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October 10, 2017


Captain Hate

All of a sudden the mystery surrounding the big push to make Tina Fey into something more than your annoying slutty neighbor is revealed.

The Infamous Ignatz

It's ok to understand why people don't speak up, but that understanding should be tempered and ultimately overwhelmed with the knowledge that those who don't speak up enable the same and worse to happen to others.
The weapon against money and power is numbers and common cause among the victims.

Throw out the sex part and Harvey Weinstein is simply a wealthier, uglier version of my brother.
It bankrupted me and got me kicked out of my family standing up to him, but I wear that as a badge of honor because the alternative was to be a comfortable puppet acquiescing to the abuse of others. If you have any self respect the former is less painful than the latter.
Had my weak kneed, useless family stood up with me he would be experiencing Harvey Weinstein's present discomfort.


cultural moralizing against the women who are raped

I don't think anyone is doing that, other than questioning why they didn't go to the police. But for the women who consented for the sake of their careers, got what they wanted, and now turn on him, I don't have a lot of sympathy or respect.

The Infamous Ignatz

Just one more reason, as if one was needed, to wish for the opportunity to knock that shit eatin smirk on Seth McFarlane's creepy babyface into next week.


I'm wondering why now? Why turn on him now? What changed?


Very interesting and horrifying, RG. TY

Ralph L

a serial pederast posthumously.
I know what you meant, but that sounds gross.


The LVPD have stated very clearly that they are sure Paddock acted alone. But this is a strategic lie, so was the gargantuan timelime fuckup, and now they will solve the case with billboards.

Don't quit your day job.

Posted by: windansea | October 10, 2017 at 08:15 PM

So, you want to do battle with me windandsea -- is that it?

I'm not about to follow every speculative detail about this incident because I know it is fruitless at this point. But I think I do have a question for you: "The LVPD have stated very clearly that they are sure Paddock acted alone."

Is that accurate?

Or did they state he was the only shooter? Are you -- while casting your aspersions -- rushing to conflate that which can not be conflated, windandsea? Because YOU demand answers. Now !!! You need answers now !!!

Whether or not you improperly conflated the released information, I (well, I'm gonna delete that).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 10m10 minutes ago

Fake @NBCNews made up a story that I wanted a "tenfold" increase in our U.S. nuclear arsenal. Pure fiction, made up to demean. NBC = CNN!


Boy, that NBC = CNN phrase will leave a mark on both networks!


McConnell just killed blue slips on judicial nomination So. Now end the fake filibuster 60 vote crap.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 29s30 seconds ago

With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!

Since I don't believe the man is a fool, and I know he understands about the 1st amendment, I surmise he is drawing some people out or is distracting from something else going on.


“I blame Trump” (just kidding)

The pressure building on Ben Affleck over Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood sexual predation scandal exploded this morning after the actress Hilarie Burton claimed she was groped by the actor during his appearance on TRL, which she was then hosting, back in 2003.

Burton's allegation, made on Twitter, came just hours after Affleck issued a carefully worded statement condemning Weinstein's alleged three decades of assault and harassment of actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Michael  (fpa P4F)

the generation of youths addicted to their smart phones makes participating in the workforce problematic. She said they're weirdly unable to exist in the real world.
Posted by: Captain Hate | October 11, 2017 at 08:08 AM

Capt H - I saw that effect at a local grocery store. A cute young (21-25?) checker would reach for her smartphone if she had as little as ten seconds free time between orders to be rung up. She was a 'fast' checker, very competent, able to properly (and easily) make change and settle the bill. But . . . When she had her smart phone with her, she was like a zombie.

Noticed her one night, sitting on a box in one of the aisles, staring at the phone in her hand when she was supposed to be helping to "throw stock" late on a nightime shift. Came back a minute or two later, and she is reaching into a pocket and pulling out her smart phone to check/do something with it for three or four more minutes before getting back to work.

A few minutes later I see her on a different part of the aisle, and she is *back* to staring at her smart phone screen, and texting/keying into the pad. Lost in her own little world of the smart phone.

She was still there, sitting on a new box, smart phone in hand, when I saw her several minutes later before leaving. She couldn't have been throwing more than 25% of the stock she should reasonably have been throwing.

The upshot? She must have moved on/been fired, because within a few weeks, she was never to be seen at that store again.

I've seen quite a few others like her, too . . . always looking to steal a moment's time to check for messages while ostensibly being 'on the clock' at work. Makes you think their minds are on their phones/social media rather than their jobs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a thread discussing survivors os sexual abuse from a therapist's perspective. ChiTown Lurker sent me the link, and I think it is worth reading.


Miss M, they do need a license to broadcast over the air. Requires "public interest" be served. Partisan fiction in place of news may violate that license. (Each local station needs a similar license. Cable channels do not).


So oj butchered two people, yet were supposed to pretend he wee innovent, same as Jeffrey epstein, whose facilitator now sits as secretary of labor. You see how this works, meanwhile there was some kerfluffle about Gibson, mostly because he dared promote the Christian message, something mark Burnett wee able to pull off a little more smoothly

Old Lurker

MM "Since I don't believe the man is a fool, and I know he understands about the 1st amendment, I surmise he is drawing some people out or is distracting from something else going on."

Of course he knows. But the left never hesitates to think of ways to get Rush off the air, and they make a big deal about the difference between the wording of the 1stA as opposed to the granting to a private company the exclusive right to use a section of the radio spectrum at the exclusion of all others. That is the difference compared to the right to stand on a soapbox, or the right to use private money to print pamphlets and newspapers.


Boy, that NBC = CNN phrase will leave a mark on both networks!

NBC-CNN were complicit in airing the dodgy dossier news days before Trump's swearing in. Thus, the delicious scene at Trump's first post-win presser of Tapper and Acosta's frantic and hilariously futile efforts to be called on and refute their new nic - "Fake News".


After reading all about HW and Affleck, I have a question:

Is there a statute of limitations on grabbing Heidi Winter's breast in the backseat of a new '67 Impala?

Yes she was hawt.

Asking for a friend.

Captain Hate


Thanks for that feedback. I commented recently on the inability of some people, including adults, to appreciate and understand the difference between the online and real life world. Frankly I think my children understand it better than my wife does, not that she spends a huge amount of time online.


That's not the worst its the content on those firms, the most misogynist antieestern carp that they wallow in, hAving seen with love from Paris, the sane dreck is present in the ban lieus

The Infamous Ignatz

RalphL's and JamesD'd white cats remind me of the little angel and devil whispering into someone's ear from his shoulders.


Bagehot weeps:


Thomas Wictor on Harvey--"everybody knew"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am going to the grocery. This is one of my least favorite chores because it's constant decision making and calculating prices. Plus unloading.

Back later.

Oh, President is speaking about taxes to a group of truckers today i Harrisburg, Pa. Don't know the time.


CH, my mother, lecturing my older brother, trying to get him to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, asked me, “You know the difference between fantasy and reality don’t you?”

“Yes. Fantasy is reality that just hasn’t happened yet.”

She was not happy.

The Infamous Ignatz

What I can't stand is the rudeness of it. I don't mind someone checking to see who texted or called but, hello, I'm talking to you dumbass; don't have a conversation with someone else at the same time...or check the weather...or play whatever idiot game is hot this week...or what the hell ever else they do.


This is what Mueller's hall monitor is up to:

James D.

Ig @ 10:16

Danny would be the devil in that scenario.

Of course, considering they're cats, they're probably both devils.


Meanwhile meagai is firing full torpedo volleys into nbc's morning lineup, the order of captain tupolev.

James D.

Why am I not surprised at Rosenstein's views, narc?

Of course he wants a backdoor into every phone and device. Because OF COURSE we can trust him and his colleagues at the DoJ not to abuse such a thing. They would NEVER abuse their powers. Their honesty and obedience to the Constitution is beyond question, right?

Captain Hate

Regarding Rosenstein, is Elmer Fudd planning on doing anything not related to going Stasi lite? C'mon fanboyz and cheerleaders: let's hear it.


“Court approved access”. I assume he is referring to secret courts that weren’t abused by Comey et al in wiretapping Trump, and where the acessee has no representation? We already ahad a pike with his name on it for the Mueller bs. Now this.


Just because you say it Boris doesn't make it so:

Jack is Back!

CH, henry and other beer aficianados:

Running out of creative craft beer names, so they have turned to AI.

I could probably welcome a glass of "A Fine Stranger" but a "Snot Beard", not so sure.


For clarice from our Chitown friend:

Alex Tribec interviewsMonte Hall


JiB, sounds like they went for “AI” in lieu of product ideas. (Names not so much). Standard SV marketing 101: if product sucks, say it has AI!

Clarice Feldman

Marchesa's stuff was not so great--but Harvey was:

Hard for designers to break thru without rich, powerful patrons--kinda like Hollywood .

Captain Hate

Some of the craft "purists" are almost completely immune to marketing concepts.


They all retroactively they said or did this or that, why should we believe any of it, like the norridge i mean Rotherdam city council, they were willing to throw their 'sisters' to the beast warning no one. They almost entirely have the same attitude to islamists, in point of fact.

Its like the virtue signaling qhrer the skydragon is still regarded as the great threat, even in the dc universe, where alien invasions and even the occasional alt reality predator comes around.



"I'm wondering why now? Why turn on him now? What changed?"

Exactly. What can be so bad that they are prepared to sacrifice a died in the wool Democrat to keep it away from the internet.

2 minute duda



House Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Firm Behind "Trump Dossier"

Dems are squealing, gnashing teeth.


Oh of course they did so willingly--he certainly dod not rape 99% of them.

More to the point: This is SOP and has been for decades. As I said, Jack Warner and his like were notorious for this generations ago. The music business in no doubt almost as bad,.

All one has to do to affirm this is to watch some of their "product".

While it may debatable just what "talents" our actresses (and actors) should have in the first place, it is woefully obvious just how and why they up there on the screen in the first place. Deep skills as actors is rarely one of them.

So this is not mainly a HW problem, no matter the finger pointing and the pearl clutching of the moment. As I said before, the questions are why WH, and why now?

If we see that nobody else but him is turned out, then we are on our way to an answer.

(And it seems to me that this is coming from somewhere high up in the Nemenklatura, given the energy that the media--most particularly the NYT--is expending on it. I suspect that there is something going on somewhere, and I doubt that the current kerfuffle has much to do with WH's sins just catching up with him.)

All this is not to say that willingly or not anyone should have to put up with this sort of nonsense. It is to say that we should put this all in perspective, and not let the "Entertainment Industry" (and what an oxymoron that one is) off the hook merely because they ritually punish HW.

The Infamous Ignatz

The day Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence gave Bill Clinton a GLAAD award.
I guess that's apropos. As far as we know those two dandies only rape and defame women.


always looking to steal a moment's time to check for messages while ostensibly being 'on the clock' at work. Makes you think their minds are on their phones/social media rather than their jobs.

'Cuz I know none of us ever steal time at work to get on JOM. :)

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Has Dr J checked in?


Why turn on him now? What changed?

1. He's no longer so powerful (even before this all came out).

2. Hillary lost, Dems out of power.

3. This is the Bernie wing of the Hollywood left attacking the Hillary wing.


new thread

2 minute duda

Suddenly everyone's all shocked that Hollywood trades in sexual favors for choice roles, even though the term 'the casting couch' has been in our lexicon for over 70 years?

This is an industry fueled by Youth,Beauty,and sex. That's the commodity that up and coming actors/actresses trade in. You want the producer to fall in love with you.You want the producer to desire you. You want the producer to say "This woman is the most fuckable thing I've ever come across, I want her in my movie. Draw up a contract for $6 million dollars".

Do you honestly think that a Beautiful, sexy actress in a casting process is surprised that a Movie producer wants to fuck her?

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

It is the nature of the beast that women are sexually harassed in Hollywood. It's not like other industries.


Once again I agree with duda.

Has HW actually been accused of rape?

Because if not, it looks more like the big-time movie producer is setting a price for a chance at a role, and the young actresses are deciding to pay it.

Or, he's paying them for their favors.

Either way it looks transactional to me.

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