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November 25, 2017



Do nothing and be falsely accused.
In your heart you know you are innocent.


Reword that and you get:

It's worse to jail an innocent man than let a guilty man go free.

Of course for NYT analytics department, both may apply at all times.


"... combined with their support of Hillary". Heh.


Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.

— Emily Lindin (@EmilyLindin) November 21, 2017
James D.

It’s a meaningless question without context, as TM points out, and it’s also meaningless because the answer you give in a poll wit nothing st stake is likely very different than what you’d actually do if you were faced with such a dilemma in real life.


I hope rse weighs in on this thread because after forty or so years of leftist brainwashing and dumbing down of our youth, the only things some people feel guilty about are racism, homophobia, islamophobia and using plastic grocery bags. Everything else is just expressing yourself.

Jim Eagle

Ditto, JamesD.

Like in pro golf this is what is called the silly season (well it used to be called that) and the Times is not immune to inanities in public view.

The crossword puzzle that Sunday must have been pretty boring to have to result to a "meaningless" poll.


the only things some people feel guilty about are racism, homophobia, islamophobia and using plastic grocery bags. Everything else is just expressing yourself.

Ain't that the truth, -peter.


Dream Team!


Everybody thinks we lawyers are up to #1 most of the time (and they could be right), but #2 is pretty much part of the job.


Joe and Meeka take the fake news cake. Friday's "post-Thanksgiving" show was taped Wednesday evening. They even talked about their Thanksgiving dinner and the football game that hadn't happened yet.


Jim Eagle

Reading Porch's 12:52 its obvious why Trump popularized "fake news".

All the major nets and the paper of record and the monthly mags are run out of NYC. And who knows every tom, dick and harry in that burg? You bet and he has been a witness to it first hand for decades.

He knew getting in the strategy, games and defamaton the media would play. Like Belichick, he has seen every play before and has a defense ready or a counter.

Unlike Trump the media are not masters of their own game.

matt, deplore me if you must

So from what I am hearing the NYT readers in the survey are both victims and not so innocent bystanders as well as puppy abusers. Works for me!

Captain Hate

Joe and Meeka take the fake news cake.

The only thing that will be a bigger fake are those two homewreckers marriage.

Jane - not "in"

Long time

Pagar56, a bacon, ham, and sausage supporter

I put it at the end of the last Thread Miss Marple. It killed the thread.

This is the next IN sale in Fort Wayne.


Pagar56, a bacon, ham, and sausage supporter

Where does taxpayer money go?


Jim Eagle

WAR EAGLE! 7-0 Auburn, as they draw first blood.

Jim Eagle

Uh oh!

Captain Hate

That Auburn QB looked like he was coached by Jim Harbaugh with how he lost that fumble.

Jim Eagle

What a pass. Tied up if the EP is good.

Jim Eagle

Off to our Christmas parade and tree lighting, then dinner at Little Red, hopefully, since I will have to elbow about 30 or 40 out of the way to get at table tonight.

Home of L.I. Duck grilled cheese sandwich.


Have one for me JACK


From CT, apparently the language Cordray and Pocahontas cite lists “absence” or “unavailability” of Director, not "Vacant".

So they lose, Trump wins:

"The White House has not been in touch with Leandra English, the deputy who Cordray put in charge, officials said, saying they expected she would be at work on Monday and continue as Mulvaney’s deputy.

“We don’t have any reason to think that anything out of the ordinary course will happen: we think (Mulvaney) will show up Monday and he will go into the office and start working,” a senior administration official said."

Hoo boy, awkward coffee talk Monday!

I gotta take a knee, got a cramp from all the winning, just give me a sec... k, go Auburn!


Interesting to read that April Ryan demands proof that Sarah Huckabee Sanders produce proof that Sarah baked a Pecan Pie, yet Mika and Joe see no problem whatever about fooling their audience by doing a show on the day before Thanksgiving while lying that it was a post Thanksgiving Show.

Brzezinski opened the MSNBC show by welcoming viewers with an enthusiastic declaration of: 'The day after Thanksgiving, woo! I'm stuffed!'

Joe muttered under his breath: 'Yeah, that was a great Thanksgiving...'

...They failed to see the problem, telling The Washington Post, which revealed the discrepancy,: 'There was no intention to trick viewers.

Of course not. There was no intention at all to trick viewers by a coordinated act of straight-face lying to their viewers.

Later, the engaged pair joked about her 'still frozen' Turkey and stifled laughter as Scarborough remarked on 'last night's football'
Viewers have now expressed outrage after learning that the show was in fact recorded on Wednesday.

It was revealed when a long-time viewer noticed none of the biggest news stories of the day - namely the atrocious ISIS attack at an Egypt mosque which killed 305 innocent people as they prayed at noon local time - had been mentioned.
The news ticker which runs beneath them throughout the broadcast made reference to the attack but none of the hosts commented on it.

Instead, they discussed Donald Trump's failures in the White House.

But of course.


Skoot 4:56
Hard to rank these things but perhaps the most precious are the Deep State tears! Winning!



Thanks for the Don Surber link that gives us background on Judge Roy Moore. This is the first I knew that Moore was a West Point Grad and that he served in Vietnam in Wartime, and how interesting to read that some of his former troops keep in touch with him.

How come we didn't all know that beforehand?

Beasts of England

That's much more gooder...


Roll Tide!

He said in a self serving way:)


We need all the help we can get.


Terp's having a bit of a rough day with Penn State.


GHW Bush has become the longest living president ever.

— @GeorgeHWBush: 93 years, 166 days — Gerald Ford: 93 years, 165 days — Ronald Reagan: 93 years, 120 days — Jimmy Carter: 93 years, 55 days — John Adams: 90 years, 247 days — Herbert Hoover: 90 years, 71 days



I've done several horrible things that only I know about, and if there was a silver lining to my doing wrong, it was that the only way I found relief from my unbearable sorrow and regret, was to turn to God and repent and reform.

Isa 43:25
I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.

I've also been lied about, been unjustly accused of things I'm not guilty of, and that raised up anger and disgust in me toward the lying false accuser.


Just saw Porchlight's GoFundMe link while catching up and donated. Hope it helps, Miss Marple!



another thing is that Judge Moore has Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. as character witnesses.


I bet she wins this one.

The Dodd-Frank Act is clear: if there is a @CFPB Director vacancy, the Deputy Director becomes Acting Director. @realDonaldTrump can’t override that. pic.twitter.com/r949ccaJAb

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) November 25, 2017

Here's Skoot's 04:56 link to the Conservative Treehouse story of Cordray-Gate: Elizabeth Warren Goes Bananas Over CFPB Director Change…

20h20 hours ago
The Dodd-Frank Act is clear: if there is a @CFPB Director vacancy, the Deputy Director becomes Acting Director. @realDonaldTrump can’t override that.

From the comments:

Follow Follow @USNJack
Replying to @SenWarren @realDonaldTrump @CFPB
Looks like Rutgers University owes you a refund on that JD degree. Maybe you should take a US Constitution refresher course and also read the Federal Vacancies Act. Mick Mulvaney is the acting director of the @CFPB.

8h8 hours ago
NavyJack Retweeted NavyJack
The @CFPB is formed under the authority of the Executive Branch and the President. As such, the CPFB is not immune to the the Federal Vacancies Act. Now, for #Benghazi,


For the lazy, what is that link for MM???


Depends on the meaning of vacancy ext. remember the ACA fine (as written) was a tax per the courts.


That's a high-stakes battle leading into 2020.


In browsing color film of the 30's I find regarding footage of the Great North Road (1939) Relevant wikipedia info reveals that about the footage of Stevenage (key to the footage): "In 1949 the radical townplanner Dr Monica Felton became Chairman of the Stevenage Development Corporation but she was sacked within two years. There were a number of reasons for her dismissal by the government but a lack of hands-on town planning leadership and her opposition to the Korean War (for which she was later awarded the Stalin Peace Prize) sullied her reputation." Sheesh. All in all the British Stalinists did a lot of harm, not just of course the ones who openly colluded with the Soviets (Cambridge twits).

Captain Hate

Trail of Tears time, Red Squaw.


So looks to me like the Cordray replacement is going to become a shit storm on Monday morning between competing interpretations of who fills a “vacancy.” Go Trump.

Question for Team Legal. If Trump wins, Yea!

If Trump loses, does this new found ability to appoint one's own successor during a vacancy help us in the long run by allowing us to pull this dirty trick in other Federal replacement scenarios?


Gotta assume Trump has the better legal advisors. Armies of lawyers are assembling for sure.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Alabama be laying a turd right now.


Captain Hate

Saban looks ready to kill someone.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The "absence or unavailability of the director" seems to rather clearly refer to a scenario in which there is a director but he is temporarily absent.


Since it's a slow post day might be a good time to try to list some of the things that have gotten us incensed in the past and then have seemingly disappear into the memory hole without resolution. For instance:

1) What is going on with the Awan Brother's case, and specifically will we ever get a resolution by that DC Judge on whether the authorities can look into the Stolen DWS computer?

2) Will a Judge ever allow us to read Lois Lerner's Secret IRS testimony?

3) Will we ever get Comey's Columbia Law Prof buddy under oath as to whether or not he ever passed on other leaks from Comey to the NYTimes?

4) Will we ever get any more info on what Seth Rich downloaded, when he downloaded it, and who he passed it on too?

That's just for starters. What other hundred questions are we being intentionally denied answers to that we the Public ought to know about?

Captain Hate

Has the Las Vegas shootings become a cold case?


Yeah, Captain. What did the Fillipino girlfriend know and when did she know it?

And what was the motivation of Rand Paul's assaulter and why does the Mass media not give a damn?


Can federal funds be denied to sanctuary cities and states?

art in newport

Two things about this CFPB

1. The Deputy Director serves as acting Director if the Director is "unavailable" or in his "absence", i.e., she covers for him when he's not around.
2. According to the text of the Dodd-Frank act, The Director is appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

So there's not much they can do but delay the inevitable. Sooner or later, Trump's appointee will take over.

(Cribbed from the Conservative Treehouse)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Only those funds directly related to immigration enforcement apparently, which is a very small amount, JNC.
SCOTUS has ruled the Feds can't punish states by denying them funds unrelated to whatever dispute they're having.

Pagar56, a bacon, ham, and sausage supporter

Probably not the employee of the year:


Beasts of England

Congratulations to Auburn. Go all the way!!



The House Intelligence Committee is now seeking records it says are “related to Fusion’s payments to journalists who have reported on Russia issues relevant to its investigation.” The reporters’ names were not provided.

Lawyers for the committee said they want the paperwork covering nine payments to “three individual journalists … each of whom have reported on and/or been quoted in articles regarding topics related to the Committee’s investigation, some of which were published as recently as October 2017.”

Who, and how much, and what did the journalists write for that cash?


h/t BJG
Millennial job interview. Heh.


I believe this should be the link for MM.





Oops, should have refreshed!


Funny vid there Jim.


"1. The Deputy Director serves as acting Director if the Director is "unavailable" or in his "absence", i.e., she covers for him when he's not around. "

I would think that "In his absence" may well not cover after his resignation, because he is no longer an employee to be absent.


Is his resignation official yet, or can he still rescind it?


Where is Jeff Sessions? Has anyone seen Waldo?


Trump played golf with Jack Nicklaus today.



Someone wrote a piece about how he's been the most effective of all cabinet Secretaries, Rocco. I'll look for it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This one?
While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the DOJ?


Dude's still trying for headline of the year.

New Zealand Man Expected To Excel In International Women’s Weightlifting

Jim Eagle

I know doofus kids like in that interview. Seriously. They couldn't pack groceries at Stop and Shop without 20 hours of instruction.

Back from the parade and dinner. Peconic scallops. Yummy. Tree is lit. No photos since I wasn't really interested. Maybe tomorrow.


Yeah, that was WaPo, I didn't read or trust it. Meringoff at PowerLine, who I don't like much.



Ex, I wish I weren't so worried but when Jordan said it looks like Hillary, Comey and Uranium One warrant a special council, Sessions replied with "I would say, 'looks like' is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel,said, "

And he played down the connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case,

For instance, both Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony last week and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter to the Senate last month tried to suggest there was no connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case. Their argument was that the criminal charges weren’t filed until 2014, while the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States' (CFIUS) approval of the Uranium One sale occurred in October 2010.


It looks like the fox is guarding the hen house to me.

Thomas Collins

The Committee should simply declare a 16 team playoff.


The girl actress in that interview vid is actually quite good. Probably sharp as a tack in real life. My 12 year old says the Vimes app is defunct or rarely used anymore though. I wonder when the script was written.


I hear you, Rocco. Except for killing off the slush fund where companies settle with the gov't and the money goes to favored non-profits, what has he done (to our and Trump's enemies)?

I just posted that link because it was pretty recent. Me, I think Sessions is possibly the most consequential man living. And I trust Trump not to keep a dolt or traitor.


He is tough but fair to Mcguffin:



Sessions appears to be focused on criminal aliens. You have many who assume DoJ is also focused on criminal deep state / Clintons. However they use lack of evidence of an investigation as proof of one. Granted absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. It certainly isn't proof of presence either.


Tree up; smaller than usual in pitiful attempt to
mitigate new kitten effects--first understanding of the matter: vain. Husband went to buy squirter (of water). This seems to be working better, plus Bonnie (of spirit but not of virtue) will be with me at night, litter box, kitty food, and water inclusive. We'll see.

Jim Eagle


Eliminate all the power puff games. Regular season is 10 games. Then you can do 16 since that requires 3 extra to get to final game.

Committee will never do it but good suggestion anyway.


Yes, Catsmeat, I'll be the second to cop to a sad Christmas tree. We always go to Home Depot on the Friday after, but this time the pickings were slim and not even fresh. I'm a stockholder, but I'm going to a nursery next year.

Maybe I can convince the missus to hold off on the elf costume until tomorrow and we'll just get another?


Liberal despair, conservative jubilance.... "should have been" Garland's job? Well, it's an AP story, after all!

The dinner, Aron said, “was just the latest stop on Neil Gorsuch’s thank you tour to honor the people who got him what should have been Merrick Garland’s job.”


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Did narciso and Catsmeat do one of those Vulcan mind melds?


For a pollster bronze is not very perceptive:



Did I miss this being posted or have a couple certain somebodies been slacking off?


That was two threads ago, the obvious template is Nazis is the only respectable view of conservatusn, or am I too cynical?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Pretty sure JNC linked it early this morning, GJ.

Miss Marple

Hi follow on the ER. I had a lapse of memory and didn't remember Trump had been elected. Have had a cat scan and MRI. No stroke and they are letting me go here me provided I take some tests next week.

Miss Marple

From the ER!


Thnx narc and Iggy. Well, it's posted again for us idiots that missed it. :)


Well, Ig, narciso is unaccountable and in good moments so I am! but the tree isn't actually sad at all, but just not up to my usual standards (I would like, as of old, about 10 feet and very wide). What makes me a little sad is the complete continuing growing of the young (the third in line, now twenty, had other social obligations so only put her favorite ten or so ornaments on tree). I still have dibs on the medieval crowned leopard en couchant.


In the meantime, the guy who's trying to pin Trump's ass to the wall, Mueller, delivered 10 grams of uranium to Russia in 2006.


Where's the acid?


What did I miss? Miss Marple, have you been to the ER?


God bless you!
All the stress you have been under lately.
Prayers continue.


How did it happen?


Jim Eagle


What? You had a minor stroke and went to ER for MRI? Holy moly. Sounds like too much stress.


We are between decorating. We don't got to Florida until the 23rd but want to make it seem like Christmas here, which we wiil do tomorrow. We will use our old folding tree we normallu use outside for inside but in Florida we won't have time to hang a tree and put out our lighted wreaths.

Maybe Mrs. JiB will do it since she is going down early. I hate Christmas without the home ambiance.

Miss Marple

Yes. No stroke or clot but they think I had a seizure. Guys, I thought Obama was still president! I have to make an appointment with a neurologist. No driving or showering unsupervised.

-peter from my phone

Miss Marple I hope that you are well and that some rest proves this latest news just to be some stress related anomaly. Feel better! And yes, Trump was elected.


Praying for you MissM


Has there ever been a more worthless pile of schit than E. LIZA BITCH WARREN??

Jim Eagle


Better news. Stay safe, Do what the Docs say. Rest.

Off to bed. Clemson in control. My picks next week for the CFP:


Slaap lekker, tot morgen


Several years ago, I wanted a big tree, and we went to Hobby Lobby and I picked out a 9' lighted Christmas tree. (My husband's allergic to the real ones.) I was slightly embarrassed when we got it home and put it together. In the store it didn't look as big as it actually is. It's huge. Hugely beautiful, but I kept wondering 'what was I thinking?'

Last year, because of my husband's skull fracture, brain bleed, etc., we didn't have a Christmas tree. I put up greenery and lights on the mantle, dining room table, etc., (but it never seemed like Christmas because we had four months of darkness, i.e., worry for me, recovery for him.)

The box the tree came in is bigger than I am. Yesterday my husband, who still has dizzy spells, got the tree out of the pump room (without telling me) and brought it inside and put it together. I got a little upset when I found out because he had to use the big ladder.

I decorated it today during the football games -- though, when I got on my little step ladder I got dizzy, so the top isn't decorated yet.

What a difference a year makes. He has plenty of bad days, but he also has an abundance of good ones.

Funny, I'd be happy with a three foot tree. I'd be happy with a string of lights. Good health is everything.

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