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November 07, 2017


Buford Gooch

Sure, let's all send them nude picture. There's no chance of anything bad happening.

jim nj


Strawman Cometh

That has to be a hoax


MSNBC.... ANTI-TRUMP..WAVE sweeps VIRGINIA..........





government provided, pay, and pay check, cash, and LIFE LONG SECURITY' Without qny security or qny promise to be loyal nor any promise to love America!!!


Whoa. GUS is so exercised that he morphed into "gus" :) :)

Don't be too upset. This is part of the tedious process of sloughing off GOPe.


I understand how LEFTIST/MARXIST FOOLS......Believe the foolish nonsense that THEY BELIEVE....they are deluded, dishonest and BATSHIT CRAZY.


It's not too surprising that Mr Gillespie lost.
It's a blue state, etc, yada yada ...

But why did he claim strongly that he was going to win? Did he not know?


JimNorCal, you are indeed correct. I was indeed exorcised/PISSED OFF, such that, I lost site of my
best and most proper words and Gus-esque, follow up
terminology. I do not mind being the follower to MY
Friends and my Friends HOT WET PUSSY position!!

jim nj

This is funny, for $50, name the candidates for Governor of NJ.


I won't feel like it's you till you spell your name GUS (all caps).

Miss Marple


Gillespie said he would in because he listened to Karl Rove. I hope this spells rhe end of Rove wielding any nfluence.


>>>But why did he claim strongly that he was going to win? Did he not know?

Posted by: JimNorCal | November 08, 2017 at 01:19 AM<<<

bad polling? overly confident?

he lost Loudoun Cty by 20 points and 23k votes. got demolished in Fairfax Cty by 34 points and 130k votes. the election was decided by 224k votes.

he'll go back to work for the US Chamber of Commerce preaching the natural conservative message of immigration as ever more radical progressives turn Virginia into East California.

Dave (in MA)

There's an online petition to keep House of Cards going by replacing Spacey with Kevin 'Blart' James.


Anyone, who uses WHITE SUPREMACY as a FUCKTASTIC LIE, needs to be SHOT IN THE HEAD.
The DAMAGE, that MARXISTS do to AMERICA, is beyond belief.
As I've said many times. THERE IS A WAR COMING.
I get RODHAM first.
That's okay?? ISN'T IT?? Both PODESTA'S will be in PRISON soon. I GET RODHAM.


The never Trumpers must be shocked that a GW Bush man failed to demolish the Democrat candidate.

James D.

Gillespie said he would in because he listened to Karl Rove. I hope this spells rhe end of Rove wielding any nfluence.

Sadly, it probably won't. And the GOP will probably not learn anything fro. Gillespie' defeat, just like so. Any of them have failed (or refused) to learn anything from President Trump's win, even after a year.


In the suburbs of NYC, Nassau County executive race and Westchester Co. exec race both went to Dems. Nassau Co. elected a friend of DeBlasio and Westchester's Repub candidate, Rob Astorino ran on a platform of keeping the county from becoming a sanctuary county.

Bad night.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump tours the Forbidden City in a Chinese visit that could make or break his presidency – and he doesn't have to deplane from the back of Air Force One like Obama!

The Infamous Ignatz

Good article by Gingrich on the importance of the tax cut.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Swamp strikes. We will see what happens.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is similar to my daughter:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Gosh, I can't wait to go see a movie about Ben Bradlee and Katherinie Graham.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss M, Trump has the economy booming. The swamp/Koskinen just made a move that will crush smaller firms. And the Senate peacocks will kill the tax cut. Efemall.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know all that money Rove's PAC poured into Gillespie's campaign?

Here's a sample of what it bought.

Gee, I can't imagine why running someone who brags that he started his "career" parking cars in the Senate parking lot wouldn't excite a Trump supporter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, I know this move is bad for small firms.

So did the IRS guy, which is why he did it. No greater example of how DC cares only about itself.

I doubt he has had the last word, though. Draining the Swamp isn't an easy task and there will be setbacks. I remain confident that President Trump will figure something out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This article is for daddy, if he happens to get to London:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago

Leaving South Korea now heading to China. Looking very much forward to meeting and being with President Xi!

Obviously, he's already landed and has toured the Forbidden City with Melania.

Captain Hate

ever more radical progressives turn Virginia into East California.

South Maryland; two states of a few good people overwhelmed by trash. Lost causes, both of 'em.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Video and lots of pictures down in the comments.

Interestingly, there are 2 new commenters who make a concerted effort to convince people that this huge welcome and entertainment is an insult.

I am not buying it. An insult is Obama getting off the back of the plane with no real welcoming ceremony.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trade deals signed worth $9 billion.

Captain Hate

That PJM piece at Miss Marple's 6:10 should stick a shiv in Rove's chances to ever conduct another campaign. Those ads would make any conservative throw up. Back to the RINO petting zoo for Gillespie.

Janet 🚬

Perhaps someone can start a 'Resist' movement against the Dems elected in Virginia.

That never happens, does it?

Will there be sympathetic articles about disappointed Republican voters?...plays written about SJW's hatred toward God-fearing, tax-paying middle America?
Will the leftist, political Latino groups, so active here in Virginia, be investigated & harassed by the IRS?
Probably not.

Dems win & it is just....Dems win.
Life goes on.
No pussy hat parades.
No rioting & vandalism.
No fists in the air & chants of 'resist'.


I didn't know Rove was "helping" Gillespie. No effing wonder he lost. These guys never seem to learn. Rove needs to retire.

I feel terrible for Virginia, but Stewart won't make those mistakes in 2018.

Special Ed

NeverTrumper & Bush lover Ed Gillepsie lost. The do nothing GOP US house & senate did not help. The RINOs/GOPe must be voted out in the primaries or 2018 will not end well. Gillepsie's lost should be a wake-up call for the GOP in DC. Oppose Trump and you will lose. The media will attempt to spin as a loss for Trump. The RINOs must go! Gillespie is a warning to them.

Per Wash Examiner:

"Steve Bannon offered to stump for Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, but Gillespie's campaign declined, according to multiple reports.

The decision, which preceded Democratic opponent Lt. Governor Ralph Northam trouncing Gillespie at the polls on Tuesday, left Bannon's camp fuming, per the ABC.

“Ed Gillespie had no message, was inauthentic, spoke from both sides of his mouth, and at the end of the day, even the deplorables couldn’t save him,” Andrew Surabian, Bannon’s political adviser, told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “Gillespie campaigned with George W. Bush, [but] ran from President Trump.”

Another Bob

Agree MM, those commenters at CTH to seem to be overplaying their hand. And conveniently for them, it requires some deep knowledge of Chinese culture and mindset (which nobody other than them have) to see.

Another comment about. Xi "slyly" positioning the Trumps to look small was, I thought, also sort of silly.


Miss Marple

Even Sundance is trying sell the case that China is being disrespectful.

I enjoyed TCT's coverage of the Japan and SoKo visits but I'm going to pass on the China dis narrative.

I do buy SD's Magnanimous Panda theory though, which is that President Trump will pressure China into definitively dealing with NoKo, which will benefit China because then the world will see China as ending a threat, thus "Magnanimous Panda".

President Trump's speech in SoKO (CNN cut off the standing ovation he got) was in part directed at China.


Happy Election Day anniversary! Will there be mass screaming in the streets to "celebrate"?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Rove's reputation was made by getting W elected. I read Rove's book which came out right after he left the White House.

It was obvious to me that he recognized Bush's charisma and latched onto him as a vehicle for getting into the political big-time. Bush was the kind of guy who discounted that about himself, so ascribed his winning to Rove's "genius."

He left the White House so that he could start his own consulting company, and his first candidate was Mike Castle of Delaware, a fprmer governor and an old pal of Bush 41's. Alas for him, the Tea Party movement got behind Christine O'Donnell.

Rove's epic melt-down over a two-day period on Fox was the first sign I had of how the GOPe cared more about themselves than the people or even the party. He trashed O'Donnell as a candidate and trashed the voters who had elected her. It was absolutely disgraceful, particularly since he was appearing on Fox as a commentator and didn't disclose the work he had done for the O'Donnell campaign.

Apparently someone heard him say that his PAC had put more money into this election in Virginia than they ever had before. Well, looking at those mailers, they might as well have gone out and set the money on fire.

Of course you need some money to run a competitive race, but this idea that a huge war chest will get you the votes is no longer operable. People don't watch as much commercial TV as they used to, they don't read those stupid mailers, and if your candidate is boring and HAS NO CHIN, you are pretty much doomed to defeat.

Rove should retire. He hasn't got what it takes in this era.


Another Bob,

I agree with you that TCT is being silly today about China's reception of President Trump.


Looking at the results inside the perimeter yesterday here in atl it looks like those still angry about hillary losing simply went to the polls in much greater numbers than anyone who typically votes Republican.

May have also been skewed by county commission and legislative districts that have atl city limits with other incorporated areas in a single district. They turned out to vote in the mayoral race and ended up turning the district blue.

I know I was the only one in this house who voted yesterday and when I drove into buckhead proper to run errands there were signs with people everywhere as long as I was in the actual atl city limits.


Good Morning! We arrived in Florida yesterday afternoon afternoon after a long and uneventful trip.

Maine had a referendum question on the ballot re: expanding Mainecare/Medicare. LePage vetoed Medicaid expansion five times and stayed consistent. It passed yesterday. I heard LePage on a local radio show before we left Maine and he said that if the measure passed,he was done with politics.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

They seem to have forgotten that Ivanka and her daughter Arabella are wildly popular in China.

The Chinese always think they are the superior culture. That is just a fact. It's nothing new, it's not directed particularly at President Trump, and I am not a bit put off by his lavish reception. As I said, they can tell me they are being disrespectful when they don't have a stairway for his plane, like they did with Obama.

The Chinese have their own economic pressures and security concerns. President Trump is aware of this. I am also sure he understands a bit of Chinese history and culture and isn't walking into some sort of propaganda ploy for the Chinese government.

There are lots of people who let their concern for the President make them paranoid about everyone and everything. Sundance occasionally falls into that trap, as he seems to have done on this issue.


Of course China is kissing Trump's a$$.

Access to our market feeds China. An outbreak on the Korean Peninsula would likely go "hot" in a hurry. China holds too much US paper to be cavalier about our well being.

Unlike Zero, Trump isn't easily intimidated , as Putin discovered in a squabble over ME airspace.

Xi will handle Trump with kid gloves.



For his part President Trump extended very special, warm and perosnal hospitality toward China, by inviting Xi and his wife to Mar a Lago, and even having Ivanka's daughter perform for them.


China will also try to impress Trump.

Won't work, as Trump is smart enough to know China veneer is a mile wide, but only a molecule thick (h/t Mrs. MT).


I think the president is trying to foster genuine friendships, not just power-over relationships.

Jane - not "in"


Welcome back. Give the temperature here, I'm very jealous.


So the answer to poverty in dallas is to have "public investments" in poverty stricken neighborhoods, no more neighborhood schools but diversity by lottery, and to do something about eco segregation.

This fits with what is being pushed in other communities as well and I have seen that Opportunity Index and analysis in other cities.

Clarice Feldman

I laughed when I read tha last night. People will be lined up to fill the porno photo file keeper slot.

anon (AKA common man )


One of the commenters has it right. DISD schools are approx 4% white today. The education is so abysmal that white residents send their children to private schools in Dallas. So there aint a lot of mixing to do by lottery or anything.

Same commenter has another interesting commenter that is correct too. Dallas is seeing a fair amount of black flight to the suburbs. Same reason as white flight. Duncanville and Desoto are examples of this. Leaving DISD behind for the poorest blacks and the hispanics.

But the writer does do a lot of virtue signaling. I love the "guardrails" against gentrification. After yammering on about mixing blacks into white neighborhoods as unquestionable good thing, he wants to let his readers know that white people moving into black neighborhood is very bad and wont be tolerated.

It would be nice to know where the funds come from for this non profit.

I know too much about DFW to be easily fooled by this naif.

rse is about the growing problem of angry hispanics converting to islam to lash out at the country that took them in.


Gmax-the problem comes with staff city planners and terms of bonds and poorly understood terms of already received and spent federal money. It's less about the schools than these housing plans to try to equalize oppo zones.

The dallas super came to atlanta to work in cobb schools before going back to dallas. I know exactly what he is pushing and what an able liar he was to school board members and parents here. He was also busy working on the global agenda while he was here as part of the bipartisan convergence center's Reimagining education project.

Old Lurker

Like others, I was not aware that Gillespie ran as the Bush-Rove Never-Trumper and had rejected help from Bannon. Just as the Bush clan came out of the closet as Hillary voters.


I am actually very happy he lost since I am convinced we are better off without encouraging a single U-R, Anti-MAGA candidate for any office, anywhere.

Now my attitude is going to become painful in the 2018 cycle when we will be faced with "Would you rather have control of both chambers with U-R support, or would you rather be pure and lose a chamber"?

I listened to Paul Ryan, AKA Razzle Dazzle Man, on Rush yesterday. My paragraph above is written with my eyes wide open having listened to him.

As to Koskinen's stink bomb heading out the door...what did you expect by leaving a known fox inside the hen house after Jan 20, 2017? I remain in the dark about Trump's logic in THAT one.


“Gillespie campaigned with George W. Bush, [but] ran from President Trump.”

But according to the NYT headline, this was a "rebuke of Trump."


OL, only logic I can see to it is to increase pressure on Congress to pass ACA repeal as well as Tax reform. Otherwise Trump will destroy remnant GOPe. Ryan/McCain/Flake et al prove they are too dumb to take the hint.


I remain in the dark about Trump's logic in THAT one

Stove is hot theory suggests that wise people like you and I know the Obama leftovers are going to burn. Dipshit Hillary voters need to keep burning themselves over and over until they wake up.


Should be "...dipshit Hillary voters and NeverTrumpers..."

Old Lurker

Remember when parents were over the moon if their child went to Harvard?


To be fair, who looks to BANNON as a CAMPAIGNER?

Anyone here excited to go see a Bannon speech?

Have him as a strategist, or whatever, maybe.

Captain Hate

But according to the NYT headline, this was a "rebuke of Trump."

And if Gillespie had won they'd say it was strictly a local matter. Those stupid assholes aren't fooling anyone but their dwindling readers.

OL, did Rush nail the Razzle Dazzle man with anything yesterday? He's stopped going on Ol' Yeller's show for well over a year.


Seepage on the Charles. Lovely.


All the 'planners' ignore a simple solution...FATHERS...married to their children's mothers. THAT is the opportunity zone.

Old Lurker

Henry, my problem and I know you agree, is that both the Ryan drafted ACA bill and the Ryan drafted Tax bill are both very very weak attempts at both. And I am being charitable by calling them only "very very weak".

Just as having Trump come out with proforma support for Gillespie and Strange, it would not surprise me if Trump is secretly hoping both ACA and Tax will fail - while pretending he wants them to pass with his support - and then he CAN blame it all on GOPe and hope the stable gets swept out big time.


Will never catch up.

I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, which just went total Dem in every race. Not one single Republican won any race I can determine. Which, of course, means tax and spend will take top priority.

This is going to put a lot of pressure on Lee Zelden our congressman and unrepenting Trumpster.

Its nasty out there plus its 42F this morning and supposed to go below freezing tomorrow or Friday.


OL, Trump is certainly giving them plenty of rope.


All the 'planners' ignore a simple solution...FATHERS...married to their children's mothers. THAT is the opportunity zone.

Too simple, Beester.

Also who are you to judge? Seriously, that is their argument.

The only good news is that Gen Z seems much less interested in degeneracy than previous generations.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, no Rush just let him talk fast and use buzz words and slogans. The only time Rush was Rush was when he told Ryan, but with an apologetic tone frankly, that if Congress had/would just work with Trump 100% for three months on pure MAGA things, then the GOP could rule for 20 years. Ryan came back, and Rush let him, with "But but WE HAVE passed over 300 bills in the House!!!" Rush should have said "Great. That's 300 Post Offices which have new names..."


"Great. That's 300 Post Offices which have new names that McCain and friends voted down..."



and then he CAN blame it all on GOPe and hope the stable gets swept out big time.


Gillespie couldn't get Trump voters to come out yesterday. Gee, I wonder why they weren't inspired to vote GOPe.

Old Lurker

"The only good news is that Gen Z seems much less interested in degeneracy than previous generations."

That must not stand. Which is why Harvard has to work even harder per my 8:44.


if Congress had/would just work with Trump 100% for three months on pure MAGA things, then the GOP could rule for 20 years.

Absolutely. Trump said wrt the GOP "I will teach them how to win." And he has shown the way. But Ryan is willing to deny voters what they desperately want in order to keep Trump from getting the credit. Dog in the manger. Get rid of this fraud now. He only cares about the donor class agenda.


And the Tax cut won't survive today, let alone pass either chamber.


Simple solutions don't allow the planners to get their cut of OPM.


Miss M's link at 6:10 is a real eye-opener. After Trump showed them how to win--and not just with the right message, but logistically how to run a campaign in this era--I can't believe the GOPe is still campaigning like it's 1995. Those lame mailers were beyond pathetic.

And here's some headlines that ran in the VA papers before the election:

"Gillespie Shuns Trump"
"Gillespie Keeps His Distance From Trump"
"No Mention of Trump at Gillespie's Last Rally"

Campaigning with George "The Last Republican" Bush was just the icing on a cake baked with stupid.

OTH, there is no doubt that hatred of Trump drove the Dems to the polls yesterday. It's the same emotion that gave Scott Brown his single term in the Senate and led to the Tea Party flip of the House in 2010.

The do-nothing, stuck on stupid GOPe should be worried about next year. What might save them is that the MSM/Dems will spend the coming year crowing about how they will retake the House and impeach Trump and that might push the deplorables to hold their noses and go out and vote.


The GOPe is worried about next year, that is why they are destroying enough of what we hoped the party would be so, with enough conservative losses, they can return to their comfortable subordinate position in DC.

Clarice Feldman who-leaked-the-paradise- papers-1510098669

Who Leaked the Paradise Papers?
Is the consortium of journalists fronting for an intelligence agency?

By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.

James D.

I think TK has it right. They'd rather have whatever table scraps the Dems deign to throw them, than actually have any responsibility.


Janet 🚬

Exactly right, derwill.

Democrat-lite doesn't attract any Democrats & it repulses conservative Republicans.

The more mailers I got, the LESS I liked Gillespie.


Agree Threadkiller. The Uni-party likes the swamp the way it is.


James D.

there is no doubt that hatred of Trump drove the Dems to the polls yesterday.


And the GOP candidates (especially in VA) didn't bother to do anything that might appeal to the Trump voters and get them out to the polls in response - just the opposite.

And of course the irony of it is that, even though Gillespie (and others) ran away from Trump and kept him (and his deplorable supporters) at arm's length, he (and they) still got tied to him by the media and the Dem voters.

When the eff will the GOP learn that lesson?

Oh, right, never, because they don't even want to.

Bobby Jindal

"Democrat-lite doesn't attract any Democrats & it repulses conservative Republicans."

Not in my 100% world.

Janet 🚬

The mentally ill man that won in Virginia -


Dems learned a different lesson. Attack Ryan, not Trump. That way Trump's voters won't destroy you.

Janet 🚬

What's with the Jindal bashing?


I meant Medicare expansion in my earlier comment. I think the vote was an anti-LePage effort,people seem to forget that when he became governor,the hospitals were owed $9M by the state and he cleaned up that debt.

Jane,it is good to be back. I'm going to Publix this morning to stock up the fridge and cupboards.


Another contradiction in itself: transgender. I say mentally ill, cross-dresser to my SJW sister to trigger her.

Janet 🚬

Don't use my post to bash Jindal.
Do it on your own whoever you are.


I didn't like his pro Dem lite message in 2012 and I have no problem posting a reminder every now and then.


Attack Ryan, not Trump. That way Trump's voters won't destroy you.

It's not a bad ploy, but it can be neutered by the GOP candidate also attacking Ryan.


Sorry, Janet.

Won't use your post again.


Gillespie was truly a pathetic candidate, but he was probably doomed to lose no matter what, given that after 24 years of Clinton/Bush/Obama exploding the federal government payroll VA is the heart of The Swamp.

And then there are all those Beltway Bandits--companies that live off of the government contracts given out by The Swamp. Too many livelihoods in VA are dependent on The Swamp.


Keep hope alive

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 17m17 minutes ago

Donald J. Trump Retweeted AFP news agency

On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and I, THANK YOU for an unforgettable afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing, President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan. We are looking forward to rejoining you tomorrow morning!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another one:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

anon (AKA common man )

Well in looking back, there was a flood of good polls for Gillespie a couple of weeks ago. Lots of polls showing him gaining based on a prior poll by the same pollster, several came out showing the race tied and even several showing him ahead.

I had not done my homework. Did not realize that Gillespie barely squeeked by in the primary and that he was running a campaign holding the titular head of his party at arms length.

Shame on me and here is my apology for getting any of you excited about something that was not likely given all of those facts.

The truth is that when a State is +5 D, its very difficult for a Republican to win. The perfect candidate and the near perfect campaign can prevail, but its not great betting odds. The converse is also true.
Which is why I think a decent amount of Democrat Senators in red states that are up in 2018 are dead men ( and women ) walking.

Virginia does not in itself portend a wave, but it does show it is possible that the House could possibly go to nominal Democrat control, if Trump supporters are not motivated to get out and vote. And yes, if that happens, articles of impeachment will be voted on. Bank that one.

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