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September 06, 2017



CH, MM says he had to pay a monthly amount for one year, and that he had reported income in excess of $600,000.

In those circumstances, where it's not ongoing support, and with his deadbeat history---show me the money. NOW.

Janet the expert 🚬

from the last thread -

There is no positive solution to DACA other then to have them leave the country and then apply for citizenship. Period.

This will not happen.

I predict right now that Trump caves on DACA and we will get some sort of Backdoor amnesty. It will be covered over by other concessions--The Wall (which will likely not be completed), lower quotas, etc., but in the end we will have amnesty, and that will mean the Democrats will get their way.

The Democrats will retake Congress, if not in 2018 then later, and Trump's moment will have passed. He may find a way to pull out 2020, but his policies will descend into moderate policies focused on some economic issues, but they will be at the edges of the real problem.

His response to reporters in the CTH link about DACA was truly chilling.
The moment is passing right now before our eyes. The swamp is winning.

Perhaps it is just too much to ask of anyone.

Posted by: squaredance | September 06, 2017 at 04:16 PM


MM - This is such a horribly unfair situation you are facing. I hope someone can offer some help. If this is allowed you must wonder why all deadbeat ex-husbands don't skip the country.

Charlie Kirk‏Verified account

Congress is planning to only "work" 12 days this month after taking all of August off after barely working all summer

Such a let down


I was seeing they expect irma up around savannah by Tuesday, how about in your neck of the woods rse.

Robin in chilly upstate NY

I finally caught up to respond:

Posted by: rse | September 06, 2017 at 07:53 AM

On that celebration of Ithaca.....thanks?

So much hypocrisy in my little town. The Greenstar cooperative market? We know a family of four, both parents are employed by Greenstar yet they can't afford to buy their groceries there. Says everything, really.

MM, I'm so sorry about your situation.

Captain Hate

Congress is planning to only "work" 12 days this month after taking all of August off after barely working all summer

Our public servants have a big problem in that nobody likes or trusts them. They keep ignoring that at their peril.

Texas Liberty Gal

I like this comment over at TCT re Trump's deal with the Dems - "That’s what I read it as, a big F you to McConnell and Paul Ryan….In exchange Trump gets his funding win/win…"


"Statement on President's DACA Announcement
September 5, 2017 Press Release

DACA was an unconstitutional usurpation of legislative authority by President Obama and President Trump is right to end it, while giving Congress the time it will need to develop law to transition out of it. I have long maintained that until our borders are secured, discussions over legalizing the residency of illegal immigrants brought to this country as children were premature and would encourage more illegal crossings. Now that the administration is making progress on restoring border security, it is time for Congress to address this issue. Reform should incorporate two fundamental policies:

First, the reform must include measures to restore complete integrity to our legal immigration system. This includes full funding for construction of the border wall, mandatory use of e-verify for employment with strengthened penalties to employers who violate federal employment law, strengthening penalties for those illegally entering or staying in the country, strong sanctions against local and state sanctuary jurisdictions and implementation of entry/exit monitoring of visa stays.

Second, DACA must not be made a permanent and open-ended policy, or we will encourage more parents to illegally bring their children to the United States. DACA should be ended immediately. Those currently enrolled in the program should be granted legal residency if they have no criminal convictions in their background, if they are not affiliated with criminal gangs and if they have not previously been subject to a deportation order. DACA residents who wish subsequently to apply for citizenship should not displace the applications of legal immigrants."


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I do not think Trump will cave on amnesty. He has a very long history of opposing it and illegal immigration. You can find Twitter statements from years ago where he comments on it.

Trump doesn't operate like a normal politician. I didn't find his comments chilling at all, because I know he is prodding both sides to get what he wants.

And what he wants is a decent immigratio bill. I will trade legal residency (not citizenship) for a good immigration bill.

The parties are changing, and people should recognize it. All I care about is that we do't have the loony left in charge (Warren, DeBlasio, etc.) and just have normal people who want the country to succeed.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Evidently your Ex cares not a whit about how his children might view his treatment of you. I'll keep you in my prayers


Janet, squaredance is wrong. Bigly.

Captain Hate

a-mom, with that data you are of course correct.

jimmyk on iPhone

For those of you in Florida, Dave Barry has some helpful hurricane hints:



Wrong, that is, about the Democrats retaking Congress. They are in for a 16-year winter at minimum, I suspect.

But squaredance is somewhat correct, I suspect, about DACA. So Trump might as well use it as a tool to play chess with the GOPe.

I say well done, Mr. President, job well done. Now just tweak the laws in return for working something out on DACA because the bigger issue isn't just nonenforcement of the laws (a problem, for sure) but, further, it is our *structurally-codified-stupidity* (if that makes sense, writing on the fly) on these immigration laws.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks Robin and TLG.

Enough of the poor me stuff. I come here to occupy my mind so I don't dwell on problems.

Here's some stuff I found about this deal on Twitter:

I kinda love the grenade Trump just tossed into the halls of Congress.
177 replies 870 retweets 2,566 likes


I get DACA. But I'm confused by the debt ceiling outrage. People are mad Trump didn't kick the can far enough down the road?

I'm for the Trump-Dem deal. McConnell would've got what exactly? A new airport in Kentucky?

Trump just told congressional Rs "if you won't do anything, I'll work with Ds." "You had your chance" (This is from Larry Schweikart.)

I only gleaned these from about 75 posts on my Twitter feed. The rest are mostly about Irma.

We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action – constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.

The time for empty talk is over.

Now arrives the hour of action.

~President Trump. 1/20/2017

Jim Eagle

I second Clarice on Villejuif. Has nothing to do whatsoever with Jews.

My niece, the fashion designer, refuses to go there when asked for a party. Interestingly, a number of the muzzie kids think the easiest way to heaven is find a young French girl in the fashion business because they think they are brainwashed SJW's. Unfortunately, my niece is from Bourdeaux where SJW's are sort of frowned on.

Clarice Feldman

People will never believe the wall to wall luxury in Waikiki now, it beats the Milano and Paris high end shopping districts. Lots of Asian $$ waiting to be spent. It is eye popping.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I heard this reporter on Hannity's show when I ran out this afternoon. He is really digging on the Anwan brothers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.



Perhaps it is just too much to ask of anyone.

Posted by: squaredance | September 06, 2017 at 04:16 PM

On the impatient schedule y'all set, ya think !?! But for the patient? Perhaps not.

Here we go. The Negotiator-in-Chief just took all future-deal leverage for himself, fairly, and while we watched. https://t.co/AmNK35syDD

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) September 6, 2017

Click the link; scroll down and read some comments. Don't bet against Donald Trump just yet. Appalled may not get it, but he's still dancing circles around these fools.

* * *

CH, I think Sessions is flushing out the game to shoot.

Eventually Nunes will get what he wants and Sessions will get to clean out the DOJ and FBI of vermin.

Posted by: sbw | September 06, 2017 at 03:59 PM

The impatience on our side is off-the-charts crazy, man. Just crazy. I have to keep reminding people that ObamaCare was passed on March 21, 2010 -- a full 15 months post-inauguration. And he had, essentially, an acquiescent UniParty !!! But we have people here bitching in the craziest way about Jeff Sessions, as if he can just waltz into Ground Zero of the legal enforcers for the UniParty and clean house by announcing there's a new freaking sheriff in town.

Dayyyyuuuuummmmm !!!

Clarice Feldman

Chelsea does it again..If high winds hit NYC they'll blow right thru her ears.



I thought Narciso was making an ironic joke by showing the Muslim Terror boys were caught doing their bomb making in an old town historically named 'Jewish Town.' I still think it was a good ironic joke, but now we find out it wasn't named jewish Town in antiquity, just some bastardized Roman name. Regardless, a good joke by Narciso, and I'm glad to learn the backstory on the name from Clarice.


For breakie had a "loco-moko" from LuLu's overlooking the Waikiki Beachfront strip. On a plate of rice, 2 beef paddies smothered in gravy, with 2 eggs over easy dumped on top. Yum. Had never had one but the Waitress said I'd love it and she was right. Man that beachfront view of the ocean is gorgeous!


It might also be worthwhile to listen to this Scott Adams Periscope today:



Clarice, that is category 11 level stoopid from Chelsea Hubble.


MM, my cousin has been extremely successful in getting child support form her ex who lives in Spain by some program that withholds entry into the US if he is noncompliant.

Not sure if that is only for child support---I'll email her and see what's up. She represents herself in court now; just uses her attorney to file the papers. She's a bright gal, but in sales, not an attorney.
You could do that too, I bet.


Iirc BOzocare passed in late Dec. 2009, after Even Bayh-IN rallied terrified Dems with "I can't stand to see the look of satisfaction in their (Rs) eyes" if it fails. Two months later Bayh announced he wouldn't run again, as the looming Great Shellacking of 2010 was clear. The current Rs know what House district realignment after the 2020 census will mean for them and are acting entirely in their own self-interest, not ours imo.

Clarice Feldman

anonamom, Is your cousin's husband Spanish? I've never heard of such a bar to re-entry by a US citizen.

Clarice Feldman

And child support is a different matter--there is an international compact on that, to shich Spain (but surely not Ghana) is a signatory.


Miss M's 06:58:

So first DWS said the computer was a House Members computer so the police had to give it up.

Then DWS said it was Awan's computer, not her computer, and she had never even seen it.

Now this: Wasserman Schultz has hired an outside counsel, William Pittard, to argue that the laptop not be examined. Pittard argued that the speech and debate clause — which only protects a member’s information directly related to legislative duties — should prevent prosecutors from examining the laptop’s contents

So apparently it has become DWS's computer all over again.

Is there currently a more interesting story in America that an enterprising and honest reporter would love to be reporting on more than this one? I can't imagine there is, other than a story on why the rest of the News media refuses to cover it.


Yikes miss maple what a musteline,

A mystery inside an enigma

Innthe latest Mitch rap outing he confronts a Saudi prince his up to no good, but he finds he is not thecinly one, Morocco seems to be a common aetting with silva


Chelsea Hubble-Reno is a sick bitch. She's evil. Normal people don't think like that.


Sorry this is happening to you.
Some good suggestions by posters here.
Get an address and have your children and grandchildren write to him and say that he needs to do the right thing. Not assuming any responsibility for his family is not setting a good example for them.


I can't even figure out what the hell Chelsea tweeted since she can't even spell. Here the Clinton Foundations sits on a Billion dollar pile of cash yet I think Chelsea is angry that Trump hasn't demanded funds for emergency funding of abortions disrupted due to the Hurricane.

Keep tweeting Chelsea. And tell your momma to keep writing books. You 2 vicious imbeciles are gifts to American Conservatives.


That computer of DWS's is a loaded gun or the bird that hasn't sung yet.
It must have a ton of information that could ruin her and the Democratic Party. No wonder she is guarding it so fiercely.
The fact that she has lawyers up is also a telltale sign.
There is something rotten in Denmark and in this case Debbieland.


Why would people be thinking about abortions during a hurricane?
Was Chelsea drunk when she posted this?


Thanks, DrJ, I've sent you an email with an addr I had from 2014.
Thanks, OL, henry, matt, MissM and others who've commented. Much appreciated!

Dave (in MA)

While I was driving past the Wellesley College golf course on my way home tonight, my dash cam picked up an image of some pants that seemed familiar.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I thought you guys would find that story about DWS interesting.

I looked it up because the reporter was on Hannity and got a lot of good information out, despite Hannity's interruptions and clumsy questions.

The reporter seemed to think that it was deliberately left there where Capitol Police were bound to find it. The documents inside made it plain that the Paki was involved. It had documents and a letter and a file with "attorney client privilege" on it.

So the question is, did the Pakistani guy discover that DWS was goign to make him take the fall, and decided she would go down as well?
Or (this is even more fun) had he already been discovered by the FBI and had decided to cooperate, and then went and got all the stuff and left it as an evidence drop?

This is a reporter I am going to follow, because he is really investigating and not making BS up. I certainly hope he has some security.

Clarice Feldman

I don't see that on Chelsea's twitter feed now. She might have deleted it or it could be fake.


From an email by independent military journo Micheal Yon, some back chatter on North Korea:

I asked a well-connected friend what he and his contacts think. [snip]

His response:

Sorry for the late response. I thought it was a posting and I saved it for reading. I didn't see it was a question just to me.

Anyway, my contacts at DoD and DoS say different things, mostly tracking their mission, but agree, in different words, on one thing:

The test is a red line and the bet by Russia, China, and DPRK is that the US will not cross it.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the DPRK is the sock puppet of an international conspiracy headed by Russia and China to destabilize the Pacific and the adjacent east and southeast Asian landmass.

To not cross the red line and PUNISH the DPRK is to throw Seoul under the bus, which is exactly the same as throwing Japan and the wider southeast Asian nations, plus Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and in the long run, India under the bus. American credibility is being severely tested, which is precisely the goal of China and Russia. The DPRK is the low risk/high reward stooge in this massive geopolitical power play, but given their resources and dependence on the kindness of "strangers", they have no choice in this game of brinkmanship.

Generally, both the DoD and DoS agree that war is the only long term solution to this issue. It is an international crisis perpetrated by wanna-be global powers to bring down the US's influence in the Pacific and diminish the US maritime reach (military, trade, influence, and defense).

Put the foreign policy of the Obama and Clinton administrations into the equation, you will see why Russia and China are playing this game. They may actually have US nuclear codes (they've no doubt changed by now, but merely knowing old ones says a lot about the new ones). Obama did publicly release the exact, precise, number of nuclear weapons, from which any idiot could accurately extrapolate the various platforms, throws, and targets. In other words, our national nuclear arsenal has been compromised for eight years.

Given Obama's radical draw down of the defense budget and the wear and tear on our existing equipment in the Middle East (don't doubt Iran is in on this deal with Russia and China), the US is clearly in a compromised offensive posture.

But, to allow DPRK to get away with this provocation means we lose the Pacific and China will see this as a green light to run amok and seize whatever they want and intimidate the rest.

Generally, my contacts see war or capitulation.

Boatbuilder on iphone

That Chelsea tweet can't be real-can it? Is it even possible to be that obtuse?


Wasserman Schultz has hired an outside counsel, William Pittard, to argue that the laptop not be examined. Pittard argued that the speech and debate clause — which only protects a member’s information directly related to legislative duties — should prevent prosecutors from examining the laptop’s contents

This sounds like the equivalent of Congress-members being able to drive drunk in DC but getting off the hook by claiming they were enroute to a Vote so they can't be arrested.


Jim, hence Trump's hard trade war hitting client states like Venezuela with cash cutoff sledgehammers. A long shot, but might avoid a shooting war.

Jim Eagle

Probably the best biased (toward muzzies) report from the Times on the Muzzie and Buddahist conflict in Burma. A little different than most tensions but still the same, the ideals of Islam are not necessarily welcome in other cultures.



...some pants that seemed familiar.

I'm feeling groovy, Dave!


Carlos slims pointed out this detail, today,

That was known 9 years ago,


DWS is counting on that computer being untouchable.
Hillary got away with it with her emails and the computers of her lawyers.
Heck even her IT guy got to plead the Fifth.

Jim Eagle


How come you didn't tell me you were that close to Wellesley? We were there 5 times in the last 2 years. Great campus but we all know how they think. Frederick's camp was social-politics non existent but I bet some of the counselers were biting their tongues.


Iirc BOzocare passed in late Dec. 2009, after Even Bayh-IN rallied terrified Dems with "I can't stand to see the look of satisfaction in their (Rs) eyes" if it fails. Two months later Bayh announced he wouldn't run again, as the looming Great Shellacking of 2010 was clear. The current Rs know what House district realignment after the 2020 census will mean for them and are acting entirely in their own self-interest, not ours imo.

Posted by: DebinGA | September 06, 2017 at 07:16 PM

No, ma'am. That's when it passed the Senate. But it was not identical to the House bill, so the House had to vote on its passage and could not accomplish that task until March 21, 2010. Further proving my point, I think. The impatience with Trump in the face of tremendous opposition is jaw-dropping.

Clarice Feldman

I'm now persuaded the "Chelsea" tweet was satire.


Some more clear details here


We know the Chinese supplied cs 27 missiles to the kingdom, as they previous did with silkworms


RG, I understand your point. But I want perp walks. And skulls. Now.


Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole

At her parole hearing last year, Van Houten said she helped hold down Rosemary La Bianca while another Manson follower stabbed her repeatedly. She then took up a knife herself and added more than a dozen stab wounds.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, DoD and DoS see war or capitulation.

I think (like most people) they have left out economic pressure plus allies from unexpected places, like the Gulf States (got that info from Wictor).

China can't run amok if they don't have food and fuel.

So I am betting on Trump. Obviously, conventional thinking leads us to war or capitulation, neither of which are good solutions.


I'm now persuaded the "Chelsea" tweet was satire.


If so, I'm now wondering if it was a bogus tweet intentionally put out by some Team Hillary member so that they can now headline it as an example of the "Fake News" her new $63 Million website is supposed to uncover? That'd make perfect sense and perfect timing.

Captain Hate

The impatience with Trump in the face of tremendous opposition is jaw-dropping.

I'm not impatient with Trump; hell, I thought it was great that he bypassed the foot dragging GOPe and cut his own deal with the donks, particularly after McTurtle made the ridiculous comment "Uhhh, burble burble, Mr Trump doesn't understand, burble burble, how these things get done". How's his ass taste, Repukes?

I'm impatient with the GOPe. Including Sessions.

Captain Hate

Van Houten

Ugh. Tammy Bruce will be livid at this. Why not Sirhan-Sirhan, tools?

Jim Eagle


Agree. There is something in that Navy Bean soup they serve in the Senate dining room that makes them brain dead. Even a guy like Cotton has gone off the rails.

I think Trump needs to ask the chef to change to Clam Chowder or something else.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's the tax speech President Trump gave in North dakota, for those who missed it:


Captain Hate

As predicted:

Last year when this happened California Governor Jerry Brown overruled the parole board. I don’t care how old she is. I don’t care that she got two degrees while in prison. I don’t care that she’s helped old people. Her murders of two innocent people destroyed the future for them and forever mangled life for their family. Letting this savage walk is an insult to decent people everywhere.


Yes substitute the soup Nazis crab Basque,

Van houten was sort of antifa, no, the real life version of the fake cult on that fx show

Captain Hate


I think the Senate needs about fifty Eric Cantor primaries, starting with Flake and Corker.


Wictor does argue well that Trump has already won. We shall see.


Imagine the amount of time, effort, money and pain would have been saved the Taxpayers if these Manson Family confessed murderers had been executed as they should have been within a month of their convictions back in the Summer of Love. It is injustice to our society and to the family of the victims that we now turn these freaks loose and await Rolling Stone or whomever to step up and offer book deals and turn them into some sort of icons of legitimate rage against Amerika.


I'm w CH--totally fine with Trump showing the GOPe he means business.


Captain Hate

Here's the complete Tammy post:


Moonbeam can still overrule the Crazyfornia parole board dunces.


James Woods on the Van Houten parole:

James Woods‏Verified account @RealJamesWoods

Which is why the death penalty is necessary. Liberals argue for life in prison and always let these savages out.

Frau Karl der Hammer

...some pants that seemed familiar.
Posted by: Dave (in MA) | September 06, 2017 at 07:38 PM

Dave - those were listed in Hillary Clinton's income tax filing from Arkansas along with Bent Willie's thoroughly used underwear.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

When I was in college I had a pair of striped jeans similar to Hilary's. They were hip-huggers.

Also, they fit better because I was skinny then.

Hers look like a contour map.

Jim Eagle

Does any sentienrt persond with a IQ over 60 believe that Donald Trump is somehow obdient to the GOP platform? He is his own 3rd party and will do whatever he believes will MAGA.

Those idiots in DC haven't figured that out because what he is doing isn't even possible or even recognizable as a future.

BTW. Damn big deal, we have four American women in the semis for the US Open since 1979.


Once again we believe!


The GOPe needs to understand that we voted for Trump, not Donohue. Public spankings are fine, the had their chance on ACA and regular budgets. They went full Donohue. So now they need to bend over and get reality good and hard.

Captain Hate

Yes vertical stripes for Curb Dive could probably trigger an Eichenwald epilepsy attack, or whatever malady afflicts that clown.


First leg carre who bug nutz now this guy just going of the rails, I mentioned as much on the alehouse thread


Captain Hate

Moar LeCarre and Rushdie to ignore? I can do that.


Trump just kicked McConnell and Ryan in the shins to convince them that he is serious.

They just got the message that Trump does not play by Washington rules.

I expect that the majorities in both houses are now serious about coming to agreement in a timely fashion about Trump’s agenda because status quo means Trump goes rogue.

I. Love. It.

Swamp? Drain or die.


There's only one of his that I actually read, the one about the jugglers which involved a an one time former a.bassadit to India.

Trump had been a around probably 40 45 years in the public , I was only aware of him since the mid 80s

Jim Eagle

LoL, CH,

Off to dreamland

Slaap leker. Tot morgen


I know that was cobvulutex,

Dave (in MA)

Can I not buy Rushdie on Kindle, or am I limited to ignoring the physical book?

Dave (in MA)

Jack, I drive thru Swellesley 5 days a week.


Its like green eggs and ham, you can not read it on a library, not order it on tape, there are multitudes

Janet the expert 🚬

THis says 3 have died in the Caribbean so far....not a thousand on Barbuda.
Barbuda is really an empty little island.

Antigua probably got a lot of damage, but lots of the homes & buildings are made of tin that doesn't hold up in even moderate storms.



Trump just kicked McConnell and Ryan in the shins to convince them that he is serious.

gee, sbw, I just texted much the same to my gal pal group--we are the Five at Four, when we have our Whine and Wine meet ups.

Only I had him kicking them somewhere higher up.

Captain Hate

The last time we were in Paris, somebody was being interviewed in wooded grounds adjacent to the Louvre that Mrs H claimed was Rushdie. I told her that it wasn't him but was probably someone from Tunisia or Algeria, but she was insistent.

I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode.


Maybe Irma can flood the swamp. More than one way to eradicate the parasites.


In his memoir he did visit Paris sometime on the early 90s, but likely before it went fall eurabia

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I knew Trump was a builder and owned a lot of buildings and casions and glf courses. He came to my attention when "The Apprentice" came on. I wasn't a regular viewer but was an occasional one.

When he announced I went to researching, reading his books and watching interviews and his congressional testimony. That was when I made up my mind.

Two of my sisters, former dems, voted for hi. The third sister, who had actually recommended "The Apprentice" for learning business principles and was a fan, voted for Hillary. She had a complete melt-down when he won and she found out that all of us had voted for him. Wouldn't talk to us for over 3 weeks. Cried all the time and everything. Unbelievable.

She's pretty much over it now but I don't dare mention anything about politics or she will go off on me.


Narciso, my one visit to Paris was the early 90s. ME people were numerous then, kind of like AA in DC. (Yeah, same architect for both central cities).


Again, if we get DACA back in some sort of legal form where say 70% of the Dreamers get to stay, that is it for the GOP, and that is pretty much it for Trump, or at least the agenda he espoused during the campaign. All the illegals and all of the "refugees" have to go home. Period.

There is a reason that people like DiFI, and Pelosi are starting to pull back a bit, and that reason is that they feel they can get their agenda through. No, it is not the looming election cycle--if it were they would not still be pulling down statues. It is not "4D chess", the notion of which borders on the delusional, nor is it some "dirt" that he has on them.
It is political wheeling and dealing. That is all. The Swamp sees a way to win after all.

And no, there is no such things as "legal non voting residents"--it may start out as that, but as soon as the Dems get back into power it will be granted en mass. The Dreamers and the children will be voters sooner or later, and they will be Democrat voters (and remember that conservative, first wave boomers will be hitting their 80s in a handful of years). Moreover, States that hold the line now for the GOP in the Electoral College such as Texas and Florida will permanently flip to the Democrats. I do not know how anyone can be fooled by this claptrap about immigration reform after what Obama did, and did openly with the consent of both parties. "Immigration reform" means a permanent one party rule in a communist state. Period.

The whole point of not just of DACA but this whole invasion is to replace the "traditional America" with a compliant 3rd world population. and it is most definitely aimed at eliminating the white middle class in this country. That is what it is about squarely and simply. That is why the Democrats want it. They do not want it out of misguided "compassion"--they have no compassion; they are morally depraved. It is absurd to imagine that they want anything good for the nation out of "immigrant reform". The GOP wants it because it is in the pockets of Wall Street (pretty much the financial arm of the Professional Left), and the CoC (who are blinded by greed). (And, one supposes, the GOP has been critically, fatally infiltrated by leftist operatives).

They cannot be "compromised with". It is an absurd and irrational proposition. Those who think otherwise are just deluding themselves. The Illegals have to be sent home. Period. It is the only solution.

This is really our last chance. There will not be a "revolution" if this administration does not deliver on the promises made during the campaign. As the Boomers pass, traditional Middle Class, Christian and, yes, White America too, will pass away and be replaced by something similar to what we see in Mexico and Brazil (and perhaps what is emerging now in the UK and Canada). This is pretty much the end of our civilization, It is really just that simple.

As for me being "right or wrong", well given my track record against those of my critics, I find this (once again) rather comic.
I have consistently be very right for years around here, and taken a great deal of flack for it too, but in the end I have almost always been proven right, and only wrong about minor details. I see I am getting again the usual pearl clutching even after so much has been made so clear in the last year and a half. I had thought that JOM had come around, but I see that the old myopia still runs deep. Really, some JOMers never learn no matter how hard it is shoved in their faces.

No, I am not "wrong" as least on any rational basis so far argued hereabouts--and in fact no rational counterargument has even been put forward ,but rather just the same old sloganeering and shibboleths, this time hung on Trump rather that "the conservative GOP", and no the Democrats are not in for a 16 year "dry spell" (and that one is truly hilarious given the topic at hand). That is just the point of "immigration reform; that is just the point--or one of them--of the Dems forcing Trump to cave on DACA.

Now, I am not saying that Trump out and out lied during the campaign. I am saying that it was really too much to hope for given The Swamp. This is fairly obvious when you have firms like Cummins standing up for DACA. This beyond belief, and even 20 years ago that CEO would have been canned for something like that. But no more. That is the world we live in.Think about that. Google is out and out censoring anything that deviates for the Left's PC propaganda, and they are going to get away with it--my goodness, they canceled the email account and blog of a statistician that was merely publishing statistical analysis). Think about that. We have never seen anything like this before. Now if Trump really intended to carry through on the promises he made, he would not be playing footies with the Dems over DACA; he would be calling people like the CEO of Cummings out. Something like "There are the globalists, there is the Swamp. They want to destroy you and enslave you." He would openly threaten Google with anti trust action. HE would turn the DoJ loose on The Swamp. Stated simply, it would never get this far. But here we are.

Trump is going to cave on DACA; we will get back door amnesty. It will be the end of anything resembling a restoration of America. Trump might managing to plough through it, pull out win in 2020, and fix some things in the economic sector, but these will be easily turned around once he is gone, and that included shutting down NAFTA,

A restoration means the absolute removal from power the Nomenklatura and the Uniparty, and the absolute destruction of their agenda. This is not accomplished through any sort of "immigration reform" as put forward by that Nomenclature and that Uniparty.

There can be no "compromise", not any more. That is why he was elected, and if he fails on this than he will have failed us. But perhaps it is truly our fault that it had to come to this, that we had to wait for one man to stand against all of this evil. Again, it may have been too much to ask of any man.


Perhaps we shall see:



New York, Chicago, California and now Ohio

RealClearPolitics @RealClearNews
Gov. John Kasich is inviting DACA recipients to live in Ohio



See what I mean?


It's too bad the old knowledge about universal suffrage has been lost, replaced with holding it to be good and valuable. Stable societies are stingy with the vote, not generous with it.


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Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The ONLY thing Trump cannot afford to do is to be perceived as part of the Swamp or to make common cause with it.
If he caves on DACA not sure how his base stays intact.

The only place I differ with Square is the reserve of resistance as described by VDH that is building and seething beneath the surface.
As Angelo Codevilla put it, Trump is riding a wave he didn't create and the frustration of Trump will only raise the wave higher.
I don't know what the result will be or how long it will take to break or who it will drown but there is a tide in the affairs of men and before things are over I believe it is going to go all Fundy on the left.


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For the Hammond B3 fans:


A high def remix of a cut from a Joe Beard / Ronnie Earl collaboration some years back, "Blues Union".

This cut is "Sinner Prayer"

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Why do you think Trump won?

The main reason is that he had a message that spoke to average Americans, both Republican and democrat.

Most people didn't even know Dreamers existed until this issue came up AFTER the election. I was only vaguely aware of it myself.

Other than certain states like California (no GOP votes there anyway) and Texas (inclined to keep dreamers who aren't criminals) this is a manufactured controversy. What the hell do we care if these people are given some sort of legal status (excluding the criminals) when we have at LEAST 11 million INTENTIONAL illegals?

I am sorry. I know this is a hot-button issue and you think Trump doesn't know what he's doing.

He knows exactly what he's doing. He's marginalizing the GOPe, drawing in the moderate democrats, and looking to get his issues passed into law.

I voted for him because I had confidence in him, and I was right. He won, because he was smarter and more clever in his strategy than the democrats.

I have always respected your opinion, and I understand your concern. We are dealing with a president who does not operate under the usual political paradigm. That is why it is hard to see what he is doing.

All I can say to you is to be patient and watch.


It was '81 JiB, The first three, pretty easy guesses, Everett, Austin, Navratilova. The fourth ... Barbara Potter, I never heard of.


Gov. John Kasich is inviting DACA recipients to live in Ohio

That’s “temporary” governor Kasich.


I have always assumed that existing DACAs would be grandfathered. I don't like it, but I can live with it.

End the program - no new applicants - and build the wall.

End sanctuary cities.

In my border state sanctuary city we are already seeing results from the measures taken thus far. Lighter traffic and decreased school enrollment. Help wanted signs in service industry establishments EVERYWHERE.

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