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November 07, 2017


anon (AKA common man )


anon (AKA common man )

Yeah craning my head towards the north and east

so beachcentric of me


anon mentioned exit polling. Take with giant grain of salt:

[–]Shrimpcookin1VA 6 points 9 minutes ago Gillespie handily winning the W&M exit poll in Williamsburg/James City

Private poll according to commenter.

Don Palmer ⚖️ 🗳️‏ @VotingGuy

Mecklenburg County #Virginia on NC border, East of Danville reports much heavier turnout than expected. #VirginiaElections #ElectionDay

Mecklenburg went for Trump by 11-12 points.

This guy has lots of updates:

anon (AKA common man )

Mecklenburg is a small county and by itself means little. However if its a bellwether of all of south and west Virginia, that would be a very good sign for Gillespie and the other Republicans on the ballot.

anon (AKA common man )

Lots of anecdotal reports on Twitter about AA precincts appearing to have anemic turnout. Since AA voters virtually monolithic in Democrat voting, this would certainly be a big plus for Gillespie.

anon (AKA common man )

Fox Business is saying that President Trump is calling Republicans in Virginia via robocall and urging them to get out and vote. Mecklenberg seems to be responding to the whip.

Polls close in less than 3 hours I think.


Trump not invited to Paris December climate change summit for now, says France

Dave (in MA)

Welcome to MA,

click on it
you know you want to


I so enjoyed watching the meltdowns on election night 2016.

Jack is Back!

RIP, Roy Halladay!

20th perfect game in baseball.

Dave (in MA)

Plane crash. Jeez.

Jack is Back!

NoVa is the key. If you can slow the turnout there the rest of the state will prevail. NoVa is DNC ground zero.

Kevlar Kid

Gillespie would make 33rd GOP governorship?

This Deep State Uniparty cabal appears to be more and more like the Great and Powerful Oz. Were they to lose the media would we know they even existed?

What advantages does POTUS have given the imbalance of GOP to Emocrat governorships? Does it matter given possible anti-Trumpers in the governors' mansions?

I leave to more astute minds.

Jack is Back!


What we have is a Democrat Party now of leftover Ivy League deep staters, who BTW are worthless at their jobs, the Left Coast, parts Virginia, bits and pieces of major urban areas representing sexual deviants (in the grammatical sense), some unions, feminists, some troubled ethnics and whole lot of victimhood.

If you modeled that statistically, you would end up with a minority from now until the stars collide.


Uh oh.

Trump’s DHS Nominee Authored Pro-Mass Migration Report with Multinational Corporations, World Banks

“The key policy issue confronting Europe is not whether to accept forced migrants but rather how to turn the associated challenges into opportunities,” the report stated.

“Reframing the discourse surrounding refugees from one of risk to one that recognizes the substantial social and economic contribution they can make to their host societies is increasingly important in light of the current largescale influx of migrants into Europe,” the report urged.


I think I'll stick with Maria and Nefertitty.

Pop Singer Sia Tweets Nude Photo in Effort to Thwart Paparazzi

Sia posted the blurry nude shot showing her behind Monday and added: “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free.” The photo includes a watermark denoting it as a preview shot and has a message that says 14 additional photos would be made available if purchased.

The Australian singer is known for appearing on stage and in music videos with elaborate wigs and masks covering her face. She has explained in the past that she hides her face at times to maintain privacy and avoid a celebrity lifestyle.

Jack is Back!

Again. Trump ahead of the curve and right!

NEW: Texas gunman escaped New Mexico mental health facility in 2012, according to documents obtained by @KHOU
2:10 PM - Nov 7, 2017

anon (AKA common man )

I think Virginia would be 35 Rs except that there does not seem to be much hope in NJ so then it would be 34.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Dave, I'm here for 6 more days. We should go visit him.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Fair fax county has a 33% turnout in VA. Is that left or right

Jack is Back!

Left. Good sign.


Left, Jane.

Then there's this:

Don Palmer ⚖️ 🗳️‏ @VotingGuy

Alexandria says turnout will be in 40's. Total turnout from 2013 was 41,452 voters or 49.83% #bestIcouldget #VirginiaElections

anon (AKA common man )


According to the Fairfax county website, the turnout in November 2013 was 46.8%.

Not sure where your number came from, and for example does it include absentee votes also. But with only a couple of hours to go, if its all votes, they better hurry to match 13. Almost 14% ( or not quite 50% of the votes cast early and all day, will need to show up in the next two hours ).


Another blue county with low turnout:

Don Palmer ⚖️ 🗳️ Retweeted Melissa J. Hipolit‏ @MelissaCBS6 20m20 minutes ago

40% of registered voters have turned out in Henrico County so far. Still 2 hours remain. In last gubernatorial election, 51% voted @CBS6

anon (AKA common man )

missed your question. That is ground zero DNC.

Tons of government workers.

I think in 2016 it was about 2 to 1 Democrat...

Kevlar Kid

Great link, Extraneus. Fairly good summary of how the multinational banking cartel is behind the breezes filling the sails of foreign nationals seeking to roost in the West.

This was a quip that got my goat (fairly easy to tell where my goat's tied).

"“We are proud of Citi’s diversity and the fact that we hail from over 100 countries. We encourage the leaders of the United States to find the right balance between protecting the country and its longstanding role as an open and welcoming society.”

A few comments, some in the form of questions, are in order:

1. re Citi's "diversity": how many of those counted are members of the Citi Board of Directors or are direct reports to Board members?

2. of those board members and direct reports, how many reside in gated communities in Europe and the United States while employing private security forces to protect their goings and comings to the "office?

3. I find it interesting that Citi's elites can extol the virtue of "openess" and "welcoming" while separating those entirely from the challenge of domestic security.

4. That this DHS nominee chaired a global banking cartel committee's white paper project is a cause for concern. No doubt about it. However, it might be premature to judge POTUS as not being pro-domestic security.

5. Could it be by his nomination of a global banking cartel darling, POTUS is lining up global banks to abandon their simplistic notion of lowering wages by encouraging "migration?"

6. After all, if tire burning, truck carnage and exploding cars are the trade-off for getting wages lowered, isn't it a giant and misguided assumption to believe that MENA is sending their most highly motivated workers to sling hash in the USA?

7. There is an old saying in certain circles I run in: "A dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone." The nominee brings a bone in the form of the 2016 report.

Now it's POTUS' term to send a bone to the cartel, a bone carried by one of their own: security first--- technology will drive down wages enough in the next 15 years without setting our cities ablaze.

I cringe when I see stuff like this going on, where an executive is tapped for a cabinet post. Looks like a fox will end up watching the hen house. Tillerson got tapped to be SOS. Big Oil guy running the state department. Would that be in our best interests? So far, yes. Maybe this chica up for DHS is no Tillerson--- but she knows the players who POTUS knows are financing this migration effort. Is that not to our advantage?

I'm going to remain calm for the time being. Besides, my spot on the Ledge is redeemable if necessary, eh OL?

Janet 🚬

Fairfax is a mix (purple) can go either way.

There isn't much enthusiasm for Northam. The Dems left off a African-American running mate from some of the brochures this election
...& back in 2013 Northam refused to shake E.W. Jackson's hand after a debate in the run for Lt. Gov. .

Jack is Back!

Gillespie. First to post. Make him 34. Hey NJ could surprise, but if not I hope every one who voted Dem enjoys their loss of income.


Weather in DC area is awful right now (cold, heavy rain). Been like that all day.

Old Lurker

You bet, Kev.

A vacancy opened up in the overnights.

Old Lurker

Do people still live in NJ?



Watching a Democrat strategist earlier and he didn’t seem confident at all. The Republican strategist was upbeat. That’s all I’ve got. ::grin::

Jack is Back!


Unlike you, there are millions of people who enjoy, actually ecstatic at paying taxes for serivices they never receive and then turn around and applaud generously for that service.

Oh, and to make it even more horrific, they love watching their kids being sucked down the educational toliet. Hurrah!

Not kidding!


Alexandria is left as well.

Re. The AA communities. It doesn't help Democrat Northam that Governor Doug Wilder, the first AA Governor, snubbed Northam because he didn't include AA LTGOV candidate Justin Fairfax in advertising.

anon (AKA common man )

Janet its your backyard, but the vote total in 13

McAwful 179K

Cuchinelli 111K

that is approx. 62%

I do believe Gillespie will do better there than Cuch, but if he wins Fairfax its a damn blowout.

Kevlar Kid

JiB--- that's some nasty mosaic of a political party wuntcha say?

Kind of reminds me of the frequenters of a dive bar I'd have dinner at most nights before spending the evening on campus in student meetings on "campus social justice issues", in Bernie's Burlington Vermont. (They made excellent gravy fries.)

I was the only constitutional conservative for miles so I had the run of the place from a debating stand point.

Arguments galore over shite like dis: "But you should back the lesbian and gay community's issues as Human Rights Commissioner."

My standard rejoinder was "Just cuz I can don't mean I should."

Nowadays, it seems to me anyways, the Left in all of its political richness and nuance (barf), they're completely demoralized.

"Who shall lead them?" Pass the gravy fries. (Don't look anonamom! ;) )


And Gillespie emphatically said on F&F this morning he was going to win. That’s it. I’ve got nothing else.


Yeah, but like Clarice, I'm not ready to second-guess a guy who's shown such strategic talent, and especially not about one of his signature issues.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am hoping that this is a sign of what Wictor has been predicting: "electoral extinction."

If Gillespie wins, I will do a happy dance. If the GOP guy wins in New Jersey, I will be ecstatic.

And if DeBlasio is thrown out, I will drink until morning!

(Heh. I forgot to capitalize DeBlasio so my spellcheck alerted me. When I went to the correction, my only choice was "delusional." It's an omen, I tell ya!)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Question: With that guy's ties and his opinions on immigration and guns, what if he has been nominated in order to get this information about Saudi influence and gun control stuff in front of the people via confirmation hearings?

That would be similar to the theory that Manafort was chosen in order to lure the bad people into acting.

Kevlar Kid

My tax credo:

Pay what you must and protect whatever you have from paying what they'd gladly take as if it is their right by law.

Mrs Kids friends are in the tank, as is she, for the Lefty cause. I call it "the Kool Kids' Syndrome."

They think I am evil because I begrudge the State its due. They are under the delusional spell where they believe without taxes some good people would starve, lose their kids, and hell-on-earth would be the norm for more than half the people of America.

They believe communism could work if we just gave it a try.

Another reason they think I am evil is because I believe the federal and state income taxes should be repealed in all 50 states.

Have we ever tried it before (at least since the end of WWII?).

What would happen?

anon (AKA common man )

So the Donks ran an AA candidate for Lt Governor to pander to the AA vote, and Northam photoshopped the AA guy out of the election brochure?

I knew Wilder ( a former AA Governor ) refused to endorse. I knew the progs threw a fit when he backtracked on sanctuary cities and some large prog group refused to endorse due to that. But honestly the obvious racist ploy of not putting your running mate in the brochure takes the cake for a major unforced error. Own goal. Dumb @ss.

Kevlar Kid

So MM---> do tell. If the results turn out as you are hoping they will, then what will you be drinking this evening (it's already 523 where you are...way past beer thirty as I used to declare.)

I'll hoist my seltzer with a lime twist in "soldarity." LOL

Jack is Back!


When I was in DC doing the stupid, I went to a conference where one of the sessions was political demographics. Very revealing. The Phd. led us through his theory that ethenicity would dominate in 10 years. That was in 1991.

So far, he is so far of the mark he must be working for the guys' who publish the AGW bullshit.

What I love about demographics and then merged with politics is how wrong both can be.

We are less a nation of emotion than one of pride and patriotism, no matter how many idiot students and antifa they show us. They represent less than the homosexual population of millions!

What Trump understands is what I learned in the bigtime International construction business. Stick to basics. Don't confuse your advocates but make sure your adversaries think you are wrong..

Trump in a nutshell.

anon (AKA common man )

How much would you all pay to watch a bunch of State Dept mooks who think their Shite dont stink, to have to spend a bunch of time catching up FOIA requests which have been lying around unanswered?

Transfers to Hutchinson Kansas would be even better.

Kevlar Kid

Good perspective, JiB. If they believe their enemy is wrong then they'll tend not to respect their enemy. That is a recipe for failure and eventual destruction "in detail" as Bobby Lee used to say when he'd whup the North in battle.


I’m seeing on Twitter that Fairfax has hit 2013 levels as of 5 PM. Good for Northam. True?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Good analysis. Demographics don't apply at all once people are second-generation and moving up in the economic ladder. I happen to belong to two ethnic groups who are so assimilated that you cannot predict their voting patterns at all: Scots and Danes.

Scots are only still considered ethnic because of clan membership and bagpipes. They vote all over the place. (Examples to show disparity include McCain, McMullen, and McDonnell). Danes are the most assimilated of the country's immigrant groups; it's like we disappeared into the background. About the only ethnic thing I share from my immigrant Dane ancestors is a couple of recipes from my great-grandmother.

Everyone should keep their recipes and holiday traditions. Politics should be governed by the individual.


Brother voted Gillespie. He's currently Fairfax County. Absentee, you see he's in S.Korea right now.

Janet 🚬

I don't know, anon. I don't follow the numbers closely.
I've just seen their voting go both ways over the years. Lots of immigrants....but also a big Christian population (from the different immigrant communities). My big church draws a lot from Fairfax. Lots of Christian Korean immigrants & Hispanics.

One other little thing -
I'm not sure Hispanics & Muslims mix that well. There seems to be tensions there.

Anyway, you probably know the numbers better.

anon (AKA common man )

Fairly certain that Northam will win Fairfax. My own opinion is that Gilespie is not Cuch, and will get more votes than Cuch did there. So Northam will need increase turnout to come out of Fairfax with as big a lead as McAwful did. And if anecdotes are right, to try to cover increase turnout in SW VA.


Sue, maybe. But Gillespie has much more appeal in Fairfax than Cuccinelli did, and yet McAuliffe barely won. If Gillespie can run up the numbers elsewhere it may not matter.


Janet, my brother mentioned mass immigration in FAIRFAX and ARLINGTON COUNTIES.


Fair fax county already had 325k votes at 5. 2013 had 306k + total.


"How's your daughter?"

anon (AKA common man )

According to Fairfax County archive 311K votes cast in November 2013 election.

Given population growth around DC, you would expect higher voter totals than 4 years ago. That is only 4.5% increase over 2013, they better get some lines up for the next two hours, if SW VA is raging.


Republicans vote after work. Like me. I have to go vote. Nothing fun on our ballot except a school bond that I'll be voting against.


The jury in Mendez trial have asked the judge what is a senator. Huh???


Definition of senator.

anon (AKA common man )

Sounds like Menendez attorneys did a fantastic job of excluding from the jury anyone with an IQ over 80. The judge may have to walk them home at night, too...

Clarice Feldman

Tea Leaves from MSNBC - Virginia exit poll (first wave) -- Monuments to Confederate leaders on govt property should be...

Removed 36%
Left in place: 60%

(from a fb friend)

anon (AKA common man )

Isnt it interesting that Fairfax appears to be able to report vote totals in progress, but always seems to be the last county to report in Virginia?

Tammy Bruce shares my opinion that Gillespie wins tonight.


Common man, the dude DID get elected by NJ.
How effing smart is that. He has CON MAN written all over him.

Clarice Feldman


Democrats now acting like they have won. Larger turnout than expected in dem strongholds, yada yada.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That American Thinker piece is a doozy.

I had thought her book was the insurance, since all of the dirt would have been out and there would be no reason to silence her.

But holding beck evidence of Seth Rich's murder is a HUGE safeguard, and one I hadn't thought about.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

About that Fusion GPS meeting with the Russian lawyer before and after the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr:

Captain Hate

"How's your daughter?"

In defense of Shakedown Jackson, despite his history of being a philandering unsafe sex machine with the hired help, he has such an incomprehensible mush mouth that someone with perfect hearing could arguably not have a clue what he's saying. If this goes to trial I pity the court recorder.


Brazile's book is insurance, but it's less against getting Arkancided than it is against criminal prosecution. If it is revealed that she knew about Rich's murder but said nothing, or was even more deeply involved, her only plausible excuse will be that she feared for her own life.

Not that I think she had no reason to be afraid. But there's more than one kind of insurance, and she needs the legal kind as well as the life kind. This is her escape fire for if/when it blows up.

Clarice Feldman

For all we know, she told the FBI what she did know about it and crickets.


Capn, I would have paid a bundle to see my pal say "how's your daughter" to MUSH MOUTH JACKSOFFS ugly face.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


True about the FBI. In which case she must have felt very isolated, which would account for her pulling the drapes for fear of snipers.


Just slapping down the Carlos slims chips

Clarice Feldman

OTOH Brazile may just be trolling and selling a book,


The Mendez juror question wasn’t as moronic as originally reported.

“Having sat thru nearly 10wks of this trial, the juror did not ask what is a sen., she wanted closing args where the 'definition' came up”


I think Clarice is correct.

Kevlar Kid

One other little thing -
I'm not sure Hispanics & Muslims mix that well. There seems to be tensions there.

Posted by: Janet 🚬 | November 07, 2017 at 05:37 PM

Janet--- by way of clarification: do you mean they do not mix well with each other or what other groups/classifications/institutions/norms?




What's the right word here

-peter from my phone

What did Evan McMullen day or do that has everyone here riled up? I'm not keeping up. Also sorry I did not have time to congratulate Frederic. Interestingly, I had never heard of sparkling wine from New Mexico until this v past weekend then Jack posted that he served it along with lots of other yummy offerings at the reception for Frederic.
Also I am sorry I didn't have an opinion as to whether Old Lurker is too well off.

anon (AKA common man )

Not authorized to view these tweets

Narc, what do it say?

Kevlar Kid

Anyone else ever tried to install WordPress and hook it up to a url only to throw computer and anybody standing close by out the window in unmitigated rage?

Asking for a friend.


About that Fusion GPS meeting with the Russian lawyer before and after the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr

Sorry, just starting catch-up.

Is the general assumption that this is evidence that Simpson of FUSION/GPS and Veselnitskaya were colluding in setting up evidence to lead to the Left's planned Trump coup? That is what it looks like to me at first glance.


Peter, the Egg tweeted that a vote for Gillepsie is a vote for "white nationalism" and people should stay home instead of vote today.

anon (AKA common man )


Second round of exit polling in VA-GOV is in and…nothing about these numbers looks right at all to me. Huge upset brewing

Cant vouch for any of this, but since we are getting Democrat crowing about turnout when AA votes is arguably down, what the hell here you go.

Captain Hate

The odd Egg accused Ed Gillespie, who is as squishy as you can get, of being a "white nationalist".


What did Evan McMullen say or do that has everyone here riled up?

He came out on Election Day saying that Gillespie is a bigot, who " peddles fear and white nationalism. It’s better for VA and America that he not prevail," thereby tempting to assist the Dem in winning in Virginia.

Captain Hate


They're howling over this:

One comment: she's so oppressed, no wonder she drinks so much.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That's how I read it as well.

I really hate the idea of all of these "independent" agencies collecting intelligence, amking stuff up, and intimidating people.

That goes for Harvey Weinstein as well as the Clintons.

I don't want all of these people playing Spy vs. Spy all over the country.

anon (AKA common man )

Just a reminder from Mr. 80% probability of election himself. Nice to see he is humbler than before:

Nate Silver‏Verified account @NateSilver538 1h1 hour ago

364 days ago at this time, exit polls indicated that Hillary Clinton would win in a massive landslide. They were much more bullish on her than pre-election polls.

anon (AKA common man )

Anyone remember when the nets are a whole did a deep dive on why their exits where so wrong? Cuz the findings were hillarious.

Apparently a lot of young unemployed dudes were hired to do exits. And apparently dudes being dudes, they decided that if they got to choose who they approached to poll, why not talk to the young hot babes! Imagine if you exits are grossly tilted to young single attractive females due to testosterone!!!

Kevlar Kid

Here’s my 60 second brush with political fame in these United States.

I was shopping today at our local CVS drugstore. While approaching the checkout line I noticed a very short semi-bearded man talking to a fully-grown adult male.

When the short guy turned around I made him out to be Dr. Miguelito Loveless’ evil twin, none other than Clinton Secretary of Labor, Robert T. Reich.
Let’s get this out of the way first: I think Robert Reich is a complete dick.

And that he is tenured professor of economics at University of California at Berkeley underscores his stature as a penis with ears.

Reich is a devout Marxist.

His theories about everything are inane. He is highly paid and highly admired by the American Left.

Did I say already that I think he is a penis with ears? Okay. Good.

Now here is the rest of my story.

As Little Bobby is yammering on to the tall guy, who is obviously his ride to the drug store, he is interrupted by a zombie walking 70 something, yeast-infested Berkeleyite “womin”.

The “womin” doesn’t excuse herself before blowing her hole, as is the wont of most wimmin in Berkeley over the age of 40--- they just have so much to say after living so long in the oppressive patriarchy--- but I digress.

She blorts out there: “Dr. Reich! I am one of your biggest fans (vigorous hand shaking begins). You are one of the most ethical public servants of all time and I think you are a role model for the students of Berkeley as to how to maintain your dignity in the face of this fascist onslaught against The People!”

I was 2 feet away by this point in the blabberfest. And I couldn’t help myself.

I blorted in a very unpolite tone heard by most of the 30 people standing around waiting to pay.

I said: “Ya. He’s ethical alright. Until the Antifa slime was physically accosting students and innocent bystanders with bike locks wrapped in plastic sacks. Then what does Dr. Ethical do? He tells the press it was “Breitbart News” who did the violence on peaceful leftists. What a load of crap, Bobby. You should apologize to this fine citizen. She didn’t read the articles about your subterfuge.”

By this time his driver had paid for their bottle of screw cap vintage and they headed for the door.

Yeast bag demanded that I explain myself.

I wrote down the words “Google it, Buttercup” on a piece of notepaper and stuck it in her unzipped fannypack (what is this 1982?).

I was called over to the other line to pay. And that was all he wrote.

I live for moments like these. FEMALL

Janet 🚬

Not authorized to view these tweets

I get that often. I just highlight the address again, hit enter & then it goes through.

Don't know why.

by way of clarification: do you mean they do not mix well with each other or what other groups/classifications/institutions/norms?

Anecdotal, but I do not see groups of Hispanic immigrant teens hangin' with groups of Middle Eastern immigrant teens.

There was that story out of NYC where some Imam was killed by a Hispanic. That story disappeared.
There was the story in MD of the illegal guy killing a Muslim girl. (groups of young people arguing/fighting at like 3am)
Local stories of fights & vandalism between the 2 groups.

anon (AKA common man )

And a whisper from GOP staff for whatever that might be worth:

GOP staff feeling this election may turn on rural turnout, not NOVA. Saying numbers up 120% in some rural precincts. @CBS6 #VaGov


Twitter is getting so ridiculous!

I get a "warning - may contain offensive content" on a comment about Hillary.

So....I brace myself and click and this is the "offensive content"

"How do like those apples you miserable witch"

Meanwhile - the tweets they are NOT warning me about are so awful I cannot post them here.

Another Bob

anon (AKA common man ) | November 07, 2017 at 06:42 PM:

"Is Hillary Clinton the Jewish Scapegoat of Our Time".



Hard to get a handle on that Hillary as Jewish scapegoat column, but If I understand it correctly I think the author is somehow saying that Hillary is a Jewish woman, and is being treated badly by everyone, Left and Right, because she is a Jew, and then builds on that idiotic assumption by saying Hillary the Jew is now filling the old role the Jews have played in Western Society for 2000 years of being tagged undeservedly as the scapegoat for whatever ails non-Jews doing their fingerprinting for societies ills.

My take may be wrong, but since the author's take paints me as Hitler I am uninterested in wasting any more brain-cells trying to figure out her presumptions.

anon (AKA common man )

Right back at ya? WTF I did not post that and frankly not sure why you tagged me?

Janet 🚬

Election results -



love this from the wags at reddit T-D :

'BREAKING ON CNN: Trump given icy cold reception by US troops stationed in South Korea!"


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