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October 28, 2017



I saw where the NFL has lost 37% of Republicans and 7% of Democrats. I’m going with Donald Trump won this one.




Missed it by 'that much'


Seasonal warning


Meh. I instead will suffer as the mediocre Bulldogs attempt the beautiful game in NYC. This is why I have beer.


Last week someone on the NextDoor app was trying to flog 9er tix. Even the season ticket holders are bailing. Tho ... with SF team it might be their dismal record so far.


Frau - re your post on the last thread on Prager v Google.
Surely Google's reticence is because the legal arguments proffered to defend it (that it is fully entitled to censor conservatives) are politically damaging, no?

Account Deleted

From prev thread...

Michael- Thank you very much for your kind words. We are ecstatic over our new venture(s) and the progress being made.



Did hell freeze over??? WaPO lists BILL CLINTON as a sexual assaulter in this article about Geo HW's butt patting!!
If that doesn't let HRC know it's time for her to pull her fat fanny off hte stage and head to the woods with a box of chardonnay, I don't know what will.
Comments are pretty good. Far more reasonable people read that paper than NYT.





sorry, my bad


..and don't know how to fix it!


How Dems put otherwise safe local offices in play.

"Berky, D-Kingston, said in a written statement that seeing the dash cam video - in which she is shown venting at the officer, begging not to be ticketed, citing her position as a county lawmaker, and naming elected officials she says she's contacting - was a humbling experience."

Naturally: "She also said she is staying in the race to keep her Legislature seat."

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

another JOM html trick of the trade ;)


fixed now?




Tho ... with SF team it might be their dismal record so far.

Certainly the case with Cleveland.


JimNorCal, how insensitive of you, her name is SCHWARTZ-BERKY and she's a PUBLIC SERVANT who is TOTALLY BROKE.

Effing Libtard, and a PRIUS.


Could be a loose string or refactored this statement, I sympathize when you can't grok me.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My main use for the NFL was as background noise when taking a nap Sunday afternoon.

Since Peyton Manning retired and we got Andrew Noluck, who has been out all season with an injury, the Colts are doing terribly and I find I don't care. At all.

In college ball, I went to the Indianapolis branch of IU which of course had no football team. (The satellite campuses act as their own mini-universities so you aren't very connected to the main campus.) Big Ten football is usually average to mediocre, so I never got interested in college ball, either.

Look how many words I wrote to say "don't care." Maybe I could write for ESPN! :-)

Account Deleted

CNN stands alone.



rich, what did you do? I did the turn off thing and it didn't work

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James Rosen‏Verified account @JamesRosenTV

Attorney for @PaulManafort tells me neither he nor his colleagues have received any word of their client being indicted. cc @realDonaldTrump
7:10 PM - 27 Oct 2017


Big Ten football is usually average to mediocre in Indiana, so I never got interested in college ball, either.



This is why its called the dog trainer:


They are ignorant in two languages.


anonamon @ 1:30...the Maine media is covering GHWB's butt pinching because they live here all summer and several Maine women have come forward. One of his accusers thought she'd let it go,because maybe he has become a dirty old man,but she decided to say something because she wanted to show her daughter that it doesn't matter the degree of assault,women can't be silent. I agree,because in GHWB's case,he was a butt pincher before he was in a wheelchair. He probably shouldn't be doing photo ops with women standing next to him.


rich? rich!!

Account Deleted

Buckeye----> South Bend seceded from Indiana the year Parseghian whipped Darrell Royal and his wishbone offense in the Cotton Bowl.

During that era Indiana University was producing phootball phenoms like Harry Gonso.

Account Deleted

More from the Religion of Peace:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Assault on America!



Mueller raided Manafort's house in an early morning armed house invasion. I wouldn't take much comfort in the fact that he hasn't been told he will be indicted.


During that era Indiana University was producing phootball phenoms like Harry Gonso.

True KK, but Gonso was a phenom when he was playing high school football in Findlay, Ohio, we shouldn't have let him leave:)

Besides, that was 50 years ago.

Account Deleted

What did Mueller anticipate coming from Manafort prior to the armed home invasion by federal Praetorians?

Do you think Mueller would have fired on Manafort had Manafort drawn a weapon against the invaders?

Did anyone in the Lyin' Swine Media ask about Manafort's rights as they covered the aftermath of the melee? You know, was there a search warrant? Did we get to see copies of one if in fact there was one? Or are we to assume the all-powerful "Special Counsel" always dots his t's and crosses his eyes?

Imagine if the Bureau practiced the same kind of incursions against Muslim armories in Northern Virginia (mosques)--- the outrage and outcry by the defenders of the Religion of Peace, and the Religion of Peace's imams and "scholars."

Weird chit.


That Alexandria church thing is absolutely insane, as is the stuff about 41.
For God's sake--if the women in medicine--aids, nurses, therapists and docs alike-- were such snowflakes, nobody at the VA would ever get any care.

Man up girls! Learn to laugh and deflect.

More of this bubble wrapped existence these kids lead, coupled with the totally humorless Left.


Heck the justice department didnt even tell James rosen he was under surveillance.


KK, I read they took files clearly marked "attorney/client privilege."

I don't care what he did---parked on the wrong side of the street; exceeded the speed limit, used 100 watt light bulbs, patted some woman's fanny, conspired w Russians---if he is charged,POTUS needs to give him clemency before he spends one cent more cent on lawyers.

Account Deleted

David Gergen is in suspense over whether or not Mueller has turned up evidence of collusion and money laundering against the Trump administration.

Why don't these media pimps just start wearing uniforms and drop the pretense that they represent a private media organization?

Gergen's career will plummet in flames once Mueller concludes his "Capone's Garage Part Deux" production.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


LOL! When your team ALWAYS gets beaten like a mule, you sort of block out paying attention to the entire conference.

I don't live in Ohio!


Audio sominex do not operate heavy machinery when talking to him.

Account Deleted

Hear! Hear! anonamom!

These Americans who are scouring the countryside of any "symbols" are not a very informed bunch.

They remind me of Chairman Mao and what he did in China during the "cultural revolution." Erase the past by removing the physical reminders.

If they could, would these self-appointed enforcers kill those who would disagree with them?


To be fair, his on CNN, onleadly headline news (I'm talking to you, se cupp), would be a greater exile.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

What exactly is the thrill from pinching a person's butt? There is a 90 year old woman here who tries to grab my toes if I swim by her. I guess I should report her.


Its a nothingburger with gornisch sauce, Jane,


Well, if you've married to Barbara Bush as long as Herbert Walker has, just about anything could be considered thrilling.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Frau Zum Kotzen had a post that Google is argueing that they are permitted to treat conservatives like dirt.
IMO, Google needs to shut down, in order to help them do it I want to not use them.

I really like the HUSH feature one JOM. Does any other browser have it?


I want to come clean with everyone. I was not really offended by Yuli Gurriel's Asian eye gesture. I was just looking for another reason to hate the Astros.

Frau  Strom

exdem - Google's action is deemed necessary by the Left. The Resist-we-must crowd is applauding.

Loved this from Gorka:
"Gorka: If Uranium One deal happened in 1950s, those involved would get electric chair"

I recommend Florida's fabled "Ole Sparky" unless the exciting kinks have been repaired. Otherwise, Sing Sing has historic merit for the occasion.


The truth is however, there were shipments of heavy water and uranium to russia, authorized by harry Hopkins in the 40s.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

I see posts all over about the elder Bush but hardly any about Biden. Yet Biden's seem to be right in plain view. Does that make them OK?


Clarice Feldman


CNN butt buddies wirh Fusion-GPS


what did you do?

Posted by: anonamom | October 28, 2017 at 01:57 PM

...looking nervously with cookie crumbs and chocolate on my face...


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have been wondering where Rudy was. He resurfaced last night on Judge Jeanine's Show:



I better tone down my football hubris....what is it they say about pride before the fall?!?!


Gergen? I guess rolling out zombies for Halloween is in style.


Frau - Google really doesn't want the USG to take another look at 230 and its vague language


Ha,hubby got a hair cut yesterday and he told me a 90ish year old woman stood by his chair and was flirting with him!

Account Deleted

OFF TOPIC: Kevlar Kid Health Update:: Scroll on By

Met with the neurosurgeon who performed the spinal operation to rid me of a strep infection to the fourth thoracic vertebrae on August 2 of this year.

Good news all the way around. Images showed that the nexus point of the infection, the vertebrae itself, is completely cleared up.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most severe, the debriding that occurred to remove abscess that had soaked into bone was a 6. Although he didn't give me a tolerance number as to how much bone matter was removed, the surgeon said it was significant enough to consider follow-up surgery to reinforce the spine.

But there is significant progress showing regeneration of bone matter in those areas.

Surgeon said that had my musculature been light the amount of pain would have been far less than what I have been experiencing. They had to widen the initial incision in order to effectively move muscle out of the way to work on the affected areas 360 degrees around the vertebrae. There is rib attachment to this particular vertebrae.

I've been cleared without restrictions on all physical activities and exercise within reason for a man of my age. He said heavy lifting is still a no no until February's 6 month mark but that I could begin light weight training to begin regaining muscle mass.

I've lost 60 more pounds since July 29 and am just 25 pounds above my fighting weight of 155.

We're starting the oxycodone weaning on November 1. Shouldn't be too hard to get all off of it. Down to 40 mg daily now. Was near 200 mg at the height of the storm.

Surgeon was clear that they weren't sure about my ability to walk being affected after surgery. He'd advised us after surgery that i could lose it. And that the first 90 days after the operation was the critical window. They were confident after my 45 day consult that I was going to be okay. Now after 90 days they are sure that I'll be walking when I'm 110. ;)

All good. One thing I'm very thankful for besides all of the kind thoughts and prayers from this bunch here on JOM, is the recommendation to take it easy and to act my age during the recovery.

It was sound advice. My stubborn character pushed the envelope enough as it was. But to settle down and refocus my eyes on just exactly who I was seeing in the mirror was a good lesson. Not 18 anymore. Not a bad thing either. More consistency and care for doing the little things right and not leaving any loose ends.

This was a total ambush. Surgeon said it was real bad luck to have strep attack my spine. It's not a common occurrence among adults and when it does happen it usually doesn't require surgery. That in my case the infection incubated and concentrated itself for over a year and showed no symptoms--- he said it was downright spooky. They'd never seen anything like this.

On the other hand, my ayurvedic/Columbia MD doctor who reversed the diabetic complex 18 months ago theorized that I had a severe blockage of energy flow through my chakras. LOL How the hell do you like that?!?!?!

Eastern medicine meets Western medicine.

At any rate, looks like I am gonna be around a while.

The Chakra Kid


Here is an article with google's atlanta office training the state dept of ed employees and school district leaders. https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-10-19-at-google-s-atlanta-offices-georgia-educators-strive-to-design-a-culture-of-innovation

This is the same google that used its UK sub to publish a white paper that matches Marx's definition of communism as in the Human Devt Society to a T. Published about three years ago now IIRC.

Frau  Strom

K Kid - The Pink Pussy-hatters should be forced to see/hear the Finnish woman who fears an honor killing. What foolish useful idiots, especially those who paraded around as "Sluts for Obama."

We walk past a house with a Hillary(!) sign still up near the street. Sheesh! What will it take? Will there be riots if the truth ever comes out?


San Juan PR mayor falls for Onion story.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

"CNN butt buddies wirh Fusion-GPS"

And Mueller, given last night's leak.

Interesting triangle.


Jib, on that NPR retired CEO's book about The Deplorables:

Nice folks, wrongly perceived but not as worldly or intellectual as we are but they know how to shoot a gun, fix a flat tire and fly a flag.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

My dad made sure I knew how to change a tire before I got my driver's license--we changed two in our driveway---and I break my fellow citizens down as to the people who owned a flag before 9/11, and those who had to go buy one.
But I only first shot anything beyond a BB gun five years ago.

I can, thanks to the time my children spent being "educated," sling "intersectionality" and "false construct" with the best of them though.
(I suspect most using them don't really know how to use the terms either!)


Good tidings there Kev!

As of two months into the Plant Paradox diet, I am down 20 pounds to my college "fighting weight" at 170*. My osteoarthritis doesn't hurt constantly (I never took any meds for it). So light weight range of motion workouts can resume.

Seems diet does make a difference.

* no change in beer intake FTSAH.


Henry, you've made my day!!!

Cut the carbs people. You'll never regret it.


Amazing kk. And terrifying.

Our daughter has gotten strep 5 or 6 times in the last few years. It's normal- throat not spine. But not normal too-no fever, no redness. Symptom is a barking cough. I wonder if the "Bay Urea" has gradually developed a new strain of invisible strep.


That ten pounds a month is TYPICAL, btw.
If you've got it to lose. I don't know why, but doesn't happen to thinner people.

Just sayin'

Frau  Strom

Doug Schoen--Dem pollster trollster--was on TV last night recommending uranium deal investigations but would not include Curb Dive. He wanted the truth about Manafort and Flynn to come out! It must hurt to sit on top of a picket fence.

exdem - it reminds me that the FBI/CIA deliberately do not want to remember that the JFK files were ordered be *released in full* this year, IIRC. Law enforcement, my foot.


I recommend Florida's fabled "Ole Sparky" unless the exciting kinks have been repaired. Otherwise, Sing Sing has historic merit for the occasion.

Hey Frau, I responded in the previous thread before realizing the caravan had long since moved on:

Actually, the chair was moved from Sing Sing to Green Haven Prison at least 40 years ago. (I once worked there, tutoring murderers and other hardened criminals in statistics and probability.)

...in case you ever want to take a nice road trip to the scenic pastures of Dutchess County, NY.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a fun Twitter thread. Byron York quotes Politico on the reaction of the State Department employees in Kabul, who had gathered for a Clinton party. Bonus are replies from people who work at the Macedonian embassy or are military in Kabul.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I went over and took a look at the Plant Paradox list of foods, both yes and no. Here it is for anyone interested:


My daughter is dropping sugar from her diet, so has purchased non-sugar bread and is eating eggs only for breakfast. I am afraid if I tell her no beans or potatoes she will go into a decline.

I am interested in this diet, however, because I think it will help with my arthritis and dry skin. I am also interested in preventing diabetes, which seems to run in my family. The only drawback is that a lot of the approved groups seem to be more expensive.


At the tail end of a long thread ostensibly about last name's game, the veteran prosecutors clears up some of the category error in some of the media accounts. Too bad there isn't an organization whose job is to do just that.


After having read Plant Paradox, and modestly changing my food regimen, I have passed out three other copies to people who might use it:

A Nurse practitioner watching her food intake.
A very senior lady unable to leave her home because of gastric problems.
A ciliac patient with joint pain and weight gain.

Have pointed others to it.

All are very grateful for the pointer, as am I.


KK-I know you can get off the oxycodone at that level. I have told the story tht most pain meds don't work on me and docs will be telling me I must be lying except I'm not. I was on that same 200 mg dose with two of the 80s I think and then breakthrough pain. Doc had already written script for next month that I physically had when she decided maybe I was conning her to get pain meds.

I was so offended that I still had the pain and wasn't lying or abusing anything that I quit taking it cold turkey. Hubby is out of town on business. I didn't quite appreciate that the narcotic not helping with the pain was still going to make me sick to quit taking it cold turkey. By the time that physical withdrawal started I was so mad I told my then 8 year old son he and his sisters could watch as much tv as they wanted that day. That was unusual and told them I needed to be left alone.


I too have read the gundry book and am slowly modifying the diets for me, red, and hubby. It helps that I still have little appetite.

I left out the part where I found the old oxycodone script I had never filled even while I was so sick because it hurt my feelings that I both hurt and was not trusted. When I sold the Lexus 470 I drove for 17 years two years ago and cleaned it out, it was in the middle area between seats where I stored things.

I thought about keeping it as proof that I wasn't kidding. No one should be in a position where they will stop breathing if they get more pain meds or have a stroke if they don't just because this characteristic of about 8% of the population is not better known.

Captain Hate

Glad to see the Dorkeyes had two weeks to put their game faces on.


Miss M, for me it was grains (esp brown rice or pasta) with every meal, and lots of chips for snacks. I haven't had any beans or potatoes since I started the Plant Paradox thing, but I've had rice since. (Now my cupboard has no grain). As far as the expensive stuff, I can't get it here (except walnuts). I find my grocery basket is almost all fresh produce with a bit of chicken, and a steak once a month. There is another store nearby that has good fish per a friend, but I haven't tried it yet. I spend less on groceries now.


Good news kev.

Captain Hate

Yes, good health update,KK.

Jim Eagle


Now that Amazon has Whole Foods, it seems to me that the plant paradox shopping list is tailor made for them. In fact, I am a little suspicious that A/WF may have paid Grundy to write the book:)

Account Deleted

Ya, not too worried to come off the oxy at this level. I went 36 hours without any pain medication to get a bead on the pain level sans oxy. It's definitely less pain than during week 1 post op.

Last week's pain level was a 5. Enough pain to make it more than a little difficult to carry on a conversation with other human beings. 40-50mg makes it possible to sleep through the night (critical to recovery) and to be able to work.

Withdrawal symptoms by the 36th hour felt like a really bad flu.

So coming off by the end of next month will be determined by pain level.

If i get down to level 3 pain (which is what the pain level was on 70 mg of oxy) i'll just go off 100% and take meng da herbs to eliminate the flu symptoms of withdrawal.

I'll supplement the weaning effort with green juice fasts every other day this month.

Good support for the body and lessens withdrawal symptoms. Micronutrients and chloryphyll work their magic.

It was how I came off six years of vicodin for diabetic nerve pain in the feet and hands during the recovery program in Arizona.. cold turkey in six days.... and no symptoms... the pain was a bitch but the 18 months of raw vegan diet has all but quelled the nerve pain.

Weird thing about the spinal surgery, a gift you might say.... the numbness in my feet is G-O-N gon gon gon after 15 years.... it was gone when I woke up from surgery.


Circuits are being restored, people. Praise God, surgery and magnesium supplementation.

For all you Plant Paradox peeps--- remember to supplement because NONE of those good foods have any magnesium in them--- it's depleted from the soil.

And if one is fond of adult beverages don't forget to supp the vitamin B and D3. Makes an incredible difference in energy level for a non-drinker. For imbibers it makes even more of a difference.

The troops are gettin healthy. I love it!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the kind words and good wishes, y'all.


JiB, I noticed the coastal lunacy right away. I also notice that most common local produce / garden vegetables are excluded (tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes, beans). Fortunately the local grocer does have a range of fresh produce of the crunchy green variety.


>>>I wonder if the "Bay Urea" has gradually developed a new strain of invisible strep.

Posted by: JimNorCal | October 28, 2017 at 03:12 PM<<<

More likely one imported from Central America and Mexico.

Jim Eagle


You couldn't fill that shopping list even in San Francisco. Wonder where he thinks everyone can find that stuff? I know in Easthampton there is a small dairy that sells pasturized eggs but I don't know any major or boutique grocers that sell them.

The only attraction to Grundy's diet is a glass of champagne and a glass of red wine. Beats the South Beach by a mile:)


welp ... the Dawgs up 21-0 against the Gators.

A good time to break into the strategic beer reserve.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My problem with the diet as shown is that I cannot get good fish here (we are far from lakes and seacoast) and I really don't like fish, anyway, unless it's breaded and deep fat fried.

Chicken I eat for medicinal purposes, as I raised them when I was a kid and my dad would decide he wanted chicken so he would just go step on one's head, pull the head off, and after it quit flopping around, would pluck it, clean it, and cook it. It's sort of hard to get that memory out of my head, which is why my preferred chicken is Chi-fil-A where it is an anonymous piece breaded and (again) deep fried.

I suppose what I will do first is drop most of the grain products and sugars. I don't think I can do this cold turkey.

Jim Eagle


McElwain is out. Heard it hear first. His whining without notifying the UF Admin was a nail too far.

You get death threats and don't tell your AD or campus security? Dog ate his homework kind of juvinile excuse for being a terrible recruiter and coach.

Gators have a problem getting first line coaching since Urban left and even before him after Spurrier. Hard to blame Scott Stricklin since everything now is before his tenure.

With the Gators alumni and donor base, they won't put up with this for long.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I ran out to the liquor store around the corner to get a bottle of wine. I had to wait in line. Customers ahead of me:

Fat guy with shaved bald head and a gand tattoo on his temple.

Skinny old guy who bought a pint of Jim Beam.

Slender dark-skinned guy in leather jacket, who when asked for his ID, pulled out a Honduran passport.

This is an area that went pro-Trump, heavily. Very working class area. It made me laugh because in my old neighborhood the clientele and the atmospherics of the liquor store were quite different.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

GANG tattoo!

Frau  Strom

extraneus sez: "I once worked there, tutoring murderers and other hardened criminals in statistics and probability."

Better late than never, although I doubt the Clintons will sign up for the remedial course while in the clink.

Jim Eagle


That bald guy was the NPR CEO.

Account Deleted

If your interested in reading a primary source for nutrition with plenty of scientific debunking of "diet" prescriptions, try "Conscious Eating" by Gabriel Cousens. Dense but well-illustrated and scientifically presented.

As for the expense of eating differently I found several things can offset the cost.

1. Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan.

2. Fast periodically. Eat LESS.

3. Support #2

Stop eating at 5pm every day and drink revitalizing liquids for the remainder of the day (water, herbal teas without honey).

Resume food intake at 9am. Limit food consumption to 8 hour window. My food window is 9 to 2pm.

Less time daily digesting food (especially at night and early morning from the "late dinner") lets the liver catch a break--- and one's energy level will gradually escalate.

More energy with less eating---- it does wonder to quell the impulse to eat "to get energy."

Also, less time eating each day gives the body time to redirect enzymes from digestive functions to repair functions to circulatory, nervous, and the regenerative organs.

Fasting 16 to 19 hours a day makes a difference and works wonders.

-Cuts cravings
-Shifts focus on food as entertainment to food as sustenance.

4. Floss the brain.

I was operating on many false premises about food. We each have our own.

Reduce the role of "eating" in one's lifestyle and elevate the role of nutrition.

Support's #2: eat less.

Here were a couple of biggies I had to slay.

I had regrets rooted in self-pity at first.

But when I went down with this spinal deal, I realized what an advantage it was to be in a state of health at 201 lbs versus a "Fat Dumb Happy" state at 367 pounds.

Prolly would not have made it through without the experience of reversing the diabetic complex and learning to eat consciously (not the same as "finding the right diet for me").

Food was celebratory whether there was a celebration or not.

Food was a status symbol.

Gourmet good. Simple was a sign of lack.

For a man in a family line that was just one generation out of poverty this was a big one.

For those who are farther removed from this there is no way to really comprehend the distinction.

It's why affluence can be lethal from a nutritional habits standpoint.

Just a different direction than poverty takes on the matter.


Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday. It's gorgeous here. Clear as a bell. Sun isn't too hot. I have some outdoor painting to do in a bit.



agreed. this is just an awful showing. Thought we hit rock bottom with Mushchump, but here we are. Maybe we can loot Utah some more.

only 25 yards passing so far in the first half for the gators.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

welp ... the Dawgs up 21-0 against the Gators.

Sorry, rich and RG; and any other Gators except Debby Downer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid,

Those are interesting suggestions, particularly the "food as celebration" aspect. Don't know if I can do that window thing totally, as we have different hours here.

I forget if I told everyone, but my son has moved in with us. He has (FINALLY) broken up with the horrible girlfriend who one would think at his age (late 40's) he could have spotted, but didn't. He is switching careers so is waiting tables now. Tomorrow we will introduce his cat, Edgar, to the 3 dogs. This should be fun.

As far as food, right now this means daughter eats breakfast at 5:30, I eat a bit later, grab a sandwich for lunch (she takes hers) while son sleeps until 9, drinks coffee, then eats at the restaurant when he's working.

I will have to think on this some.

Told my daughter about the Plant Paradox and she said not to bother her until she got totally off sugar. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Byron York‏Verified account @ByronYork 1h1 hour ago

Just announced: House Intel Committee will get access to Fusion GPS bank records.
I hope they verify that these are the actual records and not a dummy set.

jimmyk on iPhone

On that NPR "Republican Like Me" book: I haven't looked at it or read about it except what was written here. But it sounds more like a SNL skit than serious endeavor, even if he did discover to his amazement that Repubs aren't secret KKK sympathizers. Did he have any sense of irony, or shame, that someone in his position could be like the guy who wrote Black Like Me? That guy actually did something admirable and courageous, going into a poor black community in the Deep South, living on the street. He likely died as a result. This NPR clown deserves nothing but ridicule IMO.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chuck Ross‏ @ChuckRossDC 2h2 hours ago

Federal judge places Fusion GPS bank records under sealed protective order. Will remain confidential.
So, the PUBLIC won'tn get to see those records, only the Intelligence Committee.

I am underwhelmed by this decision.

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