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November 22, 2017




Just ick.

Tom R:

Rumor is that there are about 25 active investigations right now. So odds are pretty good.


Good afternoon! I'm a lefty! Thanks to a second grade teacher at the Ft. Meade elementary school who was a lefty,I've had decent handwriting all these years. Dad was called to active duty during the Cuban missile crisis and Mom packed up four kids and moved to Ft.Meade from NH.

We finally found our favorite pizza place here in Florida. We had a yummy pizza for a late lunch at a charming Italian market/cafe.


I played soccer in college, and was recruited to punt and kick on the football team.
The HEAD coach saw me punting and kicking field goals with both legs. He said he'd never seen an ambidextrous field goal kicker. Apparently soccer was FOREIGN to him. I kicked right footed in games. I throw darts lefty, I shoot a basketball lefty, I shoot a gun ABSOLUTELY righty. In soccer, it didn't matter, I was a center forward, so which ever foot could put the ball in the back of the net, was the one I used.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Man Tran,
I used to have one of those Remington Nylon 66 semi auto 22s.
The problem wasn't the spent cases going across my vision but that they and small flecks of powder would invariably land in the crook of my right elbow and burn like the dickens.

mad jack

did a ten day clockwise drive around ireland with my wife and son when he was over there for JYA. driving turned out to be a snap as son was navigator and, here's the key, the mrs was assigned to the back seat to look out the side windows.



Don’t Put Clarence Thomas in with the Bad Boys



What is it with these ugly fat or wrinkled horn-dogs parading their stuff for the ladies? Don't they even look in a mirror?


I thought Barton looked DEAD SEXY!!


"Those staff holiday parties are usually prime hunting season."



Guess he thought so, too, Gus. What a dork.

Folks don't quite realize how badly hurt Rand Paul was, partly because of the smirky, blame the victim coverage that only seems OK when the victim is Republican.
Did you catch on the left side of the article was video of the CNN coverage, and the crawl says "...attack with neighbor". No, CNN assholes, that was an attack by neighbor!
Jim Eagle

Good lord, Joe Barton still around?

Back in my day in DC, Joe Barton was a chief member of the Energy committee (1987-1992). Energy was in my portfolio and I attended many a hearing, many a PAC reception, many an away weekend to play golf, cards, drink and give money.

Hey its a job. Never saw any of that in Joe. In fact, I have never seen any of that in any member but staff is another story. I guess I lived a secular and blind life.

I believe Joe is from the same part of Texas that Jeff Dobbs is from.


Clinton Takes ‘Responsibility’ for Campaign Attacking Reporters Who Covered Private Email Server Scandal

Mostly Hugh Hewitt patting his own back.



Kathleen Sebelius slams Clintons for attacking women who alleged sexual misconduct

Sebelius, however, refused to say whether Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., should resign over claims he inappropriately touched radio personality Leeann Tweeden during a USO tour of the Middle East in 2006.

"Franken has done something different than some of the other males involved," Sebelius said. "He first of all admitted behavior and apologized, but immediately asked for an ethics investigation on himself."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Next up: 90% of the Senate will have signed up for an ethics investigation.

Comanche Voter

Ignatz good to know there are left handed bolt action rifles. I'll keep it in mind if I ever go anywhere I might encounter a charging bull elephant, an angry RINO, or an aggravated Nancy Pelosi.

As for needing a second shot? Deer don't shoot back. If there's incoming, you want to make sure you've got a lot of "outgoing".


Being thankful I'm no longer in Cleveland, now tasting a Great Lakes Burning River. Nice beer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Don Jr. has something to say on Instagram. Read both the posted tweet and his comment on the right side.



Comanche, my freezer is full of tasty tasty deer.
The first deer of gun season, went down like a sack of potatoes. Didn't move an inch. Remington 308.
As I gutted the victim, it was obvious why.
His heart was blown to smithereens.
One shot.

Jim Eagle


I am a great believer in the cosmic concept "that what goes around comes around". Seen it in real life too many times.

Emily is do for an awoke'ng real soon. Couldn't happen to a more stupid person.


Good one by Don Jr. I like that guy. Saw him once on some hostile TV interview and he easily disabled the lib inquisitor with a smile and without breaking a sweat.

Account Deleted


If you have ever read Tony Hillerman, then you have probably read Navajoland, the gazette to all the places where Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee travel, occupy, eat and are present:) If you haven't then you are missing a real treat."

Posted by: Jack is Back! | November 22, 2017 at 02:28 PM

JiB: have fasted at most of the holy places in the four states.

Hillerman does write a good mystery. fo sho.

i have a long lost friend from high school who I'd not seen in 40 years. i'd just returned from Patagonia and mentioned had been a couple of prayer lodges with some fellow Dineh (bear clan) and some Oglala gents.

He sent me a used set of Tony Hillerman novels. LOL said I might enjoy Hillerman's descriptions of "Navajoland".

ya. I might. ;) Nothing beats the real thing though. Nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jack.



Unless the composition has changed recently, the ethics committee has more Democrats than Republicans.


Read the comment by Lil Jordan Epping. He tells DON JR. to divide the country even more???

Someone should copywrite that term!!!!!!!


Another poll has Moore up 6 - from Breitbart:

"Moore, at 43 percent, leads Jones—who lags down at 37 percent—by six points in a survey conducted between November 18 and November 21 by Atlantic Media and Research"

Keep the faith, MM.

"If I had a highway, I would run for the hills

If you could find a dryway, I'd forever be still"

- Gaga


"Pulling for Purdue since its Miss M's State."


Never, ever, ever pull for Purdue just because they are from Indiana.

I'm sitting at The Tap in Bloomington, IN and nobody was pulling for those shmuck Boilermakers simply because we are in Indiana.


. The left is increasingly deranged.



Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
18m18 minutes ago

51 Million American to travel this weekend - highest number in twelve years (AAA). Traffic and airports are running very smoothly! @FoxNews

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
12m12 minutes ago

I have long given the order to help Argentina with the Search and Rescue mission of their missing submarine. 45 people aboard and not much time left. May God be with them and the people of Argentina!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I took daddy's comment in the spirit in which it was intended, even though I am an IU grad.

Those outside Indiana don't know the deep rivalry between the schools.

Jim Eagle

First self driving dog Tesla at our CVS.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is what I did this afternoon:

Spent HOURS attempting to find a friend of my son's who is best friends with the Indy prosecutor who maybe could speed up his release since he is to be let go with no bail. I think that guy might be in the witnes protection program. Finally I texted my daughter who was ALSO friends with him on Facebook, it turns out, so she sent him a message.

Son called back and I couldn't take the call because it required a credit card since he had used up his free 2 minutes. I did hear him say to keep trying the friend because they are so backed up he might be there all weekend.(Til Monday.)

I called the restaurant where he is now working and spoke to the manager. He asked me if Chris was in the hospital and so I broke down and told him no, jail. He said not to worry that his job was safe, and that he has known my son for 4 years and knows about his problems. (This is shameful to me that he didn't feel like he could tell me.) At least I won't worry about his job.

I will go to the car lot on Friday with my sister and get all of the stuff out of the car, so it doesn't get scrunched up when the poor thing is put in the car smasher for scrap.

And that's my day, except for doing laundry.

Jim Eagle


Keep the faith. Some times you are purposefully challenged. So far, you are doing great. When it gets beyond your means, then that is what friends are for. Never feel you can't ask for any help.


Conyers starts to dig:

"WASHINGTON – Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said that all felons should have the right to vote. “I’m for allowing people" who are incarcerated to have the right to vote. Why not? They’re citizens.


jimmyk on iPhone

"Another poll has Moore up 6"

Look for more stories to appear. Lots of time to gin up some more liars between now and December 12th.


Re. Tesla and Dog.

How to barbecue Thanksgiving turkey - Prepare turkey as normal then place in Tesla.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Being thankful I'm no longer in Cleveland, now tasting a Great Lakes Burning River. Nice beer.

If you ever make it back here, there are plenty of craft breweries that are very good.

Old Lurker

Ethics Committee?

Only an idiot would expect that committee to be anything other than as ineffective as all the other Congressional Oversight "Committees".

Lookin at you, Trey.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid, Jack,

I read every one of the Tony Hillerman mysteries, which I found fascinating. This is a high compliment because I usually only read British mysteries.

I was especially interested in the Navajo traditions and religion, which seemed strange yet very mystical. I may check those out of the library to re-read.

The book on places from the books sounds interesting, I might look for that as well.


"Great Lakes Burning River. Nice beer."

Nice name, too! Named after the Cuyahoga, I presume?
"The picture of the Cuyahoga River on fire that ended up in Time Magazine a month later- a truly arresting image showing flames leaping up from the water, completely engulfing a ship - was actually from a much more serious fire in November 1952. No picture of the ‘69 river fire is known to exist."

Jim Eagle


Makes you want to go there an experience it, right? Sometimes I think these writers are paid by the State tourism board:)

But Tony was his own guide and promoter of the Navajho culture.

/I keed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate on the iPhone

(This is shameful to me that he didn't feel like he could tell me.)

I understand why you're feeling that way but it doesn't reflect badly on you. He knew you'd tell him to stop it and he wasn't ready for that.


Jim, that they had more than one river fire to confuse says it all.

CH, no idea when I might be back through Cleveland. It's been 20 years.


Also some [left handed?] judge just OKd a lawsuit against the Keystone XL pipeline approval.


Netflix has Skinwalkers a Robert Redford adaption of Tony Hillerman's works.

Jim Eagle


Now that is a big deal. Whoa, nelly. SandBox as a tourist destination?

Don't expect too much or alcohol or church on Sunday or anything resembling where you come from. Well, maybe MickeyD's and KFC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So instead of these stupid and expensive green energy solutions all we need is a city sized asteroid to hit earth and we will avoid all the so called "catastrophic" global warming scenarios.


On the whole lefty versus righty thing:

I have an identical twin brother. He's a lefty, I'm a righty.

We used to run this jumping scam in college at house parties at I.U. in the '80's.

He can jump about 6 inches and not a 1/16 higher.

Jumping is big in Indiana 'cause of basketball and 1:30 AM jumping contests at house parties was all there was left to be done once the chicks had left and it was nothing but bros left waiting for the keg to run dry.

The most common jumping contest was trying to top your head on the ceiling.

My brother would get in first and lose a fiver and then a ten spot. Doubling down and faking desperation, he'd invite me, he's spitting image to participate. This always produced howls of laughter and an immediate taker plunking down an Andrew Jackson for the double.

I can, well... could, jump.

I'd get in the circle and jump.

On hung tile ceilings I'd just knock the tile out but plaster ceilings were hell. I've a few handsome looking scars on the top of my head from those.

$20 was a couple of cases of Pabst or Olympia back then and well worth the effort.

My take away from the whole thing is southpaws can't jump.

jimmyk on iPhone

Drudge had a still shot up earlier, but the aerial video at this site of LA holiday traffic is pretty cool--beautiful if you're not in it.



That's some story Bub. You'd think the basic physical stuff would be more identical than anything else.


I gotta make the trip to my inlaws tomorrow morning.

They are farmers in extreme north eastern Indiana. The Hoosier/Buckeye state line literally runs thru the field behind their home.

It is Bumf*ck Indiana and cell and internet is pretty spotty. They can't even get DSL.

Due to a lack of decent and worthwhile content, I don't post that much though have been doing so when since the whole Plame thing.

Since I'm gonna be eating turkey with a family tomorrow and might be off the 'net, I'd like to wish that other family, the JOMers, a Happy Thanksgiving right now before I'm off the 'net. Best to all of you!

The only bad thing is the inlaws don't know what it means to have 'oyster stuffing'. They are a bunch of frickin' krauts though and there will be braunschweiger!

MM, do the GoFundMe thing. Post it here. More than once.

You have friends here.

You are worthy so just make it happen.

jimmyk on iPhone

"I have an identical twin brother. He's a lefty, I'm a righty."

Pretty sure identical twins are almost always righty-lefty.

Jim Eagle


Got into a similar jam one time on 95 from Wilmington to DC. I only wish there was a photo. Since it was not moving we turned down our windows and all we could smell was wood buring in the local house fireplaces.

Same time of year. Ugly.


I noted this bit this morning:


At a local starbucks

Jane - not "in"

"Pretty sure identical twins are almost always righty-lefty."

Really? I never knew that.


MM, my dad was an alcoholic, and my sweet mom was his enabler. He faced relatively few consequences from his drunken actions, because mom would immediately commence Operation Smooth His Way. Rocco's advice to seek counsel from someone familiar with alcoholics is very wise imo.

Beasts of England

If I wanted to be a scratch golfer I'd start over again as a lefty. I'd still chip and putt as a righty, since that part of my game is rather pure; but my full swing is cursed with decades of flawed muscle memory.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This guy henry and I follow, 0_Hour, noticed something very interesting about McCain's foot with the boot. Pay close attention to the picture:


jimmyk on iPhone

I saw someone earlier lump Barton with Conyers and Franken. I trust the point has been made that Barton is not at all like the other two. More of a victim than a perp, even if he was foolish. And not like Weiner either--he was separated or divorced, and no minors were involved. But he's got (R) after his name, so he'll have to go. His own party will throw him under the bus.

jimmyk on iPhone

And this is superb:



An outbreak of greenhouse syndrome:



jimmyk, that 0Hour1 dude claims to have more Barton video, including masturbation, that was sent to more than one woman. The victim thing may be a "nice try" along the lines of Carlos Danger's "I was hacked." We live in bizarre times.


"That's some story Bub. You'd think the basic physical stuff would be more identical than anything else."

I always assumed it was technique. I am a little taller, he's a little broader. Pretty much the exact same weight though. He picked up weightlifting in the '90's and got built to a degree I couldn't come close to. This is when he lived in DC and preying upon interns by the way!

The boy just could never get off the floor though.

When I got to I.U. and started playing ball at the HPER, I had to leave my wingman behind.

"I have an identical twin brother. He's a lefty, I'm a righty."

Pretty sure identical twins are almost always righty-lefty."

We are 'mirror image' twins.

We were part of a study of twins my Mom signed us up for with I.U. when we were born until we were 12.

The peeps who could tell us apart were the ones that realized he parted his hair on the right and I parted on the mine on the left.

The guy is very artistic and I'm very much process oriented. I have no artistic bone in my body. He couldn't program if his life depended upon it.

I'm 56 and can still 'touch' the rim with a good run and the wind blowing in the right direction. I used to be able to get both wrists over without a good wind blowing. Though I'm wistful at this development this is much to the chagrin off my 13 year old boy as off this past Saturday afternoon.

Texas Liberty Gal

Henry - "New info on SMOD's grandfather. It seems the angle made it worse" They lost me at '66 million years


They still think they can salvage this thing, like the titanic or the Andrea doria



May be closer to Hindenberg at this point Narciso.


Oh the huge manatee@ captain, at this point I'm wondering if they will find a way to scotch the last Jedi.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Heading to Thor - Ragnarok at the Studio Movie Grill.


NFL ratings slump. I guess teams won't care till
1) it's clearly a permanent problem and
2) TV contracts expire


"NFL ratings slump."

I haven't watched a single down this year.


And I only saw guardians this summer, I guess I'll get around to wonder woman and homecoming on DVD eventually.


Pretty sure I cut the cord in time. I've seen a few games, but only on a digital antenna.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Miss Marple, Prayers for days getting better.
Go Fund Me will make your life better from my oldest granddaughter's experience. I highly recommend it.


jimmyk, perhaps this would be a great way to begin that conversation.


Lovely Miss Marple The individual pic of McStain has blazer buttons on the proper side, the picture of McStain and his rich wife, has her wedding ring on the proper hand. NEITHER PIC IS A REVERSE or NEGATIVE.


CORRECTION, it's his daughter, that is NOT a wedding ring.


""NFL ratings slump."

I haven't watched a single down this year.""

I bought a netflix account when my oldest went to school at I.U. a few years ago.

I did use it last year to watch 'The Last Kingdom'

Using it now as a substitue for NFL.

I'm tryin really hard but it's tough sledding.


2nd correction, that is McStain's rich wife.
The caption below the pic says, Meghan McStain and Cindy McStain.

Who is the old guy??

Captain Hate

I'm too lazy to look in but are all the denizens at Patterico all suitably bitter for Thanksgiving?


There were some interesting series like perky blinders and even marseilles which was house of bouillabaise, more or less. But much was uninteresting.


I think Pooterico is over at Kristol's house, along with Charlie Sucks and Stevie Hayes.

They're being served CROW,


They are pretty dreary, CH.

Ballard hasn't wind chimed in with a flowery Golden Marmoset put down yet so they do have a couple more rungs before they hit bottom.


On last nights legends the team went to Vietnam 1967, where gorilla grodd is causing trouble.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

On Netflix:

Midsomer Murders
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

That is what I watch. My daughter is watching "Men in Black" right now.


Capn, I took a peak. Bitter.
Pooter is a "Conservative", but "Hyper-partisan" tribalism by NON-DEMOCRATS is the real DANGER.
Utter horse shit.

The Hyper-partisan full commie by the LIBTARDS brought us here. The GOPe refused to protect the country from DISASTER.

We looked ELSEWHERE. Our PROM DATES kept standing us up and kept banging our enemies.
We looked ELSEWHERE.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It occurs to me that the Never Trump gang is much like the sexual predator democrat.

Both pretend to care about your cause, when in reality all they are looking to do is screw you.

Account Deleted

MM---> did you see the article in AT today about DJT's ending jihad through his alliance building with Saudi Arabia and Egypt?

the GOPe is in deep kimchee and denial.... this isnt GHWB's GOP.



God bless everyone with troubles and even those without (as far as they know, at the moment)--
and please those in the latter set to aid those in the former, and then may when everything reverses, may the formerly afflicted step up to the plate. We all know we will have our times of misery!


more woman accuse Franken of grabbing their rear ends.And this predator of now 4 Women is still in the Senate?
Melanie Sloan is accusing Conyers of harassment and once saw him in his office in his underwear. She is that CREW gal.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes I saw it. I think the author stole about 75% of it from the guy I follow on Twitter, Thomas Wictor. @ThomasWictor

He has been pointing out the steps in this change for several months, probably since the Sword Dance.

No one in the foreign policy establishment, nor the democrats, nor the Never Trumpers get what's going on at all. I first noticed Melania apearing WITH the men at the Sword Dance dinner, hair uncovered. That was a big sign of change.

Wictor follows all of this stuff. He thinks the Saudis and Israelis are going after toppling the Iranian regime, but not by conventional methods.

There is a lot of stuff going on over there that simply doesn't get covered, or it gets covered as some simple business deal, when the events are really more significant.

Highly recommend following Wictor. He also writes about metaphysical subjects.

The events in the Middle East are why I don't worry about Mueller.


Miss M, 7:50, excellent observation.


Lovely Miss Marple. I have NEVER been a REPUBLICAN. It is BECAUSE, I WAS a Democrat, that I have always refused to call myself a Republican.
The GOP....e....was obvious to me. When W.Bush is the standard bearer, when Mitt RoTney, John McStain, and Bob Dole are you A-TEAM of core Conservatism. I am not a REPUBLICAN.

"That's not who we are" Is a SUICIDE NOTE.
I'd rather that Republicans pointed out ABORTION, MORE ABORTION, scandal after scandal, generational dyfunction, family disintegration, keeping people in GOVT DEPENDENCE for 50 plus years, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION......and DEMOCRATIC SLEAZE....AND SAY.....

"That's WHO THEY ARE".

Captain Hate

On last nights legends the team went to Vietnam 1967, where gorilla grodd is causing trouble.

I saw the trailer for that while watching The Flash and was somewhat interested before opting for Bull, which I'm hooked on.

Jim Eagle

Off to bed.

Frederick is swinning in a 103F pool as I write this.What could that carbon footprint be?

Not here but at a friend. Off to bed.

Slaap lekker, tot morgn.


Good Night Jack. My boy is off "hanging out" with friends. My new AUTO INSURANCE took effect yesterday.


Hello Maryrose, haven't chatted with you in a while! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.o

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