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December 05, 2017


Clarice Feldman

rJC says Trump will announce the Embassy move to Jerusalem tomorrow.


Glad to see your loving post, boat builder.
Many, though not all, issues would be resolved if govt was smaller and less intrusive.
Many issues, though not all, would resolve themselves if the media told the truth.

Clarice Feldman

Jim Mammina Shell Covfefe 🇺🇸 🎄 🎅‏
5h5 hours ago

Sarah Sanders confirms there is NO SUBPOENA FOR TRUMP'S bank records, this has been confirmed directly by Deutsche!
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"Scarborough" not such a dirty word after all, not when considering this great article written by a man with that surname. This, as well as Byron York's recent articles, help outline the meme that will propel the coming resistance, i.e. that ideologues like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Obama, and Mueller will grasp at any fantastical straw that might enable them to hobble or take down a democratically elected president. Needless to say, they can't be allowed to succeed.



I found it a dubious proposition, that only idiots like vanity fair would consider plausible.

Dave (in MA)
Is there something they can charge Garcia-Zarate's attorney with?
Is there a non-lethal version of Ol' Sparky?
Ralph L

I saw the 3 parties on SnoozHour tonight. The baker stopped doing all wedding cakes, 40% of his business. The gay snowflakes were intentionally? pathetic. I wonder if this was staged like Rosa Parks. Looks like they would have wanted to decorate their cake themselves.

Frau Aufmarsch

Ole Sparky isn't/wasn't always lethal, Dave. Let the attorney take his chances just like his clients do with him.

matt - deplore me if you must

The lack of compassion and humanity on the left is truly astounding when considering that they are the ones who want that compassion.

As Christ, the Buddha, Gandhi, MLK and so many others have demonstrated, compassion is central to our shared humanity.

Destruction and demonization are the hallmark and the stock in trade of Washington. The facts really don't matter. It's all about climbing over the bodies of your enemies. Elections have consequences as someone said. And that someone is now working to usurp his successor.

Brazile laid off of Obama, but he is just as corrupt as any of the crooks out there. He's articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy as Joe Biden told us, but at heart he is a ruthless statist.

I think it interesting that Trump usually automatically does the right thing when dealing with tragedies while Obama was always doing the political calculus. Trump saw the absurdity of the RE Lee statue controversy and spoke out, much to his regret but do any of us think that the dial will be moved by taking those statues down? Obama stepped into deep doo doo every time he spoke of race and the cover ups and excuses were laughable.

There is very little real compassion on the political left. It's sort of like people who love "the people" but really can't stand the great unwashed.

Homosexuality affects @ 3% of the population according to the scientific studies. Get over it. I don't agree with co-opting 5,000 years of history and logic, but leave them alone to live their lives the way they please.

But their rights, like everyone else, end where my nose begins. We know when the Tao is violated across cultures. Those are the people who we have to worry about.

The only way the Democrats have stayed viable has been to pit groups against each other like the mongeese (?) and cobras in a ring. That has got to stop. We have to rise above that.

I don't like Moore. I am not that fond of Trump. But they are much better than the alternatives.


His like the labour mole in 5th protocol:


Sadly Theresa seems determined on losing to him


leave them alone to live their lives the way they please.

Yup. As I wrote in my book, it will wash off.

But they -- no one -- has special rights. I don’t have to kowtow to them or anyone else. I can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

And face the public consequence of doing so. No one has to do business with me just as I don’t have to do business with anyone else.

It just pays to serve. That is the ethical imperative of the marketplace.

Clarice Feldman


Captain Hate

Rupert selling out to Disney?


In retrospect Michael admit you chose poorly:


Rupert selling out to Disney?

No worries. As bad as Disney is, Rupert's kids are worse.


Another liberal talking point -- Trump is deporting people indiscriminately -- just blew up ... From Immigration and Customs Enforcement: "92% of all aliens arrested by ICE this year had criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, were an immigration fugitive, or were an illegal reentrant."

Frau Nikolausabend

Ralph L - one of the parties made sure we found out that they were married elsewhere but wanted to make sure "no one else would ever have to go through what we did." WT??? One cried.

Since it is Sinterklaasavond, I'm going to ask the good saint for a new nose. This one is in tatters from all the blowing and scratching with JiB's cold.


DOJ IG, BOzo appointee Michael Horowitz will drop the hammer on Comey et al? Hope springs eternal, but I'm not holding my breath.

Re Disney, CEO Bob Iger is positioning to challenge DT in 2020. Changed his voter registration last year from D to I.

Frau Nikolausabend

matt @ 10:17 - thank you for your thoughts. I feel no one has the right to invade a church or place of worship to blow whistles or in any way disturb the worship. I am not religious but believe in the strength of faith.

During the Clinton impeachment period, my older indoor handball partner, staunch Dem activist attorney to the end, asked the lifeboat question: who would you chose to be with? In this case it was Bill Clinton or Ken Starr. To his amazement I answered quickly it would be Starr because he would be honest, share, not put the make on any women and would probably know all the good songs I knew from my childhood. He had not expected that answer.

Clarice Feldman

Deb, Horowitz wrote the damning critique on Fast and Furious.

Clarice Feldman


Captain Hate

He had not expected that answer.

Then he's a fool. Slick would be the last person you could count on for anything in a pinch. I knew he was trash from the first time I ever heard him speak. I don't think that required an excessive amount of insight.

Frau Nikolausabend

Then, Horowitz could shine a light on the cockroaches and scorpions? Dare I hope?

Deb - did you find this?

Frau Nikolausabend

CH - he lived to a ripe, old age, had served in WWII, was a wonderful person...but he was a professional Democrat.
He did fudge in handball on occasion. "Hinder!" My girlfriend and I knew it but didn't always call him on it. Winning über alles while we played for fun.

Captain Hate

From Levin:

Trump is poised to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Democrats and Republicans in the Oval office have done a fan dance for decades where they have pretended Jerusalem is not capital for decades. This is historic and will be remembered in the Middle East for centuries to come. When North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela tell us what their capitols are, we believe them. Why have we been afraid of the PLO or Hamas all these years? Finally, you have to conclude that Trump is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He would like to build up the military and, would like to repeal Obamacare but the Democrats and some Republicans are blocking him. Trump is also trying to undo what Obama did with federal lands. He is doing the right thing, because he concludes that the principled, constitutional, and capitalist way is the right way.

Captain Hate

I know, Frau; I have plenty of good friends who are nutty about politics including someone sleeping upstairs.

Frau Nikolausabend

I was going to wait for the night Crew, but my nose is running faster than my thoughts.


Captain Hate

Everyone seems to be elsewhere except us. Guess I'll read and go to bed.



Yes that was an interesting twist for the series, how is it central city seems less implausible than Washington these days.


What a shymalan twist.



Don't mean to insult anyone -- or hurt anyone, but I don't like being called a bigot.

The main thing that irks me about a good percentage of gays is they want to force you to think about their sexual orientation. I grew up in a time that your sexual preferences were private. I can honestly say that I never have thought about any friends of mine, usually married couples (as I got older) and what they were doing in bed or how they performed intercourse or when they performed it or what they did when they coupled. So many of 'todays' gays seem intent on making you acknowledge their sexuality. I don't care about it. Couples, people in love, married people -- that part of their life is and should be private. I don't want to know who is on top or whatever.

I don't like perversion of any kind -- never have gone in for pornography, etc. Several years ago, think it was a link on here that I followed, was to a "gay" weekend or celebration where probably 90% of the celebrants were men, many partially dressed in leather outfits, scanty ones, like underwear, some were partially nude, the streets were filled with men sucking each other off right in public, most of them were repulsive, old, fat, or yukky or perverted. And, I wouldn't have cared if they were handsome men or gorgeous men or fairly normal men (but mostly they weren't, and I was surprised there were so many OLD, withered men.) There were some lesbians, not the beautiful or exotic lesbians, but women who couldn't get a date with any gender. There was even one brief scene of a some men up on the second or third floor, jacking off out of open windows and you could see the stuff flying through the air. Cops were stationed on street corners, but they just stood there. I didn't really spend a lot of time studying this, I think I was sort of struck dumb -- I never knew people could do things like this on a public street (in, I think, San Francisco.)

I was brought up in a time when people had standards, and they stuck to them, for the good of the community.

So, when gay, lesbians, etc., like what I described above decide to get married for political reasons (and I do believe many of them choose this path to force people who hold sincere beliefs to bend to their will because they believe they are fighting against what they consider years of oppression or they are atheists and want to force Christians to give in or lose their business, then it truly pisses me off.

I just don't care about normal people's sex lives, straight or gay, just leave me out of being forced to join a cause I don't care about or end up being considered a bigot because I can't get dewy eyed about a gay wedding. To be honest, I don't get dewy eyed about straight ones.


I don't see why I or anyone else should have to care whether or not a person is gay. My concern is if I like the actual person and whether or not they're a productive member of society. The rest is all bullshit AFAIC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The question among reasonable people has never been are most homosexuals nice and pleasant citizens. Nor has it been that they should be denied their civil rights.
The question has always been what kind of society do we live in and who decides the norms of that society and the direction it takes.
The people made it quite clear through perfectly legal means that homosexuality was not something to criminalize but neither was it something to be normalized, especially through the corruption of the historical concept of marriage.

I misread the title of this thread at first as Cake Baking Overlord, and that's exactly what the courts, especially old man dignity himself Kennedy, took it upon themselves to be; our political overlords.
Lawrence itself was a brutal blow to Federalism, which not only did violence to the constitution, it did violence to where the power to organize society rests; the states and/or the people respectively, or the unaccountable Mandarins of DC.
It is a continuation of the war on our founding principles, on self governance and above all, the Judeo Christian roots that underlie and made possible our founding and, more basically, western civilization itself that birthed it.

In isolation it is perhaps not that big a deal. But nothing the left promotes is isolated. Everything they push is an assault on our culture and society and an attempt to recreate them in the image of a godless man, because they hate God and want more than anything to enthrone themselves in his stead.
It will not end well. It never does when man worships himself.
There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

Today Melania Trump and Karen Pence are traveling to Texas in continuing support of victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S SCHEDULE For Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017

- Daily Intel Briefing
- Holds Cabinet Meeting.
- Gives a Statement on Jerusalem.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Rep. Matt Gaetz‏Verified account @RepMattGaetz
15h15 hours ago

ANNOUNCEMENT: Holding a Press Conference tomorrow, alongside 8 Congressmen, calling for Investigation on @FBI’s “Special” Treatment of @HillaryClinton. Joining: @Jim_Jordan @RepMarkMeadows @RepDeSantis @RepTedYoho @RepScottPerry @CongressmanHice @RepAndyBiggsAZ @replouiegohmert


Outstanding piece by Daniel Greenfield on leftist power and the enabling press:



Hugh Hewitt live in Colorado???

Hugh Hewitt‏Verified account
11m11 minutes ago
More Hugh Hewitt Retweeted Kimberley Strassel
Rarely disagree w/ @WSJ editors + almost never w/ @KimStrassel, but SC Mueller should stay and finish his work. He's a straight arrow. If he left/was fired, there would never be an end to "collusion" charges. But 2d SC to dig into #Strzok and abuse of DOJ/@FBI process needed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This quotes an old Yahooo news story to remind us Flake was alobbyist for a uranium mine owned by Nambia with a minority share owned by Iran.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Screaming and vomiting.


A lot of what Silicon Valley does is repackage old ideas. But a CEO retreat at Esalen? Too funny.



So ... is a razor thin Atlanta mayoral election just a close race or another mark of Dem slippage?


It is difficult to protect data as it is. States are making getting hacked a criminal offense(yes, being the victim is now illegal for corporations, see Iowa). Putting in a known backdoor makes things easier on the hackers -- there is a way in and they only need to crack the govt (immune from the criminal code) to find it. One stop shopping for access. Yet the govt declares it doesn't even need a court order to compel a backdoor from a tech company. This is totalitarianism, not safety.


James D.

I knew he was trash from the first time I ever heard him speak. I don't think that required an excessive amount of insight.

Same here. And to this day I don't understand how anyone was taken in by him.

James D.

In isolation it is perhaps not that big a deal. But nothing the left promotes is isolated. Everything they push is an assault on our culture and society and an attempt to recreate them in the image of a godless man, because they hate God and want more than anything to enthrone themselves in his stead.


Miss Marple the Deplorable



Office of Financial Research. Single "Independent" director. Under Treasury, but funded by fees on banks (not Congress / budgets). Created in 2010. Facing 25% staff cut (maybe 100% makes more sense). How many of these did the Dems create?


Tom Bowler
"I knew he was trash from the first time I ever heard him speak. I don't think that required an excessive amount of insight.

Same here. And to this day I don't understand how anyone was taken in by him.

Posted by: James D. | December 06, 2017 at 06:18 AM"

Agreed, James D. But I have to say, it's even more puzzling to see people taken in by Hillary. What a repulsive creature. At least Slick could show a little charm once in a while.


Puerto Rico pays government workers $100 million bonus and is asking for $ 94 billion for federal disaster relief (From a December 4 article.)


Robin, 10 Square Miles of crazy....

When Hillary was running for the NY senate seat in 2000, a friend of mine got to meet them at an event in Ithaca. He said that Bill in person is one of the most charismatic people he’s ever met - came across as genuinely interested in the people around him, made you feel like you were the only person in the room. I casually asked him if he would have left his very attractive wife alone with Bill, and he chuckled and said “not in a million years.”

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Does this make any sense?


Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Black Caucus is upset because they think Conyers was treated more harshly than Al Franken or DONALD TRUMP. (Nice try at conflating false charges led by Gloria Allred with real charges, Politico.)


clarice--a belated birthday present for you!!
(Because I know you do not give a rip that "carbs kill," NOT because I'm trying to kill you!)


Though Zingerman's opened after I moved from Ann Arbor, I happen to know well that these breads from their Bakehouse are spectacular. (They freeze well too.)
I see their desserts on our Thanksgiving dessert table every year, but I taste the homebaked ones.. However, nobody who eats the Zingerman's ones has ever done anything but exclaim at their deliciousness.
The author/owner (my ex cousin in law, father of my cousin's daughters) learned to bake at a place in NY along w a woman who is still in the food business in my place of residence over two decades ago, which licensed their method and some five-ten recipes, so for many years I was able to eat here what he was making there--the first decent bread in this town, and the Bakehouse's foundational breads.
(I am happy for not always being aware that Carbs Kill.)

I suspect his former (now deceased) MIL's--my mother's older sister--gifts and dedication for making THE MOST AMAZING CREAM ROLLS ON THIS PLANET (did I mention I am happy that I spent the best years of my life being unaware that Carbs Kill??) served as inspiration for his attention to detail and ultimate success in his bakery.

Their bacon is spectacular as well, if anybody is looking for some special holiday presents for their paleo people...and always arrive in perfect condition. They have great cheese assortments too, and lots of dark chocolate offerings..
(Full disclosure--another cousin's spouse is involved in the service part of the business...)
(Not that I've gotten any tangible benefits form Zingermans' since the early days, when the Bakehouse cosmetic failures would make it to the lake.)


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, every one on the Mueller team is anti Trump.


So they are supposed to try to hide it?

Another Bob

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | December 06, 2017 at 04:56 AM

That's pretty much the thread winner.

I might argue your ideas of motivation at the margins, but it's not that important. Nearly every aspect of the leftist program is the enforced removal of standards, a normalization of the lowest common denominator, and more importantly, elimination of any means to undo their handiwork or, once obtained, remove them from power.

The cake shop wasn't a random victim of this, it was targeted, "Dave and. Charlie" weren't weepy victims they were foot soldiers.

Live and let live, but the left won't allow it.

Jim Eagle


Zingermans suggesting to microwave a Christmas pudding as an alternative to steaming? Like you like to yell at me:

NO - NO- NO- NO:)

Mine is safely hidden in a nice dark corner of the pantry just waiting for the afternoon of the 25th where it will be steamed for 2 hours and then served with the best butter-Rum icing dripping down the sides. Plus, I need to add another dose of brandy sometime this week.

I am not fond of using Marmalade either but rather stick to Sultana's, Currants and candied peel.

But whatever you do, if you order one, do not microwave but steam, steam, steam.

/my Christmas rant and advice

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Blame ChiTown Lurker for calling this to my attention:

For tablet users:


Captain Hate

More Hugh Hewitt Retweeted Kimberley Strassel
Rarely disagree w/ @WSJ editors + almost never w/ @KimStrassel, but SC Mueller should stay and finish his work. He's a straight arrow.

I still can't understand why anyone listens to this bloviating fraud. Whenever Ohio State loses, I can console myself that this fake Buckeye (lives in Clownifornicate and went to school at Meeeechigan) won't be strutting around like a retarded Foghorn Leghorn.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Regarding that Zerohedge article on McMaster, I don't know what to tell you. Ever since General Flynn left, there has been an undercurrent of distrust for McMaster. It waxes and wanes, but it's always there, particularly amongst the more paranoid members of the right, who are prone to conspiracy theories.

It is quite possible that Jared and Ivanka are monitored for protection, as well as to see who else is monitoring them. Or the whole thing could be a fake story designed to sow division.

McMaster and his team have been working on a new national security strategy, which is done and will be discussed at the cabinet meeting today. Here is an article about it:


Newt Gingrich has been involved in it as well, and I don't see him working with someone who is feeding info to Soros.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

TODAY Graphics‏ @TODAYGraphics

Breaking: @Time Magazine's 2017 “Person Of The Year” is 'The Silence Breakers’, the women who’ve shared their experiences with sexual harassment & assault. #TIMEPOY #TimePersonOfTheYear



Mrs. Buckeye listens to him occasionally to get a calibrated take on current RINO positions.

She does make a point of listening to him on Friday when Larry Arnn from Hillsdale is on.

Janet 🚬

Joan @ 1:12 is referring to Zombietime's photo essays - http://zombietime.com/

Up Your Alley (2008)& the Folsom Street Fair are something.

I don't think Americans realize the extent of the depravity happening in public. There are corporate sponsors at these events too.

Captain Hate

There is bigotry (some of which is apparently acceptable to certain posters here)

This statement bothers me with its unspecific nature so everyone is left wondering who's being talked about. That's ok, I can play that game. Some of us have homosexual friends but don't feel the need to constantly bring it up so we can pretend to be really really good people when in reality treating them like exotic pets. Tammy Bruce has said that she's gay but it's only a small part of what defines her and when a man mistakenly thinks she's coming on to him she isn't offended. We're all sexual animals but as humans we should keep it in our pants in public, literally and metaphorically.

Clarice Feldman

Anonamom--my sister just sent me 2 zingerman kringles--I try to resist eating more than a sliver a day, hoping others will finish them for me,


new thread

Captain Hate

Mrs. Buckeye listens to him occasionally to get a calibrated take on current RINO positions.

Nobody does it better. The last time I deliberately listened to him I heard terabytes of misinformation about the career trajectory of Voinovich.

Janet 🚬

An old post from 2015 -

How can it be okay for a company to support Dan Savage?
When Dan Savage says this stuff he isn't called racist or misogynistic or a Christianaphobe. Why not?

*Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'
*Anti-Bullying Activist Dan Savage Curses at Christian High School Students, Calls Them 'Pansy-A--ed'
*Anti-Bullying Bully Dan Savage Invites Herman Cain to Suck his D**k
*Media Love Anti-bullying Bully Who Wishes Republicans Were 'All F**king Dead'
*HBO 'Real Time' Guests Discuss Having Violent Hate Sex With Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum

Seriously, why not? Doritos launches rainbow flag chips to benefit Dan Savage’s LGBT group - http://www.washingtontimes.com/…/doritos-launches-rainbow-…/

The double standards & selective outrage are just sickening...



Zombietime's essays, that Village Voice article, these reminders about Dan Savage (I believe he has an ABC show too)...
It is something to see that side of the political aisle condemning God-fearing Americans.
The MFM don't amplify those stories.

The public get a cleaned up version of the left.

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