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November 17, 2017


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I see an Indianapolis city councilman, Republican, has been charged with 3 counts of child molestation.

And because the democrats are so desperate, his name is TRENDING ON TWITTER. Honest to God.

People want to know why Trump hasn't tweeted about it yet. (As near as I can tell, it broke right before noon.) Apparently he's supposed to check the Indianapolis police blotter hourly or something.

This is how you know the sex stuff is hurting the dems; they are reaching down to the city-county council level to find something to hold up in comparison.

Tom R


Serious question to any women here. If some guy pinches you on the ass, why would that make you feel ashamed? Would such an event "scar you for life"?

mad jack

TC: I understand their are nuances in the how statute of limitation rules apply but in the instances of the three I mentioned, based on what we presently know, the statute has certainly run. Moore is the only one with a possible underage aspect and that ole boy has been hiding in plain sight at the scene of the "crime" since Christ was a kid:-)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tom R.,

No. I assume none of these women should ever go to Italy.

I somehow imagine the women making these complaints as Gladys from Laugh-In.

mad jack

their = there #@%*


Yeah, I see Appalled as an earnest fellow with moral values. Which is why he doesn't bother me at all. By the end of times he'll find his way to the side of the good guys.
"A lot of people here have convinced themselves of a tortured reading of the Billy Bush tape, and can't imagine that Trump, having talked a certain way, would actually act a certain way."

My oldest friend at the time, during the 2nd campaign by W, spent quite a lot of time talking to me about various scandals from Bush's past. I could only shake my head. After four years as Pres, no one cares about your past. They all feel they've got a clear view of who you are.

Sure, if Trump is convicted of something lurid, something could happen. Otherwise, come 2020 people will be examining only the past four years. Bet on it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Roseanne Barr has been banned from Twitter.

I don't know why, yet.


"Roseanne Barr has been banned from Twitter."

Typing while conservative, I imagine

Tom R

Here is how you can tell the Roy Moore vs Doug Jones polls are all rigged.


Who in their right mind would believe a poll that has Obama with a higher approval rate than Trump in Alabama? That poll had to have a 3:1 (maybe even 4:1) ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the poll sample for Obama to beat out Trump.


Miss Marple:

The question that Trump has to worry about isn't whether some prude in Georgia has his knickers in a twist over some 2005 boy talk. It's whether Gloria Allred, or another attorney can drag that tape to a courtroom, combine it with some charge made by some woman who later had second thoughts, and make a case out of it.

I wonder if Extraneous, jimmyk, exdemocrat, and you really believe that this tape would be a non-issue in a civil courtroom, because a jury gathered in New York, California, or Washington DC would recognize that this was just toilet talk that didn't mean anything.

What gets me isn't the denial that Trump didn't do any of the things he talked about, or the idea that he didn't say what he seemed to say. It's the idea that this, somehow, isn't any kind of problem.

Jane - not "in"

"Serious question to any women here. If some guy pinches you on the ass, why would that make you feel ashamed? Would such an event "scar you for life"?"

I certainly wouldn't feel ashamed. I'd be shocked and probably think my ass got caught on something.

But then again, I'm weird.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor thread where he explains some stuff about the North Korean army and what Trump is doing:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


No one is going to make a case out of that, despite your wishful thinking.

Go hang around with Kristol or one of those idiots for a while. I am done talking to you.


Moore's (original) law was in re: the doubled capacity of circuits on silicone wafers every few years, Porch. It's a nerd joke. Not that you're not a nerd... ;)

Thank you, Beasts. I obviously had no clue. :)

Hey, I would like to be more nerdy. I'm reading The Chip by T.R. Reid.



"Serious question to any women here. If some guy pinches you on the ass, why would that make you feel ashamed? Would such an event "scar you for life"?"



Appalled sounds like a guy who never spent anytime in a locker room.

My take on the Billy Bush tapes is that Trump was just talking shit. Every guy I know brags or has bragged about their conquests. Usually a high percentage is fiction (Beasts excepted:)).

Just the way it is. And of course we know Trump never engages in hyperbole:)



I'll take STFU from you. DIF, though, is a step too far...(So watch taking advice from James D.)


--Serious question to any women here. If some guy pinches you on the ass, why would that make you feel ashamed? Would such an event "scar you for life"?--

I wouldn't feel ashamed. The pincher might regret it though.


It's been famously said, the law is an ass.

Ackshually, it's "The law is a ass." ;)

Tom R

New thread

Account Deleted

"They let you" isn't consent. It's resignation."

- maybe with your partners it is.

Posted by: exdemocrat | November 17, 2017 at 03:15 PM

If only it were so black and white, cut and dried, etcetera etcetera.

Being a scandalously frisky cheating bastard from the ages of 18 (was engaged to the hometown honey while I was in college) to 35 I learned plenty about the gray areas of consent and resignation.

this secondary definition of "resignation" i find humorous:

"the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable"

And it fits perfectly to this mixed bag of sexual peccadilloes.

any woman who's ever consented to give up her vows *with me* and engage in extramarital sex described her sex life *to me* (prior to crossing the Rubicon), in so many words, with hubby bubby as that "inevitable but undesireable something."

I didn't force them to boink me.

They gave their consent *in resignation* over something else. And on we went.

They gave me permission, which is in substance what consent is, giving permission for something to happen.

But there was resignation to it at the same time.

They enjoyed themselves as did i. So none of the synonymous definitions to "consent" such as "submit" applied. Consent suggested a mutual interest in pursuing an agreeable and rewarding end.

Resignation played a part though.

Each woman, every single one of them, said at some point as to the why our morally objectionable behavior outside of marriage continued-- with me or somebody else after me---

"I've resigned myself to this because I cannot stand thinking that HE is all there is when it comes to THIS."

Bank presidents, big-time lawyers, oil barons, cattle ranchers, commodities traders, investment bankers, Fortune 1000 executives---- they all had their ways of keeping their Mrs-eh-sizz's in the marriage. It usually had to do with dee-nay-roh.

So there was a lot of resignation in this Bible-belt region of the country (southern Illinois), but a whole lot of simultaneous consent.

And later on, they'd say they resigned themselves to the inevitability that they either divorce him or continue cheating, even though the sinful dimension of their trysts was something they confessed was wickedly enticing to them and kept them in "cheat mode" for a long time--- usually 3 to 5 years before deep-sixing hubby or re-committing.

Humans are funny.

Disclaimer: these comments are rooted in my experience and they are focused on my experiences with female sexual companions. My intention was to share from that perspective. My intention was not to talk about what "all females are like" or engage in the Mars/Venus kind of comparison talky talk.

Based on what I've heard from a close male friend of mine back during those hell-raising filanderous days, he had an entirely different experience of female sexual companions while he was married. I guess I had a type with commonality that surfaced during the course of those trysts and the variety which lasted for double digits. And that is what I've shared about here.

He had a type because what he'd hear and experience was like night to day compared to mine.

(end disclaimer)

Thomas Collins

There are so many accusations in the media, derwill and mad jack, that I can't keep up with the timing of them all. I agree that rape is likely to have a longer statute of limitations than simple criminal battery. My point, however, is that depending on the state in question, simple criminal battery may be prosecutable even it occurred several years ago. So gropers beware!

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Make that even if it occurred several years ago.

Another Bob

“understand the difference between locker room talk and actual sexual activity, let along sexual assault”

That’s a great point Derwill. The other thing leftists have brought us is the idea that words=deeds.

So, Tom R., why wouldn’t a woman who gets her ass pinched think it’s the end of the world as she knows it? And all this while feminists assert their strength and capabilities to handle anything a man can handle. SMH

All this to do that thing lefties do - create “victims” to pander to and lever for political power.

Account Deleted

I had an opportunity to see stardom up close and personal one NFL season while the Raiders were based in LA.

My buddy was a gopher on game days on the Raiders sidelines responsible for keeping Gatorade at the ready, driving the golf carts, and carry messages down the sidelines to locker room staff who were camped out close to the tunnel.

After the game and we were discharged we'd head out to a long access road "behind" the stadium that had a line of limousines maybe 200 long.

This was where escorts and celebrities alike waited for their favorite Raiders to take a ride to post-game festivities.

While ambling along we passed one limou with open doors.

Inside was none other than Cicely Tison. But wait. There were mo'!

Another one carried Terri Hatcher and another was occupied by none other than Morgan Fairchild.

I'd never seen any of those ladies up that close. I was in awe. I turned to my buddy and said "Holy *hit! What is goin' on?!?!?!"

His comment was priceless and I'll never forget it. "Mandingo!"

Obsession and consent.... would make for an interesting psychological study, would it not?

On the traveling Rugby team we toured Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and various points throughout America.

No matter where we played or how good or not we were as a side during the fall or spring season, every team we faced brought their A game in hopes of beating Notre Dame.

And if a Rugger watched his manners he'd have his pick of adoring fans after the game. We had a celebrity factor.

But that only went so far. Some of our fellow Ruggers were socially challenged and didn't fare so well after the games. We even had to get a few of our side out of town after parties because their advances were of the Franken sort--- degrading.

And I think that's the difference between a man like Donald J. Trump (in his younger years) and a shitbird like Franken.

Franken is the kind of guy had he been your friend in high school, who came to your home on weekends or after school, you'd have to make sure he wasn't sneaking into your sister's room to steal her panties. He's shitbird.

DJT would have been the kind of friend *EVERYBODY'S SISTER* woulda had the hots for. And he'd have known he'd get the pick of many a litter. But he understood his celebrity had consequences. It's the old hell hath no fury kind of thing.

When they caught him on tape describing what some women will reduce themselves to in their brush with celebrities, possibly even under the influence of some blow and Cristal-- too much of either, the caught a guy who knew what he was talking about, and who had been inside a whole lot of limousines of the rich and famous.

I didn't follow DJT or hawk his ascent to fame.

But I know one thing, I wasn't hearing or reading things in the press where he was kissing and telling about all the babes he shagged along the way.

When that sound byte came out that nearly cost him the election, it was from a time a while back when discussing that kind of stuff was still important to him. But it was nothing like Bill Clinton's pathological need to still be talking about p*ssy while he was the most powerful man in the world(Vernon Jordan).

Al Franken is still sniffing bicycle seats. And that is the difference between these two men.

All men have opinions about one of the greatest of mysteries on earth--- the Feminine.

Some opinions are not so flattering. And sometimes these are offered in unflattering and disgusting ways.

Trump was guilty of that. And nowhere in the Constitution does it say word one about "privacy"--- so it's like Mama used to tell me: You don't know who is listening or who is watching; so don't do it.

The enemies of the President are losing their grip on this fight. Their lack of imagination and wiles to go back to their bag of tricks only to find "sex smears" as the big weapon---- well, it says to me, they are running out of cash and are having to recycle carp that didn't work the first time.

And they are desperate to control the news cycle. They only seem to be successful at that when POTUS is not driving the news cycle.

But I think that is about to change. Again.

Clear sunny day here after two solid days of rain.

Robin, 10 Square Miles...yadda, yadda

I’m a kid of the 80’s. When I was 14 in 1980, I could buy liquor and beer from various establishments in our college town. Teenage girls can look all ages, and when they choose to look older they certainly can. I had a high school friend who made it her mission to date college boys, and she was a tall leggy swimmer, so that wasn’t much of a challenge.

The only time I’ve ever been violated was as a college student when a 10 year old black kid on a bike stopped me on the street to ask the time, and when I told him he reached out and grabbed my breast, the little punk, and then took off. In my experience, guys were good sports, told off-color jokes, and were gentlemen when the chips were down. I only met a few assholes, including a persistent college professor who asked me out so relentlessly that I finally asked him if my grade depended on saying yes. He got the hint.

I just don’t understand modern feminism at all. Some of my lefty friends in this collegetown are so humorless when it comes to men that I don’t know how their husbands stay married to them.

Robin, 10 Square Miles...yadda, yadda

That said, my 11 year old daughter’s best friend looks like she’s at least 16 and frequently draws the eyes of college dudes. Happily, my daughter looks 11....thank goodness.


I didn't know derwill was a lady and now I do--good to know. The main point is that the 60-80s were a very different time, and I didn't mind ogling, whistles, or whatever. My only complaint was that New Haven sidewalk homesteader who invited me to sit on his face--an enormity which in fact made me scurry home scared (to what used to be Calhoun). But things were loose and generally off the latch, as it were. I feel for those caught in modern Puritanism, not that anyone would have wanted anything to do with that fool senator from Minnesota, whether one was asleep or conscious, as he was clearly no end a dweeb of the first order. I saw several of them when I flirted with joining the Party of the Right at Yale as a freshman--henry, you might appreciate the memory that in our day there were two barons in the Party, one real and one not.

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