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September 26, 2017



Today's her birthday. big friggin deal

In case you were wondering, Rigoberta Menchu's birthday is January 9th.

Dave (in MA)
Boy, those

scribd links

are kind of

annoying to

try to read





Yes you may. Share it with your friends.

The Pittsburgh Kneelers.


Has anyone told Kaepernik that the U.S.ARMY is hiring.


Has anyone told Kaepernik that the U.S.ARMY is hiring.

Pretty sure they adhere strictly to a minimum IQ of 70 rule.

In other news, DirecTV is making an exception and offering refunds on their football package despite the season having already started. May this be a trickle that leads to a flood:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For the record, the late unlamented Andalzua seems to have had more conquistadore blood in her than oppressed Aztec heart eater.



I'll bet it sucks.


Queer theory:

Queer theory is derived largely from post-structuralist theory, and deconstruction in particular. Starting in the 1970s, a range of authors brought deconstructionist critical approaches to bear on issues of sexual identity, and especially on the construction of a normative "straight" ideology. Queer theorists challenged the validity and consistency of the discourse regarding heteronormativity, i.e. the normalizing practices and institutions that privilege heterosexuality as fundamental in society and in turn discriminates those outside this system of power,[3] and focused to a large degree on non-heteronormative sexualities and sexual practices.

Queer Theory’s overreaching goal is to be sought out as a lens or tool to deconstruct the existing monolithic ideals of social norms and taxonomies; as well as, how these norms came into being and why.[4] In addition, it analyzes the correlation between power distribution and identification while understanding the multifarious facets of oppression and privilege. Queer and Queer Theory are seen as applicable concepts that provide a framework to explore these issues rather than as an identity to those in the community. Queer is an umbrella term for those not only deemed sexually deviant, but also used to describe those who feel marginalized as a result of standard social practices. It is a “site of permanent becoming” (Giffney, 2004).[5]

Fascinating that someone's parents would foot the bill for such studies.


Extraneous, you are so cis-normal. Theory doesn't mean what oppressive white scientists and philosophers mean when they use the word. Theory means any old half=baked idea that makes you feel better about yourself because you can play victim. Queer theory, Chicana theory, We don't gotta show you no stinkin' proofs of our theory

Old Lurker

"Fascinating that someone's parents would foot the bill for such studies."

hey Ext...seen the size of the Fed's Student Loan Portfolio lately?

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Isn't the issue that Moore may be unelectable in a general election?


I just clicked on FOX Business and they had on Geraldo Rivera in Puerto Rico. He was bitching about the badly organized clean up efforts.

Mind you. He managed to collect a number of Red Cross and EMS workers to stand behind him while he bitched. Geraldo (There was nothing in the safe.) Rivera, hindering rescue operations.

How did he get to PR the first place?

Old Lurker

Yes Jane.

And had that thought prevailed we would have run Jeb! who would have lost to Hillary.


That is always the issue, Jane.

Just like with Trump.


Alejandro Villanueva is now saying this:

“I made Coach Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only. I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault,” he said.

That's a stab in the back of the Rangers you served with. You put your ungrateful, treasonous teammates ahead of them and your country. Anyone who has bought his jersey should return it and demand their money back.


Isn't the issue that Moore may be unelectable in a general election?

In Alabama?? No way.


There's going to be a lot of people wanting refunds on their brand new #78 jerseys.


Way to go, guys and gals. JOM has now been blocked on my work desktop. Me? I blame GUS... 😬 J/k, bro. But all y'all are gonna miss my links and clever commentary, just you wait! 😎



I think whether Moore can win a statewide election is the fear. However, Moore was pretty good at being elected in the past.

And, the massive outside opposition funding does not seem to have been working in other states.

Additionally. The other Republican candidate will be buried by charges of collusion and corruption.


I know everyone's holding their breath for this one.

Feminist theory is the extension of feminism into theoretical, fictional, or philosophical discourse. It aims to understand the nature of gender inequality. It examines women's and men's social roles, experience, interests, chores, and feminist politics in a variety of fields, such as anthropology and sociology, communication, psychoanalysis,[1] home economics, literature, education, and philosophy.[2]

Feminist theory focuses on analyzing gender inequality. Themes explored in feminism include discrimination, objectification (especially sexual objectification), oppression, patriarchy,[3][4] stereotyping, art history[5] and contemporary art,[6][7] and aesthetics.[8][9]

Isn't gender inequality the actual theory?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ditto, hrtshpdbox.

Donald J. Trump Retweeted Ricardo Rossello Ricardo Rossello @ricardorossello · 3h Briefed @POTUS @realDonaldTrump in #SituationRoom and thanked him for his leadership, quick response & commitment to our people 🇵🇷

I wonder if Sassehole knows that the Governor of Puerto Rico is on twitter?

I wonder if he cares.


Communists from West Point, nothing is sacred these days.



What time do the Alabama polls close?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wrong on both counts.
Your teammates made themselves look bad.
And then you let them make you look bad after you did the right thing.


Anyone who has bought his jersey should return it and demand their money back.

My admiration of him has sunk to the basement, Barbara! I only wish I could erase the Twitter links and "likes" I participated in before he showed his true colors.

I'm so sorry but I believe this quote ~
"Every single one of my teammates is extremely supportive and extremely patriotic in this locker room. And I can not only say that for this locker room, but I can say that across the NFL, every single player that I've gone against.

to be a bald-faced lie!


"Isn't the issue that Moore may be unelectable in a general election?"
Yes, that's one issue. The other issue is that Strange will be beholden to GOPe.

Frau Mens sana in corpore sano

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa (September 26, 1942 – May 15, 2004) was an American scholar."

If she was an American, why do I need an accent mark to pronounce her name?


Yashar Ali 🐘 ✔ @yashar

News: Fox News has just announced that @DanaPerino is getting her own show at 2pm EST, @HARRISFAULKNER is anchoring the 1pm EST hour.
10:30 AM - Sep 26, 2017

Ben Shapiro ✔ @benshapiro


10:41 AM - Sep 26, 2017

Frau Mens sana in corpore sano

Eye bleach alert!
From Miss M's 2016 article about Mike Tomlin's knee pads for Hillary! isn't is clear he is still calling shots for her Resistance sorties? I see now why he was spitting mad at Villanueva.



TrAnnz Ghoulter hardest hit.


Oh, she sounds like a doozy alright, does Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa:

"When growing up, Anzaldúa expressed that she felt an "intense sexuality" towards her own father, animals, and even trees."

I'd add "Wackadoodle Theory" to the Queer and Feminist credits.


DanaPerino is getting her own show at 2pm

They'll call it The Deuce, even though HBO already has a show called that, and it's about whores.

Big Tent Bobby Jindal

"When growing up, Anzaldúa expressed that she felt an "intense sexuality" towards her own father, animals, and even trees."

Welcome to my 100%!!




And to think, she wasn't just a "scholar" in one of those deeply complex fields, but all three of them.


Any woman who sees herself as a. Victim is a fool.
You are in charge of your destiny.
When girls in Afghanistan were denied an education , some dressed as boys to attend school or obtained books to read and educate themselves.
Hillary always saw herself as a victim and therefore has spent her life as a big fat loser.
My favorite image is of Schumer and her waiting to speak to then President Bush wrt money for New York after 9/11.Will not judge the Pittsburgh player.
I don't have all the facts.
Bob Corker will not run for re-election.
Self imposed term limit.
I wish more would follow his example.
Dems won't leave until they are carried out in a hearse.

Dave (in MA)
Google Doodle Celebrates Gloria E. Anzaldúa: What to Know | Time.com

I know I'm not clicking.


Dana Perino is ok in my book.




I support Moore in today's election because he tried to protect the Ten Commandments monument.
I don't forget a man of principle.

common man

Bye Bye Bobbie Corker. Sure will miss ya, but do turn the lights out in the office on the way out.

Tennessee deserves way better than that bozo ( and combined with Lamar - two bozos ).

Maybe Marsha Blackburn jumps in. I would say the current Governor, Haslip should be a hell no, as he seems to be another Corker clone.


Thad Cochran was handed his seat after the true conservative was put out to pasture by Republican Party.
That is not going to happen today.The most conservative candidate will win because that is what the people want.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Dana Perino looks ok in my book.

Dave (in MA)

*** lyle ***

Mordac the Preventer strikes again.

Can you maybe work around it with a web proxy?

On today’s The Five, Bolling made the case for taking Trump seriously because of what he brings to the table. Perino argued that Trump’s a clown who makes such ridiculous pronouncements that he’s almost begging to be not taken seriously.



Common man:
I would love to have Marsha Blackburn as a senator.
During the Republican convention, I saw her live on MessNBC with Chuck Todd
And she ran circles around him.

Dave (in MA)
"When growing up, Anzaldúa expressed that she felt an "intense sexuality" towards her own father, animals, and even trees."

Trump as always has set Alabama up as a win-win.

If his endorsed candidate (an obligatory endorsement) wins, that is more political capital for him and one more senator who personally owes him.

If Moore wins, Trump will be just as happy, maybe even more happy, because Moore is much more Trump-like than Strange is. Since Trump will throw his support to the primary winner no matter who it is, Moore will also owe something to Trump.

Trump has solid support among both candidates' voters. They're not going anywhere.

And the seat won't go blue.

So, no problem.

There is no "message" Trump will receive if Moore wins. It has already been gamed out.


Ancient history former quotes cut no ice with me.
Lots of people were not on the Donald Trump train in the beginning.
She is fair to President Trump but many times sees him through her President Bush WH experience.


Excellent analysis.

Curly Joe

"...In honor of Shep Smith's dimwitted "of course it isn't disrespecting the flag""

Shemp has his mascara painted head up his ass:

When Kumpernick (h/t Nancy Piglosi) started this he said: "“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he told NFL Media in an interview published on Saturday."



I check out/check in Anzaldua books every single day.

Don't anyone think for a minute that your kid is safe at a flagship university in a solid red state.


Thanks, maryrose.


Then Kopernick needs to find another homeland.
America , love it or leave it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nutjob apparently matriculated at UT Austin Porch.
Note matriculated, not educated.


From the previous thread:

"JUST IN: Attorney General Sessions says Justice Dept. will be stepping up enforcement of free speech rights on college campuses - Reuters"

I believe Heather Mac Donald had a meeting with Sessions about a week ago. She was previously offered virtually any slot she wanted in Justice (she has a law degree from Stanford). Although she doesn't want to join the Administration, she does touch base with them frequently. As you all probably remember, she was shouted down and threatened at the Claremont Schools awhile ago.

Clarice Feldman

I knew a clever , cute little girl, She grew up and went to Columbia U. Now she's a professor of queer and gender studies, a Marxist with an Adam's apple and a chicana lover who's a professor of Chicana studies.


Chicana studies?
As a guidance counselor I have never heard of that as a major.
What kind of job would you get with that on your resume?


Professor, obviously, maryrose! :)

Although it isn't funny.

That makes sense re: Anzaldua, Iggy. I tune all that out. Not many UT grads worth a damn.


Go to:
It is a double pronged attack- first DeVos then Sessions.
Take that line!


That's great news, Tonto.


Lines should be libs!


Go to should be Tonto

Clarice Feldman

mr--a professor of Chicana studies


Chief Diversity Officer at over $180K/yr, mr.

Comanche Voter

I'm thinking of major offices for the Department of the Interior in say Twin Falls Idaho, Fort Huachucha Arizona and Sterling Colorado. Oh let's give Texas a break and establish a field office for the Department of Interior in Shamrock Texas.

Tell half the staff in Washington that they are going to be transferred to one of those offices--but be kind and let them take their pick. Hey there is a benefit--housing costs are significantly lower in those places and there are decent public universities their children could attend in each of those states. What's not to like about that. And if you want to stay in D.C. --sorry your position has been transferred to one of those field offices.


I suspect waitress at a taco stand or Starbucks barista is a more likely career for that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Justice Dept. will be stepping up enforcement of free speech rights on college campuses

Mixed feelings about this. I suppose given that the feds have gotten so heavily involved in education at all levels, even private universities, better this than what Obama was doing. But ideally universities could dig their own graves without the AG taking the shovel away from them.

Also, hasn't Sessions got more important things to do, like going after Power, Rice, over the unmasking and spying, just to name one item?


Not everyone can be a prof. I work with a lot of post-docs who got their PhD's in much more rigorous fields, thinking they could be profs, but that ain't easy. So, they toil at probably minimum wage after 7 or 8 years of grad school.

Queer Studies experts can land plum diversity gigs, though - for sure. The rest must work at Starbucks, however.


Kopernick needs to find another homeland.
America , love it or leave it.

Exactly, maryrose.

Do we oppress people of color in this country? Let the poor oppressed people of color of today come forward and tell their stories. I can match them story for story about oppression.

common man

I suggest Hutchison, Kansas.

Or maybe Cotopaxi, Co ( that would drive my property value up ). Even better is there is BLM land on the back side of my property. They can build some quonset huts for offices there...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Border wall prototype construction begins.


Also, you heard it here first .... word is that MEGYN KELLY and her family recently moved into that shiny new apartment building on 86th and WEA built and largely inhabited by Lubavitchers. So all you would be stalkers be on the lookout, but keep in mind she might be wearing a sheitel. Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

I heard this from a very reliable source.

common man

Iowahawk nails it when he compares Socialism to a nudist colony. Sounds pretty good until you actually see it.

drop the mike...


"When growing up, Anzaldúa expressed that she felt an "intense sexuality" towards her own father, animals, and even trees.
Calling this FREAK of NATURE a MOTHER F#$KER would be just a LITTLE BIT OFF THE MARK.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller‏Verified account @markknoller 4m4 minutes ago

Pres Trump in NYC for $5-million fundraiser to benefit the RNC & his campaign committee. Tickets range from $35,000 to $250,000 per couple.
0 replies 1 retweet 1 like


Just drove through Idaho last week and my friend who lives near Boise warned that Twin Falls was a "shit town" and advised me to stop at Sun Valley instead*, so I'm all for the new Interior Dept outpost at Twin Falls. That really is the way to deal with these entrenched bureaucrats.

*I'm not vouching for his opinion of Twin Falls, btw. Never been there and it might be great for all I know.


What is a Lubavitcher?


So true!
I never owned slaves.
My grandparents are from Yugoslavia( an arranged marriage)
and Ireland in the Limerick and Sligo areas.
No civil war relatives though my husband has a great great cousin who fought for the Union.



A very Orthodox Jewish sect. They just built a big apartment building on West End Avenue between 86th and 85th. It's pretty much entirely orthodox, but not totally. Of course, it's without a doubt a very family-friendly building, but rather an unlikely choice for our Megyn. Or so I think.

Jim Eagle

Cashier at a Chipotle’s?


I am so angry today. I'm as angry as I was on 9/11.

These spoiled, pampered, useless bastards want to complete the job that the terrorists started when they crashed those aircraft into the World Trade Center. It's indiscriminate destruction just for the sake of misbegotten, belligerent rhetoric.

And for what? What greater good do these people serve with their useless lives and pursuit of pleasure? What purpose does their violent game serve with its ecstatic, wealthier winners and it's cry baby losers?

Villanueva came close, but not close enough. He has the least excuse of all because he knows what sacrifice and teamwork really are. He knows that in the real game of life there is a far greater price to pay and that if you do your job well, your brothers get to go home alive when the battle is over or at the end of watch. No lucrative salary. No hideously, monstrous ring encrusted with diamonds. Just your life and the knowledge that you were one of the few who stood between your countrymen and chaos.

I've run out of adjectives, but the anger still simmers.


I assume blacks and Latinos are very oppressed in this country-- look at any big city with: 1) shitty unionized public schools; 2) crappy public housing; 3) laws and regulations preventing job growth; 4) total absence of safety. The problem is it is their own politicians doing it. Not whitey.


Rahm Emanuel comes to mind.


Info on Menendez trial.
Menendez lobbied with Sibelius to get Medicare charges dropped for Dr.
Mel gen
Scott Smith from commerce Department said it was a threatening type of meeting
Fox is the only one covering story.
Suffolk Poll:
86 percent of New Jersey voters say if Menendez guilty he should resign.


They just built a big apartment building on West End Avenue between 86th and 85th.

Tonto, my impression is that building has a lot of wealthy hedge fund types--it's very expensive--many orthodox Jews, but not so much Lubavitchers, who don't tend to be so wealthy. I looked at Streeteasy.com, and there's a 3,750 sq ft apartment available for $32,000/month.


"The problem is it is their own politicians doing it. Not whitey"

It might go a bit deeper I think.

The worldview they adhere to guides who they elect.

It may be simplistic, but in the 10 commandments there are some along the lines ... shall not covet ... shall not bear false witness ...

The American experiment to a great extent requires that as prerequisite for success. And the combination brought prosperity to those who can practice them.

What is the left all about now? ... covet and blame. Who and what do they hate? That Jews and "privileged" whites and Asians make the American experiment it work for themselves.

But it doesn't work for the covetous and blamers. Instead they insist on being "who they are" and not "acting white" or "selling out". And so their Cargo Cult imitations and Finnegan's Rainbow ideas don't work out. Because racism.

Captain Hate

MeAgain should blend in well with the Lubavitchers like she has at NBC.

Janet 🚬

I hear ya, Barbara.


Very insightful comment
Thank you for the information.
Finally, what is a sheitl?


What will happen to Auburn, Oklahoma State andUSC
And the other NCAA school where the assistant coaches have been charged?
Will they be banned from March Madness?


maryrose, sheitl is Yiddish for wig. A lot of very Orthodox women wear them to keep their real hair covered.


A miniature collie.


So they have real hair, Jimmy? I've seen lots of these women, and their older daughters, and never understood what was under those wigs. Real hair???

Honestly, I'm from NYC and even worked at a job painting a Yeshiva but I always got the impression they were bald and it never made sense. They simply hide their real hair?


Steve Hayes says some good things about President Trump wrt North Korea.
President Trump in Rose Garden again stated the mess he inherited from Obama.
But he said"We will fix it"
I can't tell you how impressed I am with Rex Tillerson at State and Heather Nauert
As spokeswoman.
After the Hildebeast and the Fop he is a person you can have confidence in.


TK-ha! just "some easygoing ethnic humor," as Tom Wolfe has put it..I laughed, anyhow...


Ext, I believe they have real hair under the wigs. Sometimes they wear headscarves instead of wigs to cover their hair, which is obviously there under the scarves. There might be some real extreme sects where the women shave their heads or keep it real short, but that's not the norm.

common man

Insty says Marsha Blackburn too. Or Peyton he also says.

Now we are talking!

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