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October 07, 2017



Top Men.


Sounds like Mueller's team, "Top Men."


Diplomad is leaving CA:


It was home, but
In the last few years, however, this place has gone nuts, and not in the eccentric, creative sort of way that produced, say, Hollywood, Apple, or Uber, but in a bizarre, self-destructive one that seeks to undermine all about California that made California into California: The ever rising taxes; government regulations; the absurd political correctness and its ugly traveling companion, to wit, social and political insanity on things such as guns, immigration, and the environment.

Reality has been banned here; I have a feeling, nevertheless, that it will make a reappearance with a vengeance. I don't want to be around these parts when that happens.


And OMG!--he's coming here!

My non-meat-eating wife discovered pulled pork there: watching her pass up the salad and go for the pulled pork was a sight to see. The BBQ was great; the people were super; the prices are reasonable (gasoline is almost a dollar a gallon cheaper than here in SoCal); folks love the second amendment; the taxes are OK, although property tax is a bit on the high side; and it's a very beautiful place with a colorful history of its own and lots and lots of places to visit and enjoy. It is getting many folks coming in from around the world, and I hope that doesn't destroy the feeling of the place. Anyhow, we've scored a very nice house on a large wooded lot, one without irksome neighbors breathing down my neck. It's a bit dark and remote, but at night you can see these things in the sky, which I believe the locals call "stars." I am going to have to investigate those . . . odd little things that they are . . . We're moving.

The pulled pork is great--vinegar mustard sauce my fave. But don't overlook fried okra, fried chicken livers, sausage biscuits...
(don't eat all that biscuit!! Carbs kill!)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I read that theory about the Deep State but I just hate to think we have people using our government for nefarious purposes in an organized way. Sure, there have always been rogue agents with personal axes to grind, but it scares me to think there could be a group organized and carrying out their own program.

However, Evan McMullin disabused me of the idea that all agents were patriots, and it does really bother me that this shooting doesn't have an obvious motive.

Crazy just doesn't cut it with me. Even crazy people leave evidence of their motive, such as thinking the victims were really aliens or that his abusive father loved country music.

Besides, I think everyone in ISIS IS crazy, yet they seem to manage to have an on-line magazine and organize terrorist attacks. (My personal opinion on this is that terrorist groups attract psychopaths by providing a political justification for their desire to torture and kill.)


OK, this is what I really can believe right now:


Do you have to have a FB account to read that?


Only believable theory so far imo.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Great Pieces, Clarice!
"I just hate to think we have people using our government for nefarious purposes in an organized way"

This article lists a whole lot of them.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, I can read it. Frightening story.

My daughter is on several drugs due to depression and associated problems. Now she has moved onto having to take thyroid medicine as well because one of the meds has affected her thyroid.

She told me she wants to see if she can get off all of the meds, because it worries her she takes so many. One would think her doctor would be paying attention to this, but he has a large practice and she is often seen by younger associates, so I am not sure that she hasn't been lost in the shuffle.

If you wanted to have your prescriptions reviewed, who would you go see? What type of specialist?


No need for FB to read it. Scary write up.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One of the comments in that story noted there was no record of such a prescription. If I remember correctly, they did find records of a valium prescription a few months ago.

However, given the weird appearance of the brother in interviews, it's possible that he had seen a doctor who prescribed something, or, perhaps the brother gave him some of his pills to try out. People DO do that sort of thing, no matter how much physicians and drug companies caution against it.

Janet 🚬

thanks glasater. so the only know successful online ad campaign-the Russian Facebook buy-turns out to be much less than is made out to be.

Why was THIS foreign involvement okay?

"Ex-Mexican president meets with Pelosi on axing Trump, says followers are lazy drunks"

"he [Former Mexican President Vicente Fox] spent a half-hour with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the airport in Mexico City on Sunday and discussed how he can help convince Hispanic voters in the United States to reject Trump, which would all but ensure Hillary Clinton’s success in the 2016 election."


The focus ONLY on Russia is ludicrous.


SQ-knew someone who did the school near bridgeport, ca, which is how I first became aware that acute angles can also be an issue.

I have found most people do not understand the nature of any of these competitions. They think they just shoot, not that they are being asked to react to something never seen before and also be accurate and then do it over and over again. Or that some seem to be a variation of biathlons when the shooter is asked to carry lots of weight over an extended period and have that not impact fine motor skills.

None of that was what this man was doing. It reminds me a bit of newtown with a horrific tragedy but also lots of things that do not add up that must NOT be looked at objectively. Mustn't disturb the narrative.


MM-did your daughter switch away from the generic for synthroid?

red and i were talking to her endocrine last time we were in about how there simply are not enough of that specialty and how so many thyroid problems end up being treated by internists unaware that the generic for synthroid should never be used.

We literally book red' checkup nine months out each time. Is your daughter getting regular blood work to monitor the script's actual effect? Does she know birth control pills and whether they have iron in them affect the needed dose?


Because it takes four weeks for thyroid meds to get fully in or out of the system we will typically go in for blood work about 6 weeks after any change in script.

Red also likes to take me, beyond my human tape recorder function, so that I make sure any variables that could also have had an effect get discussed. Sounds like that is part of your concern. That these other meds are acting as complicating variables that need to be considered.


Good Morning! I've been thinking about all the theories re: the shooter. The ripple effect of over 600 people killed and wounded will be long lasting. After the grief and shock slowly subsides and the physical wounds heal,I believe the survivors will demand answers. Someone will emerge to speak for them,maybe a parent or spouse,sister or brother. They are the people who need answers,so they can find some peace.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think you are right. If a loved one is killed in a natural disaster, it is seen as something unpreventable and people tend to be more accepting.

With something like this, it's hard to ascribe it to chance or an "act of God."

In addition, there will be lawsuits, and those sued (Manadalay Bay, concert organizers, gun dealers, etc.) will not want to pick up the tab and will want to know reasons as well.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks. I'll notify the editors about the broken link.


Morning all, yes the narrative delivered by tavernuse and Co. Doesn't satisfy, we still never got to the stragglers around elohim city like stressmeir did we. Comparing this withnother catalytic events like dunblane and port Arthur doesn't work either. It would be intersting to see what Stephen hunter thinks of this, in the third bullet, he sketched an interesting scenario, refining the plot he sketched for point of impact. Where did his planes go, did they only go north or possibly south or west.

Clarice Feldman

Here's the correct linkSneered at and ignored, ordinary people have shown themselves to be heroes over and over through devastating hurricanes and, the latest horror in Las Vegas. http://www.nysun.com/editorials/aldeans-army/90082/

Clarice Feldman

MM, I find that pharmacists are very knowledgeable about drug interactions, while you search for a physician to discuss the meds you might want to chat up your pharmacist.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



That case did seem irregular, because of his background, and the particulars. When you compare it with the menendez matter.


Cui Bono, re Mexico.



MM, who prescribed the drugs for your daughter? A psychiatrist? Sounds like an internist or a FP. Lord, don't let it be her OB/gyn!

If for depression/anxiety (not bipolar, not psychosis), getting off seems to be in her long term best interest. Studies starting to show association between benzos/SSRIs and dementia.

She may well have to taper very slowly, and be prepared to feel worse rather than better while this is happening. I heard a person on my favorite med program ever, People's Pharmacy, who had to dissolve her 100 mg tab and use some marked 100 ml container and decrease her dose by a mg a week--yes, it took nearly two years for her to get off it.

I have no idea how she finds a physician to moderate this. Maybe look online to see if you have a "holistic psychiatrist" around. The prescribing doc should, but may well not be supportive or informed. Physicians are extremely busy, and thus have gaps in their knowledge.
Not to mention confirmation biases we all have. ("These drugs work.")
Many pull the "no double blind studies showing" whatever--which is oh so true. There's no money to be made in getting people off drugs!

If I was doing this, I'd commit to outdoor exercise every day while this is gong on--is that possible?
And eat a low inflammation diet, and take fish oil and Vit D. Bone broth.
Nurture, nurture, nurture.
And I'd start meditating if I didn't have a strong religious practice--and maybe even if I did.
This device works with a smart phone--MUSE
(They've really jacked up the price since spouse bought it.)
Plenty of people meditate w/o anything.

Not that I would ever do any patient care on the internet, especially in a field that isn't mine. This is my disclaimer.

Clarice Feldman

Weinstein at the pussy march--heh--Maybe he thought they were giving it away:http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/figures-harvey-weinstein-attended-pussy-march-trump/


The Resistance pulling Dems even more leftward and soaking up donor money.


Daughter needs to make sure her iodine intake is adequate. Seafood, seaweed, iodized salt, dairy.
What rse says about Synthroid is true--and even with NOT subbing a generic, Synthroid itself changed its formulation a while ago , and one of the new "inert" ingredients caused many people who'd been taking a stable dose for years to become hypothyroid again.

And some people need to take Armour thyroid, which has both T3 and T4, as they do NOT convert the single one (T4) that the Synthroid supplies to the second one (T3).

That "we are all unique snowflakes" thing is true IRT genes and enzymes and such.

This stuff is ALL online---you (your daughter) can--and should---become extremely informed on her disorders.



Terror would have to require a political component.


James D.

I just hate to think we have people using our government for nefarious purposes in an organized way. Sure, there have always been rogue agents with personal axes to grind, but it scares me to think there could be a group organized and carrying out their own program.

I absolutely believe it. Aside from all the proof we've seen of that, it's just simple human nature.

Any group, no matter the circumstances of their creation or their original goals, sooner or later becomes about the continuation of the group, the protection of its members and the expansion of its power, and the original goals are left behind.

In a for-profit company there Is external pressure to control that tendency. If you put your department's goals ahead of what customers want, either management will step in, or the company will lose out to competitors and go out of business.

But in government, there is no such competitive pressure, and there are endless protections written into the law to isolate and protect departments and individual workers from any accountability at all. It's inevitable that government ends up serving only itself and the people who make a living from it.


The claim is the remaining unpicked door is now 2/3 likely to have the car, while your original pick stays 1/3.

I know that's the claim. But at the time you make your final decision, to switch or to stay, there are only two doors and the car is behind one of them. So how are your odds not 50/50 at that point?

The way I see it, it's as if your first choice never happened. You are now looking at a two-door choice, not a three-door choice. The second decision is the only one that matters.


Deep in the bowels of the boschian epic, the cartel, by their Mario puzo or robin moore, don Wilson, he acquaints his readers with fast and furious, he previous had chronicled deep politics stateside, one introduces the zetas, who ate Mexico's own paramilitaries vs a thinly disguised Guzman loera, of course the pan in this reading has proven itself quite corrupt, backing the latter against the former. The interesting thing is he does this in regards to another sting operation set in Barcelona.


The person who wrote that FB piece sounds a little nutty to me.

Paddock could well be an insane lone wolf. However, I have a hard time believing the complete lack of evidence toward motive. His girlfriend was previously married to an insane lefty. His brother has protested way too much, insisting from the beginning that Paddock acted alone and that there was no motive when he (the brother) could not possibly have known that without also having prior knowledge of the crime.

Captain Hate

I agree, Porch; it's a bit too much of "I married a fucking lunatic so I'm really really smart about all things nutty". Maybe he belongs at Cal Tech if he's so brilliant.


He didn't email or call anyone, evidence he was UN the casino prior to the event seems scarce.

Ralph L

How does one have 4 ankles, or was that a joke?


So how are your odds not 50/50 at that point?

I don't remember the show or the rules, but is this a Law of Averages fallacy issue? Very common for people to incorrectly perceive a probability based on what already happened.

After flipping a coin 10 times and it coming up heads every time, many people instinctively assume that the probability of the next flip coming up tails is greater than 50%, but it obviously isn't.

Smart people get burned by this in the stock market all the time.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

anonamom, rse,

Thank you! Just asked her and yes, she is on the generic. I told her to go to People's Pharmacy and read up on it and the generic.

Also, she said she is supposed to have bloodwork this month and I told her to call her doctor tomorrow and ask about switching to the real Synthroid.

One step at a time.

She has had a terrible time with all of this stuff. She had depression so severe several years ago she checked into a hospital. Because she had a job without insurance she got sent to the med school and a bunch of residents gave her diagnoses varying from bipolar to borderline personality disorder to plain old depression.

I didn't believe any of it because she didn't exhibit any symptoms of anything but severe depression which I personally believed may have been related to her divorce. (This happened about 5 years ago and she has been stable since that episode.)

Her meds seem to have helped her and she is happy in her job and even took a vacation a couple of weeks ago. She is the one who brought up getting off the meds, not me. I just didn't know how to help her or even who to advise her to see.

Thank you for the information. It will at least get us moving in the right direction.


Porch, your original choice still has a 1/3 chance of being right: There's always a non-car door to reveal, so that doesn't change. But the opening of one of the doors does provide information about the doors that you didn't choose.


From that 8:09 link:
Loretta Lynch lied about not using an alias email while under oath, she lied about the nature of her conversation with Bill Clinton on the Arizona tarmac and now she was caught using her alias email the day after her infamous tarmac meeting to decide on how she would lie to the lapdog media

I'm sure Elmer Fudd is getting right on this.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dan Bongino‏Verified account @dbongino 51m51 minutes ago

I met Harvey Weinstein at a Hillary Clinton birthday bash. It was not pleasant.

This is the guy who is a former Secret Service agent.


Here is what I saw at anonamom's 6:45 link:

Miriam is a 'limited case pharmacological phenotype.' What does that mean? You know where on the warning label it says: 'in rare cases may cause you to grow two heads and fly to the moon'? Miriam is 'rare cases.' Every single time she tries a new prescription drug (fill in reason here) she is 'rare cases.'

Apparently her drug interaction problem is something that was know her entire life.

Paddock? 64 years later and nobody has said boo about him having such a problem.

Was once listed as one of the top five Adult ADHD in the US and the only one who was clinically functional.

I wonder if stupid, in over his head, Lombardo is hiding an equivalent fact regarding the maniac?

So far the author's nutball wife isn't similar to the maniac.

Except someone with ENORMOUS coping skills who has had to deal with madness that drove others insane on a daily basis her whole life.

Find me a similar example regarding Paddock. A recluse that was allegedly rude to his girlfriend once at a casino and stared funny at a stranger doesn't seem to be on the same playing field.

Notably, she'd built up a list of persons on the Megan's (sexual predators) List and had developed very carefully constructed kill plans for each. She was tracking them and targeting them carefully. She has an extensive background in forensics and was probably going to get away with it.

Ok.. she made a list, he didn't. She had a background in forensics and he was a bean counter.

The closest thing the author compares in his essay is that she wanted to kill and so did he, with the exception that he actually did it.

I find his theory without merit.

Janet 🚬

I absolutely believe it. Aside from all the proof we've seen of that, it's just simple human nature.

Any group, no matter the circumstances of their creation or their original goals, sooner or later becomes about the continuation of the group, the protection of its members and the expansion of its power, and the original goals are left behind.

Well, one example is Creamer & Dem. groups ADMITTING they hired people to incite violence. They admitted they hired mentally ill people.

How was that story not HUGE?

What happened to Democracy Partners or Americans United For Change? Nothing, that's what.
"Robert Creamer -- husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky -- announced his resignation" - but that was it.

Captain Hate

Yes, jimmyk says it well. You're going from the 1/3 side to the 2/3 side.


The person who wrote that FB piece sounds a little nutty to me.

He's more than "a little nutty"--he married that woman AFTER all that!

Or at least, he's nor "risk adverse"! ;-)

Captain Hate

From further down in that NY Post link:

Leo Tolstoy wrote in “Anna Karenina” that “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Terror attacks are like unhappy families; each is different in its own awful way.

The unspeakable horror of 9/11 was a wake up call about how much some Muslims hate America and about the gaping holes in airport security and intelligence sharing.

Because another jihadist tried to ignite explosives in his shoe, passengers around the world must remove their shoes before boarding.

The Fort Hood slaughter taught officials to take signs of radicalism literally, even from those in the military, while the murderous rampage by a fiendish couple in San Bernardino spotlighted a program that admits foreign fiances without usual scrutiny.

The Boston Marathon bombing revealed the danger of something so innocuous as pressure cookers, and something so obvious as the need for the FBI to alert local police about residents pinpointed by intelligence.

From horrors in other nations, we’ve learned about the dangers of car and truck attacks, about airport terminal shootings and subway bombings.

The list of things we’ve learned in the last 16 bloody years is long but, as the slaughter in Las Vegas proved, not nearly complete.

It would be horror enough that Stephen Paddock carried out the most lethal mass shooting in modern American history under any circumstances. Yet the pain is compounded by how easily he circumvented all standard security measures, and the fact that investigators still don’t have a clue about why he did it.

As his brother said, the killer had no ideology, no religion, no politics.

That gaping hole, the x factor about why, is a bleeding wound in the American sense of security and safety. All the more so because investigators say he initially considered other attacks involving large crowds.

And yet nothing has publicly surfaced to place Paddock into any profile that would even make him suspicious. Although he bought a reported 33 guns in the last year, he passed every background check he was required to undergo.

He wasn’t a loner, but few people admit to having really known him, and none reported anything seriously amiss. So far there are no digital fingerprints or claims of allegiance to Al Qaeda or Islamic State, although the latter has claimed he was one of their converts.

Investigators scramble to find a motive for Las Vegas rampage
Investigators scramble to find a motive for Las Vegas rampage
It would be something of a relief if that claim were borne out. At least we would know why, and that would, in its own twisted way, be more satisfying than the maddening vacuum we face now.

The central mystery means we have entered a menacing new chapter of an already troubled age. The slow, steady progress we made in combatting terror, even from self-radicalized individuals, couldn’t save the 58 souls Paddock gunned down or protect the nearly 500 he wounded.

While all public venues have hardened their perimeters and internal security since 9/11, Paddock thwarted that simply by firing long-distance. He picked a hotel room with open views and was able to rain hell on the innocent at will.

Those bare facts mean our learning curve continues. At least some hotels likely will start screening baggage so that, hopefully, no other guest can casually take an arsenal and endless ammunition to a room.

In Washington, the move to curb bumper stocks and other devices that can turn semi-automatic weapons into virtual automatic ones is gaining steam.

These are all logical reactions, yet how does our society ultimately guard against an evil that has no logic? How do we combat an enemy so ordinary in appearance we can’t recognize it, an enemy that declares itself only at the moment it delivers death and destruction?

Tell me, how?

DeB Chris diss sowing hatred

It is a mark of Mayor de Blasio’s twisted politics that Columbus Day is now controversial and police protections are needed for Columbus statues.

Recall that the mayor jumped on the Confederate statue bandwagon by saying the city would search for its own “symbols of hate.” His continued refusal to exempt Columbus statues surely contributes to the spate of vandals defacing them.

Imagine four more years of his misrule, and all the things he could do to make New York worse. Then vote.

HS death ‘trap

Educrat nonsense of the week.

According to The Post, parents trying to get their kids out of a Bronx high school where one student murdered another face a rule that says transfers will be granted “where it is determined that the student’s continued presence …is unsafe for the student.”

In plain English, unless your kid is personally threatened, forget about it.

Hard ‘Times’ for creepy Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein now knows what it’s like to be a conservative in the crosshairs of The New York Times. The paper’s bombshell report was the opening salvo in a campaign not only to expose Weinstein’s years of depraved behavior toward women, but also to make him toxic in his profession and among the politicians he supported.

From the front page to the opinion pages, the assault is relentless. So far, so good, with the Gray Lady not letting its own liberal politics skew its coverage of a corrupt fellow traveler.


I witnessed Harvey Weinstein’s sleaziness up close: ex-waitress

Returning his cash doesn't solve Democrats' Harvey Weinstein problem

Activists want Democrats to return Weinstein donations

Tamron Hall: My new show is the best birthday gift
As for the defendant, Weinstein seemingly admits sexual misbehavior while simultaneously denying responsibility. His statement in response is a succinct example of everything wrong with modern liberalism.

He alternates between quivering and conniving, invokes Jay Z, references his mother and Bar Mitzvah, and ends by vowing to bring down President Trump and the National Rifle Association.

What sounds like a smorgasbord of raw emotions is a calculated reminder that he’s a longtime lefty who should get a pass. Besides, the sordid mess is not his fault.

“I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different,” he writes. He admits to “my demons,” but has hired a lawyer to “tutor” him and “I’ve brought on therapists.”

He insists he’s remorseful, wants to apologize and knows he has to change — so now he’s going to “channel my anger” by attacking Trump and the NRA.

To its credit, the Times doesn’t let him get away with the song and dance. A stinging editorial calls on Democrats who took his contributions, including the Obamas and the Clintons, to condemn him.

Good luck getting any of those grifters to return a GD cent, the jack travels in one direction only.

Captain Hate

Dammit, sorry about that mega C&P which included much more than planned.


You closed the italics, so there is that, CH.



Odd how they had no such hangups about the coz or ailes:



Good luck getting any of those grifters to return a GD cent

CH, I think someone mentioned here that they actually tried the ploy of "returning" the money by giving it to Emily's List, which of course just redistributes the money back to Democrats.


Yes, I'm 38-hot after that loss to LSU. But kudos to them; great effort after sandbagging themselves to an embarrassing loss to Troy.

I've been up for a bit and reading mostly this site. So, I've lined up a range of opinionated responses to some comments. It might be time to scroll on by.


It might be time to scroll on by.

Not allowed. Let 'er rip!


Miss Marple the Deplorable


That was me, and it was the DNC who announced that was what they were going to do. It was mentioned without any comment in the news stories, just like they were giving it to the Salvation Army or something.

It was Emily's List and a couple of other feminist groups I didn't recognize, but the Emily's List mention stood out to me as we KNOW they channel donations to the democrats.

A commenter on Twitter said it was like moving money from your checking account to your savings account.


If they had something they wouldn't be putting up billboards.

Posted by: windansea | October 07, 2017 at 11:33 AM

I don't believe that's accurate at all and I don't follow your logic at all. Somehow, you're certain the announcement of a desire to put up billboards can't be a tactical decision designed to prompt a certain reaction *and* you're somehow certain it can't be a logical tool to aid an investigation BASED ON TRAILS the killer left?

Seriously ??? Frankly, windandsea, it occurs to me that you can't possibly know either of those things.


A veritable Jarod Yates Sexton, narc.


How dirty is McCarthy that this stuff is ok with him?

Posted by: henry | October 07, 2017 at 02:38 PM

I'm not sure it's about him being dirty, henry, it's more about him being of a certain class inculcated to believe in the principled correctness of their actions.

That being the PROSECUTORIAL class of lawyer.

Whether of the liberal or conservative political persuasion, we need to always remember to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism not for the person but for the tremendous power wielded by prosecutors, all of whom are fallible and human, as are we all. We need to maintain this skepticism *because* of the incredible human temptations they are subject to.

While it is true that law enforcement officers are the most frequent representatives of governmental power the public is likely to engage with on criminal matters, prosecutors are *the* initial judge and jury we encounter. Oftentimes, they are *the* most important judge and jury in our system.

Scooter Libby would attest to this, would he not?

Janet 🚬

and then just awhile ago we had a lib. nutcase try & assassinate Republican congressmen out on a baseball field. He was sniper shooting at a field full of Republican congressmen.

How could conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, &/or deplorables NOT speculate on the LV shooter's politics?


I'm not following. To win the game the odds at the beginning remain the same odds from start to finish, correct? But, to the player, don't the odds change as they successfully complete each level?


(about McCarthy)

What to make of his allegation at the end of the article re unmasking, that if POTUS wants to reveal what happened and to whom he could because he is head of the executive branch--- but he hasn't.

What to make of that?

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | October 07, 2017 at 02:52 PM

Indeed KK

Why hasn't Trump made the IRS come clean regarding targeting conservatives? Etc.

In this regard, he seems to be as much of a swamp monster as others in DC

Posted by: mockmook | October 07, 2017 at 04:58 PM

Here's what I make of it; he's correct on the narrow point.

However, President Trump is strategically waiting on a range of issues, knowing that he holds the ultimate power. That's why you're reading these days of the desperate legal search for how to box him in on this special counsel. How to make some plausible argument he can't wield his plenary power to pardon.

McCarthy, for some weird reason, is of that crowd attempting to force the President to play his hand *before* a time and place of the President's choosing. I'm supremely suspicious of any attempt of that sort.

Trump is exercising his power supremely well and other than frustrating some of his more impatient supporters, there is little downside to him allowing these machinations to play themselves out.

I very much want him to play his hand as *he* sees fit. Other than my own political senses, it is primarily *his* signal I pay attention to.

I don't want to say damn everything and everybody else but . . . the McCarthy's of the world? He might as well STFU.

Captain Hate

a-mom, obviously I defer to your expertise in things like this but aren't the eeeeeeevil BIG PHARMA COMPANIES operating in a no win situation in dealing with mental disorders when it comes to arriving at a fail safe solution? By this I refer to the impossibility of designing of DPT vaccines which will be safe for everyone in terms of not having disasterous side effects on some people. And that deals with the relatively straightforward task of warding off specific pathogens.

There's obviously a demand for dealing with known but poorly understood mental disorders. I'm sure the FDA makes the companies go through a battery of controlled tests but the Feds haven't been the gold standard in integrity recently. Plus what guarantee is there that a doctor fully understands the nature of the malady he/she prescribes the drug to deal with.

IOW there are lots of variables in play.


(still working out the agitation after that football loss)

If anyone's clicking that 6:35 link, check out the guy in the upper right after 1:22.

Chick magnets, I tell ya!

Posted by: Extraneus | October 07, 2017 at 06:54 PM

I laughed at that, bigtime. I wonder if that guy was leaning back and thinking to himself, "Oh, hell, not this damn German MoFu student . . . again !?! I hate my life !!!"


TK, the odds have layers. ;)


Just fyi TK---it's only been since the genome has been "hacked" that the ability to test for genes coding for drug metabolizing enzymes existed, so Miriam's situation couldn't have been known (documented, anyway) her whole life.

Not arguing that she and Paddock are one and the same, but knowing of a wonderful family man and respected citizen who murdered his twin five year old daughters while his wife went to get a haircut and a young 14 year old who killed both his beloved grandparents, both shortly after getting started on SSRIs, then learning of all the buried studies that do show they create violent ideation in some people---as does Chantix---makes that an explanation worth considering.

(The buried SSRI studies are what has moved the FDA to require that ALL drug studies be presented to them when a drug is being evaluated. In the case of SSRIs, which repeatedly show no more benefit than placebo except for the most profound depression, it took years for them to get a study that showed benefit.)

HOWEVER-- the utter absence of ANY info on Paddock opens me up to others. Hard to believe they wouldn't find stuff on his laptop researching this...
And where are the first two wives?
The guys who run the range he would have needed to practice at?

Come on, somebody...

James D.

Porch @ 8:52

Just because you're left with only two choices at the end doesn't mean it's 50/50.

Here's a non-scientific explanation of it:



You don't need to verify all that if you don't want to.

Heh, Ralph L, I enjoy a challenge.. ;-)

Posted by: glasater | October 07, 2017 at 07:44 PM

Ahhhhhhh . . . sookie, sookie now.

(does anyone remember King Floyd - Groove Me ??? )



Re Paddock -- we know virtually NOTHING about what they have already collected, evidence-wise, nor about the full veracity of the public statements they've made.


so Miriam's situation couldn't have been known (documented, anyway) her whole life.

Here is the author's intro to the nutball's known issues, including her interaction problems:

My wife has had the same doctor since she was a child. Old 'country' doctor who is the only person who has ever been able to handle Miriam's many oddities. A limited list:

It was documented enough for him to list her childhood sawbones as a source.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Oct 7

More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on T.V. when you look at the one-sided coverage?

He retweeted his own tweet from yesterday, so I guess he wanted to emphasize it.


LOL, henry!

Captain Hate

Odd how they had no such hangups about the coz or ailes:

dumbassdave, in his unique trolling manner, made a point that I want to address: namely that we gave Ailes and BOR a pass on abuse claims so why not Weinstein? The reason is that unless you're sitting on a jury you have no compelling reason to regard every accusation as a blank slate. With Ailes there was no reason to regard him as a boorish cooch hound. Could he have been? Of course but most of us consider that unlikely. That nobody is even talking about it any more suggests to me that the whole thing was a set up and I hope Ailes kid ruins Rupert and his brats.


What Mccarthy fails to realize is why certain targets are picked, manafort gets a battering ram, but the firms that did the work, podesta and Co. Get a subpoena.

Why were the blind sheikhs merry band, given so little scrutiny, even after thevfirst works trade center, it took the follow in plot (which zwick borrowed for the siege. For them to take notice. And then Andrew let the most significant
Future, Ali mihamned skip the country where scouted the embassy bombings.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, unless I am missing something in this:

"AG Loretta Lynch told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) under oath that she only uses official email in November 2016 — after these above emails were sent.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: So you use official email to conduct official business?

AG Loretta Lynch: Yes sir. I do.

That was a complete lie under oath."


Looks to me like Trey Gowdy, by not using the word "only" in his question, gave LL the opening to tell the literal truth. Now why would an experienced prosecutor do that?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 5m5 minutes ago

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Treytor Gowdmouth blows it again???

James D.

What Mccarthy fails to realize is why certain targets are picked, manafort gets a battering ram, but the firms that did the work, podesta and Co. Get a subpoena.

And, worse still, when that subpoena is ignored, there's crickets from the DoJ.

Old Lurker

TK, and in typical Gowdy form, does it in a manner that fools our side one more time that he was taking the wood to the witness. And in so doing, again unless there is something else in that transcript, he sure sucked Gatewaypundit into falling for it.


Maybe, OL, but that defense would be about as convincing as Slick Willy's "depends on the meaning of 'is'."


Southern charm, OL.

Janet 🚬

Did Hillary have to watch Harvey shower to get campaign donations?

Anyone in the MFM ask her?


Psychotic and magically the nerves and skill of a professional operator , and all the while under this level of duress?

Just does not make any sense at all,

Posted by: squaredance | October 07, 2017 at 09:50 PM

Agreed, to a degree. I'm not thinking there's any deep state activity here or anything of the sort.

I speculated yesterday (I think) about an accomplice who might be of similar mindset but more of the lackey in the pair. Conversely, it occurs to me now that *Paddock* might be the real lackey in the pair, or Paddock might be the useful idiot who allowed a group to play him for the fool.

I think many of us are trying to make far too much sense out of what is publicly available right now and not giving nearly enough dap to the fact they are holding back OBVIOUS evidence they very clearly have.

They are giving (it seems to me) a sense of flying blind when I'm virtually certain they most definitely are not.

Finally, my senses tell me it is rarely beneficial to presume incompetence without clear evidence of said lack of ability. Other explanations usually prove far more respectful and accurate. We'll see what they disclose in this 60 Minutes interview. My expectation is there's something they want communicated to a wide national audience.

It may not be immediately obvious to us, but the party they want to communicate with [and there *must* be at least one somebody they're trying to communicate to, right?] will know the deal.

It might not be a perpetrator but someone who knows the perpetrator(s).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3m3 minutes ago

Senator Bob Corker "begged" me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said "NO" and he dropped out (said he could not win without...


I think more is coming. If I remember correctly, Corker said something about President Trump the other day. Since Corker was the enabler on the Iran deal, I have no pity.


New thread


My expectation is there's something they want communicated to a wide national audience.

I'm leaning towards a reveal on how our antiquated gun laws made this worse than it should have been.


ch, re: psychoactive drugs:

IOW there are lots of variables in play.

You betcha bud. And God bless all those front line primary care doctors that are dealing with the angst of modernity to the best of their ability.

And infinite blessings to psychiatrists, who are truly dealing with the most challenging beings among us.

What everyone needs to remember about drugs is that studies are essentially herd medicine. Which is definitely what vaccines are for--protecting the herd, and the cost is the occasional blitzed kiddo.
(We're all vaccinated at my house.)
You, on the other hand, are a unique snowflake.

The other thing to note in all this is that psychiatrists have been desperate forever to find a biological basis for what ails us--there's nothing they'd like more than to end the suffering. Which is why benzos and SSRIs were so warmly embraced.
(Which is why statins/low fat diet were so warmly embraced---same thing, different specialty.)

Fabulous book on the evolution of psychiatry over the past half century by a psychiatrist who's lived through it all, and is the guru of PTSD--which is simply major anxiety/depression is The Body Keeps the Score. $13 well spent.


Captain Hate

he sure sucked Gatewaypundit into falling for it.

I'm increasingly ignoring those links.

Captain Hate

Thanks as usual, a-mom.


Now why would an experienced prosecutor do that?

Good point, OL. Anyone here would have asked it more precisely.

Clarice Feldman

The reason it is almost impossible to secure a conviction for perjury before Congress is the questions are always so poorly phrased. Other reasons to be tested--proved unnecessary in the Reinecke case as we won on the lack of a legal quorum--include these: Questioners come and go and there's no consistent thread so the person being questioned may well be responding to something raised minutes ago by another Congressman, and unlike court proceedings the Congressmen can change the transcript afterwards with no record of the amendations and the stenographer is often guessing at what the testimony was because he has no opportunity to stop and ask for clarification. There's more, but there you are.

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