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November 23, 2017



Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Ready for a party of 30 or more.


Nice sunny day here, Happy Thanksgiving!


Paleo Up to you, too. :)

I'm thankful for you, Tom Maguire.
I'm also thankful for everyone here at jom.


Happy Thanksgiving blessings to everyone.





Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you. Special thanks and Thanksgiving good wishes to our gracious host, Mr. Maguire.

I'm also thankful for President Donald J. Trump.

And that Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton will NEVER be president.


Miss M, if you want to set up a GoFundMe, I would love to help you with it, but you will need an email address to receive funds via PayPal.

Should I get it going now and we can figure out funds transfer later? Just say the word.


Ann Coulter‏Verified account @AnnCoulter
BREAKING: 9th Circuit Judge overturns Trump’s turkey pardon

Jim Eagle

For rse when she gets here.

At the Democracy Alliance shindig, the keynoter was the Executive Director of the National Education Association AND Democracy Alliance board member:)


Come on! I just got caught up and we get a new thread.

Repeating, Miss Marple, don’t forget to take the license plate with you when you clean out the car.


Jane,are you getting the thunderstorm where you are? Wow. At least it isn't snowing! :)

James D.

I’m thankful for all of you great folks here. Hope all of you have a great day!

Jim Eagle

On many levels, this is worrisome:

Nice Network You Have There, Shame If Something Happened To It.

[Not this network but the Militaries]

"Here is what we need to be able to answer. Tomorrow, you don’t have access to your hacked communications systems. How do you fight?

In 4-yrs and a few billion dollars later, your new system does not work. How will you fight?

Navy. Your networks are down, as are your access to GPS and satellite communications. Now. Fight.

Seems silly? Ask those who have been there what they have seen in the eastern Ukraine the last few years. That is only a small percentage of the capabilities you would see in a larger conflict.

The enemy will fight offline. How will you?"



And its not the holidays without at least one lone wolf attempt:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My son has been released from jail. My daughter went to pick hi up.

Thanks be to God and to all of you for your prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I guess it's ok. I feel sort of embarrassed about it, but I really do need help.

I will work on getting a new email address through yahoo or gmail this evening.

matt, deplore me if you must

Went for an early morning walk and saw deer, the horses and various other livestock as the sun just touched the mountains. Great way to start the day in a thankful manner.

All the best to all of you today and always.


Good news miss marple.


How wonderful,MM!

Captain Hate

Sunny day here too. Just back from taking Teddy to his play date down the street with Django, an Australian Shepherd/Samoyed mix, only at 11 instead of 4 because of turkey get togethers. First Thanksgiving away from NYC in at least 3 years so not happy about missing my JOM friends.

Best to all. Maybe it has to do with having a birthday in early November but it seems like once Halloween happens everything becomes a holiday blur until New Years.


Its a little overcast over here, should clear up by the end of the day.

Captain Hate


Jim Eagle

Let's have a mid-day laugh:

A circus owner runs an ad for 'lion tamer wanted' and two people showed up.

One is a retired conservative blogger in his late-sixties and the other is a drop-dead, gorgeous brunette with a killer body in her mid-twenties.

The circus owner tells , "I'm not going to sugar coat it.

This is one ferocious lion. He ate my last tamer so you had better be good or you're history.

Here's your equipment -- a chair, a whip and a gun. Who wants to try out first?"

The gorgeous brunette says, "I'll go first." She walks past the chair, the whip and the gun and steps right into the cage. The lion starts to snarl and pant and begins to charge her. As he gets close, the gorgeous brunette throws open her coat revealing her beautiful, perfect naked body.

The lion stops dead in his tracks, sheepishly crawls up to her and starts licking her feet and ankles.

He continues to lick and kiss every inch of her body for several minutes, then lays down and rests his head at her feet.

The circus owner's jaw is on the floor! He says, "That's amazing! I've never seen anything like that in my life!"

He then turns to the retired blogger and asks, "Can you top that?"

The old blogger replies, "Possibly ... but you've got to get that lion out of there first."


Okay, Miss M. I will set it up under your pseudonym for now. Sent you a FB message. :)

Gotta run an errand but will be back soon.


Make sure it is a tough/secure password on the new e-mail, MM

Sorry to hear of your troubles -- at least Son is on his way home


BTW, Happy T-Day to all at JOM!!!

Michael  (fpa P4F)

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of the JOM family, and special thanks to OGH, Mr. Maguire, for providing this special place.

Safe travels and thanks to you all.

Old Lurker

I cannot improve a single word, so I will just steal from P4F:

"Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of the JOM family, and special thanks to OGH, Mr. Maguire, for providing this special place.

Safe travels and thanks to you all."


Thanks to Tom Maguire!

News from Maine...the U.S.Coast Guard will transfer the iconic Bass Harbor Lighthouse to Acadia National Park. Acadia has a $70M maintenance backlog,but expects the lighthouse to defray costs with a bookstore/coffee shop. Yeah,right.


Prayers for all here and all who are struggling through the holidays. I know of a couple of people for whom the holidays are going to be difficult, one a janitor at the gym I work out in and another being a co-worker. Both looked so sad when I wished them a Happy Thanksgiving. Really keeps things in perspective, and I will keep that in my as I try to not let it bother me too much at all if some fellow guest at dinner today prattles on too much after way too much ethanol.

Also going back a couple of threads, (I just can't keep up at all) my mother was born lefty but of course in that era they forced her to write righty. She had beautiful handwriting with both hands, and could do that mirror writing that Da Vinci was known for. Only one of my siblings inherited that left-handedness, my older brother, and he is by the most gifted athletically of all of us, being a natural in pretty much any sport he tried.

Miss Marple

Leaving for my brothers house. Son is home but exhausted. The first thing he wants to do is shower and then sleep. He is staying home.

He got pretty beat up in the wreck. Los of bruises and burns from Thera bag, but nothing serious.

he said it was the worst two days in his entire life.

Will check in when I return.


Happy thanksgiving to you all!


Stein started carving the turkeys early.



Happy Thanksgiving, JOM!

Jim Eagle

Just had my first Bellini, our Thanksgiving aperatif of choice.

Going to start the Christmas pudding on Sunday and we'll have a big Stir it up Sunday even as a Catholic:)

Then I have to find a way to get it done to Florida for Christmas dinner.

Jim Eagle

Boy, I scewed that up, didn't I?


Link was stuck in the queue.

Dave (in MA)


Interesting that the same line of work that use to force lefties to become righties in terms of -handedness now tries to force everyone to become lefties.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thankful everyone has put up with my smartass comments another year:)


Yes, indeed Dave, the left always looking for converts.

totally off topic, I dropped my phone and rather than getting the screen fixed, I thought I would just buy a new phone. I googled best smartphone under $200 as well as some other price points. I had no idea how many off brand phones there are that are rated highly. Dare I buy a phone made by Hua Wei?

Jim Eagle


Send me your busted phone and Frederici will put a new screen on for you - cheap. $40 labor plus parts which are nothing depending on the phone. Will have to wait a few days for it 'cause it ships from China:)

Jim Eagle

...Frederici is his Italian name.....

Jim Eagle

According to Twitchy, this tweet is the Democrat party in one tweet:)


Comanche Voter

I figure they had pecans and pumpkins back in CaveMan days so I'm going to see some pumpkin pie, and maybe raise it with a slice of pecan pie. That's my Paleo for the day.


-peter, getting your old one fixed, if it is a recent high end model makes sense. If it is more than 2-3 years old, maybe not.

Hua Wei is likely by now the highest volume manufacturer of smartphones, but so little distribution here hard to know if they are crappy or not.



Miss Marple's fundraiser is online and ready to accept donations!


A PayPal account is not needed to donate. Click the PayPal button and then there will be an option to donate by credit card.

If you share this link, please do so in a way that protects Miss M's privacy regarding her JOM screenname.

Thank you all for your generosity!


Not sure about their phones but Hwa Wei is a very big operation, with lots of money behind them.


Sheriff: Las Vegas shooting gunman fired over 1,100 rounds


Update re: the fundraiser - I will be receiving donations via my PayPal and then forwarding them to Miss M. If she wishes, when she gets her email up and running, I'll edit it so that she receives donations directly.

Jim Eagle

Thanks, Porch. I'm in. Saw JamesD lead the parade and lets make it a parade for Miss Marple.

This is what Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about. Lets prove it.

And I think TK should give his advice on the best auto available once the target or more is made. I believe in RAMS [reliability, availability, maintenance, suitability] Actual the last one I made up:)

Jane - not "in"


We've had endless rain, thunder and a little lightening all day. Odd weather for thanksgiving it seems.

I had guests early who have now all gone home for a nap. Food was great and someone brought a handmade bottle of merlot which was spectacular.

David, Internet Deplorable

Well, I have been working for three days to prepare for Thanksgiving, including brining the turkey, renovating our smoker, and gathering all the other things we would need to do a nice smoked turkey. I even transported our smoker over to my stepdaughter's so we could prepare the food there, instead of having to haul it from our house.

Now, this is a very small thing compared to the very serious problems that Miss Marple and company are having, but something went badly wrong and the turkey finished cooking six hours early. So now, I have a somewhat dry turkey that I have to figure out how to cool and then heat up again when people arrive for dinner this evening, and all this has just about ruined the day for me. I know it is petty and stupid given the real and actual problems others are having, but I spent so much time trying to get things perfect that having the turkey come out crappy just about enrages me.

First world problems, I know. But I just can't seem to let go and enjoy the day now. Very frustrating.



And another poll with Moore up 6:

"In a poll conducted by Sky Research on Tuesday Nov. 21 among registered Alabama voters, the results show Moore with 46.7 percent support to Jones’ 39.6 percent. 13.7 percent of voters polled remain undecided. With a margin of error of 3.1 percent,"

Jim Eagle


Try putting in an oven with temp of 300F. But first put it on a rack and put the rack in a shallow roasting pan. Add about 2 cups of chicken broth and cover the bird with an aluminum foil tent. Try to steam it a bit to restore the more humid smoke flavor.

Either that or call Butterball for advice.

Another Bob

David, I like JIB‘s idea, but with a lower oven - 250?

If you have an injector, shoot it up with broth and melted butter?


I would carve that turkey right now, David.

Bigger slices than normal and put in an a container large enough to hold all the meat and be covered tightly with plastic wrap.

Leave it in a cool spot so it is close to room temp when you reheat it. When it is time to reheat you can pour the broth or gravy all over the exposed meat. Thengive it the casserole treatment. "350 for 30min" although I would check it at 15min since you started at room temp.

Good luck!


R. Emmett Tyrrell shares a personal experience...



Happy Thanksgiving All!!


Thanks for the vote of confidence on car selections, JiB.

I will help how I can.

Jim Eagle


Reminds me of the time Franken was chairing the Senate during some debate or member discussion when McCain rose to object or point of order and Franken shut him down. McCain was stunned, "Seriously?" and Franken, "Yes, Seriously, the Senator will not get the floor" or something like that.

It was one of those moments where you wanted both to lose.

Beasts of England

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone is having the same gorgeous weather as we're enjoying here. Went to lunch with my Mom and we both agreed it was one of the most delightful meals we'd ever had - food, service, and conversation. Almost scary. ;)

And a special holiday hug for Miss Marple.




The Internet has taught me that I have very few original thoughts.


Jim Eagle

We're watching the Vikings v. Lions game. Pretty good and getting tight.

Frederick has his best friends Henry and Bess over for dinner. They flew up from Miami but their Dad said go with us for dinner. He'll entertain the two younger sisters.

Mrs. JiB and Bess are getting all the food together which is better than me and boys doing it.

This is my first TV game in 5 weeks. Can't allow Thanksgiving to not bend my discipline.


Our turkey is finishing early, too. Such is life. It's done raining here in South Florida, I think. Very very quiet on the Intracoastal.


Nice tip, TK.


I think the silurians pop up next:



I'm smoking mine with apple pellets. I got this great gadget that wirelessly transmits the smoker and meat temps to a little receiver, complete with alarms. Never even have to go outside until it's done.



Thank you for all your generous donations to Miss Marple!

Jane - not "in"


I wouldn't worry too much. I also brined my bird, it finished early, I let it sit there and it was the most delicious turkey I've ever had. So maybe the brine will save it. Try wrapping it in a wet cloth, and an hour before people sit down to eat, take a bite and see if it really needs to be reheated. I think texture is more important than temperature.


Anyone else getting this error using the PayPal login option?

We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
Captain Hate

Twitter exposes another idiot:



What ever happened with this story?



Happy Thanksgiving to all JOMers!

And thanks to Porchlight for providing a concrete way to help Miss Marple.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good afternnon!

Nice family gathering. Plenty of food and good conversation. Got to see my two great-nephews who are 2 and 10 months. Real cuties!

I am drinking coffee to stay awake. Thanksgiving dinner makes me so sleepy!

Porchlight, thanks for starting that page.


How stupid is weinsteun, carp like that is why gawkier is on life support, re hulk Hogan.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

For daddy;


Clarice Feldman

We're already 13% toward the MM goal..Bravo/a JOM.


nailed it: https://spectator.org/the-rise-of-the-beta-male-sexual-harasser/


Since I'm just sitting here watching my smoker and bird temps from the comfort of my comfy chair, allow me to re-link:



I smoked the turkey yesterday and refrigerated until today. Nobody cared that it wasn't hot because it tasted so good.

I told the kids if they wanted hot, nuke it:)

Jane - not "in"

Plus hot gravy helps.


Splendid afternoon with my niece. We made dinner, then she explained he latest school project -- haptic systems design. (Touch feedback via ultrasound. Very cool engineering). After dinner she helped me clear space for the big train loop 6' X 12' in front of the fireplace. Tossed the couch off the upper deck (broken springs), lots of room. Got the 2-6-6-4 articulated and the 4-8-2 Mowhawk running. Awesome.

I trust each of your Thanksgiving Days are as wonderful. Now to the gofundme, thanks Porch.


To mirror the Pulitzer Prize, Deplorable Don Surber is launching the Foolitzed Prize.
To help weed out the bad actors from all these superior people who have devoted their lives to speaking truth to power, I have devised the Foolitzer Prize, awarded to the best Fake News in 2017.

Whereas reporters and news organizations submit their works to the committee, I am asking readers to nominate the stories, personnel, and news organizations that deserve special recognition for their terrible works this year.

In 30 words, more or less, tell me why you think a story, personality, or news organization, deserves a Foolitzer.


Since last Friday, Mrs. Buckeye and I have had 4 interactions with the bank as there has been a string of fraudulent withdrawals from savings accounts.

Managed to close one, open another and restore funds from the first string.

Now discover two withdrawals from another account since last night.

So of course dealing with it today meant talking to some nitwit in India who only knew how to read the script.

Online banking is very convenient, until it isn't.


An uncharacteristically long and detailed post by Deplorable Don.

Trump will add twice as many judges next year as Obama did in eight ... get your cups ready to catch the liberal tears flowing from the realization that Marxism is dead once the courts stop legislating.
Democratic Party hack Ronald A. Klain -- he worked in the Clinton White House, the Obama White House, and the Clinton Outhouse last year -- wrote a piece in the Washington Post that recognizes the price liberals paid for Obama.
...Trump is wasting no time in filling the 103 judicial vacancies he inherited. In the first nine months of Obama’s tenure, he nominated 20 judges to the federal trial and appellate courts; in Trump’s first nine months, he named 58. Senate Republicans are racing these nominees through confirmation...
Trump is listening to Steven Calabresi, co-founder of the Federalist Society

From Klain:
Calabresi has also proposed that Congress abolish 158 administrative law judgeships in federal regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and Securities and Exchange Commission, and replace these impartial fact-finders with a new corps of 158 Trump-selected judges who — unlike current administrative law judges — would serve for life.
Bwa ha ha ha.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Daily Mail Celebrity‏Verified account @DailyMailCeleb
21m21 minutes ago

Uma Thurman hints she was victimized by Harvey Weinstein http://dailym.ai/2hOIYEA

So far, I think this is the biggest name to make accusations against Weinstein.

I could be wrong, though. I need a chart or something.

Jim Eagle

Dinner over. Superb spread courtesy Citarella. Only have to warm it all up. No tortuos cooking. Nice bottle of 92 Vieux Chateau Cerrtan I brought up from the Florida wine room. My BIL recommended it over the 99 I also brought up.

No politics. Well that was expected since it was Mrs. JiB, me and Frederick and his two friends. Lots of trivia about singers, comics, movies and tv shows I have no idea about.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

My great honor to join our incredible men and women of the @USCG, at the Lake Worth Inlet Station, in Riviera Beach, Florida today!


video with audio at link

Jim Eagle

I am surprised at how good Tony Romo is as a color guy on TV. Of course, being with Jim Nance will always help. But for a cowboy he is better than most.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


The overthrow of Ghadaffi was a disaster on so many fronts, and here is another big one.

Thanks, Hillary! I haven't forgotten you instigated all of this death and misery!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

ObamaCare premiums are going up, up, up, just as I have been predicting for two years. ObamaCare is OWNED by the Democrats, and it is a disaster. But do not worry. Even though the Dems want to Obstruct, we will Repeal & Replace right after Tax Cuts!


Henry, curious about your train set.

What gauge?


Buckeye, which do you like best? O, HO, N? Plus I keep thinking about a briefcase tt set I first saw advertised mid 80s. The one I set up today is O. I do a smaller O, HO, N set of loops atop my pool table also. I think it's genetic, my grandfather had a Standard Guage set in the Superintendent's basement at West Point 1911-15.


Henry, my first was Lionel, and then later HO.

Jr. still has the HO set I got him 20+ years ago.

A friend had an elaborate HO setup in his basement, towns, factories, the whole works.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I love electric trains. My dad bought one for me when I was 4 years old. He fastened the track to a big piece of plywood so it was easy to get going when I wanted to play with it (although somebody had to help me get it out of the garage).

The Children's Museum here in Indianapolis has a huge room with an elaborate train set-up.



In addition, every holiday season the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art puts on "Jingle Rails" an elaborate display with several trains. The trains travel through Indianapolis and then proceed to different western scenes such as National Parks.


If you are ever down this way these might be exhibits worth seeing. The Eiteljorg one closes in January, though. It's not a permanent display.


Jack, Romo is from Henry's neck of the woods in Wisconsin.


Buckeye, same pattern growing up. We had a big Lionel setup in the garage in Texas (I wish I knew what happened to those), then a monster HO in the basement in St Louis with towns, factories, mountains with ski lift, airport. All the rolling stock and buildings are at my brother's house. What I have now is my younger brother's N, a small bit of my own HO and Lionel, plus the roomful of O guage (75 engines various makes, 350 cars, assorted operating buildings, etc) that I inherited from my dad. I bought the 72 full circle this year, because I know my dad would enjoy seeing them run and he never had a set with big enough curves. That 2-6-6-2 articulated is 34" long with tender. It barely fit on those turns, but what a magnificent machine!


Gosh, I remember when the MFM told me that Mr Trump was a closet liberal. Apparently not.

Jim Eagle

As if we care but Malia is smoking, a habit picked up from her father.


And he is what Mrs. JiB calls a "social twit".



Henry, you'd have to go to.......ewwwww Milwaukee, but it's worth it.


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