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December 06, 2017



Salad bar


Aloha! How come Lisa Murkowski isn't calling for Franken to resign?


Did everyone see the new Franken accuser?


The woman alleged that Franken tried to forcibly kiss her after an episode of his radio show.

She said that she was there with her boss, who had just left the studio. The woman added that she was in the process of gathering her personal belongings when Franken appeared.

“He was between me and the door and he was coming at me to kiss me,” the woman told the outlet. “It was very quick and I think my brain had to work really hard to be like ‘Wait, what is happening?’ But I knew whatever was happening was not right and I ducked.”

She said she was “startled” by the occurrence and was able to break away from Franken.

“I just sort of booked it toward the door,” the woman added, “And he said, ‘It’s my right as an entertainer.'”



Imagine the rights he had as a Senator.


McRINO Pleads For Just 74 New Twitter Followers To Reach 3 Million… Loses Almost 20,000 In Response…


Electric cars will help those fires.


If Franken resigns he should go on the road doing a comedy tour with Kathy Griffin, Louis CK, and Garrison Kielor.


Righteous feminist after righteous feminist in comments sections imploring Al not to retire because reasons.

None of them realizing they are proving Trump's axiom: When you're a big enough star, women will let you do whatever you want to them.

Tom R

The Franken pile-on is all about Moore, imo

I disagree. The Trump Russian collusion fairytale has collapsed so now the Swamp is trying a different approach to destroy Trump. Once Franken is forced out, the leftwing media and DC Establishment will be nonstop painting the narrative that Trump is guilty of far worse sexual assaults than what Franken did.

matt - deplore me if you must

Just got back from several hours on Fire Watch. So far this am it has been calm. Hoping it stays that way.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have no idea which AMT Hatch was discussing - could be either. (Question at end of last thread.)

I haven't found a story yet, will post when I do.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

NEgirl liked
The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP
58m58 minutes ago

BREAKING: Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden: `I expect that Senator Franken will announce his resignation tomorrow'


How come Sen Claire McCaskell is demanding Al Franken resign? As I recall she is the Senator who said she wouldn't let her daughter anywhere near Bill Clinton but she didn't say a word about demanding he resign? Other than being a Democrat, why the double standard?

McCaskill Doesn't Want Former President Near Daughter

Captain Hate

Another rock ribbed conservative weighs in:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

". They can and, with the aid of their allies in the press, will compel every elected Republican to squirm as they decide whether to attack their own party’s voters or endorse bigotry and moral depravity."


IMO, by the time they find who caused $15 million to be wasted by Politicians and kick them out, the Democrats will be able to meet in in a phone booth and won't be talking about what the Republicans did.


TK, I posted back in early Nov. that I had had great success following the advice of Dr. David Ludwig via his book “Always Hungry”. In 7 weeks I dropped 31 pounds, lowered my A1C from 7.2 to 6.2 and lowered my BP to 100/77. My Doc took me off most of my meds. I stayed active throughout but couldn’t really increase my “exercise” due to a failed left knee. I tell people I haven’t been dieting but have changed my nutritional approach.

I agree with all of the JOMers that recommend getting off processed carbs and refined sugars. Poison, pure and simple. Tasty, tasty poison.

I disagree with Buckeye re: avoid fruits. Ludwig says avoid tropical fruits. I eat a lot of grapes and apples. I used to be in total agreement with James D. That Weight Watchers was the only approach that would work long term as it made you think about what you were eating by using points. I disagree with JIB that alcohol must be avoided. I go out twice a week with friends but drink lite beer and drink whiskey if I feel like a drink at home.

Caveat: everybody responds differently based on their gut biome. Your results my vary.

A man goes to his Dr as he has been feeling poorly. Tests are run and the Dr tells the man he has to stop drinking, smoking and running around with fast women or he will die within 6 months. The man exclaims that he does none of those things. The Dr then tells him that if that is the case he is sorry but there is no hope for him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Cue the pity party. I have none to spare, however.


Franken's replacement is going to be an interesting question.

Governor Dayton is clinically brain dead and will do whatever he is instructed. Would Tom Perez allow Keith Ellison to wind up in the Senate after their fight for DNC chair? I highly doubt it.

My money's on Betty McCollum, who represents the second most reliable DFL district in the state. Betty's dumb as a bag of hammers, but she's a female and that's all that really matters.

Wildcard choice would be State Auditor and perennial aspirant to higher office, Rebecca Otto. Big red flag would be Becky's husband, who is a screenwriter, producer, activist, and blogger for Huffpo, ie. strong candidate for the Perv Pool.



I'm so sorry. I never thought about my father, and know next to nothing about him, like his b-day or their anniversary because my mother refused to utter a word about him for my entire life. She also worked 3 jobs and never got a penny from the guy. I did go to his funeral and saw my 1/2 brother there who could be my twin.

When I visited my 92 year old mother last month I told her about the funeral (which was probably 20 years ago) and we laughed. My mother didn't care much for me because I reminded her so much of him. She never ever got over it. 5 years ago she told me that my, and her last name should be illegal.


I would have said Ellison but I think you're right, BlueOx. Got to be a woman.


Way behind, and I'm doing catch-up on the latest accuser of John Conyer's.

Morse said Conyers brought up the then-developing investigation into the disappearance of former federal intern Chandra Levy. ‘He said he had insider information on the case. I don’t know if he meant it to be threatening, but I took it that way,"

Lets ask Conyer's if he has any insider info on the Dead Intern so we can kill 2 slimeballs with 1 stone.


Avoiding stress can help lower blood pressure.
I will not post comments that would upset you.


I believe that Mueller is working with Trump. Said so many threads ago. If the goal was to handicap Trump by getting him to fire the SC, then loading the team with rabid anti-trumpers is a smart double dog dare you play.

Question: How did the anti Trump texts/emails become known?


Did Franken actually have sex with anyone? I'm having a hard time keeping track.


No chance Ellison can survive a statewide election if he gets the seat.

Minneapolis voters may ignore his Nation of Islam past (when he was known as Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison, and ran for office as Keith Ellison-Muhammad) but that shit's not gonna fly in the suburbs and Iron Range.


I will not post comments that would upset you.

Your comments usually amuse me.



Thanks again for all the suggestions. I will go back through them later tonight. It is a busy day today and I haven't been able to take thorough notes.



No rape -- just unwanted smooching, pinching, and obnoxious photography.

By the way, wouldn't surprise me if that "right as an entertainer" line was meant as a witticism.


it was just this past January, I was taking a TOUR of the WASHINGTON POST. I had to go #2, so there I was in the SHyTer and JAY JACKINOFF was doing a WIDE STANCE in the stall next door. He rubbed my foot with his sandal, and then ran his sandal up my leg......... I was shocked.


See how that works.


Looks like that guy's guess back in August about Strzok was just confirmed in this NY Post story.

Strzok also was involved in the review of State Department emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and gave Clinton her second pass just before the election.

Janet 🚬

Did Franken actually have sex with anyone?

No. I think the accusations about Franken are really weak.
I can't stand him, but the accusations seem pretty stupid...tried to kiss, hand on a rear during photo shoot, etc.
Unless I missed some assault accusations or taking off his pants stuff...

Clarice Feldman

It's as if Trump was cutting off the democrat's supply train: Paul Sperry‏
Follow Follow @paulsperry_
CFPB's has funneled a large portion of the more than $5 bil in penalties collected from defendants to community organizers aligned with Democrats — “a slush fund by another name,” said a consultant who worked with CFPB on its Civil Penalty Fund


Of course it was a witticism, if he said it. He denies it.

Seems pretty weak to me regardless, not that I mind them eating each other in a faux sex scare.


Yeah, Janet. Didn't see your post there since I was searching images. :-)


The calls for Franken to resign for his relatively minor infractions are because Conyers resigned (the white guy has to also), and as always, to give ammo against Republicans, mainly Moore and Trump. And of course they want to be able to replace Franken with a Democrat who will then have the power of incumbency when up for reelection.


Good, we shift to Menendez who has credible accusations of underage hookers in central america against him. Make him quit. Then we get the next one.

Beasts of England

Speaking of smoke, occasional JOM commenter Hugh Hewitt fired up his Big Green Rhetorical Egg in the WaPo this morning, asking for a criminal investigation of federal law enforcement. Dayum.



The Franken thing bothers me. It seems like he was doing this frequently enough that something should be done about it. If this came up about someone in the workplace doing it to coworkers or outside vendors, the offending guy would be fired. But this is such minor league stuff, really best handled by the lady involved kicking guy in the nuts.

I do get the feeling that we are setting up for a season of "why can't you expel Roy Moore"? (Don't think the end game is Trump, because the Senators really don't have much say about what that guy does).


appalled, it is Trump, and all males running in 2018. Full on SJW vengence.


Rumors were out there that women have books inscribed by Franken with messages like, "Wanna have sex with me? - Al".

His idea of humor, apparently, but still.

Old Lurker

Maryrose, nobody needs to go easy on TK. He comes here for cardio strengthening and most of us give it to him just fine. Me? I make him carry his own Zerox machine.

:-) Take care of yourself better, TK.

MM "Cue the pity party. I have none to spare, however."

Just this morning I was telling a friend that I am finding myself much more hard-hearted going into Christmas than usual. His comment was that he is a good Catholic and figures he is going to Hell for feeling the same way this year. I invited him to come over to the Protestant side and he says after dealing with his Pope, why would he want to trade him for the WingNut of Canterbury.

Old Lurker

Beasts, a caller to Rush suggested Sessions should appoint a SC to investigate Mueller and his ops.

Frau Steinhehirn

I agree with Tom R. at 2:29. This looks like the runaway train headed for Trump.

Commentary adds this:

The RNC’s piddling investment in the race isn’t enough to move the needle, but it is enough to satisfy Donald Trump, who recently endorsed his fellow accused molester for high office.
Democrats are readying an attack on the GOP meant to brand it; no longer will it be just “the party of the rich,” but the party of sexual abusers and ephebophiles. Is that really what conservatives in Congress signed up for?

(Ephebophiles? Smile when you say that.)

Beasts of England

That wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit, OL!!

Old Lurker


Is that sex with elephants?


that shit's not gonna fly in the suburbs and Iron Range.

Yeah, Ellison may be a bridge too far. Especially since Trump came so close and the Somali concerns are bubbling up. I guess it depends on the strength of the Rep. challenger.

mike in houston

1960 Lamborghini Lamborghinetta Tractor sold for 13,750


Beasts of England

They're just ephebophobics...


Commentary can eff right off. Since when does accused = guilty? I seem to remember them sticking up for Justice Thomas and rightfully so.


Democrats are readying an attack on the GOP meant to brand it; no longer will it be just “the party of the rich,” but the party of sexual abusers and ephebophiles.

Does the party of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Menendez, John Conyers, ... really want to play that card?



Until every sexual harassment NDA signed by Congressional employee is unsealed, and every consequence paid by the politician named is paid, the runaway train will be derailed by the Democrats in the headlights. Example 1 -- Touchy feely man Joe Biden. Republicans have the ability to unseal all the rest of the NDAs. Think they won't to protect Trump? Well, some wouldn't, but there are plenty of MAGA representatives in the House.

I am all for getting all the carnage out there, but I don't think our elected representatives are.


It may help to remember that Thomas was never alleged to have touched anyone. He just might have talked nasty.

Conflating the accusations against him with those accusations against Franken, Conyers, or Trump is utterly unfair to Thomas.

Clarice Feldman

I think their out of cards, mayself, jimmyk. Maybe they ought to try to develop policies not dependent on identity politics and kissing the butts of their SF big $$ guys.



You forgot Al Gore. People do, and they shouldn't.

Captain Hate

It may help to remember that Thomas was never alleged to have touched anyone. He just might have talked nasty.

I considered it more awkward than anything although it's hard to say what was appropriate to discuss with a prudish second rate intellect who was trying to latch on to his coat tails for personal advancement.


Mustvreleasing chakras, right, can it get mute ridiculous, rhetorical?

Another Bob

A house impeachment resolution failed 354-58.


Appalled, you're the one who's conflating. I'm saying accused doesn't equal guilty.


Seriously did one of these anomalies in legends happen, to explain this behavior:



You forgot Al Gore. People do, and they shouldn't.

Maybe I'm forgetting. Did he do more than get happy endings to massages? I think there was one accusation of assault that didn't really go anywhere.

Frau Steinhehirn

I hope you're correct, Appalled @ 3:56.

Bent Willie - Dirty Old Man
Biden - Dirty Old Man
Franken - Dirty Old Man
Conyers- Dirty Old Man

Roy Moore - former ephebophile

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

They should have buried it in the back yard.




The whole story came out because he was demanding a happy ending, and wouldn't take no for an answer.


Conyers goes back to the Nixon's enemies list, Stuart smaller was likely scoring coke, bill Clinton, well simply scoring and Roy Moore was an MP in the tale end of the Vietnam war.


"I considered it more awkward than anything although it's hard to say what was appropriate to discuss with a prudish second rate intellect who was trying to latch on to his coat tails for personal advancement."

Don't forget that the woman who said Anita Hill told about her the inappropriate behavior initially said the conversation/s took place before Hill started working with Thomas. For the Senate she changed to could not remember the exact timing.


Tweeden’s story rang true to me. I’d told myself I was the only one. I’d been groped by Franken in 2009.

It happened at a Media Matters party during the first Obama inauguration.

James D.

Maybe they ought to try to develop policies not dependent on identity politics and kissing the butts of their SF big $$ guys.

That’ll be a problem for them, because they don’t have any policies or ideas or beliefs that aren’t dependent on identity politics.


Its like one of those faux python endings:

Tom Bowler
Democrats are readying an attack on the GOP meant to brand it; no longer will it be just “the party of the rich,” but the party of sexual abusers and ephebophiles.

Does the party of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Menendez, John Conyers, ... really want to play that card?

Posted by: jimmyk | December 06, 2017 at 03:56 PM

I have to tell you, jimmyk, I'm suddenly soooo unimpressed with Commentary Magazine that I took them off my sidebar.

The Democrats have been in the business of branding the Republicans since Ronald Reagan. Probably even before. Republican Culture of Corruption, Republican War on Women, Republican Tax Cuts for the Rich, and of course let's not forget that opposition to ObamaCare or anything else Obama was Racist. Conservatives have lower IQs, Conservatism is a mental condition. Democrats have been branding Republicans for the last 50 years.

Finally somebody -- Trump -- is branding Democrats. Well. Maybe GOPe and NeverTrumpers really do have lower IQS. They don't seem to get that.

And now here we are looking at the all these liberal icons going down for improper sexual behavior. Does anybody think that blood bath would be going on if Trump hadn't stuffed it right back up Hillary's ass when she accused him of sexism in the debates?

Trump has destroyed the Democrats' PC method of attack and turned it against them. Accusations of sexual misconduct were always intended to take down Republicans while leave the "feminist" Democrats standing. Proof of that is history of Matt Lauer and the fact that for 10 years or more his abuse was common knowledge, even joked about at a celebrity roast.

without Trump going on the attack, celebrity journalists would still be covering for celebrity liberals, and there's a good chance that the women who've come forward against Weinstein, Lauer, and the rest of them would not have been able to do it.


TKI am of the opinion that I need to lose the weight 1st. Previously I have shed weight quickly by fasting but now I have no idea what the impact on my cardiovascular system will be. A quick scan of the interwebs tells me that fasting will both raise and lower my BP.

Any ideas on whether a more rapid weight loss plan is in order? I really don't want to up the beta-blocker dose and I assume a lean mean TK would prevent that.

You want to fast---here you go:


You want to lose ten pounds this month--and next month, and the next four months?

www.marksdaily apple.com

And yet again, for the 80th time this fall--buy yourself a copy of Undoctored, and do what he says.


You want to know what any of this is doing to your cardiovascular system? Get an automatic blood pressure cuff and check , every hour if you are so moved.
You are the N=1---see what happens.


From Neo's LUN:

I only bug celebrities for pictures when it’ll make my foster mom happy. She loves Franken, so I asked to get a picture with him. We posed for the shot. He immediately put his hand on my waist, grabbing a handful of flesh. I froze. Then he squeezed. At least twice.

Burn him at the stake!

I’d been married for two years at the time; I don’t let my husband touch me like that in public because I believe it diminishes me as a professional woman.


It shrunk me. It’s like I was no longer a person, only ornamental. It said, “You don’t matter—and I do.” He wanted to cop a feel and he demonstrated he didn’t need my permission.

And what did she do about it? Nothing, until now.

I have no sympathy for this woman.

Dave (in MA)

The idiots who voted against SHITCANNING the proposed impeachment bill by Weird Al Green:

Brady (PA)
Clark (MA)
Clarke (NY)
Davis, Danny
Frankel (FL)
Green, Al
Higgins (NY)
Jackson Lee
Kelly (IL)
Lewis (GA)
Lieu, Ted
Thompson (MS)
Waters, Maxine
Watson Coleman
Wilson (FL)
Account Deleted

Matt Lauer has what we call in recovery circles "a dick problem."

Self-pity is a symptom of any type of addiction. So all of the "woe is me" stuff that will seep from his pie hole is just that-- self-pity.

Self-pity kills. Wouldn't be surprised if he climbs into a bottle. It's not to be played with.

Some folks here in Berkeley (north Berkeley conservatives) believe that Lauer has been shown the capital T truth about himself and has a chance to make it right for his children.

Some people scoff when they hear about "doing it for the children." Well, he is their father. And whether he believes he did or not, he signed up for the role and will play it for their entire lives. So why not, Matt. Get clean. Forgive yourself. Stop victimizing other human beings with your dick problem and rearrange your way of thinking and functioning in the world--- for the benefit of your children.

Kids can smell self-pity a mile away. So get to work and let a knowledgeable professional in he field of dick problems kick your ass and clean you out. Time for "Matt the Lauer" to die to himself and clean up his side of the street.

Chances are you're done in *that* world Matt, from whence you came. But there is a reason for all of this Matt--- and they are looking at you. You are their father.

Hold onto that truth and perhaps you'll be able to forgive yourself and be forgiven by the One Who Left You Here--- left you here for a purpose you've yet to figure out, but might before you perish.

Good luck, Matthew Lauer. I've said one prayer about you and the lives of those you've set ablaze (wife and children and perhaps even your parents if they are still with us).

No one deserves to be shamed by what you've done.

This is all up to you.


Tom Bowler:

I think Ronan Farrow (and maybe Woody Allen, by way of "inspiration") deserves more credit than Trump in this particular unraveling. I'll give your guy some credit, because if the Dems come after him on this, they have to know the earth will be drenched with the blood of their heroes, and that might not be true, if Trump weren't Prez.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


People who know the Washington legal scene (CLARICE) could probably tell us whether this is significant or not.


TK, I will weigh in with another perspective. I lost 130lbs (and got off metaprolol along the way, too) between Jan 2015 and April 2016 by using MyFitnessPal. I measure EVERYTHING that I eat, and enter it all into my phone. (It has turned my life into an endless chemistry lab, but, heck, it's a hobby...)

For 2015 I used the Pacer app on my phone to measure activity and earn extra calories. I got a Fitbit for Christmas in 2016 and that has made things easier.

DrF has been logging since the beginning of the year and has lost 50lbs. Since he is a physicist and teaches lab, he takes great pride in his ability to estimate the things that I measure and calculate. (One time we were standing in the kitchen, and he had a Nonni's biscotti and was trying to figure out if it was the 18g one or the 21g one. He went back and forth talking about it, until I finally hit the "on" button on the scale that was on the counter a few INCHES from his hand, snatched the cookie, plopped it on the scale, and measured it as 22g!)

In general, once you pay attention to carbohydrates, you can see that you can consume a large number of carb calories and still be hungry. The way I put it is this -- so you have 3 things you want:

1) Eat lots of carbohydrates.

2) Not be ravenously hungry.

3) Not eat more calories than you burn.

I have found that I can have any two, but not all three.

Now that I've spent 16 months at "maintain weight" it helps that I have to eat myself into the slight red territory in order that I don't lose more weight. Which I really really enjoy.


Proof of that is history of Matt Lauer and the fact that for 10 years or more his abuse was common knowledge, even joked about at a celebrity roast.

I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time keeping track. What exactly was Lauer's "abuse"? I understand he had a stable full of willing women. Was he accused of raping any of them?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Packed Fudge's vote was a no brainer in more ways than one.


I lost 130lbs (and got off metaprolol along the way, too) between Jan 2015 and April 2016 by using MyFitnessPal.

Wow, that's great cathyf!

Jim Eagle

The Mueller Firing Speech:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I told my daughter about the US recognizing the capital of Israel as Jerusalem.

She started laughing and said, "What? Don't countries get to decide their capitals for themselves?"

I said it was delayed for years due to the Palestinians.

She then said that the Palestinians who are there are troublemakers, as all the good ones went to Jordan.

I tell you guys, she is coming around - slowly but surely. I sure hope that tax cut is retroactive!

Clarice Feldman

I have no idea, MM. Unfortunately.

Old Lurker

"I sure hope that tax cut is retroactive!"

Not a chance.

I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time keeping track. What exactly was Lauer's "abuse"? I understand he had a stable full of willing women. Was he accused of raping any of them?
The woman who made the first complaint (the one that got him fired) described a situation which started out consensual, but somewhere along the way the consent ended. Probably before she blacked out from the excruciating pain she was in. Definitely by the time she had come to and needed to go to the emergency room.

(And while we are on the subject of enablers, Lauer's assistant who drove the victim to the ER is the second scummiest person in the incident. I'm speculating that it wasn't the first time, nor the last...)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Well, I had hoped you would know if he was a guy who would fire the rabid anti-Trump attorneys. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Dave 4:57, those are volunteers for Steyer bucks.

Old Lurker

"What exactly was Lauer's "abuse"?"



Cathy, you look wonderful!


I called Al Greens office and said hello.

Tom R

Roy Moore - former ephebophile

Those who follow Thomas Wictor know what that term means. A pedophile is sexually attracted to prepubscent children. An ephebophile is sexually attracted to postpubescent teenagers (ex aged 16-18). The thing is, like pedophilia if Moore was an ephebophile that is something that he would still be affected by over the past 40 years. Joe Biden is a better example of that kind of behavior. Moore hasn't displayed that kind of behavior since the late 70s/early 80s. Society has obviously changed a lot over the past 40+ years but its an indisputable fact that for previous generations it was socially acceptable for grown men to seek out teenage girls to get married. That was one way to ensure you were marrying a virgin. In 2017 it may seem extremely odd that in the 1970s Moore was dating 17 year olds. That wasn't the case back then and the fact that Moore asked their parents permission seems to indicate to me he was looking for a spouse.


Oh, the one that fainted. Thanks. I forgot what she said the cause of that was.


Can't remember the last time a bought a new book, instead of good used copy, before a brand new "Undoctored" arrived yesterday.


Dave's list includes Chellie Pingree (ME-1). She will make a decision to run for governor after the New Year. The moonbats love her. Oh well,by next November we'll be voting in Florida.


An ephebophile is sexually attracted to postpubescent teenagers (ex aged 16-18).

I was at a diner once at a family gathering, sitting next to my ex-wife's 95-year-old grandfather. A fetching young waitress, probably 18, walked by and old Grandpa leaned over so he could talk into my ear.

"You can almost hear the meow..."

Ephebophile or normal human male? You make the call.


Four months have passed since 20 members of the House Judiciary Committee demanded a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. No action from the Department of Justice has been taken.

As members of the Judiciary Committee, we have demanded an investigation into the FBI’s procedures, practices, oversight and reporting. If biased agents have tainted evidence, we need to see it. If politically-interested prosecutors have an agenda, we need to know it. If our government institutions are being undermined by the deep state, we must expose it.

After all, equal treatment under the law is just one thing that makes America so special.

Special indeed!



Come to my office,
Take off your blouse,
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
pass out,
Get nurse,
go to lunch with Bryant Gumbel.
Pontificate in interview with O'Reilly,
Lose career and millions of dollars.


Janet 🚬

Amen Tom @ 4:48.


::yawn:: Add it to the list.


Soon we'll see a scholarly piece about how conservatives are more likely to be ephebophiles, but I honestly have no idea about Grandpa's politics.

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