US? Inquiring minds...


Wiki: "Kasich's father was of Czech descent, while his mother was of Croatian descent.Both his father and mother were children of immigrants and were practicing Roman Catholics. He has described himself as "a Croatian and a Czech""

I think the 2002 Boston Globe unmasking of the RC pedophile priest racket, and the shrinking of parishes and closing of Catholic schools that followed, was the driving force behind opening the flood gates to Catholic Hispanic invaders to refill the pews.


Mile High City Club:

Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center were suspended for three weeks after they inappropriately viewed a deceased patient’s body and talked about it, a hospital spokesman confirmed to Denver-based KMGH on Tuesday.

A tip to KMGH said the nurses disciplined admired the size of the deceased patient’s genitals and at one point opened a body bag to view parts of the body. A hospital spokesman confirmed details of the incident.


Maybe I won't bounce my check to the mortician as part of my exit strategy.


Captain Hate

I blame it on the ridiculous cable TV programs that purport to prove supposition as fact.

I'm sure you're correct on that, Barbara, but a well educated person would look at that and think "that's not science"; so I think poor education, perhaps deliberately so, is the root of the problem.


It seems more and more people are waking up while a phony resistance perpetrates with a "stay woke" catchphrase. I found this pair of articles very interesting. Something, to me, of an expose on the partnership that maintains "white guilt" as a controlling narrative in our country for decades. No longer, we hope and pray.

[1] Michael Anton on San Francisco Values; November 12, 2015

[2] Judith Miller on Bohemia's Strange Trip; September 2017

Here's an excerpt from Miller's piece:

It is San Francisco’s smug self-satisfaction that so enrages critics like Michael Anton, the San Francisco native who now works for the Trump White House in national-security communications. In a blistering 2015 critique in the Claremont Review of Books, Anton asserted that “San Francisco values” had come to reflect little more than a “confluence of hippie leftism and filthy lucre,” a marriage of convenience between “old-time materialism and hippie ‘morality.’ ” What kept the Summer of Love veneer going for so long, he asserted, is the implicit deal between the high-tech oligarchs and the hippie rank-and-file. “The latter not only decline to use their considerable propaganda skills to vilify the former, but cheerfully glorify and whitewash them,” he wrote. “The oligarchs in turn subsidize the lefties through nonprofits and make-work jobs” and, more important, “take their cues from them on matters of politics not directly contrary to their economic interests.” Both groups benefit from what he called this “socio-intellectual money laundering.” The resulting policies have done little to create opportunities for an aspiring middle class that is neither elite nor bohemian.


[3] Victor Davis Hanson's latest at NRO fits nicely, too -- Two Resistances:

rse, I suspect these articles fit somehow into your growing web of links. I'm still intrigued by Angelo Codevilla's piece, The Tipping Point, contrasting Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur.

I'm intrigued because I know "black guilt" fits in here, too, and the co-opting of the civil rights movement into something it was not originally concerned with at all.

Hanson's article -- "The quiet resistance — the one without black masks and clubs — is the more revolutionary force, and it transcends race, class, and gender" -- sounds the right note.


The Sox got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, no doubt they were cheating! What can I say? If I were a petty fan, I could mention Pineda's pine tar incident, but I won't, I'm not that bitter.

Just a bit of trivia...

Was the '51 Giants Comeback a Miracle,
Or Did They Simply Steal the Pennant?

(sorry bout the pdf, need a subscription for the original)


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:



Speaking of offensive monuments, I'd like to see the poem "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus removed from the Statue of Liberty. No need to cart away Lady Liberty. Just chip away these words which have become more sacred to the left than the Constitution.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

Either remove them or add a proviso that these people, like my ancestors, are welcome as long as they abide by our laws and follow the process for legal immigration.


In Lazarus' day any immigrant deemed "likely to become a public charge" was immediately turned around on arrival and sent back.


Ot Kyle mills lAtest Mitch Rapp is good, I still give points for Dewey Andreas but he's catching up

Captain Hate

Cummins Inc., the Columbus, IN based global diesel engine maker and power company, issued a statement after the DACA announcement.

Here's the statement by Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger:

"The decision by the Trump Administration to rescind DACA is discriminatory, harmful and sets our country back. These young people deserve every opportunity to continue living, working, and thriving in the United States - for nearly all of them the U.S. is the only country they have ever known. This is their home."

Why are companies issuing statements that are inflammatory to a large percentage of their customer and shareholders? Any slip and fall ambulance chasers are surely gearing up for a shareholder lawsuit, no?


...a well educated person would look at that and think "that's not science"; so I think poor education, perhaps deliberately so, is the root of the problem.


How I wish that were true. You would be surprised and disappointed to hear the folly that well educated, liberal/progressives believe. Serve up a dose of facts, and they scurry behind that wall of purposeful ignorance that gives them comfort and cover.

I wish wasn't the case, but it is.


Citizens of other countries are ALL great people but American citizens are xenophobes, misogynists, bigots...
Which is so ridiculous, since Brits reliably make "wog" and immigrant jokes, and Europe is awash with anti-Semites. In fact, America still is the melting-pot, and it is that way because it's citizens are tolerant.

Projections are getting better and better---but they are still best guesses.
And, unless I'm wrong, Irma still has a decent chance of blowing north-east and out to sea - many hurricanes that come through the Caribbean do. I was in Miami for Andrew, which blew straight across from Africa and didn't change course until about an hour before landfall (until then, my house had been right in the crosshairs, but it made landfall 20 miles south of us).

Dave (in MA)

What's the word on the upcoming movie, Narciso?

I see they cast Michael Keaton as Stan.

Old Lurker

Barbara...in the old days it used to be called "Critical Thinking"...ask RSE where it is being taught these days.


If you identify as white and you identify as Christian, then you have a white Christian identity. Why is this hard?



I realize the odious Schneiderman & Co. will probably find a judge who'd rule in their favor, but on what possible grounds could they bring this suit?

Old Lurker

Who do ya trust?

WashTimes "Sen Tom Cotton said Wednesday that he’s open to granting legal status to children brought to the U.S. illegally as part of his proposed legislation.

“My legislation doesn’t include that now, but what I’m proposing is that we can sit down and negotiate, include legal status for the 600,000 to 800,000 people who are covered by the DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] program, and discuss the problem,” Mr. Cotton, Arkansas Republican, said on MSNBC.

“That would create a secondary effect, make sure we’re not opening legal status for people who violated law in the first place, and that we’re not encouraging parents in the future to bring their children across our border,” he added."

Fool me once, etc etc.



President Donald Trump argued Tuesday that his predecessor’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program “is unlawful and unconstitutional and cannot be successfully defended in court.”

But California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who has vowed to lead the so-called “Resistance” to Trump, argued the opposite, claiming that the president’s decision to rescind DACA Tuesday was unconstitutional — though he did not explain why.


Interesting approach to lawfare. Lawsuits related to Foxconn go straight to WI Supreme Court after the local judge does whatever enviros paid him to do, any ruling is automatically stayed during appeal. Schaudenboner quote:

"I feel like it's rigging the game and it's a way to speed up the process to get a favorable decision in place at a time when, if anything, we need additional accountability and oversight," Shankland said.

And drawing things out through "favorable" but unlawful acts by local judges is better?


Praying for all those in Irma's path...please evacuate, she's no joke!


“We believe the Trump administration has violated the Constitution, federal law, and certainly we believe wholeheartedly the Trump administration has ignored the American people,” Becerra said, according to the Fresno Bee.

He threatened to sue the administration over rescinding DACA, echoing comments by New York’s governor and attorney general — though none of them explained clearly what part of the Constitution Trump had violated.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that New York State had a “sovereign interest” in “the fair and equal application of the law,” though the distinction between legal and illegal residents is one with a clear basis in law.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — a vociferous critic of Trump who is reportedly working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in investigating him — referenced the Statue of Liberty, rather than the law.


Questionnaires and applications that ask you about how you identify yourself should have a follow-up "But what are you really?" question. Which reminds me - I think that I identify, gender-wise, as someone with an arm sticking out of my forehead. Not male or female or any of the other common flavors, but as an Armhead person. All of my life I've felt trapped in an armheadless body, and I insist that everyone recognize me as an Armhead, and that the government provide me the operation to make my dream come true. I won't be discriminated against any longer, dammit.

Janet the expert 🚬

MM linked a Thomas Wictor post & it had a reference to The Untouchables.

Boy is THAT the movie for these times.

"What are you prepared to do?"

Looking at the corrupt old MFM...we've cancelled subscriptions & turned off the TV & STILL they are setting the stage for what is amplified & what isn't.

We change the hearts & minds of Americans about abortion & even catch PP on video making cash off of selling baby eyes & STILL they get taxpayer money.

Judges redefine marriage after state after state after state voted NO.

Absolute lawlessness is allowed for certain politicians while businesses are fined millions for not obeying a regulation.

Citizens of other countries that are here illegally are allowed to break our laws while American citizens are expected to obey every jot & tittle of endless laws & regulations or be fined.

The political class/MFM/advocacy organization/entertainment world is like a mafia. Obey, buy their product, send your money...or they will ruin you.

"Never stop, never stop fighting till the fight is done."

& related a quote from Apollo 13 -

As Tom Hanks says in "Apollo 13"
"there are a thousand things that have to happen and we are on number eight.""
~ JD

Ralph L

Why are companies issuing statements that are inflammatory to a large percentage of their customer and shareholders?
Why did the NCAA punish NC for trying to keep men out of women's locker rooms? It would have been nice if some of the UNC/NCSU women's coaches had spoken up for their athletes' privacy, but no, they did the reverse.

Jim Eagle

Can't catch up so I will post the latest trajectory of Irma. As I noted last night once Irma makes landfall, it gets new steering directions. Models are now considering a more northerly trajectory from land effect from Cuba and Hispaniola. Coming right up Key Largo and then veering to the right to gut punch Miami and SE Florida then ride the coast all the way up to Georgia and the Carolinas.

This does not mean it won't change again in 24-48 hours. And it doesn't mean SW FL like Naples, Saratoga and Port Charlotte are out of any danger. They will still get hurricane level wind and rain.

Jim Eagle

That is weird. Typhus didn't take my posted link to the new cone for Irma.




CNN's Chris Cuomo acknowledged that the DACA program has "been legally dubious" since its enactment during a debate Wednesday with Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores.

"There's no question it's been legally dubious from jump," Cuomo said at the end of their conversation. "Nobody's going to argue with that in a very compelling fashion. At least not this morning, but it's also about what are you going to do for these people. This is a moral argument, not just a legal one."


"The question becomes what happened after the orderly wind-down, and that's where we have a big question," Cuomo said.

"I don't think we have a question mark, the Department of Homeland Security has said exactly what will happen," Isgur Flores said. "Unfortunately this was unconstitutional to begin with so when it goes away we will revert back to the system we had before DACA."

"But that creates doubt about where those DEAMers are going to be," Cuomo said. "I think that's probably what motivated the president to say he'll revisit it," before being interrupted by Isgur Flores.

"And the last administration created this situation, unfortunately the pen and the phone doesn't work," she said. "As we saw when they were reversed unanimously by the Supreme Court more than any other administration in history."

Ralph L

Has anyone done an analysis to see if Kaepernicker was sacked or hit more often after the kneeling started?

Buford Gooch

So, let me see if I have this straight. Obama issues an executive order (DACA) which he himself had earlier said was unconstitutional. Trump rescinds said unconstitutional executive order. That makes Trump's action unconstitutional. There's bound to be some kind of logic in there somewhere.

Captain Hate

No wonder Jim Brown was so dismissive of Kaepernick; his whore girlfriend has cost him millions:



Buford, they already picked a compliant/corrupt judge. That is all the logic required.

Captain Hate

The willingness of these black robed tyrants to claim the Constitution supports obviously illegal activity while not saying a thing about clearly illegal past executive actions should cause some of you anti Article V mavens to question just how fucking much the Constitution is adhered to currently.


Chris Cuomo: This is a moral argument, not just a legal one.

Nope. It is a legal argument first. Then it is a question of compassion, not morality.

Jim Eagle

I was just reminded that the 5 day cone expands out to 225 miles but the 4 day is 170 miles. So when you check the cone and the NHC trajectory it is the centerline and it could veer either west or east.

IOW's at this time Naples, Miami and the Atlantic are still legitimate targets but Key Largo to Key West seem to have more certainty than others for landfall.

matt, deplore me if you must

So Obama's executive overreach is constitutional and Trump's cancellation is not? Laughable.

These people are so far out there that they're going to get caught in the gravitational field of Uranus.


Wall they changed the origin story, it looks a beach attack inspires rapp's mitivation


Skydragon worshiper lurking here:


Janet the expert 🚬

This is good -

“It’s not cold-hearted for the president to uphold the law. We’re a nation of law and order and the day we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our country,” Sanders said on Tuesday. “If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away what makes us special, which makes America unique. This president is not willing to do that — the previous administration was — this one isn’t.”


Jim Eagle

The "almost" feel good story of the day. We delete "almost" when they try to move and get to meet those 72 raisins.



This is a moral argument, not just a legal one.

Sounds like one of the pleadings of The Afterbirthers.

"It isn't the child's fault that they were born with enough* allegiances to no longer be eligible to be POTUS"

*more than one


Re Wretchard's latest: Leo Linbeck III was one of my favorite commenters when I was reading Wretchard more regularly. The article from him in that link is well worth a read:

Harvey was not a catastrophe for Houston; it was our finest hour

Ralph L

Does anyone remember the Susan St James' movie "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium?" She was a bus tour guide. One of the old farts kept saying in the background, "Irma would have loved this."

Dave (in MA)

The trailers seem to show present day technology and cars, so I guess having a Lockerbie connection as in the book is out.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003UV8T9A, the book now has the movie art on the cover.

Captain Hate

What all the whiners fail to mention is that no other country except for Canada has a concept like DACA.


RG, Linbeck should consider ditching “communitarian”. I suspect rse would agree.

In education/political jargon, that’s more the work of community organizers enforcing suppression of self as the Chinese are wont to do.


Canada has single payer health care and bans right to work as well. None of that stuff works, but don't add refrains the lefty "we need to be like Canada" chorus.

Jim Eagle


Link no work.

Captain Hate

Fox Business is showing a clip of Trump meeting with Quisling Ryan, the Turtle, Schmuck Schumer, and Granny Botox. Granny asked President Taft when he shaved off his mustache
Posted by: TheQuietMan at September 06, 2017 12:12 PM (493sH)


I think that was aetzioni's coinage, I always there was something odd about that.


Hubby just talked to the guys who are our neighbors in FL. They teamed up and are putting up the hurricane shutters of the snowbird neighbors. It is 113 degrees. They told hubby they couldn't evacuate if they wanted to,because I-75 is bumper-to-bumper.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Duffle Blog /com has an INSANE post up of what SPLC is saying. Is Duffle Blog.com considered reliable.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Duffle blog is a SATIRE site.

and a damn good one.


Hers they are, but they struggle to keep up with reality.

Captain Hate

Speaking of satire:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Thanks Stephanie, I knew I had seen something about it but forgot what.

Captain Hate

I'm sure there's a black robed tyrant willing to say this is just what the founders intended:



I think you're correct, sbw.

Jim Eagle



Well, at least enough to be able to play doubles tennis with each other.


CH (at 12:34):

The magazines don't know what to do with Melania. She is clearly tasteful in dress and deportment, which sets forth what nature gave her quite well. But...Trump.

I am sure they left Nikki Haley off the list, too.

Dave (in MA)

My prior link, sans trailing comma:

Just spotted this headline in the kitchen at work, the only place I see the Globe anymore.

Global warming to make powerful hurricanes more likely, scientists say
The Boston Globe
Didn't read the article, so I'll just assume it was based on the work of scientists like Bill Nye and Kurt Eichenwald.

Comanche Voter

People in the African Methodist Episcopal church hardest hit.



How many times has MM told us this:

Third, the United States should use a range of measures to force parts of the high-tech supply chain back to the United States. A first step would be to require 100 percent American content for semiconductors, flat panels, sensors, and other key components of defense equipment. That will raise the cost of defense goods considerably, but it is a measure justifiable on national security grounds alone, and will repatriate key elements of high-tech production. Other measures to prevent American innovations from migrating to production lines elsewhere will be required. It won’t quite be Ricardian comparative advantage, but that’s the way the cards lie.



After reading that story about who made the best dressed list I have to wonder how many confections created for Michelle Obama were sold out of the stores within hours of her appearing in them. Take for example that outfit she almost didn't wear in Siena, Italy this past spring. And while I'll admit that former President Obama was a dapper dresser, his golfing attire didn't seem very GQ.

I love to see what Melania Trump wears. She is stylish, sometimes fashion forward, but always appropriate for the role of First Lady. She also knows how to make a statement as she did with her trademark stiletto heels last week. I'm sure that her critics heard her loud and clear, and I loved it!

Ralph L

You'd think USAToday would realize how nasty that makes them look, instead of bragging about it. OTOH, it's good for inattentive people to find out they're shits.
Will Insty give them hell?

Captain Hate

Here's a tale on why we're doomed:

For quite a while, at least since the start of the summer, the grate on top of the storm sewer in front of my house has been collapsing. Somebody, I assumed from the city, put an orange cone over it to ward cars away. Finally last Thursday a crew came out to dig up all the collapsed brickwork that had previously supported it. I guess their responsibility was only to dig it out since midway through the afternoon a large metal sheet covered the whole thing. Instead of putting up cones to ward cars away from the sheet, they were just clustered by the curb, I guess to keep people from parking there. When cars ran over the sheet, it was really really loud. People can get used to a lot of things and I'm sure I slept through a lot of clanging sounds but it still woke me up multiple times. Plus I figured that anything making that much noise can't be good for what's underneath.

Last night a water department guy was driving around and noticed that the sheet had moved with the inertia of the cars and the hole at the end either had grown and/or was more uncovered. He told Mrs H that since he was from the city of Cleveland that she had to call up the Heights police about it, which she did and a policeman came out, looked at it and called somebody to move the sheet with a tow truck back in position. He then placed a bunch of cones to make people go around it. It was soooo quiet by comparison last night that it was like living on a dirt road.

Today some guys came out and did something but when they were finished they left the sheet without cones and people are loudly driving over it. It's like I'm living in Retardville.


Seems like someone needs to pull a slip&fall on that sheet, CH.

Captain Hate

TK, I was really hoping that someone's front end would've nosedived in the open hole.

Dave (in MA)

Tie a red balloon to it.

Ralph L

The white sheet is supposed to go over the cone, which should be on your head. That'll bring the City back.


CH, can you stuff Kasich down that hole. He and McCain are screwing up the WI redistricting map case.


Schwarzenegger, not McCain... but give it time.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Vandewweghe just won!

US is having a MAGA year at the Open.

Ralph L

Jonah Goldberg speaks at my (increasingly PC) alma mater tomorrow. It's free but 100 miles away. Is he a rabid NeverTrumper or a FoJane?

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