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November 26, 2017


Thomas Collins

Clemson-Miami winner gets in. Auburn-Georgia winner gets in. If Wisconsin and Oklahoma win next week, they are in. If either lose, 'Bama is in.

I agree with JiB's remark from the previous thread. Ten game season and 16 team playoff would be preferable.

Thomas Collins

I realize Ohio State aficionados might say that if Ohio State beats Wisconsin and TCU beats Oklahoma, OSU and not 'Bama should be in.

Another Bob

First? (But doesn't mean much on a Sunday morning...)

Strange story from the AP. Per their tweet: "BREAKING: AP investigation finds FBI failed to tell scores of US officials they were targets of Russia-aligned hacking campaign.".

What's AP up to here? Inventing their own "Russia hacked the election" story since Mueller has apparently struck out? Shifting the blame away from the Clintons to Comey?

Or am I missing something?


Quelle surprise:


MM,I'm thinking of you,please take good care of yourself!

Another Bob

By "blame" I meant "shifting the blame from (by now proven) Clinton collusion to Comey incompetence".

Anyone heard from the Podestas?

Thomas Collins

If it goes to three rounds, I prefer eight to six teams, James D (previous thread post). Nooone gets a bye. Power 5 winners, top ranked Group of Five winner, and two at large berths. But 16 would be better.

-peter from my phone

Will say a special prayer for MM this morning


Bringing this over from the end of the last thread since we were wondering about it last night.

According to LI, Cordrey resigned.


Richard Cordray announced his resignation from the contentious Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) two weeks ago. Friday, Cordray suddenly changed plans, and with no warning, left the agency a week before his scheduled departure date.

Prior to leaving, he appointed his Chief of Staff, Leandra English, to replace him as the Acting Director. The move was intended to fill the spot temporarily, forcing Trump to go through the confirmation process for a nominee, which could take months, before putting his own person in place.

But Trump didn’t wait, and appointed Mick Mulvaney as Acting Director and nominee. This sets up a turf war over who is Acting Director.

And here's from CNN:

Richard Cordray sent a letter to President Trump on Friday, declaring that he's officially done leading the federal government's controversial consumer watchdog agency once the clock strikes midnight.

In a separate letter to his staff, Cordray, who is the first-ever director of the fledgling Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced that chief of staff Leandra English will serve as the bureau's acting director.

A little over a week ago, Cordray had said he planned to leave his post at the end of November.


So he's out and can't renege.

Thomas Collins

My prayers this morning are for your physical well being, MM. I'm looking forward to your continuing feisty posts. But first, I hope you are able to get an appointment with the neurologist quickly.


I don't care for the 16-team proposal--there can't possibly be 16 potentially number one teams. Also, going down to a 10-game season probably costs revenue (a hundred teams playing fewer games), more than offsetting any gains from the extra playoff round. Eight teams should be plenty, or something like James D's proposal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why not just eliminate the regular season altogether and have the whole schedule a one loss and you're out playoff?


I actually hope Ohio State does not get in. They need a lesson in humility.

Beasts and I can get tickets to the Consolation Bowl:)

Captain Hate

The reason there hasn't been a 16 game playoff, like there's been for a long time in Div 3, is the whole cottage industry of bowl games, the Chamber of Commerce to the NCAA. That nobody cares about most of them, witness the terrible ratings of ESPN which very unwisely paid out the wazz to lock almost every insignificant one of them up, seemingly doesn't matter a damn thing to the apparatchiks who insist on championing them.


On more important matters, I hope this is just propaganda/fake news:


I notice that it's only the Turks claiming this, there's now quote from anyone in the Trump administration.

Old Lurker

Ext...have any JOM lawyers stated what they think about who gets to run that agency starting Monday?

That text in your 8:25 link seems like it would be wrong to say that a)the President gets to nominate a Director who then must be confirmed by the Senate, but the b)allows that Director to then appoint his own Deputy without the President or the Senate, then c)allow the properly named Director to step aside say on day 2 naming his personally handpicked Deputy to run the place for the next five years...

How could that be?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It can't. Cordry and Warren are flim flam artists; the perfect creeps to create and run a scam like the CFPB.

Old Lurker

And they will find some judge in Hawaii who will rule against Trump then off we go...

Jack is Back!


Do you feel the same way about the NCAA basketball playoffs?

There can't be 64 No. 1 ranked teams?

TV money not bums in seats is the revenue maker for the NCAA. The loser is the Div 1a and 2 teams that play those powder puff games where if you know some season holder will score a ticket or two to that game.

One issue that bothers me the unbalance in the playoffs. By constantly having B1G, SEC, ACC, etc. and excluding the left coast, they become the strength of schedule for next season by default. It will take a change in computer ranking for a Stanford, UCLA or USC to make it back to the CFP rankings.

Standford slattered ND yesterday yet ND was the highest ranked team out of the top 4 based on No. wins against top ten and SoS.


I was acquainted with the perfidy against the Kurds from the first Stephen hunter novel I read : the second spaladin.In it a Kurd freedom fighter ulu beg seeks revenge against a thinly disguised Henry kissinger who betrayed his people,


Someone mentioned a Vacancies Act. Here's one from 1998:


  • Revises provisions regarding the filling of Federal vacancies to authorize the President, if an appointed officer of an executive agency (defined to include the Executive Office of the President and exclude the GAO) dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform office functions, to direct a person who serves in an office for which appointment is required to perform such functions temporarily in an acting capacity, subject to specified time limitations. Retains the requirement that the first assistant of such officer shall perform such functions temporarily in an acting capacity as well, subject to specified time limitations and the limitations described below.

  • Bars a person from serving as an acting officer if:

    1. on the date of the officer's inability to serve, such person serves in the position of first assistant;
    2. during the 365-day period preceding such date, such person served as first assistant for less than 180 days; and
    3. the President submits a nomination of such person to the Senate for appointment to such office.

Seems complicated.

Jim Eagle

Trump is a white nationalist because he follows MagaPill. Here is Think Progresses reasoning:


Its a needle in the haystack and they put it there.



The legislation was introduced in the US Senate on June 16, 1998 as S. 2176 of the 105th Congress. The sponsor of the bill was Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee, then chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. Cloture was not invoked to have a final vote on this bill in the Senate. The division was mainly on partisan lines with mostly Republicans in support of the bill. The cloture vote failed on September 28, 1998 by a margin of 53-38. West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd was the only Democrat voting in favor of closing debate.[2]

No action was seen in the House on this bill, however the legislation was added to the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1999, which finished the appropriations process for Congress for Fiscal Year 1999. The omnibus bill passed the House of Representatives on October 20, 1998 by a vote of 333 - 95.[3]. It then passed the Senate the following day on October 21, 1998 by a vote of 65-29.[4] President Clinton signed the bill the same day and it became Pub.L. 105–277.


I hadn't realized that he had first introduced Frenchy short, a duplicitous CIA operative in that one whose roots go back to earl swaggers time in hot springs in the 40s


Don't know if it's been mentioned, but:
Cordray leaving early and sort of unexpectedly early (changing date) -- wonder if he has a 'sexual abuse' something or other about to burst on the news?

Old Lurker

So did Trump submit Mulvaney's name to the Senate triggering "3."?

Jim Eagle

Photo of first vehicle backup alarm has been found:)


South Korea Blasts News Of Soldier’s Survival Into North Korea

News of a North Korean soldier’s survival after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds during his defection at the DMZ is being blasted into North Korea by way of high-decibel loudspeakers, according to South Korean media.

24-year-old Oh Chungsung made a desperate escape into South Korea last week, first in a jeep and then on foot, his comrades right on his heels. Although he was shot five or six times, he made it into the South before collapsing in a pile of leaves. He was rescued by U.S. and South Korean troops, airlifted to Ajou University Hospital, and treated by renowned medical personnel. After multiple surgeries, complicated by parasites, diseases, and infection, the young man is awake and recovering.

The broadcasts at the DMZ describe the latest defection, as well as the defector’s poor initial medical condition, in great detail. The broadcasts are part of a South Korean psyops campaign that absolutely infuriates the North Koreans, who fear the broadcasts will lead troops to defect.

The “Voice of Freedom” broadcasts, as they are called, are played using a collection of four dozen speakers able to project sound about 12 miles into North Korea. South Korea resumed these provocative broadcasts after North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January of last year.

The two North Korean soldiers who defected at the DMZ in June reportedly did so because they were influenced by the “Voice of Freedom” broadcasts at the border.

Old Lurker

Joan, I hope he was dorking his Deputy in a threesome with Warren.

Jim Eagle




Hope to hear Cordray news along that line, OL. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's especially ironic for progs to whine about conspiracy theories when they themselves believe with a tenacity a WW2 shinto priest would have difficulty mustering that one D Trump engaged in the most improbable and sublimely evil conspiracy in history with the ogre Putin.
Simultaneously they never cease yapping about imagined dog whistles and secret handshakes between Trump and a surging Neo-Nazi upwelling.
Guess that's what happens when everyone you don't like is Hitler!


Do you feel the same way about the NCAA basketball playoffs?

There can't be 64 No. 1 ranked teams?

Yes, but the first round of the NCAA doesn't add a full week to the schedule.

My bias is toward putting more weight on the regular season. Plus there will always be controversy about teams omitted from the playoffs, whether the number is 2, 4, 8, or 16.

Thomas Collins

I like 16 because that will take in all teams that plausibly could claim to have a shot at the national title. Sure, 17, 18 and 19 would complain. But 17, 18 and 19, while possibly having a chance for an upset, wouldn't have a realistic chance of winning 4 straight.


Thank you again to everyone for your generosity to Miss M.

Miss M, what was it like to remember that Trump was elected? November 8th all over again. :)

But seriously, take it easy and let your kids and grandkids help.

anonamom, I haven't quit. I smoke about two cigarettes a day. Don't enjoy it much anymore so I think I am going to get some gum and see how that goes. Thank you. :)

Beasts of England

Lloyd Christmas as an Alabama fan: 'So you're saying there's a chance?' 😎


The BCS is a JOKE. Herb Kirkstreet suggested that WISCONSIN would be #5 this week. It makes the whole thing clownish. Subjectivity was supposed to have been THE PROBLEM. I understand the difficulties, but as is the norm. EXPERTS fuck everything up. Wisconsin was #5 going IN to this weekend. They won on the road by 31 points, and their opponent scored ZERO at home, 2 teams ahead of them lost. How can they still be #5? I KNOW I KNOW, lets have a COMMITTEE choose a dumber solution. Maybe Bob Mueller could lead the committee.

Thomas Collins

I guess you'll be a TCU fan and an Ohio State fan next week, BOE!

Thomas Collins

Wisconsin is in if the Badgers win next week GUS. If Wisconsin wins next week and is left out, my next tattoo will be a badger!


Catching up from last night--thank you, Ig--I'd use the whole illustrious Potter-Pirbright if I weren't lazy! And thank you, daddy, for the ocular proof of liturgical cats! Much appreciated. As for Trump being a commie Nazi or Nazi commie, after the leaps in logic the CPUSA underwent at a) the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and b) its violent undoing as the Germans invaded Russia, there's no end to what the left is seeming capable of believing.


My goodness! I go away for a couple of days and so much happens on JOM.

MM, you are blessed, though as Thomas More’s wife said in A Man for All Seasons “God has kept deathly quiet about it!”

When we talked way back when, I mentioned I was a smoker back in the early 1980s but didn’t “stop” because stopping smoking was traumatic. When something is traumatic, you want a cigarette. Instead I told myself to wait five minutes before lighting up.

Thanks to Anonamom for recalling what I forgot. I second the gum, patch, etc, but please don’t chew the patch or paste it over your mouth. Just begin, fall off, and begin again... and don’t forget to laugh at our human frailty.

Bless you! Prayers! You are so part of this community.


My wife and I have been in Raleigh, NC, cleaning out our daughter’s apartment as she and her significant other move back home for a restart. Drove down Tuesday and Wednesday, packed boxes Thursday, Loaded the U-Haul Friday that our son drove home on Saturday, with us in our car.

Glad to be home. It’s the right time and right place. Had BBQ pork and beef brisket from the Pit and Gluten Free Italian food from Bella Monica. Nice way for them to say temporary goodbye.

Did get to see a NY Rangers/Carolina Hurricanes game in the lovely PNC Arena Wednesday night. lots of Rangers fans. We weren’t flaunting our allegiance and the locals were very nice to both sides. Sat behind the scoring table in row two. Neat perspective.

Did not know that linesmen sidle up to the penalty box every stoppage for the guy in the box to reach into a freezer and hand them a new frozen puck.


I sure believe you are correct TC, but that doesnt address the issue of subjectivity. It has always been subjective. Herb Kirkstreet illustrates the biases involved. Wisconsin won by 31 yesterday how is it possible 2 teams ahead of them lost and Wisconsin does not move up?? It's not.


Pakistani’s Riot In The Thousands Accusing Gov Of Not Being Muslim Enough

Pakistan’s military deployed troops into its capital of Islamabad Sunday after thousands of protesters held the city hostage over accusations that the current government revised its commitment to Islam.

The protests center around a proposed change to the oath of office in Pakistan that requires any office holder in the country to declare their belief that Muhammad is the final prophet of God. Islamic Cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi led the protests against the government, demanding the resignation of a senior Pakistani official.

Protests have left six dead and hundreds other injured in the streets as clashes continued between police and rioters. The Pakistani government has cut access to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the country in order to deter organizing for the protesters. The country also ordered its TV stations to go off the air as it cracked down.

Beasts of England

Absolutely, TC!! :)


Don't know if this helps, I used a downtown Indy zip code but to be honest, I have no idea what used cars are worth these days. But that second red one down appears to be worth over $5000. If we can find three cars that match MissM's with a higher value, we can show the insurance co that their offer is low and try to get her more than they offer....as Jane suggested. And the average mileage seems to be about 132,000 for a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Of course, there's a very good chance I'm wrong.



What the f@#$ is that supposed to mean.
Did all of OBAMA'S 17 intel agencies agree with this?? Did COMEY fill the PRESIDENT in on this? Were the Russians COLLUDING with the DNC?
Who will no investigate the FBI for withholding this information??

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The BCS is a JOKE.--

GUS is just trolling Cap'n Hate now.


Some butts must be burning after this.

Dershowitz: It Wouldn’t Be a Crime if Trump Promised to Change Sanctions In Exchange for Putin Helping Him Win

“It is not a crime to collude with a foreign country. … It’s not a crime for a campaign to try to get dirt on an opponent. I’m going to make the extreme argument to you right here, and you will be surprised by this. Hypothetical case, I’m a law professor, I’m allowed to use hypothetical cases. This didn’t happen, hypothetical case. Candidate Trump calls Vladimir Putin on the phone during the election and says, ‘Vlad, do I got a deal for you. I want to be president of the United States. You want the United States to help you get rid of some statutes that impose sanctions. Here’s the deal: You help me become president of the United States and I’ll help you get the statute changed.’ That would be horrible. It would be awful. If it became public, nobody would vote for the candidate. It’s not a crime. Collusion is not a crime.”

Ig, Capn' Hate is da man.


Extraneus, what if Candidate Trump told Putin that he'd be MORE FLEXIBLE after the election?


Posted by: GUS | November 26, 2017 at 10:45 AM

I second the motion.


Just to play devils advocate: Collusion is not a crime, but at some point it could cross the line into treason. And of course, impeachment does not require an actual crime, just a majority vote of the House.

Needless to say, there are about a dozen things Obama actually did that are much close to treason than anything Trump's critics even claim he did.


MT, good news!!




Justice Department says Trump can appoint head of consumer watchdog

A Department of Justice office said in a memo released Saturday that President Donald Trump has the authority to name the acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, after the departing director named his own successor.

Resigning director Richard Cordray named the agency's chief of staff, Leandra English, to the post of deputy director, setting up a clash with the Trump administration.


"The President may designate an Acting Director of the CFPB," the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel wrote in an eight-page memo released Saturday.

The Justice Department cited the Vacancies Reform Act, which it said allows the president to appoint someone temporarily to an executive agency — and it argued that the CFPB is considered an executive agency.


Don Surber's offerings this morning (LUN).

Sorry, CNN, but Trump is absolutely right about you liars


Democrat calls last election a bad forest fire
(snip: Martin O'Malley, a former governor of Maryland, was a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016.

He was blistering in his assessment of Barack Obama's impact on the party.)


btw, I didn't post the link to PowerLine Week In Pictures but it was posted a few threads back.

Is Clarice on vacay? No "Pieces" this week?

Pagar56, a bacon, ham, and sausage supporter

The truth:

"It appears that Roy Moore, who has The Washington Post vouching for the fact that he has been squeaky clean for more than 30 years, could have one of the best reputations in Washington if he is elected. "


A-mon, you temptress! :) :)
Yes, LSD for dying people is old news. Another bit of research that got nuked when the pro-drug people triggered the anti-drug people to crack down. One has to smile, though, at the article touting both long-term and short-term benefits. Long-term, LOL?

First data point was Brit author Aldous Huxley (Brave New World, etc) who purposely took acid on the day of his death from cancer in 1963. As I recall his death coincided with the Kennedy assassination so the news did not percolate far.

Captain Hate

How bad is it that Martin O'Malley is the voice of reason for the donks and how badly Cock Curious ruined their future?


Sen. Richard Durbin: Trump’s consumer protection bureau move violates the law

“The statute is specific … it says that the deputy should take over,” Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat, told CNN’s “State of the Union,” suggesting that Leandra English, the current deputy director of the CFPB, should be in charge.

Jim, if Huxley took acid the day he died, did it kill him?

Beasts of England

I was headed down to my place to look at the books from last night and realized that I don't have a key to my own personal dive... Hahaha!!


Pelosi Defends Clinton, Conyers, Franken; Attacks Trump, Calls Moore ‘a Child Molester’


Isn't there a hate speech law in Britain?



I remember when I used to like Tim Scott from South Carolina.

He is on with Radshitzs on ABC's This Week.

He has been set up to slam Trump and Roy Moore and he is playing along while acting like he is making generic moral high ground arguments.

He must be banging Sassehole.

Now we are on to Trump vs Lavar Ball. Why is Tim Scott on this show??

Jane - not "in"


You are doing it right. FInd out how many miles on MM's car. That's almost more important than the year. And anywhere within driving distance is probably close enough. You are a great guy.


It is, however collusion is what the previous administration in Syria in Iran cuba Venezuela, what's that line 'none dare call it treason of treAson doth prosper.


At least Scott doesn't think Trump is a racist. Radshitzs responds with a shrunken apple face.

Jane - not "in"

BTW the point isn't to replace it. The point is to get the inurer's offer up.

They offer, MM comes back with the evidence. They raise their offer. Make them go to the best match. (They will)


Thinking about you, MM.


(Trying again)

Thinking about you, MM, I hope the doctors figure out what is going on.

You are in my prayers.



TODD: Do you agree with the president that it is better if Alabamians elect someone accused of being a child molester over a democratic simply due to ideology?

PORTMAN: Well, I stand with what I said earlier which is I think it would be best if he stepped aside. I think the president said that initially. I think that would be better for the country. The election is in a few weeks and there is a possibility for folks to do write in candidates. We will see. I think it would be best if he stepped aside.

TODD: If you were a voter in Alabama what would you do? Jeff Flake said he would vote Democrat if Roy Moore was the only other option?

PORTMAN: I would probably vote for a Republican but it wouldn’t be Roy Moore.

Miss Marple

Thanks to all of you for being such good friends! Rocco, thank you for looking up the car values for me. That is a real help!

My sister the retired teacher came and took me to mass this morning. We went to an older church in a neighborhood near here. 42 minutes start to finish! It's an old German community and I guess they run efficiently. I have been away from the Church for over a year and it felt good to go back.

It seems anonamom has been advising on smoke cessation, which I will try to follow. That will be hard for me as I am way addicted having smoked since age 15. But I will try.

Until I get my brother here next week I will not be on the internet very much, since we have a bad breaker and can't get power on the north half of the house, Always something!

Will check in later. We are going through try to get some Christmas stuff out today.


Now it is a pile of ugly broads talking about not being touched properly.

That is enough Sunday talk shows for me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--it is better if Alabamians elect someone accused of being a child molester over a democratic simply due to ideology?--

Hmm, that sounds like an excellent plan for a 99 seat Dem majority.
It'd be a hundred but hey if somebody has to be sacrificed it might as well be the guy even Dems hate.


"I wonder what took her so long to get mad?"


matt - deplore me if you must

Gotta love the whining and gnashing of teeth at DoS lately. Tillerson is now officially the Antichrist to those turd burglars.

They are off their diets of cucumber sandwiches, Iranian pistachios and Armenian champagne. What a frickin pity.

I understand Tillerson has bought himself one of those Razor scooters and has been roaming the empty corridors of the 7th floor laughing with glee.


Here is the link to Miss M's fundraiser again.


Janet 🚬

It is infuriating having MFMers & Dems & some Republicans calling Moore a child molester.

It is sickening. The WaPo is a scum publication.

WTF is this? - TODD: Do you agree with the president that it is better if Alabamians elect someone accused of being a child molester over a democratic simply due to ideology?

Janet 🚬

Pelosi marches with NAMBLA supporters & we've got to hear her trash Moore?
It really is sickening.

Man Tran


In case you didn't see my note a couple days ago, I suggested you might help MM with gas mileage and reliability of 5-10 yr old SUVs. Finding something like a 10 yr old Lexus with good gas mileage over a 5 yr old Jeep (just as an example) could be a great help.


Pelosi said Conyers is entitled to due process, Janet.


I would just throw in the obvious point that one has to be very careful in buying a used car, to avoid getting stuck with a lemon. I don't know what the best practice is: A reputable dealer with a warranty, taking a car to a reliable mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection, etc. But some kind of due diligence is necessary.

Miss M, best wishes to you in your health, family, and vehicular matters.

Captain Hate

Portman should've been tossed when he gave a higher priority to his homo son than the large majority of Ohioans voting for a DOMA.


henry: "Jim, if Huxley took acid the day he died, did it kill him?"

Why ... yes. Yes, I believe that's right! That and the bacon and eggs with orange juice. :) :)


I think that would be better for the country.

Yes, better for the country to give a self-selected handful of women veto power over every Republican candidate.

Man Tran


I went back and looked. It was Rick Strassman at UNM who did the DMT controlled studies. That was mid-90s. Really a shame that the voo doo stigma has kept a greater effort from being pursued.

BTW the mention of Stan Grof reminded me that my first roomie, the Air Worst pilot knew Stan. Can't remember the details, but I think he was living in northern AZ.

Jane - not "in"

Conyors stopping down from his leadership in committee but wants to remain "ranking member" whatever that means.


A tidbit from the Surber article on Dem O'Malley's analysis of Obama's effect on their Party.
Don't know if it's true but the claim is that Repub donors routed their money away from Trump to down ballot races. I think I've read that Dem losses in House, Senate, state and local have been horrendous for a while but who knows? Maybe it was accelerated in '16.

O'Malley: "So when the Republicans and their small group of very wealthy donors, who are not afraid to write big checks, saw what was happening, they immediately filled that vacuum. And in a very methodical way, fielded candidates with a whole lot of money to run for state senate, state legislators, backed candidates for governor. And they were able to wipe us out at the state level and increasingly at the local level. We’ve never gone through a period of time, at least not in modern history were the Democratic party lost so many seats and so many governors offices even as our president was a Democratic. That was a mistake that we made. We have to learn from that mistake."

Jane - not "in"

BTW I saw Pelosi on Meet the Press this morning. Todd was asking about the sex scandals. After he said - "ok that's it" Pelosi almost came to blows because she wanted to talk about the tax bill. She then fillibustered about how it was all for the rich and hurt the poor and middle class for about a minute until the commercial started.

She has dementia.


More than happy to help, MT.

Once the funds are set, we can banter about what to look for.

Being from SoCal I am blessed with working on vehicles that don't see the rust damage caused by the winters of the East and Mid-West.

That is the one area I am at a loss on.


Surber's conclusion: "(Dems) are blessed to have Republicans as their rivals, and not competent people."

Jane - not "in"

Better description from Insty:

PELOSI CHOKES, WON’T SAY THAT “ICON” JOHN CONYERS SHOULD RESIGN OVER SETTLEMENT OF HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS: Allahpundit describes her performance on this morning’s Meet the Press as “smoking-gun proof that the recent left-wing navel-gazing over whether Bill Clinton should have resigned 20 years ago is cynical nonsense. Faced with credible allegations against a much less powerful Democrat than Clinton in Conyers, one who’s waaaaaay past the age at which he should have retired and who’s been accused of having lost some of his mental capacity, the leader of the caucus whiffs on demanding that he step down. And worse than that, she cites his ‘icon’ status as a point in his favor. Clinton, Conyers, and basically every male member of the Kennedy family, living or dead, would smile at that. It may be the single creepiest thing she’s ever said in public life.”

Man Tran

Rust belt cars are a lot better than the old days. We had an early Exploder that after about 8 yrs only had a little blistering on some lower body brackets. No main panels.

Of course, TK, maybe you can find a sweet CA car and MM can make an adventure out of flying out and driving it home. :)


Based on my experience a Toyota product, as MT suggests (Lexus), is hard to argue with. We have owned several, as has my sisters, nieces, nephews and all have been exceptionally reliable.

Unless you can afford to buy something recent with low miles, difficult to get a warranty from a used car dealer that means much. My preference is to buy from a private individual who has been fastidious about maintenance, and has the records to prove it.

One of my rules of thumb is that if they didn't spend money to keep high quality tires on the vehicle, they probably cut corners elsewhere.

Having a knowledgeable mechanic, with no dog in the fight, eyeball and drive the vehicle is always good advice.

Captain Hate

Based on my experience a Toyota product, as MT suggests (Lexus), is hard to argue with. We have owned several, as has my sisters, nieces, nephews and all have been exceptionally reliable.

I agree with this; they are definitely "drive 'em 'til they drop" machines. Also agree with Man Tran on the improvements in rust proofing.

Miss Marple

Just read all the car suggestions. I will keep them in mind. I am riding with my daughter to drop off birthday presents to my granddaughters. I am supposed to have someone with me until they know what's going on.

I feel fine and I know what year it is. Ha!


an eye-opener wrt the ongoing Fusion GPS stonewall:



Glad you went to church for spiritual strength.
Now we just need to get the neurologist ‘s opinion.
I think lack of sleep is a factor plus all the recent stress.Prayers continue.

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