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October 23, 2017



College Football. NFL. NBA. WWE.

The last has excitement and intrigue. The first three have coddled jerks.

Kevlar Kid


Kevlar Kid

In case you are in need of fresh stories about the rapacious "electric" car industry.


New England Patriots -no
Alabama Golden State- yes

Jane (Stand against the Coup)



I was just talking with my law school reuinion date, who is a CEO and very smart. and I asked him if he read AT. He told me that he read an article there yesterday which was the best explanation of the whole uranium thing he'd ever seen, and he was thrilled about it.

I told him that you were my friend.

Captain Hate

Sure, anything can happen, especially in football where it's single elimination.

Jack is Back!

Who caress?

Bama, yes. The others I don't watch or even interested in.

Captain Hate

Is this one of Luis's deadbeat relatives? Btw are Asians now considered white?


Alabama, New England and Golden State

Sounds like the punch line of a Carnac the Magnificent joke:

What are flawless, ballless and lawless?

David, Internet Deplorable

The CNN ad mentioned in the last ad shows an apple, then a voiceover and subtitles read:

This is an apple. Some people might try to tell you it is a banana. They might scream banana banana banana over and over and over again. They might put BANANA in all caps. You might even begin to believe that this is a banana. But its not. This is an apple.



The boys over at Reddit have done a parody. It shows a picture of Caitlyn Jenner. Then it says:

This is a man.

The rest of it pretty much writes itself.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 4m4 minutes ago

Donald J. Trump Retweeted Vice President Pence

We will never forget the 241 American service members killed by Hizballah in Beirut. They died in service to our nation.


Vice President Pence‏Verified account @VP
Replying to @VP @POTUS

We remember our fallen heroes & those they left behind. We have a duty to honor their memory by defeating the enemy that took them from us.


David, Please give us a link.



It's amazing how Trump's opposition does his work for him.

Over and over and over again.

Magic, almost. Or Providential.

Clarice Feldman

wow, Jane--I was unhappy about it because I had so much going on, I wasn't able to spend as much time composing it as I would have wished to. Kiss him for me. You just made my day.

Dave (in MA)
Will Bob Mueller's probe backfire on Democrats?

Yes 81% No 19%
Howie says no, and I concur.
Clarice Feldman

David, Iowahawk was all apples and bananas today and I had no idea what he was talking about.

Clarice Feldman

daddy, looks like there will be drilling for oil in Alaska again:

anon ( AKA common man )

Brought over from the last thread.

Yeah Jane, we knew Clarice even B 4 Clarice was cool!



Nothing the Dems do seems to be working.
The low information voter has finally wised up.

Dave (in MA)

I just checked and rechecked, but couldn't find any Alabama teams in any of the four major sports.

Go Astros!


The boys over at Reddit have done a parody. It shows a picture of Caitlyn Jenner.

James Woods tweeted a similar concept:

Kevlar Kid

Does a math education professor with a hispanic surname engage in real mathematic scholarship?

I'm wondering if the mathematics department at U of I has a "math education" concentration. Oh, no? What a surprise.

As one of the largest teacher credentialing mills in Illinois (I went to the mill in Southern Illinois for an MScEd) it's likely the author was a math major who got advanced degrees in educational theory and curriculum development or, worse, educational pyschology and is now writing books "critically interrogating" mathematics as a discipline.

The push to change the language of more pythagorean references or changing the history of pi to something more Islamic or Aztec perhaps?

Such opinion airing has little to do with scholarship or advancement of methods for teaching the disciplines to young students.

More nanny-state coddling. Boo hoo. And the institutional response to the poor victims of microagression? Track those snowflakes into cartoon cutout majors like Latina Lesbian Studies where *everything is political and everything political is subjective.*

Get over it, Chica. You're one of the elites now. Give something back; something credible and scholarly.

Microagress this, mojada.

Chinese and Japanese students in higher education are viewed more positively when it comes to raw performance abilities especially in the sciences. They tend to enroll in STEM disciplines in greater numbers than in fuzzy wuzzy liberal arts disciplines.

The gripe of Chinese and Japanese American students in the 80s was that they were resentful of being viewed as "model minorities." They were not vulnerable to the stereotypical profiles such as those foisted upon blacks, hispanics, and Billy Jack noble savage types.

So, like Jews, "Asians" were rebuked by blacks, hispanics and BJNSTeez as "honorary white people."

Film maker Lee Mun Wah's "The Color of Fear" does a pretty good job of breaking out all the intricacies of the "melting pot."

David, Internet Deplorable

Unfortunately, the link to the video is currently unavailable. I hear there is ANOTHER parody coming out. It starts with a picture of President Trump. The voiceover goes:

This is your president. Some people may scream "resist," "resist," "resist," over and over and over again. etc etc.

I do believe that CNN is going to bitterly regret the day that they made this ad. The memes that are going to made from it are going to make Hitler in the Bunker seem like a bunch of amateur's work in comparison.



Captain, I realize now that I missed your original post on blacks' low savings. I was only responding to Deb's post and the Forbes piece (which I just skimmed). So your point is well taken, and mine is just a less interesting one that SS is a relatively big part of what lower income people count on.

And I'm not saying there's no problem in general either. There seem to be a lot of people who don't save much for retirement. It's not helped by the incentive to go broke so Medicaid covers your nursing home care. I've heard there's a whole chapter of Financial Planning 101 that shows how to game that.

But it is complicated: People often own their homes, and can get the equity out of them. And they have family resources, like better-off kids who will help out.

David, Internet Deplorable

Not the video, but here is a reddit thread that is pretty entertaining.


Clarice Feldman

anon, the only thing I've got going for me is the great research and exchanges by posters here. When typepad goes on the fritz I'm soeechless.


You are too modest clarice, one can get more substance out of one of your pieces, than about a full weeks of news reading.


here's one David:


More detail on Tongo Tongo, Niger. The SF guys were set up by the locals. They were under attack for an hour before they radioed for help. French aircraft responded immediately.


and so on...

David, Internet Deplorable

Man, still not tired of winning.



A possible conjecture, but dilanian is suspect for being a company and/or fusion conduit.


Tango tango is quite close to the board with Mali, which is where aqim/mujao have their opartions, but I'm guessing there are the same tribes in tillaberi as across the border.


This seems to be the main resource in that region:

Clarice Feldman

Mystery witness knows what the Russians were saying when the bribe attempts were made:

Clarice Feldman

narciso--you're too kind.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Is it just me or did Toensing not age well? Yikes!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Toensing shouldn't have let her hair grow long. That is what is making her look so bad.


This appears to be the local tribe:

But from my study in African politics, (well one course) the birders are very fluid over there


No'i'm being honest, I remember when rick Moran had that weekly roundup on podcast, is that still on.


"Is it just me or did Toensing not age well? Yikes!" Steph

"Toensing shouldn't have let her hair grow long. That is what is making her look so bad" - MM

wait - isn't it the boys' role to objectify serious women?? ;-)


A fairly objective precise for the region:

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

IDK, but it looks like the eyes to me. Like she got a Greta eye job and it sagged.

Clarice Feldman

I don't know, narciso.I don't think I ever watched it.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Clarice, I think it was one of your best ever - and that is saying something.


I did for a while, until I realized Moran didn't what he was talking about, and the other participants weren't able to steer him straight

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Thanks, jimmyk; it seemed like you were responding to something different than what I was addressing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I calls them like I sees them. I can also talk about Harvey Weinstein's scruffy beard, Chuck Schumer's glasses atop his Gladstone Gander hair, Nancy Pelosi's numerous facelifts, and so on.

It has nothing to do with anything but bad visuals.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The death of Whoreyweird will be so awesome, starting with these two dumbasses:

Btw there's an interesting discussion of card counting in the comments; the Horde is made up of varied talents.

Dave (in MA)

I think she looks great for 76.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Chuck Schumer's glasses atop his Gladstone Gander hair

Kicking Schmuckie in the balls repeatedly could be very therapeutic.

Dave (in MA)

I just heard, November 8th is National Piss off a Roof Day.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Agree about Schumer.


I know karzai was once with the taluban but he need to be clearer:


Here is the Jenner one:

art in newport

On MNF, a commercial by Tom Steyer calling for Trump's impeachment!

What the bloody he'll ... ?

art in newport

Damn autocorrect to he'll


Well that's I'll teach y to watch, now this is hitting steyer in the wallets, trumps policies are.

The Infamous Ignatz

Since Hill won the popular vote and the electoral college is like a hunnert years old or something and Trump is Not. Their. President. can we impeach Hillary prophylacticly?


Actually you still are:

But there are some flats...


Stupid to accept the Steyer ad -- probably lose more revenue for the broadcasters/league than the ad brings in.


Alabama, Patriots, Golden State... Who cares? It's hockey season.

Ralph L

Victoria's got her wig on.


This time last year, most thought 'Bama was invincible.

If that does get a responce out of Beasts, don't know what will:)

art in newport

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore, but this did.

The Infamous Ignatz

From somebody's link;
-- As many as 500 million neurons dwell in the gastrointestinal system and are connected to the brain via the vagus nerve.--

At first I thought this only applied to people with their head up their ass, but apparently it's everyone.

The Infamous Ignatz

Even if the multiverse theory is correct that there are an infinite number of universes, there is not a single one in which Kathy Griffin is not annoying.


Hard to decide who to root for:

Bloom v Griffin

(may they both lose)


Maybe we could get Neil DeGrasshole Tyson to work on the Griffin postulate. That should keep his annoying ass busy and out of our bidness.


I didn't think it was a cunning cunning plan, but what do i know₩

matt, deplore me if you must

Interesting how MSCCCP conflates the whole Africom mission into doubt and uncertainty over the deaths, however tragic, of 4 American soldiers.

The terrorists in West Africa are just as scummy as Boko Haram and the Libyan AQ's and the rest of them. They do not exist in a vacuum.

Niger has been overlooked as the attacks have been in Chad and Mauritania and Mali and the southern Sahara.

A lot of nomads and smuggling. Drugs destined for Europe often make their way through the area.

The Left wants to make the administration look as bad as possible and tar Trump so that they can deflect Obama's complete screwups on much larger stages.

It's the same with the whole Weinstein scandal. Deflect and make it about O'Reilly and Ailes to deflect blame from a party of serial sexual predators.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

If MM wanders by.... she got a posting on FB from Don Surber for something she tweeted and he retweeted and commented on.


Exactly, Matt there is so little curiosity about why some stories are that head on, and others are covered with a pillow.

Clarice Feldman

I;m with you mookmook..Now a mud wrestle for the winner would be pay per view gold.


Yes sahroui is the protege of belmoktar, and prhilosophically the kin of the late Mr. Al setty of Barcelona.


Don't tell Larry sabato, its like telling him the truth about Santa:

Clarice Feldman



Sure why, everyone can have an off day:

Anthony burgess wasnt creative enough.

Beasts of England

Ohio State was in a league of thieir own three years ago. Clemson and Bama were evenly matched the last two years. I'm happy with our position at the moment, but Georgia and Penn State appear to be formidable.

Howdy, Buckeye!!


Everyone runs for the hills:


Garrett is the creepy looking guy from midnight oil in the 80s


A happy ending for once:



I did not mention that last week we got hit with another Identity theft attempt. The Post Office sent us a letter to confirm that we wanted our mail delivered to a different address (obviously we did no such thing), and Momma's card got attacked so she's had to change that.

Tonight I read this from the Company:

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced it discovered signs of unauthorized access to payment card information from credit cards manually entered or swiped at the front desk of certain Hyatt-managed locations.

Approximately 600 crew members who stayed at certain Hyatt-managed properties between March 18, 2017 and July 2, 2017 were notified by Hyatt Hotel Corporation via letter. ... we are in the process of forwarding each letter to those individual crew members who may be affected by this matter.

I don't think there is any bad guy out there who doesn't have my info:(


A two and a half month breach? Are they are all on sheepdog mode, that's nearly as long as equifax!

jim nj


RE: Sen. Booker

I was born in Bergen County, NJ, and still live here. In Bergen, politics are generally sedate. In Hudson County, where in my twenties I worked for the Hudson Dispatch (Union City) and The Jersey Journal (Jersey City), I learned it was a bloodsport, nothing was out of bounds.

I didn't vote for Sen. Menendez or Sen. Booker.

I first met Sen. Mendedez in the 70's when I was working for the newspapers and he was a school board member. A few years later he went on to the mayoralty of Union City. Like all politicians in Hudson County, if you want to run for office, you run as a reform Democrat. IIRC, he beat a former Hudson County powerhouse who had been indicted on corruption charges.
I've met him maybe a dozen times since and he's a really nice guy. A moderate. I didn't care for most of his politics, but he was a really strong friend of Israel and anti-Iran.

I still wouldn't vote for him, but I give him his due as my elected Senator.

As to his current trial, I am reserving judgement, guilty or not, but I'm sure he is in this because he crossed Obama.

Sen. Booker is interesting. More liberal than Sen. Menendez, thus even less likely for me to support. I had a democrat friend who helped on his Senate campaign and who raved about how nice he was.

Raised in Harrington Park, here in Bergen County, in a town that may not have had another black family, he's comfortable in his own skin. Went to Stanford. Rhodes Scholar. Ran for Mayor in Newark, Essex County, another bloodsport political county. He won, then went on to win his Senate campaign that my friend helped with that year.

Here's the real kicker - he is, to my knowledge, the first Mayor of Newark not to be indicted, in my lifetime.

So, Deb, I expect that he will be out on the 2020 presidential campaign trail as you suggest.

Funny story. Booker was making a stink about Confederate statues in the Capital rotunda. I called one of his staffers, whose name I knew from my friend. I explained that this talk was an own goal, when I reminded him that all those statues were there because of southern Democratic legislatures from early in the last century.

Did anybody else notice how the Dems stopped talking about that?


Hey Jim, I lived in union city, before menendez became mayor as a young lad. Yes they held over these pecadillos sort of like the corleones did sen geary who is supposed to be a masque for mccarran.


Hoeevervwasnt that victiry, because Christie who i've dubbed 'staypuft ' would lift a figure toward lonergan. In the crucial 2013 race. I long sought what he did to schundler who was the real reform candidate was disreputable.

jim nj

When in the 70's the Jersey Journal sent me to photograph the Mayor of Harrison on election day. My assignment slip asked me to get a shot of a relieved Mayor after a really tough election bout.

When I got there, I explained what kind of shot I was looking for in front of the Mayor, and his staffers, when they laughed at me and told me that my assignment editor was pulling my leg. Turns out the Mayor had been in office for 32 consecutive years.


Jim nj,
Very funny. That's like getting sent to the auto parts store for muffler bearings and blinker fluid.

jim nj


Union City,Embroidery Capital of the United States.

I just remembered who Menendez beat. Long-time Mayor William V. Musto. I seem to remember as also a state senator at the same time.

Patterson used to be known as the "Silk City" because of it's huge production capacity in the manufacture of woven and dyed silk. Also spurred union action because of the massive labor involved in the production process.

Union City, Embroidery Capital of the United States, known for the industry that migrated from NYC. In NYC the looms racked back and forth so rapidly, and so violently, that they tore themselves loose from the wooden floors and walked across factory floors. Those firms moved to Union City, atop the Palisades, where they could anchor the looms in bedrock with concrete and long bolts. And the machines stopped walking.


Anybody besides me shocked to hear the widow yesterday?
Not surprised at what she said, but she ranks right up there with Trayvon Martin's girlfriend as far as her ability to speak English.
Lord, if she has graduated high school--eighth grade, even!--her teachers deserve to be executed for failing this young woman.

I was surprised to hear her, as uniformly, the service widows and parents I've heard are impressively articulate.
(Am I allowed to use that word any more??)

Years ago, my cousin the ESL specialist in the Blue Hell of St. Paul told me that they never do "accent reduction," as it is the rest of the citizens' problem if we can't understand someone's unique way of saying words.
Yeah, right, that's a real help in finding a job...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

I see someone on Twitter this morning claiming the confidential informant has recordings.

Since I do not know this person and his Twitter bio is cryptic, I have no idea if this is true. Putting it up here on the off chance that it is.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It occurred to me after hearing her, that possibly she didn't understand President Trump, either.

Thomas Collins

Suspense for all three teams. There are enough talented players in all three pro sports mentioned that none is a slam dunk.

One thing is for sure: Of the three pro sports mentioned, the Crimson Tide's players are the least compensated.

Colt .45s over Brooklyn in 6.


This details Miramax/Disney complicity since at least 1998.

43 year old Brit who was 24 at the time she (along with her friend who was raped) settled breaks her NDA to outline the multiple measures the attorneys inserted that made her think Weinstein would be forced to stop, or be fired.

You can file this under Why decent people come to hate lawyers.
(Yes, my son is an attorney.)

I have a feeling this is the base of the dam giving way---that scores of NDAs are going to be breeched in the next two or three days. There is no way they are going to be going after these people.


Here’s the exact wording, amigos:

This part from Umberto's column reads like a primer on Obama's non treaty with Iran.

“You (JFK) in your turn gave (to Khrushchev) the assurances that the so-called “quarantine” would be promptly removed and that no invasion of Cuba would be made, not only by the U.S. but by other countries of the Western hemisphere either.”


From Allen West's Facebook feed


Here's hoping rich is doing OK, feeling better.


WSJ on 401k limits in tax plan. Quotes Rep Baker, Chair of Ways and Means, saying the policy structure is up to Congress, not Trump. This is Ryan's "Better Way" tax plan. Ryan's fingerprints are all over this, and it looks like he's going to ignore the President and do it anyway.


From the WSJ article:

Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and author of the coming tax bill, said the president’s tweet didn’t change his panel’s plans. He declined to elaborate on what retirement-policy changes were under consideration, if any.

Brady, not Baker.

The article also quotes Sen Hatch saying Congress will do its thing, Trump can disagree.

So both Ryan and McTurtle are on board with this. Our retirement plans are not safe, in spite of the Oresident's announcements.

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