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November 22, 2017


daddy on iPad

Do Lefties Have an Advantage in Sports? It Depends

Probably in soccer, since there is an advantage to their forte of flopping on the ground and pretending they've been victimized. Not in real sports though.


Geez TM, its now like the Left has anything else to crow about over recorder history. They suck at running things. SO they steal the afterglow from left handed ping pong players? Real men and women play beer pong.

Jane - not "in"

What about curling?



mad jack

I golf lefty and I suck...so there is that data point in TM's favor:-)


Ned, with a right handed power sign. hehehe


MM, getting caught up. I am praying for you and your son.

rse, prayers for your family as well.


It involves Turkey, and and possible discovery of Atlantis:

3000 year old castle found underwater in Lake in Turkey.


(If Erdogan gets all their antigrav and ray guns we are in deep doo doo).


Miss M., I am so sorry to hear about your son's accident and his alcohol problems. I thank God no one was seriously hurt, and I pray that your son will now be able to get the help he needs, and that he will find within himself the fortitude to take advantage of it.


Conyers’ Hometown Paper Urges Him To Step Down

The Detroit-Free Press editorial argued that while Conyers is a “hero of the civil rights,” he needs to resign due to reports of his alleged firing of a woman who rebuffed his sexual advances.

“John Conyers Jr. must go — after 53 years in Congress, after a stellar career of fighting for equality, after contributing so much to southeast Michigan and the nation,” the editorial board for the paper wrote. “It’s a tragic end to his public career. But it’s the appropriate consequence for the stunning subterfuge his office has indulged here, and a needed warning to other members of Congress that this can never be tolerated.”

daddy on the Left Bank

Well for 90% of recorded human history the Left hand has been the principle turd wiper, so its got that deft skill going for it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am pretty sure that the word "sinister" is derived from the Latin word for "left."

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

MM, prayers for you and yours and I'm in on a gofundme.

RSE prayers for you and yours as well this holiday season when it sucks to have end of life issues. My hubs mom died on Christmas day when she was living with us.


I'm a lefty and have found that playing golf right handed is an advantage as the swing is advantaged by my dominant arm on the pull down. I putt lefty, though.

Bowl lefty, switch hit baseball hitting/ field lefty, tennis lefty, kickball/soccer lefty, darts lefty...

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Righty wiper, daddy. :)


Wow, imagine two ancient icons of the left stepping down so close together: Mugabe and Conyers. A good week.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I didn't read this. I am suer that soewhere in there she tells us about how Reagan behaved and so forth when she was working in the White House.

Alabama women no doubt will be rushing to the WSJ to see what a Manhattanite will advise them to do.


I am pretty sure that the word "sinister" is derived from the Latin word for "left."

Yes, and "gauche" in French, to add insult to injury.

daddy on the Left Bank

Miss M,

I am pulling for you and hope Nate is taking it as well as possible. God Bless you, good friend.


Conyers was my rep growing up, so I take particular pleasure in his downfall.


Although Belichick claims it doesn't matter, he's had left footed punters from the beginning.


MM. You are in my thoughts today. Of course we'll go fund you.


Rocco, opposite spin on the ball should affect the bounce. Does the bounce matter on a return? (Soccer, can kick and spin with either foot for that reason at times).

Jim Eagle

A dear friend of mine passed away this year. He and I worked together at Big Construction. He was a guy from New Brunswick, Canada who took his engineering degrees at Georgia Tech. Not only was he a "hell of an engineer" but also a top notch tennis player.

He was also ambidexterous and could serve with either hand and hit his ground strokes with either hand. Very confusing when facing him in, lets say, deuce court because depending on whether you have a weak back hand or a lousy forehand, he can adjust the serve.

One year in our tennis league he tore his rotator cuff at work. As defending champion everyone was relieved he would be out for at least a year. Nope. He just played with his better arm and won the league again. I always thought he had a stronger left arm stroke and serve but he didn't think there was any difference.

daddy on the Left Bank

Righty wiper, daddy. :)

I mIght be one also Steph, but I wouldnt mention it in polite company.
How Did The Ancients Wipe Their Own Ass?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I might have to take you guys up on a go fund thing.

The insurance company told me they are pretty sure from the accident report that the car is totaled. (Air bags deployed, collapsed right front wheel). It's a 2001 Jeep, so I doubt I get much from State Farm.

I will talk to Porchlight after the holidays since I have to busy myself getting a new email address. My ex-husband didn't pay the last couple of bills to Comcast and when I forgot my password they wouldn't give me a new one and locked my account until I paid them, which of course, I am not able to do.

My sister will take me out to the tow lot on Friday so I can unload the car. State Farm said they would tow it to the salvage lot on Monday.

Captain Hate

Somebody brought this up at AoS: why isn't there more outrage at the terrible reporting on the attack on Rand Paul? Leaving aside that some commenters here, who shall remain unnamed by me, were figuring he somewhat deserved it because he was sleeping around the neighborhood due to the inane reporting about it being over grass clippings, all reporting about it was done in a very tongue in cheek way as if the reporters thought it was funny or somehow deserved it. And that attitude is particularly shitty after the Hodgkinson attack where Paul was also present.

People should've been fired over this.

Comanche Voter

Hey my left eye is the dominant one. So I shoot left handed. When I snuggle up to an M-16 or M-14 and pull the trigger, the danged cartridge casing pops out right across my nose. Makes it hard to keep a sight picture. Which of course was a bit of a problem if you were a light weapons infantryman in the late 60s (as I was).

And try finding a "left handed" sporting rifle in the civilian world. With a lever action gun, you can keep the weapon on your shoulder and take that second shot.But I've not been able to find a left handed lever action rifle, although I'm certain that a few examples must exist. With a bolt action rifle it won't make any difference. You are going to lower the thing to your waist anyway to work the bolt and chamber the next round.

OTOH I write with my right hand--and play golf right handed. I was the despair of my grade school penmanship teachers and didn't get any better as I got older. And my golf game is nothing to write home about either.


A while back at the driving range i noticed that the guy next to me was alternating between swing lefty and rightie. Half the clubs in his bag were left and half right too).
He told me he was a rightie but trained himself to play as a leftie to balance out his posture etc, and because different shots favored one or the other side better. Pretty cool, huh?
I made myself chuckle because I caught myself wondering if this was golf 'legal' Lol

jim nj

Funny that,

When I was very young I didn't understand the shuffle step you use to move forward on a boxing opponent.

I'd start out in a righty stance and when I advanced I did so with my left foot. So now I'm fighting like a southpaw. Back him up again and the the right foot moves forward. Now I'm a righty again.

Didn't fight too often and I was ungainly at it at the time, but I usually won. At the time I thought the way to win was to always move forward given the chance. Maybe it was more of the switch-hitter thing that was un-defendable.


henri, I would think the spin would be hard to judge if you're used to righty's. But I think the stats show no difference in receivers muffing the ball. Those soccer players taught punters a lot.

I know baseball catchers are taught to turn their backs toward the outfield when trying to catch a pop up in front of them because the spin of the ball causes it to drift toward the backstop. If they didn't turn their backs like that they'd be chasing the ball instead of waiting for it.


Nadal is a natural righty but trained himself to play tennis left-handed. Seems to have worked.

Jim Eagle


Reason for left wiping hand is that in Islam, you eat with your right hand and its considered unclean (haram) to eat with the hand that wipes your ass:) That is why the thieves have their left hand chopped off so that the rest of their lives they have to eat with the hand that wipes their ass.

In Rugby (Union rules)it is almost a given that a top scrum half, fly half and fullback are capable of kicking with either foot especially drop kicks for points. In golf 90% of golfers are slicers. Since the majority by far are righties, architects favor doglegs that turn left giving hookers of the ball an advantage. Ask Lee Trevino why he doesn't like Augusta:)

If you go to Ireland and decide to play a local day-rate golf course don't suprised to end up playing with some locals and find that one or more them play crosshanded because that is how they play hurling and hold their stick.

Account Deleted

Prayer smoke rising this morning for all JOM intentions--- as is the case every morning. May GrandFather keep us all close this day.

I hope everyone who has the opportunity to enjoy friends and family this holiday weekend will appreciate the time and will breathe deeply to accept this Gift of Love bequeathed during this brief moment granted as a Life on Earth.

It's so precious. Indeed.

Have a blast while you can.

Oh ya... almost forgot-- keep smilin'!!!!

Your pesky little brother---

El Kev


I'm left-handed and dyslexic, and a total klutz at everything athletic, except horseback riding, in particular dressage. Which I attribute more to my father teaching me to ride and buying me my own quarter horse at the age of four. When it comes to mastering a sport, there's something to embedding muscle memory a a very young age.


Sure Rocco, spin comes from which side of your foot you use. If you kick balls all day, you ca control bot direction and speed of spin for fun effects. (Granted a round ball is easier than those pointy things).

Thomas Collins

The Broncos might agree that left footed punters are tougher on the punt returner, Rocco.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Computer mouses?

Old Lurker

I'm pretty sure I could play golf lefty or righty and it wouldn't help one damn bit.


My dad was somewhat ambidextrous due to the severe beatings he took from the one room grade school teacher.

He found it easier to write with his left hand but that was frowned upon in the late 20s, early 30s.

The teacher would smash his letf hand whenever she anticipated that he was going to use it. He then wrote terribly with both hands. :-/

No wonder he lied about his age to go fight in WW2.

jim nj

Comanche Voter,

Never thought of that about rifles, but when I worked as a photographer I used my left eye rather than my right. Most photographers shot with their right eye because the advance lever on a manual camera would be in a convenient location. I had broken my nose several times as a kid and could only get a good fit to the left eye with the advance lever touching my right eyelid. Awkward.

Got a motorized advance camera and that solved the problem of the lever in the eye.

Now I wonder if shooting with my left eye got me better pictures.

Another interesting thought - if you are an American photographer you will compose from left to right, as that is how we read. If you are a Japanese photographer, you will compose from right to left, as that is how they read. The result is very eye-catching to the western mind. Very novel perspective.

Jim Eagle

Proclaiming a week for "family" is sure to cause over-pressurized hydrocephalus among the urban coast elites.



Did you see the article by Rand Paul’s wife? It does seem like while we talk endlessly about Roy Moore, a lot of other things signaling our second great unraveling are being ignored, as the left doesn’t like to admit they have a lot of pricks on their side.


Today is one of my favorite days of the year, food prep for Thanksgiving hosting day! I do as much as I can in advance. I do a sit down for 20-24 and everything hits the table at the same time. Immediate family and good friends I have adopted through the years. I hate people having nowhere to go. My wife, the lovely and talented, doesn’t mind when I invite strays.

I golf righty, shoot lefty for hockey and can throw darts with either hand. JohnH

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--With a bolt action rifle it won't make any difference. You are going to lower the thing to your waist anyway to work the bolt and chamber the next round. --

If so, you're not doing it right.
A practiced bolt operator can cycle the bolt without taking the rifle from their shoulder or their eye off the target. Especially useful when, oh say, a charging elephant is bearing down on you. :)
Impossible for a lefty but fortunately there are a lot more left handed bolt actions than there used to be.


"have their left hand chopped off so that the rest of their lives they have to eat with the hand that wipes their ass"

Just a guess, but I think they would have to use the same hand afterwards regardless which other hand met the chopper :)


Computer mouses?

Yeah, not sure of that one either. I switched to using the mouse with my left hand because my right wrist was bothering me, and I was worried about getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It helped a lot.

Some scissors are surprisingly hard to use left-handed, at least for me, a righty. I think it's the tendency to push with the thumb and pull with the fingers, which forces the blades together if you're a righty, but apart if your lefty.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The biggest problem with scissors is so many have the grips contoured for righties that they don't fit lefties. A lot of them downright hurt.

Captain Hate

Thanks Appalled; was not aware of this:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"Sinister", "turd wiper".

Not feeling the love guys.
I'm a southpaw but fairly ambidextrous.
Like Jim NJ I found switching from right to left in boxing to be highly advantageous. Many talented lefthanded boxers languished because they couldn't get fights.
Like Comanche I'm opposite eye dominant which makes shooting a little tough. I should have learned to shoot right handed.

daddy on the Left Bank

At the pub so can't look it up proper, but I have a vague memory that the tradition in ancient Greece was to have the strong fighters on the right side of the line going into battle, and I think what clobbered the Spartans in their last famous battle in about the 280's BC where they really got unexpectedly demolished, maybe by the Corinthians, was that whoever they were fighting switched tactics and put the strong fighters on the Left facing Sparta's strenght and that twist unexpectedly destroyed the Spartans. Dr Weevil or any Classics guys, does that ring a bell?

I also have a vague understanding that at some sub quantum level the characteristic of "spin" in subatomic terms, had the opportunity in theory to be either left or right, but that in this universe, unlike Hillary's Earth 2 Universe, the spin is right not left, if we can apply such terms to such a thing.

Also, my beer would like to point out that the Evolutionary idea put forward is that, the heart in general being on the left side of the chest, the supposition is that the mother would cradle the sleeping newborn child in the left arm, with his head closest to his heart, thus keeping him calmer than craddling the child in the right arm further from the soothing sound of the mothers beating heart he had heard in the womb for 9 months. The theory then being that over the eons, the moms who cradled kids in their left arms and kept them a little quieter over ages of humans under predation, would be slightly more favored by Natural selection, and thus the free right arm would become dominant in the population, lesding to 90% of humans being Right handed and only 10 percent of the species being that creepy left hand variety. And thats all my Belgian blonde 7.8 Trappist Beer has to say about that👨‍🎨

Jim Eagle


The way it was explained to me was that the right hand is considered pure (haram) not the left. Now you are eating impure food. Agreed to us, no difference but to a devout or semi-devout muzzie it must be.

Don't know how many of you have traveled to the UK or Ireland and hired a car (that is British for renting:) and it is a stick shift. How well did you adapt to shifting with the left hand and driving on the left side of the road? At first, I was nervous but surprised that it went well and was quite easy to adapt. The biggest issue for me was now I had to concentrate my left eye (less dominant) on the centerline when driving.


Happy T-day, everyone. My wonderful and recently widowed aunt Hattie flew in Tuesday and is staying with us. I groped smoked two whole turkey breasts for dinner tomorrow for ~20 at my brother's house.

Sorry to hear about your woes, MM. I'm sure many of us would be eager to help you out in some way.

Best wishes to everyone.


So sorry to hear of the recent sad events.
Your family is in my prayers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


My dad's father had terrible handwriting for the exact same reason. He wrote right-handed (badly) but played baseball left-handed.

The reason I know this is that my brother and my youngest sister are left-handed, and when they were in school my grandad commented about how he thought they should not be writing that way.

He was amazed that kids were allowed to write left-handed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My son called. He will be released today without bail, but it might be a while because of the holiday crowding at the jail.

There are always reasons to be thankful, and in this case the "no bail" thing is a blessing, as I would have to borrow money from siblings in order to deal with a bail bondsman.

He said he will take the bus home. All I need to do is call his work and let them know he might be late tonight.

One step at a time.


I messed that up...the pop-up would drift towards the outfield not the back stop. The lineman thing again!


1. Miss M, set up the gofundme. You'll be surprised by the number of friends you have.

2. I am curious about what this group's reaction would be to this article:


Mark Halperin gets raked over the coals for something other than sexual harassment.

3. Do check out CH's link. Folks don't quite realize how badly hurt Rand Paul was, partly because of the smirky, blame the victim coverage that only seems OK when the victim is Republican. (Yes, I wrote that.)


How long did it take and at what temperature, lyle? I'm doing one tomorrow, thanks to my Boise friend's pellet smoker recommendation a couple of months ago. So far, everything I've tried has come out great, so I have high hopes. Going with apple pellets.

daddy on the Left Bank

Its 07:30 PM and the bar is showing a live BBall game between Tennessee and Purdue. Pulling for Purdue since its Miss M's State. They may be playing in the Bahamas. anyone watching? Its on all the TV screens at the Great Canadien Pub. Purdue has 2 huge 7 footers whos name tell me they may be German. No volume here.

Thomas Collins

That's a great idea, Kevlar Kid. Prayer smoke. Prayer smoke for rse's family and for MM's family and for rich and for anyone else in JOMLand needing prayer smoke this Thanksgiving season.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Now, I will admit Corey Lewandowski has a bit of an axe to grind with the RNC people, so with that caveat, it's easy to understand why Spicer and Priebus were let go, if what this book says is true.


Electron "spin" is probably a misnomer, daddy. No one knows if anything is actually spinning, and if I remember right, the magnitude of the observed magnetic "moment" would need to be created by the outer surface of electrons spinning faster than the speed of light. At any rate, I don't think either "spin" direction is preferred over the other. It's just that each electron can inhabit one of only two quantum "spin" states. Right and left or up and down are purely arbitrary terms for these states.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

MM, Porchlight, if I understood her correctly, said she would set up a funding page for you and if my experience is any indication she would be happy to do it.
Why wait til after the holidays when you are without a car now?
You have a lot of friends who would like to help, including me. :)


Al Anon helped my wife realize she was enabling me. If you can MissM, please check it out and I'll bet you'll find friends there but most of all support. It's where my wife found out she was enabling me.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I was considering that anyway, now that I know. My daughter needs to go to as she is WAY too soft-hearted.


US Navy stops pepper spraying sailors every 3 years

“One and done! Effective immediately we are ELIMINATING the 3-year recertification requirement for pepper spray as part of our force protection training,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson wrote in a Facebook post with a video.

“Once you get that experience you’ll never forget it, and you’ll be able to fight through pepper spray for the rest of your career,” Richardson said.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Porchlight is traveling right now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I forgot "creepy" and "gauche". :/

As is well known lefthanders' dominant brain hemisphere is the right one and vice versa.
I won't make any stupid "right mind" jokes, but I will note that right handers form their political philosophy in their left hemisphere.
So as a hypothesis I propose that if we surveyed political leftists the vast majority of them would be right handed.
After a little checking I can confirm they are!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

When you said holiday[s] I thought you meant like after New Years.


"“One and done! Effective immediately we are ELIMINATING the 3-year recertification requirement for pepper spray as part of our force protection training,”

To many LGTB protests.



PRAGUE (AP) -- Comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen has offered to pay the fines for six Czech tourists who were reportedly detained by authorities in Kazakhstan's capital Astana for dressing up as his character Borat.

Sporting lime green "mankinis" and black wigs, the men had hoped to take a picture in front of the "I Love Astana" sign earlier this month.

But local police fined them some $68 each for committing minor hooliganism, according to local media.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Baron Cohen says: "To my Czech mates who were arrested. Send me your details and proof that it was you, and I'll pay your fine."

No pics at the link.


MissM, I really hope you do, life is so much better for this alcoholic since I sobered up.


We used to have to get hit in the face with a full 2-3 second blast of pepper spray every year for training purposes. They used to tell us that if we ever had to testify in court, the first question would be, "Have you ever been pepper sprayed, do you know what it feels like?" I asked the training officer if he was going to shoot us too? Stuff is nasty.

Jane - not "in"


Look for the price of comparable used cars. (same kind, same year, same miles) Find 3 matches if you can. When they offer you a settlement use that for leverage. They offer you $1800 you have 3 ads for the same car going for $2500. That's how that works.

Eric in Boise

How well did you adapt to shifting with the left hand and driving on the left side of the road?

It only took an hour or two for me to get used to that. What really gave me a case of Shrunken Sphincter Syndrome was the narrowness of the two lane Irish roads once you got off of the motorways. It seemed like you only had a few inches of leeway between that stone wall on the car's left and the folks whizzing by a whisker from your right mirror. And don't get me started on the rural bridges that you only realized were one-lane when you were already halfway across.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Brit Hume tweeted this link:


Kevlar Kid

TC----i load an abalone shell an mix white sage, kopal, and cedar leaf for a prayer intention. If i have time i load my Pipe and make an offering to GrandFather, sing one of his songs in Dineh.

I'll do the Pipe ceremony tomorrow.

It's all good, Brother

Jane - not "in"

BTW I am making AB"S "Best turkey in the whole world" many of you may remember. The gobblier is brining as we speak.


My dad was born a lefty at I time when it was considered a "defect", so he was forced to become right-handed.

Probably not a good thing, but his uneducated parents didn't know better.

Upside was he was a hell of an athlete, who was impossible to pitch against. He would decide whether to bat lefty or righty as he approached the plate and the pitcher was on the mound.

He could do most things equally well either handed.


Miss Marple I know I'm not the only one who is chomping at the bit to help you get a new car, so sooner rather than later with a gofundme. Among the many decisions you are making, being comfortable about getting the good for you car will feel better when you know where the money is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Safe travel, safe food and great conversations. Saw 2 Thank you Jesus signs at a neighbor's who was one of the few with a Hillary sign. There is hope.

daddy on the Left Bank

From Appalled's 01:26

As I said: Washington was my city. But it is a city for all Americans, as the seat of our democracy. For his efforts to make the city seem, instead, like a nonstop exclusive party to which almost nobody is invited, I dare say Halperin is the single journalist most responsible for Donald Trump. Think that's too bold? Name me another.

Chuck Todd, George Stephanapolos, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Christianna Amonpour, Chris Cuomo, shithook Joe and Mika, Megyn Kelly, George Will, Jonah Goldbert, zit face Kevin Williamson, Hayes with the beard, maggie habberman, GlennThrush, Karl Bernstein, David "Pant crease" Brooks, Michael "IQ" Beschloss, Character Assasin Noonan, Ciliza, both Dana's from that shithole rag the WaPo, Max Boot, Charles Blow, Friedman and his Times butt buddy's Kristof, Dowd, and Krugman, Billl Kristol, any asshole on any given day at NRO, charlie fucking Rose, Katie Couric, David Gergen, Jen Rubin, Norah O'Donnell, Larry O'Donnell, wolfe Blitzer, Anderson "tea-Bagger" Cooper, shithead Shep Smith, Chris shithead Matthews, Rachel Matthews shithead, shit for brains Keith Olbermann, fuckface Jim Acosta, that Mexican shithead from UnaVision, and any and all of the rest of those miserable biased shitheads in the media, plus the BBC, Bloomberg and those rotten Communists c***suckers at The Guardian.

Did I miss anyone?

Man Tran

My dad was left eyed and right handed which is why he liked the .300 Savage. It was also a good saddle scabbard gun with a scope. Don't think he ever complained about the casing flying past his nose, but that may have been because I don't think he ever needed a second shot. :)


I have a 14 pound bird in a smoker. Doing a cherry wood and hickory mix.

It will keep me up till midnight so might even get to hang with the JOM night crew:)

Jim Eagle


If you have ever read Tony Hillerman, then you have probably read Navajoland, the gazette to all the places where Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee travel, occupy, eat and are present:) If you haven't then you are missing a real treat.


Don't know how many of you have traveled to the UK or Ireland and hired a car (that is British for renting:) and it is a stick shift. How well did you adapt to shifting with the left hand and driving on the left side of the road? At first, I was nervous but surprised that it went well and was quite easy to adapt. The biggest issue for me was now I had to concentrate my left eye (less dominant) on the centerline when driving.

BTDT Jack. It was all good until I got to the roundabouts:)

I am right handed but left eye dominant. I gave up on trap shooting as well as my dad.

James D.

Daddy @ 2:30

That list is a good start...

Tom R

My son is a lefty pitcher. The criteria for a lefty pitcher to get a D1 college scholarship is a lot lower than a righty pitcher. A righty pitcher typically needs a 90mph fastball to get a D1 offer while for lefties its only 85mph.

Janet 🚬

And that attitude is particularly shitty after the Hodgkinson attack where Paul was also present.

People should've been fired over this.

Amen, Captain.

It is really something to see all the leftist violence shrugged off or excused by the MFM.

My old FB posts from 2016 are full of stories of Trump supporters being beaten up. High School kids wearing a MAGA cap were attacked, before & after the election.

It is still that way. I dare not wear a MAGA cap.

daddy on the Left Bank

Thanks. Ext, for the subatomic spin info!

Jim Eagle

The tradition continues: "Le Jour de Merci Donnant".


Art Buchwald's annual Thanksgiving column.

daddy on the Left Bank

Co-Pilots just showed up. Later.

Jim Eagle


Not bad for being shit faced at The Canook at 1920hrs. You win the wig. [Don't know what the Navy OC prize is for the shittiest put down but in mine it was a blonde wig;]

Captain Hate

Happy Thanksgiving, Janet. That was a nice invitation you made to rich for Thanksgiving dinner; I hope he takes you up on it even though I also understand the satisfaction of stewing on being pissed off at the world.


It is still that way. I dare not wear a MAGA cap.

Probably could get away with it if you open carry:)

Texas Liberty Gal

Texas Rep Joe Barton gets caught doing a modified Anthony Weiner - yuck yuck & yuck


Warning graphic picture

jimmyk on iPhone

"It is really something to see all the leftist violence shrugged off or excused by the MFM."

Yet that "life fulfillment expert" gets a story in the NYP because Bannon's security guard looked scary.

The NYP, by the way, while tending conservative, also tends anti-Trump.

Tom R

In one week we have revelations of sexual misconduct against Franken, Conyers and now Barton. There are 39 more days left in the year. What are the odds we will see at least 15 more cases of sexual misconduct by members of Congress by the end of the year?

jimmyk on iPhone

"The criteria for a lefty pitcher to get a D1 college scholarship is a lot lower than a righty pitcher."

I remember one of those TV announcers quipping something to the effect that as long as a lefty pitcher knows which direction is home plate he can get a job.

jimmyk on iPhone

"What are the odds we will see at least 15 more cases of sexual misconduct by members of Congress by the end of the year?"

Those staff holiday parties are usually prime hunting season.

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