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October 27, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I wonder who charges will be filed against.

Pretty crummy that this drops on a Friday and we have to wonder until Monday.


Charges... Podesta didn't dot an "i" when ordering pizza with walnut sauce?


Mueller doing this, in light of what we know about the tenez translogistics deal, is like the corrupt police chief in the untouchables doing a liquor raid.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Several people on Twitter seem to think that if the indictments were damaging to Trump we would know who is being indicted.

Account Deleted

What is the likelihood these charges represent the culmination of Mulish's "The Russia Investigation" (CNN's title for their media "product"... such bullshitake.)?

Account Deleted

I raised that question because it seems plausible that it's time for Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Lynch and even the motherfucking Pope to circle their wagons. There are more than a few bombshells waiting to drop according to El Rushbo today.


Its just like gotham, you can't trust any of these (reacted) not a single one.

Another Bob

MM given events, that's gotta be the case. Anyone associatiable with Trump would have leaked promptly.

Account Deleted

Yo, Pelosi. Someone is lying to you about how you're doing out there in public.


She's sliding into the abyss and fast.


Mueller to personally frog march Ivanka in a sheer nightgown after an early morning swat team hit the White House.


Anyone associatiable with Trump would have leaked promptly.

I wouldn't be so confident. I presume they'll get Manafort for something, and the MSM will tie him to Trump. No way Mueller will touch anyone associated with Curbdive or JugEars.

Old Lurker

Fox story ties Singer to Rubio and Paul Ryan.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Long day. I am heading to bed and will post links early in the morning.

I will probably miss late-breaking news this evening. Oh well.



History does have a tendency to rhyme:

Another Bob

windansea | October 27, 2017 at 09:35 PM

Ivanka can simply claim Mueller groped her, and she's off the hook and Mueller will be forced to resign.


On the show, produced by fmr nypd detective Brno healer, the town from which Batman sprung is so corrupt that the penguin was once mayor, and now licenses crime, in the most blatant form of rent seeking.

Another Bob

jimmyk | October 27, 2017 at 09:37 PM

Not saying they won't get to Manafort, just that the lack of a leak (so far) would seem to point elsewhere. We'll see how it plays out.


When Marc Elias, general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, hired a private research firm in the spring of 2016 to investigate Donald Trump, he drew from funds he was authorized to spend without oversight by campaign officials, according to a spokesperson for his law firm.

The firm hired by Elias, Fusion GPS, produced research that resulted a dossier detailing alleged connections between Trump and Russia. While the funding for the work came from the campaign and the Democratic National Committee, Elias kept the information about the investigation closely held as he advised the campaign on its strategy, according to the spokesperson, who requested anonymity to discuss the internal dynamics.


Here's a few million Mark, spend it on hookers and blow buddy.


Pretty crummy that this drops on a Friday and we have to wonder until Monday

What is really crummy is that those links were posted here in "first to market" fashion without the courtesy of a heads up that they were no where near as exciting as their headlines.



So who was singers go between, the counterpart to elias. This just raises more question, who negotiated the deal with fusion.


(henry, I did see the dumbification of the Yale English major--but I looked into the particulars, and they're not that bad. Not any worse than my own institution, though that is pretty bad, admittedly.) Tony Podesta would be a nice entry into the perp walk contestants--if it's it Manafort, we'll know Trump will probably pardon him, unless he did indeed do something wrong, in which case he's on his own. Remember Libby writing to Judith Miller on the inter-rootedness of the aspens? For that grand jury, that was enough to indict, as clear (metaphorical) evidence of a hope to collude (what sillies--he could well have been talking about a natural history subject, and even if he wasn't a thin metaphor is thin grounds for this kind of evidence).


Narciso, just wait to see who drops dead from getting not robbed over the weekend and you will have your answer.

Clarice Feldman

Th interesting thing is that Singer's 2 issues were gay rights and open borders and the right never Trumpers were willing to dance to his turne although that certainly would have helped Hillary win.

Another Bob

Tomorrow's news today from Trump Insider Guy on twitter: It is Manafort. He will be taken into custody Sunday.

But Mueller is looking at libs too, at which point this will end.

Clarice Feldman

Thie is how unions do their dirty work, too--pay huge fees to professionals--pr firms and lawyers in particular to funnel the money to sleazebags to create havoc,commit crimes and dig up dirt.

Captain Hate

Oh dear God, Saint Gabby's organ grinder is on dimwit Colbert's show. Real Mensa material.

Yes, narc, it would be enlightening to find out the players and mechanism by which the GOPe plays let's slime the conservatives


Yes I saw that trumka was reelected to his post with the united mine workers,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Saint Gabby's organ grinder.
You're an effortless artist in invective, CH. :)

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Talk about a feeble arrempt at job security ~hey I indicted someone so you can't fire me. I'm disgusted.


I feel sad for her, now mark I would like to interest in a grenfell tower flat, this ksbuki seems to play in increasingly more selective states like Connecticut and California, once we've read Sarah bradys playbook the gig is up.

Another Bob

"Apparently Dana Boente, the U.S. Attorney who announced his resignation today, was not planning to resign. His office helped with Clinton and Trump probes. Hmmm..."



Donald J. Trump

“How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia”
➡️(link: http://nypost.com/2017/10/26/how-team-hillary-played-the-press-for-fools-on-russia/) nypost.com/2017/10/26/how…


Seems like if it's not Manafort, it could be Tony Podesta.


Probably too much to hope for.




Astros up 5-1 in 6th but Bums threatening. 2nd and 3rd no outs.


According to James risen, neither manafort or his fatty were nitified of an indictment.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They'll deliver the indictment Monday morning with a lock pick and ARs.


Probably, what do they have failure to disclose foreign registry, bow that boentes gig at national security division. And that rosen not risen.

Captain Hate

These four hour games are too GD long. Speed it up, idiots.

Clarice Feldman



F'n Attorney, Clarice.


You no speaka narciso, Clarice?

Remember when games were 2 hours, sometimes less? Now they let the batters step out and scratch themselves between every pitch. Plus long breaks between innings for commercials.

Clarice Feldman


Strawman Cometh

His atty., I'm sure. At 1st I thought narc was making a snide remark about Manafort's notoriously lingerie clad spouse.


On rosens Twitter. But as they say these folks say hello with battering ram and full body armor. What I like to call the cyndi archer treatment.


Rand Paul op-ed:


Clarice Feldman


Clarice Feldman



James Rosen
Attorney for @PaulManafort tells me neither he nor his colleagues have received any word of their client being indicted. cc @realDonaldTrump


Clarice Feldman



You bet, Clarice.

Captain Hate

Remember when games were 2 hours, sometimes less?

Mrs. H and I attended the, at the time, shortest game at then Jacobs Field at 1:47. Pitchers duel with lots of first pitch hitting outs.

Jim Eagle

Just spent an hour and half plus two glasses of wine reading this thread and half the one before. Interesting.

I am of a mind that Mueller will either produce something legitimate or a dud. I am going for the dud. Outside of everything the dossier, unmasking and Uranium One are the most visible signs of criminal activity during the Zippy years leading up to the "collusion" fantasy.

If his indictment totally ignores those events, he has spent our money on looney tunes level investigations.


Just finished the latest thread. My goodness what a ton of revelations have occurred today. Bill Kristol, Paul Singer, Matthew Continitti, McCains Deputy Campaign guy---all these guys knew and have known for forever that they got the ball rolling and they stayed quiet in order to give legitimacy to efforts to destroy Trump. Nasty bastards all.

I want a no knock middle of the night raid on one of the bad guys to put the fear of god into the Left. I think the Columbia Professor who passed on Comey's leaks to the New York Times might be a nice target to start with, but I'm open to suggestions.

Very exciting Ball Game broadcast over here live, and no advertisements is a real bonus.

Jim Eagle

Just spent an hour and half plus two glasses of wine reading this thread and half the one before. Interesting.

I am of a mind that Mueller will either produce something legitimate or a dud. I am going for the dud. Outside of everything the dossier, unmasking and Uranium One are the most visible signs of criminal activity during the Zippy years leading up to the "collusion" fantasy.

If his indictment totally ignores those events, he has spent our money on looney tunes level investigations.

Jim Eagle

Now how the hell did I do that? Sorry for the double post blame Mueller, not me.

Jim Eagle

Mercy lost tonight on two very questionable official's decisions regarding 2 touchdowns not given. Unfortunate, but hey, that's the game. Some days the calls go your way and some days they don't.

I learned the hard way that you have to win your games on your own. The Refs can inflluence but if you are the better team, you'll usually win.

Tough night since it eliminates from the Class VI playoffs. But they are the Champs of the East End having beat all the teams in their Class VI who are out here.

There is always next year and we only graduated 6 seniors off the team.

Account Deleted

JiB---> congratulations on getting thru the season without being maimed or incapacitated (your boy I mean!) the week after football season ends is pretty sweet as i recall--- a sense of accomplishment no matter how it goes W-L wise. Lot of hard work and dedication. I remember when you said earlier this year that "camp" had started.. that was a long time ago in "football years" eh dad?

Have a great weekend!

Kev #63

Account Deleted

Article recapping Wulf Blitzer's interview of Leon "Pancetta" today where Leon says the dossier may be a case where the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing..... from the comment section
someone says how they feel about Wulf---

"Cheeze Blintzer, a crappy stuffed pancake with zero nutrition. The wimpy little troll"


Panetta who signed off on the uranium one transfer, who was on the other side till the 90s in congress, that guy.

Jim Eagle


Thanks. Yes a long haul from mid July to now. But my guy hadn't played a down of tackle ball only flag and that was 3 or 4 years ago. Learning experience in skills and the difference between triump and defeat. He now knows the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, if I can steal Jim McKay famous opening to Wide World of Sports.

Why don't we have that on again?


Because the primal screams by the sjw stAffers would be like Donald sutherland in body snatchers, mind you not a reason to do it.

Jim Eagle

I finally stay up past midnight and GUS and rich disappear. Like Rodney Dangerfield I get no respect.

Jim Eagle

But not for long.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen

Clarice Feldman

Going to bed--so tired. No marshalls at my door yet.

Account Deleted

I loathe the reality that politics in the USA permeates every aspect of everything. Mrs Kid and I are breaking out into some new ventures that require use of social media to advertise and market our offers.

In the spirit of transparency, I must confess to my fellow JOMerz about a recent business victory that required spending some money with an enemy.

FaceBook is a powerful social media advertising tool. Our recent venture in the travel industry had presented us with challenges to develop leads using social media.

We spent $300 on a Facebook ad campaign that ran for 20 consecutive days.

I wrote the dozen ads we used to reach out to 22-55 year old female entrepreneurs.

Facebook uses their fancy algorithms to present our ads directly to the most relevant audience members out of the billions in their system.

Our ads pointed viewers in the direction of that video we had produced featuring Mrs. Kid. 25,000 women saw the ad for the video while 1800 people clicked through after watching the video to find out more about our company and the opportunity we are offering.

We "closed" 228 out of those 1800. No travel, no phone bill, no sales staff, practically zero overhead at all. In one year that ROI represents
over $8.6 million in revenue. No brag. Just a natural fact.

For the money this is an incredible ROI.

But we did the Facebook campaign as a head-to-head test of another social media marketing firm-- Promolta. Promolta focuses on YouTube to bring video promotions to 10,000 different demographics to generate leads.

Our advisors were pro-Facebook because that was their experience and recommended we at least test Facebook to compare to the little known Promolta.

Promolta brought in twice the number of leads (almost 4000) and we closed nearly 75%. We spent 44% more on the Promolta campaign. That's NINE FIGURES in annual revenue.

Recruiting those numbers are the groundwork for securing that revenue. We hae a lot of work to do to nail it down. But getting the numbers onto our rolls is step one.

So... the upshot of this is that we don't have to wonder if "we really should be advertising on facebook."

But we have systematically eliminated them from future consideration.

And we have a standard by which to measure the potency of new players who cross our path.

Marky won't get another dime from us. They are effective--- but not the only game in town. He is pulling in a lot of dough though. A lot of dough.

This was my maiden voyage in social media advertising--- I must say it is quite fun, even if I am a total relatively unpolished newbie.

Cool stuff to be learning new skills for a new kind of business model.

But here is the real upshot of all of this, JOMbreros.... we intend to support local conservatives in California and local conservative causes.

Private sector profits MUST be leveraged against the Left.

The Left is vulnerable because their graft machines are sputtering.

And as unfunded liabilities begin to slam shut local and state sources of gravy for their causes, we have an opportunity from private sector sources to strengthen our ranks without burdening taxpayers.

We also don't have to embroil ourselves in the corruption of non-profits who are lobbying and getting away with it (unless they are conservatives.) We can build something better.

We started planning 22 years ago in 1995 back in Bernie's stomping grounds, Burlington Vermont.

We laid out a plan when this type of technology was barely beginning to be hatched. It was a 25 year plan. And now we have tapped into a revenue stream that will continue to grow.

We will be reaching out to other conservatives who are interested in revenue generating systems that can 1) improve the quality of their lives, their family's lives; 2) take their retirement nest eggs off the risk table within one year's time; and, 3) financially support the leadership training and grooming of our next generation.

Yes, there are battles that need to be fought now. But we need to be sure that we don't underfeed our next generation. We can crush the left.

What am I thinking? More independently funded education for teens around the Constitution and governance.

More independently funded outdoor survival training courses, including weapons training and home defense, search and rescue, public speaking, supplemental STEM education and summer internship/fellowship programs.

This has been a long challenging slog. What triggered it was being thrown out of hire ed by the liberal democrat machine that runs the college and university snowflake mill.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Liberalism must be defeated. And we need a lot of cash and dedication to get this done.

To hell with Mueller and the Uniparty. I firmly believe we will win this.

Dave (in MA)

When you've lost Mel Cooley,


City-Nite, Clarice.

Here's Newt's take on the entire Russian scandal and his suggestion for how to actually get to the bottom of it: Newt Gingrich: The Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal and may be destroyed by it

The first thing Congress should do is demand that every single dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives be made public to show exactly where the Clintons derived their money. I suspect there are millions of foreign dollars hidden away in foreign subsidiaries that were never reported in financial disclosures.

The truth about the level of foreign donation, influence peddling, and outright corruption involved in the Clinton world could change American politics forever.


Adam Schiff rears his ugly head once again: Rep. Adam Schiff floats new probe over Trump's involvement in lifting FBI informant's gag order

...Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, floated the possibility of a new investigation in response to news that President Trump actively pursued lifting a gag order on an undercover FBI informant so he could testify to Congress about the Russian nuclear industry's bribery and money laundering during the time of the Obama administration.

“If President personally intervened w DOJ to advance case against political opponent it’s beyond disturbing; I intend to pursue in new probe,” Schiff, D-Calif., tweeted Thursday night.


I'm seeing speculation like narciso's. Not a central figure and the charge is something indirect like not registering as a foreign agent.
Not specifically dossier related at all.


Byron York makes a good point via 6 Twitter posts:

1/6---Looking at dossier itself, sure seems Kremlin-linked Russians were participating in anti-Trump effort…

2/6---For example, dossier Source A is described as 'senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure.'

3/6---Dossier Source B is described as 'former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin.'

4/6---Dossier Source C is 'senior Russian financial official.'

5/6---None of that means Russia wasn't conducting big effort to interfere in US election. By all accounts, it was…

6/6---Just means Russian campaign was more complex than the hurt-Hillary-help-Trump effort some want you to believe.


Who the heck knows it whatever a Hillary contributors dart hits in a random toss

Ralph L

Going to bed--so tired.
Posted by: Clarice Feldman

jim nj


And others. I had a bad problem with my left knee in the 90's, particularly when I was walking on NYC sidewalks. To drain rain, they're not level, but pitched 10-20 degrees toward the street. I finally figured out that one side of the street was worse than the other. Saw a Podiatrist and found out that my right leg was shorter than my left and that I suffered with pronation. Pronation is a high arch that collapses when you put weight on it. In other words, your feet roll inwards when you walk.

The normal shoe heel wear and tear is on the outside of the heel for people with a normal gait. For me it was on the inside of the heel.

So the podiatrist suggested custom orthotics and a 1/4 inch wedge for the right foot. The custom orthotics sucked. If one of your feet isn't cast properly, as in my case, they're worthless.

Over the counter orthotics are cheaper and as effective.

I normally wear New Balance M940WB2 sneakers which are designed for over-pronators and a LYNCO orthotic for arch support.

Here are two links
for Lynco and if you explore the site they have a retail store foot measuring device that will analyze foot problems.

which has something similar rolled out more widely at Walmart's

Both are free to use and save a podiatrist's fees.

I don't know if this applies to you, Ig, but maybe it will help someone else. In my case, I found out that I didn't need knee surgery.

Account Deleted

Does Mueller know what the ungagged informant knows?

Account Deleted


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a local program designed to assist veterans who are struggling with a variety of issues.

Captain Hate

Let me get this straight: Schiff is against Trump doing something that facilitates a committee he sits on to be able to do its job?

Well done, Californicates, for dropping this rancid turd in the punchbowl.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a link to a new book whose aithor was justinterviewed on Fox. The book is "Republican Like Me" and is written by an NPR executive who went undercover into Republican circles, and learned we are not at all what he thought. The premise is how polarized we are politically and how newsrooms are in a liberal bubble.

Unlike my family, which is divided in both left adn right, 60 per cent of people know NO ONE of the opposite party, whether they are Republican or democrat.

I thought this looked like an interesting book. The author said his attitude really had changed a lot by the end of the year.

Captain Hate

The Horde sports report:

You know, I couldn't help but think that the pre-game ceremonies for the World Series were a subtle slam at the NFL, what with the huge American flag and all the players standing at attention and the member of the military singing the anthem and all.

Then the actual live bald eagle flew around the stadium and there goes subtle right out the window.
Posted by: alexthechick - Ragebunny. Hopping all around. at October 27, 2017 09:08 PM (dEQP3)

The Dodgers are in big trouble thanks to Darvish not getting out of the second inning and gassing the bullpen, on which they over rely on per Smoltz, for two more games in Houston with no rest. Whoever's starting for them tonight better not get lit early.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

The Horde was not impressed with the NPR safari into the Unpeople of Jesusland:



Schiff is total pond scum, CH. Nothing he does surprises me.

Reading this delightful article from my Twitter feed this morning that RG "liked" about how next to zero of the base supports the whining of Flake, Geo W et al


made me think about Flake, who despite NOT supporting POTUS in 2016, was being considered as part of the administration, but failed his interview.

Unlike Nikki Haley--who I think has done an outstanding job in a role I feared was too big for her to handle.
She didn't support POTUS either. How did she get appointed??

Besides POTUS being a SUPERB judge of ability to date, pretty much, I think he assesses their commitment to the big picture.

Do they understand that we are in an active Civil War?
That their support and actions and words are going to determine whether this nation survives?
That Flight 93 thing.

Because Ryan, Geo W, Flake, Romney et. al. sure as hell do NOT.

I bet Nikki does.


Gee, MM, the excerpts I read of that book last week made me think it was an Onion parody.
Honest to God!

But I've heard the author being interviewe, so I know it's legit.
He sounds like he took an extended trip to the zoo.
"Oh my! Look at the pretty conservative!
They have two eyes and ears and gosh, are productive citizens too!
There are even people with IQs above 110 who believe in God!"

It is an amazing documentation of how totally clueless living in DC makes a person.

Two totally different worlds, his and mine.

daddy on iPad at the Jet Lag


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, I understand how you feel. However, I appreciate the man's willingness to at least find out what our side thinks, rather than continuing the left's vendetta on the right with caricatures of conservative thinking.

Nor a perfect vehicle, but a decent first step.

My family is about evenly divided politically, although we aren't divided culturally. One brother is a union democrat, one sister is a traditional democrat with attitudes which haven't changed from her youth. Of the children, my daughter, 2 nieces and one nephew are democrats. My son, another nephew and 3 nieces vote GOP. My grandkids are split politically, as well.

Because of this, we have learned not to characterize those of the opposite party as villains, and we tend to argue over issues individually, because we do agree on some things like culture.

Of course he sounds condescending, as NPR people seem to believe they are more intellectual than the average American. I was just grateful that our side wasn't demonized. Maybe we could have a discussion about why so many of us are polarized and who benefits from the polarization.

Janet 🚬

The Horde was not impressed with the NPR safari into the Unpeople of Jesusland:

Same for me.

And anonamom, your comment is exactly right.

Here's the NYPost link again - http://nypost.com/2017/10/21/the-other-half-of-america-that-the-liberal-media-doesnt-cover/

The whole end part is sickening:

"The mainstream media is constantly under attack by the president."...

" We should all be worried that more than 65 percent of voters think there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media and that our major media institutions are seen as creating, not combating, our growing partisan divide."....

"Some of this loss of reputation stems from effective demagoguery from the right and the left, as well as from our demagogue-in-chief,"...

"None of this justifies the attacks from President Trump, which are terribly inappropriate coming from the head of government."....

Clarice Feldman

jim ny --I was going to suggest that to Iggy as well. I think when his ankle pain subsides he ought to consider it. I had an ankle that swelled up for a while and exercise and arch supports did it--pronation was the problem, too.

Captain Hate

Poor babies. People are woke to your divisive partisanship, bitches, and you brought every damn bit of it on to yourself. But keep blaming the Drumpftard for your self inflicted problems. That just gets 8 years of it.


OMG, check out The Week in Pictures. Someday I will learn how to do that linky thing.



Oh, it happened automagically!


Automagically, I love that.

I liked that comment from the Horde on the post about the NPR guy:

"Conservatives In The Mist."


Great week in pictures link, too! Thanks hoyden.

Jim Eagle

The excerpts from the NPR Exec's book seemed a tad condenscending to me.

My interpretation: Nice folks, wrongly perceived but not as worldly or intellectual as we are but they know how to shoot a gun, fix a flat tire and fly a flag.

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