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September 21, 2017


Captain Hate

Who is dumber on Twitter: Mata Hari with sagging knockers or Kevin Durant?


"Flame out" ?!?

matt, deplore me if you must

She needs to get together with all the Euronazis and the British upper class for a nice hate session.

To think that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria Libya and Yemen are driven by Israel is as absurd as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Funny that it is the Democrats who are so anti-Semitic. Or not. It does, though, go back to Roosevelt turning away the MS St. Louis.


Newsflash: Valerie Plame is an idiot. Now let me rant a bit.

* * *

Somethings up beside OL's Ledge.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | September 21, 2017 at 02:12 PM

Exactly right, JiB!

* * *

(re Gurule) Oh, okay narciso. Thanks.

* * *

OL, do you expect me to believe you have *no* experience whatsoever with legal process? That you are deaf, dumb and blind to the requirements of building a complex case? Because you sure as hell write like that but I know damn well you know better.

* * *

As for you, daddy. Stay apples-to-apples. The stated impatience (OL's protests notwithstanding) clearly mirrors Obama's impatience and it was *that* impatience which helped walk them down a road of what certainly looks like the greatest commission of crimes by any American administration in history.

Plus, it appears they've been caught red-handed, and if they are desperately using prosecutorial tactics ordinarily reserved for mob bosses -- shouldn't that tell you all you need to know?

I told a friend the other day, and I think it's relevant given the continued daydreaming about removing Trump and installing Hillary, Trump's pardon of Arpaio wasn't so much about that Sheriff.

No! It was a signal to Flynn (and perhaps Manafort, et al.) -- one way or the other, ain't a damn thing resulting from this bullshit investigation. They created an obvious sham with Arpaio just to criminally prosecute him, and the nation knows this is a damn sham, too.

Plenary power is plenary power and it gives me great comfort. And patience.

* * *

And Frank, I see it's time we have another dinner my friend. #PlenaryPower -- that, my friends, is why they tripped out so much about Arpaio. They know what it ultimately means, and they know Trump will not be shy about its use, if necessary.

If Mueller isn't working on the down low to clean up FBI excesses and figure out how to present a report to the nation that aids the continued use of these extraordinary snooping tools, he's useless and powerless and these special freaking counsels are irrelevant.

I think y'all also need to realize that (worst-case scenario) if Mueller isn't careful, he and his entire team might just catch a case. Think about that.

The racketeering/ mob boss scenario could very easily be applied to them.

Ralph L

Who is AF?


These leftist heroes are not very smart.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ralph l.,

It stands for "as f*ck." but Ms. Plame, being a classy lady, only uses the initials.

Miss Marple would, of course, say "as all get out," but then I am a hick Midwesterner and not a sophisticated doyenne of the Beltway.


Love your analysis.
It is spot on!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fox has been hitting the Samantha Power unmasking story pretty hard. The number is large enough to make a lot of people suspicious.


so, bigger drip tomorrow?


Thank you, MaryRose.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's a serious idea for your consideration:

I think it is foolish to think all of this DC stuff is operating in a closed system. We know full well that every major nation has intelligence on the US, just as we do on them.

I think it not unreasonable to think Mossad and the intelligence agencies of India, Japan, South Korea, and Egypt don't have information on evil-doers in DC and would consider it their duty to infoorm the President in order to preserve a stable government in the US.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

You think Bibi is going to stand by while the likes of Plame take over? I don't think so.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You know I am pretty much on board, although I wavered briefly.

I think I will go see what news broke while I was taking a nap.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is the part of the sanction statement on North Korea that I didn't hear this morning:

It comes pretty close to a blockade.

Captain Hate

Tammy was slapping Val and her fat fuck oaf of a husband around, claiming that in their circle of quislings joooo hatred is so much the coin of the realm that she thought tweeting that garbage was no big deal.


Lets recall that Joe Wilson was in partnership with the slippery alamoudi characters whose mouthpiece was the equally oily Charles freeman,
They saw little issue with the wahhabis of the kingdom, and were more concerned about a shia state smack dab in their territory.

Now neocons took their experience with the east bloc and Israel and applied it perhaps indiscriminately to the question of regimes like the tikrit mob and their analog out of quatdiha, which had fronted for Carlos Abe nidal even that Armenian outfit that mantes Bradley pointed out.

Dave (in MA)

This looks like a huge scandal: DeVos is flying around in her own jet to do her Ed. Dept. business and not charging the taxpayers. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TRYING TO PULL !?!?!


Maybe cthluthu worshipers should be excluded as well:


from our Chitown Friend:

Tell Ext of /pol/'s impending release of Antefa's funding source. (Sat)


From a previous thread:


Tell Ext of /pol/'s impending release of Antefa's funding source. (Sat)


Miss Marple the Deplorable


There is some good news! Should we have a pool on names?


Sure Miss M... but Lyle is correct on the Hilligula PAC tease.

Old Lurker

I read that Hillary moved a bunch from her campaign pac to fund Antifa.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I hope so!


How about some humor? I was off the board for most of the last few days so if this has been posted, please scroll on by.

I don't do Facebook but I am told this was posted there via Coop LoPresto; the topic is President Trump's United Nations speech and, yes, it uses the language of military service memebers everywhere:

"Allow me to summarize each paragraph of Trump's UN speech:

1. Welcome, thanks for being here.

2. Thanks for offering help with hurricanes, but we don't need any.

3. I'm the best President

4. America FUCKING ROCKS!!

5. It's the current year!

6. I know some of you bitch-ass bitches in here support terrorism. I got my eye on you motherfuckers.

7. Fuck you, China.

8. Fuck you, too, Mexico and South America.

9. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

10. We could make the world great again. Just sayin'.

11. Hey, remember when the UN was supposed to do things that mattered? Good times.

12. LOL, y'all got wrecked by WWII and America is the only reason you recovered.

13. The strength of the pack is the wolf.

14. I'm tired of footing the bill for this organization and NATO.

15. Seriously, how hard is it to not fuck over your own people or fuck with other countries?

16. The EU is fucking stupid.

17. Be more like America, EU.

18. America FUCKING ROCKS!!

19. America invented freedom and don't you forget it.

20. We have the best Constitution.

21. Power to the people.

22. America First! (TM)

23. America First! (TM) and you should do [your country] first.

24. Seriously, the EU is fucking stupid.

25. Get on my level.

26. Y'all need to start contributing, you fucking freeloaders.

27. Sort yourselves out.

28. America fights your battles for you.

29. America didn't go around colonizing places after WWII.

30. We're gonna do what's best for us.

31. Reagan Mode: Engaged!

32. Fuck you, Russia, China, and North Korea.

33. Fuck you, the Middle East

34. "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

35. Fuck you, North Korea.

36. Seriously, North Korea, you suck. The fuck is wrong with you?

37. These motherfuckers want to nuke us.

38. And China's helping them. Fuck you, China.

39. Try something, you little bitch. Rocket man. I will fuck you up!

40. I'd like to thank China and Russia for playing ball with us against North Korea.

41. What the fuck have the rest of you done? Well, it ain't enough.

42. I see you over there, Iran! You're next, motherfucker!

43. Fuck you, Iran!

44. Act like I don't know you're sponsoring terrorism, Iran!

45. Obama was fucking stupid. The Iran Deal is bullshit.

46. I'm coming for that ass, Iran.

47. You're a BITCH, Iran!

48. There's a reckoning coming, Iran. You little bitch!

49. You're the one bitch who still thinks terrorism is cool, Iran!

50. I'm more popular in the Middle East than you are, Iran!

51. We fight radical Islamic terror, not sponsor it, you bitch!

52. You're a terrorist-sponsoring bitch, Iran!

53. Terrorists are losers.

54. I'm better at this War-On-Terror thing than Obama was.

55. Like, WAAAAY better. I've got Jim Mattis. We get shit done.

56. Weapons of Mass Destruction 2: Electric Boogaloo

57. I think I watched "The White Helmets" on Netflix once. That was cool, I guess.

58. How 'bout them refugees, right? Let's fix this problem.

59. Nobody wants refugees in their country. Fix their homes so we can send them back.

60. It's one of the many reasons why I have a wall to build.

61. Mexico's trying to send us all the people it doesn't want.

62. But, I mean, c'mon. We don't want them either.

63. Nice try, UN, but America's still the #1 Humanitarian contributor.

64. America's the only reason y'all are living in the 21st Century

65. Seriously, UN. Get on our level.

66. Why the fuck are Muslim theocracies on your Human Rights Council?

67. I'm tired of footing the bill for this organization, you freeloaders.

68. The rest of you ain't doing shit to fix anything.

69. This is all a waste of American money, and you fuckers know it.

70. Fuck you, Cuba.

71. Fuck you, too, Venezuela.

72. Socialism's the Goddamn worst.

73. Just ask the Venezuelan people.

74. We all agree the Venezuelan government sucks.

75. I've called them out on this. Pray they don't piss me off.

76. The rest of you South American countries get it, don't you?

77. The UN's gotta do more to free Venezuela from Socialism.

78. Like seriously, Socialism sucks SO BAD. Every. Single. Time.

79. De Oppresso Liber

80. We're all for free trade, but...

81. NAFTA's a fucking joke.

82. I'ma get what's mine

83. Get on America's level, rest of the world.

84. WWII was about patriotism.

85. But let's just focus on the Allies' patriotism. It's less awkward, that way.

86. Globalism sucks.

87. Sort yourselves out, rest of the world.

88. Just say "no" to Globalism, kids.

89. America hated Britain before they rebelled against it.

90. ~America! Fuck yeah!~

91. America FUCKING ROCKS!!

92. Make your countries great again!

93. Quit fiddling with this globalist bullshit.

94. If you embrace patriotism, you too, can be somewhere near America's level.

95. What took you guys so long to realize that?

96. We'll all be better off for it.

97. Alright, I'm gettin' the light. Good night, everybody, You've been wonderful. Give yourselves a round of applause!"

* * *

Yep, yep; I laughed my ass off when I first read it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Maybe Trump went along with the no-knock raid of Manafort and instructed Sessions to have his goon squad eliminate any and all evidence that Trump did indeed work with the Russians to win the election.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You do realize I read that hearing Trump's voice in my head. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Samantha Power‏ @SamanthaJPower

Just a taste of the perfectly timed, beautifully written @CassSunstein Impeachment book out in 2 weeks. Must read:

They really think we are stupid. Either that they are in a lefty bubble with a shield as impenetrable as Gardol.

There is a link to the excerpt in the New Yorker, but I am not going to the trouble to mess with it.


Good afternoon! Hubby was reading over my shoulder and saw Ext's comment about Hillary funding Antifa. He said, "what a bleeping bitch." HA.


Yes, he did.


Miss M. Ostrich mode. Heads buried so they can't see their doom has arrived.

Or more likely, they know they will get away with it all like they always have.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

"Don't believe that story about me unmasking 260 Americans! It's Fake News!"

(By the way, I love that she has to use the term that President trump created.)


Phil giradi wrote that odious piece alleging g Jews had something to do with 9/11, odd its left out of his wiki.


"Don't believe that story about me unmasking 260 Americans! It's Fake News!" It was 2600, you got the decimal place wrong... cackle cackle. /clinton parsing

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is quite some executive order, to my reading.

Buford Gooch

RG, I always look forward to your input here. I very seldom disagree with you.


Sorry ... was still hanging on the other thread.

Yeah, RG .... gotta get together soon.


Catching up, and reflecting on morning conversation about grabbing the low levels by the balls and squeezing them til they squeal--well, not in those words, but that's what has to happen, no?

Huma seems to me to be the one to go for. Once Weiner gets sentenced, her son is going to be parentless if she follows his daddy to prison. If I were her, I would not want my child to have to lose both parents.

I'd squeal.

Jack is Back!


Left you a comment about "Out of Ashes" on prior thread. Professor Esolen is a very accomplished Catholic philosopher and writer. Probably worth a read.

I noted on the other thread that Plame's long history of anti-semiticism is shared by most so-called White Suprematists and neo-Nazis but Antifa and the left want to call Trump a white suprematist apologist but he damn close to be a Zionist. What a paradox. MSNBC and CNN are going to all over this aren't they?

Captain Hate

Has file clerk Plame uttered a peep of protest over the real Intel assets the last administration burned?

Manuel Transmission

Hey Buford, we are trying to track you down for a JOM gathering in Berzerkley on 10/1. If you have any good JOM addys, please let us know. I sent one to your gmail acct, but it bounced.

Jack is Back!

I know back in the early 2000's the largest investor in North Korea was South Korea followed by China. But lots of European countries and their international companies like Siemens were doing business there.

That EO of Trumps has put them on notice and I wonder if South Korea falls under that EO, as well as China?


I like how you think.
Will continue to watch the Vietnam story on PBS.
I just ignore some of the liberal slant in favor of actual footage.


I loved the old thread from 2005 or 2006 I believe.
It was interesting to see who was posting at that time.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Anchored by Shannon Bream. Starts October 30.

One less hour of reruns!

Dave (in MA)
Liz Cheney‏Verified account @Liz_Cheney Liz Cheney Retweeted Valerie Plame Wilson

This whole episode explains so much, doesn't it.

Valerie Plame WilsonVerified account @ValeriePlame
OK folks, look, I messed up. I skimmed this piece, zeroed in on the neocon criticism, and shared it without seeing and considering the rest.

Dave (in MA)

->click to see the whole thing if it's cut off<-

Frau  Kopftuch

Did you ever doubt that she and (hubby)Ambassador Munchausen were Arab sympathizers? Seriously?It was surely his bread and butter.

Clarice, you forgot to round out the ménage à trois and add Mark Gross who while in Turkey's consulate was the matchmaker for the left's two most useful idiots. (Joe dumped his first wife for Plame.) Yes, that Mark Gross who was Joe's buddy at UCSB and then an assistant of Colin Powell's in Dubya's WH. It's almost a Hallmark Movie script.
Oh, wait...

Jack is Back!

Mike Allen over at that den of vipers aka Axios is saying Mueller has Sean Spicer's notebooks in his sight. Seems Spicer is a prolific note taker, some speculating a "tell all" book in the future.

I mean I keep creeping closer and closer to OL's ledge and away from RG and MM's rosy cheese and wine party.

daddy on iPad

He (Tom Price) chartered private jets for HHS-related travel five times in the last week alone, likely at an average cost of at least $12,000 per flight, when he could have easily flown commercial for some or all of them

For perspective, even at 60K it is still less than Chelsea Clinton got for a 10 minute speech to college students about the importance of diaper changing in sub-Saharan Africa.


Aaron Hernanadez had severe CTE at 27:

Frau  Kopftuch

First we had Hillary! obtaining 900+ raw FBI files on US citizens. Now we have the 'unmasking' of US citizens and revealing of the information to curious government employees and others.

What's next or is it already here with different means?

Frau  Fussball

anonamom - Rush Limbaugh will not report that news. He does relish any attacks on the effects of soccer. I give him his hot button issue. I have mine, but they do not relate to health issues. AFAIK

Jack is Back!

In case you may be interested: 19 Baffling Things You Didn't Know about North Korea.

Its just like Colorado. Pot is legal.

Also has the largest stadium in the world seating 150K.

The type of haircut you have is mandated.

And much more.

Jack is Back!


Rush has been predicting for years that CTE will be the death knell of the NFL. He has reported on it a lot.

Frau  Fussball

"Also (Rocket Man) has the largest stadium in the world seating 150K."

I just read about some of the mind-blowing executions held in it, too, with mandated attendance.

Old Lurker

The problem if JOM becomes only a place to come to hear happy news, we might find ourselves convincing each other that Libby will be found innocent, or Romney and McCain can be elected, or that Sarah will be welcomed by the GOPe, or that Obama cannot possibly get elected, or that Congress can never accept what Obama is doing to their rights, or that having the Power of the Purse is the ultimate power, or that SCOTUS can't possibly keep McCain Feingold, or that surely SCOTUS will kill O'care, or that...

I came for all of those things and was truly happy for the hope and then I decided we are better off having a Ledge handy.

My two cents.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe they can have an exhibition game in Pyongyang.


JOM needs to be fair and balanced, now that Fox isn't.

Frau  Fussball

When I've heard him speak about the brain injuries, he was dismissive and brought up the head injuries with soccer. He may predict the death knell of the NFL, but that does not mean he accepts the medical reality. Aside from head injuries, the injuries, in general, have increased with the improved protection. Just my take. Not worth much.
I always wonder about Ozzie football and the injury rates where the protection is minimal.

I hope the player in the middle is wearing a cup.

Captain Hate

Unbelievably as of earlier today the Indians were one game behind the Dodgers. A month ago I would've called catching the Astros unpossible. Definitely one for the record books no matter what ultimately happens.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Why do you think we only want happy news? I have posted plenty of bad stuff.

Since neither of us KNOWS what's going on at Justice, I prefer not to wring my hands over possible future troubles. You prefer to do so.

Not arguing! Post your gloom here all you want!

On the other hand, few people believed me when I said Trump would win....

Frau  Fussball

OL - without you, JOM would not have a Living Ledge.


Few believed me in 2012 when I said a Birther would win.

Old Lurker

"Not arguing! Post your gloom here all you want!"

Whew. Glad I have your permission. (he says mockingly).

Tom R

Thomas Wictor retweeted this guy. It's a well thought out speculation about what is going on with Mueller.

Frau  Kopping

A Birther won????? I'm confused.

Most definitions of birther follow this:

Birther: A believer in one or more conspiracy theories, holding that President Barack Obama is not a "natural born" citizen of the United States, and therefore ineligible for the presidency.

daddy on iPad

Liz Cheney‏Verified account @Liz_Cheney Liz Cheney Retweeted Valerie Plame Wilson
This whole episode explains so much, doesn't it.

A decent time to pardon Scooter Libby?


All that you stated is true but look at all the fun we have had along the way.We remain friendly and learn so much about a plethora of different things.
JOM is so much more than the political.
When things didn't turn out the way we wanted them to, we had each other for support and guidance on the way forward.
The prayers for each other alone have been worth the journey.


Not sure I get your angle, Frau.

Are non-birthers giving you a definition to run with?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


See, now why are you trying to pick a fight? All I meant was that I had no objection and you are making it like I was being condescending.

It seems to me that when you post a long paragraph about the value of your pessimistic posts and why optimism hasn't worked for you and how we can be lured into being too happy about things, ending it with "My two cents" then it seemed to me that you wanted someone to argue about why you are wrong.

So I said I wouldn't argue and you could post whatever you want (inferred was as far as I am concerned). That is not "giving permission" and I certainly didn't intend to be condescending.

She said not mockingly.

Frau  Kopping

I'm honestly trying to figure out--for clarity's sake--if you mean that *Obama* is a birther. I always thought you called yourself a birther.

I showed you "my" definition. Show me "yours," please. ;->

Clarice Feldman

check out Iowahawk, too:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tom R.,

Boy, that was a very good thread.

And that guy noticed the meeting Mueller had with Trump the day BEFORE he was appointed special counsel. I am so glad others have noticed it.

My sister said the same thing about President Trump. He KNOWS things, way more than people realize.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Charlie Kirk‏Verified account @charliekirk11 24m24 minutes ago

Still waiting for the Clinton Foundation to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma


Has Hillary even MENTIONED the hurricanes?

Frau  Kopping

Plame has toilet paper hanging out of her panties and dog poop on her shoe. Ouch!

Old Lurker

Sorry, MM, I was not intending to pick a fight. I was more flip than usual since you said last night I was mocking people here who disagreed with me, and that stung. I was also reacting to the suggestion by RG that I know little or nothing about complicated legal matters, and looking at my decades paying lawyers, that stung. Both the "you mock" claim, and the "you know nuthin claim" are debate tricks that don't work with me. All I have ever hoped to get is fact based logic supporting your position, especially on Sessions, and RG's too. The argument that neither of us is inside the DoJ, therefore both our positions are equally valid is not logical to me. It is truw that neither of us knows what is happening inside, I do know what I am not seeing that I would have expected to see by now.


I'm trying to catch up, but saw this tidbit. Kim Jong Un has issued a response to the President's UN speech.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Pax. I am sorry I said that (and in fact didn't even remember doing so). Let's start over.

I understand your cynicism. I just happen to think Trump is smarter than people think, and isn't going to be trapped or boxed in my Mueller or anyone else.

I could be wrong. So far, I have not been. Everyone thought he couldn't do diplomacy, and look at what all he's gotten done at the UN this week.

By the way, there are meetings at Trump Tower tonight but so far no news with who.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

It's more "Leftware Ho" in CA

The latest legislative session offers deep insight into the liberal hothouse that operates underneath Sacramento’s Capitol dome. Most of its efforts operate from these fundamental perspectives: Taxes are the solution to every problem. Private businesses are exploitative and need to be controlled and punished. Hot-button social issues are far more important than basic fiscal or infrastructure matters. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the state.
Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 9m9 minutes ago

Senator Luther Strange has gone up a lot in the polls since I endorsed him a month ago. Now a close runoff. He will be great in D.C.


Ahhh.... In 2012 I said that a Birther would win. Romney cracked a Birther joke and the Michigan Make-American-Presidents-American-Again crowd went wild. I immediately noted that Mitt had a shot at winning.

Within 48hrs, Mitt, under pressure from Ben Rhodes, caved in and begged forgiveness for his joke. I immediately declared that Romney had no chance of winning.

Mitt was not a Birther at that point so we had to wait until 2016 for my hypothesis to be proven true.

Since no Birther was on the ballot in 2012 my claim has no relation to Obama winning.

But now? Different story.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 7m7 minutes ago

A big day for the U.S. at the United Nations!


Yes, it was! USA! USA!


Ben Labolt, not Ben Rhodes.


Charles Payne on his Show just asked his 2 legal panelists "Who in the The Trump Administration should be spearheading looking into this Obama Administration un-masking?"

Reply: Department of Justice.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have always said that whether it can ever be proven where Obama was born, or not, the really important thing is that he is a creature of the Third World, having grown up in Indonesia and hung around with Muslims, communists, and weirdos.

He never mowed grass, changed a tire, belonged to a bowling league, showed livestock at the fair, unstopped a toilet, belonged to the Boy Scouts, or anything an American growing up here did in the course of his childhood and young adult years.

He is totally alienated to the American way of life, and should never have been allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.


Larry Elder is having a field day with Lawrence O'Donnell's meltdown.


You may have to google it.

Clarice Feldman



I think defilement of The Constitution is worse, but I don't disagree with you otherwise, MM.



ODonnell's meltdown was featured on Drudge.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

By the way, I think Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross are living the dream.

They have plenty of money. All of a sudden, they are on the world stage, and instead of dealing with hedge funds, stocks, and bonds, they are saving the world from nutcase dictators and saving the country's industrial base.

I got to thinking about this today while watching Mnuchin's press conference. I bet a lot of his classmates are thinking "What the heck? THAT nerd?"


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I agree. I was just looking at stuff that average people should have been noticing, but due to the media and the race card being played,people were dissuaded from paying attention.


I have pretty much always thought Obama was born in Hawaii. His freaking father didn't care enough about his mother to take her to Kenya. I think Obama didn't want to turn over his BC because he lied on his college entrance. See Janet's posts ref his biography. He wanted to be an exotic animal from a faraway country. Otherwise he's just another black kid on campus. Someday we'll see his application to Columbia. Bet it shows he was born in Kenya.


Dems won't be happy with Time magazine!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"Can anything save them?"

Not until they disavow the far left, Hillary, Obama, and the nut cases like Maxine Waters.

They are circling the drain.


Totally agree.
His transcripts will show his test scores as well and I KNOW they are probably average to low.
Anyone getting into Columbia even as a transfer student from Occidental would have to be an excellent student with high test scores.
He had neither and I would love to see the LSAT scores.
He also probably applied as a student with a foreign background for scholarship money.


check out Iowahawk, too:

Posted by: Clarice Feldman


Are you going to knit a Plame approved Yellow Star on each of your top garments or were you thinking of using a velcro Yellow Star? I wear a clip on tie so I would have no problem with you doing a velcro version. Please pass my input on to Val Plame if you bump into her.

I would love to see our President call out Ms Plame by publicly asking her what Yellow Star variety she thinks his son in Law and Daughter ought to wear, or instead maybe Trump could wear a Yellow Star himself emblazoned with the message "F*** You Valery Plame." Might go a way toward demolishing the media's Trump is a NAZI meme.

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