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December 16, 2017


Beasts of England

I should note that all were seen at my lake house, which is about twenty miles down range of the Army's Aviation Command and the Military and Space Intelligence Center, and observed between two and four in the morning.

Robin, 10 Square Miles of crazy....

This might have been posted over the summer, I just found it in the Conservative Treehouse comments, where it was mistakenly attributed to a CA mayor. It’s a good one, and a reminder of why we support the president:



Loved today's Pieces Clarice. Given the timing, I assume I am the author.

James D.

Somebody ?James d? was exasperated with all the "third party" intermediaries he had to deal with the other day.

It was me, and anonamom's chart perfectly describes things.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks. I could not write my article in the usual way because neither computer here would let me, (I know I have to get my own Mac Air for travel and configure it to my uses and I will) so I just improvised the week's events at the cafe.)

James D.

Amazing Pieces today, Clarice! You've surpassed yourself - and that's saying something!

Clarice Feldman

Clarice Feldman
Just now ·
Letter from Trump's lawyer re Mueller's illegally obtained evidence. It's starting to look to me like Mueller's deep sixing the SC's work by relying on evidence no court would permit in and which taints every prosecution and potential one:

Letter to Congressional Committees

Beasts of England

Apparently a few of those little green men broke into my freezer overnight and decimated my Startegic Vodka Reserve. Thankfully I had a few inches of 'corn' hidden behind my Strategic Klondike Bar Reserve, and I may be now enjoying the world's first Moonshine Mary™ with my Pieces!! 👽

James D.

Since I don't have snail-mail addresses for anyone here (with a couple of exceptions), here's our Christmas card photo for 2017:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I loved that column because it reminded me of a roman a clef. I found myself saying "Oh, I know who THAT is!" and "Didn't we talk about this on JOM?"

Well done!

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Cute, James D! :)

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, every penny spent on the UN is wasted.
Get us out of the UN now.



An enlightened firm would treat customer service as a customer advocate program, i. e., you work for the customer not the employer.

jim nj, interesting insight.

This is definitely how I view my work. Our organization continues to ignore what the customer wants and instead spends big bucks on trendy stuff that the customer doesn't want. Because we're taxpayer funded, we don't actually go out of business doing this, but nonetheless, we are killing our profession slowly but surely. When the last librarian turns out the lights, know that we did it to ourselves.


So the FBI sent the request while the principal was hospitalized and career GSA staff turned over everything. Brilliant.

And I assume FBI had notes prepared with pilfered material during interviews of WH staff, so anything that comes from them should be kaput.

I thought Mueller and his team of Clinton donors had the utmost integrity?


you work for the customer not the employer.

As an executive, this is good but can be taken too far. (I've done the field service thing too, I get that part). My current thinking is "the customer is always right. About what is to be determined."


Skoot, from something I saw last night Mueller's FBI let Lois Lerner off the hook. He has that much integrity, tops.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

There's a book out about the Pope:


Most disturbing to me is the charge that Peter's Pence was donated to the Clinton campaign. I need evidence of this, not just a charge.

Some of the other things sound bad, but I am not very educated on Church politics, so am putting up the review for others to read.


Re the earlier post about Strzok and McCabe being involved with the Benghazi investigation.

I wonder if they were also involved in the mass arrest of the Russian sleeper spy ring. You know, the one where they sent everyone home so quickly that people wondered how much intelligence would have been gleaned from them in such a short time.

Where it was rumored that one of the spies was getting close to an associate of Hillary.

Janet 🚬

So the FBI sent the request while the principal was hospitalized and career GSA staff turned over everything. Brilliant.

GSA turns over everything from the Trump crew.

State & the IRS slow walk or hide or destroy info on Clinton/Obama crew.

Beasts of England

Very cute, James D.!!


New thread

James D.

We decided not to torture Danny with the Santa hat and sweater this year, and just go with photoshop instead.


Inspired bit, clarice.

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