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September 20, 2017


All of this is reason for House and Senate investigators to keep exploring how Mr. Comey’s FBI was investigating both presidential campaigns.

Who is the Senate equivalent of Super-Sleuth Trey Gowd-mouth?


There was a time when the left distrusted the intelligence community more than they did the right. If we didn't know better, we would think the left is only using the IC for their own agenda.


TK, Grassley.


Someone must have serious dirt on that nest of #NeverTrump at WSJ editorials.


He seems more effective than Treytor, henry.


jimmyk on iPhone

James D from the last thread: "Thanks for a good laugh to start the day"

Call it my birthday gift. Happy Birthday!


oh, rats...James - check end of last thread for your b'day card/wishes!


HB JamesD

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--There was a time when the left distrusted the intelligence community more than they did the right.--

Yeah. I noted the satisfying irony of Juan Williams talking about how much he trusts the CIA and FBI a thread or two ago, but fill in the blank for the lefties who now adore any and all shadowy spook activities and claims.

common man

A secret court that approves 99% of warrants sure sounds vulnerable to abuse. Good thing we had Loretta Lynch signing off on the requests, so that no funny business could possible come out of the DOJ...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From memorandum quoting Vox pustuli;

GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does.

Just continuing their series from when they did the same to Dems re Barrycare.

Old Lurker

Anybody besides me stop reading anything that starts "Congress needs to learn..."?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr.Darrell Scott‏Verified account @PastorDScott 19m19 minutes ago

There was more outrage in the Church over Preachers Praying for the President than there is for Witches placing a "Binding" spell on him.


True, because so much of the church in all denominations has been infiltrated by the left.

Old Lurker

Sue "There was a time when the left distrusted the intelligence community more than they did the right. "

That was before they took it over like an occupying force. (or as the Vikings -Kahns would say "killed all the men and impregnated the women")


Last Saturday, my 2 year old granddaughter helped her great grandfather blow out his 86th birthday cake candles. As customary at our family gatherings, a crude but loving song of congratulations broke out for Hadley and Great Bumpa, so I sing it for you now James D

Hooray for James D, he's got class
Hooray for James D, he's a horses ass

Happy Birthday


Yes, the LIBOMARX PARTY loves them some CIA,NSA,FBI etc, and Bernie Sanders who HONEYMOONED, (EWWWWWW) in RUSSIA is a staunch Patriot.
The WOMAN who colluded with The Rapist and Rodham, signs off on spying warrants against REPUBLICANS.

No problem here, no need to increase your ammo supply. "Our Democracy" is alive and well.


I didn't know Sanders honeymooned in Russia. Wow.

Clarice Feldman

Precisely, TM


RIP Jake LaMotta. 96


HB JamesD!!!

Language warning.

A birthday song for James

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
Burn motherfucker burn

Clarice Feldman

Blinkered moral preeners of the year--my nomination. (Forget the episcopalians they won it last year) or the Council of Churches )who've already won it countless times):https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/09/19/on-rosh-hashanah-jewish-communities-try-repenting-for-gun-violence-and-racism/?utm_term=.9b9720d4fb74#comments

Clarice Feldman


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have been following the Moore/Strange election on Conservative Treehouse.

From what I can discern, Strange gets the reputation of GOPe because the corrupt governor appointed him and McConnell backs him. However, the governor was asked by Jeff Sessions to appoint someone who would be loyal to President Trump's policies, and so Strange has been proven to be. McConnell supports him because he is an incumbent senator.

Loyalty is very important to President Trump, hence his backing.

Moore, according to several Alabamans on CTH, seems to be a grandstander who is only interested in social issues like the 10 Commandments and getting rid of gay marriage. No one really knows his position on taxes or trade, for example.

My personal opinion is that he will behave much as Cruz did with the showboating filibusters and stuff like that. He is one of those "principled" conservatives who will operate like Rand Paul, who is not a reliable vote on anything to do with healthcare other than saying no to everything.

An interesting dynamic is set up this weekend with President Trump appearing with Strange and Sarah Palin and Sebastian Gorka appearing with Moore.

I believe we see another reason why Gorka is no longer at the White House. He obviously goes off on his own agenda, as can be seen here.

In addition, some Alabamans think that Moore will bring democrats to the polls to vote for the democrat, and that there are some GOP voters who will not vote for Moore.

Current polls have them almost dead even.

I would be intersted to see if my assessment is in tune with what's going on, so if Beasts is around I would appreciate his opinion.

I have no dog in this hunt as I can't vote and cannot donate. Just an observer.


Can IL be far behind? Venezuela missed interest payment.


Happy Birthday, JamesD.

Someone got you matches and a can of gasoline ... maybe I can provide some kindling, a few oxygen tanks, some nitromethane tanks ... just to make sure the fire is hot enough.


Posted by: Sue | September 20, 2017 at 10:22 AM

It is the Strange New Respect.



I think it is more along the lines of what OL said...they have all of their people in place now.

Jim Eagle

Happy Birthday, JamesD - May you have many more.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Soros getting his money's worth.


Tom Maguire

Re the Sanders honeymoon in the USSR:
Andrew Sullivan, in the course of blasting All Things Hillary, burned that factoid into my memory.

And yet she was so bad a candidate, she still only managed to squeak through in the primaries against an elderly, stopped-clock socialist who wasn’t even in her party, and who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Then he really lets loose.


MM I saw. Poll that had Moore up by 8 or 10 points.
It will be a close call Advantage:Moore

The Gipper Lives

The FBI had investigations of both campaigns; one to bury Hillary's crimes and one to invent Trump's.

And whatever Putin did, it was for Putin.


Arrest all the anarchists.


JIB - handsome avatar!!


Happy Birthday, James!


MissM: "McConnell supports him because he is an incumbent senator."

One thing that bothers me is the Party spending so many millions in a Repub state ... for a primary. Would rather see the resources targeted at unseating a Dem.


Effort underway to get AL Dems to reregister as Independents to help Moore win the open primary. Reliably Dem AL trial lawyers association urging folks to vote for Moore. Strange on the ballot is a sure win, but Moore is very iffy imo.


Happy Birthday James! Today is my mother's 85th birthday.

James D.

Good idea, rich!


An interesting dynamic is set up this weekend with President Trump appearing with Strange and Sarah Palin and Sebastian Gorka appearing with Moore.

This seems like a win-win setup.

Moore, the birther, isn't like Taqiyya Ted in any way, shape or form.

Trump is returning loyalty because that is his MO. But, IMO, he is ok with Moore. If not, he would have asked Palin and Gorka to butt out or support Strange. Palin and Gorka would have respected Trump out of the same loyalty.

I will change my opinion if Trump says something incredibly derogatory towards Moore. Until then, I think we are looking at political smoke and mirrors.

Tom Bowler

...citing the “integrity” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation...

Warning! Warning! Oxymoron alert! Gross contradiction in terms!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Happy birthday, James.
Did kitty give you a hairball or a dead lizard?

Tom Bowler

Happy Birthday James. Happy Birthday Marlene's Mom.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Clarice, I would be interested in your opinion on this article. I cannot vouch for this web site, although sometimes it seems to me that they are affiliated with The Daily Caller.



I'm so happy to have reminded you about Bernie Sanders "honeymoon". And now for the DAILY GUS QUIZ!!!!
Who is WARREN WILHELM JR and where did "he" Honeymoon?

This will be easy for some. For others it will be enlightening and further explain THE FULL COMMIE theorum.


But his maneuvering to get Mr. Mueller appointed, and his leaks to the press, have shown that Mr. Comey is as political and self-serving as anyone in Washington.

Yup. I read the truthpundit who sites FBI sources (can't vouch) that say they Intel Community enlisted the UK to do the surveillance so that they could have deniability, but create more reason for a legit FISA warrant. I think Judge Nap said the same thing.


Miss Marple the Deplorable -

Linked to it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


ChiTown Lurker says DeBlasio and Havana, Cuba!


The fact that COMEY SOUGHT to have MUELLER made a SPECIAL COUNSEL (PROSECUTOR), and the fact that "curtains" Comey created a "memo" and had a LIBTARD friend leak it (admittedly), creates such a SHIT STEW of IMPROPRIETY as to be MIND BOGGLING.

But the MF'ING MFM will notice that soon. And Jeff Sessions will become A.G. at some point. Right?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I read it too, but I don't often link it because I just don't know about reliability.

It's a sad state of affairs when we almost have to have our own intelligence agency to figure out what's true and what's not in the media, both mainstream and alternative.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Happy B-day James! Hope it's a great one!

Daniel Greenfield has a terrific piece on the wiretapping. Here is his last bit:

"The left is sitting on the biggest crime committed by a sitting president. The only way to cover it up is to destroy his Republican successor.

A turning point in history is here.

If Obama goes down, the left will go down with him. If his coup succeeds, then America ends."



Hi Top!
So good to see you.
Totally agree.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

RK SIMONE‏Verified account @MarkSimoneNY

Sen. Orrin Hatch on Pres. Trump's "Rocket Man" line:
"It's about time that somebody talked turkey to that little bastard over there."
7:13 PM - 19 Sep 2017


“This would make for an incredible string of Senate hearings,” one federal law enforcement source said. “I don’t think they ever thought he (Trump) would win and information would come out about how they manipulated evidence.” [TP above]

The only scenario that makes sense to me is that BOzo et al were certain HC would win.

Old Lurker

"It's a sad state of affairs when we almost have to have our own..." Attorney General?


Senate Hearings? only if the co-conspirators in the minority side are muzzled. Even then a total waste of time.

Man Tran

OT went to see Wind River last night. Strongly recommend it. Straight up story line, great acting. A bit like Longmire, but more of a spontaneous pace.

Re Pratt, he lives out here on our rock pile. I haven't run into him yet, but not sure I would recognize him if I did. Haven heard anyone mention his bride, so maybe they didn't hang out even when he wasn't working.


HB, James! Helpful hint I learned just yesterday: If the appropriate moment for the fire comes unfortunately after an EMP attack, clothes dryer lint makes excellent kindling.


Lovely Miss M. Chi-town Lurker is ineligible for any prizes. He knows everything.

Old Lurker, NOW is EXACTLY when we need OUR A.G.

Maybe Sessions could have MRS. MANAFORT get on his jet and they could chat about Grandchildren and Yoga poses.


Hi Top!
So good to see you.
Totally agree.

I thought for a moment that an evil Captain Haiku had checked in. ;)


Who is WARREN WILHELM JR and where did "he"

They may of NYC and Cuba. But I only know that because I went looking for Sanders and his honeymoon in Russia and found both in one article.


The mayor...


Hi Tops!

OT, catching up with Frau from an earlier thread - thanks for the heads up on the prune plums! I hadn't seen them yet this summer, so I'll go look. Fingers crossed.


Obama also talked about 'destroying' N. Korea, and of course was praised:



The only scenario that makes sense to me is that BOzo et al were certain HC would win.

But then why go to these lengths? They must have thought they needed dirt on Trump to assure her victory, which means they could not have been overly confident.

Though maybe the answer is that (a) it's what they do; and (b) they didn't want to just win, they wanted a landslide, and to take Congress as well. How'd that work out?


Jane :Totally agree with that Greenfield article.

Captain Hate

HB James.

Ol' Yeller is on board for the Graham O-Care replacement. Says it isn't perfect but the best we can hope for now. I hope it penalizes Katshit and Fat RINO Bastard by making them have to figure out how to fund their Medicaid expansion.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


If Hillary had won, they would have gone after Trump with no holds barred. I have not forgotten how many posters on Twitter said variations of "Trump will die in jail."

They wanted to destroy him, his business, and his family. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump knew this, and is very brave, as are his wife and children. They all knew what they were risking.


They have a little boy named Jack


BOzo dubbed himself the "First Pacific President". He's responsible for the naval leadership that produced U.S. gunboat sailors' humiliating surrender to Iranians, American ship's retrieval of underwater drone near Philippines interrupted by Chinese ship swooping in and stealing it as they impotently watched, and the two recent inexplicable and deadly collisions at sea. The idea of BOzo ordering a preemptive attack on NK is ludicrous.


President Trump humiliated Obammy wrt his birth certificate.
Revenge was their motive all along.
Obama was still wiretapping him as he welcomed him to the White House.
They don't come any more craven than that.


Who is Old Yeller?


Hi everyone!!!

Miss Marple
I'm never sure about their sourcing either.

James D.

Ig @ 11:54

No hairball OR dead lizard. Just vocal demands for treats (which is a new behavior in the morning).


If McCain,then my theory is he didn't want total Ocare disaster of repeal hung around his neck.
No one was blaming meercow or Collins.


Old Yeller is Mark Levin


Jug Ears is on CNN prattling about climate something.

The leader of the free world didn't say one word about it at the UN. Winning

Frau  Sprengstoff

GUS - Don't forget Lurch's first honeymoon in Paris--the City of Love--secretly and illegally attempting to collude with the North Vietnamese who were in town. I bet the first Mrs. Lurch really enjoyed the trip although she probably paid for it herelf.

Sorry but I always love digging out this photo.


Tim Blair has a post reminiscing about how Reagan dealt with campus protestors and their sympathizers, with lots of great video. (High point: Reagan saying to some protestors at a speech, "Aw, shaddup!")

No doubt Jen Rubin would call Reagan's talk "cringe-worthy."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Nick Sweeting
🚲‏ @thesquashSH

Equifax just linked customers to my fake phishing version of their site by accident. 😱😱😱 https://twitter.com/Equifax/status/910265181976104960


Equifax has since deleted the tweet. Quite a security operation they have going there.

Frau  Sprengstoff

I third Jane's recommendation of Daniel Greenfield's article "Why Obama Really Spied on Trump."

In a perfect world, Clarice and I would be gathering our knitting needles and claiming our first row seats around the guillotine. Other knitters welcome.


From Jane's Greenfield link:

The first and foremost agenda must be to assemble a list of Trump officials who were spied on and the pretexts under which they were spied upon. The pattern will show the crime. And that’s what Obama and his allies are terrified of. It’s why Flynn was forced out using illegal surveillance and leaks. It’s why McMaster is protecting Susan Rice and the Obama holdovers while purging Trump loyalists at the NSC.

The left’s gamble was that the Mueller investigation or some other illegitimate spawn of the Obama eavesdropping would produce an indictment and then the procedural questions wouldn’t matter.

It’s the dirty cop using illegal eavesdropping to generate leads for a “clean” case against his target while betting that no one will look too closely or care how the case was generated. If one of the Mueller targets is intimidated into making a deal, the question of how the case was generated won’t matter.

Is McMaster the good guy or bad guy?


lyle, its all a show to distract from two things: a) whatever Trump is really doing, b)that all "D" will go unpunished as usual.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a perenniial controversy depending on which web site you go to. Breitbart is convinced he is a villain and a globalist. Thomas Wictor points out that Trump is no dummy and if he were dissatisfied he would fire him.

This all gets complicated by the fact that Trump doesn't telegraph his thinking, which is good for getting stuff done but very hard on all of the back-seat drivers on social media.

My attitude is that if Trump feels McMaster isn't working out, he wouldn't hesitate to fire him. I see nothing happening which makes me think he is anything but who he appears to be.

Texas Liberty Gal

re:passage of Graham's & Cassidy's healthcare bill - Graham has made several comments about how some Dems were going to have a hard time voting NO. I predict there will definitely be some Dems voting for the bill and it will pass with little trouble.

Clarice Feldman

I linked to it on FB--can't couch for it, but I don't recall them being incredible in the past,MM


Frau, that picture looks like JIM NABORS.


Lurch's first wife wasn't as wealthy as THERESA HEINZ, after she INHERITED, the late REPUBLICAN SENATORS HEINZ FORTUNE.

Libs are FILTH. FILTH.

Clarice Feldman

Here's one thought. Obama was supporting Russia against the Ukraine at the time, and wanted to know what the opposition was doing. Just a thought.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Breaking911‏Verified account @Breaking911 55s55 seconds ago

BREAKING: 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan near Fukushima - USGS

Clarice Feldman

You've nailed it, frau.


In a perfect world, Clarice and I would be gathering our knitting needles and claiming our first row seats around the guillotine using them as weapons against the likes of Comey, Rice, Mueller, et al.

I mean, if we're going to talk perfection, isn't that better than merely watching?

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

MM "looks like the Pacific Basin is going for a ride."

h/t Age of Ultron

And Happy Birthday! to JamesD and MM and anyone I've missed lately.


its all a show to distract from two things: a) whatever Trump is really doing, b)that all "D" will go unpunished as usual.


As you said on the last thread, Mueller is about to implode. He has usually been very cautious in the past. Not so in his "investigation" of the Russia connection. Recall that almost simultaneously with Trump's election this accusation was floated as the sole reason for Clinton's defeat. Mueller was brought in to make that case and he openly coordinated with the disgraced Comey to do it.

Yesterday I commented on the Mueller pre dawn raid of the Manafort home, for that's what it was, as a desperate attempt by the Special Counsel to get the Manafort family to serve up anything to validate a failing investigation. This wasn't the serving of a warrant. It was intimidation by a desperate man who knows the lid is about to blow off of the Capitol and drag his witch hunt down with it.

Whether the apparatus that was set up to destroy the Trump Presidency will be held accountable remains to be seen. We certainly can't rely on Jeff Sessions to unmask himself and bring indictments against the cabal. Even the Republicans in Congress are tippy toeing around the matter which leads one to wonder about their complicity in the conspiracy. And then there are the Awan brothers waiting in the wings with possible revelations that will make Obama's shadow government look like child's play.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

I crochet, so I can use my needle/crook and lead em to the gallows - by the nose or other body part that is hookable. ;)


Even the Republicans in Congress are tippy toeing around the matter which leads one to wonder about their complicity in the conspiracy.

Personally, I don't wonder.

Captain Hate

Anyone doubt that Egg McMuffin was involved in the conspiracy?


Can I join you with my crochet needles?



Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir rests on an astonishingly audacious lie: that the very FBI director who made her campaign possible by improperly sparing her from an indictment doomed it. A normal pol who had mishandled classified information as egregiously as Hillary would have felt eternal gratitude to Comey. Only an entitled ingrate like Hillary would have the gall to cast her savior as the chief thorn in her side.

Nor does Hillary acknowledge another in-kind contribution to her campaign from Comey: his willingness to serve as a cog in Obama’s campaign of political espionage against Trump. Obama’s team of Hillary partisans, which included among others John Brennan, Susan Rice, and Loretta Lynch, wanted Comey to snoop on Trumpworld and he duly did.

Curb Dive may be a liar and an ingrate but, gee, she sure can be surprisingly funny.

Captain Hate

Can you imagine how personally gratifying it would be to roughly, very roughly, put McCain's shriveled neck in place in a guillotine and say "tell your Viet Cong friends in Hell that this is how it's done"?


I think when Hillary was in hiding she was hoping the coup would work.
When it failed, I bet she uttered"Curses, Foiled again"!

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