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October 10, 2017



If you lookup Harvey Weinstein on the FEC database of political contributions, yu get a who's who the the Democratic Party.

John Kerry (D-MA)
Obama (D-IL)
Hillary Clinton (D-grifter)
Bill Clinton (D-grifter)
Al Franken (D-MN)
Cory Booker (D-NJ)
Jo Ann Davis
Rob Whitman
Robert Scott
Barbara Mukulski (D-MD)
Diane Gross Farrell
Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
Patrick Kennedy
Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY)
Rahm Emanuel
John Gregory Chachas
Robert "The Torch" Torricelli
Patrick Leahy
Charles Schmuer (D-NY)
Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
Chris Dodd (D-CT)
Harry Reid (D-NV)
Erskine Bowles
Tom Dashle (D-SD)
Martin Heinrich
Edward Lamont
Robert Casey Jr (D-PA)
David Yassky
Richard Gephardt
Howard Dean
John Edwards
Timothy Bishop
Alison Grimes
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

George Allen
William Frist

jimmyk on iPhone

I'll bet every single one on that list kissed his a**, metaphorically or literally.


The Carlson comment about arbitration raises a flag to me: rape would go to police and bypass corporate policy. That suggests something more sinister afoot.

1. The SJWs are panicking over the replacement of the kangaroo doe courts for sex in colleges.

2. Weinstein is not as powerful now.

3. Sacrifice the no longer useful pig to

A. Save the ability to ruin college men

B. Add the ability to ruin adult men by EEOC implementing employment regs like the college ones from Obama.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" plus if you don't have a crisis, create one. Harvey was convenient.


Currently, they are looking like keystone cops and have severely eroded their credibility.

Posted by: windansea | October 10, 2017 at 11:25 AM

No, windandsea, I'm rightfully patting myself on the back right now because if anyone is in the position of keystone cops it's people demanding something that has never been and never can be in an active investigation.

Until they can verify this guy apparently acted alone, and that takes tremendous investigation and time, they have to selectively hold or release information designed to aid the investigation. Period.

I can't figure out why that isn't obvious. It doesn't matter to me if some theory turns out to be accurate that is contrary to what I've put forward, or whether the Sheriff really was something of an incompetent. The Sheriff isn't doing the grunt work. None of these speakers that we see are.

I just shake my head on this board sometimes at the apparent lack of appreciation of the *work* that has to be done in all manner of investigations. And the real time it takes.

A last reminder: Scott Adams this morning discussed his personal experience as a bank teller years ago, his memory of getting robbed at work, the FBI coming in and interviewing him, the FBI following up with him by having him watch a video of the event, and . . . it was COMPLETELY contrary to his vivid memory.

Breathe, people. Quit demanding a perfect timeline or fast information or straight logic.

These freaking Russians want us to doubt everyone in authority. It's why I have so much contempt for the Obama crowd; they played into that narrative so well with real misdeeds. But most of these grunt employees are working their ass off to do the right thing.

We should respect that.


"Aegis." Please.

Ralph L

I've been reading the long New Yorker article about HW. The women were trying to avoid the line of wanna be's and found there was a price to pay. They maintained contact with him, even the one forcibly sodomized who had sex with him later. One was a law school grad.
Putting feminism back a hundred years.



We wouldn't be having this rampant speculation if the story of the security guard wasn't changed so radically.


I still can't believe that Judy Dench put a tattoo of his ugly mug on her backside.
Also in case anyone missed it, daddy's post 2 threads ago = priceless


LMAO. Dave Burge:

BREAKING: In wake of customer panic, Beverly Hills Whole Foods vows to certify all kale as Weinstein-Free


Here's the key paragraph re HW from Ronan Farrow's article above:

De Caunes, who was in her early thirties at the time, was already an established actress, but she wondered what would happen to younger and more vulnerable women in the same situation. Over the years, she said, she’s heard similar accounts from friends. “I know that everybody—I mean everybody—in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” de Caunes said. “He’s not even really hiding. I mean, the way he does it, so many people are involved and see what’s happening. But everyone’s too scared to say anything.”


Comanche Voter

True story--mine--some 30 years ago. I supervised a couple of lawyers in a corporate legal department. One of them was female. She got very crosswise with my group's major client in the company. Her legal work was marginal; the client group was full of young high IQ high energy chargers and she was "slow" and not overly bright. It was not a good mix of lawyer/clients. I'd heard from the client asking that she be transferred. She finally did something that was pretty stupid and crossed all sorts of boundaries. The appropriately outraged client demanded her immediate transfer to some other part of the Legal Department.

She promptly decided that the reason for the client's demand was her alleged rebuff of his alleged approach. But she had never told me, her supervisor, of the alleged incident.

There were in fact significant performance issues with her legal work and skills. We transferred her to a less demanding position--same pay, same relative status--but a better match for her skill set.

Four months later I'm eating breakfast with my wife. She's reading the Los Angeles Times--and discovers that her husband has been charged by the EEOC with sexual harassment.

As she apparently told her story to the EEOC, she had been harassed by the client; she had not told me, her supervisor, about it because she was afraid I would not be sympathetic. She was concerned that the company might fire her. So the EEOC sought an injunction in Federal Court (which was the reason for the story in the Times) seeking an injunction against her termination until the EEOC had time to complete its investigation. Which investigation might have been completed on the Twelfth of Never.

The (lady) lawyer at the EEOC drafted a complaint which said that the client, and the supervisor (me) had sexually harassed the female lawyer.

Now having your wife read a story like that at breakfast table can make her choke on her English muffin, and maybe whup you up longside the head with a cast iron skillet. Fortunately my wife was well aware of my problem (as a supervisor) with the female lawyer's professional performance, so I didn't get a beating.

And yes for my fellow lawyers out there, the EEOC's complaint may be just a case of sloppy pleading.

Was the underlying allegation of harassment true? I don't know; both of the individuals involved sometimes drank to excess; her physical description of the alleged event strained credulity.

And if the alleged incident actually happened and she failed to report it to me because I would not be sympathetic, well then I failed her as a supervisor.

But the front page charge that such a failure on my part constituted sexual harassment was--in a word---frivolous.

But folks remember the old maxim about once burned twice shy. I did supervise other female lawyers and paralegals afterwards, but I became much more cautious about having marginal performers (of either sex) shoved into my shop.


Good morning, just woke up, and watching the Howie Carr Show Live on TV. Howie is giving away 100 real Boston Red Sox 2017 World Series Tickets to callers who call in now:)

He just played some audio of Harvey Weinstein talking to some Italian Model who was wearing a Police Department wire, and Harvey was saying 4 times how he was sorry for having touched her **** the day before and that he'd never do it again if she'd do such and such with him now and not embarrass him. He kept swearing on the souls of his children. Unbelievably gross. Yuck.

clarice feldman



So on last nights supergirl, the big human bad guy, Morgan edge played by pasdar, set up what happens in the later season. He replaced facinellis max lord who has proven to be to tame a foe.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I for one hope daddy retires soon and goes into comic strips fulltime.

I never thought anyone could top National Lampoon's same style of comic strip of Little Timmy and Lassie spelunking through a woman's reproductive system but I admit I was mistaken.

clarice feldman

daddy's comic strips are a joy to read. I don't want him to retire though--his travelogues are equally great.

James D.

RG @ 3:16

The reason I distrust most people in authority (including the grunts doing the grunt work) is not because of the Russians. It’s because the people in authority - in both parties, at every level, and for a very long time - have demonstrated with their words and actions, time after time after time, that they are completely untrustworthy.

The only solution is not for us to blindly trust them and be patient because their job is hard and complex. It’s for them to be stop being untrustworthy, and to keep that up - no matter how difficult or embarrassing or costly it is to them - until they have won back our trust, and in the meantime to stand there and quietly and humbly take all the criticism and bile that they have so richly earned.


Hillary knew about Weinstein all along!
What a hypocrite and liar.


You know, these disgusting oafs seem almost unbelievably, pathetic stupid to me. Does anyone doubt that 99.99% of Weinstein's conquests weren't more than willing? Why not simply back off on the other few after even the slightest hesitation? Why press the issue at all?

I guess the fool just had a taste for some resistance.

Speaking of probabilities, what Trump said on that tape is probably 99.99% correct.


I am not willing to chastise every Senator for the bad behavior of a few.

simply stupid

I love the fact that the Russians spent $100,000 on facebook and the like while on 60 minutes the Trump media guru was paid $94 million. Between the Steele dossier and the russians being pikers spending $100,000 we should really pay much attention even the claims are getting ridiculous.


Ooops. Doubt that they were more than willing. But you guys know what I meant...

I denounce myself for making a correction.


Harvey Weinstein visited BOzo WH 13 times between 2010-2014. Not getting an invite during BOzo's last two yrs. was a huge red flag.


You make a good point.
What I see now is a lot of faux outrage.
If you wanted to advance your career, just say it.
Your behavior is your own so own it.
If he forced himself on you the police are the answer to that situation.
Juanita Broderick should have called the police as well.


I am astonished that such a sleazeball was anywhere near the WH.
But I admit I live in another world of decorum and moral principles.
One poster mentioned how this sets back all women who earned their success on their own merits.
I can't imagine doing it any other way.

clarice feldman

Some red flag, Deb--they let Malia intern with him, and I distinctly recall her work outfit, a shirt that barely covered her butt.


Simple my stupid:
There is no there there.
They are now in the process of trying to make up a story that will fly.
The news conference of the Senate Intel committee was to laugh.
Time to get on with a budget and tax reform.

Old Lurker

"I don't want him to retire though--his travelogues are equally great."

With daughters at Dartmouth and Cal Tech?

He ain't going nowhere.


Simply stupid but sometimes it is my stupid meaning me.


Exactly, maryrose.

"Oh, he was too powerful. He'd have ruined my career. His lawyers would have eaten me alive! Otherwise, I'd have gladly gone to the cops to save some other girls, rather than go along with it for several years thereafter. I'm so ashamed now that it's come out, although I did get the Oscar, which is nice."


Neal Cavuto agrees with me.


Via Clarice's link to Hollywood Deadline at 04:20 above, read the list of the Top 10 "Trending Now" Stories on the right hand side. I think just reading those Headlines serves as my catch-up for today:)

Trending Now on Deadline

Old Lurker

Maryrose "I am not willing to chastise every Senator for the bad behavior of a few."

OK. Please list any Senator who has served his country consistently well and in so doing avoided anything unforgivable (Corker on Iran = unforgivable; McCain on ACA = unforgivable), then we can see who is left.


Played a tape of Weinstein and a young actress on the Five.
Put a fork in Harvey- he is done!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Isn't it interesting that so many of these people seem to just accept that putting up with Harvey was the price for getting ahead in Hollywood, much as they disliked it?

Why is acting such a noble goal that one must sacrifice one's self-respect and personal space to attain entry?

Imagine if you as a woman had an interview with a bank president for an entry level job in the accounting department. Now imagine said bank president groped you or worse?

Wouldn't you call the police or lodge a complaint? Wouldn't you simply go to another company and apply for a job?

This situation in Hollywood has managed to stick around because predators realize that actors and actresses are desperate for fame, and the industry is pretty much concentrated in one town.


Kidman and Clooney come out against Harvey.

Old Lurker

"I am astonished that such a sleazeball was anywhere near the WH."

One just like him actually lived there for eight years and almost moved back again.

simply stupid

I may be even more cynical than Old Lurker but from my view power equals money and Trump is trying to bring is back to Fukuyima's End of History with the US being the sole super power and conducting foreign and economic policy based on that principle. what is wrong with that.
On the other hand we have the progressives and the Military and Industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about that use Orwellian language such as conflict resolution (actually to have both sides slowly kill each other while you arm both of them) to be able to pawn off old military hardware to tin pot dictators. Clinton did this on a large scake with China and the Loreal deal and all of the deals she did while secretary of state and Obama took it one step further by even giving IRAN $150 billion with a significant portion going to terrorist activity.

Trump finally putting foot down on the nonsense and no more gun running to terrorists.

clarice feldman

Because getting a job as a bank teller isn't the same as getting a shot at a leading role and an OScar,MM?


I can somewhat relate to Comanche's horror story. [shudder]

Never happened to me, but I hate it if any woman comes into my office and shuts the door. Within seconds I'm figuring out how to cut the conversation short. Shouldn't be that way, and it really is sex discrimination, but the few bad ones you hear about ruin it for the overwhelming number of good ones.



Joni Ernst, Barasso,Portman, who voted against Obamacare, Hoeven, Cotton,Cassidy Women senator from Nebraska, Risch , Blunt, Young from Indiana Boorstein, all Southern senators Toomey et al.
There are plenty and they get tarred with the same brush?
Ah no.,

simply stupid

Maryrose did you watch the last 30 seconds of Corker at this link where Corker tells Trump what he could do with the budget.https://www.c-span.org/video/?432125-1/gop-senators-call-firings-white-house-leaks


Paltrow and Jolie these former paragons of being tough women.
How disappointing.
I would like to hear from the gals who said no and then had to choose another career.


Newsweek: "Malia Obama, 19, landed an internship at the Weinstein Company right after her dad left office earlier this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Working in the New York City office, she was doing more than fetching coffee—TMZ reported that Malia Obama was "ensconced in the production/development department," tasked with "reading through scripts and deciding which ones move on to Weinstein brass."

SS have a quelling effect on pervs.

Old Lurker

Because with very few exceptions these are very shallow, under educated people who in their heart of hearts know their only shot at the big leagues is based on their looks and the image manufactured by their PR people. They are frauds and they know it, and because they know it they have the most fragile of egos.

Take away the sound and fury, the CGI and the hype, and reduce the movies to the acting skills alone and you would have nuthin.

Clarice Feldman

Yes, OL. And they know beauty which is their only asset is a depreciating asset.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You see my point, then. This isn't about getting a job. It's about a shot at celebrity, fame, and money, and the people who wind up "interviewing" with Harvey Weinstein will do anything, ANYTHING, to attain it.

These are the same people who lecture us about greed. The ones who go after Donald Trump as a sexual predator, when in fact, the ONLY knock against him was a tape describing the behavior of women around him because he was rich and famous.


jimmyk on iPhone

All these courageous women coming out against HW now that he's finished in the industry and can't do anything for them.

"I am astonished that such a sleazeball was anywhere near the WH."

Such a sleazeball lived in the WH from 1993-2001.

Clarice Feldman

Hollywood's demise can be seen not only in the box office take but on the red carpet. where once stars dressed elegantly, now it's a meat market with them vying to see who can be more visibly naked.


Weinstein is less a sex addict imo than a risk addict, apparently like so many in Vegas. He had the wealth to keep a harem of beauties on call but preferred the cat and mouse exercise of power approach.


2 months is an eternity in politics.
He is right about the leaks.

Old Lurker

Maryrose, your 5:09 is the flimsiest of attempts to meet my challenge of naming "who has served his country consistently well and in so doing avoided anything unforgivable"

My challenge cannot be answered by your naming one who onetime did something right. Hell, they all horse trade for the right to do something right now and again so they can run on that next time. Please note that good service is not just voting right when it shows, but also showing the courage to call out their peers for doing bad things.

We are in the mess we are in precisely because the club rules in the Senate allowed bad things to happen, to continue, and to escalate. I do not recall a profile in courage now serving who tried to stop that.




Not their job to call out fellow senators of their own party.I don't blame the whole class for the misbehavior of a few students.
My argument about good senators being in the Senate is not flimsy, it is fact which is sometimes uncomfortable for people.
I deal in facts not theories.The vote count tells me how they are serving their constituents.
Corker and McCain now have nothing to lose.They can go rogue just like Collins can.
If President Trump was tax reform this year, time to do some fence mending and schmooze some people.


The shame game and calling people names in public ain't working.


Grassley has been an icon and he is my favorite

Ralph L

The law school grad and MBA student worked as a temporary receptionist. Not even an employee, but she wanted a "mov. indust. career." Employees told her she was his type. Are young women really that imprudent and naive?


Hero to Zero thread has gone full "Who's on first?" ... lol at "Paddock shot the goat through door #3"


And I voted against that sleazeball twice and predicted his second term would be rife with scandal.
Weinstein was enabled by the fact that at least he wasn't in his mind as bad as Clinton

Clarice Feldman

imprudent" or "naive"about a porr, dumb but good looking girl wanting a shot at a movie career? I understand when Marilyn Monroe was asked what she liked most about being a star she said that she no longer had to blow anyone.

Now, these may not be the best values, but I can't argue they're not pragmatic.


Yes they can be especially those with low self esteem.

Old Lurker

OK Maryrose...not worth arguing with you. Your 5:26 is beyond the pale.

Personally I think you could not be more wrong.

simply stupid

Maryrose he is doing it on purpose since he does not want GOPe running in all battleground states. It is same with Mueller not that there was crime but anyone associated with a rogue like Trump next time around will get the Manafort and Flynn treatment and the rogue Trump can not protect you . which with presidential pardon which has become an issue he can somewhat clean slate. This is an attack on Corker so that the Republicans nominate people like Marcia Blackburn and no Luther Strange's and Corkers. This is Trump's hostile takeover of the GOP.


Cruz did call out McCain after the Skinnycare vote .but for some reason his honesty is frowned upon.


I would like to hear from the gals who said no and then had to choose another career.

Guessing there aren't many. Those kinds of girls by and large don't end up in Hollywood.


Hostile takeover?
If he plans on that approach he will run into resistance and. Y law he can't force a senator to retire though some would like him to do it.
Miss Lindsay had nothing but praise for Corker in that video.


Waters says 6 minutes elapsed between shooting security guard who should have had a gun and turning fire on the crowd.


Simply stupid:
I disagree with his tactic if doing it on purpose.


Change of topic. This is in one of my emails today from harvard.

Dear Friends,

Pluralist democracy requires that groups be able to organize, articulate, and assert their interests and visions for society. Over the next two weeks, several Ash Center events explore the dynamics of covert, illiberal, and inegalitarian organization in democratic contexts. We will look at the radical right in America, white nationalism, and health inequalities in Europe through the lenses of history, media, and comparative political analysis.

Right now, this is what democracy looks like, as the slogan goes, in all of its messy and contentious reality. Is this what democracy requires or can we do better? I hope you join us to discuss these challenges and paths forward.

Very Best Wishes,

Archon Fung
Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship

How convenient to have had charlottesville as a conversation starter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The head of the US Chamber of Commerce has aligned himself with Mexico and Canada against the interests of American workers and consumers.

Detailed explanation of how multinational corporations control so much of the agricultural and manufacturing markets.


I just got to rest of October newsletter. Guess what is next week? https://ash.harvard.edu/event/white-nationalism-media-and-lessons-charlottesville


OL :
MM agrees with you.
However as far as my life goes- not my monkey, not my circus.
They will have to figure out how to get to yes on tax reform on their own.


Back to writing today after dealing with college kid home for weekend and the after effects of trip to NYC.



MissM, Ryan will do what Donohue tells him to. The chamber owns Ryan lock stock and barrel.

Ralph L

but I can't argue they're not pragmatic.
But now they act like they're shocked and appalled at his behavior. Marilyn may have been too, the first time.


Archon fung, sounds like a guest villain in the dc universe,


The door must remain open at all times.
This is not negotiable.


How do you know this?


QUIZ TIME: HollyWood Seppuku edition!

So what do you guys think? Is Harvey Weinstein going to:

A) Pull a Vince Foster

B) Be robbed like Seth Rich

C) Have a Seth Rich designed to look like a Vince Foster

D) Have a Vince Foster designed to look like a Seth Rich


Comanche Voter,

I've been through similar things, though on a much smaller scale. Most women are fine in this regard, and I work with a lot of them. But the few bad ones can make one's life miserable.

As a general rule I try hard not to hire anyone of a protected class for this very reason. It is not worth the potential grief. I don't like it, but it is what it is.


Maryrose, follow the money. Follow the statements. Ryan's positions appear on the CoC website, then on his own. I live in his district, so I see more of it.

Clarice Feldman

Rehab clinic, daddy--it's always rehab clinic.



E. Share stories with roomie Carlos Danger


I remember the film



Speaking of protected classes, in Detroit bringing a watermelon to a firefighter meet and greet is a firable offense if the melon-bringer is white and melon-receivers are black.

Tom  Bowler

Great point in your 5 13 about character of the idiots lecturing us about Trump. Doing this on my phone in a bar. Way too big a pain in the ass! Back to lurking.

Tom R

From a previous thread:

Corker is an elected official who will leave in 2018.
Why all this effort to marginalize him?

My guess it has something to do with this:


Saudi Arabia has an ongoing conflict with Qatar and their support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar is linked to Iran and Corker was a major proponent of the Iran nuclear deal. Now it looks the Saudis are looking at making some arms deals with the Russians because of the delay Corker caused. I'm beginning to wonder if George Soros has as much influence over Corker as he does over McCain.


It's hard to enforce that no-closed-door policy, mr. I've had women come in and just break down crying about something that happened to them in a meeting. And I mean bawl out loud. Tissues were nothing in one case of a Chinese woman I can remember. Men who come in to strategize, talk about other managers who are assholes and such? No problem! Door closed.

Sex discrimination I tell ya. I admit it. One of the reasons I try to be anonymous here, although I'm pretty much at the age to not give a shit anymore. I could quit at any time.


Nat's vs Cubbies Game 4 Postponed due to rain. That's great for me, since tomorrow I should be able to catch it at The Happy Mexican in Memphis. Thank you Baseball gods!


Good afternoon! I spent the day day in Bangor doing some retail therapy. Well,the news you've all been waiting for (snort)...Susan Collins will announce her decision about running for governor on Friday.


Btw, I've been recognized for the number of women and minorities I've hired. And I give no preference to anyone including women and minorities! (Unlike my manager, who's probably a flaming lib but we've never gotten into that.)

Well, except for Americans. I've hired Americans over seemingly-more-qualified Chinese, Indians, etc. I don't know if that's legal, but I admit it.

Otherwise, I just take people for who they are and what they can do, and a lot of women are very competent in engineering these days. Mostly foreign women, I should add.


joan, thanks for the tip re cheese rounds. And I get what you are saying about how the NFL came to destabilize the dam--you betcha!

porch what became of this fellow? as in, what does he "do" now? I love hearing how "busy boys" fare.
Okay but be careful, my then 5-year-old brother nearly sliced off a thumb that way. ;) I swear that kid ended up getting stitches at least once/year until he was 12.

Prayer reminder for all fighting the good fight.
POTUS, FLOTUS, Kelly, Tillerson et al.
NPR desperately putting forth the "he's crazy and going to get us all blown up, Bob Corker says so" thing

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Local news says that FedEx will open a $295 million hub at Greenwood, which is the far south side of Indy, about 15 miles from where I live now.

I assume this is a truck hub, since it's about 25 miles from the airport.

This will be the biggest business investment in that area in its history. Good news for people who want good jobs without a degree or apprenticeship.


Can't wait to hear.
I am betting yes to governor run.
The ones crying at work are the ones most likely to scream sexual harassment
Make your open door policy known then no discussion is needed.
Believe me the ones crying really don't care who knows how upset they are.



anon (AKA common man )

totally locked out, typepad sucks

Miss Marple the Deplorable

anonamom, to this day I have stitches scars on me from the following:

1. Cracking my head open by slipping on hardwood floors in socked feet and hitting my head on a corner.

2. Kicking my father's drill with my bare foot when he put it down for a second while putting in a shower in our half-bath.

3. Falling in neighbor's cinder driveway and hitting my forearm near the elbow on a large piece of cinder. (Cinders still embedded under the skin.)

4. Large gash in knee from hitting a piece of sheet metal from my dad's shop while goofing around.

That's just me. There were 5 of us, and my next sister, as near as I can remember, has stitches in her chin, hand, and one knee as well.

My mother was well-known at the emergency room. HA! Funny thing, not a one of us ever broke a bone.

anon (AKA common man )

I suggest a large purge of fat blobs who are worthless individuals. I would tie Weinstein and Goodell to the stake first, but who else goes into the pot?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Brian Stelter of CNN. Frank Luntz. Dick Morris. Michael Moore.

I will eventually thnk of more, but that's a start.


Jabba the Moore

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