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November 24, 2017


Thomas Collins

No shopping. Off to Hamden and West Hartford, Connecticut for more family gatherings.

James D.

No shopping because all my Christmas gifts are bought (and wrapped) already.

Thomas Collins

I performed my usual arduous Thanksgiving duties, namely, buying the adult beverages and tasting my wife's spinach squares and devilled eggs before she took them to the Thanksgiving dinner. Tough jobs, but someone must do them.

Frau Steingehirn

Sunny, cold in Redmond, WA. Hanging out in recovery mode.
No one ever mentions the day after Thanksgiving in Plymouth. Who cleaned the trenchers?


Saul does not suffer fools:



GoGetFunding is back up! Here is Miss Marple's site. You are all so wonderful!



We just watched quite a show of (literal) snowbirds. A flock of hundreds of tree swallows whirled and flew in the air behind our house. They were in a feeding frenzy and kept flying low over the preserve area behind the house. Lots of yummy bugs for them. I've watched larger birds swoop down,thrash around and emerge with a snake. The lanai is screened to protect from the critters,but the geckos squeeze thru,the dog eats them and then pukes. Ugh.


Thanks Porch!


Fetched more coffee this morning (Folgers Instant). Had a cup, ran the train, took a nap. Now on repeat. Except didn't like the transformer heating up so quickly, swapped it out for an older one.

No shopping today. Might set up the three track circus on the pool table.


Long before arriving here, MM was a fave of many at Free Republic. If anyone's active at FR now or knows someone who is, you might want to post MM's GFM link there, not sure what spot though:


Jim Eagle


Let the geckos inside. They eat the 'squitos. We always have 3 or 4 on the walls. Freaks some people out but we never get bugs of any kind including the resident Florida cockroaches.

Looks like MM is about half-way. Let's keep it rolling.

Beautiful sunny and crispy cold day in The Hamptons.

Cooper's Beach Webcam:


Account Deleted

Not shopping. Preparing a private placement memorandum. Then, it's off to the movies at 330pm PST to see the new Denzel Washington flick.

Mrs. Kid flew our son Levon down from St Paul for the holiday weekend as a birthday surprise for me.

It was uncanny. Mrs. Kid asked me to prepare a shopping list for the Thanksgiving feast i included ingredients for tostadas, sweet/russet potato mash and a few other Levon favorites. I didn't know he was coming. I just wanted to make the food in his honor then take it to the food pantry the day after as a donation.

Mrs. Kid was so nervous thinking I had somehow figured out he was coming and the surprise was blown. But I had no clue. When he walked through the door on Wednesday afternoon, it caused me to weep.

In other Kevlar news, on Wednesday afternoon my business partner--- who has developed early onset--- contacted me to say he was in town visiting his new fiance three towns over.

Was floored that he made the trip from Tampa. So we met at a Berkeley cafe near campus. We managed to complete the leadership transition for our company. I am now full CEO, own majority shares of the company stock with full power of attorney. The rudder is in my hand.

Our venture has been in drydock for six years since I got sick sick. Really sick. Partner was paying the server fees to keep everything at a bare minimum. 7000 people signed on to the platform over 6 years--- zero marketing money spent.

And now I am healthy and ready to rock and roll. First order of business is giving the platform a facelift. Second order of business is recruiting coders from the university student population to create a phone app for the platform.

It has a high def video chat feature that makes "face time" look like a Max Headroom commercial. Once I get this app installed we'll be using the app for more industry verticals besides the global travel industry (Agents and suppliers).

Levon's visit, the transition meeting visit--- all unexpected surprise birthday gifts. Grateful to be healthy enough to not only enjoy it--- but to feel the love in all of it.

The sky is the limit. We *are* making America great again.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.

Kevlar Kid


Koffler the fellow behind white house insider has a very good book on bannon, the green screed is already on the remainder shelf

Jim Eagle

Back from a dog walk on the beach at Cryder Lane. Two young couples out walking their dogs and the girls (mid 20's, athletic) strip off to their bikini's and took a plunge. Water temp 55F. Ran back to their boyfriends or husbands and towelled off. Walked back to the parking and they were full of vinegar.

Polar Bear plunge is December 9th but we're in Philly for The Game. Get close to 500 people like its halloween with the costumes. Water temp should be around 50F by then.

Greatest cure for a hangover I know of.

Account Deleted

Miss Marple:

I'll continue to offer prayers *about* you and your family. And, I've asked for prayers about you and your family to go up this weekend from the 18 different sweat lodges in California who are part of our spiritual family.

We have your back.

There is a practical side to the alcohol issue.

First let me say that I am the only alcoholic I know. I've been blessed with 27 years of sobriety, that's 100% dry without a single slip.

Like a prison inmate doing time, the inmate's family does the time too.

My family did the drunken years (18) as well as the recovery period (18 years of hard slogging 12 Step-based recovery work), and now the healing period of new growth.

My three children, my wife, my siblings, and my Pa have all accepted my amends. They have each extended their own amends to me where they felt it necessary to offer them. Out of these 27 years I'd say it was the last 9 years that have been peaceful among all of us. And now that the physical healing from diabetes and the spinal infection have taken a turn for the best, the spiritual-material dimension of sobriety, the highest form-- can't have one fully without the other--- of sober living is gaining traction.

It takes time. And it takes daily attention from me to remember that nothing ensures I won't backslide and start drinking again. Although the odds are in my favor everyday that I do what I must to remain sober, there are specks of damage in me that if I am not careful can be watered and sprouted to begin the same evil cycle all over again.

Diligence and perseverance are necessary each day. Communion with the Spirit is absolutely mandatory. Becoming a better offeror of prayer and homage to the Almighty is absolutely necessary. The habit of treating the Sign of the Cross as a 1-800 number to the Almighty was deeply ingrained. It takes daily practice to offer prayer that is sincere and spoken in the language of the heart, not the "head."

Why do I say all of this? Because none of it happens on sheer force of will or personal discipline. In fact, those are the elements that got me to the bottomless pit in the first place.

Nothing about alcoholic recovery has to do with "discipline" or "intelligence" or "logic" etc. Those are tools in the tool belt. But the instant a drunk *believes* "I got this because...", s/he is farcked with a capital F.

The alcoholic need only remember that his/her best thinking got him/her to where they were in that bottomless pit.

I had to make understanding what was in my own heart a priority daily, hourly, and moment by moment. That's the discipline that matters. Without it, everything turns to crap.

What's in my own heart... one has to go there often in order to "pick up the mail" sent by the One True God, guaranteed by His Only Son, and delivered on the back of the Dove.

I know. Use of the word "heart" has become such a trashy smarmy practice in today's self-centered culture of denial and self-pity.

But the heart we've been given, the true heart has a level of intelligence that the intellect will never achieve. (I can hear the boos mounting as I type those words.)

It's true. Recovering from alcoholism--- as a family member who has tried to love an alcoholic or as the drunk him/herself--- is an inside job.

It's said that the only way it is going to happen for the "family afterward" is for everybody involved to "clean up their own side of the street."

May God keep you close in the days, months, and years ahead.


Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

#2 Miami is down to Pitt 17-7 going into the 4th quarter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid,

Thank you for those words of wisdom.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

We have been to two salvage yards to get the Jeep cleaned out, because State Farm was too efficient and had already towed it to their salvage yard.

Unloaded all of the stuff, which was a lot because it had all the stuff my son had removed in his last trip from the place he was renting.

He's going to put it in the garage and work on sorting it out in his off time.

We waited in line with a lot of interesting characters, most of whom looked like they would have no problem knifing you in a dark alley. LOL!

Power seems to be working ok now. We had a spate of 3-4 power off, power on episodes here before we left. Could be trees hitting wires (it's windy here) or a faulty transformer. I called the power company and they were swamped with calls, so it wasn't just our street.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1h1 hour ago

Will be calling the President of Egypt in a short while to discuss the tragic terrorist attack, with so much loss of life. We have to get TOUGHER AND SMARTER than ever before, and we will. Need the WALL, need the BAN! God bless the people of Egypt.

Captain Hate

Maybe this game is why Georgia let Richt go.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

I know, right? Who the hell puts in the 2nd QB down 17-7 to teach him a lesson on being prepared for the game.

It's an interesting finish, though. Looked like interference to me on that last.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

That does it. Wow. Crazy game.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Now for Tech to screw up UGA's chances tomorrow!

What's the Good Word? THWG!

Auburn may back into the playoffs yet.

Miss Marple

Firefox is so slow I decided to use Safari on my iPad. Their improvements have ruined it. I don't even like using the Apple format, so you know t is bad!


Sexual Misconduct Allegations Hamstring Campaign to Oust Feinstein

California lawmakers wrapped up work for the year two months ago, but state Sen. Kevin de Leon isn't resting easy: A torrent of sexual-harassment allegations in the state Capitol started raining down on top Democrats in Sacramento just 48 hours after de Leon announced his attempt to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) for her seat.


De Leon argues that the 84-year-old Feinstein—first elected in 1992's so-called Year of the Woman—no longer represents the progressive makeup of the state's Democratic Party and has not challenged President Trump's policies aggressively enough this year.

De Leon was counting on a wave of anger against President Trump in California to help sweep him into the Senate. However, he did not foresee a state sexual harassment scandal stopping that momentum just as his campaign was ramping up.

In early November, de Leon moved out of a Sacramento apartment he shared with one of the lawmakers accused of inappropriate behavior with interns, Sen. Tony Mendoza, also a Democrat.

De Leon has said he knew nothing about the allegations of Mendoza's inappropriate behavior with interns. Some of the accusations involved activity that took place at the apartment, literally hitting de Leon at home.

The Democratic senator's role was under scrutiny earlier this month when a fired Senate staffer who complained about inappropriate behavior by Mendoza, her former boss, provided a timeline that appeared to contradict one de Leon provided.

The sexual revolution is over, at least for the Left. Between that and their sacrament of abortion, I don't see how they can maintain their population. No wonder they're importing Mexicans.


Here's a current list of the accused sexual misconductors.


Jane - not "in"

Word is that Corey Booker is next.

Jim Eagle

I knew it. Sooner or later the left/progs would go for the fairy tales as a harbinger of the #MeToo outrage.

You see it's Sleeping Beautys fault:)



Oh that's interesting


Miss Marple

Day gone it! That was my favorite of the Disney fairy tale movies.

Jim Eagle


But isn't Booker's "friend" make believe? Like that Notre Dame player with a make believe friend in Samoa or Tahiti, can't remember.


In retrospect it want a surprise:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is really horrifying.


US ARMY removing pre-positioned armor from South Korea[Article from May 26]

"Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had asked Milley during the hearing why the Army was removing the equipment from the Korean Peninsula in order to situate it in the United States.

Milley noted the 16th ABCT would be the rotational unit bound for South Korea as part of the Army’s current strategy and said that while there "is an element of risk, we think it’s an acceptable level of risk."

Acceptable level of risk.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Readout of President Trump's call with President al Sisi. (Screen cap.)



DJT is savvy enough to do stuff that won't kick in right away but will help him win a second term. And smart enough to follow expert advice. (Did Gen Mattis really OK transgender surgery)?


I was flicking through the TV channels last night and came across this on CSPAN:

Secretary of State John Kerry presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

How appropriate for the times.

John Kerry twice contacted the North Vietnamese in Paris during the Vietnam War. At least once while he was still a member of the Navy Reserve.

Senator Kennedy, while running for president, sent a surrogate to speak with KGB agents about undermining the Reagan administration.


Cory Booker was abusing his imaginary friend? how low can a person descend?

Jim Eagle


Trump talked to Erdrogan of Turkey not Al Sisi of Egypt but he may have talked to him today after the big terror attack on the Mosque in the Sinai. Up to 285 dead.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!


Ha! He'll have them begging before it's over.


So Twitter increased from the 140 character limit, apparently?

Account Deleted

It will be interesting to see what happens in year 2 of the Trump presidency as he ramps up pressure on Schmooter and Pelosi's team to get tough on terrorism.

I'm assuming that the wave of change in the MENA due to KSA and Egypt's recent policy/actions against Iran and their proxies will cause the US-based jihadis to unleash more attacks here to "punish" Trump for his siding with the enemies of jihad.

Another Bob

Six-month old link, Davod.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


He talked to both. He talked to Erdogan first, and then later called Sisi.

Oops, I see the screen cap is of the Erdogan call.

There is also one for the Sisi call. I wonder how I did that.

I will see if I can find the other one.


Ext, they doubled the limit.

Another Bob

Have the NorKs tested anything since the "earthquake"?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Screen cap for Sisi call:


Jim Eagle


I think Schooomer and Nancy will hang their hats on the Dreamers. Their future constituency. No votes in Jihad except for cell in Dearborn.

Dreamers are not bombers or crash test drivers. Those 285 souls in the Sinai Mosque are an example.

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

You overlooked my premise to assert "no votes in jihad."

IF there are attacks being stepped up in the USA in 2018, and more Americans are dying, you can bet your ass POTUS will optimize returns on anti-outsider sentiments, be they grownup anchor babies or not.

Besides, POTUS is already showing signs he'll cave on Dreamers. Stringent anti-jihad positions will draw the line behind Chuck and Nancy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

White House Statement on the Sinai mosque attack:


(Screen cap.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another Bob,

No, they haven't set off anything except the fat boy's mouth.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Here's one for you:


Jim Eagle


Sorry if I misunderstood your premise.

MIami is being coached by a coach of gimmicks. The "turnove chain" is just one of the gimmicks Mark Richt has used in his coaching career. Like when he had whole team rush he endzone after Georgia scored on the Gators back in 200? I think its catching up with him. His 10-0 QB gets shutdown by a 4-7 team?

Great coaching by Pitt.


Coming back around to the LSD discussion, I tried it decades ago, and consider it to have been a positive experience.
I recently spent some time trying to look into the current state of the psychedelic community. A few take-away points:
1) Burning Man is the annual event where people hang out together. There are talks, displays and presentations along with more outrageous behavior that gets covered by the lurid media
2) There's a pretty reflexive Left political orientation still, amongst leaders and activists. I assume the typical "stoner in the street" follows the typical distribution of political attitudes of the overall culture. Plenty of drug takers are "party animal" oriented. But in the group looking for self-discovery or spiritual enlightenment there's a slant towards libertarianism and away from (for example) Dem Deep State.
3) Terence McKenna was mentioned by Iggy. I hadn't heard of him but after listening to some of his talks...He's fun to listen to. Good grasp of Euro intellectual history and his voice has a unique accent. He cultivates an "Irish Bard" vibe in his top-of-mind speaking flow. He's humble, reasonably self-deprecating and humorous. But he seems wrong a lot, or at least missing the point. Quite noticeable in talks that were laid down in the 90s. By contrast Tim Leary, some of whose books are I've enjoyed, is a terrible public speaker.
4) Lots of source material is available via podcasts at PsychedelicSalon.com This is what I've been sampling.
5) An example of a clever approach to getting the camel's nose under the tent: one initiative is to use psychedelics as a treatment for PTSD. The people running the project are doing it in quite a squeaky clean and above board way. There may be a legit medical basis in hoping the treatment could be of use. But it is not lost to them that finding a way to help military vets is a way to blunt conservative political/cultural opposition and build bridges, open political pathways, etc

Jim Eagle

Just announced. NBC has the contract to bring 6 Nations Rugby starting this February. I am as happy as a pig in mud. I have spent a fortune hooking up satellite or visiting French restuarant cellers to watch it.

This means NBC is betting on spectator sports other than NFL. BTW, to those who think this is another Euro sport not worth the NFL, you're wrong in so many ways. Test Rugby is the ultimate team of men, real men and the clock doesn't stop, no huddles, no pads, kicking and a hooker is the only guy who passes the ball:)


Another Bob.

I mentioned the age in my intro.

US ARMY removing pre-positioned armor from South Korea[Article from May 26]

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Worth clicking to see his picture, which looks like he is standing in a line up.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

I get confuzzled on the different 'flavors' of Rugby, JiB. Love to watch but just when I think I know what is going on, I realize I'm watching a different league with rules that weren't the same as the league I was watching last time I watched it.

Olympics is different from college is different from Australia is different from I don't know what else, but it's like watching Canadian Football v NFL v college. Similar enough til you go HUH?

Captain Hate

Like when he had whole team rush he endzone after Georgia scored on the Gators back in 200?

I remember that as being the most pissed off I've ever seen Urban Meyer. The next season he was calling time outs late in the game to run up the score on what was already a slattering. I've never seen anything like that, before or after.


I tried acid twice, once at a Jethro Tull concert at Shea Stadium and another in the same era. 1974?
Both times I was too scared to get off on it. It didn't have the slightest effect.

I knew a kid who had a bad trip and after that he simply stood against a wall outside the bowling alley we all frequented at the time. Never said a word. Not long after, he ended up taking his own life.

Captain Hate

Have the NorKs tested anything since the "earthquake"?

I'm thinking that set them back quite a bit in addition to making an already toxic landscape even more so. They keep making noise about conducting above ground tests but that's a bunch of sound and fury.


How sad, Extraneus.

sammy small

I agree that Democrats primarily use Dreamers as political fodder. But I also suspect that lefties want to assuage their guilt over devastating Mexico with narco terrorism caused by their voracious drug appetites here in the US.


I got a big smile out of this little article first thing this morning. Started to post it, but decided not to start the day off with politics.

Imagine, a rap celebrity wants the resident's attention. :)

"In a rant that sounds a whole lot more like a teenager lashing out at his father than a 45-year-old massively successful celebrity talking about the President of the United States, Eminem said in a recent interview that he's "very angry" that Trump's "not paying attention to me.""



I am surprised by how many people took LSD and acid and marijuana.


darn, I didn't proof the post.

Eminem is after our president's attention -- not just any resident.


Trump should invite him to the White House.

Jim Eagle


Only two Rugby rules: Union and League. Every country that plays Union, the Rugby played in Six Nations and the World Cup, also plays League rules.

The difference is League rules is blue collar, workingman Rugby developed in North England where the mill workers only had little time to play so they adapted to a less strategic, more bull rush kind of game.

Don't confuse Aussie rules football with rugby. it isn't even close and resembles Irish Football rules. The Aussies play the Irish every year to show the similarities.

Rugy Union rules is what is mainly played by clubs and universities here in the States.


Well, since "sexual misconduct" is all the rage these days, what's its definition?


Sexual misconduct encompasses a range of behavior used to obtain sexual gratification against another’s will or at the expense of another. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom such conduct is directed.[1]



U Iowa:

"Sexual misconduct" general definition. Sexual misconduct is a broad term encompassing any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that is committed without consent or by force, intimidation, coercion, or manipulation. Sexual misconduct can be committed by a person of any gender, and it can occur between people of the same or different gender.



Better not even think about it, just to be safe.

Captain Hate

Anybody watching this South Florida- Central Florida ga Even?

Captain Hate



hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving!

anyone watching the War on I4?

crazy game.


UCF just retuned a kick 95 yards ...

Miss Marple

Hi guys. The circuit that my computer is on blew and will not restart. I also can't use my iPad because the WiFi is on the same circuit.

I am going to be mostly absent until my brother the electrician can get up here next week. I guess I will busy myself decorating for Christmas and cleaning.

Sorry, but no more links until next week.


Captain Hate!

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

That was insane. UCF!

JIB wasn't confusing Australian Rules Football and Rugby, I was referring to the Australian rugby league that used to be on one of the not ESPN stations. ARF I understand. Mostly. It's the League v Union stuff that confuzzles me.


I was surprised, too, but I decided it was my age. Also, my dad was an alcoholic. When you grow up seeing someone you love losing all inhibitions, becoming self-indulgent to the nth degree, finally getting so bad he'd get his paycheck and shoot off to New Orleans or Dallas and gamble it all away, all the time drunk, and then coming home late Sunday evening belligerent and drunk, well, then -- I think it makes you want to never give yourself over to a substance that can wreck your life.

As far as the drugs, they're just the same as alcohol. Only worse. I always thought "what if I liked them", "what if I couldn't do without them", what if I really get hooked on drugs like my dad did on alcohol?

My mother probably had something to do with that, she told us when we were young (teens) that oftentimes addiction (she thought it was a defective gene) runs in families. I think she might have been trying to scare us, but I never was tempted to try any drug -- no one did drugs in my high school (it was alcohol) and, in fact, after I was married, I don't think we ever had friends who did any kind of drugs.

Just popped into my head: my older sister was hooked on prescription drugs all of her life. She never failed to find a doctor and a pharmacist who kept her supplied. When I was still in high school a couple of times, she'd get high (always for some excuse, female cramps, sore back, etc.) and she'd get (to me) all creepy and sloppy and oozing with love for me -- I hated it and I despised her when she was high. Wow. I'm talking too much.

Basically, I was simply scared of drugs. I can take alcohol or leave it. Usually just indulge with wine around holidays or vacations.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Did acid a few times (Limelight in the early 80s), but the last time was the never again...

We were watching Alien (the first one) and I totally freaked and left the house - couldn't even stand to hear the audio from anywhere in the house as the ship sounds like it's breathing. They found me a bit later on top on the car waiting for crickets to get me. To this day I haven't watched that movie again or any of the sequels.


steph - league is basically union without the scrums.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Terence McKenna was mentioned by Iggy.--

Tweren't me. Closest I ever got to a trip on acid was stubbing my toe while totin' one of those 150 pound dozer batteries.
I like my brain just fine the way it is, and things are already confusing enough. I know those two thoughts are somewhat exclusive of each other, so just think how bad I'd be on drugs. :/

Captain Hate

rich! I'll remember the War on I4 after today.

You snag any Goose Island Bourbon County today?


Ex, Saw them at the Boston Garden in the 70's sometime and John Evan the keyboardist really freaked me out the way he'd just stand up mid song with that white tux and top hat, and then just start walking around the stage like a zombie. But wow could he play!

nah, never did that green pyramid, window pane, purple haze, orange sunshine or blotter. A mind is a terrible thing you know.


i'll admit i'm torn re this one. i agree with a prior poster here (sorry, forgot who) that said some of these harassment/assault claims are pretty small beer, but the thought of this smug asshole getting his comeuppance is hard to resist:

Janet 🚬

from exdem's link - "The Enquirer also alleges Gore’s fruit came out of the loom a third time, a year later at a hotel in Tokyo."



Iggy: "Tweren't me."

Sorry, Iggy, it was Man Tran.
I was a bit surprised anyone here had even heard of the guy, as I had not until just a couple of weeks earlier.

Man Tran

That was me bringing up the LSD and McKenna. I like the idea of the PTSD healing. If they do that properly, it might bring some of the hallucinogenic drugs back into a controlled, supervised usage. There is a prof in NM who did controlled studies with DMT with some good results, but IIRC the trip time was so short that its benefits were limited. (15 min?)

Again, there was a suggestion of some otherworldly presence waiting for those travelers.


I did not Captain Hate

wow that would be a find.

Captain Hate

I had a couple places hold me a bottle, rich. Plus I picked up a 4 pack of this:


My beer fridge is packed.

Jack is Back!

Off to dreamland without any artificial substances unless a glass of wine can be considered such.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.


joan, same here, still have to use III after my name because of the deadbeat.


Today is the day: Cordray out, Mulvaney in at CFPB. A den of swamp fascists is about to be cleared. Congress can't do anything about it. Mulvaney could put all the regs he wants on charities or NGO's, they take consumer money. Get popcorn, and enjoy!


Alcoholism runs in my family.
I only drink socially and there is no alcohol in our house except around the holidays because my husband doesn’t drink.Because of my mother’s mental illness she needed medication her whole life.
Like you, I preferred a drug free life.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I had a couple places hold me a bottle, rich.--

Did you say "hold my beer"?


Wonderful news.
Now we have to prevent Cordray from becoming governor of Ohio.


Are you feeling better today?


When I was in high school in the 70s, it seemed that only the suburban kids had anything stronger than marijuana, so being a city kid, the only experience I had with harder drugs was when I went to summer camp with the kids from the 'burbs. One of the most unpleasant experiences of my life, which was good as I was never tempted to try it again. I also tried marijuana a couple of times and found it completely unappealing.


I had mostly a good time with mushrooms and acid in college. It was interesting and fun and I'm glad I had the chance but also glad I had no interest in pursuing it.

Captain Hate

Now we have to prevent Cordray from becoming governor of Ohio

Do you think Renacci will be the GOP candidate? I know next to nothing about him but he seems like a personable guy. I assume Cordray is wired in with the commiecrats because he seemed to be their fair haired boy back when he was Solicitor General. I figure Betty Sutton will be steamrolled after that absolutely embarrassing performance by Fitzgerald, who nobody liked, against Katshit.


Hillary's ex SS assignment gives me hope that there's still a few good men


nite all

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