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November 29, 2017



Any word about what exactly "sexual assault" means in Lauer's case? I'd read earlier that it was merely "sexual misconduct."


Posted by: Captain Hate | November 29, 2017 at 11:39 AM

think of it as created and saved ...

I think one of the legacies of the Obama years is going to be instilling 8 years of a culture of dishonesty in government (although that has been going on for many years).


none at all Ex.

drunkend flirting ... drunk texting the hottie in the next cube over ...

texting his junk as ice breaker.

Janet 🚬

Tammy Bruce was talking yesterday about how the Cokie Roberts comment shouldn't be allowed to just quietly fade away. Conyers conduct was something well known to these self appointed cornerstones of the country and they willfully kept a lid on it for his benefit. Frankly I think they all deserve to be fired for demonstrably not doing their jobs.

Amen, Captain.

A reminder Aug. 2016 - Cokie Roberts: Trump and Those Who Support Him are ‘Morally Tainted’



Wait till Gutierrez plays middle man for the reconstruction of Puerto Rico...

He will rake in the dough then.

Captain Hate

Yes, foolish me; Bernie got a free house out of his quixotic run. Speaking of the old commie, what's the latest on the charges against his whore wife?


Katie Couric in 2012: Lauer ‘pinches me on the ass a lot’



TK: "jane: VDH has never been a Trump hater."
Has jane unblocked me?

Doubtless she responded to my post, not yours.
Shall we all agree to leave it there? :) :)

btw, on this one "I stand with jane!"
OK, now I need to give TK the last word, then I'll move on.


some stories the media likes to cover, others not so much.

sort of how the Great Sex Panic of 2017 will end ... the media is just gonna stop reporting on it (maybe ... unless they can get some Rep scalps soon with something better than thinly sourced 40 year old allegations).

kinda like how the Awan Bros story just kinda disappeared into the ether ... I tried to convince someone how important it was and it was like "never heard of it" and "if it were that big the media would be all over it".

They had a bathroom server set up for the entire House Progressive Caucus dumping data from the house to the outhouse... access to member and staff computers and devices ... and some memebers were high ranking fuctionaries in the DNC ... and one of the wives worked for the DNC too.


My last word..



Somebody as old as McCain does not have any marrow in his ankles.
And nobody ever takes it from there on anybody anyway. You'd never stick a needle that close to a joint with terminal blood flow.

Agree VDH came around at some point. He often tosses a bone to NeverTrumpers, attempts to acknowledge how difficult it may be to support Trump's specific behavior, I think to get them to open up their eyes and see the light--that Trump is our only way forward!

How cute of Ted. I guess he and Harris are chummy. They are both HLS grads.

Captain Hate

The Las Vegas shootings are two months old and still no motive.


Posted by: JimNorCal | November 29, 2017 at 12:10 PM

no, nurse the grudge like a 12 year old scotch.

take it to other blogs.


Posted by: Captain Hate | November 29, 2017 at 12:17 PM

that one too.


They are both HLS grads.



A Pigford-like settlement.

Trudeau Offers Apology, Tears And Money To LGBT Canadians

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly broke down in tears as he apologized to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Canadians Tuesday in a speech to the House of Commons.

Trudeau decried years of “state-sponsored, systematic oppression and rejection.”

The chamber was full as most of the Members of Parliament from all political parties were present for the historic moment when Trudeau issued a formal apology to homosexuals who lost their government jobs in the military, civil service or RCMP as result of their sexuality. He is also promising to expunge the criminal records of those who were prosecuted for consensual same-sex relations.

The Liberal government has set aside $100 million to “compensate” those who lost jobs or were denied career advancement.

“You are professionals. You are patriots. And above all, you are innocent. And for all your suffering, you deserve justice, and you deserve peace,” he said, eyes welling with tears.

He referred to the period prior to the legalization of homosexuality in 1968 as “our collective shame” and said it was also “our collective shame that this apology took so long — many who suffered are no longer alive to hear these words. And for that, we are truly sorry.”


Civil war violence gets closer.

Democrat Compares Female Trump Nominee to a Horse

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) compared Trump administration nominee Kathleen Hartnett White to a horse before members of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

The committee voted to confirm White's nomination to lead the White House's Council on Environmental Quality, Wednesday. During a business meeting prior to the party-line vote, Whitehouse likened White to the ancient Roman emperor Caligula's horse.

"There is a popular legend of the Emperor Caligula appointing his horse to the Roman Senate," Whitehouse said. "Had he done that, it would have raised important questions, but the real questions would not have been about the horse. The horse was just a horse. The real questions would have been about the power of the Emperor Caligula and the spine of the Roman Senate. Discussing the merits of the horse would be pointless."

"Approving this nominee for CEQ would be so preposterous that it would be like appointing Caligula's horse, in that the real question becomes about the power of our fossil fuel emperors and the spine of the Senate," he said. "This is a moment in which the Senate takes its own measure. I guess we're about to see the answer."


does anyone know of a web browser that would load just the text of a page and nothing else ...

not describing it well: the browser would open 2 pages and on the top page would only be the text and the other page which could be closed would be were all the malware would open ...

... maybe have the top page as print view of the content and a sandbox for all the other junk.

Old Lurker

MM "because of Ann Curry getting shafted."

Interesting choice of words there, MM; did Matt do her too?

Comanche Voter

I won't miss Matt. How can I miss somebody I never watched?
And Cokie Roberts should be ashamed of herself.


The prairie home companion was shafted, apparently. Garrison Keiler fired for sexual misconduct.


Dave (in MA)

Oh noes, all my heroes are going down, Rose, Lauer, Keillor.


Sheldon should keep his flapping gums in his feedbag.


rich, a note from Chicago:

Tell Rich to check his phone, or look at the Epic browser.

Dave (in MA)



Garrison Keiler?

Hahahahaha! I can't take it anymore!

Beasts of England

That .gif is hilarious, TK!!

Captain Hate

That fat wheezing unfunny pile of shit just wrote an op ed on why his fellow terrible joke, Al Franken, shouldn't resign.


Not tired of winning.


The sexual harassment craze is typical of liberal/feminist memes, mixing problems. Surely the claims should be either sexual harassment or workplace harassment.


Felons getting signed up in AL. SEIU at it again. https://twitter.com/mooresenate/status/935917705730953219

Dave (in MA)

Can't wait to tell my bro, who paid actual money to sit and hear Keillor flap his yap.


Sorry TK, VDH is not even remotely sympathetic to the "never Trumpers". Au contraire, he is enjoying how they have tied themselves up in knots,and betrayed their conservative base while revealing their self-styled elitism.
I'm not going to detail a private conversation with him, but I know this for a fact.

Captain Hate

The only thing that can ruin this day is a link to Truepundit.


President Trump called out Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for boycotting a White House meeting Tuesday afternoon, by leaving two seats conspicuously empty -- and accusing the no-show Democratic leaders of being "all talk" and "no action."


Reminds me of our empty chair day.



I know for a fact that he has failed more than once to represent himself that way publicly, emzed.

Maybe you can chat with him about that.


moar winning: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/29/npr-top-news-editor-sweeney-out-sexual-harassment-accusations/


The Magpie gif, or the Trump meme, BOE?


Some NPR news chief i never heard of just got axed for the "sexual" thing.



I suppose its cheaper to create and employ your children at Lake Wobegon instead of paying real wages.


Oh MY! Juanita and friends storm Franken's office:



Guy noir and his trenchcoat.heh.


Can't some of these dudes sue? How can it be legal to end a person's career over an "allegation" that may be false? Is there something in their contracts that stipulates termination at will for allegations? Whose lawyer would let them agree to that?


Ext, the HR departments at these places may run like a college campus. SJW heavens. I assume if any of these men are innocent, they sue. Haven't heard any sue yet.


I'd ask what's up in Minnesota -- but we're getting the answer to that question.

Miss Marple

Boy, I go out to deadhead the hydrangeas and all hell breaks loose! NPR news director and Garrison Keillor!

And Juanita Broadderick, Kathleen Willey and Melanie Morgan have stormed into Franken's office and demanded that he resign!!!

It's only 1PM, too!

mad jack

Jeeze TK. VDH has made his distaste for the business as usual bs trotted out by the establishment GOP pretty plain for years. He's just not rude about it.

matt - deplore me if you must

I guess things are not as perfect as they seem in Lake Woebegon. It seems that Uncle Garrison was caught in the barn with Cousin Darla.

I have no illusions left any more. Lauer, Weinstein, Spacey, Conyers, Gutierrez, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Halperin, Al Franken, Jan Wiener, Ben Affleck, Charlie Rose....

My heart actually is going pitty pat......It's like a St Valentine's massacree of the low and the sleazy. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of stiffs.


I'm going to be honest--I am getting tired of this "winning."


I still believe that "running for office" can be a highly lucrative endeavor

Ask Harold Stassen.


My complaint about him is simple and on a narrow subject, mad jack.

I have no issues regarding his efforts that you describe.

Miss Marple

Not me, anonamom!

We still have Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopolis, and Chuck Todd!

I also want major dirt on Schumer and Pelosi!


I am getting tired of this "winning."

Nope. You are not “winning” with this crowd until you have won. ... and salted the earth.


I am so, so angry that I didn't get through to Howie Carr with my Perv Pool pick. Just knew that sanctimonious prat would be golden.

I don't even have to disclose if I had Lauer or Keillor - my statement still stands!


Can't they keep it to one every six hours, or something?

Franken's got to be getting nervous. Conyers hasn't resigned yet either, has he?

Miss Marple


I derive great pleasure from the number of TV and radio news people cowering in fear that THEIR secrets might be revealed.

Dave (in MA)

First I'd heard of it, BlueOx. https://howiecarrshow.com/the-perv-pool-11-21-17/ I only get to hear his 6-7 segments.

Miss Marple

Why did these all come out today?

Were people served papers? All at once? Government agency?


Justin of Canada cries all the time. Have any of you music guys heard of The Tragically Hip? They are a Canadian band and their front man,Gord Downie died in October. There is a Netflix doc about the band's last tour with Downie. He had a terminal illness and was determined to go out on his own terms. Anyway,driving down to Florida we happened to listen to a show on Sirius XM about The Toronto music scene. Downie had passed a couple of weeks prior to the show. The radio host played audio of Justin of Canada and he was crying his eyes out. They were personal friends,so I understand his emotional statement,but geez, Justin of Canada should get a grip.

Dave (in MA)

Is there an online perv scoreboard somewhere? It's getting hard to keep track of all this Perv-O-Rama.


And not only secrets, MM. Any move they've ever made on a woman can be called "sexual misconduct," regardless of whether it was rebuffed or not. How great is that!


As to why he was hired in the first place, it's because when he had hair he was good looking. That's the sine qua non for all of them.

Dan something or other, the weekend anchor on ABC, was told to his face that he would never be the No. 1 anchor because he was not good looking enough.

Do you think Dan Rather has two brain cells to rub together? He just looked the part in a trenchcoat.

It's not rocket science folks.


I just heard about Sweeney at NPR. Now Keillor?

We've had a lot of appetizers. Time for some indictment entrees.



I'm pretty positive Lauer was picked in the Perv Pool. Some lucky bastard has fabulous prizes awaiting.

And it didn't even take 10 days!

Jim Eagle

Where's DuDa is the new game replacing Where's Waldo?

The biggest losers is their money bags, George Soros and Tom Steyer.


Dem Rep on Why He’s Not Calling for Conyers’ Resignation: ‘Calling for the Resignation of Someone Does Not Create the Resignation’

Reps. Linda Sanchez (D., Calif.) and Joe Crowley (D., N.Y.) were pressed on Wednesday to explain why they are not calling on fellow Democratic Rep. John Conyers (Mich.) to resign amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment levied against him.

Speaking at a press conference on the House Democratic agenda, Crowley said that requiring sexual harassment training for all members of Congress and employees on Capitol Hill is a "good start."

"But outside of the training, though, why aren't you calling for his [Conyers'] resignation?" a reporter quickly interjected.

"Calling for the resignation of someone does not actually create the resignation," Crowley responded. He then called for an "expedited process" as the House Ethics Committee investigates Conyers, who multiple former female staffers in his office have accused of sexual harassing them.


Okay, Perv Pool Picks:

Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon
Don Henley
David Geffen

Those are my three Hollywood Babylon picks for the day.



Gord Downie had the same cancer as McCain.

He made it a year.


Oh, and in some more Winning Wednesday news:

ESPN to lay off 150 employees
BuzzFeed to lay off 100


VDH isn't going to suffer by not having me as a loyalist to all that he writes.

I really don't wish to go down a baptismal path to cleanse my soul of one observation I have made about him. And I really don't want to try the same with his adherents.

I see subtle digs in his writings. They have diminished over time. He has come a long way I think he is still trying to convince himself as much as he is trying to help the rabid NeverTrumpers cope with a Trump Presidency.

VDH is 50/50 uppity/down to earth, IMO. He had no idea the Chick-fil-A crowd existed due to the tinted windows at Club NRO. He sees them now but acts like they just landed on earth.

I don't like the depiction. Sorry.

I'm done talking about him until the next notable quotable of his gets linked here. At which point I may or may not find fault with it.

Until then, to each their own.


Actually, it's not just "sexual misconduct" that can get you fired. Kiellor was fired for "inappropriate sexual behavior." Considering the vast set of behaviors the Left thinks are appropriate, that's a pretty interesting charge.

-peter from my phone

The Ho be gone from Woebegone

Miss Marple

What will really be good are the lawsuits, not only against the individuals but the organizations!

High dollars involved. Great salacious details for Page Six!



Under Howie's rules, your picks wouldn't qualify as all three have already been "outed" via the Everybody Already Knew They Were Pervs standard.




Watch the video.

-peter from my phone

Thank God Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans are dead is all I can say


#3 :https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/supergirl-flash-showrunner-andrew-kreisberg-fired-sexual-harassment-claims-1057390?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

Dave (in MA)

Any overlap in the Perv and Death pools? It's not hard to imagine one of these disgraced elites eating a bullet.

Miss Marple

I pick jake Tapper. Sanctimonious, and always looking down his nose at us.


Assistant Dem Leader Avoids Question on If Conyers Should Resign, Suggests Different Standard for Elected Officials

But when Assistant Democratic Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D., S.C.) and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D., La.) were asked at the U.S. Capitol whether Conyers should leave office entirely, they avoided giving a direct answer.

"Other men in other industries have faced similar accusations and gotten out of the way–resigned, stepped down–far faster than he has, right?" asked one reporter in video captured by NBC's Alex Moe.

"I don't know, I think you'd have to give me some examples," responded Richmond.

"Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer," chimed in several reporters, naming notable media figures who are been accused of sexual misconduct and subsequently been fired or forced to resign from positions.

"Who elected them?" Clyburn asked as they got in an elevator.

"So it's different because he's elected?" asked a female reporter, but the elevator doors closed before either man could answer.

Notice she didn't get into the elevator with them.


Oh, got it, BlueOx. I thought it was "next to get fired or otherwise outed to LIVs."



I have Jerry Maren, the last surviving Munchkin, in my Dead Pool.

If sure hope the Lollipop Guild doesn't end up being Pervy.


I notice in the Hollywood Reporter link they have Supergirl above the caption "Supergirl" and they have the Ass Captain Cold homo french kisser above the "Flash" caption.

Did anyone watch the 4 hours of DC combo-comics on The CW?

What a disappointment.


George Stephanopoulos. That would be sweet. This all started with little Georgie and Carville and Hillary fighting back against bimbo eruptions. They didn't believe the women and dragged them thru the mud.


Miss M:

Interestingly, CNN has been missed thus far in the scandals.

When these media scandals first popped up, there was reporting that women of media had been putting together a list of media sexual harassers. I have a feeling the source of the current scandal-pa-looza is that list.


They didn't believed the women and dragged them thru the mud anyway. fify


I see the NYT has gone full Dem activist on Twitter. Literally.


Instapundit.com Retweeted
GOPChairwoman's avatar
Ronna McDaniel @GOPChairwoman

NYT published Republican senators’ phone numbers in order to push their liberal agenda. Can we now stop pretending that the NYT isn't a political organization?


re Garrison, is there a betting pool: woman, man, child, animal? Curious where the smart money is congregating.


And here I thought yesterday started out great:)

Good Morning! Hope these things come in 3's like lightening strikes and airplane crashes.

BTW, DOW "flirting" with 23, 910!


Rush in Hour 2 just said that earlier Wolf Blitzer talking about these scandals of Lefty Icons was worried and on air asked something very close to this:

"Do you think Democrats are worried that they may be losing the moral high ground?"


What a disconnect from reality, but boy is that a window into their narcism and hubris.





How long until Wolf is exposed?


Rush having a ball this morning.

Now he's saying that even Brian Stelter of CNN is busting Savanah Guthrie of NBC for saying she didn't know anything about her good buddy Matt Lauer.

I love it when cannibals eat other cannibals.

OK, catch-up starts, but I doubt I'll ever catch up.



If your friends make fun of you for falsely claiming you totally have a real, live girlfriend in Toronto and she’s really busy so that’s why they can’t meet her, that doesn’t mean they hate Canadians. ... But that’s Jim Acosta. And publicly displaying ignorance of the difference between a fact and an opinion is kind of what he’s known for. ....

Far more troubling was the Washington Post‘s fact check of Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that “There are more Americans working today than ever before in American history.” Now, a fact check of that statement means you check whether it’s true that more Americans work today than ever before. (me: they didn't)
The fact check admitted there is precisely “no documented proof of Warren’s self-proclaimed, partial Native American heritage” but then concluded the fact check with a refusal to fact check. “We will not rate Trump’s claim, but urge readers to look into it on their own and decide whether Trump’s attacks over Warren’s background have merit.”

Jane - not "in"

"I assume if any of these men are innocent, they sue. Haven't heard any sue yet."

Most of them will sue. Not because they are innocent but because they want to be bought off. A lawyer says "I've got 7 counts that I can bring where you acted inappropriately in your dismissal. I'll drop the suit for $200,000,000 bucks." A deal will be struck.


Who Is Funding The Leandra English Lawsuit For Control Of The CFPB?

“Well, uh, it’s, uh, it’s not, um, uh Miss, uh, English, uh-um, there are ethics lawyers we’ve consulted and we have a structure set up that complies with ethics rules.”

Pressed on why he can’t reveal who is paying for the lawsuit, Gupta replies, “Well, there’s an ethics structure that’s set up.” As Gupta keeps talking, eventually, one of the CNBC hosts interjects, “I don’t think he knows. Do you know who is paying for it Deepak?”

Gupta replies, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be talking about that on TV right now. I think that’s something that should be addressed by ethics lawyers who have studied this and are setting up a structure.”

The hosts refused to let it go and again asked if Gupta is working for free and when the funders of the lawsuit can be revealed. Gupta replied, “I’m happy to talk to you about the lawsuit itself and the legal issues, that’s what I’ve come on to talk to you about.” He added, “Not interested in getting into some sort of trap where you’re asking me to talk about, um, uh, government ethics issues where I’m not an expert on government ethics law.”

Jim Eagle

An admiral visited one of the ships of the line under his command.
While eating breakfast with the crew, he was impressed to see the Naval insignia stamped on every biscuit.

He went to the Chief cook to ask how this feat was done, so it could be used on other ships under his command.

The Chief replied, "I’d be glad to share that with you, Admiral. After each biscuit is cut, I just slap it here against my belt buckle, which bears the Navy insignia.

Horrified, the Admiral exclaims, "That's very unhygienic!"

The Chief shrugs and replies, "Well, If that’s the way you feel, sir, I suggest you avoid the donuts.


Men fantasized about being him; women fantasized about sleeping with him (surely some of those men did, too). To an entire generation of aspiring television journalists, he represented the pinnacle." @brianstelter on Matt Lauer in his 2013 book TOP OF THE MORNING


Stelter is a dead solid lock in the Perv Pool.


TK, VDH is a farmer, third or fourth generation, central CA. The root of his strong "legal immigrants only" stance. I suspect he is every bit if not more in touch with that "Chic Fil A crowd" as anyone who posts here.

I think like most of us here, he had somebody besides DJT he hoped to see as POTUS. I don't recall him ever opposing Trump, though his was one of the names on the cover of the infamous NRO "Never Trump" edition, so there is that. And I never read a word of it.

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