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December 12, 2017


Tom R

Roll Tide #1


Ban loud mouth liar Acosta.


Check out this pic that People dug up of Trump meeting one of his accusers.


 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

I think there should be an entire thread exploring the idea of why Duda never gets invited to JOM shindigs.

I'm a capital fellow. I have feelings.


This is actually pretty good:


Acosta stomps his own crank and the Hewitt I used to enjoy listening to shows up and makes him eat it.

Account Deleted

Acosta had his golf shoes on at the momento of troof. EEEEch


Glad the reunion was such a success.
I bet it boosted your spirits MM.


If only Duda had been there.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ChiTown Lurker alerted me to this and I posted it at te end of the last thread. I want to repeat it because it's important, I think.


So, 16 state attorneys general have written the President and asked to have Mulvaney dismissed as head of the CPRB. Here's the letter they sent.


Note the states (all dem). I think we have confirmation of where those fines and fees they collect go.




 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"If only Duda had been there"

I'd be banging at least three women. Bet nobody got laid that night. Pseudo intellectuals espousing Aynd Rand all night.

That's where Duda and his 4 and a half inches comes in. Relief for the ladies.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, it did. Since I can't drive I am dependent on others to get anywhere, which means most days I am housebound. It's sort of isolating, which is why I enjoyed today so much.

Thanks for thinking about that, maryrose!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Well, well. What have we here?


Republicans Reach Tentative Tax Agreement: Raise Corporate Tax To 21%, Cut Individual Tax To 37%

21% instead of a round number people could rally to? Are these people idiots?

Oh wait.

jim nj




Why the fuss over adolescent relationships? My grandmother was 15 when she married.

Mine, too.


So I see the Instapundit emails with Mueller's office are posted at Powerline and Ace and probably more. I wonder why they responded to him. Bet they don't make that mistake again.


"A Message from President Donald J. Trump on Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a time for Jewish families around the world to come together around the lighting of the menorah and celebrate the miracles of the past and promises of the future. Melania and I wish all of our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating this meaningful holiday a happy and healthy eight nights in the company of those they love.

The miracle of Hanukkah began more than 2,000 years ago, when the practice of Judaism was made punishable by death. A small band of Jewish patriots rose up and reclaimed their Jewish identity by vanquishing a mighty army. In their pursuit to rededicate their holy temple, the Jewish heroes found only enough oil to light the temple’s menorah for one night. However, a miracle occurred and with God’s grace the oil lasted for eight days.

On this holiday, we are proud to stand with the Jewish people who shine as a light to all nations. We also stand with the people of Israel, the Jewish State, which has itself a miraculous history of overcoming the tallest of odds. We hope that those observing the holiday here, in Israel, and around the world have a wonderful holiday."

Captain Hate

Red Squaw tweets with forked tongue; steps in own mish:


It's soooooo good to have a President that drives a worthless bint like Katty Kay, by her own admission, insane for the rest of the day with his tweets. Our side has gone from your father's Oldsmobile to a barely street legal hemi powered Challenger blowing the doors off some donk's piece of shit Volt. Ironically it just makes me hate the GOP even more for not having done this since Reagan.



Do you dare meet with Clarice and I?


Miss M, it says that judge defended Theranos. The fake blood test company led by a gal in a black sweater, "the youngest billionaire" chick from Stanford. A judge that is a fraud magnet sitting on the GPS Dossier fraud, Obama appointed. Figures.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

David Martosko‏Verified account @dmartosko
3m3 minutes ago

It's been __5__ days since Al Franken said he's resigning from the U.S. Senate, and he still has neither resigned nor set a date for his farewell. I'm betting if Roy Moore wins, he suddenly decides to stay.
Daily Mail reporter, the one who was interviewed for press secretary. I have found him to be pretty fair.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I remember when Theranos was the Next Big Thing, right before it turned out to be a complete fraud. I found that quite interesting.

One would almost think there was some super-secret meeting of crooks and frauds and traitors, forming a pool from which Obama could choose people for selected positions.


From the end of the tweet where she called Gillibrand a slut:

Nevertheless, #shepersisted.

I don't know, MM, I'm not too sure we should be so worried about the fake Indian after that stupidity.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"Duda,Do you dare meet with Clarice and I"

I will meet with you at Cassis Brasserie,St Pete at 2.00 pm on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 on condition you do not try to pepper spray me and we are allowed to talk Politics.

I will be respectful and non-trollish, an absolute gentleman, this I guarantee.

Is it a date?

Account Deleted

11 Stop helping me Liz.
Posted by: Kristen Gillibrand at December 12, 2017 04:18 PM (eNHDE)

Dave (in MA)

Democracy Dies in Paywalled Darkness

Account Deleted

15 Sanders needs to stop slut-shaming Jim Acosta.
Posted by: Roy at December 12, 2017 04:18 PM (7n4KQ)

Old Lurker

That letter which MM posted at 5:03 from 16 Dem State AG's was laughable in one regard: It insisted that their states had an express duty to vigorously enforce Federal Laws relating to ...finance. Hmm. As opposed to Federal Laws relating to immigration? These people have no idea how silly they are.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

Also....you have to buy me lunch.


Dave (in MA)

Lurch promised to release his medical records 4694 days longer ago than Franken promised to resign.

mike in houston

Alabama Secretary of State

Polls close at 7:00 p.m. CST. Election results will be displayed and updated as precincts begin to report.



One would almost think there was some super-secret meeting of crooks and frauds and traitors

Soros has secret meet ups all the time. The the big meet ups at the UN & Davos to coordinate the looting.



No. How about Friday this week in Sarasota?

Janet 🚬

Article title at the DailyMail - "Giddy up Sassy! Accused pedophile Roy Moore takes his HORSE to vote as Alabama Senate race goes to the wire"

pedophile Roy Moore?

It is too sickening. I wish all the MFMers could be sued for slander. Bankrupt them.


"I posted this two years ago today.
Let's see how well it held up."

James D.

Ironically it just makes me hate the GOP even more for not having done this since Reagan

You and me both, CH.


Well the mail is not really msm it trawls from many places, like the inquirer, martosko and chambers are very good others not so much.

Account Deleted

Another commenter: Kind of reminds me of the time my Mom called me a son-of-a-bitch.


Good luck, Judge Moore!
I think the Senate could do with one radical Christian "extremist".


older femnazi women want to "protect" younger women from marrying older guys the same way they imposed unconstitutional law on American guys to "protect" non-american women from marrying them.


Jane, I'll be in Naples the 21st - 26th.


She's calling you out, dd.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"Dudu,No. How about Friday this week in Sarasota"

Sarasota?????????.........Jesus I live in Pasco.

Flying out to Paris on Saturday for a week and then onto my sisters in Raglan road for Christmas.Family business and such will take up a couple of months of my life.Although my Mom passed in 2014 there's still a few things to take care of over there. Families are complicated.

Your invite is generous and while I think you should be REALLY careful of internet freaks I think I'm pretty much who I say I am. An irish loser with too much time on his hands. Maybe sometime in 2018 you and I and Clarice can grab a quick coffee. That would be nice.


Henry, perfect, let's get together!


Federal Judge Recuses Herself From A Second Fusion GPS Case

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. has recused herself from a second case involving Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS.

Tanya S. Chutkan, an Obama appointee, recused herself on Monday from a case involving a dispute over subpoenas issued for Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned the dossier.

Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech executive accused in the dossier of hacking Democrats’ computer systems, has sought to subpoena Fusion GPS records and to depose its employees to find out more about the research firm’s work on the dossier.

Gubarev is suing BuzzFeed for defamation for publishing the dossier earlier this year. He denies the allegations laid out in the document, which was written by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Chutkan recused herself last month from another case involving Fusion GPS. The firm had filed suit against its bank, TD Bank, to keep it from complying with a subpoena issued by the House Intelligence Committee, which sought Fusion’s bank records.

Chutkan presided over that case from Oct. 20 to Nov. 9. It was reassigned to Judge Richard Leon, a George W. Bush appointee. Since taking over the case, Leon has indicated that he plans to allow more transparency into the court proceedings involving the battle over Fusion’s bank records. He has ordered several documents be unsealed and made public.

Chutkan has presided over the case involving the lawsuit against BuzzFeed since Aug. 31. Her replacement is Trevor McFadden, a Trump appointee who assumed office in October.

The reasons for Chutkan’s recusals remain a mystery.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. District Court confirmed that Chutkan recused herself from the case but declined to provide an explanation, citing policy against discussing recusal decisions.

Chutkan’s past legal work could have something to do with the decision.

Prior to her appointment to the federal bench, Chutkan was a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner (BSF), an international white shoe law firm founded by David Boies.

At the firm, Chutkan represented Theranos, a medical technology company. Fusion GPS also appears to have worked for Theranos and BSF.

Chutkan represented Theranos in a 2013 malpractice lawsuit. She left BSF for the federal bench the next year.

It is unclear when Fusion GPS began working on behalf of Theranos. But The Washington Post reported on Monday that Fusion GPS co-founder Peter Fritsch intervened on behalf of the company during a 2015 investigation by The Wall Street Journal.

Fritsch, a former reporter at The Journal, reportedly asked Journal reporter John Carreyrou to soften coverage of Theranos and its inaccurate blood-testing devices.

The Post reported that Fritsch accompanied Boies along with a Theranos delegation to The Journal’s newsroom in June 2015 to meet with Carreyrou and his editor. Carreyrou’s series of stories on Theranos exposed the companies faulty blood-testing equipment and led to a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.

Fusion GPS typically works for law firms in their representation of corporate or political clients. Such was the case for its work on the dossier. Fusion was paid by Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC.

BSF was accused of using heavy-handed tactics to quiet a whistleblower who came forward to expose Theranos’ fraudulent activity.

Tyler Shultz, the whistleblower, told The Wall Street Journal that lawyers with BSF threatened him and hired private investigators to track him.

BSF has been accused of similar tactics in the firm’s representation of Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer accused of sexually assaulting numerous actresses. The law firm hired an Israeli private intelligence firm to investigate many of Weinstein’s accusers.

There is no indication that Chutkan worked for BSF while Theranos was dealing with the Wall Street Journal. BSF did not respond to a request for comment.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"She's calling you out, dd"

No, I think she's inviting me out. She's a wonderful,charming woman(i have always said this) and as a self-described loser I look forward to splitting a cappuccino with her and Clarice.

They may elevate me!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

toddstarnes‏Verified account @toddstarnes
3m3 minutes ago

Moore campaign refuses to allow WaPost to enter campaign watch party event - per @FoxNews

I am beginning to have second thoughts about Moore. I think this guy shows promise.


Such a heartwarming Christmas story shaping up here.


I'll be here in March dudu, but we need to split the difference in the travel time.


Jane, I have no idea of my schedule while there. I'm staying at my mom's place, one brother moved nearby, and I think the other two brothers will be around. Niece and her hubby in from Australia. Basic zoo.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"I'll be here in March dudu, but we need to split the difference in the travel time"

I'll go to Sarasota in March, but you're buying me lunch.


And no playing footsie under the table....I won't be Weinsteined by you or Clarice!

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

The fact that I've been invited to a JOM shindig lifts my spirits. I'll even vow not to troll here for a month.

God bless us everyone(even child molesters).


I'm not in Sarasota Duda and Clarice may not be there - but we will work it out. Let me know when you are ready.


No sweat Henry, we will figure it out and hopefully I can drag Mr and Mrs Marlene. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Account Deleted

KillFile has shot Duda-ree-no at least 20 times in the face. How much can one man take?

Another commenter on that Gillybrand thread:

"Apparently Fauxcahontas knows more about her fundraising methods than Trump does."

Account Deleted

I'd say GillyBrainDead had a "net bad day" of it today. Forgets to duck as the boom swings back behind her courtesy of Lizzy the Wart and suffers a nasty blow to the skull.

Now what, Kirsten? Now what?


Well I just woke from my nap after our Shapiro's Rendezvous so I am at Champs Sports-Pub in downtown Indy and here is my after action report.

Delightful, Delightful Delightful! and make sure you say it out loud and happy like, just like Gomer Pyle would do:) Great fun!

Beautiful clear blue sky and sunny, but cold as the dickens and a ferocious wind at noon was blowing me down Illinois street to the Deli, but I swung in the door and by now not even an inkling of butterflies rose in my stomach on spotting Miss M since we are old buddies and have done this meet-up business a number of times already. Big non-Al Franken hugs ensued, then met her delightful sis the Nurse who's name I instantly forgot since I have Alzheimer's and it was great to see how much fun this gal turned out to be who was obviously intently interested in checking out who were these crazy internet folks who had "virtually" hi-jacked her sister.

Then almost immediately up walked GentleJim, good looking handsome fella', a fitting Rob Grownkowski to my Terry Bradshaw. GentleJim carries himself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete, and immediately it struck me Miss Marple's sister was wondering if he was naked under those clothes, but I didn't say nothing but "Hello" and got a firm handshake in return from that 6 foot 4 solid citizen who lives in Michigan but thinks he lives in Indiana. GJ's got 2 kids in Purdue which did not go over well with Miss M's grandson Nate when he showed up late from weightlifting, as he is an IU Senior but "Oh well", what you gonna' do.

We found our table, then all queued up in a line of about a hundred people and each ordered some ginormous corn beef sandwich variety---me the Reuben:
(Sorry Manhattaner's, but it beats the heck out of Carnegies.)

Anyhow, then we all sat down and chowed and had as delightful a running conversation as could be had. We all want to go to Mars obviously and we agree that the informed Police solution to Chicago is to just build a fence around the place and let 'em have at it. In no specific order we covered Thomas Wictor, Team Mueller's stench, Nellie Ohr and her Ham radios, Gloria Allred's latest "Ham", Miss Marple's raising prize winning Sheep in some 1960 Four H club competition, Chain Migration, pencil neck Schiff, something about GentleJim and horses, Rocco's convict's Easy Bake Oven, Jerusalem, the Norks, Jim Acosta's degree of sunuvabitchness, Trump, Sessions, Sarah Huck, draining the swamp, the CFPB (tho' none of us could get the letters in proper order) our favorite misunderstanding of Bitcoin, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Mick Mulvaney, GUS's all CAPS, and Rex Tillerson's Sword dance. We all enjoyed imagining drinking a beer to excess with Captain Hate at some bar and getting his descriptive commentary on the NFL and Roger Goddell's criminal $200 Million dollar contract.

At IU (Indiana University) Miss M's grandson Nate is a senior majoring in Sports marketing and Business and says ESPN is tanking something awful, and having just returned from some Soccer Tourney in Philly and New York, where his useless IU shit Soccer team beat my TarHeels, he says Philly makes a great Philly cheese steak sandwich but Manhattan's Reubens take a back seat to Shapiro's, so he recovered himself nicely, and then ran off to give the other half of his Reuben to his girlfriend who works at the Indianapolis Children's Museum where apparently it is State Law that every resident of Indianapolis is required by law to work at the Indianapolis Children's Museum at some point of their lives. A sensible policy I am in favor of, BTW.

Then Miss Marple dropped her pickle on the floor and it killed me that in such polite company you can't invoke the 5 second rule and pick it up and chow down and instead have to pretend it's dirty and awful and off limits and all, and all the while she was jabbing about something pertinant I was salivating at that damn thing, taboo now on her plate wrapped in a napkin:(
Then Miss M's delightful sister, who I can't remember her name because of my Alzheimer's (did I say that already) regaled us with an amazing blow by blow description of being in the hospital room when Miss M said it was 2013, and then IIRC she is the gal who when the Doc asked if Miss Marple knew who the President was and she replied glumly with drooped shoulders, "Barrack Obama" Sis started shrieking like a Howler Monkey, and that the only thing that brought Miss M back to reality was reminding her how hilarious Rex Tillerson's Sword dance was, especially when how all the reporters asked him excitedly stuff about it and T-Rex replied laconically, "This ain't my first Sword dance.":)

Something like that.

Anyhow, great to see that Miss M is back to as sane as me and GentleJIm and her Sis who's name I fergit, and her 1960 female goats who have horns and all the rest. Lovely, Miss M, sis and GentleJim. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great meet up. Delightful, Delightful, Delightful! as Gomer would say.

More, please. Catch-up begins now.


So sorry it didn't go well Daddy...

I'm kidding!


Jane, don't you dare end up in a Carville/Matalin romance with duda. :)


Jane and henry,the daughter and son-in-law will be here 22nd-26th,so a meet-up won't work for us. :(

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"KillFile has shot Duda-ree-no at least 20 times in the face. How much can one man take"

20? How much if a little bitch do you think I am? I need to at least 2500 till I start to get interested.

Kill file me you little hoar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Miss Marple the Deplorable


1. Lissa

2. Dorset sheep, who have horns on both the rams and the ewes (except the polled variety, which I consider aberrations and not REAL Dorsets).

Did you have a recorder on? VERY good recap of the topics covered!


Earlier someone posted Hugh Hewitt's interview with Jim Acosta, he is such a spiteful little bitch (swiping this from duda's earlier post -- I usually don't read him, have him killfiled on other computer) -- anyway, at the end of Q/A, Hewitt agreed that Acosta could come back, next day, for more opportunity to discuss treatment of Trump, and one of Acosta's last comments was "...'wasn't fair' or 'if it was fair.'"

What a tool.

Captain Hate

Sorry Manhattaner's, but it beats the heck out of Carnegies

Katz's > Carnegie

Jim Eagle

Good thing your meetup is close by because hitchhiking is illegal on the Interstates and for DuDa to get down to Port Charlotte would require him to break the law. Not that an Irishman would find that difficult or questionable but it would put a hamper on your meetup.

BTW, with DuDa showing up it convinces me that Moore has it in the bag. No other reason for him to appear. He alwasy shows up when we are winning.

Moar appearances please.

Janet 🚬

Related to nothing...

This is funny from 2013 about Obama -

anonamom wrote - "The best comment I've ever read at Althouse--on the fake interpreter at the Mandela Memorial:

Bob Boyd said...

Without any training or experience, this guy applied for the job, got the job and fooled people for years by just putting on an elaborate show.
The fact that he was standing on stage next to a lot of important people put him beyond question in the minds of most people.
Those who really understood that what he was saying actually made no sense were ignored.
And now we have this South African interpreter doing the same thing."



Daddy is the Bard of JOM.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ςサi⃘lིlི‏ @chiIIum
3m3 minutes ago

ςサi⃘lིlི Retweeted Stealth Jeff

HALP! Judge Tanya is sick! LOL After recusing from two Fusion cases, (don’t even mention the Awan case) her replacement is Trevor McFadden, a @realDonaldTrump appointee who assumed office in October. DOUBLE HALP! Hahahaha


Like the James michener or John steinbeck.

Comanche Voter

Acosta; a dud who believes he is a stud. Certainly he's a legend in his own mind.

 Duda: Progressive and loving it!!

"Good thing your meetup is close by because hitchhiking is illegal on the Interstates and for DuDa to get down to Port Charlotte would require him to break the law. Not that an Irishman would find that difficult or questionable but it would put a hamper on your meetup"

For Miss Jane it would be worth it!


daddy: "...her 1960 female goats who have horns and all the rest"

"All the rest?" Let's just agree between us not to go there. Glad you guys had such fun. Dang. Those sammiches look like battleships...

mad jack

so gildebrand is putting out the story that she was in bible study when PDT dropped the epic tweet on her slutness (per liawatha) from NY. keep digging.
not tired of winning.


Janet, your 6:37 reminded me of something. We had a friend who was being inducted into a big university's football hall of fame, and he and his wife had invited us to go with them to the banquet. (He was in the Guinness Book of Records for passing, I think. Way long time ago.) It was freezing cold, I'd worn a fur coat (please, don't anyone try and shame me) and somehow in the crush of the crowd (I didn't know where to check the coat, had gotten separated from my husband and friends) I ended up walking in with the city's mayor and his wife. He began talking to me (a nobody) took my arm, and led me to his table and sat me down by his wife. :) I acted like I belonged there. Sometimes appearances and clothes are everything. (My husband came and collected me in a little while. :)

Jim Eagle

Actually, Loeb's in D.C. is the best kosher deli for lunch I have ever ate. Their Chicken liver with onion sandwich is my favorite. Their potato salad is to die for. They use to be across from my office on McPherson Square but have now moved down to "I" street near the Army-Navy Club.

Just those photos of corned beef sandwiches makes me drool.

Captain Hate

How cucky is Hugh Hewitt?

Today he said this: Mueller is a straight arrow. The reason he loaded his counsel with Democrats is so the other Democrats couldn't say his investigators were biased...There is no reason to fire Mueller.

Posted by: Half Senile Soothsayer -- Fake Commenter at December 12, 2017 06:35 PM (LATmp)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Too damn bad.


That's funny, Joan.


Speaking of places to eat, don't go to the spotted pig in Manhattan. "Rape rooms" are featured.



"Today he said this: Mueller is a straight arrow. The reason he loaded his counsel with Democrats is so the other Democrats couldn't say his investigators were biased...There is no reason to fire Mueller."


Who will order an investigation into why Mueller revealed his strategy to Hugh Hewitt?

jim nj

Trudeau wants to buy used planes for the RCAF because he's still mad about the Boeing - Bombardier thingy. From the Australians, who have to get permission from the US to do the deal.



The 4 guys who got the latest NYC bomber.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

There are only two choices about Mueller:

1. He is as corrupt as the others we have been reading about.

2. He's a straight arrow who has portrayed himself as corrupt in order to do an elaborate sting operation.

I am now inclined to the first but am hoping for the second.

Surely he cannot have thought he could get away with framing the President. If that, he's both #1 AND an imbecile.


What an odd remark for Hewitt to make -- makes no sense. So -- it doesn't matter that 90% of Republicans think his investigators are biased.


What was that story about a razor? I never read it but I think i got the gist.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Let's not forget that a Bush guy has been involved on the bad people's team, along with, I am pretty sure, some of the Never Trump set, including Evan McMullin.

Boy howdy, would I be glad if the end result of this striked a fatal blow to the aspirations of not only the leftist democrats but the GOPe!


Great post, of course, daddy, and glad that our lovely MissM is out and about.

Sad to say, the Kosher deli scene here in the New York City area is on a huge decline. Many good delis have closed. The ones I know of in Manhattan are there for the tourists.
There's a chain of kosher restaurants called Ben's on Long Island that's okay, but not to die for, which is what a good corned beef or pastrami on rye with good Kosher mustard should be. Happy Chanukah!

Tom R

At my precinct in Madison there were about 20 names on each page of the voting roll. The poll workers drew a line thru your name after you signed in, When I voted at 5:30pm all the names were crossed off except for one. The poll workers said turnout was unexpectedly higher and comparable to the November 2016 presidential election.


Miss marble, Mueller plotted with comedy and goldsmith, the editor of lawfare(and perhaps communicated with wray)against Gonzalez on the terrorism surveillance program, on the eve of the Madrid train bombing, he collaborated with the early aspects of the plame manner, perhaps communicating with eickenrode. He then whipped the whole us atty kerfluffle. Signs of enemy action then you have the uranium one matter.
(There is a piece that mcintyre turned up, that suggested this was much mode a kazazk matter.)

Jim Eagle


I have noticed that myself whenever I go into the city.

Anyone singing Ma'oz Tzur yet?


Notably this fellow:


I’m ready for the polls to close.


I thought they closed 7:00 eastern


So did I. Guess not.

mike in houston

Polls close at 7:00 p.m. CST. Election results will be displayed and updated as precincts begin to report.


7 pm CST


NYT reporting confusion at the polls. Only one thing on the ballot? Bused in people from Nola confused by voter ID? I smell a setup.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This seems interesting. One would think he would relish throwing brickbats at Trump daily, since he despises him.

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