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October 26, 2017




Captain Hate

Squaw talk with forked tongue.


No doubt she will claim that she made light of it because it was the only way she could deal with the tremendous pain.

More likely it is as legitimate as her Native American ancestry.



You aren’t allowed to question her. She is a minority woman and you have white privilege.


Back in Realityville the guy had polio and could barely walk.

Also in Realityville, Lizzie was never particularly attractive, at least in any pictures I've seen. Always looked kind of schoolmarmish. Hardly worth chasing around a desk, polio or not. As in this picture:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am cleaning out dresser drawers, which I didn't do before we moved. This explains why I have a set of converter plugs for European electrical circuits, 2 pairs of unusable bifocals because my prescription has changed, a sheaf of direction pamphlets for old Nintendo games, and 3 Walter Foster drawing books (I also cleaned out my desk as well).

I am also switching most of my short-sleeved shirts to storage and getting out winter clothing.

Not exactly the most exciting afternoon, but at least I feel like I accomplished something.

Account Deleted

Lizzy's going to fall hard.

Account Deleted

Lil Debbie trying to get out in front of all that blood in the water re the dossier.


Account Deleted

With all the bad news beginning to turn on the Demz, looks like John Boy has taken to huffin' the hazmats under his kitchen sink.

What kind of fantasyland is this?


Account Deleted

The Niners be the Niners. A far cry from the old wharf rat teams of the 50s and early 60s. The current owner is dweebie.



Kev, that's the shadow world where Hilligula is shadow president.

Old Lurker

Kev "Lizzy's going to fall hard."

The first and last words there do not belong together Kev.

anon ( AKA common man )

“The FBI got in touch with us yesterday afternoon, and they have informed us that they will comply with our document requests, and that they will provide the documents Congress has been asking for by next week,” Ryan said at his weekly news conference.

“And we expect the FBI to honor that commitment.”

Paul Ryan gets results on the Nunes subpoenaed docurment.

I would say what took you so long Paul, but hey credit for moving this forward.


OMG. I just heard on Howie Carr's show that Bill tweeted re: Hillary's birthday..."70 never looked so good." Please tell me that is a joke.

Account Deleted

Good for you, MM. I took a truckload of old clothes down to a loading dock in El Cerrito. Destined for hurricane vics in Houston and Tampa.

House got measured for new windows all the way around. New roof, gutters and downspouts going on mid-November. Windows going in first week in December. Resurfacing the deck beginning next week.

Old heating ducts and gravity furnaced removal mid-January. New ducts and heating system to follow. Mortgage insurance paying for this part of the home improvement work.

Mrs. Kid and I are tearing out the tile in our kitchen. Will replace the tile with a bamboo laminate floor. DIY.

Ongoing painting going on inside and out.

New living room furniture is up for grabs right now... toss up between sectional piece and one of those twin recliner leather pieces. Cadillac problems. ;)

Account Deleted

At the end of that "Madame President" birthday article, Marlene, they quote Bubba lyin his ass off to the old Sot.

Account Deleted

But OL! Those two words *ARE* separated by three other words. I wouldn't subject you to that. ;)

Old Lurker

Still made my skin crawl Kev.

GUS at the LIEBARRY no kidding.

Like I said. Janet Reno may have sexually harassed LIES A BITCH WARREN.

No "man" would.

anon ( AKA common man )

Lets be honest here. Who here thinks Bill has slept in the same bed as Hillary in the current decade? Anybody?
Can the Clintons please go away and never come back?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid,

Some furniture advice for you from one who sold it for many years:

1. If you decide on the reclining sofa (recliners in each end) you will either have to do without a coffee table OR move the coffee table every time you want to recline one end.

2. Sectionals will usually only allow one arrangement of the furniture. This is ok if you guys aren't fond of constantly switching things around. (My sister, who rearranges her living room quarterly could never deal with a sectional). Also, make sure the fabric isn't going to show wear because wherever you plant yourselves will wear quicker. (Some fabrics will pill or lose color with a lot of wear.)

Now I will quit offering buttinsky advice. I think you will like the new floors. That bamboo stuff looks great in every place I have seen it used.


question from last thread: recommendations for whiskey that is strong on peat, budget considerations apply, asking for a friend.

Jim Eagle

Bringing over from other thread:

Trying to catch up. Back from JFK and a very tired Mrs. JiB. Nothing a glass of bubbly and an air bath won't cure.


Jordan Haerter, one of the Marines killed in your 2:50 link was a local kid from Sag Harbor. Every Memorial Day since 2006 we have a local vet's parade basically dedicated to him and his heroism.


Thanks for posting that link to Gen. Kelly's remarks. Semper Fi, Jordan.

Great about living in a small village with a well paid (hint, hint) police force is it is very safe and as a result Frederick bikes everywhere, rendevouzs with friends at Agawam Park, the Library, the Theater, goes to Mickey D's or Pizza places on his bike, etc.

We don't own a helicopter.


Over here all we have is CNN or BBC and CNN this second is running a segment saying that Lady Gaga and Joe Biden are teaming up to run some campaign against Sexual Harassment of women.

Joe Biden?


Common man:
Thank you for posting that.


Let me see... Roof, gutters / downspouts (house & barn), water heater. Check. Did furnace and AC last year. To go: water softener, add garage door opener, toss couch on bonfire, get reclining chair. Decks / logs redo staining next spring. Never ends. ;)

Frau  Zum Kotzen

Continuing to drag past late posts forward...

CH - agree. Our first Black Swan president may be an acquired taste, but I am very pleased with his actions. Dennis Prager played all of DJT's phone call shared by a Gold Star mother, who is black. It was friendly, informed and long.

Clarice, I long to know how many other propaganda condolence trips Rep.Cowboy Hat has made. Was this her first Dover rodeo or is she a professional? This seemed carefully crafted to coincide with the other Niger accusations against the president.

To walk over the body of a murdered soldier for political purposes and to misuse the grief of his family is beyond despicable.

Account Deleted

Glad to see The Gaga is feeling better.

Who approached whom for that PR stunt? yikes.

mike in houston

Here are the 20 R's who voted against the budget

Justin Amash of Michigan
Ken Buck of Colorado
Michael Donovan of New York
John Duncan of Tennessee
John Faso of New York
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Matt Gaetz of Florida
Lynn Jenkins of Kansas
Walter B. Jones of North Carolina
John Katko of New York
Pete King of New York
Leonard Lance of New Jersey
Frank Lobiondo of New Jersey
Tom MacArthur of New Jersey
Thomas Massie of Kentucky
Mark Sanford of South Carolina
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Elise Stefanik of New York
Claudia Tenney of New York
Lee Zeldin of New York

Frau  Zum Kotzen

daddy, you seem to have solved your photo posting problems or are you at home?

Back atcha. Is this another example of white privilege?

Woman skating in a skillet with slabs of bacon tied to her feet

anon ( AKA common man )

My taste does not run to heavy peaty scotch whiskey but if you want peat that you can smell from the open bottle then you want:


Cant speak for the exact price ( again not my taste ) but I do know that they do produce a 10 year version, and in general the shorter the years the cheaper the price is ( I tend to drink 14 or 15 year old scotch but have in my cabinet 18 and 21 year old single malt scotchs ).

Hope that is of some assist.




henry,you are correct,it never ends! Hubby spent all summer doing maintenance here in the woods and now it is time for another winter. We already have a list started for next spring!


Frau, I dimly remember a Paul Bunyan story where the giant skillet for the Bunyan-sized pancakes was greased by men skating around with bacon tied to their feet.

I wonder if your photo is from an old Paul Bunyan festival.


jimmyk, that photo of Big Chief Running Tab isn't so flattering, but just a few years earlier - hubba hubba:


There’s a story at Drudge about a corpse waking up during his open casket funeral. I question the corpse definition, but seriously I’m considering donating my organs to science so I’ll know for sure I’m not going to wake up in a casket already in the ground. ::heeby Jennie’s::


I won't link it since it's so grossly tasteless and unnecessarily risqué, but Kevlar's 04:54 off to the right has a link to Pamela Anderson, Julianne Assange's girlfriend, doing some nude shoot. The part that "also" caught my eye was this:

Age defying: Pammy was seen in London on Thursday at the Ecuadorian Embassy visiting her friend Julian Assange

So apparently Assange is doing OK and she keeps visiting. I wonder if she also is visiting Trump since apparently they are old friends?


Thanks frau,

I wondered why the site, want very responsive. Well more than usual.

I have more taino blood than red squaw.

Account Deleted

I took you for Arawak, narciso

Frau  Zum Kotzen

From exdem's 5:37--

So we have absolutely no penalty for those who actually broke the law. Koskinen suffers no penalty beyond leaving his job when he was scheduled to. And there is no disincentive for the Left to do it again, or even now since they still run most Executive departments because McConnell is slow walking Trump’s appointments; as soon as they get a chance.

Not sufficient.
Subotai Bahadur

Will there be a retirement party for Koskinen?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"If you have something important to say, send it by courier."

Candidate Donald J. Trump, 2016


There is a story in my family about an ancestor sitting up in her casket. Here she is - some other descendant must have put this together: http://miller-aanderson.blogspot.com/2011/07/eulalia-marche-1598-1690.html

I believe it used to happen reasonably often back when people were buried quickly and when medicine wasn't so advanced or was unavailable. It still does. Sad to think of the ones who woke up too late. :(

Account Deleted

This will be our 18th consecutive year *NOT* passing out Halloween candy.

Have a neighbor that's going balls out para Metzico...passing out mini-sugar skulls.

Bah humbug.

suburban gal

I see that the dossier and the $6 Mil were apparently arranged by whoever hired Craig Livingston


I saw the Bill Clinton with my very own eyes earlier today.

"70 never looked so beautiful"
Yeah, right.

That's as believable as him being up all night reading spy novels is.

We're not passing out candy either---covering call for our young partners so they can go out with their kiddos.
Like--on purpose! We offered!
I did hang the skeleton on the front door and put the orange and black tinsel over the threshold.
Decorations around here are over the top!
Those life sized skeletons are everywhere. As in six in one yard!

Guess it makes up for the oh-so-tasteful single wreath on the door thing.


Isn't that the origin of the phrase "saved by the bell," Porch?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't want to hand out candy because I can't gauge how many kids we will have, and I don't want a bunch left over.

On the other hand, I don't want to be targeted as a skinflint by the kids.

I dread Halloween because the dogs will bark non-stop.

Decisions, decisions!


My house is half a mile from the road, via gravel driveway through trees with live bats in them (yay! They eat mosquitoes). Haven't had a trick or treat visitor yet. (I even have beer for any parent that walks their kid that far).


Hi Frau. The Apple guys found the problem in the IOS 11.0.3 upload that clobbered my iPad and my iPhone so I'm good to post away like normal. Currently in Japan for the next 2 days, a prisoner of CNN and BBC. Have a bad cold so am just going to do nothing but hang out in the sauna's, eat noodles, and walk my favorite Bar Dog, "Inop."
Here he is in his favorite resting spot on top of the bar, waiting for me to take him out:

recommendations for whiskey that is strong on peat, budget considerations apply, asking for a friend.

Jim, I frequently bring Inop's owner a bottle of Balvenie 12 since it's fairly inexpensive at the Taiwan Duty Free shops.




Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Kev be careful if you are doing the bamboo laminate floors in a kitchen or anywhere that water can be an issue.

Had Pergo in the kitchen (oak look not bamboo) and the dishwasher gave out and flooded the floors. The flooring was cupping w/in 1/2 hour of the flood.

They now make a waterproof bamboo laminate flooring that is supposed to not have that issue.

Hope that helps. Your insurance company will thank me.


Pulling all the old insulation out of the crawl space this weekend and installing new. going from R-13 to R-19 too although the reason we're replacing it is the septic backed up last spring and flooded into the insulation and now we have mold. :(

Also going to paint the guest bedroom and put the new dresser and other stuff in it that I got in the Keys a year ago that is just kinds lurking in the corner.

on the menu for weekend after next (going to Biloxi next weekend ;) ) put 400 daffodil bulbs in the backyard where it is mostly 'naturalized' past the grass and other maintained area, strip the wallpaper in the powder room and paint it to prepare for the new vanity and toilet and flooring going in... doing the floor myself but have a carpenter doing the custom cabinet.

I've been so busy with K and the baby and all the issues with that I never got my spring/summer clothes any further than pulling the cubbies out and picking some clothes out to wear (and rewearing those same ones all summer - I work form home so not a lot of clothes) so those cubbies will just go back in the storage room for next spring.... Ha!

I do need to purge about 3 closets of work clothes and 2 cubbies of about 200 pairs of shoes that I never wear anymore. Gad the amount of dress shoes I had for work in the corp world.

Also getting quotes to redo all the cabinets in the kitchen with custom and quartz counters but I'll do the backsplash myself.

Then it is the master bath finish. Same cabinet going in the powder room will be done with a new linen/storage tower between 2 new ones up there and new marble counters in there.

then all is left is the master bedroom that looks like a nuke went off with all the crap stuffed in there 'decluttering' the other rooms. New wood floors and paint and a new barn sliding door between it and the bath.

Then I AM DONE!!!!!

lol NOT.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Is that the stuff you brought me? My son said it was very good and I agree, which is why it's all gone!


Halloween is a huge deal in our neighborhood - people come from all over town. There is one street that is closed off and people build haunted houses and stuff. I really like handing out candy, though, so I always try to get out of trick or treating with the kids. Bad mom.

Beasts of England




My grandchildren run around their neighborhood collecting candy then rush home to pass out the same candy.


We don't pass out candy because we don't get any trick or treaters
I totally do without Facebook or Twitter.
I agree growing up without much does provide incentive for achieving a better life for your children.
I took a few years off until my youngest was in pre- school.
My mother -in- law suggested a mortgage payment that could be covered with one person working.I enjoyed those years at home and now will work part time for vacation money.
Two incomes enabled us to pay off the mortgage before college costs happened.



There was a guy in the neighborhood who used to treat the dads to a shot when they were out with the kids trick or treating.

Easy to find, it was the house with all the adults on the front porch:)

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

We live at the bottom of a hill on a cul de sac and had zero last year... too damn lazy to walk down/up the hill!! Parents AND the kids. I always have chocolate in the house, though, so if some do wander by, I am prepared. I don't decorate other than a tinkerbell ceramic pumpkin and a mickie and minnie yard sign.


...send it by courier."

I'm with you Miss M, and I still would not be surprised to learn in future that Pamela Anderson was doing a little bit of couriering.

Ralph L

Sexism trigger warning!
This #metoo stuff is beginning to sound like the cycle-aligning business.

Account Deleted

Thanks, Stephanie. We got the waterproof stuff. Cost a little more but what the hay!


Please post pictures as you complete each project.
I want to replace my bathroom floor but need advice about getting rid of the old small tile and replacing it with ?.
New roof needed and windows in the front bedroom.


That's the stuff Miss M. Balvenie 12.

A favorite of Jet Laggers!

Ralph L

'Round here, the churches have parties for the kids, then the city sets off fireworks in the park. The father of my dad's HS girlfriend started that tradition with some left over from a rained out 4th.


About ten years ago we had number of Muzzie families living in the apartments at the end of the neighborhood.

Their scam artist brats would come to the door half a dozen times before the night was over.

Several of us had words with the owner of the complex. Now lots of Asian grad student families. Zero issues.


I don't want to hand out candy because I can't gauge how many kids we will have, and I don't want a bunch left over.

Get a bit more than you think you need, and if you aren't seeing a lot of kids, give each kid twice as much.

No need for any leftovers and the kids will love you.


Thanks, anon!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One of the things that makes the Trump Era so fascinating is that he doesn't do things the way the regular political types do.

I don't know how many times I read pundits saying during the campaign, "He's got no ground game! No offices! No consultants!"

No, he didn't. He thinks consultants are a waste of money. His ground game was on the internet, on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit as well as those rallies, which kept me entertained all summer! He didn't need 100 guys with clipboards or a staff of wannabee Karl Roves.

I would bet cash money Pam Anderson is carrying messages. Memorized, so if the Ecuadoreans decide to search her (as I am sure they are tempted to do - HA) they will find nothing.

I sure hope someone writes a book about this administration. Guaranteed all-time best seller! After all, look how interested WE are and we don't know half of what's going on!


Mike in Houston, thanks for posting those names of the "owners" of the no votes.

I just looked up Ken Buck from Colorado, wondering why he'd vote no (absent a bunch of angry constituents) and found this bit from Denver Post:

Republican Congressman Ken Buck has declared that the GOP “is dead” in a Denver Post guest commentary, saying the U.S. has been distracted with “frivolities” and that Congress has been unable to accomplish anything substantive since President Donald Trump took office.

Republicans carried a strong vision and values into unified government six months ago. We championed principles like limited government, job creation, border security and budget balancing. We promised to repeal Obamacare, enact tax reform and roll back burdensome federal regulations. But what have we done?”

The Windsor lawmaker is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, which has been a vocal proponent of pushing the GOP further to the right. But Buck’s pointed criticism of the Republican Party comes at a time of frustration for conservatives who are upset about the U.S. Senate’s inability to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Some top Republican lawmakers have also raised alarm about the turmoil in Trump’s White House over the past several weeks, particularly his spat with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Buck, speaking on CNN last week, said he thinks Trump and Sessions need to work out their differences in private and voiced support for the attorney general. The congressman also raised concerns about the now-ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s handling of that tension."

Hmmm, is all I can say. No worry about elimination of state taxes?

(My two granddaughters are here -- I'm not putting in proper punctuation, because they keep thinking of things for me to do.) :)


You have friends and animals all over the world.



If you have the 1" hexagonal tile, it's back in fashion. The hipsters love it.

Vintage tile is all the rage in all sizes and shapes - you might be able to sell what you take out.

Ebay vintage tile auctions


I see that the dossier and the $6 Mil were apparently arranged by whoever hired Craig Livingston


Lynn Jenkins, Kansas. This one really puzzled me, then I found:


Washington (CNN)Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins called President Donald Trump's behavior on Twitter "unacceptable" in the wake of his latest attack against "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski.

"They're unacceptable. I hope that they stop, and that we all can get back to civil discourse, treating each other with respect on both sides of the aisle, and putting good public policy first," Jenkins, a Kansas Republican, told CNN Thursday.

As "Morning Joe" was still being aired, Trump fired off a series of tweets criticizing Brzezinski for allegedly "bleeding badly from a face-lift" while staying at Mar-a-Lago around New Year's Eve.
In response, Jenkins, who previously served as the vice chair of the House Republican Conference, swiftly condemned the Republican president.
"This is not okay. As a female in politics I am often criticized for my looks. We should be working to empower women," she tweeted.


Is this the same Ken Buck that ran for the Senate against the incumbent?


Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, another puzzle to me. Of course I realize lots of liberals have moved to NC (since I lived there, but was surprised.) However, his reasoning is not that of a liberal, but a rigid conservative, (my opinion) who doesn't seem to understand this is just a first step toward a tax bill.

"Today, I voted against the dangerous and irresponsible #Budget2018. We can’t afford to keep doing this. More ->
https://jones.house.gov/press-release/jones-continues-stand-against-runaway-debt …"

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Link at 5:30
Does that mean Biden is going to quit assaulting women?


We always greet the kids at the door with our dogs in costumes. This will be Darby's first year and she will be a witch. Emma has a pirate costume (with peg leg for her missing leg) but she hates it so we don't make her keep it on for long.

Here is Lilly from a few years ago as a Ladybug. She *loved* Halloween because she loved visitors. I'm curious to see what Darby will think.

Tip: Only buy candy you like - then if you have left-overs - no big deal!
I have Snickers and Reeses and a bag of cheaper mixed-up things. Left-overs get frozen then doled out here and there with a cup of hot coffee.


So we have absolutely no penalty for those who actually broke the law.

In the end the IRS crime is exactly the same as the Ted Stevens Prosecution. Both achieved great Political advantage for the Left to the detriment of Conservatives, but none of the illegal perps ever got so much as a wrist slap.

Speaking of which, anybody have an update on the invisible Senator Bob Menendez Trial?


Matt Gaetz of Florida. Have no idea why he voted no.


The Buzz‏ @PoliticsTBTimes 7h7 hours ago
.@mattgaetz was the only Florida Republican to vote against the House-passed budget. Why? It was too liberal. http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2017/10/26/rep-matt-gaetz-lone-florida-republican-vote-against-budget/

So, it was too liberal. Hmmm. Guess Matt doesn't want to move forward. Guess he wants to spend 2018, perhaps longer, discussing a perfect bill.


Your post cracked me up.
Thank you for my laugh of the day.
I especially tried to envision peg leg Emma.
Lily is adorable.
What costume do you wear and how is your neck doing?


I guess my quarrel with the 'no' votes (of those without baying NY or NJ or CA constituents) is that I want President Trump's agenda to go forward. I'm tired of repukes not getting behind the president.

Also, I watched Stuart Varney (with my husband) through the voting tallying, and (I like Varney--think he wants what is best for the USA right now).


Booker and Graham testified that such corruption was routine for all Senators and Menendez is a great human. (Well half of that anyway, but the other half was implied).



As a female in politics I am often criticized for my looks.



I think justice denied is the hardest thing to accept in our government.
When Senate seats are stolen (Al Franken) and governor race in Washington(Rossi) with a flawed recount it can be discouraging.
I believe that this disgust did help President Trump win the White House.
Local races and state positions seem to be easier to control, if you keep a watchful eye on the process.


The everybody does it excuse in the Menendez trial.
I am certain the Judge was not amused.
The jurors must realize if they did this they would be sent to jail in a nanosecond.
Not such a convincing argument in my opinion.
Predicted verdict:
Guilty on at least one count if not more.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Yes they are Porch. No way in hell you can get them out without breakage, though.

I recommend a good porcelain tile that mimics whatever you want in the bathroom for the floors or continuing existing wood floors from whatever room your bathroom buts up against It's not that hard to weave it into the existing stuff in the doorway and lay it out the rest of the way from that. Marble look Porcelain instead of marble as porcelain has texture to it and doesn't get as slippery when wet. I really like the wood look porcelain as it won't warp like wood and it looks like wood. Easy to install, too.

Don't attempt a complicated pattern either as you will end up out of square unless you are a professional. Simple squares or a brick type midtile grout line like bricks on a house. Herringbone and other patterns look awesome but they are a bitch to do and look right.

The hot new look now is patterned tiles that have a bit of an art deco look to them. Looks great til they go out of fashion in a few years. Stay neutral in colors and save the 'fashion' touches to accents of a strip of specialty tile 4-12 inches wide if your are doing wall tile. It can always be removed if it starts getting too dated looking and replaced without needing to redo the entire area.

Subway tile is popular for walls, but I prefer the subway tile that has a bevel or something that distinguishes it from industrial looking subway tile that is in schools and hospitals... yuck.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, maryrose - I'll try to get a photo of Emma this year. I don't wear a costume - just dress up my pups!

My neck is out of the brace. I'm dealing with bouts of vertigo but that is not unusual. Started P.T. so stiffness/soreness is improving ever so slowly. I'm not complaining, though.

I've discovered that after my accident it takes a lot less to make me happy!

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Momto2- that is a great pix!


Balvenie? Thanks, daddy.

Hey, looks like you've got a dog in every (air)port!


You are an inspiration to us all with your positive attitude and appreciation of all of your blessings.
Praying that the therapy helps with head motion and increased strength in your neck.
Does it hurt to lift your head from the pillow?


Stephanie :
Thank you for the help.
I like the marble wood idea.
That yellow vintage tile is a match for the walls in my bathroom.
We have a 60's bungalow and the bathroom is the original tile I think.
We have replaced the sink and toilet and now need to do the tub and tile.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Will need to do more research on it.


OK, 49ers. Got it.
49ers donate $500k to anti-gun movement:

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

ISTM that this passage in Schlichter's latest could be said about another group of people.

"It’s a pose, a scam, an okie-doke. They want you to shrug and comply. Their strategy is to whine, complain, and annoy you until you become accustomed to obeying. They want to exhaust you with a never-ending litany of accusations of breaking the unending supply of new rules you didn’t know existed before you broke them."

Who would that group be? Wife and child beaters and abusers. They exist to belittle others and get off on the power they have.


Captain Hate

Is Emma a Morkie?

Congrats on your recovery to this point.


maryrose, I have been reading with great interest your accounts of your childhood. I am new here but think I read not too long ago that you and your sister were in an orphanage. When did you have a life with your family?


Should be wood look porcelain.
See why I need help.


I have a fully pink bathroom with custom floral bouquets in some tiles (fairly ghastly, but there you are). Even the toilet has its floral decorations (some former owner, evidently, lost his or her--very likely her, mind). Had no idea I was sitting on a gold mine.


My sister and I were at the orphanage twice.
From February of 1961 until The following Sept.
And then from February of 1962 until Sept of 1962.
My youngest sister was in a foster home in Cleveland Heights.
My brothers remained at the orphanage the entire two years.
My oldest brother graduated and went to StAnthony's home for the summer.
Tragically he went with 2 other boys to Edgewater Park to swim in Lake Erie on a bad weather day in August.
He got caught in an undertow and drowned.
We all came home after that.
We were there because my mother suffered a nervous breakdown and then a relapse.


maryrose, I am so sorry. How terrible for you and your siblings. I can see how you are so caring for people and give people like Ryan, etc. a pass. With such a sad childhood, I can see why you are so compassionate.

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